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The Mysteries, Freemasonry, Jesuits, & The EU – A History.

Following on from my previous Article we will now look at some aspects of “The Mysteries” “Masonic Connections”, “The Church Of Rome, Jesuits, and the European Union” and how their roots are all intertwined.
In order to understand what follows, we must discuss Nimrod and The Mysteries and where Freemasonry, and The Church Of Rome all originated from, without this vital piece of historical fact, what follows could be
hard to understand.

Nimrod & The Mysteries Begin
Nimrod and his religion have shaped much of the profane world. A careful examination shows that Nimrod was the founder of Babylon.
All religions derived from Babylon have common themes. One of the central features is the death of the mighty warrior god. This gives a clue that Nimrod fell to a violent and untimely death.
The legends all involve his body being divided into pieces and dispersed. This indicates a great act of retribution and judgement, in which parts of the body were sent to different lands as a warning to others.
The violent death of Nimrod led to a suppression of the false religion. However, it was revived in secret by his wife Semiramis. She claimed that Nimrod was now a god in the form of the sun, of which his earthly representation was fire. Semiramis later gave birth to a child, who was supposedly the reincarnation of the hero Nimrod, now the sun god. The child is known under various names, Molech, Osiris, Baal, and many more the most important one being “Tammuz”. The false claim was made that this was the promised seed of the woman.
Nimrod’s father Cush was worshipped under various names and became the model for Babylonish gods. An example is the god called “Hermes” whose name, when deciphered from the ancient languages of The Mysteries, signifies in English “Son Of Ham”
It may appear very weird how anyone can believe that the sun can also be a child. However millions are deceived into believing this absurdity
The Mysteries
The secret about Nimrod as the sun god and saviour of man was only revealed at first to a selected few, to those who had been initiated. These religious rites became known as “The Mysteries”, in which the secrets of the sun god Nimrod were revealed, and in which he was worshipped.
However, The Mysteries spread rapidly throughout the ancient world and formed the basis for the heathen religions of Rome, Greece, Assyria , Egypt, India and many other nations. They are also the basis for most religions today, even for that which is called Christian.
The Mysteries involved deep symbolism, they also appear to have involved acting out some form of play to re-enact the death, resurrection and deification of Nimrod, under the guise of various names. The worship of the devotees involved weeping for Nimrod following his violent death, followed by rejoicing at his resurrection.
The worship also involved fire, which is representative of the sun, the giver of light. Therefore the deified Nimrod was worshipped as the giver of light to mankind. he enlightened them so as to show them good and evil. Hence, came the Lucifer, the light giver or enlightener.
Semiramis was deified as the Queen Of Heaven, gradually taking on the honour bestowed upon Nimrod. The general form of worship showed Nimrod as the sun and his wife as the moon , with stars surrounding her head. Thus we see the origin of the worship of the sun, moon and stars.
It is no surprise then to find that astrology and the Zodiac are part of Babylonian origin.
As with Nimrod there were many pagan representations of Semiramis as the Queen Of Heaven, or the Mother Goddess. She was usually depicted with the child (Ie: Nimrod) who was incarnate sun god. This has been copied by the Church Of Rome, who worship Mary with the child Jesus. However in reality it is really the worship of Semiramis and her child born of fornication hiding under the facade of Christianity.
Some statues pictured below from various religions depicting Semiramis and her child:

Have you ever heard of the story of Horus or the singular eye on the back of the dollar bill? This has to do with the killing of Nimrod. In Egypt Semiramis is Isis, Nimrod is Horus and Shem is Seth. Seth was jealous of Horus and so he killed him by hacking him to pieces. Isis however, went down to the underworld and retrieved some of his body parts such as, his eye. Most of the pagan cultures have similar stories.
The activities of worship within The Mysteries were hidden behind a facade of outward holiness.
Cakes Offered To Queen Of Heaven
In various versions of The Mysteries, Semiramis, (the goddess wife and mother of Nimrod) was offered an “Unbloody sacrifice” On the contrary Nimrod was worshipped as a god that delighted in blood. The deified Semiramis was represented as possessing a benign and gentle character, she was seen as the mediator between man and Nimrod (much the same way the Church Of Rome Believe Mary is the mediator between man and Christ – see what they are really worshipping here?) who was frequently depicted as a child in her arms. This doctrine is seen in some of the names given to Semiramis.
For example she was worshipped as the goddess Aphrodite, the name Aphrodite is Chaldee for “Wrath Subduer” , which indicates the doctrine that she pacified and interceded with her son.
In addition, the deified Semiramis bore the title “Mylitta” which is Chaldee for “Mediatrix” or a feminine mediator. This is precisely the title given by the Church Of Rome to “Mary” , the mother of Christ, which depicts Christ as an angry judge who must be pacified by His mother. Hence the poor Romanist is exhorted to pray to Mary, that she might intercede with Christ.
All these things show that the Church Of Rome’s doctrine is primarily derived from the Mysteries, and not from the Bible.
The Unbloody Sacrifices
In the Mysteries of Egypt , these were in the form of a thin round cake or wafer which symbolised the sun. Nimrod and Semiramis were worshipped in Egypt under the form of the sun god Osiris (also known as Horus – remember back of the dollar bill! the eye of Horus) and the goddess Isis.
Hislop states “When Osiris the sun-divinity, became incarnate , and was born, it was not merely that he should give his life as a sacrifice to men, but that he might also be the life and nourishment of the souls of men”
However, there is yet deeper significance to the round cakes made from corn that were offered to Isis.
The Egyptian goddess Isis was the origin of the Greek and Roman goddess Ceres, who was worshipped both as the discoverer of corn and as the “Mother Of Corn”
Corn was a symbol in the Mysteries for “the son”, the child Nimrod. This is explained by the double meaning of the Chaldee word “bar” which means both “Corn” and “Son” in English. Precisely the same double meaning occurs in Hebrew. Thus pictures of Ceres holding a piece of Corn, represented Semiramis holding her son the child, Nimrod.
The roundness of the cake or wafer offered to her (copying the shape of the sun as it appears in the sky) symbolised that Nimrod was also the sun god.
Hislop goes on to say “although the god whom Isis or Ceres brought forth, who was offered to her under the symbol of the wafer or thin round cake, as “the bread of life” was in reality the fierce, scorching sun, or terrible Moloch, yet in that offering all his terror was veiled and everything repulsive was cast into the shade.
In the appointed symbol, he is offered up to the benignent Mother, who tempers judgement with mercy, and to whom all spiritual blessings are ultimately referred; and blessed by that mother he is given back to be feasted upon, as the staff of life, as the nourishment of her worshippers souls.
Woodrow quoting different sources, states as follows, “In Egypt, a cake was consecrated by a priest and was supposed to become the flesh of Osiris. This was then eaten and wine was taken as part of the rite” In forms of the Mysteries, fasting was required prior to rituals, likewise the Church Of Rome commands fasting before participating in the Mass.
Now we see the truth! The Mass Of The Church of Rome is simply a form of the Mysteries, except Mary the mother of Christ takes the place of Isis or Ceres, and Christ takes the place of Osiris or Horus.
Just as the Mysteries set forth Osiris or Horus as a round cake, so in the Mass is it blasphemously claimed that a thin, round wafer is changed into Christ.
Further evidence that the Mass is derived from the Mysteries emerges, when one considers the wafer or “host” is the supposed form of Christ unto which man may approach. This is testified to by Chiniquy after many years of experience as a Priest Of Rome, that they
“Have no other Saviour to whom they can betake themselves than the one made by the consecration of the wafer. He is the only Saviour who is not angry with them, and who does not require the mediation of virgins and saints to appease His wrath”
The significance of the letters “IHS” which are graved into the Romish wafer , are said to mean, according to the Church Of Rome, “The letters stand for ‘Iesus Hominum Salvator’ which is Latin for “Jesus the Saviour of Man”
However , at the time of the Roman Empire there were numerous worshippers of the Egyptian goddess Isis in Rome. Isis was one person in a perverted trinity , the other two were Horus, who was “The son” and Seb, who was “the father of the gods” Thus “IHS stands for “Isis, Horus, Seb” the Egyptian trinity of the “Mother, the son and the Father of the gods.”
Initiation Ceremonies Of The Mysteries
The Mysteries were always conducted and celebrated in secret. The open religious ceremonies involved symbolism so as to ensure that the full meaning of the worship was only revealed to those who had been initiated into The Mysteries. The precise details of these initiation rites are not known but from snippets of information historians have been able to piece together some of the main features.
Further clues can be provided by the secret rites of other religious groups such as the Freemasons and other Occult societies, who claim to be descended from The Mysteries.
The word Occult comes from the Latin: “Occultus” which means: “Hidden” or “concealed” in English.
Any candidate for initiation had to swear terrible oaths not to reveal the secrets of The Mysteries, which if broken meant death for the candidate.
Similar oaths are sworn today by Freemasons.
Alexander Hislop author of “The Two Babylons” shows that some of these initiation rites involved a form of baptism, which was supposed to achieve regeneration and actual cleansing from sin. Biblically, baptism is an outward sign, while the Holy Spirit works regeneration of a sinner. Baptism in the Mysteries was also so formidable and terrible, that not all candidates survived! Terrible effects were created around them of noises, bellowing, thunder, shaking, sights, fire, light and darkness, terrible apparitions, etc. Then at last, the great god, the central object of their worship, Osiris, Nimrod, Tammuz or Adonis, was revealed to them in the way most fitted to soothe their feelings and engage their blind affections.
Freemason and occult writers have also provided spine-chilling insight into the feats that a candidate for initiation had to perform. to cross an unbridged chasm in the “temple” floor. If he couldn’t make it he fell headlong into a volcanic crevice and got killed. In other rites the candidate seeking admission to the inner sanctuary was required to pass through a closed door by dematerialization. Although it is known that there was much trickery involved in the Mysteries, let no one doubt that there were also real and demonic forces at work.
Masonic Oath – The Oath Of Nimrod
Apprentice Degree (1st).
I,………………………….do , in the presence of El Shaddai and of this Worshipful Assembly of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers, promise and declare that I will not at any time hereafter, by any act or circumstance whatsoever, directly or indirectly, write, print, cut, mark, publish, discover, reveal, or make known, any part or parts of the Trade secrets, privileges, or counsells of the Worshipful Fraternity or Fellowship of Free Masonry, which I may have known at any time, or at any time hereafter shall be made known unto me.

