The Jesuit New World Order

Thursday, 1 November 2012

By David Guyatt 
Part one
 The “New World Order was announced in a keynote speech by President George Bush on the eve of the Gulf War.  Meant to signify US success in combining the military forces of numerous nations to “police” future global flare-ups – beginning with Iraq – a far darker purpose remained unstated.  Sitting at the core of the NWO is another, more sinister goal: the political and economic dominance of the globe by an immensely powerful business elite. 
 Lurking behind and controlling the emerging world government is a small handful of influential men and women who – like the Gods on Mount Olympus – consider it their birthright to dominate mankind.  Those who form this cabal operate in a network of shadowy organisations that proselytise the demise of western democracy.  In its place they plan to substitute an authoritarian regime that benefits the few to the detriment of the many. 
 Central to their plans is the creeping disempowerment of elected national governments.  Key domestic political policies including foreign, defence and economic portfolio’s will be subtly transferred to the hands of unelected “supra-national” bodies already under their sway.  What remains of a nations governing structure will be used for routine administrative matters at a local level.
 These moves are designed to commandeer the planet’s resources, wealth and output.  A world army will suppress any nation that resists.  Organisations like the United Nations and the European Union are just two of the platforms used to bring these plans to fruition.  At least this is the view of numerous independent observers who say they - and you - are being robbed of any meaningful say in the future shape of things to come.
 To support their scenario, critic’s point to a small number of influential, and inter-locking groups, that develop and implement global policy behind the scenes.  Often formed in secrecy they operate as closed clubs where membership is by invitation only.  The mainstream media, who are heavily represented in each of them, refuse to publish stories inimical to their long-term goals – aimed a global coup d’etat.
 Of many such forums, the Bilderberg group is considered the pre-eminent “parallel government” that secretly sets the political and economic agenda of the European Union.  Composed of 120 of the world’s most powerful and influential men and women – including heads of state, cabinet ranked politicians, royalty, leading industrialists, financiers, academics and media-people , they meet in secret each year.  Here they manipulate events and clandestinely plan the election of the next President or Prime Minister.  Nominees for these positions must give de facto loyalty to their hidden masters. 
 Named after the Hotel in Osterbeek, Holland, where the first meeting took place in May 1954, “Bilderbergers” – as they are known - are forbidden to speak openly of their discussions and the decisions they reach.  Delegates are drawn from the US, Canada and Europe – with Europe sharing approximately two-thirds representation.  Meetings are held for three days every year – in late May and early June - where “informal” discussions of “current concern” are tabled.
 The names of those attending Bilderberg meetings reads like a compact version of “Who’s Who:”  Lord Peter Carrington, former Foreign Secretary and Secretary General of NATO; Conrad Black, Chairman of Telegraph Newspapers Plc; Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc; David Rockerfeller, Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank; James Wolfensohn, President, the World Bank; Lloyd Bentsen, former US Treasury Secretary; John Brown, Group CEO, British Petroleum; William McDonough, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Colin Powell, former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff; Simon Robertson, former Chairman Kleinwort Benson group Plc; Peter Sutherland, former Director general of GATT and WTO.  These are just some of the “mover’s and shaker’s” who attended the 1997 meeting.
 Their meetings are subject to massive security and utmost secrecy.  The 1995 convention occurred in a mountain top retreat at Burgenstock, Switzerland.  Attendees arrived and departed by helicopter.  The 100 plus delegates exclusively occupied three luxury hotels and were ferociously protected by the Swiss Army, police and intelligence personnel.  In addition, the Bilderberg group has its own private security force that boasts a number of snarling attack dogs.  Members of the public who are resident in the hotels are brusquely moved out a day prior to the arrival of the great and the good. 
 The locations chosen for these elite shindigs change each year.  Last year’s forum was held at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce leadership Centre, King City, on the outskirts of Toronto.  The “CICB Centre” is known as Canada’s “Bohemian Grove” - named after the exclusive retreat in California, which hosts a luxurious meeting each year for the rich, famous and influential to relax and socialise with their peers.  What few reports are available of the annual Bohemian Grove get-together, tell of strange, nocturnal Masonic rituals being performed in front of roaring campfires.  Over the years numerous former US Presidents has attended “Grove” gatherings.
 This year’s Bilderberg meeting – the 45th annual event - took place at the lush Renaissance Pine Isle Resort, Lake Lanier island, Georgia, USA.  A flying visit by Hilary Clinton, America’s “first lady” set the tone for subsequent discussions.  Topics included modifying the public mind to accept “a world without borders” – and expanding NATO to include former Warsaw Pact nations.  Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, said that NATO had become “The United Nations world army” – according to a report published by The Spotlight, a populist American newspaper that single-handedly covers these events.  Kissinger, The Spotlight reported, went on to add this achievement occurred “when American troops wore blue helmets in Bosnia, serving under a European commander who reported directly to the U.N. Security Council, with the President and Congress having no voice.”
 Other subjects discussed included ways of improving the group’s secrecy, possibly by a change of name and “fast-tracking austerity measures and the EMU.” Also on the agenda were methods of “extending the influence of Transnational Corporations and banks over Western politicians,” according to Tony Gosling a Bilderberger watcher.  “Austerity” is packaged under various PR rubrics designed to sanitise the impending upheaval on ordinary mortals.  The end result, however, is that money flows from the public’s pocket to theirs.  With it also goes the ability for the man in the street to define their own destiny.
 Apart from a permanent “Steering Committee” of top-notch kingmakers, delegates are selected according to merit.  There is no formal membership list.  Britain’s Prime Minister, Tony Blair, attended the 1993 meeting.  The 1997 meeting saw former Pentagon Chief of Staff Colin Powell, as a keynote speaker.  His presence is said to signal his “anointment” as the future US president.  Prior to his election, President Bill Clinton attended the 1991 meeting at Baden-Baden in Germany.  Until then Clinton remained an obscure state governor unknown by the vast majority of Americans. 
 Yet as influential as it is, Bilderberg is just one of several inter-connected special interest groups that reign as de facto secret governments.  Between them they wield massive, but clandestine clout.  In the United States the Trilateral Commission sits at the forefront.  The “Commission” is a “sister” organisation of Bilderberg - and has an interlocking leadership as well as sharing a common agenda. 
 Formed in 1972 at the estate of multi-billionaire, David Rockerfeller, a seventeen man “planning group” was formed to launch the Commission on to an unsuspecting world.  Backed with Rockerfeller money, Zbigniew Brzezinski - then a professor at Columbia University - was chosen as Chairman.  Some years earlier, Brzezinski called for “a community of the developed nations” to be formed.  Drawn from America, Western Europe and Japan – this community, which he typified as the most “advanced in planetary consciousness” as a result of their “scientific and technological innovation,” was destined to rule the planet.  Brzezinski’s stated in his book “Between Two Ages,” that “National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept” - a trumpet signal of elite plans aimed at removing national borders and identities. 
 By 1973, Jimmy Carter, till then a unknown hayseed from Georgia, had aligned himself with the Trilateral Commission, becoming a founding member.  Three years later, in 1976, he was elected President and immediately commenced policies sanctioned by the Commission.  Numerous members of his administration were also fellow members.  None more so, than Brzezinski, who was placed in the enormously powerful National Security Adviser slot. 
 Critics, among them Senator Barry Goldwater, referred to the Commission as “David Rockerfeller’s newest international cabal.” Goldwater then added “it is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests…”  Goldwater’s comments revealed the true-working of how President’s are made and elections won. 
 In his book “With No Apologies,” Goldwater states “David Rockerfeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski found Jimmy Carter to be their ideal candidate.  They helped him win the nomination and the presidency.  To accomplish this purpose, they mobilised the money power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community – which is subservient to the wealth of the great tax-exempt foundations – and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR and the Trilateral.”
 Disparaging democracy as unworkable, the Trilateralists proceeded to plan the carve up the globe into three principal and inter-related powers.  These would be the United States of the America’s, the United States of Europe and a Pacific Union.  Big business, and especially trans national corporations would become the effective masters of the world. 
 Embedded even deeper inside US domestic politics is the Council for Foreign Relations, known as the “CFR.”  With a membership roster running into the thousands – and selected from all disciplines - it is the real creator of US foreign policy.  In fact, since 1940, every US Secretary of State bar one, has been a member of the CFR or it’s younger brother the Trilateral Commission.  Likewise every single Secretary of Defense (and before that Secretaries of War) have been members.  Key Directors of Central Intelligence and almost every major US National Security Advisors have been drawn from the Council.  Over the years it has grown to dominate White House appointments. 
 Today, President Clinton, in addition to having attended a Bilderberg meeting, also has membership in the CFR and the TC.  His administration is staffed by almost one hundred CFR members.  Before him President George Bush appointed no less than 95 CFRer’s to positions of political power.  Such is the dominance of these “elite managers” that listing the names and titles of members who have served in the last four US administrations runs to a staggering 10 close-typed pages.
 Whereas these and other organisations are likened to the visible arm of the global elite, the “inner sanctuary” is the sinister “Order of the Skull and Bones.”  Immensely secretive, even to this day, the Skull and Bones lay at the pinnacle of absolute hidden power from which they direct World Inc.  Formed over a century and a half ago, its origin dates back to the German Illuminati - a secret occult society whose agenda has always been global dominance.
 The membership roster is a well-guarded secret although names do occasionally surface – including that of former President, George Bush.  “Bonesmen” are forbidden from speaking of the bizarre Satanic rituals they practise.  However, they are believed to worship death – and use as their symbol the “death’s head” emblem also worn by SS storm-troopers during WW11.
 As we probe deeper into the “Order” and unravel the connections of their British associates, we discover that there is nothing “new” about the New World Order.  In fact it dates back hundreds and possibly thousands of years.  Along the way, history has deftly manipulated to eclipse the presence of those who create wars to further their occult aims.
An insider’s account of the NWO elite
 “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system and the economy of the world as a whole.”  These revealing words were written by Dr. Carrol Quigley.  An eminently respectable academic, he was granted access to secret records and archives that revealed the workings of the group in his book “Tragedy & Hope.”  In his expose he explains how the one world system “was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences."
 Bilderberg and press censorship
 In his 6 May 1975, “Lombard” column of the Financial Times, journalist C. Gordon Tether published a critical account of the Bilderberg group.  Saying “if the Bilderberg Group is not a conspiracy of some sort, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one,”  Tether was never again permitted to mention the secretive group.  After a protracted censorship battle with the editorial management, he was sacked a year later.  Other journalists were not slow to comprehend the significance of Tether’s critical “mistake.”  Amongst many British media icons who have attended Bilderberg are Sir William Rees-Mogg; Andrew Knight and Frank Giles.
 MI6 pushes Britain to join the European Union
 The Sunday Telegraph in its issue dated 27 April 1997, published a telling story about how Britain’s politicians had been pushed into joining the fledgling EEC – forerunner of the EU -  by the Secret Intelligence Service.  A secretly funded unit of the Foreign Office linked to MI6 used public funds to initiate a covert propaganda drive aimed at convincing Britain to join the EEC.  The campaign is said to have been backed by the CIA.  As Prime Minister, pro European Ted Heath – an early Bilderberg attendee - was experiencing an up-hill struggle to convince the public and rebel politicians to support the move.  Following a massive media campaign voters decided in favour.  THE NEW WORLD ORDER & ELITE THINK TANKS 
By David Guyatt
 Part two
 Banished by the Bavarian government in 1787, following the discovery of secret documents outlining its long-term plans to wrest control of the planet, the Illuminati went underground.  Founded by Professor Weishaupt just 11 years earlier, in 1776, at the University of Ingolstadt, the Illuminati’s aim was to establish a New World Order through the use of revolution, warfare and strife.
 With some foresight, Weishaupt had earlier allied his order with the powerful Masonic networks that were spreading like wildfire through Europe and America.  These connections proved invaluable for the survival of Illuminism.  By some accounts this secret doctrine found favour in England, at All Soul’s College, Oxford University – home of the secretive Rhodes-Milner “Circle.” This group, formed in deepest secrecy by Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner, are credited with lighting the fuse that led to both World wars this century.  Like the Illuminati, the “Circle” sought world domination and carefully orchestrated world events to ahcieve this goal.
 In America, Weishaupt’s doctrine of a New World Order is, today, closely paralleled in the clandestine Order of the Skull and Bones – an elitist secret society formed at Yale University in 1833. The “Order” counts among its past and present membership the cream of America’s “Eastern Establishment.”  This has included very senior political figures, including a recent former US President: George Bush. 
 Both groups have worked in unison for almost 100 years – always furtively and behind the scenes – Together they form the backbone of the so-called Anglo-American relationship – often referred to as the “Special relationship.”  By all accounts, their furtive methods involve manipulating world events and forcing opposite ends of the political spectrum into collision.  The resulting conflict, whether it be wars, revolution or financial crisis always benefits them personally, but are invariably designed to advance their carefully laid plans for global conquest.
 Academic, Anthony Sutton revealed in part one of his book on the Order of the Skulll and Bones their origins and methods.  The key to their success is Hegelian dialectics, Sutton believes.  Confrontation and the ensuing disarray place additional power in their hands.  The process is incremental and slow, so that it is not obvious to the uninitiated.  Sutton emphatically states that based on a large file of internal Order documents in his possession, he can explain “why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose …why the Churches have become propaganda founts, why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie.”  The “Order” is behind all things, manipulating from the shadows.  Also disclosed are the peculiar occult rituals that some observers insist are satanically inspired.
 Each year The “Order” seeks to recruit 15 new members.  These are carefully selected and “tapped” in the dead of night.  Such is the Order’s ominous power and reputation few dare decline.  Once tapped, the 15 neophytes are taken to the Chapter house located on the Yale Campus.  There, they are initiated in the ways of the Order.  Initiates are placed in a coffin and are chanted over.  The ritual is designed to mimic his death and rebirth into society.  Thereafter his is removed from the coffin, given robes bearing strange symbols and a bone with his name on it is tossed into the “bone heap.”  Each new member is given a secret name.  As part of the ritual initiates are sworn to silence and firmly instructed to deny membership.  In addition they must reveal to all present, in minute detail, their most intimate sexual experiences and proclivities.  This procedure is designed to create a long-life bond, which by all accounts it does: the fear of blackmail. 
 Significantly, the Order is powerfully geared to the outside world, rather than University life – which is used as a recruiting ground.  Members always receive preferential treatment in their later employment and promotion comes easily.  In a September 1977 article published in Esquire, journalist Ron Rosenbaum, stated that anyone in the so called Eastern Establishment that is not a member of the Skull and Bones, is almost certainly a member of either the Scroll and Key or Wolf’s Head.  Both also are Yale secret fraternities and are, in Sutton’s view, part of the same network.  Non-the-less it is apparent that the Order sits at the very pinnacle of power.
Listing all the names of those initiated into the order is difficult, due to the inherent secrecy.  But it is known for example, that former US President George Bush was initiated in 1948.  Other members include Averell Harriman (1913), McGeorge Bundy (1940), William Buckley (1950), Russell Wheeler Davenport (1923), Henry P. Davison (1920),  Henry Luce (1920), William Taft (1878), William Whitney (1863), Senator John Kerry (unknown), Senator John Chafee (unknown) and Winston Lord Bones class of 1959 and present Chairman of the powerful CFR and a prominent Bilderberger).
 Bonesman are also heavily involved with the Intelligence community.  In fact the term “spooks” used to describe a clandestine agent, was originally Yale argot for a secret society member.  According to Covert Action Quarterly there is a “Bones club” inside the CIA that promotes the careers of its members.  Likewise Bonesman are well-represented in journalism and publishing.  Henry Luce is famous for building Time-Life into a publishing empire with global reach.  Richard Danielson was the former publisher of Atlantic Monthly, a magazine specialising in foreign policy issues.
 According to German writer, F. William Engdahl - a graduate of Princeton University, and a expert on the international petroleum industry – all the major wars of this century have been caused by the Anglo-American establishment that controls banking and oil.  In his heavily researched book “A Century of War,” Engdal attributes World wars one and two, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf war on these Machiavellian schemers.  In this regard he is in agreement with Sutton and other authorities that have painstakingly researched the subject.  The correlation is interesting for the Bonesman are well known for their connections to the oil and banking professions.
 The manner in which wars are created reveal the true nature of the Anglo – American “special” relationship, according to some observers.  From WW11 onwards, the emphasis of this relationship shifted from London to New York, and has remained there ever since.  But prior to 1939, the key political power rested in the boardrooms of London’s financial centre and amongst a small circle of powerful insiders able to direct foreign policy behind the scenes.  Variously known as the Cliveden “Set,” the Milner “Kindergarten” or just simply the “Circle,” Professor Carrol Quigley charges them with being directly responsible for World Wars 1 & 11. 
