The Jesuit New World Order

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Vatican
Jesuit Global

by Dr. Ronald Cooke
This is the fourth in a series of booklets on the Vatican in the
Western world today. In this booklet we try to sketch the role that
the Vatican plays in world politics today and the goal and plan it
has for the world. We also look at the enormous financial resources
that the Vatican possesses and the billions more which are at its
We also look at the part that the Jesuits play in helping to imple-
ment the goal of the Vatican. In our travels and teaching we find
that there is almost a total blackout concerning the sinster aspira-
tions of the Vatican and the Jesuits. Men who purport to write on
the great conspiracy that is out to control the world not only never
mention the Vatican, but if they do, they make the Vatican out to be
the target of the conspiracy rather than the originator of the
It is obvious to anyone who is even remotely interested in the
Vatican conspiracy that times have certainly changed the attitudes
of Protestant Christians toward the Jesuits. The word "Jesuit" used
to conjure up in the minds of those who heard it a malevolent and
satanic rictus. But times have changed. Today Jesuits are
accorded reverence and respect in all segments of western
society, and yes, even allowed back into Eastern society after
being banned from countries like China for almost thirty years.
Former President Nixon used a Jesuit to write his speeches.
Jesuits are leading lights in the modern irenic dialogue of the
ecumenical movement so that at least in the United States an aura
of respectability now surrounds the workings of the Jesuits. Not all
Americans or even all American Roman Catholics are impressed
with the Jesuits, but the plans of the Vatican Hierarchy are
proceeding along clearly defined lines no matter whether some
Roman Catholics may approve or not. The Vatican and the Jesuits
have the same goal in mind. They are both working to bring the
world to the feet of the Roman Pontiff. The Jesuits have been
backing the Marxists in some trouble spots of the world, especially
in Latin America. The Pope wants to retain the close
backing he enjoys from men like Ronald Reagan; therefore, he
pretended to reprimand the Jesuits for working with the Marxists in
Central America. As we will see later, the Marxists in Central
America, as in Northern Ireland, all have good Roman Catholic
What most people do not realize is that the Jesuits are the C.I.A.
of the Vatican. That is, just as Washington often seems to conflict
with, and disavow some of the covert activities of the C.I.A
especially when they are going to prove embarrassing, so the
Vatican from time to time will appear to disavow the activities of the
Jesuits. In actuality just as Washington many times secretly hopes
for the success of some clandestine operation of the C.I.A.
although publicly disavowing any knowledge of it, so the Vatican
hopes for the success of the Jesuits while publicly reprimanding
them to appease those who are disturbed by their intrigue.
So although there may appear to be friction between the Jesuits
and the Vatican, the friction has nothing whatsoever to do with
Marxism per se as the American news media constantly affirms, it
has to do with the possible break of some of the Marxists with the
Vatican power structure, which might occur in countries like
Nicaragua. The Vatican lost Cuba because it misjudged Fidel
Castro, who at one time was a faithful son of the Church. It does
not want to make the same mistake again with Ernesto Cardenal
and his Roman Catholic henchmen in Nicaragua. So the
preemptive moves of the Pope in Central America today are
primarily self-serving. The Pope realizes that much governmental
control will be lost in Central America if the "church" does not go
along with the Marxist liberation movements fomented by "church"
leaders. On the other hand if the Pope appears to support the
Marxist liberation movements openly, he will lose the support of
the United States in Latin America. So the present Pope gives the
impression that he is against Marxism by calling upon the Jesuits
to get out of politics in Latin America and by summoning the
Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff to Rome for an
These moves and others, which the present Pope is making, get
mixed reviews in the U. S. press, but as Yallup points out in his
recent book, IN GOD'S NAME, this Pope came to the Vatican with
the attitude "business as usual," meaning that all the corruption
which the former Pope, who was murdered, wanted
cleaned up, would continue.
The present Pope is a master politician, so he has spoken out
against Marxism to retain the support of the United States in
Poland. It is plainly a part of his overall strategy, a strategy which
has always played both ends against the middle. The Pope backs
the Marxist-oriented liberation movements of Latin America to the
hilt as long as they remain subservient to the overall goals of the
Vatican. It was to reinforce this subservience that he met with the
The Vatican realizes that it has lost out completely in most of
Latin America if it does not back the Marxist revolutionaries, 99%
of whom are Roman Catholics. So when the Pope visited the area,
he alluded to the struggles for justice and human rights, which
were going on in that part of the world. However, since the United
States looks with concern on the Marxist revolutionaries, the Pope
has since shifted course again and pretended to reprimand the
clergy, who were, and are, involved in this region.