The penalty for breaking this great oath shall be the loss of my life.
That I shall be branded with the mark of the Traitor and slain according to ancient custom by being throtalled, that my body shall be buried in the rough sands of the sea a cable’s length from the shore where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in the twenty-four hours, so that my soul shall have no rest by night or by day–

(Candidate Signs the O.B.)
Given under my hand and sealed with my lips, this day of 1913.
So help me El Shaddai and the holy contents of this book.

The Deceptive Symbolism of the Mysteries
Mason R. Swinburne Clymer, M. D., says in the introduction of his book, The Mysticism of Masonry:
All Masonry of the past dealt largely with the ethics and symbolism of the Ancient Mysteries. If the Masons of the present age will but seek for the spirit of the symbolism upon which the degrees are based, the grandest achievements in the knowledge and reconstruction will be possible and the mysteries concealed in the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity will be recovered to them.

The Mysteries of Babylon were not only copied (with variations) by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, but they have found their way into the 20th century culture & religion, including Christianity [& Judaism & Cablism]. Much that passes today as respectable religion is none other than the worship of the Devil in the form of the false messiah, Nimrod and his goddess Semiramis. The deep symbolism deceives the unsuspecting majority of people and most members of the Church of Rome and Freemasonry would be horrified if they knew the truth about their religious systems. It is the cunning of the Devil that keeps these things hidden from their eyes.
A contributing factor to this deceit is the enormous number of names Nimrod and his wife have been known and worshiped around the world – approx. 5,000. Some of these names are titles Nimrod & Semiramis claimed for themselves during their lifetime. Viz. “Nimrod He-Roe,” = “Nimrod the shepherd” in Chaldee – from where the word “hero” was derived — hero-worship in the profane world in which a person is idolized. Other names were given after their death and variations of names arose to suit different cultures and languages.
A more sinister reason for all these names is the practice to reveal certain things only to the initiated. For this purpose a cunning system of names and symbols with double meanings has arisen.
Now we will investigate the Occult & World Revolution.
The Occult In The Church Of Rome & Illuminati
If you have read my article “Freemasonry – A History” you will have already learned how the Knights Templar were suppressed in the early 14th century after they had secretly propagated occult rites under the authority of the pope and how after this, they had carried on their work in secrecy, possibly merging with other “Secret Societies”
One that needs to be mentioned is the “Illuminati” also known as the “Alumbrados” in Spain. These Enlightened or Illuminated ones were first referred to in the late 15th Century and were suppressed by the Inquisition in 1623.
Freemasonry was officially condemned by the Pope in 1738. On the basis of this, many writers have concluded that The Church Of Rome and the Occult Masonic societies are permanent enemies. However this conclusion is wrong. For not only do they both have common spiritual roots in Babylon, but the Occult has been deeply rooted in sections of The Church Of Rome.
These two branches of The Mysteries, may appear as rivals but at times (Especially in recent generations) they make common cause. This situation, often confusing, will endeavour to show that the dark plans of the Occult and The Church Of Rome have very startling and uncomfortable similarities.
Alberto Rivera, a converted Jesuit, reveals that Occult rites and human sacrifice have been secretly continued within The Church Of Rome. Those put to death by order of the Church Of Rome, for their Occultism were condemned because they were not subservient to Rome’s purposes.
Wallenstein was permitted by the Church Of Rome to practice Occult rites, he provided great service to the Romanist and Jesuit cause by leading the Romanist Armies in the thirty years war in germany during the 17th century. Rivera’s statements are also based on his own personal experience within the Church Of Rome. He saw with his very own eyes terrifying Occult practices, including the discovery of the remains of human sacrifices in a monastery in the Canary Islands.
Other terrible rites had been practiced centuries earlier within the Church Of Rome by the Knights Templar.
The Jesuits bought the Church Of Rome into a conformity with The Mysteries. The explanation behind this lies in the inextricable link between the Jesuits and the Occult. This is confirmed by observing that the great Jesuit principle of “the ends justify the means” is one that is derived from the Gnostics and is one which permeates the Occult. With this there is no absolute of morality.
The Jesuit oath
= Occultic, performed under a yellow and white Papal banner and a black banner with a dagger and a red cross above a skull and cross bones with the initials I.N.R.I. with its meaning underneath: “Icstum Nacar Reges Impios” – “it is just to annihilate impious rulers.” [Biblically, these initials represent the Roman inscription above Christ’s head, meaning, “Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews.”
On the floor is a Red Cross upon which the postulant candidate kneels. Their superior hands him a mall black crucifix which he takes in his left-hand and presses to his heart and the Superior at the same time presents him a dagger which he grasps by the blade and he holds the point against his heart…