 Lord Alfred Milner, along with selected members of his “kindergarten” – often referred to as the “Brotherhood” - was one of the key figures involved in establishing, in 1919, the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Known as “Chatham House, the RIIA was formed alongside the American Council for Foreign Relations in the wake of WW1.  Chatham House had grown out of the “Round Table” groups that had been instigated at the wish of Cecil Rhodes.  By all accounts Rhodes was, besides an active Freemason, a grand conspirator who planned a World Order under British auspices.  To this end he prepared a number of wills stipulating how his immense wealth was to be spent to achieve this aim.  His last will established the now prestigious Rhodes Scholarship that selects students from all over the world to attend Oxford University.
 Rhodes dream of a world federated under the British flag initially resulted from his University days at Oxford.  There he was mesmerised by John Ruskin, an academic with a mission.  Ruskin had a low opinion of democracy and preached that a small elite should control the world.  Gripped in a fever, Rhodes set about forming a secret society to further these aims.  In 1891 this society was formed with a “Circle of Initiates” including, besides Rhodes, Lords Esher, Milner, Rothschild and Grey.  These and later members devoted the rest of their lives to this quest.  After his death, Rhodes secret society grew and prospered.  In America it became knows as the “Eastern Establishment” according to Prof. Quigley – which as we have seen is also dominated by a secret society – The Order of the Skull and Bones. 
 If there is a key to understanding how the New World Order operates – clearly not so very new at all – it is necessary to return to Anthony Sutton’s “Magnus Opus” on the “Order.”  In his second volume of the four part series, Sutton reveals how committed Bonesmen "create war and revolution" by artfully applying Hegelian dialectics that lies at the heart of Illuminism.  Politically, left and right are played against each other to create a new synthensis.  This dialectic is disarmingly known in foreign policy circles as “crisis management,” Sutton says.  The art is to create a crisis, fuel it as necessary but always manage it.  Following the resulting and all too apparent chaos, those who guide the New World Order digest another bite-sized chunk of hegemony.
 Meanwhile, one aim of those who are said to control our destinies is almost achieved, some observers believe.  The greater wealth of the planet is securely in the hands of the few.  According to recent statistics almost 50% of the world’s riches are currently owned by a relatively small handful of the richest people.  This process continues apace.  At the same time sovereign power is being whittled away and transferred to supra-national bodies like the European Union.
 The Secret University Connection
 The Illuminati was founded on 1 May 1776 by Professor Adam Weishaupt, at the University of Ingolstadt.  Later, in 1787, it was outlawed and is said to have gone underground.  The Rhodes-Milner “Group” or Brotherhood was founded - apparently along secretive Freemasonic lines - at All Soul’s College, Oxford University in the late 17th century.  The Order of the Skull and Bones was formed at Yale University in 1832.  Financing for the latter derived from the opium trade that flourished in the far east around this time.  This trade was principally established by the British East India Company and controlled by Baring Brothers bank.  Later, the London branch of Rothschilds bank supplanted Barings in controlling the trade.  According to some observers, today’s massive global trade in narcotics remains under the control of these shadowy groups. 
 The Secret Occult Rituals of the Skull and Bones
 The new candidate for initiation into the 322 Chapter of the Order of the Skull and Bones, is presented in the character of a slave.  Asked what has brought him to this condition, he ritually responds “Society, the State, Submissiveness, False Religion.”  Next, a human skeleton – said to have been stolen from a grave – is pointed out to him.  At the feet of the skeleton lay a crown and a sword.  The initiate is asked whether this is a skeleton of a King, a Nobleman or a Beggar?  Unable to say which it is, he is told “the character of being a man is the only one of importance.  Amongst its initiates, the Order is known as “The Brotherhood of Death.”  Not least, this has led to speculation regarding its close association with the rise of Hitler and Nazisim.  One American journalist who wrote a feature article on the Order for Esquire magazine charged that remnants of Hitler’s own private collection of silver is now housed in the Order’s building at Yale University.
 More Skull and Bones Occult Rituals
 According to a Skull and Bones document unearthed in 1940, the Order’s so called “Sacred Room” has the following inscription etched into the arch wall above the entranceway” Who was the fool, who was the wise man, beggar or King?  Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death.”  Members of the order are taught the value of “ambiguity and secrecy” as essential instruments for wielding power in later life.  Writer’s Paul Goldstein and Jeffrey Steinberg say that Bonesmen are also taught that “although ideas have their place, to truly transform history, military force is almost always required.”  They also claim that an integral part of Bones philosophy is the “Double-cross system,” represented by the crossed bones of the Order’s emblem.  According to this, non initiates or outsiders - referred to as “Gentiles and vandals” can be readily lied to and manipulated to further the Order’s long-term global interests.
 The Order and War
 Bonesman, Henry Stimson, was the Secretary of War during WW11.  His circle of close friends and advisers, many of them also Bonesmen, are credited with financing the rise of Hitler and Nazism.  Stimson’s protégé, John McCloy, was appointed High Commissioner to Germany at the war’s end.  During this time tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals were permitted to either escape or were actively recruited by the US military and intelligence community.  The Stimson Circle, which additionally included Dean Acheson, Harvey and William Bundy, Averell Harriman and Gen. George Marshall are said to have been responsible for shaping America’s post war foreign policy to ensure the creation of the Cold war.  Bonesmen are also believed to have been responsible for escalating the Vietnam war, knowing it couldn’t be won.  Manufacturing war is part and parcel of the Order’s secret Hegelian dialectic that by forcing the clash of opposites, a new synthesis is formed.  This, ultimately, will result in a New World order under their control.
 The Yom Kippur War
 Author F. William Engdahl believes that the October 1973, Yom Kippur war between Israel, Egypt and Syria, was orchestrated by Dr. Henry Kissinger – then the National Security Adviser to President Nixon.  A protégé of David Rockerfeller – a banker and oil Baron – Kissinger worked to further the goals of the Bilderberg Group, who decided in their May 1973, meeting in Sweden to hike the price of oil by 400%.  The purpose of this strategy was designed to financially cripple Germany and Japan – seen as emerging and competeing financial powers.  However, the primary purpose was to ensure the resulting hundreds of billions in “Petro-dollar” were invested in London and New York banks.  This, would support and stabilise the dollar which, following its de-coupling from the Gold standard in 1970 was under intense pressure to devalue.  THE PEGASUS FILE
 Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; 25 year CIA deep cover agent; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot flying cocaine shipments labelled as medical supplies; and member of the ultra-secret, international G7 run Pegasus "Hit Team" - this is the extraordinary story of Gene "Chip" Tatum.  
By David Guyatt
 Part 1
From sensitive and highly secret - and hitherto largely unknown - Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to "black ops" activities in Grenada and Oliver North's Iran-Contra "Enterprise," and on to membership in an international "hit team," Gene "Chip" Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all. 
 Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried.  Above all he is aware that his testimony implicates serving and former US Presidents, plus a whole list of high government officials, and others, in a welter of nefarious activities - including assassination, blackmail, coercion, gun-running, money-laundering and Cocaine trafficking. 
 Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistle-blower following his arrest on a treason charge in 1995.  The charge was both astonishing and patently ludicrous and resulted in a flurry of press interest with an article appearing in the Tampa Tribune on 4 May 1996.  Incredibly, the charge was later dropped to be replaced by a fraud charge - a drastic step-down.  Found guilty he was sentenced to serve a 15 month sentence.  In March 1996, an additional charge - "conspiring to embezzle" was brought against him.  Found guilty he is now incarcerated in Jessup Federal Correctional Facility, Florida, where he is serving a 27 month concurrent sentence. 
 Many questions continue to hang over the conduct of the trial.  His defence lawyer refused to call any of the 80 witnesses nominated by Tatum for the defence.  Later he freely confessed to having come under pressure from the Defence Department.  Tatum says the first charge was a set-up to discredit him following his "resignation" from Operation Pegasus.  The second he views with greater scepticism and concern.
 His resignation from Pegasus followed his refusal to "neutralise" a leading US political figure in the 1992 US presidential elections.  Tatum declares he will not "participate in assassinations of any sort, character assassinations or anything, of American citizens."  He goes on to explain that back in 1994, in a telephone conference call from Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez and the late William Colby of the CIA, he was warned to turn over incriminating documents and tapes he had accumulated for his "retirement."  He wryly observes that had he done so, he would probably have been quickly "terminated" in an "extreme" way - a speciality of the Pegasus team of which he was once a member.  Countering this demand, he volunteered to plead guilty on a fabricated felony count and serve a twelve month sentence - so that his credibility was damaged in the event he ever decided to speak out.  His incarceration for the second charge - and especially the 6 months sentencing of his wife, Nancy - has led him to speak out about his life which spans almost thirty years as a "black" operative.  It is an extraordinary story.
 Tatum's has written of his early career in the military, and his involvement in a highly sensitive and classified operation in an unpublished manuscript entitled "Operation Red Rock."  Joining the Air Force in February 1970, he went through Army jump school; escape and evasion; jungle training; sea survival school; diving school and was assigned along with six others as "Combat Controllers" - the USAF equivalent of Special Forces - receiving his distinctive Special Forces burgundy coloured beret.  From there he was assigned to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and then on to Fort Bragg, North Carolina - home of the Green Berets - for training in C4 plastic explosives, mines, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, plus indoctrination in electronic and psychological operations.
 Posted to South East Asia as Airman First Class (A1C) in December 1970, he was assigned as a radio operator on a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft attached to Task Force Alpha at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.  In short order he was recruited (an involuntary "volunteer") to Team Red Rock.  The team was composed of eight US Army Green Berets, three US Navy SEALS and two "cowboys" - a euphemism for CIA paramilitary specialists.  With Tatum attached, Team Red Rock totalled 14 in all, and was about to be tasked with an operation that came directly from the White House.
 In January 1971 the team received a final briefing from General Alexander Haig - who had flown in specially - along with Central Intelligence Agency, Saigon Chief William Colby; posing as "Mr. Peepers."  Haig and Colby outlined the plan, stressing it's importance and extreme classification.  President Nixon, desperate to quell domestic riots over an increasingly unpopular war, sought to withdraw all US personnel from Southeast Asia.  Withdrawal would - and in the end ultimately did - cause a military vacuum quickly leading to the defeat of South Vietnamese forces. 
 During those years, Nixon was also running a "secret war" in Cambodia and Laos.  In Laos, dwindling number of Meo tribesmen together with covert US personnel employed by the CIA proprietary company, Air America, were battling against superior North Vietnamese ground forces.  A much similar pattern was occurring in Cambodia, amid grave fears that the "Domino Theory" would result if either of these two nations were to fall to the communist North Vietnamese.  Nixon hoped that the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of US covert forces could be filled by native Cambodian forces.  Lon Nol, the Cambodian leader, continued to stubbornly resist Nixon's diplomatic overtures to take up the slack - anxious to hedge his bets and realistic about his chances of survival as Kymer Rouge and Vietnamese forces prepared to swarm-in unhindered by US air power.
 A plan had been drawn up at the highest levels of Nixon's administration.  Team Red Rock were to secretly enter Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and attack the airport, military and civil installations - wrecking as much havoc as possible.  The plan called for the team to parachute into the outskirts of Phnom Penh carrying with them captured NVA "Sappers."  Taken in unarmed and alive, the Sappers would be "sacrificed" and their bodies left to be discovered by Cambodian forces.  A furious, Lon Nol would assume North Vietnam was to blame.  Such an act would, it was hoped, stiffen Lon Nol's backbone.  With nowhere else to turn, the US puppet would urgently seek US hardware to strengthen his forces and continue the battle. 
 The team were not told that they too were to be sacrificed by their President to ensure that word of the operation never reached the light of day.  A detachment of Montagnard tribesmen (Yards) in the pay of the CIA were assigned to liquidate each member of the team and dispose of their bodies.  The attack went successfully, but the teams suspicion of the "Yards" foiled the betrayal.  Using their knowledge of "escape and evasion" tactics the team decided to trek to the Vietnamese border and back to safety with US forces. 
 Casualties thinned out their numbers until only eight of them remained.  Soon these, too, were captured by NVA regulars and underwent hideous torture at the hands of Chinese and Russian interrogators.  Ultimately, only Tatum and one other team member survived the ordeal.  Convalescing, Tatum was debriefed by CIA station chief, William Colby, and told he would, in future, be kept close to the "Agency".  Recruited into  the CIA, the yawning door of future "black" operations creaked open.  Life would never be the same again for Chip Tatum.
 For the next ten years or so, Tatum's covert activities were varied.  For awhile he worked out of Homestead Air Force Base where he was NCIOC of the tower receiver sight and MARS station.  This was the base which then President Nixon used for his frequent visits to the Key Biscayne, Florida, White House.  Much of this period remains obscured behind a thick blanket of classification. 
 From there he was stationed in Northern Italy, tasked with visiting the border towns of Yugoslavia and Italy.  Colby felt that as a young Air Force man, Tatum might be "approached" in these towns for "information."  The idea was to make contact with foreign agents and covertly gather information about them and their operations.  Later he was tasked with infiltrating Yugoslavia, searching for missing US POW's from Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia - as well as being assigned to gather intelligence on potential successors to the then Yugoslavian President, Tito.
 By 1976, he was operating out of Lamar, Colorado, in a communications facility, called OLAB.  His contact there was Don Holmes, president of Valley - a Saving & Loan bank.  Tatum acted as his courier shuttling between Lamar and Springfield, Colorado with transaction files.  From there he was transferred to McDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.  Shortly before his McDill posting, he received a call from Colby telling him he was resigning his position as Director, Central Intelligence and recommending Tatum should de-activate his clandestine CIA activities.  Colby continued, saying that remaining active without Colby there to protect him, may place him in personal “jeopardy,” as he had powerful enemies in Washington.  This warning referred to Nixon, Kissinger and Haig and Tatum’s role and survival from Operation Red Rock.  Tatum took good notice of the warning and became de-active.  Later, in 1978, he requested and was granted entry into a USAF reserve programme.  Leaving active military service he moved to Gunnison, Colorado, and took up a position with Bo Calloway, owner of the Crested Bute Ski area.  The appointment was arranged by Colby. 
 During 1980 he received a visit from two men who informed him he was being reactivated, but into the US Army instead of the Air Force.  He was sent to the US Army Flight School for rotary wing training at Fort Rucker.  From there he was assigned to the 160th Aviation Battalion/Special Forces at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  Shortly afterwards, the 160th combined with others to form Task Force 160.
 It was in this unit that Tatum played a “spooky” role in the US invasion of Grenada.  A photograph of him standing in front of his Hughes MD-500 Defender gunship on the beach-head in Grenada, appeared in the Lousiville Courier Journal, along with a feature story.  Tatum will only say of this episode that he "wasn't there" in the same sense that he "wasn't in Cambodia."  At that time he was attached to the US Army's 160th air wing at Ft. Campbell.  Not only was the Hughes helicopter then not in the Army's inventory, but the 160th didn't officially exist.  Jim Malone of the Louisville Courier, finds this extraordinary.  He has documents showing the wing was stationed at Ft. Campbell, even though officials in the Pentagon continue to deny it - as they deny the wings’ role in Grenada.  Malone, in a telephone conversation with this writer, advised that the 160th is now stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina - home of the famous Special Forces, the “Green Berets.”  Their mission is to fly “Delta Teams” on covert assignments, Malone added.
During 1983, Colby established contact again advising him he would shortly be contacted by "a man called North."  This, as Tatum was to later discover was none other than Lt. Col. Oliver North - the central architect of America’s Nicaraguan Contra campaign.  Besides fighting a covert war, North was also the link-man in much, much dirtier work.
 The "Contragate" years teem with well documented accounts of illicit wholesale gun running and dope smuggling.  The expose series published in Autumn 1996 by the San Jose Mercury Post, entitled the "Dark Alliance," openly finger-points at the CIA and the Reagan administration for turning a blind-eye to massive Cocaine smuggling.  Moreover, the series of articles claim that the explosion of "crack Cocaine" in Los Angeles resulted entirely from the Contra leaders-cum-dope peddlers who made vast personal fortunes from their activities.  Today, the official argument remains that the Contra's were "freelancing" without the knowledge or consent of their CIA "handlers" or North’s so called “Enterprise.”  Despite these assertions, mountains of hard evidence point in a different direction including an entry from North's own diary which shows his knowledge of Cocaine shipments. 
 In stark contrast to these denials, Tatum says North's "Enterprise" not only set-up the Cocaine factories, "ran" the Colombian cartels but were also responsible for master-minding the massive shipments of narcotics into the US.  Significantly, he is not alone in making these accusations.  A number of those involved in Col. North's operations have subsequently come forward and spilled the beans.  Almost all of these "whistle-blowers" have been hounded and jailed.  Some have died, whilst others have fled.  The whole Contra thing, Tatum states, was also being used by an extremely covert group called Pegasus.