The C.I.A. of the papacy are without a doubt the Jesuits. They
are working night and day to further the global aspirations of the
Vatican. Their zeal and persistence are as great as they ever were
even though they enjoy much more respectability than they once
did. We try to show with documented evidence that the Vatican-
Jesuit intrigue, far from being a "Protestant myth," is a con-
temporary phenomenon, which is still functioning in the latter half
of the twentieth-century.
Ronald Cooke
Manahath School of Theology
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
The Jesuits in History.....................................................................9
The Jesuits Today........................................................................17
A Financial Empire Second to None............................................27
The Conspiracy of Misdirection....................................................33
Concluding Remarks....................................................................45
The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ has suffered reproach
and endured persecution in almost every age since Stephen was
martyred. In the early years of the church to confess Christ invited
persecution and martyrdom. As the years rolled by and the church
gained more power, it was not long until the church was doing the
persecuting instead of being persecuted.
Augustine was one of the first, but certainly not the last, to ad-
vocate the necessity of force to extirpate error. As Farrar points
out: "His writings became the Bible of the inquisition."1 So from
then on, inquisitorial methods became part and parcel of Rome's
intrigues although stridently denied by some contemporary writers.
Martin Luther was used of God to set forth the liberating doctrine
of justification by faith in the finished work of Christ and so dealt a
death blow to Roman Catholicism. For this great Biblical doctrine
destroys completely the whole-sacramentarian-good-works-priestly
enterprise known as Roman Catholicism. Since the time of Luther
the Roman institution has been working day and night to overthrow
Bible Protestantism and return the "separated brethren" to the one
true fold—the Vatican. No greater effort has been made than that
made by the Jesuits. The Society of Jesus, founded by Loyola, has
been at the origin of many conspiracies directed against
Protestantism. They are documented conspiracies, not figments of
an over active imagination. So it is nothing short of amazing when
Gary Allen, who claims to be an authority in the field of conspiracy,
calls in Pedro Arrupe to substantiate his thesis that a conspiracy
exists. At the time that Allen wrote ten years ago, Pedro Arrupe
was the head of the Jesuits.
The Jesuits are famous in history for their conspiracies, in-
trigues, assassinations, and their undying hatred of the Protestant
Reformation. Pedro Arrupe was the head of an organization which
every well informed Protestant knows was the main force behind
the Counter Reformation. The Counter-Reformation sought by
every means, fair or foul, to overthrow and undo the work of the
glorious Protestant Reformation.
If there were no other reason to be against the Jesuits but this,
that they attempted wherever possible to stop or hinder the true
work of revival and gospel enlightenment in the church, it would be
more than enough. But there are many more reasons than this. So
for anyone claiming to be knowledgeable in the field of conspiracy
to align himself with the head of the Jesuits is a severe blow, to say
the least, to his credibility. Yet thousands of fundamental and
conservative preachers speak constantly about Allen's "Insider"
conspiracy without once stopping to consider the work of the
Jesuits and their sponsor, the Vatican.
The Jesuits were so evil that they were feared even by Roman
Catholic kings! MacPherson notes:
The (Roman) Catholic king of Portugal says: it cannot be
but that the licentiousness introduced by the Jesuits, of which
the three leading features are falsehood, murder and perjury,
deprive the laws of their power, destroy the submission of
subjects, allow individuals the liberty of killing, calumniating,
lying, and forswearing themselves as their advantage may
McKinley adds his testimony to that of MacPherson.
This society which has dared to appropriate to itself the
Name, which is above every name, by calling itself, "The
Order of Jesus," deserved rather from the nature of its doc-
trines and from the work it has done in the world to be called
the Order of Satan.3
Even the secular historian, W. E. Lunt, whose text was used for
years in American colleges and universities, recognized the
conspiracies of the Jesuits.