The description of the Jesuit Oath can be found here
Loyola & The Illuminati
Rivera reveals Loyola was involved with the Occult group known as the “Alumbrados” which means “Enlightened” in English or in Latin “Illuminati”.
Rivera claimed “Once Ignatius de Loyola” came into power in the Vatican, he placed his Occult organisation, “The Illuminati” under the umbrella of Roman Catholic Institution. The Illuminati secretly became the most important branch of the Jesuit order.
Loyola came to control the Illuminati before founding the Jesuit order. The Illuminati secretly became the most important branch of the Jesuit order. Modern day Jesuits also remained inextricably rooted in the occult – and allied to and at the service of the Church of Rome.
Prior to their suppression in 1773, the Jesuits were preaching revolution, sponsoring unrest and nurturing elements, dedicated to the overthrow of the monarchical establishment.
The great revolutionaries and socialist philosophers of France eg: Robespierre, Voltaire and Rousseau, were also prominent Freemasons.
Many of the Jesuits were linked to the communist and revolutionary Freemasonry movement in Europe. Many Jesuits declared war against the Church Of Rome, and religion itself after following the orders suppression.
Once the cover of the Jesuits was removed , their Masonic and revolutionary colours were shown. One such departure from the Jesuits in 1776 was Weishaupt , who we must now consider in more detail, as he may justifiably be regarded as the father of revolutionary communism.
Weishaupt was a professor at the Jesuit University of Ingolstadt (Jesuit stronghold in Bavaria) It is disputed by “Still” that he was actually a Jesuit, however Rivera is clear that Weishaupt was a true member of the Jesuits.
Weishaupt followed the communist teachings of Rousseau, and like Rousseau he was a Freemason. In 1771 he was indoctrinated in the Egyptian Occult.
Weishaupt formed a group called the “Illuminati” in 1776, which was an Occult society linked to Freemasonry. His aim was to use a facade of Christianity to attract many well-intentioned, influential people into his ranks.
Professing Christians within the lower levels of the Illuminati were taught that the Illuminati were working for Christian unity throughout the world. However, Weishaupt and a select few were in reality hatching a satanic plot to bring in his own version of the Occult New World Order, with a “Return to Nature” and the establishment of “reason” as man’s religion. In practice, it meant a dictatorship led by Weishaupt and his Brethren.
All of this was to be achieved by the destruction of existing society, government, monarchies and religion by means of revolution and a state of anarchy. Only the highest initiates of the Illuminati knew these objectives.
Rivera claims that Weishaupt was a Jesuit all along, and that the apparent severing of connections with the Jesuits was a ploy. He also goes on to state: that the name of Weishaupt’s apparently new society , was the same as that which Loyola had belonged to and had placed under the cover of the Jesuits.
Loyola & The Occult
Loyola was born “Don Inigo Lopez de Recalde” in 1491 in the castle Loyola in the Basque region of Spain, he later Laternized his name to “Ignatius Loyola”
Loyola received revelations in a cave and the Jesuits were originally instituted in a Mass celebrated underground. This follows the example of the rites of The Mysteries, which were frequently celebrated underground in honour of the Beast from out of the earth (Revelation 13. 11) notice the similarity with Muhammad, who likewise received revelations in a cave.
The worship of the Church Of Rome was largely that of Babylon, but with the facade of Christianity. The teaching of Loyola and his Jesuits bore all the hallmarks of the religion of Babylon, but it was a more deeply Occultic form than that officially accepted by The Church Of Rome at the time. Nevertheless, sections of the Church Of Rome believed the extremes of the worship of Mary, the sacred heart and papal infallibility. Thus there was an underlying affinity between many deeply immersed in the Church Of Rome and Loyola’s teaching; Unity lay in the principles of the Mysteries Of Babylon.
The converted Jesuit Rivera, reveals that Loyola was also more than just a zealous fanatic of the Church Of Rome, he was involved in the Occult group called the “Alumbrados” or the “Enlightened” or “illumination” of mankind.
The Spiritual Exercises
The form of teaching Layola claimed was revealed to him was called the “Spiritual Exercises”. These were intended to bring one to spiritual perfection. Rivera states “through systematic meditation, prayer , contemplation, visualization, and illumination, Loyola would go into a trance and ecstasy. He was even reported to have been seen levitating off the floor, as have many Jesuits completely under satanic power. This was to build his elite Jesuit Order to follow him in blind obedience. Loyola built his concepts from Ancient Greece, from the Occult and from sciences. He wanted his priests to become the Intelligentsia of the Roman Catholic religious orders.
The candidate who went through the “Exercises” was guided by a “Director” who taught that “All the senses were to be employed in these meditations, until finally the mind of the candidate is broken and like that of a horse to obey it’s master in all things.
A quote from an old French writer on the Jesuits “Not only visions are prearranged but also sighs, inhalings, breathing are noted down, the pauses and intervals of silence are written down like on a music sheet…which means that the man , being inspired or not , becomes just as a machine, which must sigh, sob, groan, cry, shout or catch one’s breath at the exact moment and in the order which experience shows to be the most profitable…He (Loyola) only needed just thirty days to break, with this method, the will and reasoning……..while the inquisition dislocated the body, the Spiritual Exercises broke up the thoughts under Loyola’s machine.
The Jesuits once moulded by the “Spiritual Exercises” and further training , were to obey their superiors absolutely. The following quotations are from the Constitutions of The Jesuits provided by Wylie;
“The Jesuit must give Instant compliance they are taught to immolate (sacrifice) their will as sheep is sacrificed” they are “directed under Divine Providence by their superiors just as if they were a corpse, which allows itself to be moved and handled in any way”
Similarities Between The Illuminati & The Jesuits
- The underlying principle of Weishaupt’s Illuminati was identical to the Jesuits: namely “The ends justify the means” , They believed that violent revolution and destruction of lives, property and society itself was justified if it bought in the new model society
- The Illuminati followed the Jesuit practice of infiltration . Weishaupt secretly placed members of the Illuminati within the highest levels of financial and government circles within Europe.
It is important to note that the Illuminati was formed by Weishaupt shortly after the suppression of the Jesuits, and that Jesuits were amongst his recruits. Therefore, the conclusion is , Weishaupt’s Illuminati represented a means of continuing the Occult plan, which had faltered when the Jesuit Order fell in 1773.
So you see, when one tyrannical oppressive force is taken down, another rises in it’s place.
French Revolution
Weishaupt’s Illuminati gained ground after it’s formation in 1776. This is not surprising , given the connections with such powerful groups such as the Jesuits and European Freemasons.
The Illuminati first gained the support of the German Freemasonry lodges, from which it spread it’s influence wider, especially into France.
Weishaupt’s first revolutionary strategy and first target was the destruction of the French Monarchy. It was the French government that was largely instrumental in the suppression of the Jesuits. Once again, we see a connection between the revenge of the Jesuits and the actions of the Illuminati in plotting the French Revolution.
The Illuminati and European Freemasonry in 1782 were officially united. From this point, Illuminised Freemasonry moved to Frankfurt, which was a great financial centre in Germany, and became closely linked with leading financiers.
This union with Freemasonry was to prove crucial to the survival of the plot, because subsequently the state of Bavaria learnt of the true nature of Weishaupt’s activities.
In 1786 the Bavarian authorities raided the houses of leading Illuminati and captured many incriminating documents, although Weishaupt himself escaped.
They banned the order and sent out a warning about the revolutionary plot to the other nations of Europe. Tragically, the warning of Bavaria was ignored. The Illuminati had already merged with Freemasonry , and had spread its evil in financial circles and influential government positions throughout Europe. Within a few years the blood bath and anarchy of the French Revolution was unleased.
Despite the aim of creating a new model society out of the ruins of France, which then would spread the revolution abroad, the devastating effect on French Society and the economy meant that the revolution effectively burned itself out.
Out of the ruins however rose Napoleon (also a Freemason) who led France and Europe towards a new order which followed the pattern of the Roman Empire. he allowed the re-building of the Church Of Rome within France, although he would not allow it to exert power over the civil government.
The lasting motto of the French Revolution is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” this is of Masonic origin, The Occult notion of “Liberty” is one of freedom from all moral constraints. In the Mysteries the title given to Dionysus was “Eleuthereus” and to Bacchus was given the title “Liber”. These come from the Greek and Latin respectively, but both words mean “Free” in English.
Another symbol of the French Revolution adopted ever since by Socialists and Communists, was the red flag. Red is the colour of special significance in the Babylonian Mysteries, symbolising Blood and Fire.
Occult & Socialist Revolution
The Freemasonry and Jesuits re-appear with alarming regularity in the 20th century. Groups who both have a common connection to the Mysteries. which could either give rise to rivalry or to a mutual alliance.
The Freemasonry Group known as the “Carbonari” in the 19th century in Italy were the back-bone behind the many revolutions and the struggle for Italian Unity, Some of those involved in Freemasonry, such as Garibaldi made a profession of Christianity, and wished to see the excessive power of the Vatican curtailed, rather than have the wanton destruction of the French revolution repeated in Italy.
However, behind the Carbonari and Italian Freemasonry was the sinister figure of Mazzini. He is more widely known in history for his continual struggle for revolution in Italy. however, it is less well known that he was the head of Illuminised Freemasonry in Italy.
Mazzini followed in the path of Weishaupt, on one hand he attracted professing Christians by using the facade of Christianity, but in secret he was espousing what we would now call, revolutionary Marxism.
The connection with Karl Marx is no coincidence, for both Marx and Mazzini were fellow Freemasons. They worked together to ensure the Socialist labour organisation “The Internationale” was controlled by Illuminised Freemasonry.
Picture below – Karl Marx

There is evidence that Marx was led into Communism through being initiated into Satanism and Illuminised Freemasonry. Like Weishaupt he had a great deal of hatred of God and all religion. Socialist revolution was only a means to that end.
We see here that atheism and satanism are found to be companions. It is also extraordinary to find Rivera claiming that “Marx and Engels” who wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 1800′s were actually coached and directed by Jesuit priests.
On its own this statement is unbelievable, but will we see further evidence of the mutual interconnections between the Jesuits, Communism and Freemasonry. However like most evil men, their alliances often break down and they try to devour each other to gain the supremacy.
Ku Klux Klan

