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Sunday, 16 December 2012

TBN Exposed!

Private jets, 13 mansions and a $100,000 mobile home just for the dogs: Televangelists 'defrauded tens of million of dollars from Christian network'

Two former employees of the world's largest Christian television channel Trinity Broadcasting Network are accusing the non-profit of spending $50 million of its funding on extravagant personal expenses.

Among purchases, the network founded by Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch, is accused of misappropriating its 'charitable assets' toward a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000-mobile home for Mrs Crouch's dogs.

Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, 26, recently filed her allegations in court after a brief appointment as the network's chief finance director in July.

I know this is not shocking news to most of us, as these false preachers have 'made merchandise' of many desperate, lonely people and those easily seduced by their fancy speeches and decked out TV studio for years. Remember however there are many people STILL being deceived by TBN. How many of Calvary Chapel's preachers and teachers have shown up on this channel? We know about Missler, Chuck Smith, I am sure there are others.

For those who have researched TBN, dubious art work is not unknown on their set or at their studios. Bacchus or Dionysus, makes an appearance.

I thought I had written about TBN in an article, but have only mentioned them as a subject of articles related to Chuck Smith and other false preachers. TBN advances ecumenism and even has a Catholic priest on staff as well as many Word of Faith preachers. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort used it's studios for many years.

Don't forget this too:

I consider TBN another Roman influenced outfit. Just take a look at their logos:

Remember what I and others have written about what the
DIVING DOVE MEANS? I remember this one from years ago.

vatican symbol Upside down
diving dove on the more well known logo:

Did you ever wonder where this came from? Why does it look so much like the shield of the British monarchy? [well they are subservient to the Pope too]

Watch this video, this is not an endorsement for who posted it and the scripture is non-KJV, but, the video however contains good information about TBN, including discussions about the logo starting around the minute mark. He is right about their 'god" being money.

Jhn 2:16    And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father's house an house of merchandise.

Paul Crouch/TBN Promotes Roman Catholic Dogma

From Understand The Times:

Roger Oakland’s letter to Paul Crouch regarding TBN promoting Roman Catholic dogma