In this development the English Catholics had no small
part...They were not a serious political menace until 1580
when two Jesuits came to England and began to plot with the
Spanish place Mary on the throne. From that
time Catholic plots were continually being hatched. Some had
as their method a rebellion aided by foreign invasion while
others sought their object by the simple mode of Elizabeth's
Walsingham...laid bare the plots....and arrested several of
the conspirators.4
The Jesuits actually became so powerful and overbearing that
they were disbanded by none other than the pope himself. In 1773
Ganganelli, who succeeded Clement XIII, issued a papal bull in
which he declared them suppressed and extinct and their statutes
annulled. They remained suppressed for forty years, but in 1814
Pius VII issued a bull solemnly restablishing the society under the
constitutions of "St. Ignatius."
The fact that the society was held in such disrepute even by its
own institution is certainly not much of a recommendation for its
evil practices. Yet, the man who headed this society when Gary
Allen wrote his book, "NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY," was
called in by Allen to corroborate the fact that an international con-
spiracy exists. It is obvious that it is very easy to postulate a
Bilderberger, Insider, or Trilateralist type of conspiracy without
generating any animosity among the general public. Everyone and
anyone can identify against a few rich evil men lurking in the
shadows and working to take over the world. But to identify
religious men as conspirators causes millions of people to bridle in
anger and disbelief.
It is obvious that very few people know anything about the
Jesuits today. Let us look at the organization that Ignatius of
Loyola brought into being. There were several steps through which
every well-trained Jesuit was to pass before he was graduated
from his training.
1. The Spiritual Exercises.
These were undertaken with the object of inducing among other
things a state of complete subjection of the will.5
2. If the trainee passed the first test, he was invited to become a
From this time on, he is excluded from all earthly friends and is
to have no will of his own as to his future. He is to put himself in the
hands of his director as the interpreter of heaven toward him.
Complete obedience is the thing that is absolutely required. His
conscience must never assert itself in opposition to his superiors.
Newman notes: "Absolute destruction of individual will and con-
science is aimed at and to a great extent accomplished."6
Can anyone imagine a better base upon which to build a global
conspiracy than complete and unquestioning obedience? In every
small conspiracy about which details can be studied, one of the
primary goals is to get each conspirator to give his unquestioning
and complete obedience to the plan.
The Novitiate usually lasts two years. If the novice is found to
possess the right qualities, he is accepted as a Scholar. Notice the
weeding out process that continues all through the entire program.
Only the most dedicated make it through to the final stages of the
The Scholar now undergoes a protracted course of training in
various branches of knowledge. Attention is paid to the cultivation
of a sound physical make-up. If the Scholar is able to meet the
requirements of this stage, he becomes a Coadjutor. Those who
attain this rank are to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the
advancement of the society. They serve as priests, missionaries,
teachers and businessmen for the society.
The next rung on the ecclesiastical ladder is a group called the
Professed. These are composed of a small proportion of the
Coadjutors who have proved themselves and have been tested as
to their complete trustworthiness regarding the aims of the society.
It is from this group the officers of the society are drawn. They are
the ones who are entrusted with its secrets. Watchcare is another
important part of the society. Each member including the general is
responsible to another, and according to Newman:
to whom he must regularly make confession of his inmost
thoughts, and who is required to exercize a watchcare over
him and to report every deviation from rectitude, according to
the standards of the body.7
The aim of the Order was, according to Ignatius, the promotion
of the greater glory of God. According to Newman:
The greater glory of God was identified by them in the most
absolute way with the world wide and undisputed dominion of
the Roman Catholic Church.8
The methods of the Order are well known. In most cases the
Jesuits deny the charges against them. But it has been charged
that they infiltrate into places of power using as their watchword,
the phrase "the end justifies the means." The fact that they deny
such actions should not cause any surprise since that is part and
parcel of their method of operation.
Their ethical system allows all kinds of loopholes by which to
escape any situation that might cause embarrassment to the
Society or to the Roman Catholic Church. The society did openly
defend their recommendation that tyrants should be assassinated.9
Their doctrine of Probabilism, although rejected by some members,
nevertheless secured papal recognition. Their ability to escape
responsibility by the method of "directing the intention" also
demonstrates that the phrase "the end justifies the means,"
although never appearing in their writings, is there in their purpose
as plain as day.
Another equally objectionable doctrine was their teaching on
mental reservation or restriction, whereby one, without burden to
his conscience, might tell a downright lie provided the word or
clause that would make it true is in his mind.