A peculiar coincidence is seen with the occult society called the “Ku Klux Klan” which was formed by confederate Army Officers after their defeat in the American Civil War.
The Ku Klux Klan protested against the the freeing of Black slaves by the unionist forces of Abraham Lincoln, ever since it has been involved in racist attacks and propaganda, being closely linked to Nazism.
The Ku Klux Klan is of Masonic origin, and is an open opponent of the Church Of Rome. However, Rivera states that the Ku Klux Klan was formed by the Jesuits. Its main aim being to discredit Protestants, by preaching racial hatred and violence whilst calling itself a Protestant organisation.
It is curious to note that not only did the Vatican support the Confederacy, but so did Masonic elements, including the leading American Occultist and Freemason, Albert Pike.
The symbolism of the Ku Klux Klan is also striking. The group has the fire-cross symbol as it’s symbol, but this is a potent symbol of the god “Tammuz” the supposed reincarnation of Nimrod.
It is most noteworthy that the Church Of Rome at this time in the 19th century used the fire-cross symbol in it’s Easter worship at St Peter’s in Rome. It was around Easter in 1865 that the Confederacy was defeated and Lincoln was murdered.
Therefore the adoption of the fire-cross by the Ku Klux Klan is both a symbol of Romanism and Freemasonry. Even the name Ku Klux Klan is highly significant, for it is derived from the Greek word “Kuklos” which means a “circle”. The circle is a Mystery symbol for the Sun=god, which is widely used in the Church Of Rome, Freemasonry and Witchcraft.
Now that some of the history of The Mysteries has been examined the next topic will be as follows;
Globalism & The Bilderberg group
Leading figures in France, Germany and other European states were not alone in their plans for a united Europe after the Second World War. Crucial backing for this came from the USA.
The new Europe is the secretive Bilderberg Group. It was instrumental in bringing about the Treaty of Rome in 1957, which led to the creation of the European Economic Community, (EEC), later to be known as the European Union. The attendance list of Bilderberg meetings carry the names of Illuminised Freemasonry placed alongside politicians, trade unionists, and industrialists from Britain, Europe and the USA.
The Bilderberg Group was officially formed in the Netherlands in 1954 by Prince Bernhard, who was a former Nazi. However a central figure behind the scenes was the Polish born Joseph Retinger, who had long been involved in intrigues to create a unified Europe.
Atkinson and McWhirter provide a telling description of Retinger “At various times he was rumoured to have been an agent of bodies as various as the Socialist Internationale, the Freemasons, the Vatican and the Government of Mexico. Retinger was a compulsive intriguer and a behind-the-scenes political Wheeler-Dealer”
In a later pamphlet , Atkinson states that Retinger was a Jesuit. From what is seen earlier in this article it is no surprise that Retinger should have been involved in such organisations, as each have a common basis in the Babylonian Mysteries and the Occult.
In his exposure of Illuminised Freemasonry and The New Age Movement, Kah explains that the Bilderberg Group is a branch of Illuminised Freemasonry and sister organisation of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). The Bilderberg Group has the task of implementing the New World Order in Europe, as part of the creation of a One-World Government.
Above the Bilderberg Group is a more select and powerful group formed in 1968, called “The Club Of Rome”. According to Kah, The Club Of Rome “Has been charged with the task of overseeing the regionalization and unification of the entire world” It involves key figures behind the Occult and the New Age Movement. The Club Of Rome has divided the world into ten regions, of which Europe is one.
Britain Ensnared In The European Union
Many Post-War supporters of the European Movement in Britain also have interesting connections. Atkinson shows that before the Second World War, many of these people were involved in the appeasement of Hitler, and in many ways sympathised with Fascism. They were consistent supporters of the principles of One-World Government with links to the CFR and a sister organisation in London, The Royal Institute Of International Affairs.
After several unsuccessful attempts by British Politicians, Britain finally joined the EEC in 1972. The British public was deceived as to the true nature of the EEC. Politicians gained the support of a majority of the public by claiming that the EEC was only a trading alliance. However, the leading Pro-Europeans knew it was not, and the deception succeeded. Step by step Britain has been drawn into that ever closed Union , which the Treaty Of Rome calls for.
A trading alliance has grown into an organisation that dictates to the British Parliament. A crucial step in this process was the Maastricht Treaty. This has overturned British Democracy and the Nation’s Protestant constitution, which has been the bulwark of political and religious freedom. Parliament must now enact laws as demanded by Europe.
Please see my article Treaty To Allow EU To Set UK Laws
The Fourth Reich
Parallels Between The European Union & The Third Reich
Atikinson and McWhirter identify that the overall policies of the European Union to create a collectivist European State, with a single economy and currency, are similar to the Nazi plan of 1942 for a united Europe under the control of Germany. Even the Nazi’s name of ‘European Economic Community” has been retained.
The fall of Communist in Eastern Europe has brought the unification of Germany and the rapid extension eastwards of the EU and NATO. The unified Germany became the dominant force in Central Europe, revealing a disturbing parallel with the growth of the Third Reich. Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the former being closely associated with Germany.
A more serious development was the disintegration of Yugoslavia, with Germany giving strong support to Croatian and Bosnian independence. The new Croatian State, just as in 1941, declared the minority Serbs as aliens. The new Croatian flag resembled that of the Ustashi flag of the 1940′s; the Jesuit war criminal, Archbishop Stepinac had been honored as a national hero and “beatified” by the Pope. The Islamic Bosnian state allied with Croatia had disturbing parallels with the alliance between the Croat Fascists and the Bosnian Muslims in the genocide of Serbs between 1941 and 1945.
Under Hitler’s Third Reich the conquered nations’ gold was confiscated by Germany. Now under the Single Currency nations’ gold reserves are transferred to the European Central Bank based in Frankfurt. Under the Maastricht treaty, national independence has been virtually abolished in favour of a European superstate, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Hitler’s Third Reich.

There is a rhythm of global dominance. No country remains the first player forever. Maybe this American hour will not last. And who will be the next leading player? Maybe next will be China. But more probably, before China, will be the united Europe. Europe’s time is almost here. In fact there are many areas of world affairs where the objective conclusion would have to be that that Europe is already the superpower, and the United States must follow our lead.” — European Commission President Romano Prodi in a 2003 speech
Symbols Of Rome & The Mysteries
The symbolism of the European Union reveals a shocking connection to the Holy Roman Empire (Reich), the Vatican and the Mysteries.

Hilton explains the Romanist origin of the flag of the European Union, the circle of 12 stars on a blue background. “The design of the European flag was inspired by the halo of 12 stars around the pictures of the Madonna, see picture below.

The European Parliament building was recently constructed using a model of a painting done in 1563 of the Tower of Babel, by Pieter Brueghel. During construction of the new parliament building, a poster was issued by the EU, showing the tower of Babel and carrying the slogan: “Many tongues, one voice.” A crane in the background was shown rebuilding the ancient tower of Babel.
The poster issued by the EU on the building site is shown below on the right next to the depiction of the tower of Babel from Biblical texts.

The Parliament Building is shown below.

And the inside of the building here, the seating arranged in a star shaped sun symbol.

In 1984 the elections to the European Parliament were marked in Britain by a set of stamps with two designs. The first shows an indecently dressed woman riding a beast or bull led by a winged boy, which was riding over seven hills, or waves of the sea. An explanation of this is found in Hislop, who refers to the pagan legend of the goddess Europa, who Jupiter led away in the form of a bull.

The second design on these stamps was a bridge, with the word “Europa”. According to the European Union the bridge symbolises communication among the people of Europe and the rest of the world.

Various designs of bridges also appear on Euro Bank Notes

However one cannot help but observe that the latin word “Pontifex” meaning “Pontiff” or “High Priest” , comes from the two Latin words “Pons” (Bridge) and “Facio” (Make). Therefore , “Pontifex” literally means the “Bridge Maker” . This symbolises the hand of the Pope behind the European Union.
Another EU government building in France features a mural of a naked woman riding a beast. Likewise, the new Brussels headquarters of the Council of Europe contains a bronze statue of a woman riding a beast, and the beast is depicted riding on waves, just as in Revelation 17.

prominently displayed on the Council Of Europe stained-glass window is the halo with 12 stars around the Madonna in Strasbourg Cathedral. The window was unveiled to the world on 11th December 1955. This date is close to the Romanist feast of the Immaculate Conception. However , it is also a strange coincidence that 11th December is the saint’s day of “St Damascus” who was the Bishop Of Rome that first took the title of Pontifex Maximus, thereby becoming head of The Mysteries.
A photograph of this stained- glass window is reproduced on the front cover of Adrian Hiltons book…

This shows Mary dressed in blue with a halo of 12 stars holding the Reich Crown, the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, over a map of Europe. This is a most potent symbol, which shows that the European Union represents the re-birth of the Holy Roman Empire, and demonstrates the aim of uniting the nations of Europe under the rule of papacy. It is no coincidence that the fundamental treaty of the European Union is the Treaty Of Rome.
The Church of Rome claims that Mary with the halo of 12 stars , reigning as the Supposed Queen of Heaven, is the woman with “A crown of 12 stars” spoken of by the Apostle Paul in Revelation 12. 1. However, numerous Protestant commentators show that the woman does not represent Mary the mother of Christ, but is symbolic of the true Church Of Christ. It is in contrast to the harlot riding the beast in Revelation 17, which represents the false church.
The European flag is not only Romish, but is also symbolic of the Occult. Let us first note that each star is five-pointed which is symbolic of Lucifer. Moreover they are twelve in number forming a circle, which represents the Babylonian Zodiac. The circle or halo itself represents the sun god, and is the mystery symbol of Tammuz, the deified Nimrod. The number 12 is also highly significant in many aspects of the Occult. Being a solemn perversion of the Biblical twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles.

