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By Naresh Gupta, Secretary, Jesuit Alumni/ae Associations of India
The Seventh World Congress of Jesuit Alumni/ae was held between 22-27 July 2009 at Bujumbura, Burundi: the land of 1001 hills in the heart of of Africa. It was the first ever Congress in the African continent. The St. Xavier’s College (Cal) Alumni Association Kolkata, represented by 6 members and led by the President Fr. Felix Raj was the largest amongst the Indian delegation of 20 members comprising 11 Alumni/ae (2 woman) & 9 Jesuit Fathers. The Indian delegation was the largest national delegation.
The 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus has focussed Africa and hence, the Congress was christened as “Hope” and the theme was “For a better Africa: What have we done ? What are we doing ? What should we do ?”
The Congress began with a Mass, followed by an inauguration by the Vice President of Burundi – a Jesuit Alumnus. Throughout the Congress experts and scholars discussed problems being faced by Africa and possible solutions on alleviating the same.
The Indian Federation was given a special slot to show case its projects & progress. Our National Secretary, Mr. Naresh Gupta, presented a power point presentation to highlight our achievements. Since there are no Universities in Great Lakes region, hence, Fr. Felix invited Africans to come to India for higher studies. They were also assured of scholarships.
On the 4th day Superior General Ref. Fr. Adolfo Nicholas, addressed the Congress. He also presided over the evening Mass and blessed every one.
The new governing council was elected on last day, which comprises 3 Indians: Conrad Gonsalves – Treasurer, Naresh Gupta & Ronald D’costa – Council members. Tom Bausch from USA is the new President.
The next congress will be held at Medellin, Colombia, Latin America in August 2013.                                                                                                                                                      the  mother of the world congress is the jesuit world congress and we are seeing the babylonian knights of rome establishing there new world order through , what is called,,  world congress wich is really just harlot daughters of the jesuit vatican global governance the tetra world congress is in dubai wich is being built up by the knights of malta and the templar jesuit order to be the banking headquarters of the future well its all about apps wich will really be a mobile forerunner cashless society after the euro and all markets crash  so we will use this technology to buy and sell conditioning us to recieve the mark of the beast .... thats what is taken the euro so long to crash this will be the replacement remember when you hear the name world congress it is an unholy alliance between rome and the rulers of the earth for instance the name in latin congress is of course a meeting place of politics but also it is a sexual union . the book of revelation is clear that the great whore commits fornication with the kings of the earth , the vatican has done that throughout history but know that these organisations . rising up called world congress is taken from the very name of the jesuit order the jesuits are coming out of the shadows now indicating its time for the beast to rise and take his kingdom wich is being given to him the jesuits are pioneers of the antichrist,,  remember brothers and sisters the antichrist will appear soon  the euro was designed to crash preparing the way for the beasts mark ..  this revelation and article  created by alan lamont..

TETRA World Congress 2012            The Global Financial Crisis: Increasing IMF Resources and the Role ...
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by JE Sanford - 2009 - Cited by 10 - Related articles
CRS Report for Congress. Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress. TheGlobal Financial Crisis: Increasing IMF. Resources and the Role of ...
Watch the video. The 14th annual TETRA World Congress 2012 will take place at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai.

The United Nations to hold a “World Congress” in 2012..10% of Australian Carbon Tax will be paid to the United Nations

In another move towards “world government” or a “New world Order” the United Nation’s environmental arm, The “United Nations Environmental Program” (UNEP) will hold a “World Congress”. The “World Congress” will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 1 to 3 June 2012. The congress will be called the “World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability”.
Some highlights from the UNEP’s websites:
UNEP is organizing the World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability.
The World Congress is aimed at contributing to the Rio+20 processby promoting global consensus among relevant stakeholders such as those engaged in the development of law, Chief Justices and senior judges, Attorneys-General and Public Prosecutors involved in the interpretation and enforcement of law and Auditors-General whose work will focus on governance and accountability issues on the role of law in promoting the goals of sustainable development.
The World Congress will also outline the future actions required to promote the pursuit of sustainable development in the 21st century founded on the rule of law and governance.
The participants will deliberate on the role and inter-linkages of law, justice and governance as essential dimensions of environmental sustainability, as well as on environmental sustainability as an essential dimension of law, justice and governance for sustainable development.
The participants will also be called upon to reflect on their specific role as leading representatives of fundamental legal and policy functions at the national level in influencing the putting into place of appropriate mechanisms and tools to safeguard and promote environmental sustainability, including by promoting and championing the governance changes required at the national, regional and global levels in order to contribute better and most efficient towards a more sustainable world.
I Strongly suggest clicking on the above link and having look at UNEP’s “World Congress” website in full. The United Nations is an unelected or dictatorial body that that has too much power as it is. There is already an agreement in place that forces Australia to pay about 10% of our carbon taxes to the United Nations see here and is now using “environment sustainability” as an excuse to gain even more power.
Australian Carbon Tax Will Be Paid To The United Nations
The Australian “Carbon Tax” will be paid in-part to the United Nations World Government not by choice but by law!
In February 2011 Paul Murray from the West Australian reported that:
Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s new tax will be used to allow Australia to meet its share of a $100 billion-a-year United Nations fund to transfer wealth from rich countries to help undeveloped nations adapt to global warming. The Gillard Government is party to a UN agreement which Climate Change Minister Greg Combet entered into in December at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico, under which about 10 per cent of carbon taxes in developed nations will go into a Green Climate Fund.
Julie Bishop (Lib) from the opposition has twice raised this in Question Time.