Thus, one accused of having committed a certain act last week
in a certain place may swear that he was not there, reserving the
statement "this morning."10 The Secret Instructions, supposed to be
the frank directions of the generals to the provincials and others
involving unscrupulous commands, can no longer be used. The
genuineness of the document has been denied by the society. It
was first published in 1612, and, if not genuine, was probably the
production of the ex-Jesuit Hieronymus Zaorowski.11   However, as
Newman cogently reasons:
The repudiation of the work by the Society is, of course, no
conclusive evidence of its spuriousness. It has been the con-
sistent policy of the society from the beginning to deny every-
thing disadvantageous to the church or to itself.12
The supreme end as noted above was the greater glory of God.
So any superior can declare an end, however diabolical, to involve
the greater glory of God, and command his inferior to use any
means whatever for the accomplishment of this end, including, as
Newman points out: "deceit, theft, and even murder; and the
inferior must unquestioningly obey."13
Hodge also points out in his work the notoriety which the Jesuits
attained through their principle of mental reservation.
The doctrine that the character of an act depended solely -
on the intention. If the intention be good, the act is good;
whether it be falsehood, perjury, murder, or any other con-
ceivable crime. Pascal quotes the Jesuit moralist Escobar as
laying down the general principle, "that promises are not
binding unless there was an intention of keeping them, at the
time they were made." On the same principle, that the inten-
tion determines the character of the act, the murder of Henry
III, in 1589; of the Prince of Orange in 1584; of Henry IV, of
France in 1610; and especially the massacres on the feast of
St. Bartholomew, were all justified,.14
Gordon Liddy, who was also educated by the Jesuits, used the
same type of reasoning for justifying his part in the Nixon
Watergate scandal. It is very significant that Liddy, who now claims
he does not believe in God, nevertheless uses the various
definitions of the Roman moralists to justify murder.
It is the same rationale by which I was willing to obey an
order to kill Jack Anderson. But I would do so only after satis-
fying myself that it was: (a) an order from legitimate authority;
(b) a question of malum prohibitum; and (c) a rational re-
sponse to the problem.15
Once we allow the reasoning of the Jesuits to prevail, then
murder becomes a viable means of policy if we feel that it is
necessary. It is tragic that many fundamental and evangelical
Christians agree with this tvpe of reasoning today, showing that
Jesuitical casuistry has made vast strides since the sixteenth
We believe in capital punishment. We do not believe, however,
that any man has the right to be judge, jury and executioner. Once
allow this type of thinking, and Tomas Torquemada and the
Inquisition will not be far away.
The Jesuits were well received in Italy and in Portugal at first.
However in Spain, Charles V was opposed to their methods and to
their ideas of papal absolutism. Leading Roman Catholic Spanish
theologians such as Melchior Canus denounced them as the
forerunners of anti-Christ foretold by the Apostle in II Timothy 3:2.
In France they met with opposition but finally gained a foothold
and permission to establish a college at Clermont. In Lyons, their
presence and preaching resulted in the burning of the books and
churches of the Huguenots. It is probable that the Massacre of St.
Bartholomew's Day was due in some measure to their influence.16
In England, Trevelyan says of the Jesuits that their policy aimed "at
the overthrow of the existing regime and the forcible extirpation of
Protestantism."17 A likelier group to originate a global conspiracy
would indeed be difficult to find. Their zeal knew no bounds. They
were and are the heart and soul of the Counter-Reformation. As
Newman, the great Southern Baptist Historian, points out:
The chief means that were used by the Counter-Reforma-
tion from this time onward (1541) were the Council of Trent,
The Society of Jesus, and the Inquisition...These means of
fortifying the church and repressing heresy are closely inter-
linked. The Council of Trent, especially in its later and more
important phases, and the establishment and working of the
Inquisition, like the policy of the papacy in general, were due
to Jesuit influence.18
So for someone to call in Pedro Arrupe to comment on the
possible existence of a conspiracy is like calling in Adolf Hitler to
comment on the possible existence of Nazism. It is better to go
with known facts about conspiracy than to hint at hidden con-
spiracies which may not even exist.
The Jesuits were indefatigable in their efforts to restore
Romanism to its former glory in the areas where Protestantism
had gained a foothold. Von Ranke tells of the return of the idolatry
of Romanism to parts of Germany.