 During February 1985, Tatum was piloting "Dustoff" (Medevac) flights for the US Army's 3/498th Medical Company, stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Two flight crews, including Tatum's, were transferred to Palmerola Air Base, Honduras.  Each flight consisted of a Pilot, co-pilot, medic and crew chief.  Once familiarised they assumed the Medevac mission for Joint Task Force Bravo.  In 1984,  he had previously infiltrated the 3/498th on the instructions of Lt. Col. Oliver North - who had established contact under the code-name “Jake” (North had “control” of the 160th air wing and was also deeply involved with the tactical planning of “black ops” missions in the Grenada invasion).
 On 15 February 1995, during a flight to La Cieba, Honduras, he was instructed to contact his local "handler" - Major Felix Rodriguez - later to prove a major figure in the Iran-Contra investigation.  Rodriguez informed Tatum that in addition to his Army "Medevac" duties he was to support covert "Pegasus" missions.  These, he was told, would take priority over his other duties.  He was also given his "chain of command;" three individuals - any of whom could authorise Pegasus missions. 
 In addition to Oliver North and Felix Rodriguez, Tatum would, henceforward, take orders from Amiram Nir, a former Mossad agent and Advisor to Vice President Bush.  Aviation support for Pegasus missions operated out of Ilapongo airbase, Honduras (home of the CIA proprietary airline Corporate Air Services) plus numerous Contra camps located in the jungles and mountains along the Honduras/Nicaragua border.  A common feature of all future Pegasus missions was the transport "of large white coolers in and out of the Contra camps."
 On 26 February 1985, Tatum and his crew were instructed to fly two individuals to one of the larger Contra camps on the Honduran border.  His flight log  lists the names of the two individuals as Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer - both of whom worked for Corporate Air Services.  Following a meeting between the CIA agents and Contra leaders, Tatum was given a sealed cooler marked "Vaccine" weighing approximately 200 lbs and instructed to deliver it to a USAF C 130 transport plane at La Mesa airport, Honduras.  Two crew members off-loading the cooler accidentally dropped it breaking the seal.  Inside was over 100 bags of Cocaine.  Tatum resealed the cooler and later watched as it was transferred aboard the C-130 outward bound for Panama.
On his return to Palmerola Air Base, Tatum phoned Col. North advising him of his discovery.  North replied that it was "a trophy of war" and that the "Sandinistas are manufacturing Cocaine and selling it to fund the military."  North closed the conversation by saying that "the Cocaine was bound for the world courts as evidence" against the Sandinistas.
 The whole incident struck him as odd and strongly reminded him of earlier missions dating back to 1983-4 when he was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as a Special Operations Pilot.  Regularly he would tranship white coolers marked as "medical supplies" to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas.  On two occasions he carried similar coolers to Mena airport, Arkansas.  Deliveries of medical coolers to Mena were picked up by Dr. Dan Lassater - a close confidant of then Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton.  Now almost two years later he decided to document his discovery to safeguard his "retirement."  Thereafter, all Pegasus flights were documented on the reverse of his flight logs.
 This was a difficult time for Tatum, since he had three balls to juggle at the same time.  On the one hand he was flying classified active duty missions for the US Army, on the other he was flying CIA missions arranged through Mil Group A (CIA) - located at the embassy in Tegucigalpa - and thirdly he was flying Pegasus missions under the control of William Colby, Oliver North and George Bush following his recruitment into Pegasus by Colby in 1986,
 Tatum completed numerous missions during his rotation to Honduras.  Picking up and trans-shipping coolers containing Cocaine was a regular event.  Extraordinarily, this included infiltrating Nicaraguan airspace (Tatum says it was not difficult to infiltrate any country and that Foreign Powers would kill to know how it is done) and landing at Bluefields Airbase with deliveries for placement aboard USAF C-123's and C-130's.  This was followed by a brief stint to Columbia, where he had been assigned to assist the Drug Enforcement Agencies "war on drugs," only to discover the DEA were heavily engaged in narcotics trafficking. 
 One of the most flamboyant individuals involved in the Cocaine trail from Columbia through Honduras, Panama and on in to the United States, was Barry Seal.  Seal flew an assortment of aircraft, off-loading shipments of weapons in South America, and picking up deliveries of Cocaine for his return flight to the US on behalf of Col. North's "Enterprise."  His primary base of operations was Mena airport, Arkansas.  Seal, a CIA "asset" was later arrested and became a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) informer.  Prior to his killing in 1986 - allegedly by a Medellin Cartel assassination squad in revenge for informing on them - Seal openly boasted he had information that implicated high government officials - including then Vice President Bush - in the Enterprise' narcotics trafficking business.
 Tatum would soon get to meet Barry Seal and become close friends.  Later, after Seal's death Tatum recalled being present during a meeting between Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez, Amiram Nir and General Alverez from Honduras, when North stated that Vice President Bush was going to have his son, Jeb, arrange "something out of Columbia."  This conversation focused on Barry Seal's increasingly notorious activities.  Tatum later made the connection that he was present when Seal's fate had been decided.  The discussion also made it clear that VP Bush, Governor Clinton and his three respective "handlers" were knee-deep in the Cocaine venture and making a fist load of money.
 Unknown to all those present, Seal had earlier provided Tatum with a list of names of those high government officials deeply involved with or responsible for controlling the narcotics business.  Seal called them the "Boss Hogs."  This has remained a tightly held secret by Tatum until recent weeks.  The list cites the surnames and is re-produced below as I received it, complete with mis-spellings where they have occurred.  I have appended their full names and titles in brackets where appropriate/available.   
 Casey -            (Director of Central Intellignece William Casey)
Clair-George            (Clair Elroy George - Head of CIA's Central American Task Force)
Bush -             (Vice President George Bush)
Kissinger -             (Dr. Henry Kissinger, Chmn Kissinger Associates, former US Secretary
of  State, former National Security Adviser)
Haig -               (General Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State)
Greg -             (Donald Gregg, former National Security Adviser to VP Bush,
ambassador to Korea and alleged joint "controller" of Panama's Manuel
Noriega, along with William Casey).
Clairage            (Duane "Dewey" Clarradge, CIA)
Fernandez            (Joseph Fernandez - CIA Costa Rican Station Chief)
North               (Lt. Col. Oliver North - National Security Council Aide)
Singlaub            (John Singlaub, CIA covert operator)
Colby               (William Colby, Director of Central Intelligence 1973-76)
Secord             (Richard V. Secord, regarded as a "brilliant" CIA black operative)
Weld                (William Weld, head of Criminal division, US Justice Department -
instrumental in "blocking" Senate investigations into narcotics
according to testimony of former Senate special investigator, Jack
Rodriguez            (Felix Rodriguez, CIA officer with close connection to VP Bush)
Peroot              (General Peroot, Defence Intelligence Agency)
 Most, if not all, of these names are readily familiar to Contragate investigators and journalists covering this story.  Allegations regarding the involvement of former President George Bush in the Cocaine business are by no means new - they abound in plentiful supply.  The fact that Bush pardoned a number of his closest advisors - who faced criminal prosecution and possible jail - late on Christmas eve 1992, just weeks before Bill Clinton's inaugeration, left a sour taste in the mouths of many.  If prosecuted they clearly would've fingered the President himself.
 But Tatum's story takes us even further along the dark road of power, greed, and corruption.  During l986, he had left Honduras and set up a money laundering business in Watertown, New York State - close to the home base of the Army's 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum.  The location was chosen with care.  With access to Fort Drum's telephone lines for secure communications, he was assigned a Cherokee 140 helicopter used to ship personnel and supplies - under radar cover - across the Canadian border.  His tenure with these companies lasted from 1986 through to 1990.  This was a pure Pegasus operation.
 It was at Watertown, that Tatum was provided with a civilian cover in the form of three construction companies: American National Home Builders; American Constructors and American Homes.  Funding was provided by Henry Hyde, Republican politician for Illinois - well known as the CIA's "black" money-man.  Hyde provided a $250,000 line of credit with Key bank, Watertown.  Although Tatum was listed as the President in all three companies, all were in reality under the control of Ben Whittaker, a lawyer from Rochester, New York.  Whittaker, Tatum says, is closely associated with Tony Wilson of the Wilson family who owned Xerox Corporation.  They are extremely wealthy and "friends of the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers."  In addition, he was also closely associated with South Eastern US Investment Group (SEUS) - an investment bank in Savannah, Gorgia, from 1985 through to 1989.  Another proprietary he was associated with was Irving Place Development, a service organisation of Irving Bank and Trust Company.  Cocaine proceeds were laundered through these companies by an ingenious use of construction loans.
 In response to a question asking why was the "drug related money" placed in "Arkansas Colorado and Ohio," Tatum simply explains that he doesn't know why, adding that "It was being done before I got there.  I assume banking laws and whether or not Bush had people in his pocket in these areas."  He does explain that the primary figure involved in the laundry exercise in Arkansas, was "Jack Stevens."  Jackson Stevens, owner of Worthen Bank & Trust Company is closely aligned with President Bill Clinton.  Tatum states that "…Clinton received the cash and divided it up between Stevens and [Dan] Lasater to clean it up.  Stevens company [Worthen bank] was used as the guarantor providing  'warehouse' lines of credit."
 Developing this theme in more detail, Tatum explains that the "Enterprise" were receiving drugs in exchange for the guns they supplied to the Contra's.  The raw product in the form of coca leaves was supplied by the Colombians and pressed into large cube-shaped bales and then shipped to Nicaragua and Honduras.  All the "product" was pre-sold and the delivery into the US "guaranteed." 
 This eventually resulted in the sale proceeds being pre-paid to Panama, under Noriega's control.  Some of this money was washed through banks and other companies operating in Panama and elsewhere.  The rest was sent to Arkansas, Ohio and Colorado.  Thereafter, the dirty money was filtered via construction loans with permanent "takeouts" "arranged by banks and mortgage lenders."  These, in turn, were later sold to Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's - negotiable US Federal securities that are traded globally on a daily basis.  Each laundry "cycle" lasted from six months to a year.  The result was dirty money transformed into good, clean US currency.
 This system wasn't arbitrary or accidental.  One initial "test-bed" was a small residential mortgage lender named Carl I Brown (CIB), in Kansas.  Others were larger and still others became national.  All were ultimately destined to be purchased by a bank (proprietary) from Japan within a specific time-frame: 1996 - as part of ongoing Pegasus plans.  Eric Brown, the son of the founder of CIB was heavily involved in these activities.  Three additional companies were involved to Tatum's knowledge: US Homes, Pulte Homes and Richmond Homes.  All became very successful, providing "The American Dream - as VP Bush put it in a meeting in 1987."
 Tatum has gone into considerable additional detail regarding the role of Pegasus as he knew it.  He believes Pegasus was established during the Eisenhower years as a secret group inside the CIA to spy on that agency on behalf of the President.  At some point - believed to be after the assassination of President Kennedy - Pegasus went AWOL from direct US government control and came under the direction of an international Board of Directors which Tatum alleges now include George Bush and Henry Kissinger.
 The directors of Pegasus meet once a year in secret conclave following G7 meetings.  The group have "representation" from a number of intelligence agencies throughout the worldThese included the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents, plus agents from British, Israeli, Turkish and Danish Intelligence, plus "others who performed various functions for Pegasus."  The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains, is " to 'align' world leaders and financiers to our (US) policies and standards."
 One of Tatum's Pegasus duties included flying "Archer Teams" (a four man hit team) in his helicopter to their insertion point.  He states that Enrique Bermudez was assassinated in 1991 by a Pegasus teams, adding he "was shot in the back of the head while walking down the street… from about 150 yards."  Bermudez, known as "Commander Zero" was the senior Contra leader.  Tatum received two broken ribs when he came under small arms fire during the assassination.  Following the Nicaraguan war, Bermudez sought a prominent position in the new government.  Spurned by President Chamarro, "Commander Zero" tried to pressure Bush to intercede on his behalf, threatening to expose Bush's role in the Cocaine trafficking enterprise.  Bush ordered his disposal. 
 Another Pegasus  assassination was that of General Augusto (Dr. Gus) Alverez, the "co-operating" Army Chief of Staff, Honduras.  Alverez was assassinated in 1989, following his demand for a bigger split of the Cocaine profits.  Tatum also describes his involvement in the assassination of Amiram Nir - the former Israeli Mossad agent who went under the assumed name, Pat Weber.  Nir was scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he would reveal the truth.  He perished following the shooting down of his aircraft with missiles from Tatum's helicopter.
 Other "neutralisations" verge on the bizarre.  An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling.  Readers are warned that what follows is not at all pleasant.  For sake of ease we shall call this individual “Mr X” or simply “X.”
 Mr. X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups.  He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee.  Formerly, Mr X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of leading US soft drinks corporation.  During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life.  Not so, says Tatum.  Mr X had been recruited into the CIA by then Director, William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North. 
 In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader, Daniel Ortega, announced there would be "free elections," X was ecstatic.  He began jostling for position and asked President Bush ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the “Enterprise.”  The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore.  Failure  to help his friend would result in X’s intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public.  His threat left Bush with a sour taste.  A Pegasus team was assigned to “neutralise” him in early 1990. 
 X, Tatum states "fancied himself a lover of women.  Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite.  It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset.  Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X]."  They choose to use the drug "Scopolamine" which also went by the nickname "Burundanga" or the "Voodoo drug." 
 The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America.  In it's processed, powdered form, "Scopolomine" is "void of smell, void of taste."  When properly administered "it causes absolute obedience," without this being "observable by others."  Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug.  In outlining these details, Tatum adds that it is important to administer the drug in the correct dosage and that he has known targets to die from too high a dose.  Others have "remained under the influence of Burundanga for up to three weeks."  Precise dosage can be achieved by liquid ingestion; the powder being readily soluble.  Ingestion via cigarettes is also an optimum method of ingestion.  It is fast acting and takes no more than 20 minutes to work.
 X was invited to spend a relaxing week-end at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush.  The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal.  "Nothing but the best were the orders."  Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a blonde “bomb-shell,” supplied by the CIA.  A dose of Burundanga had been ingested during pre-dinner cocktails. 
 His host for the week-end was a trusted18 year veteran field intelligence officer.  X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set-up in one corner.  In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her, slipping his manhood in her mouth.  All the while the video cameras whirred.  Slowly stripping off, the blonde then instructed X to reciprocate the favour.  Naked, the blonde boasted a large erect penis, saying "now take it in your mouth,"  He obliged, his love-making recorded 24 frames a second on celluloid.  The male prostitute was hired, Tatum says, from a bar in New York and killed the same evening. 
 Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua.  He was presented with a copy of the video footage along with instructions.  Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen… "Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals."  As frame after frame flicked by, X wept, forced to watch himself kill and gut his homosexual lover, and then eat the still warm heart.  Neutralised, Mr X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later.
 Since 1985, when he first became aware of the Enterprise drug smuggling, Tatum began collecting documents, audio and video tapes for his "retirement."  He was acutely aware that most deep cover agents do not survive long in what is a very dirty game at a high-stakes poker table.
 When in 1992, President Bush instructed him to "neutralise" Presidential runner Ross Perot, Tatum refused.  He turned over a copy of an incriminating tape to President Bush, explaining that it would not be released, providing he, his family and Perot were kept safe.  He also told the President that copies of the tape had been placed in six different locations world-wide, and that "if I didn't contact these capsule-holders by a certain time each year, they are to be sent to the addresses on the packaging."  He closed the conversation by stating that when he originally "placed the packages, I gave explicit instructions that if I asked for them to be sent back to me, they were to send them to the addresses on the packages."  This, Tatum reasoned, would avoid intimidation or torture.
 In part two we further examine Tatum's extraordinary account of his deep-cover life in Pegasus:  included will be George Bush's "scope and mission" paper for the New World Order, which reveals details of the private corporation that is to be the nucleus of the "international master plan for world growth and stability."  We also cruise through Tatum's narrative of the "Super Bills" story - how the CIA provided the Shah of Iran with plates and equipment to print "perfect" counterfeit $100 bills and how Pegasus used these in the Iran-Contra scandal. 
 Also covered is the hidden story why Colombian Cocaine cartel member Pablo Escobar was shot and killed; why Panama's Manuel Noriega warranted a full scale US invasion and imprisonment; and what lay behind the mysterious 1996 death of former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby.  Not least we will examine the shocking role of star prosecution witness Gabriel Taboada, who was "briefed" by the US Justice department to ensure Noriega received a long-term jail sentence.  Additional revelations centre on the involvement of President Clinton and close Clinton confidant, William Barr, in the Mena, Arkansas Cocaine industry.   Accompanying Part Two will be the full list of names, from 11 countries, of the BOSS HOGS.
