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Sunday, 25 November 2012

4th Reich: All Roads Lead to Rome.


Mexico (2012) with 94 percent Catholic,
                  I wonder why?…

1776 the population of our country as: 98% Protestant, 1.8% Catholic, and .2 of 1% Jewish.  VS. Latin America: March 25, 2012 - Mexico with 94% Catholic, -

(Why do you think the boarders are wide open?)

During the 1st crusades the pope's EU army killed all who would not be baptized into the Roman church, nothing has changed, look what happen in Latin America, it's been romanized, all pagans were put to death and forced to speak Spanish etc...
Vatican 2 in the early 60's change their tactics to more of a friendship instead of inquisition but all this is a cover-up...Today the woman (Whore Church) is riding the (Kings/Nations) beast... of all the earth.
And the Woman (Church) which thou sawest is that great city (Vatican), which Reigneth Over the Kings of the Earth. Revelation 17:18



Washington D.C. = District of Columbia = TERRITORY of VATICAN


Pope vs. God about the Babylonian Queen of Heaven:
Queen of Heaven originated from pagan Babylonian goddess worship.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Georgia Guidestones:

     Who Are the Authors of the The Georgia Guidestones:
             Click on picture for bigger print

New World Order – Vatican in Charge 4th Reich

New World Order – Vatican in Charge 4th Reich

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

As a researcher, Dave Cleveland has been connecting the dots for many years. His shelves are filled with newspaper clippings and news video evidence of a world that is already in a New World Order

Dave Cleveland is a rare find. As a researcher his research is available for anybody to examine. People can draw their own conclusions.  Have you heard of the Blue Mass and the White Mass and the Red Mass and the Black Mass? Google " black mass, " and see what you'll find.

With " R J, " Dave spells out the details of the 4th Reich that is coming in to place right now. Have you heard of the Vatican Bank? More disclosures by WikiLeaks will show more of the evidence on a Vatican conspiracy to take control of the world's money system, the world's religions and all governments. A new inquisition will come.

In Revelations 9: a 13 month war is depicted. Could it be that April 19th is the significant date which the next World War may begin? This could begin at the Euphrates River…

All world currencies are in chaos, by design.

Many of the world's so-called leaders are Freemasons, Jesuit Priests or players with the CFR. They are all buddies, role playing to fool us all, to lull us to sleep.

It's time that we wake up. …The Supreme Court members are involved with the Vatican. In this 2 hour

interview Dave Cleveland spells out for " R J, " how significant Vatican History is in the NWO that we are already in. Santa is an expression of Satan. The Christmas tree is an expression of the Babylon penis pagan (baal) worship. Google the Black Mass and see

what you'll find. Be Free, Robert Hender, R J



HOUR 1:  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010






1st hour...

2nd hour...





After (ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S ASSASSINATION) 117 years,the US Congress 1867 U.S. law to banned the Vatican was repealed on January 10, 1984 by President Reagan...Within months of President Reagan’s inaugural in 1981, President Reagan moved quickly and on January 10, 1984, announced that full diplomatic relations between the United States and the Vatican had been established. The President did this over the opposition of the office of the Secretary of State. What a difference 32 years could make! In 1952 there were demonstrations and loud opposition. In 1984, there were few manifestations against the Vatican or Catholicism...One of those speaking strongly in favor of the Holy See role at the UN was the Hon. George W. Bush, then the Governor of Texas.
From the Council of American Ambassadors website:


Saturday, May 29, 2010

The 4th Reich – On It’s Way… A New Vatican Global Empire

The 4th Reich – On It’s Way… A New Vatican Global Empire

by RJ on January 28, 2010

Today David Cleveland and I spoke On the Air together at Republic Broadcasting Network.

Dave is just another American – who is doing his homework, researching What is Truly Going On Today.  Dave grew up in Pennsylvania and participated in the normal activities of a young man there – football, basketball and typical study in a public school.

Dave kept asking questions, as he was growing up. Why were we in Viet Nam? Not too many people would give Dave a satisfactory answer. In 1983 Dave learned for the first time some of the history behind the Federal Reserve and their habit of printing money out of thin air and other policies by the Fed that have driven America into the ground. Dave went on to study the U S Constitution and Emergency Preparedness and one day Dave stumbled upon a European Union poster with the Tower of Babel upon it.

In the schools across America not too much history is taught any more but this thing they like to call Social Studies. Pacifying millions of us – 1 by 1 – with a socialization agenda is their true agenda – these Globalists who have taken over America.

Double Agents are all over the place – no wonder it is difficult for most people to dig through the layers and layers of lies. If you will take the time and pay attention you may see a pattern begin to emerge – like Dave who has been connecting the dots for years and years. President George Bush was a double agent. We could go on and on and on with a list of all of the people who are in high positions in America today – publicly they say the nicest things about how they want to save this country, but behind closed doors, after hours, lost between thousands of pages of bills and laws is the evidence of their true intentions.

The truth of these things used to be hidden and we would call them Conspiracy Theories. These so-called conspiracies aren’t hidden like they used to be. These Globalists are so arrogant and so determined now that they allow their plans to be openly discussed and paraded in pubic.