In Cologne it was again an honor to wear the Rosary. Relics
were once more held up to public reverence in Treves, where
for many years no one had ventured to exhibit them... the
youth of Ingolstadt belonging to the Jesuit school walked... on a order to be strengthened for their confirmation
"by the dew that dropped from the tomb of St. Wal-purgis."19
The Jesuits were the first effective counter action against the
progress of Protestantism that the Roman Catholic Church was
able to wage. Yet few Protestants then, and now, fail to realize the
eternal issues which are at stake in this battle. Grace and
idolatrous works are mutually exclusive. Error is only defeated by
the proclamation of the truth. It is never defeated by compromise,
half-truths, or a failure to recognize its existence.
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Many Americans, of course, while paying half-hearted attention
to such historical matters are convinced that although there may
be some misdeeds in history, the Jesuits of the present have
changed. Others seem to believe that the intrigue of the Jesuits is
needed today to counteract the communist menace.
G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame was taught by the Jesuits,
and nowhere does he apologize for their teachings or for his
philosophy of life which is based on the Jesuit teaching that the
end justifies the means. In fact, he unashamedly advocates this
teaching as the only way that America can survive.
In his autobiography he states:
Fordham was a feast for the mind and a challenge to the
spirit. To begin with, it was still under the absolute control of
the Jesuits...As much as I had admired the German Benedic-
tines, I admired the Jesuits more...
The Society of Jesus was something special—the shock
troop of the Catholic Church.1
He goes on to say that Heinrich Himmler used it as the model for
his dreaded black-uniformed SS in Hitler's Germany and that the
SS swore a special oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer, just as the highest
order of the Jesuits swore a special oath of loyalty to the Pope.
Liddy says later on that "just as I do, John Sirica believes the end
justifies the means."2
The Jesuits obviously have gained respectability in our time.
They have come a long way since John Adams, the second Presi-
dent of the United States, wrote in a letter to Thomas Jefferson: "If
ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on
earth and in Hell, it is this Society of Loyola."3
John G. Schmitz, who ran for President on the American Party
ticket a few years ago, was educated by the Jesuits. His education
by the Jesuits was put forward as something in his favor rather
than a liability. He also wrote the foreword to Gary Allen's book,
"NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY." So we live in remarkable
times when Jesuit trained leaders can write about conspiracy and
be accepted not only by the general public, but by
professed conservative Protestant Christianity.
Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, who has twice sought
the presidential nomination, was also educated by the Jesuits.
Again, this was not something considered a liability, rather it was
advertised as proof of his moral fiber and strength of character.
Times certainly have changed in America.
Harry Reasoner, as he was signing off his nationally televised
newscast a few years ago, also demonstrated how far the Jesuits
have come in gaining complete acceptance in the United States.
He told a joke about three orders in the Roman Catholic Church. It
went something like this. The Dominicans, the Franciscans and the
Jesuits were all arguing about which order God loved the most.
They went down to the altar and were told that they would receive
the answer the next day. When they went back the next day, there
was a note on the altar which said, "I love you all equally." Signed,
God, S.J. Harry signed off chuckling to himself. While we can
appreciate a joke, we do not consider the Jesuits a laughing
matter. For if the Bible is true, and we believe it is, then the Jesuit
idea of salvation by works, masses, and ceremonies has led
millions, and is still leading millions, to a lost eternity.
To those who cherish biblical truth and the freedom to preach
the true Gospel, the rise of the Jesuits to a place of complete ac-
ceptance and indeed power in the United States today does not
bode well for the future of this great land. Everything that Protest-
ant Americans hold dear will be forfeited if these men ever gain the
ascendancy in this land.
The greatest proof of all that the Jesuits have indeed gained
complete respectability in the United States today is the startling
fact that a man claiming to outline the global shadowy conspiracy
that threatens the world should call in the leader of the Jesuits to
substantiate and corroborate his thesis. No one informed in the
area of church history would ever do such a thing unless he
believed that the time had come when the Jesuits were no longer
suspect themselves. Apparently, Gary Allen believes that this time
has arrived. Millions of conservatively oriented Americans who
agree with Allen are either totally ignorant of the historical record or
believe that the Jesuits have changed. It can be said without fear
of contradiction that whether or not one agrees with the idea of a
Jesuit Conspiracy, no Protestant who has studied church history
would ever call in the leader of the Jesuits to
corroborate his view of conspiracy.
