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Saturday, 18 February 2012

About the the Founder of the knights of Columbus

Michael J. McGivney wastrained by Jesuits in Canada at the Order's St. Mary's College in Montreal.

I just found this page that says McGivney desired to become a Jesuit.

-Brother Nick Rivera

For the coming Vatican inquisition in the United States the Knights of Columbus's Police force will play an instrumental role. The Blue Mass is the banner they organize under and gain strength in the Police officer's dedication to their K of C leaders.
The Knights of Columbus Is a Catholic Men's organization founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, in New Haven, Connecticut. Today, more than a century later, the Knights of Columbus has become the largest lay organization in the Catholic Church (Est. 1.6 Million Members).
Jack T. Chick tells us the following about the Knights of Columbus in his 1983 book Smokescreens: “The legions of Rome are awesome. More than one million practicing Catholics make up the ranks of the Knights of Columbus. They are fraternally pledged to the ideal of bringing America under papal rule. They are powerful, wealthy, [and] loyal.”

Jack Chick asking Alberto Rivera a question:
"Then I said: Will the Knights of Columbus play a vital part in the attack against the Christians when the U.S. falls?"

Dr. Rivera said: "Oh, yes. In fact, in their oath, you can see how close their alliance is to the pope. They committed themselves to be killed or destroyed if they fail to comply with their oath. They ask the militia of the pope, the Jesuits, to put them to death. They are committed to make America Catholic."
(Read the rest Chapter Eleven: Blueprint For Catholic America)

William Joseph Levada
The Knights of Columbus are more dedicated and powerful than many people realize. Jeb Bush is a knight of Columbus as is Associate Justice for the Supreme Court Samual Alito,Theodore McCarrickArchbishop of Washington, DC who performed the liturgy during the infamous Red Mass andWilliam Joseph LevadaPrefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. (Formerly The Office of Inquisition)

Recently, I did a search on the Catholic Church in the area where I grew up and saw that they had a newly formed K of C. I then did a simple search on the Grand Knight and it rendered suprising results. It turned out that he was a very high up officer in THE Federal Reserve Bank in NYC.

So the Catholic Church/Vatican have proven themselves to be the entity behind fascism. And the K of C are considered the right arm of the Catholic Church in America. Therefore the K of C is the right arm of fascism in America and we can see this by the actions of the police force. Below are two very recent videos showing what I mean. And this is just the beginning unfortunately. 

Emblem of fascismKnights of Columbus EmblemThe fasces of ancient Rome consisted of a bundle
of rods and an ax strapped together. The Italian
leader Benito Mussolini compared his followers to
the rods of the fasces. Each rod by itself may be
weak, but when many rods are bound together they
are strong.

Former Commander at the Office of Homeland (Romeland) Security
and Counter-terrorism, Chief of Police of Washington D.C. Cathy L. Lanier
and other top brass at Blue Mass with Donald W. Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington D.C.

Catholic Procession for the Blue MassNazi, Knight of Malta Franz von Papan heads
Catholic procession in Nazi Germany.

George W Bush with Grand Knight
Carl A. Anderson
Knight of Columbus Lodge in NYExplanation of the Skull and Bones symbology

Jeb Bush and the Tallahassee K of CGrand Knight Carl Anderson with CUA
President Fr. David O'Connell SJ

Here Jeb Bush is being made a 4th degree K of C. 

K of C Cardinal McCarrick at Blue MassK of C Cardinal McCarrick of the Red Mass

In a 1950 Holy Year audience Pope Pius XII received, left to right, Supreme Chaplain Msgr. Leo M. Finn, Supreme Knight John E. Swift, Supreme Advocate Luke E. Hart and K of C Rome representative Count Enrico Galeazzi.

The Order’s officers and Board of Directors, led by Supreme Knight Virgil C. Dechant, are received in audience by Pope Paul VI.

Pope John Paul II greets the crowd at a Papal Mass co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and Diocese of Brooklyn at New York’s Aqueduct Race Track in 1995.

Police Brutality Forum @ The Unhived Mind

More information from Brother Nick Rivera:

(Brother Nick Rivera is a much more advanced in the knowledge of Jesuit intrigue than I am. It is an honor and a priviledge to have such a man as a friend and brother.)
Michael J. McGivney was trained by Jesuits in Canada at the Order's St. Mary's College in Montreal. I just found this page that says McGivney desired to become a Jesuit. Here are some K of C logo photos besides the official one. What a tangled web they weave!