July 5, 2006
Paul Crouch, President
Trinity Broadcasting Network

TBN Headquarters

2442 Michelle Drive
Tustin, CA 92780
Dear Paul,
I am writing this letter is to ask you to respond to some concerns that I have regarding the direction your Trinity Broadcasting Network is headed. Although you claim you are promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is factual evidence that your organization is becoming a tool of the Roman Catholic Church and you are promoting another gospel that leads to another Christ.
Several years ago, while visiting your facility on Bear Street in Costa Mesa, I noticed a picture of you and your son Matt shaking hands with Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. I also noticed at this time that you had a statue of the Queen of Heaven (“Mary”) wearing her crown and holding baby Jesus, displayed in clear view on the second floor.
Since that time, I noticed that some of your programming and your practices indicate you are either not aware or not concerned about the false teachings promoted by the Roman Catholic Church. Such practices are not only confusing to the millions of Christians who look to you for leadership, they are also spiritually lethal in that you have the potential to mislead people into believing they are Christians when, according to the Scriptures they are not.
For the past several years, I have been researching the “New Evangelization” program implemented by the Roman Catholic Church. This is a well documented agenda to win the world to the Eucharistic Jesus. I have personally heard you say that you have taken the word “Protestant” out of your vocabulary. This causes me to wonder if you understand why the Reformers were protesting and the fact that many were willing to die for their faith in Jesus Christ alone.
It can be documented that many Evangelical Protestant organizations have been influenced by the teachings of Rome promoted by Jesuits and other Roman Catholic influences. We are living in a day when we see many being drawn towards a one world religion for the cause of peace in the name of Christ as the Bible predicts. When I see your willingness to promote Roman Catholic dogma and doctrine, it would seem that TBN has been influenced by this agenda as well.
I have just returned from Rome, Italy and saw first hand the Roman Catholic Jesus (the Eucharistic Jesus) on public display on Corpus Christi Day (June 15, 2006). I also saw many devoted Roman Catholics bowing down to a monstrance that contained a piece of bread they believed to be the actual presence of Jesus Christ. Further, these same Catholics are taught to believe that the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross was not sufficient. The Sacrament of the Eucharist, administered by priests who have been ordained by the “One True Church” (The Mother of All Churches) provides the only true way of salvation.
Perhaps you are not aware that one of the major goals of the New Evangelization program is to win the world to the Eucharistic Jesus and establish the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus here on planet earth. This is a diabolical plan to establish the Kingdom of God under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, administered by the pope in Rome. Unfortunately, many “Protestant” evangelical Christians, some of whom you promote on TBN, also have a plan to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. It would seem this “Kingdom Now” plan has the potential of merging with the Roman Catholic plan.
I had considered writing you before, but until today I neglected to carry out what the Lord was prompting me to do. Someone, aware of my concerns with regard to the Roman Catholic New Evangelization program, notified me that your TBN “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh” Online Bookstore distributed a number of books promoting Roman Catholic teachings. After doing a search of your site, I was astounded to see the number of unbiblical titles that you are promoting. The following list includes a few examples:
  • Eucharistic Miracles, Joan Carol Cruz
  • How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist, Michael Dubruiel
  • The How-To Book of the Mass: Everything You Need to Know But No One Ever Taught You Michael Dubruiel,
  • Praying in the Presence of Our Lord with Fulton J. Sheen, Michael Dubruiel
  • 201 Inspirational Stories of the Eucharist, Sr. Patricia Proctor
  • God Is Near Us: The Eucharist, the Heart of Life, Pope Benedict XVI
  • The Healing Power of the Eucharist, John Hampsch
  • Rosary Novenas to Our Lady: Including the Mysteries of Light
  • Saint Juan Diego: And Our Lady of Guadalupe, Josephine Nobisso
  • Our Lady Came to Fatima, Ruth Fox Home
  • Our Lady Teaches about Sacramentals and Blessed Objects Albert Joseph Mary Shamon
  • Our Lady Says: Let Holy Mass Be Your Life, Albert Joseph Mary Shamon
  • Miraculous Images of Our Lady: 100 Famous Catholic Portraits and Statues, Joan Carol Cruz
  • Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God, Scott Hahn
  • Rediscovering Daily Graces: Classic Voices on the Transforming Power of the Sacraments, Robert Elmer
  • The Church: Sacraments, Worship, Ministry, Mission, Donald Bloesch
  • The Seven Sacraments: Entering the Mysteries of God, Stratford Caldecott
  • Child’s Guide to the Seven Sacraments, Elizabeth Ficocelli
  • Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary, Mark G. Boyer
  • Rosary Novenas to Our Lady: Including the Mysteries of Light
  • Father Peyton’s Rosary Prayer Book: The Family That Prays Together Stays Together, Patrick Peyton
  • Swimming with Scapulars: True Confessions of a Young Catholic, Matthew Lickona
  • New Eucharistic Prayers: An Ecumenical Study of Their Development and Structure, Editor, Frank C. Senn
  • Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism, Scott and Beverly Hahn
  • Praying in the Presence of Our Lord: Players for Eucharistic Adoration, Benedict J. Groeschel
  • That All May Be One: Catholic Reflections on Christian Unity, Paulist Press, Ernest Falardeau
Paul, this by no means is an exhaustive list of the books that you carry in your bookstore documenting you are on the road to Roman Catholicism. For example a search of your site produces the following:
  • 158 books with the word “rosary” in the title
  • 161 books with the word “sacrament” in the title
  • 156 books with the word “Eucharist” in the title
  • 67 books with the phrase “Our Lady” in the title
  • 3 items with “Hail Holy Queen” in the title
  • 8 books with the word “purgatory” in the title
  • 248 items associated with “Lent”
  • 14 items dealing with “penance”
You will notice that the last three books in the list that I have provided summarize where you are headed – That All May Be One – headed to Rome to worship and adore the Roman Catholic Jesus.
What I have perceived about the direction you seem to be headed is confirmed by the books, teachings, dogmas that you are promoting — the same ones that are promoted by the Roman Catholic Church that are not found in the Bible.
Tragically, there is more! Not only does your “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh” Online Bookstore promote purgatory, the Sacraments, the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration and the “veneration” of “Mary”, you also promote Hinduism and Buddhism as a means of getting closer to God. How books with the following titles could appear on a web site that is supposed to be associated with the Jesus of the Bible is beyond belief and certainly without excuse.

