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Monday, 28 January 2013

Arctic Beacon Library of Rare Books and Documents

Pascal's Letters 1656

pdf file - Left Click to view in browser, or Right Click Save As... Incredible History

Euro Travel Schengen_Agreement.pdf

pdf file - Left Click to view in browser, or Right Click Save As... Incredible History

No Bible Reading Nation can be enslaved by the Papacy!

Complete Original King James Bible - Scan - with Apocrypha
Entire - 1611 King James Bible
Right Click -> "Save As" - 152.4 MB, pdf file
-- The 1560 Geneva Bible is at: but it is not fully proof-read yet -- These are the Bibles "they" don't want you to read --
Preface and Translators' Thesis on the Preface of the King James 1611 Bible
Read this and you will want to read more of the 1611 KJB
- Only 29 pages and is very revealing truth!

Rupert Murdoch is reported to own all the copyrights on EVERY Protestant Bible - Why? He is a Roman Catholic. Could it be to remove the Preface? Read it and see for yourself. He does not own the copyright for the Geneva and King James versions.

King James VI of Scotland (James I of England)-DAEMONOLOGIE(1597)
King James himself wrote this book about the intrigues of the sorceror's of his time and their connection to the Secret Societies.

Almanac of Evil - Frank O'Collins
O'Collins documents chronologically the evil and criminal acts of the Vatican for the past 2,000 years.

Hitler was Catholic

Vatican Holocaust in Croatia - Avro Manhatten
This book is about the elimination of Christians and Jews in Croatia and the setup of Catholic Croatia, the evil is exposed. The leader of Croatia, Palevic escaped through the Vatican Ratline to Argentina. He was never excommunicated. (Neither was Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All were Catholics.)

Vietnam - Why Did We Go? - Avro Manhatten
Ever wonder about the Vietnam War? Ho Chi Minh was trained by the Jesuits! It was all about the elimination of Buddhists in South Vietnam, when the war was over, Catholic Vietnamese came down from the north and these Catholic Vietnamese are the ones emmigrating to North America! Ho Chi Minh was armed by the Chinese from the leftovers of the Korean War. We armed them and further Russian made arms financed by North American Bankers funded the Russian Arms makers to make available weapons to the North Vietnamese.

Secret History of the Jesuits - Edmond Paris

Estimates of the Number Killed by the Papacy - David Plaisted

Foxes Book of Martyrs - Foxe - (Text Only)

Extreme Oath of the Jesuits - PDF file
Library of Congress - 66-43354

Extreme Oath of the Jesuits
- Registered in Library of Congress- 66-43354

Oath of the Knights of Columbus

Could these oaths be part of the reason why an unqualified Catholic was given the job instead of the more than qualified Non-Catholic or Christian Protestant?

And, could it also be the reason that after they, in control of various levels of the US Government, using funds that are hidden from the general population but revealed in Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports which are in reality OVER TAXATION of the people -- then used those funds to buy controlling or total ownership of public corporations (persons are legal fictions and are corporations) then shut down the facility and move the plant to another country that is controlled by Catholics to employ obedient Catholics and punish economically the Christian Protestants and Liberal Catholics? Various levels of the US Government collectively owned 98% of Motorola Corp in 1995, in June 2007 a Motorola facility was shut down with the loss of 4,000 jobs and the plant is being moved overseas! When a government owns everything - it is called Fascism - this is Mussolini's definition - he said it would be better called Corporatism - as late as 1939 Winston Churchill was openly praising the Mussolini Fascist style government. And is it little wonder that it has been revealed that Winston's FIRST COUSIN was none other than Alois Hitler, the father of Adolf Hitler! (from the book - Hitler Was A British Agent - Germany 2006)

And, could it be that these oaths are the reason we have immigrants that are 95% Catholic no matter what their race or country of origin?

Multiculturalism is a disguise for the mass immigration of obedient Catholics!

Alperin v. Vatican - Holy See, began 1995, San Francisco, CA
- Still in session - Regarding the Holocaust in Croatia - Jonathan Levy for the Plaintiffs
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 1
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 2
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 3
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 4
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 5
Alperin v. Vatican Doc 6
The Vatican Lawyer stated in Court that "Genocide and Plunder are permissable in International Law". Search Articles and Audio for interviews and more information.