The sun and zodiac circle at the entrance to a financial building in the city of London,
near St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the Brotherhood Spider’s Web.

Tammuz (Nimrod) shown below

As well as the flag , the European Union has an anthem. This is the prelude to the “Ode To Joy” in the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th (Choral) symphony. Officially, the adopted anthem has no words. However, the German words of “Ode To Joy” written by schiller, with which the anthem is associated should be carefully considered. The English Translation is as follows:
Praise to Joy, The god descended,
Daugher of Elysium,
Ray of mirth and rapture blended
Goddess, to thy shrine we come.
By thy magic is united
What stern custom parted wide
All mankind are brothers plighted
Where thy gentle wings abide.
“Elysium” is the heaven of the Greek mythology ie: “The Mysteries” Therefore the “Ode To Joy” is in praise of the god of The Mysteries. It is a call for the union of mankind in the New World Order of the Occult.
Persecution Ahead
If Britain remains part of the European Union which I believe it will, the hand of Repression and persecution will sooner or later descend on the true churches of Christ. The Maastricht Treaty classifies the British people as European Citizens. However, the duties of a European Citizen are not defined, but would ultimately be decided by the European Court, which is a political court commited to the concept of the European Union.
The European Union if fully implemented would curtail the right to trail by jury, introduce detention without trial, and undermine the presumption of innocence until proven guilty on a scale not seen before.
This system is based upon the Napoleonic system of justice , which was itself derived from the Inquisition. There is also a pronounced trend in Europe towards only permitting religious freedom for state-approved denominations. Those that remain outside the mainstream Ecumenical Movement will find themselves classified as “Sects” against whom the police will have special investigatory powers.
The admission of rest of Middle East to EU= REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE
Europe has aspirations more lofty than most commentators give them credit for. They are not satisfied with a common currency and new constitution. Their ultimate desire is to replace the U.S. as the world’s main superpower. The conclusion is that we will witness a conglomeration of the Middle East and the EU, just like the ancient Roman empire.
This combined system of both East and West, in my opinion, will be the kingdom that will usher in the Antichrist. We are already getting glimpses of this future arrangement in the headlines.
What does all this mean? As you can see, the stage is being set for the emergence of:

• a global political system (one-world government)
• a global economic system (a single currency)
• a global religious system
As the world gets smaller through the effects of globalization, it will become painstakingly obvious that a single world government will be necessary.
Our global financial markets have become extremely interdependent while our political systems have been much slower in integrating. As currency fluctuations continue to wreak havoc on world currency markets, it is not hard to envision the need for a one-world economy with a single currency. And as mankind sees that religion has led man to war for millennia, it will become necessary for a one-world religion to end religious infighting.
In summation, the key geo-political event to watch for is a future alliance between the Middle East and the European Union. It is my opinion that this conglomerate of nations, similar to the ancient Roman empire, will be the kingdom that will produce the Antichrist.
European Union
The European Union has publicly stated it’s desire to be a major international economic and political player on par with, if not greater, than the United States.
The European Union’s political growth and economic credibility has developed with unprecedented momentum.
Although the modern spiritual climate in most of Europe is lukewarm towards evangelical Christianity, traces of Biblical themes and overtures are woven throughout Europe’s institutions.
Written & Researched By Mizzie Jones



College of Jesuits in Paris, where James II, after his flight from England, in 1688, resided until his removal to St. Germain.
During his residence there, he is said to have sought the establishment of a system of Freemasonry, the object of which should be the restoration of the House of Stuart to the throne of England. Relics of this attempted system are still to be found in many of the advanced Degrees, and the Chapter of Clermont, subsequently organized in Paris, appears to have had some reference to it.
In the eighteenth century the Jesuits were charged with having an intimate connection with Freemasonry, and the invention of the Degree of Kadosh was even attributed to those members of the Society who constituted the College of Clermont. This theory of a Jesuitical Freemasonry seems to have originated with the Illuminati, who were probably governed in its promulgation by a desire to depreciate the character of all other Masonic systems in comparison with their own, where no such priestly interference was permitted. Barruel scoffs at the idea of such a connection, and cans it (Histoire de Jacobinisme iv, page 287) “la fable de la Franc-Maçonnerie Jésuitique” meaning an invention of false or Jesuitical Freemasonry. For once he is right. Like oil and water the tolerance of Freemasonry and the intolerance of the “Society of Jesus” cannot commingle. Yet it cannot be denied that, while the Jesuits have had no part in the construction of pure Freemasonry, there are reasons for believing that they took an interest in the invention of some Degrees and systems which were intended to advance their own interests. But wherever they touched the Institution they left the trail of the serpent.
They sought to convert its pure philanthropy and toleration into political intrigue and religious bigotry. Hence it is believed that they had something to do with the invention of those Degrees, which were intended to aid the exiled house of Stuart in its efforts to regain the English throne, because they believed that would secure the restoration in England of the Roman Catholic religion. Almost a library of books has been written on both sides of this subject in Germany and in France.
In 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established a Chapter of the advanced Degrees at Paris, in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, hence called the Chapter of Clermont. The system of Freemasonry he there practiced received the name of the Rite of Perfection, or Rite of Heredom. The College of Clermont was, says Rebold (History of Three Grand Lodges, page 46) the asylum of the adherents of the House of Stuart, and hence the Rite is to some extent tinctured with Stuart Freemasonry It consisted of twenty-five Degrees as follows:
1. Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master
4. Secret Master
5. Perfect Master
6. Intimate Secretary
7. Intendant of the Building
8. Provost and Judge
9. Elect of Nine
10. Elect of Fifteen
11. Illustrious Elect, Chief of the Twelve Tribes
12. Grand Master Architect
13- Royal Arch
14. Grand, Elect, Ancient, Perfect Master
15. Knight of the Sword
16. Prince of Jerusalem
17. Knight of the East and West
18. Rose Croix Knight
19. Grand Pontiff
20. Grand Patriarch
21. Grand Master of the Key of Freemasonry
22. Prince of Libanus
23. Sovereign Prince Adept Chief of the Grand Consistory
24. Illustrious Knight Commander of the Black and White Eagle
25. Most Illustrious Sovereign Prince of Freemasonry, Grand Knight, Sublime Commander of the Royal Secret.

It will be seen that the Degrees of this Rite are the same as those of the Council of Emperors of the East and West, which was established four years later, and to which the Chapter of Clermont gave way. Of course, they are the same, so far as they go, as those of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite which succeeded the Council of Emperors. The distinguishing principle of this Rite is, that Freemasonry was derived from Templarism, and that consequently every Freemason was a Knight Templar. It was there that the Baron von Hund was initiated, and from it, through him, proceeded the Rite of Strict Observance; although he discarded the Degrees and retained only the Templar theory.