 These, plus other accounts of Tatum's thirty year life as a CIA deep cover agent and membership of the ultra secret international hit-squad Pegasus.THE PEGASUS FILE
By David Guyatt
 Part 2
During his twenty two years as a deep cover CIA and DIA operative, Gene “Chip” Tatum saw or participated in a remarkable series of covert operations.  Foremost in his mind are the years 1986-92, when he operated for a group he called Pegasus.  This group operated on behalf of the US and other governments undertaking tasks that ranged from narcotic smuggling to assassinations.
 The name Pegasus was, in fact, a “cover” designation used by Tatum to protect himself against possible prosecution.  Earlier this year Tatum revealed the true structure of the group and explained why he felt the need to conceal it.  Timing was all important.  In a message to this writer, Tatum stated “It has now been well past the five year statute of limitations which could have come back and haunted me.  That date was January 22, 1997.  On January 21, 1992 I walked out of the Jupiter island meeting to which I referred earlier.”
 Few individuals, even now, are aware of the significance of Jupiter island.  Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, just a few miles north of Palm Beach, the island measures a mere half a mile wide and nine miles long.  According to authors Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin island residents read like a Who’s Who of the Anglo American establishment.  Many have close connections to the intelligence apparatus and not a few are - or have been - members of the notorious Skull and Bones Society, a secretive and influential Masonic lodge formed at Yale law school.[i]  Interestingly, many of the early residents, including Averall Harriman and Prescot Bush - George Bush’s father - were strong supporters of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party prior to WW11.  Even in recent years, George Bush continued to have unfinished work with Nazi’s domiciled in South America, Tatum says.  Especially while the world’s eye’s were turned towards Saddam Hussein and Iraq during Desert Storm.  That, however, is another story.
 Jupiter island boasts hyper-security.  All vehicles are tracked by sensors placed in the roads and every house-keeper, gardener or other non-resident is required by ordinance to be finger-printed and registered.  Residents themselves, are carefully screened prior to being permitted to purchase real estate (many purchase by invitation it is thought) and one of their primary duties as good residents is to perform active “surveillance” to ensure the island remains secure[ii]  It was here that Tatum met with and discussed sensitive projects with then Vice President and later President Bush, at the residence of his mother, Rose Bush.
 The organisational structure of the so-called “Pegasus” group provided by Tatum demands recounting in detail.  The significance of the various Presidential orders which led to the formation and operation of the covert activities in which Tatum and others participated, constitute a secret government within a government.  This is the power that hides behind the open face of democratic government that some have called the “Octopus.”  Activities include high level narcotics trafficking, illegal transfers of ultra high-tech weaponry, money laundering on a massive scale and an odd “hit” or “alignment” to keep wobbly-kneed individuals on the straight and narrow. 
 It was in 1981, Tatum states that “President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive Number 3 (NSDD-3), which authorised the vice president to chair the Special Situation Group (SSG).  The Special Situation Group was a division under the national Security Council (NSC).  One entity formed to support the SSG was the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG).  TIWG was formed in April 1982, by authority of President Reagan in NSDD-30.  This group consisted of representatives of the following: Director of Central Intelligence, Department of Defence, FBI, NSC staff and others as required.[iii]
 Tatum continues, “The purpose of TIWG is to provide SSG with direct operational support.  TIWG then recommended to the President that a Terrorism Task Froce be formed and chaired by the head of SSG (the vice president).  Reagan approved NSDD-138 in April 1984, which extended TIWG’s arm and ability to form sub-groups.  As a result of NSDD-138 was the formation of the Operation Sub-Group.  The subgroup was a select NSC-DOD-CIA-FBI-Foreign Intelligence Agency which operated so as to by-pass the regular operations of intelligence/military/law enforcement agencies.  OSG was formed in February 1986.”
 Having revealed the framework of the authorising Presidential Directives necessary for the conduct of these covert operations, Tatum then details the nitty-gritty of the OSG.  “I was an operative for OSG from April, 1986 through January, 1992.  When I was operating under the authority of the OSG I would report directly to the OSG, not to the CIA or DIA.  This ‘secret government’ apparatus, built by Bush from 1981 to 1986, was able to draw upon assets from the CIA, the DOD Special Operations Units, and the private sector.  Using the private sector clause, Don Gregg, VP Bush’s National Security Advisor, included a representative from British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence.  To date I have called this group Pegasus in an attempt not to divulge it’s true identity until I was on safe ground.  Although most of the missions performed by OSG-2 are classified, the existence of the organisation is now declassified.”
 Until Tatum forwarded these details, the existence of more than one Operations Sub-Group (OSG) were unknown.  In fact, Tatum has now revealed the existence of three OSGs.  OSG-1 was headed by Ted Shackley and was “our anti-narcotics group.”[iv]  OSG-2 was the anti-terrorism group and OSG-3 was “our ‘alignment’ group.”  Tatum was originally posted to OSG-2 which was commanded by Col. Oliver North.  The third group, OSG-3 was commanded by Richard Secord.  Following the exposure of Oliver North’s role in Contragate in 1987 he resigned as head of OSG-2,  and his spot was taken over by Secord.  Tatum moved up to command OSG-3 at the same time.
 All three OSG’s answered to those individuals who sat on the TIWG.  General Colin Powell, represented the Department of Defence, William Casey the CIA, Donald Gregg for the National Security Council.  “FBI guys rotated in and out…” Tatum says.  “It was like they couldn’t get anyone,” he concludes.  Representing British Intelligence was Sir Colin Figure.  Formerly head of MI6, Sir Colin transferred in 1986 to become “Security Co-ordinator” one of the top slots at the Cabinet office, under the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher.  He retired in 1989.  Amiram Nir represented Israeli interests until his assassination by an “Archer” team led by Tatum - at the request of high level Israeli individuals - in 1988.  Any of these six could “call a mission.”  In addition, George Bush could do likewise.  Of significance too, was the occasional representation on the TIWG of Lord Chalfont.  The British lord was an adviser on “Mid-East affairs” between 1986 and 1990.
 From the moment Tatum was recruited to the OSG, he was posted to up state New York where he established a number of cover businesses.  One of these was Cedar Shores Estates, Inc.[v]  This was his base of operations throughout the next six years.[vi]  It may be no more than sheer co-incidence that the name of the company is similar to Cedar Holdings, a British company that had a relationship to former British Conservative Party Treasurer, Lord Alister McAlpine.  In an unpublished book by Peter Jones, the author looked in some detail at the business activities of this Conservative party “Grey Eminence” and leading Freemason.[vii]  Of no little interest was the author’s detailed connections of numerous companies that he believed were involved in all manner of dark activities.  Interestingly, these include a company called Leisure Circle that has a sinuous connection to Sir John Cuckney, one of the central figures of the Scott Inquiry investigation into arms sales to Iraq.  Whilst these connections are admittedly tenuous, to say the least, it should be noted that Tatum’s up-state New York operation was also involved in shipping the most sophisticated weapons across the border to Canada.  Not least are the known connections between Oliver North’s related gun-running operations that saw dirty money being laundered through the British Channel Islands and the London based BCCI bank.  Money laundering was one of the principal activities of Col. Oliver North.
 One operation in which Tatum has knowledge, regards the so called “Superbills,” or “Supernotes” sting.  Years earlier, in the late sixties or early seventies, the CIA had secretly provided to the Shah of Iran a perfect set of printing plates that could reproduce US$100 bills without blemish.  Also provided was an intaglio printing press.  This special printing press ensures that the etched plate meets paper with tremendous force, creating the distinctive embossed feel of a genuine banknote.  In addition, the Shah was also given the ink and banknote quality paper enabling him to produce perfect counterfeit US Dollar banknotes.  The Shah later fled Iran and left the plates and press behind in his confusion.  The whole caboodle sat in the mint at Tehran, according to some experts.[viii] 
 According to Tatum, a deal was arranged in the early mid-eighties between VP George Bush, Panama’s Manuel Noriega and the Iranian leadership.  A sum of US$8 billion deposited in the Banco Nacional de Panama on behalf of Colombian Cocaine king, Pablo Escobar was “lent” to George Bush.  Of this, US$4 billion was shipped by plane to Iran where it was exchanged at a ratio of one good bill for two counterfeit bills.  On the return trip, the aircraft, an 707 cargo container carried two shrink-wrapped pallets containing US$4 billion each.  The 707 arrived at Howard/Albrook Air Force base in Panama where the pallets were off-loaded under armed guard of the Panamanian military.  The counterfeit notes were re-deposited back into Escobar’s account at the Panama central bank.  Under no circumstances could the counterfeit bills be permitted to leave the bank vault - for fear of devaluing the US currency with forged notes - and active steps would later be taken to ensure this.
 The other half of Escobar’s “good” money was placed into the hands of Nana DeBusia, the grandson of Guyana’s first democratic leader.  DeBusia was chosen by the CIA’s William Casey to launder the massive sum into numerous bank accounts under the joint signature of VP George Bush and Director Casey.  The next leg of the operation was to retrieve the $4 billion exchanged with the Iranians for the Superbills.  This was facilitated by the supply of military equipment - arms, ammunition and replacement parts for weapon systems.  This part of the deal was arranged by Col Oliver North on behalf of the CIA’s William Casey. 
 The result of these complex manoeuvres were twofold.  On the one hand the CIA acquired $4 billion - via the arms sales - for use in future black operations without the need to rely on Congressional oversight or authority.  If later caught, Tatum says “… the CIA can report the source of funds as being from an arms transaction with Iran.”  Part of these funds were then used to support the Contra’s, whilst the rest disappeared down the ultra-black hole of the Company’s covert finances.  Meanwhile, Nana DeBusia had begun laundering the remaining $4 billion through various banks, including the Vatican bank.[ix]  For his trouble, DeBusia was entitled to take a commission amounting to $200 million.  The remaining $3.8 billion was then secreted in private numbered accounts around the globe controlled by George Bush and William Casey.
 The operation was complete apart from some necessary mopping-up which was to occur over the following years.  1) In 1989, Pablo Escobar was targeted by an intensive US-Colombian “War on Drugs” campaign.  He flees into hiding, in fear of his life.  Eventually, in 1993, he is tracked down and killed in a police shoot-out.  A British TV documentary reveals that the Cocaine King was gunned down while attempting to escape and was probably unarmed.  The campaign waged against Escobar ensures he cannot withdraw the $8 billion in superbills.  Following his death, the quantity and quality of Cocaine shipments from Colombia immediately increases many fold - giving the lie to the “war on drugs.”  2) Also during 1989, Panama’s General Noriega was captured in a US invasion of Panama.  Noriega was later convicted and placed in federal prison under constant US guard to ensure his silence.[x]  3) penultimately, Nana DeBusia was indicted on 32 counts including bank fraud and thereby effectively silenced.[xi]  4) Earlier, in 1987, DCI William Casey died of a brain tumour - just days before he would have been required to attend the Senate hearings into the Contragate affair.  According to Tatum only one figure emerges unscathed - George Bush, who alone retained control of $3.8 billion in laundered funds.  Obviously, the CIA still retained control over the balance of their $4 billion share of the “sting” operation. 
 It is of considerable significance that this operation has been corroborated by another source who’s credibility is not in question.[xii]  This individual was present in Tehran during many of these events, and was later posted to another sensitive location in this connection.  Moreover, it has additionally been revealed that Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) were heavily involved in the Superbill sting.  That BNL were an intrinsic part of Oliver North’s so called “Enterprise” - in reality the OSG’s of the Terrorist Incident Working Group - is beyond doubt.[xiii] 
 The question remains, however, is what did George Bush intend to do with his “black” $3.8 billion?  What was the ultimate purpose of the operation?  Perhaps some of the money is to be used to grease palms and otherwise finance Bush’s bid for the presidency following the completion of President Reagan’s second term?  Maybe it was used to finance other lucrative projects.  Perhaps it was to be used to inject financial muscle into another, grander scheme that Tatum has recently spoken of.  This involves George Bush’s “scope and mission” paper for a New World Order. 
 A copy of the Scoping paper supplied to Tatum by George Bush outlines the formation of a Corporation whose purpose is to “… provide a central network of information, analysts and strategists on an international basis in pursuit or world order and economic stability.”  The “scope” of the corporation involves four features: 1) Centralization of informational services; 2) Analysis of data by region specific analysts; 3) Provide recommendations based upon analysts reports by international experts, and 4) Provide international master plan for world growth and economic stability.  The Corporation will be privately owned with a Board of Directors “consisting of twelve members, elected annually by the shareholders.”  In addition there will be five departments: “Data Resources; Political Management; Economic Management; Military Management; Environmental Management.”[xiv]
 But it is the realm of narcotics trafficking, that Tatum is most vociferous.  Part one of this article recounted the names of high level US individuals given to Tatum by Barry Adler Seal.  This Seal called the “Boss Hogs List” which extended to senior individuals in 11 different countries who Seal claimed controlled the global narcotics network.  The complete list is recounted verbatim below (including spelling mistakes) and in the manner in which it was written by Tatum on the reverse of a flight log:[xv] 
            Nora (a woman)
 Noriega & his brother
(P Ben or Guatamalian arms dealer for Israel)
Prince B  [Tatum believes this to be Prince Bandar]
 Salinas brothers
 Santa Cruz
 Casey                                       Clair George
Bush                                         Singlab
Kissinger                                  Colby
Haig                                         Secord
Gregg                                       Weld
Clairage                                    Rodriguez
Fernandez                                Peroot
Arkansas:            Clinton             Young
Louisiana            Edwards (Barry’s buddy)            Marcellas Family
Kentucky            Gov in pocket  
 In a very real sense, Chip Tatum’s story has now gone full circle.  In March 1996, Tatum wrote to former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby.  Readers will recall that it was Colby who originally recruited Tatum into the CIA in 1971, and set him on his career as a covert intelligence operator.  Since that time, Tatum had developed a fondness for the super-spook and Colby, in turn, played the role of mentor.
 In his letter, Tatum asked Colby to write a forward for his book “Operation Red Rock” which he had completed just two months earlier.  But there was another purpose in writing to the former DCI.  Four years earlier, when Tatum resigned his OSG command, he had volunteered to plead guilty on a felony charge in order to discredit himself.  This was part of Tatum’s strategy of survival, as he was aware that one didn’t resign this particular team and remain alive long.  The fact that he had collected a body of evidence - including video and audio tapes and other related documentation - as life insurance, gave muscle to his negotiation.  At that time he had not planned to reveal any of the details that he has now provided.  In the event his offer was taken up and he served a prison sentence of just over one year.  That is where matters should have ended.
 However, having served his sentence - thus complying with his part of the agreement - both Tatum and his wife, Nancy were subsequently arrested and charged with another misdemeanour.  Tatum got angry.  His letter states “I have always kept my word with you.  I told you that I would discredit myself.  I don’t need your help to accomplish this.  But to charge Nancy with a crime, and expect me to allow this, is beyond my comprehension.”  He angrily continues “I know that North and Rodriguez are the fuel for this, but haven’t you warned them that I wouldn’t sit still for this?”  He then adds “I do not blame you for this, I am disappointed that you have allowed the ‘Pond Scum’ to control you!”
 There then follows a warning.  “The second book that I have already started, will contain my movements from 1980 through today.  I will not only write about the missions but about the N.W.O. [New World Order] timetable and planned events including a chronology.”  Ominously he  adds “And I will name names.  You must detach yourself from these people!”  Tatum then continues by outlining how he will enter evidence for his forthcoming trial and if disallowed for reasons of classification, then “a Special Prosecutor will be required to investigate the information, and the video tape tells no lies.”  The letter adds “I also had stills and an audio clip of a meeting added to the video.  Out of respect for you I have kept your name out to this point, but if you don’t separate yourself from these terrorists, I will have no choice but to reveal your involvement also.  Either way - the group will be exposed - by the media or by the investigating committee.  Either way they’re out of gas!”  Tatum closes the letter by saying “Mr. Colby - you’ve done too much for your country to be disgraced in the manner that these men will be.”
 Less than two months later, the former DCI was reported missing.  By Monday, 6 May 1996, Colby’s body was found and later he reported to have died following a “canoeing” accident on the Wicomico river, Maryland.  Tatum and many others - including this writer - doubt this.  Throughout his life, Colby had an all-abiding fear of water.  It would have been entirely out of character for him to voluntarily step into a boat, let alone a canoe.
 Despite this, Colby’s death officially remains an accident.  This can have come as no special surprise to Tatum who, recently stated to this writer “I knew the OSG were bullet-proof when one of our targets, a 25 year old, was reported to have died of a heart attack.  His name was Al-Jarrah.”  That, however, is another story.
 At 3 p m on Friday 4 April 1997 - shortly after publication of part one of this article - Chip was roused from a mid-afternoon snooze and told to report to the Warden of his prison.  He was informed that he was being released - less than mid-way through his 27 month sentence - with immediate effect, following an appellate court decision that found his conviction by Judge Adams to be illegal.  The Tatum’s are now freely enjoying the sunshine and Cajun cooking of Florida together, as  Chip turns his attention to beginning a new career - his first real job hunting in 26 years.  “Spy stuff” will not form part of his job search efforts.  Meanwhile, he has written and published a Chronicle that details many of his allegations.[xvi]