The Jesuits have not only gained complete respectability in the
United States today, but they have also gained great power. They
own a controlling interest in the Bank of America as well as other
financial interests. They are thus able to influence Roman Catholic
politicians to serve the ends of the Roman Catholic Church more
vigorously. (We will look at the Vatican's vast financial empire in
more detail in the next chapter.)
The Jesuits were involved in intrigue at the highest levels of the
United States government. During the administration of John F.
Kennedy, the Jesuits had access to the most powerful office in the
world. The Rev. James Vizzard, an American Jesuit who served as
a labor lobbyist in Washington, disclosed that in 1963 he was
having lunch with another Jesuit, Roger Vekemans, a Belgian
priest on assignment to Chile, when a White House car picked
Vekemans up and took him to a meeting with President Kennedy,
Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and C.I.A. Director John Mc-
Cone, certainly three of the most powerful men in the world at that
Vizzard said: "Roger came back with a big smile on his face
and said, 'I got $10 million—$5 million overt from AID (Agency
for International Development) and $5 million covert from the
C.I.A.' "4
Since that time some other investigations have shown that there
was a Roman Catholic bishop on the payroll of the C.I.A. in
Vietnam as late as 1971, that millions of dollars were sent by the
U.S. government to help the Jesuits in Chile, a country then beset
by assassinations and intrigue and still embroiled in murder and
mayhem, and at this writing still controlled by a Roman Catholic
military dictatorship.
Only the tip of the iceberg has ever been seen. It is obvious that
the subject of Jesuit intrigue in the C.I.A. has so far never been
explored in any depth whatsoever. Licio Gelli whom some writers
believe is the man who helps hold together the Vatican conspiracy,
which is out to control the world, has strong links with the C.I.A. He
is called II Burattinaco—The Puppetmaster. Yallop says of him,
"Gelli was the puppetmaster with a few thousand strings. The
strings appear to have led everywhere, to the heart of the Vatican,
to the White House, to presidential palaces in a wide range of
Gelli was the man who bought Exocet Missiles from France for
Argentina in its war with Britain. Yallop says that the Vatican in-
directly funded Celli through Calvi and the Bianco Ambrosiano.
Gelli was an honored guest at Reagan's presidential inauguration.
Gelli, of course, has strong ties with Michele Sindona. He is the
head of P2, the mysterious organization founded in Italy which
functions in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, France, Portugal,
Nicaragua, Switzerland, and the United States. It interlocks with
the Mafia in Italy, Cuba and the United States and also with military
regimes in South America, and also with the C.I.A. and reaches
right into the heart of the Vatican.6
So the tentacles of the Vatican power structure spread world-
wide. Men come and go, but the organizations of the papacy per-
petuate themselves and have done so for more than a thousand
years, making the Vatican the source of the most formidable in-
trigue in world history. When Yallop sought to find out about the
mysterious death of Pope John Paul, he said that:
The fact that men and women living within the heart of the
Roman Catholic Church (Vatican City) cannot speak openly
and be identified, is an eloquent comment on the state of
affairs within the Vatican.7
The Pope has called for the Jesuits to cease from their intrigue in
Central America. On March 2, 1982, over one hundred Jesuit
Provincial Superiors, the leaders of the Order, were called to Rome
for discussions with "Father" Paolo Dezza, the man the Pope had
appointed to oversee the Order in 1981.
The Jesuits were accused by the Pope himself of engaging in
"political activism under the guise of religious duties."8 In the same
article the Jesuits were reported to be "one of the primary groups
controlling both extremes in Central America."9
So the Jesuits are still in the thick of the murders and assassina-
tions which are being carried out by both sides in the war in El
Salvador. The Pope, like others before him, is trying to curb their
zeal to keep all factions in the war subservient to Rome.
With the rise of the death squads like those in Ulster, the focus of
world opinion is forcing the Pope to do something to at least give
the impression that he is not in favor of the murders and killings in
El Salvador. But the high degree of Jesuit involvement
with the extremists on both sides of the conflict in El Salvador is
now a matter of public record.