There is also a curious comparison of Masonic forms and customs with those of the Jesuits in Les Jesuits Chassés de la MaMonnerie et leur Poignard brisé par les Masons, 1788, and in this connection one notes with attention the reference in Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits, Rev. Thomas Hughes, S. J. (chapter iv, page 232), the repeated reference to the Lion’s Paw, “The paw shows the lion,” “You can tell a lion by his paw,” “Ex ungue leonem,” etc., in a discourse are somewhat suggestive, but the other work is much more elaborate and detailed.
Some authorities call this the Ancient and Accepted Rite, but as the Latin Constitutions of the Order designate it as the Antiquus Scoticus Ritus Acceptus, or the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, that title has now been very generally adopted as the correct name of the Rite.
Although one of the youngest of the Masonic Rites, having been established not earlier than the year 1801, it is at this day most popular and the most extensively diffused. Supreme Councils or governing Bodies of the Rite are to be found in almost every civilized country of the world, and in many of them it is the only Masonic Obedience. The history of its organization is briefly this: In 1758, a Body was organized at Paris called the Council of Emperors of the East and West. This Council organized a Rite called the Rite of Perfection, which consisted of twenty-five Degrees, the highest of which was Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.
In 1761, this Council granted a Patent or Deputation to Stephen Morin, authorizing him to propagate the Rite in the Western Continent, whither he was about to repair. In the same year, Morin arrived at the City of Santo Domingo, where he commenced the dissemination of the Rite, and appointed many Inspectors, both for the West Indies and for the United States. Among others, he conferred the Degrees on Moses M. Hayes, with a power of appoint ing others when necessary. Hayes accordingly appointed Isaac Da Costa Deputy Inspector-General for South Carolina, who in 1783 introduced the Rite into that State by the establishment of a Grand Lodge of Perfection in Charleston. Other Inspectors were subsequently appointed, and in 1801 a Supreme Council lvas opened in Charleston by John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho.
There is abundant evidence in the Archives of the Supreme Council that up to that time the twenty-five Degrees of the Rite of Perfection were alone recognized. But suddenly, with the organization of the Supreme Council, there arose a new Rite, fabricated by the adoption of eight more of the continental advanced Degrees, so as to make the Thirty-third and not the Twenty-fifth Degree the summit of the Rite.
The Rite consists of thirty-three Degrees, which are divided into six sections, each section being under an appropriate Jurisdiction, and are as follows:
1. Entered Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master Mason

These are sometimes called the Blue or Symbolic Degrees. They are not conferred by the Scottish Rite in England, Scotland, Ireland, or in the United States because the Supreme Councils refrain from exercising jurisdiction through respect to the older authority in those countries of the York and American Rite.
4. Secret Master
5. Perfect Master
6. Intimate Seeretary
7. Provost and Judge
8. Intendant of the Building
9. Elu, or Elected Knight, of the Nine
10. Illustrious Elect, or Elu, of the Fifteen
11. Sublime Knight Elect, or Elu, of the Twelve
12. Grand Master Architect
13. Knight of the Ninth Areh, or Royal Arch of Solomon
14. Grand Elect, Perfeet and Sublime Mason or

15. Knight of the East
16. Prince of Jerusalem
17. Knight of the East and West
18. Prince Rose Croix

19. Grand Pontiff
20. Grand Master of Symbolic Lodges
21. Noachite, or Prussian Knight
22. Knight of the Royal Ax, or Prince of
23. Chief of the Tabernacle
24. Prince of the Tabernacle
25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent
26. Prince of Mercy
27. Knight Commander of the Temple
28. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
29. Grand Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew
30. Knight Kadosh

31. Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32. Sublime Princo of the Roya1 Secrets VI
33. Sovereign Grand Inspector-General

The classification of the above Degrees is as they are arranged in the Southern Jurisdiction. In the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction the Consistory grades begin at Grand Pontiff, the nineteenth, and include the thirty-second, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, and the Council of Princes of Jerusalem governs the fifteenth and sixteenth grades Several of the titles of the Degrees vary in their use by the Supreme Councils but the above table covers most of these variations. The Southern Jurisdiction for example omits the word Grand from the names of the twelfth, fourteenth, nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-ninth grades, and also uses Elu instead of the other designations, omits Commander from the thirty-first, and specifies Master in the thirty-second.
A full account of the Rite is in Doctor Mackey’s revised History of Freemasonry but numerous details under individual headings are in the present work (see Educational Foundalions).
This title is given by Masonic historians to that system of Freemasonry Which is supposed to have been invented by the adherents of the exiled House of Stuart for the purpose of being used as a political means of restoring, first, James II, and afterward his son and grandson, James and Charles Edward, respectively known in history as the Chevalier Saint George and the Young Pretender. Most of the conclusions to which Masonic writers have arrived on the subject of this connection of the Stuarts with the advanced Degrees of Freemasonry are based on conjecture; but in the opinion of Doctor Mackey there is sufficient internal evidence in the character of some of these Degrees, as well as in the known history of their organization, to establish the fact that such a connection did actually exist.
The first efforts to create a Masonic influence in behalf of his family is attributed to James II, who had abdicated the throne of England in 1688. Of him, Noorthouck says (Constitutions, 1784, page 192), that he was not “a Brother Mason,” and sneeringly adds, in his index, that “he might have been a better King had he been a Mason.” But Lenning says that after his flight to France, and during his residence at the Jesuit College of Clermont, where he remained for some time, his adherents, among whom were the Jesuits, fabricated certain Degrees with the ulterior design of carrying out their political views. At a later period these Degrees were, he says, incorporated into French Freemasonry under the name of the Clermont System, in reference to their original construction at that place. Gädicke had also said that many Scotchmen followed him, and thus introduced Freemasonry into France. But this opinion is only worthy of citation because it proves that such an opinion was current among the German scholars of the eighteenth century.
On his death, which took place at the Palace of St. Germain en Laye in 1701, he was succeeded in his claims to the British throne by his son, who was recognized by Louis XIV, of France, under the title of James III, but who is better known as the Chevalier Saint George, or the Old Pretender. The word Pretender here should be given the understanding of claimant. He also sought, says Lenning, to find in the high Degrees of Freemasonry a support for his political views, but, as he remarks, with no better results than those which had attended the attempts of his father.
His son, Prince Charles Edward, who was commonly called by the English the Young Pretender, took a more active part than either his father or grandfather in the pursuits of Freemasonry; and there is abundant historical evidence that he was not only a Freemason, but that he held high office in the Order, and was for a time zealously engaged in its propagation; always, however, it is supposed, with political views.