[i] George Bush - The Unauthorised Biography - by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
[ii] Ibid
[iii] additional standing members were the Department of State, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  NSDD-30 was classified “Secret.”  Now partly de-classified the redacted sections nominated NSC staffer Col. Oliver North responsibility for “antiterrorist operations.”  This included so called “active measures” to “deter or pre-empt terrorist attack” and established the administrative framework for “CIA projects aimed at killing leaders of radical Islamic organizations.”  As such it was an illegal Presidential directive.  My thanks to Steve Aftergood at the Federation of American Scientists, Washington for providing research extracts of these and other NSDDs drawn from ChristopherSimpson’s book “National Security Directives of the Reagan and Bush Administrations” (Westview Press, San Francisco).
[iv] Shackley’s involvement in the narcotics industry is legion.  Not least, Col Bo Gritz  - the most highly decorated Special Forces officer in history - has spoken of his encounter with the Burmese warlord Khun Sa.  Housed in the centre of the “Golden Triangle,” Khun Sa is one of the leading exporters of raw Opium in the world.  In an interview captured on camera, the warlord states that his primary contact in the Heroin business was the CIA’s very own Ted Shackley.  Shackley worked closely with Mafia chief Santos Trafficante, according to Khun Sa.
[v] Tatum has stated that it was routine for all the OSG operatives to establish their own businesses as “covers.”  Funding was provided as a line of credit with the Key Bank of Central New York, Watertown, New York state by Republican Harry Hyde.  The company was formed by attorney, Ben Whitaker.  Legal representation was through O’Hara and Crough in Syracuse, NY.  Tatum also operated through a number of other similar “fronts.”  These included Progressive Structures Inc., Irving Place Capital & Development, American National Home Builders. 
[vi] Tatum has provided me with a number of documents of this proprietary company including details of incorporation, board minutes, bank statements, legal billings and copies of cashed cheques.  In addition he has also provided documents relating to other front companies he was involved with.
[vii] The Obedience of Australia.  Privately published by Peter Jones.  The book covers in considerable detail Masonic business connections that are shadowy to say the least.
[viii] See The New Yorker article by Fredric Dannen and Ira Silverman - October 23, 1995 for additional details.
[ix] Tatum says DeBusia laundered this sum through banks in London.  Coincidences abound in this story and they may be no more than coincidences.  However, I think it is worth citing Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra Plc and one of the principal figures in the Scott affair and arms sales to Iraq.  In his book “In the Public Interest” (Warner Books 1996) Gerald reproduces an internal company memorandum referring to the massive British-Saudi Al Yamamah arms deal in which a sum of $4 billion is mentioned in connection with a bribe to Saudi Prince Bandar - a nephew of King Fahd.  The memorandum states “This 4 bil US was mentioned in connection with M. Thatcher’s son.”  Interestingly, the sum of $3.8 billion is mentioned in the “Kerry Report” that looked into the IranContra affair.
[x] One of the principal prosecution witnesses again Gen. Noriega was Gabriel Taboada.  Arguably, without Taboada’s testimony (he was regarded as the “star witness”) the prosecution case against Noriega may well have failed.  Tatum has provided this writer with a number of private letters and other documents written by Toboada.  These clearly show that Toboada was “coached” by the prosecution in what to say, and, more significantly, what not to say.  Toboada’s correspondence makes it clear he was aware that the prosecution case against Noriega was severely flawed by perjury - a fact known to the prosecution team.  Today, Toboada lives in fear of his life - a state of affairs that the US Justice Dept dismiss out of hand.
[xi] Following the intervention of the CIA, DeBusia is acquitted on all counts.  Effectively discredited he will continue to maintain silent.
[xii] Private communication with this writer
[xiii] See Alan Friedman’s “The Spider’s Web” (Faber & Faber 1993) for a more detailed role of BNL in the Contragate affair.  I have been reliably informed that that significant portions of Friedman’s original manuscript were excised by a wary publisher?
[xiv] It is impossible to judge the veracity of this document for a number of reasons.  Principally, the name of the Corporation is not stated and the document itself is typed on blank A4 paper running to three pages.  Readers must make of it what they will.
[xv] A copy of the original flight log is in this writer’s possession
[xvi]The Tatum Chronicles” -  An A4 softbound manuscript available via credit card (non USA calls (352) 330-1652, domestic US call (352) 330-1650) priced at $19.95 plus posting and handling.  The Chronicles contain reproductions of Chip’s “Flight Logs” with notes (front and back) along with an eye-opening commentary.THE OCTOPUS 
The Criminal Cabal of Guns & Drugs
By David Guyatt
 It is one of those stories that even the wildest novelists can’t properly imagine.  A group of  well placed government bureaucrats and politicians, plus numerous CIA spooks and military covert ops types shake hands with the Mafia and agree to do business on the QT.  This involves shaking-down very wealthy figures, dealing guns on the black market, money laundering and trafficking drugs on a world-wide scale.  Along the way they bleed the assets of numerous banks, bankrupting many of them in the process.  They also involve themselves in Masonic secret societies and pull unseen strings deep inside the Vatican.  And, of course, they organise a few political assassinations, invoke some random murders and set alight the fuse on dozens of major bombing events - just to add zest and confusion. 
 Everything is done in the name of “anti-communism,” and is conducted under the umbrella of “national security” – a designation that is sure to stifle any irksome police investigation that could otherwise lead to arrest and imprisonment.  It also ensures their now decades old “business enterprise” will continue to prosper without any kind of oversight.  Welcome then, to the national security “untouchables” - a group of shadowy puppet-masters who practice organised crime on a global scale in the name of freedom and democracy – and who often possess marked Nazi sympathies.
 Danny Casolaro, a freelance American journalist dubbed this group The Octopus.   Casolaro was investigating them for their involvement in the October Surprise story, the theft of Inslaw Corporation’s smart software suite known as “PROMIS” and their connections to the Iran-Contra affair involving Lt. Col. Oliver North, as well as the collapse of BCCI, the global bank dubbed the Bank for Crooks & Criminals International. 
 According to Carol Marshall, an American writer, Casolaro told friends that he “had traced the Inslaw and related stories back to a dirty CIA “Old Boy’ network that had begun working together in the 1950’s around Albanian covert operations.”  Marshall adds that “these men had gotten into the illegal gun and drugs trade back then and had continued in that business ever since.”  She adds that Casolaro was also investigating the Wackenhut Corporation – a leading international security firm based in Indio, California.  Wackenhut Corp., began life, according to its own promotional literature, back in 1954 when a handful of FBI Special Agents decided to set-up a specialist company providing investigative services to business and industry.
 But Marshall and Casolaro may well have been a few years out in their reckoning on the founding of the Octopus.  There is persuasive evidence that the roots of this group date back to the war or immediate post-war years.  There was certainly an accommodation reached between the Mafia and the US military by the time of the US led invasion of Sicily.  In exchange for Mafia help for the Sicily landing, Mafia kingpin, Lucky Luciano, was released from prison in the US for exile in Italy. 
 But the relationship between the US military and intelligence community and senior members of organised crime was far more deep-seated.  Lt. Colonel Lucien Conein, a high-ranking CIA officer stationed in Saigon before and during the Vietnam war, also belonged to the Corsican underworld, the Union Corse.  This crime clan was responsible for the so called “French Connection” heroin shipments from Southeast Asia to Marseilles and then on to the United States during the Vietnam War era.  Conein was so well connected to leaders of the Corsican underworld that when he left Vietnam, he was presented with a gold medallion embossed with the Napoleonic eagle and the Corsican crest.  The medallion is traditionally worn by Corsican crime bosses to signify their seniority.   Conein is believed by some to have been the inspiration for the principal character in William Herrernan’s best selling novel, The Corsican.  Meanwhile, earlier in his career, Conein had been an OSS liaison officer with the French resistance during WW11.  
 Meanwhile, it is a sad fact that the narcotics industry has been lurking behind almost every major – and most minor – wars over the past five decades.  The war is Southeast Asia that encompassed Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand witnessed a vast explosion in Opium and Heroin trafficking – with the connivance of the CIA.  Much of this resulted from the decision to covertly arm, at a cost, local warlords to fight in the battle against communism.  In order to be able to buy these weapons, local military commanders took control of and increased Opium production in their region.  This was then exchanged for weapons and the Opium found its way to the US and Europe.
 The guns for dope model that developed during the Vietnam war proved effective elsewhere, too.  Similar structures were later developed in Afghanistan, El Salvador and even up to and including Kosovo – where the NATO backed KLA trafficked heroin.
 Bu the Octopus does not limit itself to just guns and drugs – even though these two do generate spectacular profits.  According to Carol Marshall, there is evidence of an old and deep involvement in chemical and biological (CB) weapons that may date back to WW11 and the secret Japanese Unit 731 that developed CB weapons in Manchuria.  This connection also revealed, Marshall discovered, the Octopus connection to the Yakuza – Japan’s notorious underworld – in the form of Robert Booth Nichols.
 Nichols repeatedly appears in Marshall’s manuscript because of his apparent relationship to organised crime syndicates and Mafia front organisations.  Nichols, however, is also a member of the CIA, a fact he admitted on the witness stand during a 1993 trial for false arrest.  Threatening to subpoena a list of highly placed government officers in his defence, the trial Judge, Thomas C. Murphy, ruled a mistrial.  Meanwhile, Nichols continued to maintain a very close association with Harold Okimoto, Nichols Godfather and member of the Board of Directors of First Intercontinental Development Corporation (FIDCO) – a firm in which Nichols was a principle.  Okimoto, meanwhile is alleged to have been a high ranking Japanese intelligence officer during WW11 – a post invariably given to senior members of the Yakuza. 
 One of the principal persons providing inside information to Carol Marshall was Michael Riconsciuto – a CIA scientific whiz kid imbued with marked intellectual abilities who ostensibly worked for the Wackenhut Corporation.  Riconsciuto, who had been close to Robert Booth Nichols for twenty years, visited a top secret facility with him.  This was located at Alice Springs in Australia and housed, according to Riconosciuto a “city of sorts, containing sophisticated communications equipment, laboratory equipment and other items that he would not define.”  This facility was “privately owned” Riconosciuto told Marshall, adding that what he had seen there “made him realise it was time to terminate his relationship with Robert Booth Nichols.”
 Riconosciuto refused to say what it was that caused his dismay during his Australian trip, but author Carol Marshall believed it had something to do with bio weapons that he’d worked on and which might have had a bearing on Gulf War Syndrome.  This illness is said to have subterranean connections to HIV AIDS and is rumoured to have resulted from the illegal field-testing on allied troops of an experimental AIDS vaccine during the Gulf war.  Were a commercial company to have found and successfully tested an AIDS vaccine, the potential profits they could earn would be enormous. 
 Likewise, the development of a genetically modified killer disease possesses potential for profits also.  During one of her last interviews with Riconosciuto, Carol Marshall pressed the CIA scientist to explain his involvement in developing a genetically engineered biological weapon during his time at Wackenhut.  Riconoscituo explained that he had worked on a “military concept where you can engineer these biological agents….you see, a specific penetration group can be immunised, and everybody else dies.”
 Riconosciuto, meanwhile, was the first to claim years ago that a race specific biological weapon had been developed.  At the time his claims received short shrift.   We now know, however, that the Israeli’s have indeed been developing such a device as have the South Africans.  Nor can the allegations of an HIV AIDS bio-weapon be written off as fantasy. 
 Dr. Wouter Bassoon - head of South Africa’s military covert weapons programme – who has been dubbed the  “Doctor of Death” by the South African media, is said to have been involved in the use of the AIDS virus against enemies by using “infected blood” in “an operation.”   Bassoon is also charged with trafficking in Ecstacy and Mandrax tablets, money laundering, the illegal administration of truth serum, conspiracy to murder and murder.  Dr. Bassoon had admitted that his activities were based on a US chemical & biological weapons programme.  "I must confirm that the structure of the project was based on the U.S. system. That's where we learnt the most," he said.
 Meanwhile, the serpentine connections between South African security forces and leading figures from the realm of organised crime during the Apartheid era, can only serve to reinforce the incredible reach and depth of the Octopus.
  How the Octopus gets it profits
 A typical scam revolves around the most popular arms for drugs cycle.  Weapons purchased years before by the Pentagon are acquired by the Octopus at “book value” – meaning the cost of purchase for, say, 1980 when an assault rifle might then have had a price tag of $300 each.  In 1990, this cost could easily have risen to $600 each.  By acquiring the 1980 stock at $300 per rifle, the Octopus could sell it to their “client” for, say, for $700 each – including shipping - thereby making a handsome profit of $400 each.  In order to replenish its stock of rifles, the Pentagon arranges to purchase the current model weapon at the prevailing price – making the tax-payer the loser.
 The second leg of the arrangement sees the Octopus contract to purchase the “clients” supply of drugs.  The purchase price is set well below street value, but sufficient for the client to be able to afford to purchase the arms needed.  The drugs are then “cut” and distributed and, naturally, generate immense additional profits at the street level.  In this manner, each leg of the transaction makes a bountiful profit.  The last part of the jigsaw is to launder the illegal profits through the banking system and then invest part of the proceeds into bona fide businesses.      
 US Grandees of the octopus
 CIA whiz-kid Micahel Riconosciuto told author Carol Marshall that the US government “sanctioned” meth laborities in Fresno, Madera and Mariposa County in California.  Marshall had been earlier involved in an investigation in Mariposa County that involved Police Sergeant Roderick Sinclair of the Mariposa Sheriff’s Department.  Sinclair, had according to a number of witnesses been a long-term user of drugs had, while on duty, veered the car he was driving across the road and hit another car.  Inside were three US Secret Service men who were all killed outright.  What grabbed Carol Marshall’s attention, however, was the way the Judge in the subsequent trial appeared to cover-up Sinclair’s drug habit.  The author later realised that a “tentacle of the Octopus had slithered into Mariposa County” when she discovered that Rod Sinclair’s father, Colonel Sinclair, had been a military attaché to General Douglas MacArthur during WW11 – and later supervised training of Japanese in intelligence methods.    MacArthur and members of his team have long been associated with the Octopus – perhaps because of the General’s role as Japan’s “Shogun” after WW11 and the inevitable contacts created with the Japanese crime clans, the Yakuza.  It has recently been revealed that MacArthur appears to have personally benefited from war loot plundered by the Japanese and later secretly recovered by the OSS and the CIA.  This was in the form of gold bullion accounts set-up in MacArthur’s name by the OSS/CIA officer Santa Romana.
 Warfare – each side is set to bleed the other for profit
 During hearings in 1987, the Senate Sub Committee on Terrorism, Narcotics & International Operations revealed a series of “secret memo’s” written by General Paul F. Gorman who as head of “Southern Command” commanded the US military presence in South America during the 1980’s.  Gorman had written: “There is not a single group in unconventional warfare that does not use narcotics to fund itself.”  He was referring to the US backed Contra’s supported by Colonel Oliver North and the national Security Council of the US.  This was the tip of the iceberg, however.  Every conflict from Vietnam on through Lebanon, Afghanistan, Croatia and Kosovo has relied on the guns for drugs equation operated by the Octopus.  One very senior Pentagon source described how this came about to author Monica Jensen-Stevenson: “What started out in Vietnam as a neat way to find money to fund covert operations had developed into a huge industry.  The men and women who are involved, maybe they can’t get off the merry-go-round.  Maybe it keeps spinning faster and faster, they make more and more money, and even if they wanted to duck out, they can’t.”  Theodore Shackley, one of the key CIA figures involved in covert operation since Vietnam described in his book The Third Way that low intensity conflicts are not really fought to be won but to bleed both sides so as to maximise black market commerce and to secretly field test new weapons and techniques on a “training battlefield.”
 The Head of the Octopus?
 In her book The Last Circle, author Carol Marshall outlines an international company, First Intercontinental Development Corporation (FIDCO) that she said led her “straight to the head of the octopus.”  She then lists the Board of Directors of FIDCO who included Robert Maheu Snr, right hand man of Mob and CIA connected Howard Hughes and Robert Booth Nichols, self-confessed CIA agent with powerful Mafia affiliations.  Among others on the board were Michael McManus, former assistant to President Reagan and Clint Murchison Jnr., owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team.  The latter is the son of Clint Murchison Snr., who was one of the motivating factors behind General Douglas MacArthur’s failed Presidential attempt in 1952.   Muchison senior was also closely associated at this time with Richard Nixon, who later became US President and had financial dealings with him that involved Jimmy Hoffa, a Mafia figure connected to the Teamsters Union.  Others who were close friends of Murchison senior included FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover.  That Clint Muchison senior had dealings with the Mafia is undisputed.  For example, 20% of the Murchison Oil Lease Company was owned by Gerardo Catena, a leading lieutenant of the Genovese crime family.  Of interest, too, are Murchison’s Texas connections.  Investigative journalist, Pete Brewton, in his book The Mafia, CIA & George Bush, ties former President George Bush to leading Mafia figures in Texas. THE MONEY FOUNTAIN
The Dark Face of International Finance