More Vatican Lawsuit Docs
Vatican Christmas Card 2003

Propaganda Dué - P2 Masonic Lodge Description
The Lucifer Project -also known as the NASA Cassini Project
Daniel Doc - John Daniel

"The Secret Terrorists" (read online) - Bill Hughes
-- en español - El Libre "Los Terroristas Secretos" (lea en línea)

A Foreign Conspiracy - Samuel Morse - 1835 (24MB)

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome - Charles Chiniquy - 1886 (1.9MB)
Americans should have great interest in reading page 375 onward to see the Jesuit Plan to TAKE OVER THE UNITED STATES ! -- WAKE UP PEOPLE !

History of Protestantism - Rev J Wylie - 1878
Rev Wylie completed a masterpiece in this work. This is required reading for History of the Jesuits Course 101.

Wide Awake Romanism-Its Aims & Tendencies,1854.pdf
- L W Granger - 1854 (2.5MB)

Narration of this book coming soon.

The Secret History c.568AD - Procopius - Scribe to Belarius, a General of Emperor Justinian.
Procopius records the corruption of his time - it is quite similar to now. Evil is revealed in this book.

The Two Babylons - Alexander Hislop, 1853 (1.4MB)

From Major Jordans Diaries - Maj George Racey Jordan

George Jordan was the liason officer between the US Military and the Russian Military during WWII and after. He documents all that was given to the Russians both during and after WWII - It is incredible. We were arming the Russians with all of our secrets and physical assets as well, as a gift of the Christian Heretics in the West to use to slaughter their Christian Heretic bretheren in Europe. This is a must read! Believe it or not we gave the Russians the plans and the materials for the Nuclear Bomb, surprisingly it took them until 1947 to set one off.

Secret Societies

Money Books and Documents
- The Priests of BAAL run the governments of the World -
- using the power of coinage of Fiat Money !! -
The Babylonian Woe - David Astle,
6000 year history of enslavement by the monetary system

Modern Law is Ancient Babylonian Code

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank (Not Federal -but PRIVATE) - Eustace Mullins,

IMF Incorporation Document - From the IMF Website
Read Article IX to see the power of the gods of this world.

Empire of the City - E C Knuth, 1944
Read about the immunity the Bank of England !!! The IMF docs are merely a rewording of the Bank of England docs, an MP will be thrown out of the House in London if they mention the Bank of England while in session.

The Devil's Chemists - Josiah DuBois, 1952
Read about the Devils Chemists from I G Farben !!!

- From the UN Website - (has been taken down)

Weather Control? Nonsense you say? It cannot be used against another country but it is OK to use it on your own citizens.

The hidden government can order it to be used by the citizens own government on them and it is not a breach of International Law! The same as genocide and plunder - these are permissable under International Law as long as the citizens own government that purpetrates the crime.

Create drought then a downpour and you can steal the farmers land, a nice bank collapse at the same time would leave no survivors.

More Books Jan 2008


CONCORDATS with the Holy See - The Vatican, a soverign country, with an Army, a Government, and a Religion all rolled into one, poised to take total control of the Planet Earth.

USA - Vatican Treaty (Concordat) - Refused under FOIA request. Why?

Americans ask your elected Representative to get you a copy of the USA Concordat with the Vatican.

- By the way for you Canadians out there -
Canada has a Freedom of Information Act as well
The Canadian Version is not as good as the American FOIA but it is better than nothing
- Make use of it! - Try to get a copy of the Canadian Concordat with the Vatican, ask your MP to get you a copy.

And for those of you in other countries, try and get a copy of your country's Concordat, scan and sent it to us at arcticbeacon(at) it a we will put it up here for the world to read.
Over the last 2,500 years Ancient Sadducee famlies infiltrated all the religions and postitions of power for the final goal of re-establishing the control of the planet from one central point both in the way of religion and governmental control. The New World Order.

