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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Knights of Malta

Initial Membership List

: Agenda 21, Builderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Dagon, Illuminati, New World Order, Popery, The Occult, Trilateral Commission,, United Nations, Vatican

Initial Membership List of the Knights of Malta
Compiled by Eric Samuelson, J.D.

Edward Fenech Adami
Drolor Bosso Adamti
General Allavena
George W. Anderson
James Jesus Angelton
Samuel Alito
Julian Allason
Joe M. Allbaugh
Roberto Alejos Arzu
Silvio Berlusconi
Grandmaster, Prince Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie (cousin of QEII) deceased.
(Former Prime Minister) Tony Blair
Michael Bloomberg
Elmer Bobst
Marie Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs (Dame Lindy Boggs)
Geoffrey T. Boisi
John Robert Bolton
Charles Joseph Bonaparte
Prince Valerio Borghese
Gen. William Boykin
Dr. Barry Bradley
Nicholas Brady
Joseph Brennan
Monsignor Mario Brini
Pat Buchanan
James Buckley
William F. Buckley, Jr.
George H.W Bush
George W. Bush
Jeb Bush
Precott Bush, Jr.
Frank Capra
(King) Juan Carlos
Frank Charles Carlucci III
William Casey
Michael Chertoff
Gustavo Cisneros
(President) Bill Clinton
(Cardinal) Terence Cooke
Gerald Coughlin
(Senator) John Danforth
John J. DeGioia
Cartha DeLoach
Giscard d’Estaing
Giulliano di Bernardo
Bill Donovan
Allen Dulles
Avery Dulles
(Archbishop) Edward Egan
(Count) Franz Egon
Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.
Noreen Falcone
John A. Farrell
Matthew Festing (79th Grand Master)
Edwin J. Feulner
Francis D. Flanagan
Raymond Flynn
Adrian Fortescue (16th century)
John C. Gannon
Licio Gelli
Reinhard Gehlen
Burton Gerber
Rudy Giuliani
Emilio T. González
Dr. Lawrence Gonzi
Sir John Gorman CVO
Thomas K. Gorman
J. Peter Grace
Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank
Gen. Alexander Haig
Cyril Hamilton
Otto von Hapsburg
William Randolph Hearst
Edward L. Hennessy, Jr.
(Baron) Conrad Hilton
Heinrich Himmler
Richard Holbrooke
J. Edgar Hoover
Leonard G. Horowitz
Daniel Imperato
Lee Iococca
Carl Nicholas Karcher
Francis L. Kellogg
Joseph Kennedy
(Senator) Ted Kennedy
Henry A. Kissinger
Bowie Kuhn
Cardinal Pio Laghi
Cathy L. Lanier
Joseph P. Larkin
Louis Lehrman
Leonard Leo
General de Lorenzo
Clara Booth Luce (Dame)
Henry Luce
Thabo Mbeki
Angus Daniel McDonald
George MacDonald
Nelson Mandela
Avro Manhattan
Alexandre de Marenches
John McCone
Thomas Melady
Sir Stewart Menzies
(Prince) Angelo di Mojana
Thomas S. Monaghan
Lord Christopher Walter Monckton
Rupert Murdoch
Robert James “Jim” Nicholson
Charles G. Noska, Sr.
Oliver North
Joseph A. O’Hare
Francis (Frank) V. Ortiz
Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill
George Pataki
Cardinal Patronus
Fra Giancarlo Pallavicini
Fra Hubert Pallavicini
Franz von Papen
Baron Luigi Parrilli
Juan Peron
Peter G. Peterson
Harold A.R. ‘Kim’ Philby
Augusto Pinochet
Eric Prince
John Francis Queeny
John J. Raskob
(President) Ronald E. Reagan
John Charles Reynolds
George Rocca
Nelson Rockefeller
David Rockefeller
Francis Rooney
Rick Santorum
General Giuseppe Santovito
Antonin Scalia
Walter Schellenburg
Phyllis Schlafly (Dame)
John E Schmitz
Joseph Edward Schmitz (Blackwater)
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Frank Shakespeare
Martin F. Shea
Clay Shaw
William Edward Simon Jr.
Jennifer Sims
Frank Sinatra
Frederick W. Smith
Cardinal Francis Spellman
Francix X. Stankard
Steve Stavros
Myron Taylor
George Tenet
Fritz Thyssen
Richard Torrenzano
Admiral Giovanni Torrinsi
(Prince) Anton Turkul
Albrecht von Boeselager
Winfried Henckel von Donnersmark
Thomas Von Essen
Amschel Mayer von Rothschild
Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr
Kurt Waldheim
General Vernon A. Walters
Col. Albert J. Wetzel
Canon Edward West
Gen. William Westmoreland
Gen. Charles A. Willoughby
William Wilson
Robert Zoellick
Gen. Anthony Zinni

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