In 1745 he invaded Scotland, with a view to regain the lost throne of his ancestors, and met for some time with more than partial success. On September 24, 1745, he was admitted into the Order of Knights’ Templar, and was elected Grand Master, an office which it is said that he held until his death. On his return to France after his ill-fated expedition, the Prince is said to have established at the City of Arras, on April 151 1747, a Rose Croix Chapter under the title of Scottish Jacobite Chapter. In the Patent for this Chapter he styles himself “King of England, France, Scotland, and Ireland, and, as such, Substitute Grand Master of the Chapter of Herodem, known under the title of Knight of the Eagle and Peliean, and since our misfortunes and disasters under that of Rose Croix.”
In 1748, the Rite of the Veille-Bru, or Faithful Scottish Masons, was created at Toulouse in grateful remembrance of the reception given by the Freemasons of that Orient to Sir Samuel Lockhart, the Aide-de-camp of the Pretender. Ragan says (Orthodoxie Maçonnique, page 122), in a note to this statement, the “favorites who accompanied this prince into France were in the habit of selling to speculators Charters for Mother Lodges, Patents for Chapters, etc. These titles were their property, and they did not fail to make use of them as a means of livelihood.” Ragon says (Thuileur General, page 367), that the degrees of Irish Master, Perfect Irish Master, and Puissant Irish Master were invented in France, in 1747, by the favorites of Charles Edward Stuart and sold to the partisans of that Prince. One Degree was openly called the Scottish Master of the Sacree Vault of James VI, as if to indicate its Stuart character. The Degree still exists as the Thirteenth of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, but it has been shorn of its political pretensions and its title changed.
Findell has given in his History of Freemasonry (English translation, page 209), a very calm and impartial account of the rise of this Stuart Freemasonry. He says: “Ever since the banishment of the Stuarts from England in 1688, secret alliances had been kept up between Rome and Scotland; for to the former place the Pretender James Stuart had retired in l719, and his son Charles Edward was born there in 1720; and these communications became the more intimate, the higher the hopes of the Pretender rose. The Jesuits played a very important part in these conferences. Regarding the reinstatement of the Stuarts and the extension of the power of the Roman church as identical, they sought, at that time, to make the society of Freemasons subservient to their ends. But to make use of the Fraternity to restore the exiled family to the throne could not possibly have been contemplated, as Freemasonry could hardly be said to exist in Scotland then.
Perhaps in 1724, when Ramsay was a year in Rome, or in 1728, when the Pretender in Parma kept up an intercourse with the restless Duke of Wharton, a Past Grand Master, this idea was first entertained; and then, when it was apparent how difficult it would be to corrupt the loyalty and fealty of Freemasonry in the Grand Lodge of Scotland, founded in 1736, this Scheme was set on foot, of assembling the faithful adherents of the banished royal family in the high Degrees! The soil which was best adapted for this innovation was France, where the low ebb to which Freemasonry had sunk had paved the way for all kinds of newfangled notions, and where the Lodges were composed of Scotch conspirators and accomplices of the Jesuits. When the path had thus been smoothed by the agency of these secret propagandists, Ramsay, at that time Grand Orator, an office unknown in England, by his speech completed the preliminaries necessary for the introduction of the high Degrees; their further development was left to the instrumentality of others, whose influence produced a result somewhat different from that originally intended. Their course we can now pursue, assisted by authentic historical information.
In 1752, Scottish Masonry, as it was denominated, penetrated into Germany, Berlin, prepared from a ritual very similar to one used in Lille in 1749 and 1750. In 1743, Thory tells us, the Masons in Lyons, under the name of the Petit Elu, or the Lesser Elect, invented the Degree of Kadosh, which represents the revenge of the Templars. The Order of Knights Templar had been abolished in 1311, and to that epoch they were obliged to have recourse when, after the banishment of several Knights from Malta in 1720 because they were Freemasons, it was not longer possible to keep up a connection with the Order of Saint John or Knights of Malta. then in the plenitude of their power under the sovereignty of the Pope. A pamphlet entitled Freemasonry Divested of all its Secrets published in Strasburg in 1745, contains the first glimpse of the Strict Observance, and demonstrates how much they expected the Brotherhood to contribute towards the expedition in favor of the Pretender. “
From what has been said, it is evident there was a strong belief that the exiled House of Stuart exercised an important part in the invention and extension of what has been called the High Masonry. The traces of the political system are seen at the present day in the internal organization of some of the advanced Degrees especially in the derivation and meaning of certain significant words. There is, indeed, abundant reason for believing that the substitute word of the Third Degree was changed by Ramsay, or some other fabricator of Degrees, to give it a reference to James II as “the son of the widow,” Queen Henrietta Maria. Further researches are needed to enable any author to Satisfactorily write all the details of this interesting episode in the history of Continental freemasonry . Documents are still wanting to elucidate certain intricate and, at present, apparently contradictory points.
In the Jacobite Lodge at Rome, by Brother William James Hughan, the author states (page 25): “Many statements have appeared from time to time respecting Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s connection with Freemasonry, documents being submitted to prove that he even held the highest possible rank in the craft; but so far as I have been able to discover, all such claims are of an apocryphal character. Some are most absurd, while others are directly opposed to the actual facts of the case.”
This may be supplemented by what Brother George W. Speth states on page 27 of the same work where he advises students, “to put no trust whatever in amounts connecting the Stuarts with Freemasonry. We have, too, in the Young Pretender’s own written and verbal statements that they are absolutely baseless, pure inventions.” However, as Brother Robert Freke Gould tells us, some “have affirmed, and with perhaps the greater share of reason, that the Prince was compelled by altered circumstances of his cause to repudiate any relations with Freemasonry,” and, of course, that gives another view of the matter, though it is curious that all through these years the tradition should have held its own with such remarkable tenacity.
The Rite of Perfection
In 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established a Chapter of the Advanced Degrees at Paris, in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, hence called the Chapter of Clermont. The system of Freemasonry he practiced received the name of the Rite of Perfection or Rite of Heredom. The College of Clermont was the asylum of the adherents of the House of Stuart, and hence the Rite is to some extent tinctured with Stuart Freemasonry.
It consisted of twenty-five Degrees as follows: 1. Apprentice; 2. Fellow Craft; 3. Master; 4. Secret Master; 5. Perfect Master; 6. Intimate Secretary; 7. Intendant of the Building; 8. Provost and Judge; 9. Elect of Nine; 10. Elect of Fifteen; 11. Illustrious Elect, Chief of the Twelve Tribes; 12. Grand Master Architect; 13. Royal Arch: 14. Grand, Elect, Ancient, Perfect Master; 15. Knight of the Sword; 16. Prince of Jerusalem; 17. Knight of the East and West; 18. Rose Croix Knight; 19. Grand Pontiff; 20. Grand Patriarch; 21. Grand Master of the Key of Freemasonry; 22. Prince of Libanus; 23. Sovereign Prince Adept Chief of the Grand Consistory; 24. Illustrious Knight Commander of the Black and White Eagle; 25. Most Illustrious Sovereign Prince of Freemasonry, Grand Knight, Sublime Commander of the Royal Secret.
It will be seen that the Degrees of this Rite are the same as those of the Council of Emperors of the East and West, which was established four years later, and to which the Chapter of Clermont gave way. Of course, they are the same, so far as they go, as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite which succeeded the Council of Emperors.
The distinguishing principle of this Rite is that Freemasonry was derived from Templarism and that, consequently, every Freemason was a Knight Templar. It was there that the Baron von Hund was initiated, and from it, and through him, proceeded the Rite of Strict Observance; although he discarded the Degrees and retained only the Templar theory.
Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry
Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedia
Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

Thanks to Oliver (Quintessenz) for  the following quotes. Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church ­ – collection of quotes‏:
* F. Tupper Saussy – “Rulers Of Evil” (pages 40-41, 58-59, 120-121):
“A subtle provision in Vox clamantis transferred most Templar estates to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, who took possession after King Philip’s death. In Germany and Austria, the Templars became ‘Rosicrucians’ and ‘Teutonic Knights.’ The Teutonic Knights grew strong in Mainz, birthplace of Gutenberg’s press. Six centuries later, as the ‘Teutonic Order,’ the Knights would provide the nucleus of Adolf Hitler’s political support in Munich and Vienna.
The Edinburgh lodge would become the headquarters of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which Masonic historians call ‘American Freemasonry’ because all but five of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are said to have practiced its craft. In Spain andPortugal the Templars became the ‘Illuminati’ in whom Iñigo had taken membership at Manresa, and ‘Knights of Christ.’ It was under the red pattée cross of the Knights of Christ that Columbus had taken possession of what he called ‘las Indias’ for King Ferdinand V of Spain, grandfather of Iñigo’s discreet patron, Charles I and V, the Holy Roman Emperor.
As early as August of 1523, as I hypothesized in the previous chapter, this vast yet fragmented subterranean empire – Roman Catholicism’s unseen root-system binding together the world – belonged to Iñigo de Loyola. His spiritual dynasty, which continues to this day, would use this system to cause God-fearing men who hated the papacy to perform, without realizing it, exactly how the papacy wanted them to.”

“The Inquisition’s effect, of course, was to send the more resourceful of the ‘heretics, Protestants and Liberals’ who escaped torture or execution scurrying underground, or into the burgeoning world of commerce, or into regions where Protestant civil authorities kept Inquisitors at bay. Yearning for a less intrusive religious experience, they joined attractive philosophical fraternities where they could speak freely against Roman Catholicism. For this ostensible reason, these fraternities or cults or lodges operated in secrecy. In fact, they were the remnants of the Templar network – Rosicrucians, Teutonic Knights, the numerous and various rites of Freemasonry. Like the Templars and the Jesuits, they were religious hierarchies of strict obedience. They differed from the Jesuits, however, in that their pyramid culminated in an ultimate authority no brother could identify with certainty. The highest master of a Lodge received commandments from an ‘Unknown Superior,’ a Superior whose will the master’s whole struggle up the degrees had trained him to obey without question. What the masters never realized was that this mysterious personage, as we shall examine in more detail later, was in fact none other than the Black Pope.”
“Freemasonry was the natural, the reasonable, the only intelligent way for the Roman Catholic Church to control A: the ongoing affront of Protestantism; B: the increase in ‘divine right’ kings heading their own national churches independent of Vatican control; and C: the incredible explosion of international mercantilism. [...] The Jesuit General is the disembodied eye substituting for the pyramid’s missing capstone, the stone the builders rejected. [...] Both Freemasonry and the Society of Jesus are A: humanist religious orders; B: secretive; C: fraternal; D: socially conscientious and politically active – questing, like Aeneas, the prototypical Roman, for the greatest good for the greatest number; Both orders E: hold Tradition, Reason, and Experience in equal if not greater esteem than the Bible; F: employ carefully structured programs of gnostic visualization to achieve an ever-increasing knowledge of the divine; G: condone ‘the end justifies the means’; and H: require absolute obedience, secured by blood oath, to a hierarchy of superiors culminating in the Jesuit General, whose orders are so wisely suited to the recipient that they are obeyed as though willed by the recipient himself.”
* Anthony W. Ivins – “The Relationship of ‘Mormonism’ and Freemasonry”, 1934:
“Mathew Ramsey, a Scotch gentleman, and writer on the subject, believed that Freemasonry had its origin with the Knights Templar.
Between the date of its inception at Jerusalem, in 1118 and 1314, the Order of Knights Templars had become a powerful and wealthy organization. They recognized allegiance to no power above that Church, of which the Pope was the recognized head.”
* Letter of the Freemason/Theosophist Charles Sotheran to the New York Press Club, 11th of January 1877:
“It is curious to note too that most of the bodies which work these, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, the Order of the Temple, Fessler’s Rite, the ‘Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West — Sovereign Prince Masons,’ etc., etc., are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius Loyola. The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsay, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others who founded the grades in these rites, worked under instructions from the General of the Jesuits. The nest where these high degrees were hatched, and no Masonic rite is free from their baleful influence more or less, was the Jesuit College of Clermont at Paris.”
* Eric Jon Phelps – Spectrum magazine interview:

“It’s just like Freemasonry. The lower have no idea that the High Shriner Freemasons are working for the Jesuit General. They think that they’re just doing works and being good people. But the bottom line is that the high-level Freemasons are subject, also, to the Jesuit General because the Jesuit General, with Fredrick the Great, wrote the High Degrees, the last 8 Degrees, of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry when Fredrick protected them when they were suppressed by the Pope in 1773.
So, you have the alignment with the Jesuit Order and the most powerful Freemason they had in the craft, Fredrick the Great, during their suppression. That is an irrefutable conclusion. And then, when you see the Napoleonic Wars, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars carried out by Freemasonry, everything Napoleon did, and the Jacobins, whatever they did, completely benefited the Jesuit Order.”
* William Peterson – “Ask Me Another, Brother”:
“The Jesuits wrote the first 25 rites of Scottish Freemasonry in then College de Clermont in Paris in 1754”
“Chevalier de Bonneville formed a chapter of twenty-five Degrees of the so-called High-Degrees in the College of Jesuits of Clermont, in Paris in 1754. The adherents of the House of Stuart had made the college of Clermont their asylum, they being mostly Scotchmen. One of these Degrees being the ‘Scottish Master,’ the new body organized in Charleston, S.C., in 1801, gave the name of Scottish Rite to these Degrees, which name ever since that time has characterized the Rite all over the world.”
* James Parton (American Historian) – “The Life of Horace Greeley”, 1855:
“There are still old ladies, male and female, about the country, who will tell you, with grim gravity that, if you trace up Masonry, through all its Orders, till you come to the grand tip-top, head Mason of the World, you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus are one and the same person!”
* Heckethorn (English Historian) – “Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries”, 1900:
“There is considerable analogy between Masonic and Jesuitic degrees; and the Jesuits also tread down the shoe and bare the knee, because Ignatius Loyola thus presented himself at Rome and asked for the confirmation of the order.”
* John Daniel – “The Grand Design Exposed” (pages 170, 212-213, 302):
“This inner and invisible Freemasonry is international in extent, and it is within the Inner Circle that the Jesuits conceal themselves, work, and mastermind the projects that suit their goals.”
“Without exception, every chief actor in the French Revolution [1789-1799] was either Jesuit-educated, a Catholic prelate, or a member of the Illuminati Order where within the Jacobin Club they would come together to conspire and carry out the ‘Great Work’ – which in the open system of the Jacobins was the reflection of the complete hidden system of the Illuminati – and in back of the Illuminati were the hidden Jesuit ‘masters’.”
“The truth is that the Jesuits of Rome have perfected Freemasonry to be their most magnificent and effective tool, accomplishing their purposes among Protestants”.
* I. A. Sadler – “Mystery, Babylon the Great”, 2003 (pages 175-181):
“Freemasonry is another branch of the Babylonian Mysteries, which has survived under different names from the time of the fall of open pagan worship in the 5th century. … Freemasonry is just as ripe for manipulation by the Jesuits and the Church of Rome, that it may be used for the purposes of Rome, as any Protestant denomination. … In Britain and the USA, Freemasonry appears as a ‘Christian’ organization. However, this is a most dangerous pretense, for the true god of Freemasonry is Lucifer, who is Satan appearing as an angel of light. …Both Freemasonry and the Church of Rome [at their highest levels] worship the same god… Masonic ceremonies implicitly deny the sufficiency of Scripture. …[Freemasonry] is particularly strong in many Baptist churches in the USA… Those in the lower levels of Freemasonry know nothing about the higher and even more secretive degrees.”
* Alberto Rivera (Spanish ex-Jesuit) – “The Godfathers”, 1979:
“The higher I went in the Jesuit Order, the more corruption I saw within the institution. I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits [including Superior General Pedro Arrupe] in a monastery in the northern part of Spain. When I knelt to kiss the ring of a high official, I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold. It was a Masonic symbol [the compass and the square]! A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it… I found out the Jesuit General was also a Mason and a member of the Communist Party in Spain.”

And two sources in German [need to be translated]:
* Dieter Rüggeberg – “Geheimpolitik – Der Fahrplan zur Weltherrschaft”:
“Auch jene Erkenntnis, von der ich schon geschrieben habe, daß in den obersten Etagen der höchsten Logen und Orden die Unterschiede von Konfessionen und politischen Ansichten verschwinden, wird von ihm bestätigt: ‚Mögen sich auf den unteren Ebenen Freimaurerei und Jesuitismus und damit der Katholizismus noch so sehr bekämpfen, in ihren obersten Spitzen stimmen beide überein, mag das noch so abwegig erscheinen…. Nunmehr trat Kardinal Wojtyla als Papst Johannes Paul II. sein Amt in Rom an. Er erhielt von der gesamten freimaurerischen Weltpresse überschwengliche begeisterte Zustimmung und hob mit Wirkung des 27.11.1983 (Beginn des Kirchenjahres und 1. Advent) die im Codex luris Canonici weltweit ausgesprochene Exkommunikation der Freimaurer auf.’ [Heinz Pfeifer: "Brüder des Schattens”, S. 234,236]”
* Rudolf Steiner – “Die Tempelgrade und die goldene Legende”:
“Daher haben Sie sowohl im Jesuitismus wie im Freimaurertum eine Fortsetzung derselben Zeremonien bei den Einweihungen wie in den alten Strömungen. Die Einweihung der Kirche im Jesuitismus hat die vier Grade: coadjutores temporales, scholares, coadjutores spirituales, professi. Die Grade der Einweihung in der eigentlichen okkulten Freimaurerei sind ähnlich. Sie laufen einander parallel.”

* Dieter Rüggeberg – ” Secret politics – the timetable to the world domination”:
” Also that realization, from which I already wrote that in the highest floors of the highest Logen and medals the differences of denominations and political opinions disappear, from it confirmed: ‚Liking on the lower levels free bricklaying and Jesuitismus and thus the catholicism still so much to fight, in their highest points agree themselves both, may appear still so wrong…. Now cardinal Wojtyla began his office in Rome as a Pope Johannes Paul II. It received from the entire freimaurerischen world press effusive enthusiastic agreement and main header with effect 27.11.1983 (beginning of the church yearly and 1st Advent) the Exkommunikation of the freemasons expressed world-wide in the Codex luris Canonici up. ‘[Heinz Pfeifer: " Brothers of the shade”, P. 234.236]”
* Rudolf Steiner – ” The temple degrees and the golden legend”:
” Therefore you have both in the Jesuitismus and in the Freimaurertum a continuation of the same ceremonies with the inaugurations as in the old currents. The inauguration of the church in the Jesuitismus has the four degrees: coadjutores temp-oral, scholares, coadjutores spirituales, professi. The degrees of the inauguration in the actual okkulten free bricklaying are similar. They run each other parallel.”


  1. When will they re-institute the Inquisition and will they join with Islam to create a worldwide religion?

    1. 1/2 Islam is already under JESUIT-Illuminati control and it is killing the other half (Shia vs Sunni) that deviated out from from under their control. Understand that Islam was created by the Dominican order of the Vatican. The "House of Saud" & Wahhabists are all masonic. As is Ahmadinejad's leadership in Iran. They are desperate to take out the Ayatollah Khomeini, (him that they put into power in Carter's day), and install {The Antichrist} Mahdi (Islam's messiah-like figure).

      Understand the Arab spring is the prequel lining up to create the next caliphate after Israel is attacked either next year or the year after. 2014 or 2015 (blood moon tetrad on feast days, just like in 47/48 and 67/68) and the dome of the rock is destroyed so that the 3rd temple can be built by the Knight of the Temple Pope Francis Petrus Romanus who will inaugurate the Mahdi, that will deceive the Jews into thinking he is the promised messiah, and then breaks his peace accord and attacks Israel again.

      Even so, Return Quickly Adonai Yeshua!!! Maranatha