by David Guyatt

Ever since the Nugan Hand Bank affair of the late seventies, bank crashes have followed a slick and familiar template. Narcotics trafficking, gun running, CIA covert ops., money laundering and fraud on a massive scale are just some of the ingredients that have sent bank after bank crashing to its knees. Once the smoke clears bank depositors and shareholders are left picking up the tab.

With a spate of billion dollar financial scandals hitting the headlines, 1995 hasn't been such a good year for harassed bank regulators and shareholders. Calls for tougher regulation of the burgeoning financial markets in the wake of the Daiwa, Barings' and other debacles is little more than a PR palliative designed to calm the nerves of a cynical public who still form the hard backbone of bank depositors. With the best will in the world regulators can't keep pace with an evolving and sophisticated money-machine that daily shuffles upwards of twenty four billion E-bucks around the globe in the blink of an eye1.
Yet tough regulation even when emplaced are easily and regularly evaded. Banking and crime are Cimmerian hand-maidens for the simple reason that banks are where the money is. Having access to the money and being "connected" is the name of the game where the stakes are other people's money. This is the dark side of the financial community, a hidden face that largely goes unreported until, that is, a major banking scandal hits the front pages. Squirming under the glare of public attention successive bank disclosures have revealed the sinister connections that leading banks have with organised crime and the intelligence community. The money-shuffler's of spooksville need "black" funds to finance covert operations and appear happy to exchange guns and military hardware for dope that is, in turn, peddled for dollars used to finance other black operations. This happy-go-lucky "Ferris wheel" approach to money-raising on the part of the intelligence community reveals a long history of entanglements with the Mafia.
Organised crime syndicates are now the single largest business sector on the planet and set to grow. They just love banking. Having accumulated a staggering $820 billion from investment interest over the last decade, the Mafia is now estimated to earn $250 billion a year from their legitimate investments.2 Dozens of nations who maintain strict bank secrecy laws are de facto providing full banking services to these mandarins of dirty money. A large number of banks are actually owned by Mafia syndicates.3 Some of the largest and most respectable appear content to turn a blind-eye and earn massive commissions from laundering dirty money4. The prudent image of bankers is just that - an image. Banking survives purely on depositor confidence making it the biggest ongoing "confidence trick" 5 the world has ever witnessed. That confidence has been dented by one scandal following on the heels of another.

The CIA's Heroin Connection

One of the earliest scandals was the Nugan Hand Bank affair. Michael Hand, an ex CIA operative from the Bronx joined up with Australian playboy and inheritor of a Mafia fortune, Frank Nugan, in 1973 and incorporated the Nugan Hand Bank. The bank sported an interesting and exclusive board of directors. President of the bank was Rear Admiral (ret'd) Earl Yates; former chief of the Navy's strategic planning. Legal counsel was the CIA's William Colby, and Walter McDonald, former deputy director of the spook agency was listed as a consultant. An in-house commodity trader on the bank's payroll was also a leading heroin importer, while Richard Secord, later to be implicated in the Iran-Contra affair, was said to have a business connection.
Seven years later the bank collapsed following the discovery of Frank Nugan's body slumped in his Mercedes. Clutching a gun in one hand and sporting a hole through the head, Nugan was also holding a bible that contained an embarrassing list of names including William Colby, DCI of the CIA, and Bob Wilson, the House Armed Services Committee's ranking Republican. Others names listed had a variety of backgrounds, ranging from known narcotics traffickers, politicians and businessmen to personalities from sport and the media. Beside each name was listed amounts running into five and six numbers. Following public outrage the US Senate held an investigation into Nugan Hand's operations. Amongst other things it discovered that the bank operated a branch at Chiang Mai, Thailand, heart of Triad country. The branch was dedicated to laundering the Golden Triangle's heroin revenue. Connected to the bank's office by an interconnecting door was the DEA's local office, a premises that was also shared by the CIA6. 
At about the same time that Frank Nugan's skull was developing powder-burns, Michele Sindona, a free-wheeling financial whiz kid and consigliere for the Sicilian Mafia had purchased and driven to the wall, New York's Franklin National Bank, with losses totalling $40 million - Ranked the 29th largest bank in the US it became the biggest crash on record at that time. Establishing a fictitious company, Fasco AG in Lichenstein, Sindona was able to obtain a majority interest in the Italian based Banca Privata Finanziera. BPA was an excellent acquisition for Sindona for not only did it have a close relationship to Britain's blue-chip Hambros Bank, but also had a preferential partnership arrangement with Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago, owned and presided over by David Kennedy - later to become Finance Minister in the Nixon administration. Continental Illinois was later to spectacularly crash in the mid-eighties, only to be rescued with an estimated $4 billion tax dollars.