  • Hindu Wisdom for All God’s Children, Francis Clooney
  • Taking Jesus Seriously: Buddhist Meditation for Christians, John Cowan
Paul, it is difficult to believe that this onslaught of material promoting “Christian Babylonianism” could be promoted by your organization without you being aware. In order to document what you are doing I actually ordered several of these heretical books online and had them sent to me.
Further, I have included the links to these books from your online bookstore so that you can check this out for yourself. These materials which you are distributing in the name of Jesus Christ have the potential of leading people away from the truth to a lost eternity in hell. This is an abomination that must be corrected or exposed.
It seems apparent that you have entered into an agreement with Roman Catholic officials to work together as partners of the “New Evangelization” program. I noticed in the photo of you in Rome that you handed Pope John Paul II a gift (the dove). I have been told by one of your staff members that the idol of “Our Lady of Loretto” that you have on the second floor of TBN headquarters in Costa Mesa was a “gift” given to you and Jan. I am highly suspect of its origin.
While in Rome a few weeks ago, I watched TBN as it was broadcast in Rome. I found this rather amazing in light of the fact that born-again Christians who live in Rome (who do not attend the Roman Catholic Church and attend Mass) are considered to belong to a “cult” form of Christianity. My question is simple and straightforward: what kind of agreement did you establish with the Roman Catholic Church? When I see the volume of heretical Catholic books you are promoting, it would seem the answer to my question is obvious.
I urge you to take action. You must renounce your support of the Roman Catholic agenda to win the world to the Roman Catholic Jesus. In the Old Testament, the prophets called by God, pleaded with their generation to turn away from false gods and turn back to true and living God and His Word. You must heed the same warnings from Scripture. If you do not, you will be held accountable before God for propagating doctrines of demons.
If you would like to meet with me personally, I would be more than willing to do so. It is imperative you publicly renounce the error your organization has made and repent. You must also publicly warn your viewing audience of the great delusion that you have helped to promote or you will be guilty of partnering with the Roman Catholic Church that is preparing a counterfeit bride for a counterfeit Christ the Bible so clearly warns will be revealed in the Last Days.
I hope and pray that you will take this matter seriously. You have the potential with your TBN network to reach the world with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  I exhort you to do what is right, right now.
Sincerely in Christ,
Roger Oakland
Paul And Jan Crouch’s Opulent Lifestyle
Paul and Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network fame are staunch believers in the “prosperity gospel” and they have the lifestyle to prove it. Their annual salary is $763,700. Their ministry owns a $7.2-million jet and 30 homes, one of which features a $10,000 wine cabinet. Two of the homes are multi-million dollar mansions in a gated community overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The ministry’s balance sheet for 2002, the most recent available, lists net assets of $583 million, including $238 million in Treasury bonds and $31 million in cash (“Pastor’s Empire Built on Acts of Faith, and Cash,” Los Angeles Times, Sep. 19). The extravagant headquarters near Los Angeles features reflecting pools, sculptures, and neoclassical colonnades. TBN spreads a radical unscriptural charismatic message around the world. Recently it came to light that 1997 Paul Crouch paid a former employee $425,000 to keep silent about an alleged homosexual tryst.
Paul Crouch and Rome
The following is from the editor's newly published book Flirting With Rome: Volume 4--The Charismatics. Volume 1 traces Billy Graham's relationship with Rome from 1950 to present. Volume 2 covers other key Evangelical men and organizations. Volume 3 deals with the Southern Baptist Convention's Rome connection. Volume 4 deals with the Charismatics. These volumes can be ordered from Way of Life Literature in the States (P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061-0368, All four volumes US$10.00. Single volumes are US$2.50. Add $3.00 S/H.
Few Charismatic leaders have more influence than Paul Crouch, head of the popular Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) which has a worldwide audience through its satellite system. Crouch is a staunch supporter of Charismatic-Roman Catholic relationships.
In 1984 Arthur Blessit was interviewed by Paul Crouch on TBN. "Blessitt described how he had received the eucharist (mass) while participating in a rally of 600,000 Roman Catholics in Poland. He said he first registered an objection when the priest came toward him for he knew that Catholic doctrine forbids giving the wafer to a Protestant. The priest said, `You're one of us,' and Blessit accepted it. At that point the studio audience cheered and Crouch said, `The walls are coming down. His body is one. There's no difference.' He went on to say that he was erasing the word `Protestant' from his vocabulary. `I'm not protesting anything,' he said(Plains Baptist Challenger, June 1984).
On his "Praise the Lord" show, Friday, May 31, Paul Crouch announced that Benny Hinn was arranging a private meeting for him with Pope John Paul II. Crouch said that he would be asking "his holiness" when the walls between Protestants and Catholics would come down and the church would be one as Jesus asked the Father (CIB Bulletin, July 1991).
On his October 17, 1989 "Praise the Lord" show Crouch stated that "more than ten years ago" he had already declared that he was "eradicating the word Protestant from [his] vocabulary," that he was "not protesting anything anymore" (Ibid.).
Paul and Jan Crouch met with Mother Teresa in 1992, and Jan testified: "It was a dream come true. I had my questions all prepared, but when this precious tiny lady came by, all I could do was fall to my knees. What will it be like when we see Jesus Himself, face to face? I felt I had a little foretaste that day!" (Plains Baptist Challenger, June 1992). ecumenism' opening a future in which God 'is drawing us together.'" The Montgomery Advertiser, Sept. 12, 1987
billy grahamBilly Graham: "I've found that my beliefs are essentially the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics." McCall's, January 1978. He, also, called Pope John Paul II: "The greatest religious leader of the modern world." The Saturday Evening Post, January-February 1980 paul crouch Paul Crouch: "I'm eradicating the word Protestant even out of my vocabulary...I'm not protesting anything... [it's] time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one in the Spirit and one in the Lord." "Praise the Lord" program, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Oct 17, 1989
What influential "Christian" leaders are the biggest compromisers with Rome? Who are the ones who influence the most believers to embrace the Roman Catholic Church as just another one of many Christian denominations? I’ve been keeping track of them for quite some time – here is a quick glance.
Let’s begin with the dead ones:
  • Kathryn Kuhlman: Ecumenical healer whose rallies were frequently attended by a variety of priests and nuns some of whom she would have on her television broadcast. {Result: Most advocates of faith healing are ecumenical.}