These bloodlines likely go all the way back to Atlantis. The Cat-Holic connections to the ancient gods of Egypt is revealed in the Sun Ray Standard of the Jesuit Order - they are Sun Worshippers - I.H.S. appears in the center of the Sun Ray Disk with Rays (Crown of Thorns) these letters stand for Isis, Horus and Set. Isis is the Mother Goddess (Mother Mary, not the Mother of Jesus); Horus the eye in the Pyramid is eye of Horus, he is the Sun (the Catholic Christ is this one) and Set, who is the Lord of Darkness who appears after the Sun -- Sets -- this is the origin of the english word SUNSET, interesting what. Set the Lord of Darkness was imaged as a human with a CAT's Head.... hence Cat-Holic. The Moors of North Africa give us a clue here as well, in the Moorish language, MOOR means CAT. There were many White Moors as well, they were not all dark skinned. The surname Whitmore of England is indicative of origin from Moorish North Africa. Be sure to watch the movie: Zeitgeist on the Movies page.

Their power is gained by deception-using 3rd party agents, control of media, education, infiltration and "covet means" - the ability to coin (create) the money of the planet, it is used to finance wars and all facets of their control, belief in money, the monetary system is vital; money is therefore a religion. Governments are fictions and gain their power through the belief of the population that the government has power, when in reality the only power the government has is from the people, if the people cease to blindly believe, the power of the ruling elite could be broken, but this is very unlikely with so much hate in the world and non-caring for your neighbor.

The breaking of the power structure can likely happen in only two ways -- One is by the awakening of the population to the control exercised over them. If this occurs, as the population wakes up to the control imposed upon them, the Iron Fist must crush the opposition to their power. They usually win when this occurs as they control the minions in the Government, Military, Judiary and the Police. This is why there is the push to register and ban weapons to disarm the population and remove their ability to resist the evil. Weapon banning is not new -- Crossbows were banned in the Dark Ages, they were the only weapon that could stop a Knight in armour from slaughtering the opposition to the ruling elite. If the Albigensians had been armed they would not have been slaughtered like sheep. 10 million died. Evil knows no bounds when it achieves absolute power. Awakening of the masses of people will not likely happen.

The second way the power can be broken is by worldwide cataclysm which last happened about 26,000 years ago. As a result of cataclysm 26,000 years ago at the time of the last planetary alignment, the power structure was broken severely and the ruling elite totally lost control, no one belived that they had power and the people were free. The intervention of the Creator is likely the only way that the power structure can be broken at this point in time. The return of the Master is sorely needed now as he is likely our only hope for ensured survival.

About 2012 there is another planetary alignment and this time with an added bonus - 2 galaxies line up as well, the gravitational pull will be enormous, it should result in cataclysm. This is why there have been many underground bases and cities built to hold the ruling elite during the cataclysm. If they survive they can clone a new slave workforce and they will have total control from day 1 and Earth will be a slave planet ruled by manifest evil. One should inform themselves about the Lucifer (Cassini) Project and learn about the light show planned for 2011-12, Mother Mary in the Sky, the attempt will be to ignite Saturn into a SECOND SUN. (Saturnia was the original name of Rome)

In 2007 it seems of little likelihood that the masses will wake up to the control, therefore our only hope is the cataclysm around 2012 will break the power structure and we must hope that in the future there will never be allowed a group allowed to establish a monetary system wherein they create fictional money and enslave the people. Someone must survive to pass this on to future generations.

We will see more evidence in the next few years of the emergence from hiding of these ancient bloodlines, they will appear incongruous when they openly reveal their true allegiance in the early years of the 21st century leading into the endtimes.

They intend to microchip the population, anyone who is not a willing participant in their religion (control/belief system) will have their chip turned off, or terminated using the technology of the microchip. As Edgar Cayce predicted - "Atlantis Must Rise Again", this is the re-establishment of the central point-one religion-one government control of the slaves by the ruling elite.

Greg is back with Professor Eric Jon Phelps with a History Series on the Vatican and Jesuit Order.
Exposing the Hidden History of the Vatican and the Jesuits - Related Website: Vatican Assassins
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(MP3: University of Hidden History - Jesuits 101 - Part One - Hour 2)
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University of Hidden History - Jesuits 101 - Part One - Hour 2
Prof Eric Jon Phelps [click guests name to list other shows]

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