Mobsters, Masons and the Italian Connection

Described by Time Magazine as "the greatest Italian since Mussolini", Sindona used his relationship with David Kennedy to get close to Bishop Paul Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank, the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), and thereafter set in motion a tangled web of financial fraud that almost brought the IOR to its knees. His empire rapidly grew pulling a number of financial institutions into his ownership, that included, in addition to his BPA, the Banca Unione, the German based Wolf Bank, the Generale Immobiliare, Geneva's Finance Bank and Edilcentro, a finance company set up in the Bahamas, New York's Franklin National Bank plus 140 other companies spread throughout the globe. 
Sindona's connection to the Mafia probably dates back to WW11 when he joined in the Mafia preparations for American landings in Sicily. However, it was during the 1970's that the Sicilian Mafia choose him as their money-man. Four years later, in 1974, Don Michele's world began collapsing around him. It was later discovered that he had been skimming off the mob's narcodollars which he was charged with laundering. Incarcerated in prison for his part in the Franklin Bank crash Sindona was later found dead in his cell. A dose of strychnine laced in his coffee brought a 25 year sentence to an abrupt end7. If Sindona's death was anything it was too late. His intimate involvement with another bank that crashed with massive losses was to have calamitous and far reaching effects in Italy's ruling elite as well as the spooks of Langley.
Banco Ambrosiano was the largest private bank in Italy until it collapsed in 1982 with losses approaching a massive $2 billion. At the centre of the scandal was Roberto Calvi, Chairman of Ambrosiano and lodge-brother of Licio Gelli, a shadowy "Grand Master" of the Italian P-2 (Propoganda 2) Masonic lodge. Gelli - once an oberleutnant in Himmler's SS - held the reins of power and knew how to use them, for which he was dubbed the "puppet-master". A consummate blackmailer, he kept a secret record of wrong-doing of all those he came into contact with, and wasn't shy in using it to his advantage. P2 included in its membership roll highly placed politicians, cabinet members, heads of the Italian armed forces and the intelligence services, together with leading industrialists, media magnates, judges, Mafiosi, members of the Vatican Curia and, of course, high-flying financiers - including Sindona. P-2's "elite" membership - linked by their extreme right wing political views - perfectly dove-tailed with the CIA's long standing desire to eradicate communism from the Italian political scene.
The P-2 and Banco Ambrosiano scandal broke when Calvi was found "suicided" on 17 June 1982. With his hands tied behind his back and a rope around his neck, he had been suspended from London's Blackfriars Bridge, in what some saw as a ritual killing. Calvi was P2's banker and had been involved in embezzling massive sums of money out of his bank and into secretive offshore companies in Lichenstein and elsewhere; a number of which were linked to the Vatican Bank. P2 was responsible for a number of CIA backed political atrocities at the time, including the bombing of Bologna railway station in August 1980, where 85 innocents were slaughtered - and mischievously attributed to left-wing terrorists.
It took ten years before the real story came out. Francesco Mannino Mannonia a penitito (defector) from the Sicilian Mafia confirmed in 1992 that Calvi was strangled by Francesco di Carlo, the mob's Heroin "traffic manager" at the instruction of Pippo Calo, of the Corleone family. We now know that Calvi together with Gelli and Sindona were embezzling the Mafia out of a fortune. Gelli was "handling" a large sum of money for the Corleonesi, which he passed to Calvi who promptly used it to shore up his failing bank. Smart to the last, Gelli helped the mob recover "tens of billions of Lire" before bolting out of sight8. Despite his best efforts he was eventually arrested in Switzerland, where he had travelled to arrange the secret transfer of $120 million of Ambrosiano's lost loot. Bribing a guard with $20,000.00 he managed to escape and once over the French border climbed aboard a helicopter for the short trip to Monaco, home of P-2's "super-lodge". From Monaco he travelled to Paraguay - a favourite bolt-hole of many of his war-time Nazi comrades - and disappeared from sight. The missing billions were never recovered. 
The Ambrosiano affair was significant for revealing the web of inter-connections that existed within Italy's ruling class. On the one hand the CIA were using P-2's "covered" (secret) lodge and illicit funds to conduct covert warfare on Italy's communists. At the other extreme it demonstrated the Mafia's total infiltration of Italian business and politics; a feat achieved following their induction into Masonry. Antonino Calderoni, a Mafia defector, revealed that during 1977 Mafia bosses were formally invited to join a covered Masonic lodge and agreed to do so on the understanding that they would learn the secrets of Masonry, but would not reveal Mafia secrets. "Men of Honour who get to be bosses belong to the Masonry: this must not escape you" another Mafia defector, Leonardo Messina, revealed. "Because it is in the Masonry that we can have total contact with businessmen, with the institutions, with the men who administer power..." Messina went on to add that the Mafia's secret association with Masonry is "an obligatory passage for the Mafia on a world level."9 Masonry, like the intelligence community, banking and the Mafia, share a common interest in secrecy. Similarly they all have a common interest in money, especially other people's money.
The "connections" that had been forged and which lay behind Italy's greatest yet banking debacle were to be re-enacted years later in America. By far the greatest banking rip-off of all time, the Savings & Loan scam sees the same cast of players at work. "Something very significant happened during our country's savings-and-loan crisis, the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression. It happened quietly, secretly, without any fanfare and attention. It happened before our very eyes and we knew it not. What we missed was the massive transfer of wealth from the American taxpayer to a select group of extremely rich, powerful people." These ominous words opened the introduction to Pete Brewton's massively researched book The Mafia CIA & George Bush - the untold story of America's greatest financial debacle.10 Brewton, an award-winning investigative journalist, spent years tracing the subterranean web of inter-connections that sat at the heart of this affair that looted the American tax-payer of close to $1 trillion. However, there was more to the S&L affair than these words portrayed.

History's Biggest Ever Scam

The "select group of extremely rich, powerful people" that Brewton fingers, include the CIA, President George Bush, Senator Lloyd Bentsen, a swag-sack of other influential Texan's and well-known members of the Mafia. For the CIA it had access to a vast pool of "black funds" that enabled it to engage in illegal activities including Iran-Contra and Middle-East weapon deals. Brewton's all too realistic view is that this group of inter-connected "businessmen" recognised that the S&L industry, was perfectly structured for a mammoth scam. Backed by government guarantees and regulators who would bow to the right kind of pressure, the S&L's were like a ripe plum waiting to be plucked. 
Back in his VP days, Bush intervened with federal regulators in a corrupt Florida Savings & Loan that close friends, his sons Jeb and Neil, and a handful of Mafia associates were systematically plundering. The thrift eventually went belly-up to the tune of $700 million. For a man who regularly keeps a "plausible deniability" diary, whose hidden background includes his CIA operational activities pre-dating his appointment to DCI by fifteen years, and who, moreover, had questionable links to the pock-faced Panamanian dictator - Columbian cartel money-launderer and one time CIA asset - Col. Manuel Noriega, the thought of his sons cherry-picking thousand dollar bills off the S&L money tree is all in a days play11.
In any complex financial scam, the really important question is to discover where the looted funds eventually come to rest. As with Nugan Hand, Franklin and Ambrosiano debacles, this question has never been satisfactorily answered for the S&L scam. However, despite a perpetual smoke-screen some interesting facts have emerged. In another Florida S&L bust that cost $200 million in a shady land deal, the cash disappeared down the sunset-trail of Du Pont's St. Joe Paper Co. The trail went cold in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. The Channel Isles have long been an off-shore tax haven with strict banking secrecy, and as a consequence a large contingent of foreign banks have offices there. It is now believed that the looted funds were ultimately used by CIA cut-outs to procure weapons for Iraq.12
A central figure in the S&L sale of the century, was Walter Mischer, a close friend of Senator Lloyd Bentsen, and a long time "acquaintance" of George Bush. Mischer was closely "connected" to the New Orleans Marcello family, one of the most powerful Mafia families in the country. Never a "one family" man, he also did business with Mafia associates from New York and Chicago. Mischer is considered to be the most powerful man in Texas, and certainly one of the richest. His "I'm just a country boy" demeanour belies a sharp, analytical business mind and an icy streak of ruthlessness. With a finger in every pie, his influence stretches wide to include, business, crime, finance, the intelligence community and domestic and international politics. Brewton believes that Mischer "is without peer in Texas and perhaps in the entire country." Regarded as a pragmatist he generally bets both ways in the political election stakes, placing money on both the rear and fore-legs of the horse we've come to know as "Demopublican" politics.
Another figure who weaved his crooked way through the S&L tale is Herman K. Beebe, the so-called godfather of the dirty Texas S&Ls, and associate of the Louisiana mob. Beebe and Mischer are long term business associates. Herman also, co-incidentally, has known connections to the Marcello family. While both men were busy "burning-out"13 the odd couple dozen savings and loans, Beebe was transferring $3 million in "seed" money from his bank, Bossier Bank & Trust, to Harvey McLean Jr., to establish the small Washinton DC based Palmer National Bank that boasted a board that at one time or another largely featured in the White House telephone directory. The board chairman, Stefan Halper, was a member of the Nixon White House. His father-in-law, Ray S. Cline, formerly Deputy Director of Intelligence at the CIA and one of the old OSS "China" veterans, was a top foreign policy and defense adviser in the Bush Presidential campaign. Other board members included John Barnum, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Transportation (1974-77), Frederick V. Malek (Nixon's White House Personnel chief and the Bush-Quayle campaign manager), William Kilberg (Department of Labor 1973-77 and member of the Reagan-Bush transition team) and John A. Knebel, President Ford's Secretary of Agriculture.
Palmer National was the bank of choice for the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty's (NEPL) fund raising activities that provided $10 million to Col. Oliver North's covert gun-running programme that saw weapons shipped South to Nicaragua, and East to Iran. This operation was essentially the brain-child of former DCI William Casey, who cunningly revived the old "conduit" system of money laundering that had been used with great success during the fifties to secretly fund Nazi war criminals, recruited to spearhead the ex SS "freedom-fighters" scheduled for deployment behind enemy lines in the event that the Soviets invaded Europe14. Casey used North as his cut-out, thus kick-starting the on-going row between the Pentagon and the CIA about who should conduct "covert ops". North's superiors in the Pentagon have never forgiven him for being the CIA's manikin. At the same, Ray Cline, who had retired from the CIA and formed a family-owned company called SIFT Inc., was "advising" Major General John Singlaub - the principal operations officer in the Nicaraguan arms affair. 
While George Bush was wearing his S&L hat on his off-days, his all singing - all dancing gun, dope n' money laundering operations were about to receive a damaging blow, as yet another massive financial scandal hit the front pages. Half a dozen regional offices of the Italian based Banca Nazionale del Lavoro were raided by FBI agents following a tip off from two junior officers of BNL Atlanta.15 The BNL affair seamlessly follows the well oiled template with the involvement of the CIA, Britain's SIS, Presidents Reagan and Bush, Prime Minister Thatcher and two of Italy's most corrupt senior politicians; Bettino Craxi and the Mafia-linked Giulio Andreotti. It was to reveal the international covert network that was engaged in illegally shipping arms to Iraq's dictator, Saddam Hussein. Even during the height of Operation Desert Storm, CIA operatives were frantically attempting to put together an urgent assignment of U.S. made SAM missiles destined for Iraq's bloody war-machine. By a happy co-incidence, BNL, owned by the Italian Treasury, was run by a close friend and lodge-brother of Andreotti. Alberto Ferrari, who reined as BNL's director-general, was a notorious member of P-2. Nor was he alone in his Masonic affiliations. BNL, dubbed 'the bank of the P-2' "was quickly shown to have among it upper echelons, a veritable nest of P-2 operatives..."16 with intimate connections to the most powerful figures in successive US administrations.

The Coke Connection

Weapons dealing is a highly lucrative "inter-government" business and hundreds of billions of dollars are involved annually. Equally lucrative is the narcotics trade which generates a staggering $500 billion per annum. As well as having a peripheral role in the Iraq weapons affair, the Bank for Credit & Commerce International (BCCI), known as the "Bank for Crooks and Criminals International," became one of the major money laundering operations for the Colombian Cartels. Many of the same old cast of players are found picking the bones out of this bank that collapsed with estimated debts in excess of $10 billion. "BCCI was operated as a corrupt and criminal organisation throughout its entire nineteen year history. It systematically falsified its' records. It knowingly allowed itself to be used to launder the illegal income of drug sellers and other criminals. And it paid bribes and kickbacks to public officials."17 Over a few short years, the BCCI affair would slowly swell to prodigious proportions bringing numerous casualties in its wake. One of these was Clark Gifford, Chairman of First American Bancshares, friend of presidents and doyen of Washington insiders. Disgraced, Clifford and his prestigious Washington law firm partner Robert Altman walked away with a cool $18 million18 Few individuals or institutions who were touched by the scandal would wholly escape censure. BCCI's founder, Agha Hasan Abedi, assiduously courted power and influence. A close friend was former US President Jimmy Carter. 
BCCI aggressively set out to launder the Columbian cartels massive drugs money that would eventually see up to forty other banks directly or peripherally involved - many of them blue-blooded luminaries of the banking firmament. Setting up a branch in Panama, BCCI soon cut a deal with Panama's Noriega, opening an account for him in the name of Zorro. Dirty funds were collected and wired to Europe. From there Certificates of Deposit (CD's) were issued that could be used as collateral against loans issued. Another technique involved cycling the money through an affiliated company, Capcom Financial Services, who's huge futures and options business was an ideal laundering vehicle. 
Discontented with just the narcotics industry, BCCI developed close ties to the "spook" community, maintaining accounts for Israel's Mossad, America's CIA, Britain's SIS, France's DGSE plus the security services of Pakistan and Switzerland. The CIA's accounts with BCCI covered several years of covert operations on the part of that agency. Principally, payments were made to finance Afghan rebels and to bribe General Noriega. Almost unbelievably its customers also included the notorious Abu Nidal terrorist organisation, and the Iranian backed Hezbollah - long regarded as the arch enemies of the western intelligence community. Abu Nidal's Fatah Revolutionary Council had a $60 million account at London's fashionable Sloane Street branch. At the same time the bank was responsible for financing deals in which Mossad provided weapons to Arab terrorists. Peru, buckling under the burden of sovereign debt, used BCCI to hide its cash reserves away from the grasping hands of creditor banks. Outdoing the security services of many small nations the bank also ran its own global intelligence network known as the "black network" employing an estimated 1500 trained operatives. Based in Karachi, this network "of hand-picked individuals who underwent a one year training course in psychological warfare, spying techniques and the use of fire-arms."19
When major banks aren't colluding with spooks and organised crime they appear to settle back and engage in dubious "in-house" business. Most don't hit the headlines being swept away from the glare of the media by red-faced executives. One of those that wasn't so lucky was Daiwa Bank Ltd. Squirming with loss of face, Daiwa executives announced to a round-mouthed media that Toshihide Iguchi, a small - time Japanese trader working out of Daiwa's New York office, had racked up a $1.1 billion loss trading US Treasury bonds. Stretching credulity beyond belief, Daiwa claimed that the 44 year old Iguchi, following a modest trading loss of $ 200, 000, spent the next eleven years writing 30,000 "unauthorised" tickets in an attempt to reverse his misfortune. This equates to a staggering $400, 000 per trading day, making Iguchi one of the unluckiest suckers the world of high finance has ever encountered.

The Barings' Cover-up

Though for sheer bad luck we couldn't do much worse than Nick Leeson, a young and inexperienced British trader at Barings, Singapore, who with the aid of a "dump" account known as the "five eight's" - signifying in Chinese superstition "all the luck"- bumped up losses of $1.6 billion over a three year period, sending Barings crashing to its knees. Until then Barings sat at the top of the British establishment tree as the oldest merchant bank in London. Dripping with history and dark secrets, Barings dated back to the mid 17th century. By modern standards it was a small bank with a net worth in the $600 million range, but still managed to punch above its weight. That is until it began speculating its depositors and shareholders money in Singapore's futures market, SIMEX.
All the signs are that the Barings affair is a straight forward case of "bonus-fever" amongst the senior executives who benefited from excessive annual bonuses. Nevertheless there may be more to it than that. The fact that their inexperienced young SIMEX trader, Nick Leeson, didn't contribute one dime to the banks bottom line throughout his three year tenure as the "big swinging dick " on the Singapore futures exchange is beside the point. Leeson contrived to report profits by creating false accounting entries and thus year on year was able to conjure a host of ghost profits - carefully hiding his real month on month losses that eventually grew to a teeth-grinding $1.6 billion. His superiors, the banks senior executives, delighted with the performance of their star in the east, awarded themselves bonuses of $1.6 million plus for year end 1993. Despite crashing with massive losses the directors walked to new jobs with the Dutch financial group ING, who galloped to the rescue. Snug in their new sinecures, they negotiated $152 million in back bonuses covering the tragic year 1994 - where reported earnings of $320 million in reality concealed accumulated losses of $260 million, soon to increase sixfold.
It is now clear that Leeson didn't operate alone. Those tagged with assisting and/or colluding with him include the CEO Peter Norris and the Director of Finance, Geoffrey Broadhurst20 Discovering the degree of complicity involved at senior levels, 23 directors and senior staff were forced to resign by their new Dutch owners. This did not stop the Bank of England, Britain's banking regulator, from publishing a caveat-ridden and poorly investigated report. The report chronicles the Bank of England's less than zealous efforts to apportion blame to anyone other than Leeson, but does catalogue a list of impediments to its investigation. These include the accidental destruction of "significant classes" of records within the offices of Barings London, which are cited as being "missing", "corrupted" or not "routinely retained." The sleuths of Threadneedle Street did not, however, once venture inside the door of Barings offices during their entire investigation. Had they done so it is not outside the realms of possibility that they may have discovered "significant classes" of documents corrupting away before their very eyes.
Importantly, nobody is saying which banks provided the immense funding that the Barings operation consumed. Nor are they revealing why these banks would so readily lend funds that amounted to a cool $1.4 billion to a small bank with an insignificant net worth. Seeking to clarify this point I asked the Bank of England to name which banks provided funds to the group and whether they formed a formal or informal syndicate. I was politely told that "we don't have this information, but if we do it's confidential and not available." A curious answer indeed. Meanwhile, the only casualty besides, of course, the banks shareholders - who with unspeakably poor grace continue to grumble about their missing $160 million - is Leeson. Found guilty and given a six year sentence he now resides in Singapore's Changi prison. Some believe he joins Daiwa's Iguchi as a scapegoat, demonstrating that when the bucks go down in the "connected" world of high finance, those who had most to gain, do not21.