The 1st Reich was initiated on December 25th 800 A.D. as Pope Leo the 3rd crowned Charlemagne. In 1806 Napoleon went into Bohemia and conquered the 1st Reich. The 2nd Reich existed in the period of 1871 – 1918, documented by Wilhelm the 1st of Germany and his proclamation January 18, 1871. A Reich is a World Financial Empire. Who would be at the bottom of these Reich’s? On January 30, 1933 Hitler was made Chancellor. Soon after, on February 27th the Reichstag Building was burned. Over 600 German newspapers were closed down and only the Zionist newspaper was allowed to print after that. On July 20, 1933 Hitler signed the Concordance with the Catholic Church –

which laid the foundation of the Government of God for Germany – yes the 3rd Reich.

On August 7th, 1933 the Transfer Agreement was signed – and the Jewish/Palestinian State was formed. For the next 8 years the whole Israel infrastructure was organized. Why does Israel behave like the Nazi’s? The leaders of Israel are connected to Germany – and are Zionists. Germany started World War 1 and 37 – million people died. Germany started the 2nd World War and 78-million people died. Germany wanted to conquer Russia, but God intervened and weather fought off the Nazi’s. The wall between the East Side and the West Side of Germany is the wound the scriptures speak of in Rev 13:3 and Russia and NATO participated in the remedy to keep Germany from rising again and initiating a World War 3.

It is relevant – how the Knights Templar paraded the White Cross upon their chest. The Knights Hospitalers paraded their Red Cross on their chest. We see these emblems today and innocently we believe they’re out doing good here and good over there, but there are much deeper involvements by these Knights who are now imbedded in organizations all over.

We can get insight today – of the Truth in World Politics with a glance at the Bible. In Daniel 2: we see the image of a man in his war attire and as we get down to his legs there is a depiction of Clay & Iron. Today the Iron (Roman Empire) is the State and the Clay is the (Roman Catholic) Church – marriage of Church & State (Holy Roman Empire). The beast is the King or Kingdom and the woman (whore) who sitteth upon the Beast is the Holy Roman Catholic Church – which rules the Kings of the Earth – as found in Rev 17: The Pope holds the spiritual keys of both King and Priest. In Daniel 7: it speaks of 10 horns, or the 10 kings that shall rise. The Lion is Great Britain. The United States of America is the Eagle Wings. Russia is like unto the bear.

The leopard has 4 heads and dominion was given unto it, the 1st Reich, the 2nd Reich, the 3rd Reich and the 4th Reich. The wall came down in Germany – the wound has now been healed – even the German tanks are signified by the leopard. The 7 heads of the beast spoken in Rev 7: are Egypt – Assyria – Babylon – Medes & Persians – Greece – Rome of old – and now the Holy Roman Empire. There are 7 kings or kingdoms spoken of too – 5 are fallen – and 1 is – and the other is not yet come. This last Beast is about to arrive – speaking of the 4th Reich or the new Holy Roman Empire ( iron mixed with clay.) Rev 17: 18 and the woman ( Catholic Church,) which thou sawest is that Great City ( the Vatican, ) which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth.

If you look closer today, there is no separation between Church and State. All roads still lead to Rome.

In the New World Order agenda the world would be divided into 10 pieces for easier world dominion. The U S A would be divided into 10 regions. Some countries are still balking at the notion of being dominated by some World Power.

Too often today people don’t want to hear about these things – it’s easier to kill the messenger than to listen to the truth and taking responsibility for our future.

Who was it who funded the 3rd Reich? These organizations funded Hitler – the Federal Reserve – DuPont – Standard Oil – GM – Ford – GE – IBM – Alcoa – Dow Chemical – Prescott Bush and his friends and many more organizations. Where have these organizations gone? They are still here and they are not done – supporting and funding this move towards a New World Order.

In 1929 the Vatican became a country of it’s own. Who do you think is the Head of State for the Vatican? The Vatican has ambassadors of it’s own that visit other countries. In 1992 Alexander Haig publicly claimed that “The Vatican Information is better than ours in every way… “ speaking about the ability to gather information. (Time magazine Feb. 24, 1992) The strength of the Jesuits are their concealment policy. The Catholic Church has kicked the Jesuits out and later invited them back, for centuries. As usual – with Jesuits and Free Masons infiltrating into every nook and cranny of the planet they play both ends to benefit their objectives. Have you read the Extreme Oath of the Jesuits - dated February 15, 1913? Where does the Globalist policy truly come from – that is demanding planet population reduction by 80%? Today Adolph Nicholas is the Jesuit General commonly known as the Black Pope.

The European Union is the perfect example of their plan for the Rest of the World – 27 nations under one umbrella, with one currency and one dictator – trained in the best Jesuit Priest schools. We are seeing Universal Values in force in Europe today and designed for the Whole World tomorrow. The Pope today is preparing to be the World’s Patriarch for all religions – like a Universal Church. Take a look for yourself at more of the evidence…

Be Free… R J –

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

First Pontifix Maximus, 1st Easter, 1st Christmas: XMASS

The FIRST POPE is Simon Magnus (Acts 8:9-25)

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