  • Dennis Bennett: An Episcopalian priest credited by many to be the one who brought the tongues movement into the RCC resulting in the charismatic renewal within the Catholic Church in the 1960s. {Result: Most charismatics are ecumenical.}

  • Agnes Sanford: She introduced Catholic inner healer, Francis McNutt to her craft of visualization/healing of memories. Charisma magazine reported, "MacNutt was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1967 through the influence of charismatic healing pioneer Agnes Sanford. She prophesied that the enthusiastic Dominican priest would take supernatural healing to the Catholic Church worldwide--and the prediction rapidly proved accurate." {Result: Most inner healing advocates are ecumenical.}

And the almost dead ones:
  • Billy Graham – "Billy Graham had never met a pope until John Paul II invited him to Rome in 1981. Ushered into the papal apartments by the Vatican's famous Swiss Guard, Graham marveled at the pomp. He and the pope chatted like long-lost friends for half an hour, swapping photos, gifts, and travel stories. Before Graham left, John Paul II reached over, clutched Graham's thumb, and told him, ‘We are brothers.’" (From June, 2005 CT) {Result: "Christian" America is ecumenical}

  • Robert Schuller – In the side entrances to his Crystal Cathedral are giant bronze statues of Schuller’s heroes. On the one side are his primary heroes – one statue of himself (self-love and all that) across from one of Norman Vincent Peale. In the other entrance are Billy Graham across from the statue of Roman Catholic TV pioneer Bishop Sheen. {Result: Nominal Christians are ecumenical.}
And the fading fast ones:
  • Paul & Jan Crouch: Crouch often denies being a Protestant, saying "I’m not protesting anything." TBN has had two-hour specials singing the praises of the late Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, of whom Jan Crouch has said that in her presence all she could do is bow. {Result: Most "Christian television" viewers are ecumenical.}

  • Jack & Rexella VanImpe - Rexella: "So Protestants should love Protestants, we should love Catholics, Catholics should love Protestants, we should love the Greek Orthodox." Jack: We're all members of the one body. All the different denominations represent these different fingers. But some folks won't let us do this: get together." {Result: Many prophecy students are ecumenical.}

  • Chuck Colson -- One of the originators and signers of the ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) document that promises not to target Catholics for evangelism. Of course, Colson is married to a practicing Roman Catholic and sees no problem with it. {Result: Mainstream Protestant denominations are ecumenical.}

  • James Dobson -- Catholics have served on his board and are frequently his guests on his radio program "Focus on the Family." His books can easily be found in Catholic bookstores. {Result: "Christian" psychology proponents are ecumenical.}