Illuminati torch

Brother Nick

This connection is crucial! He was being trained to become a Jesuit priest and nowhere does it say he never became one! He most certainly was a Jesuit Spiritual Coadjutor! This is worth looking into! The K of C is considered the long arm of the Catholic Church and head of it is the Black Pope. Therefore, the Knights of Columbus are merely enforcers of the Jesuit agenda for America like the Black Pope's NAU (Remember that photo I sent you of Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone at the recent K of C Convention States Dinner holding the Papal flag and Mexican flags?) They are most certainly connected to Freemasonry and I've read that K of C Councils annually meet with local Masonic Lodge members because they (the Fourth Degree Knights and Third and 33rd Degree Masons) all play on the same Jesuit-controlled team
Thanks for the link brother! The skull and crossbones on the robe is very telling indeed! The Bush family (Jeb Bush was made a Third Degree Knight in 2004 and is possibly a Fourth by now) maintains close ties with former Supreme Knight of the K of C Virgil Dechant (George W. Bush admitted this at the 132nd Annual Convention.)

Here are two links I found you might wish to include in your webpage. Here is a poster from the first Blue Mass held for the NYPD and NYFD.

The caption under the poster reads: "Angels have long been believed to possess the power to protect, console and heal, especially during difficult times. This particular image of the shows the BLUE MASS "Angel Rising" , a symbol of our rising from the ashes of grief and loss."
What a choice of words! It reminds me of the Masonic phoenix rising from the ashes. Such a scene is depicted in the mosaic found in the UN Security Council room.

Here is an interesting fact and quite ironic.Scroll down a little and it reads: "Baton of Brotherhood" - Maltese Cross cut from a section of WTC Tower One steel, crafted into a Maltese Cross and engraved with the Signal 5-5-5-5 which is passed from Brother to Brother on the ROS (Release of Souls) journey, returning to FDNY 11 September, 2006.
See page 3 for similar information (PDF File) Even the foundation of the memorial sculpture is somewhat shaped like amaltese cross.

I say this is ironic because we know the connection between several Knights of Malta (SMOM) and Freemasons who run Wall Street, and Jesuit-trained George J. Tenet and their complicity in financing and carrying out 9/11 in obedience to Edward Cardinal Egan and his Jesuit masters at Fordham ( CFR Joseph A. O'Hare and Avery Cardinal Dulles) and Georgetown University.

Just an aside, but connected to Skull and Bones. Did you see the raw footage of the young man at University of Florida who was tasered by police after he asked Jesuit-trained Bonesman John Kerry if he was a member?

I watched the raw footage yesterday here is a link.

What creeps me out the most is the loud applause as the young man (Andrew Meyer) is grabbed by police and forced to lie down then tasered for speaking his educated mind. Meyer did nothing wrong. He asked why Kerry conceded the election and if he wanted to win then about his membership in Skull and Bones and if he and George W. Bush were both members of the same secret society. These are questions the American public ought to be asking and demand answers as to why the 2004 election was a staged farce.

In the near future, I will send you and Brother Eric a list and mugshots of 9/11 conspirators and criminals from top (Black Pope Kolvenbach) and subordinate Jesuits and Illuminati to bottom and the Jesuit connection to Iraq and the Papal Crusade in the Middle East complete with pictures.
I expose the "Commanders on the Ground" like Pace, Petraeus, Casey and their connections to Georgetown University plus the Jesuit-trained leaders of Iraq like Ahmad Chalabi who is a Freemason proven by an Internet photo of him in a Masonic handshake with 33rd Degree Jesse Helms.

Brother Nick

I've been searching for connections between the Knights of Columbus and Freemasons Here is an old Time Magazine article from 1966 entitled "Knights and Masons Together." They are indeed two sides of the same Jesuit coin.
Interesting that Vatican II is mentionedhere as the impetus for cooperation. In case you can't locate the photo of Cardinal Bertone holding the Papal and Mexican flags here it is. Here is a link listing Past Masters of a Masonic lodge and one of them is credited with introducing a local K of C Council to King Hiram's Lodge for an annual social gathering (See Michael Anthony Janoplis scroll down toward the end) I don't live too far from the K of C World Headquarters in New Haven.
The New Haven Police Department and Station is located across the street from the K of C Print Shop. I have seen squad cars parked in the K of C print shop parking lot. The shop is under 24 hour video surveillance. Have you heard of the International Order of Alhambra? It was created in the early 20th century as an auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus and remains so albeit unofficially to this day! The Order of Alhambra is to the Knights of Columbus what the Shriners are to the Freemasons. I found a photo of Alhambra members in the Oval Office with 33rd Degree Harry S. Truman (note the white fezzes) Bro. Nick .

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