More Money is Spent on Dope than Food

The sheer volume of money skating around the world's financial markets is staggering and a huge proportion of it is illegal. Of a massive $ 6 trillion that annually circulates the globe, one quarter - $1.5 trillion - is illicit, and a third of this, $500 billion, are narcodollars. $200 billion of narcotics are shipped to the US annually, roughly one third of the total annual import bill. Random forensic testing throughout the US reveal that virtually every single bank note contains microscopic traces of cocaine. More money is spent, globally, on dope than food.22 With these sums at stake, banks and the financial community are, de facto, laundering dirty money. 
Operating within the CIA is a small team known as the "Fifth Column". Staffed by experienced computer hackers using a Cray supercomputer, this group track dirty money accumulated in secret offshore bank accounts by "scores of high level U.S. political figures".23 Once the funds are tracked and the secret authorisation code located the money is electronically swept-up and deposited in the U.S. Treasury. Intelligence sources estimate that in excess of $2 billion has been gathered in this manner and none of the now-poorer high profile figures are contemplating lodging complaints. Illegal? You betcha' it is, but no more than any one of a dozen other operations that have previously come to light.
A great many more bank scandals can be expected in the coming years. Why this should be so is simple. It's not their money they're playing with. It's yours and mine. If a bank goes belly-up, culpable bank executives slide into other cushy jobs with other banks or disappear down the sunset-trail toting a swag-bag of "lost" loot - sometimes both. Simply stated high-finance is a "connected" world where president's touch shoulders with mobsters; bankers shake hands with Masons; regulators buckle under political pressure; law enforcement protects crime; the CIA "does its thing" and fortunes can be and are won.
Bankers say of themselves that theirs is a "prudent" profession. In the last analysis this is true. Nothing can be more prudent than playing with and losing other people's money.


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1414See John Loftus The Belarus Secret. (Paragon House 1989). Casey, an old OSS warrior saw no shame in using Nazi war criminals - many of them guilty of the most horrendous crimes against humanity - in his fervent anti-communism. This view permeated the thinking of many of the old cold-warrior's in the CIA and elsewhere. The story of former Nazi's connected to the P-2 Banco Ambrosiano and BNL affairs remains largely untold .

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By David Guyatt

In April 1998, Celerino Castillo, a former top-level Drug Enforcement Agency operative, provided sensitive, first-hand testimony to the US Senate House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  He told the Senators of his direct personal knowledge of massive CIA complicity in the drug trade.
 Castillo, one of the top DEA agents operating in Southern and Central America from 1984 to 1990, would later become the DEA's "Lead Agent" in war-torn El Salvador.  Here, he came into daily contact with dozens of CIA "contract" employees and "assets" engaged in smuggling drugs from Columbia to the United States.  Compiling a large dossier of evidence of these illegal activities, Castillo was frustrated by his bosses in Washington who refused to act.  Castillo eventually decided he could not keep his silence on such a serious matter.  His explosive book, Powerburns, is exclusively available from Mike Ruppert's website,
 The CIA's involvement in the drug trade was to generate funds to pay for the Nicaraguan based Contras charged with toppling the leftist government of El Salvador.  This followed Congress' refusal in 1982 to support the CIA backed Contra forces.  Known as the "Boland amendment," after Senator Edward Boland - Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee - this piece of legislation pulled the plug on US financing for the war.  The move forced CIA Director, Bill Casey, to find other shady means of finance.  Responsibility for this was turned over to Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council.  The international network of free-wheeling money-hungry CIA operatives employed by Col. North would later be dubbed the "Enterprise."
 North's drug trafficking activities remained mostly unreported for years, until a series of explosive articles were published in the San Jose Mercury News during August 1996.  The newspaper, well regarded for its high standard of journalism, ran a three-day explosive series called The Dark Alliance.  This alleged the explosion of crack cocaine use in Los Angeles during the 1980's, was caused by Nicaraguan drug barons closely connected to the Contra forces.   More important was the implication that the CIA knowingly protected these individuals.  The series, written by ace-reporter, Gary Webb, following a yearlong intensive investigation, caused shock-waves throughout the nation.
 Denying the charges, the CIA set its own bevy of tame reporters against Webb and his newspaper.  Inside a year, Webb's shaken editor retracted the story and threw the reporter to the wolves, saying he had all along been worried by Webb's lack of "corroboration."  Conjuring up the bad days of Soviet media manipulation, Webb was sent to a small, back-woods office of the newspaper to be forgotten.  Contemptuous of his treatment he resigned and went to work for the US Congress.
 Over two years later, the CIA admitted the reporter had been accurate when it was forced to disclose it had a "secret" arrangement with the US Justice Department.  This agreement ensured that drug traffickers deemed to be "assets" or "contract employees" of the CIA would not be charged.  The agreement had it roots in 1954, when the Justice Department agreed that the CIA, were free to decide if any illegal activities of its agents were subject to prosecution.
 If the Contra drug scandal had been the only time the CIA had been deeply entangled in narcotics trafficking, the Agency might have escaped with censure, but it wasn't.  Even before the CIA was founded in 1947, its predecessor, the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) already had grimy hands.  This arose from a private agreement between Allen Dulles, later to become Director of the CIA, and a group of Nazi SS thugs seeking to escape war crimes trials at the end of WW11. SS General Karl Wolff held a series of secret meetings with Dulles, who was then Swiss "Station Chief" for the OSS.  The two men thrashed out an agreement - against the direct, written orders of President Roosevelt.  This gave the SS group freedom from prosecution in return for agreeing to secretly work for American intelligence against the Russians in the cold war.
 Since it was impossible for the OSS to fund this secret network, Dulles agreed the Nazi's would finance themselves from their vast stocks of Morphine,  plundered gold and a mass of counterfeit British bank-notes.  These were smuggled to Austria in the last days of the war and hidden.  They were later sold on the black market and the proceeds used to finance the black SS-OSS network.  The subterfuge was so successful that it would later become an irresistible method of underwriting "off-the-books" CIA black operations.
 By the time the Vietnam War was in full swing, the CIA and its Vietnamese underlings were busily peddling huge amounts of Heroin from the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia.  Historically, the French controlled the Opium trade in this part of the world.  After WW11 it was agreed that members of the underworld would manage Opium smuggling on behalf of 2eme Bureau of French Military Intelligence.  This was the top secret project known as Operation X, sanctioned at the highest levels.  Raw opium was cultivated by the Hmong hill tribes and then trucked to Saigon.  Here it was turned over to the Binh Xuyen bandits for distribution throughout the City.  At this point, members of the Corsican underworld took their share of the drugs, shipping them to Marseilles and then to America.  This smuggling route later became known as the "French Connection."  Captain Savani of 2eme supervised the entire arrangement.
 With the embarrassing defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954, the French began to withdraw her forces from Indochina.  This resulted in top CIA operative, Major General Edward Lansdale being sent to Saigon.  A year earlier, during a fact finding mission to the region, Lansdale had learned of the existence of Operation X.  There now ensued a power struggle between the remnants of 2eme, along with their Corsican gangsters and Lansdale's American team under the watchful eye of CIA director, Allen Dulles.  Open battles were fought in the streets and Lansdale, more than once came close to death.  However, the die had been cast.  The French were "out" and the Americans were "in," and the Opium trade began to rapidly grow.
 Years after the Vietnam War was over, the CIA remained the principal beneficiary of Heroin shipments from the Golden Triangle.  This fact emerged during the latter part the 1980's by Colonel Bo Gritz.  Possessing a truly remarkable daredevil record, Gritz is a legend in the Special Forces community.  Sylvester Stallone modelled himself on Gritz in the gutsy Hollywood smash hit "First Blood." 
 During 1989, Gritz along with two others travelled to the wild and remote region of Shanland, located in Northern Burma.  The Shan people live under the jurisdiction of warlord Khun Sa, whose 10,000 strong army run the Golden Triangle Opium business.  The warlord told Gritz during a meeting that the government of America bought his entire annual Opium production totalling 900 tonnes in 1989 alone.  Three years later, in 1992, production had leapt to 3,000 tonnes.
 Astonished at these revelations, Gritz arranged to return for a second meeting with Khun Sa five months later.  On this occasion, he videotaped the meeting with the wily warlord, who had agreed to name names.  Khun Sa revealed that the US government official he dealt with was Richard Armitage, the US Assistant Secretary of Defence.  Khun Sa said that Armitage, in turn, used the services of a "traffic manager," who he named on camera as Santos Trafficante - the notorious "Boss" of Florida's Mafia.
 A decade earlier and thousands of miles away another strongman was laying the groundwork that would, one day, elevate him to the presidential palace.  Amongst many other suspect attributes, Panama's Colonel Manuel Noriega, was on payroll and acknowledged as an "asset," of the CIA.  In 1975, he was closely involved in Operation Watch-Tower, a CIA run series of missions.  Watch-Tower was pure "black ops," dedicated to shipping massive quantities of Cocaine from Bogata, Columbia, to Panama and onward to the United States for distribution.  Directed by the CIA's ace field agents, Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil, the operation was also supported by Israel's secretive foreign intelligence service, Mossad.
 Two Watch-Tower missions were commanded by Colonel Edward P. Cutolo, the commanding officer of 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  In February and March 1976, Cutolo and his men secretly entered Columbia where they placed a series of three electronic aircraft beacons.  These were designed to enable CIA piloted aircraft to safely navigate from Bogata, to Panama.  Over a total of 51 days, 70 "high performance aircraft" flew along this route.  All were crammed full of cocaine.  Safely landing at Panama's Albrook Air Station, the aircraft discharged their loads into the care of then Colonel Manuel Noriega, the CIA's Edwin Wilson and Israeli Mossad operative, Michael Harari.
 Wilson later told Colonel Cutolo that Watch-Tower had to remain secret as otherwise it would "undermine present government interests."  He added, "there are similar operations being implemented elsewhere in the world" including the "Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia and Pakistan."  The profits from the sale of narcotics, Wilson continued to explain "was laundered through a series of banks" in Panama, Switzerland and the United States.  From there the funds usually found their way to those military forces fighting communism.
 Cutolo later grew suspicious and began to investigate the background of these missions.  Fearing for his life, he prepared and signed an affidavit intimately detailing the various missions he commanded.  Cutolo was later murdered.  Four other Special Forces senior officers, close friends of Cutolo, believed he had been killed because he was getting too close to those high-level government officials who authorised the Watch-Tower missions.  Cutolo had been told that the CIA's Bill Casey and Robert Gates, as well as Vice President George Bush were implicated in these matters.  All four officers commenced their own investigation.  One by one they all died under mysterious circumstances.
 Despite the end of the cold war and the global collapse of communism, the drug trade continues to grow and develop.  This casts considerable doubt on the rationale that the CIA got its hands dirty in order to fight the peril of communist.  In his book The Third Option, former CIA black operative Ted Shackley - one of those also "fingered" by the Golden Triangle warlord, Khun Sa, for his role in the narcotics business - argues that "low intensity" conflict will continue throughout the world for the foreseeable future. This, Shackley maintains, is because the military-industrial complex has a blueprint for survival that depends on warfare.  Narcotics, it seems, is part of this equation.
 Prof. Alfred W. McCoy
The standard textbook on the global narcotics traffic is Prof. Alfred McCoy's The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity in the Global Drugs Trade.  As an undergraduate at Yale University, McCoy set off in 1971, to Southeast Asia to investigate the global heroin trade.  He interviewed Hmong hill tribesmen in Laos, through to General Maurice Belleux, former Head of French Military Intelligence in Indochina, and numerous other intelligence operatives, too.  McCoy gathered irrefutable evidence that implicated the CIA in the narcotics trade.  He now speculates that the CIA and the American ruling class that control them, had no qualms about hooking untold numbers of American citizens on Heroin.  The addict population, mostly black, Hispanic and the poorer classes, daily "strung-out" on drugs meant they weren't involved in domestic US politics, or worse, rioting against the status quo.
 Laundering drug money
 The huge volume of cash generated by the drugs trade amounts to well over one trillion dollars a year.  Inevitably, this finds its way into the global banking system.  As often as not, both major and minor banks are keen to accommodate this business because of the generous commissions they can earn.  The most notorious of all was the London based Bank for Credit & Commerce International, which had exceptionally close links to the CIA.  During the 1980's, together with numerous respectable banks, the BCCI targeted Panama - a centre for laundering cocaine profits.  BCCI's Vice President, Alaudin Shaik told the Panama branch manager, Daniel Gonzalez "The Panama operation should do all it can to increase deposits."  This, Shaik, added, "would mean bringing in cash deposits from drugs."
 Col North and Iran-Contra drugs
The lead man in the covert Contra affair was former Marine Colonel, Oliver North.  Testimony provided to the US Senate showed North knew drug money was a major factor in the supply of weapons to the Contra forces.  Although most of his papers and diaries were shredded, North's notebook remained intact.  Investigators found a number of entries of interest.  One states "14M to finance came from drugs."  This refers to $14 million earmarked for financing weapons for the Contra's.  In another entry, North refers to a DC9 aircraft being used for weapons "runs" that is also "probably being used for drug runs into the US."
 Pan Am 103 a drugs pipeline?
The downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, had numerous drug connections, according to many investigators.  The Pan Am flights out of Frankfurt were a regular pipeline for carrying drugs into America, using Samsonite suitcases.  The DEA has typified these as "sting" operations.  Others are not so sure.  This writer has learned from a confidential but informed source that a number of Samsonite suitcases were purchased from a shop in Wilmslow.  These were marked with discrete symbols assisting identification at a distance by baggage handlers at British, American and European airports.  The suitcases, bought by a senior member of a major London based criminal gang, were to carry drugs.  The gang had high level protection from British and American intelligence as well as certain senior police officers, it is alleged.  Although a prolonged investigation into these matters was undertaken by British authorities, it was later covered-up.


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