  • Vinson Synan --the dean of the divinity school at Regent University (CBN's Pat Robertson's college) is infamous for his ecumenical conferences during the 1970s and 1980s. His Congress on the Holy Spirit conferences filled major stadiums and had equal representation from both Catholic and Evangelical components of the charismatic renewal. These conferences, attended by multi-thousands of people, tore down walls between both sides and castigated those who held to the concerns of the Protestant Reformation. {Result: The Religious Right is ecumenical.}
And the alive and kicking ones:
  • Benny Hinn – sings the praises of the Roman Catholic Church and made the arrangements for TBN president Paul Crouch to have a face-to-face introduction to the late Pope John Paul II. He has boasted of sharing communion with the nuns who frequent his meetings. Hinn is critical of those in the church who point out the unbiblical errors that rightly divide Christians and Catholics. {Result: Most Pentecostals are ecumenical.}

  • Bill McCartney – "It has become clear to me what God has in mind for Promise Keepers. The answer is found in the Sermon on the Mount: ‘Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they are the sons of God.’ A peace-maker is one who brings warring factions together. The reason there isn't a Catholic men's group filling stadiums around the country is because God wants us together." (Quoted from the Denver Post) {Result: Neo-Evangelicalism is ecumenical.}
Up-and-Coming Trend-Setters:
  • Dan Kimball – author of "The Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations." His "vintage Christianity" embraces the art of Roman Catholicism along with all the outward d├ęcor such as stained glass windows, pictures of saints with halos, and the stations of the cross. He has an impact on young people who think he is cool and trendy when in fact he is shallow in his deemphasis of the study of Scripture in exchange for an outer experience. {Result: Rockabilly music fans are ecumenical.}

  • Chuck Smith Jr. – When on a sabbatical recently he sought refuge in a Catholic hermitage and utilized a Catholic monk as a spiritual guide for teaching him contemplative prayer and meditation. Transformed his former Calvary Chapel in Capo Beach to resemble a Catholic or Eastern Orthodox friendly place by adding icons, candles, and incense. And he began blessing his congregation with the sign of the cross. {Result: Some hip Calvary-Chapellites are ecumenical.}

  • Lee GradyCharisma Magazine’s editor who frequently promotes ecumenical relationships with Roman Catholics. Lee is a big defender of the Catholic charismatic renewal and embraces any of them that speak in tongues. {Result: Charismatic readership of Charisma Magazine is ecumenical.}

  • U2’s Bono – Ecumenical good-deed doer who, according to Christianity Today magazine, is a fan of former Franciscan priest Brennan Manning, author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, one of many books he has written that has led a number of Christians into the contemplative prayer movement. Manning got his foot in the door thanks to contemporary Christian musicians such as Rich Mullins and Michael Card who featured Manning at large outdoor music fests. {Result: Young Christian music listeners are ecumenical.}
This is just a partial list of those within the "church" who influence millions of people who name the name of Christ. The great falling away is in full swing and the visible "church" is now fully prepared to blend right into the prophesied Mystery Babylon. The devil has done his work and the enemy has taken over while men slept. I am not saying that the Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon – at least not all by herself. She is the Mother of Harlots. There are many harlots represented by all the denominations that go into apostasy and join back to their Mother. The time is coming to heed the call to "Come out of her, my people."


  1. Nonplussed in Boise--a former Carmelite nun and now a Bible-believing Christian...Christ/the Bible is exclusive NOT inclusive!


    1. Amen,sister! Glad you've come to the light. Welcome aboard to the Kingdom of God.

  2. Johnny,

    Brother, so glad to have found recently your site. Engaging in apologetics, calling out these false profits, and proclaiming the truth as spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ is crucial in these days. Even the names of these WOF (I like to call them wolves of faith$) betray a love of money - Creflo Dollar, really?! Many thousands of people love to have their ears scratched; sadly, one day the LORD will tell them he never knew them lest they repent. Transplanted to the south, due to employment it is astonishing to me how many are incapable of seeing Billy Graham for what he is - a hypocrite sellout. Odd,, despite my being signed in repeatedly issued an error code. So, posted as 'anonymous'

  3. Horrible news to the true Christians who serve Jesus Christ as their Saviour!!

  4. This will be used to further the agenda for the false prophet and One world religion in the last days.They had planned this from it's incorporation. Where do you think the money came from? NOT JUST DONATIONS(WAKE UP!!STOP SLEEPING !!!)Our Lord Jesus will soon return and TBN with it collaborators will help to cause a major turning away because of the truth is going to be revealed how much money is been taken from the body of Christ. There are programs and preachers that are real up there but there is some collaborators that know the truth and are lining there pockets with pact money which is not of God. Only God knows but also your God seeking, totally awoke, holy ghost filled, and knowledgeable prophets we see we hear and we know. Stay Woke Saints TURN off TBN TO THE Word channel!!!

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