The Extremists on both sides of this conflict are Roman
Catholics. Roman Catholic Marxists are fighting Roman Catholic
conservatives. The church is charting a course that will enable it to
identify with whoever wins in the end. The Acting Archbishop said
recently, "The left has lost its struggle against the government and
therefore the influential church here must stay in a neutral, centrist
position."10 The acting Archbishop made this statement after the
killing of 3 Marxist nuns, 10 Marxist priests, and the assassination
of Marxist Archbishop Oscar A. Romero. It was after this reign of
terror by the Roman Catholic conservatives that the "influential
church withdrew to its neutral, centrist position." It is obvious that
the conservative wing of Romanism, which has a large
representation among the North American clergy, is backing the
right-wing fighters in El Salvador. However, some local Roman
Catholic leaders are calling for the United States to back off in El
Salvador. So it looks like another capitulation to Marxism is
shaping up in Central America.
Latin America sits on a veritable power keg because Romanism,
which has been entrenched there for four hundred years, has not
brought a scintilla of freedom or justice to the oppressed millions
who live below the border of the United States and well below the
abject poverty line. Romanism has managed to keep the multiplied
millions in such a state of miserable existence that we have no
hesitation in saying that if Americans rebelled against George III
for his repression, they would have rebelled long ago against
almost every government in Latin America.
Instead the United States bolsters the repression of Rome all
over Latin America, paving the way for the inevitable revolution
and "liberation" promised by the Marxists. It is time the United
States stopped identifying with Romanism. But while the massive
propaganda machine of Rome churns out its slanted coverage of
the news, public opinion in the United States will enable Rome to
keep its stranglehold on the people either by repressive fascist
governments as in Chile or repressive Marxists government dic-
tatorships as in Nicaragua. Not only that, but the Vatican wants the
U.S. to fund the "rebuilding" of this region while the "church"
retains control over the people.
Ed Asner has been blasted by many in the U.S. for his stand
against U.S. involvement in El Salvador. Asner, of course, was the
popular Hollywood actor in several recent television series. He was
hounded into silence by being labelled a Communist or leftist or
worse if that were possible. What was it that brought down the
wrath of a large section of the American public upon Ed Asner?
Simply because he spoke out on the situation in El Salvador. What
is the situation in El Salvador that Asner deplores? It is the
conservative Roman Catholic death squads massacring hundreds
of civilians under the guise of eliminating leftists. It is amazing the
leftists that are in the world today. Everyone who opposes
Romanism is a leftist, Marxist or Communist. The possibility of a
Protestant Christian opposing Rome is so remote today that
apparently it is safe to label everyone who opposes Romanism as a
leftist. (A few years ago one conservative west coast commentator
even called Paisley a communist.)
This is the propaganda that Asner was challenging, that anyone
who opposes the totalitarian poverty and ignorance-producing
regimes of Latin America today must be a leftist. There are leftists
to be sure who challenge Rome's 400 year reign of terror and ex-
treme poverty, and the sad thing that should be noted but never is,
is that there are few Americans who would not have challenged
such regimes long, long ago!! The poor peons ground into the dirt
for centuries look to the U.S. to liberate them, and all they get in
return is the backing of the rotten tyrannical dictatorships by the
powerful U.S. government, a mere lackey of the Roman Catholic
lobby in Washington. So they turn to whoever will help them in their
struggle for some semblance of freedom. It is one of the great
tragedies of our times that the only choice left to the people of Latin
America in many cases is between Romanism on one side and
Marxism on the other, and the Marxism even is the Jesuit brand.
They are never given the choice of choosing neither Romanism nor
Marxism but Protestantism. Protestantism has become so weak
and has been betrayed by so many lily-livered compromisers that
there is no viable choice left to many of the peoples of the world.
Yet when the world is examined, Protestant countries with but few
exceptions are the only ones where even a semblance of freedom
Sister Ann Gormly, associate director of the U.S. Catholic
Mission Association, in commenting on some of the allegations
made against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua said, "I
hear of no limitations to the work of the church in Nicaragua." She
also said that it is good to have four churchmen in high govern-
ment posts in Nicaragua.11 So although there are many uncertain
sounds emanating from Nicaragua, the Vatican is deeply
embroiled in the present government, and no amount of double-
talk can dispel the fact that at least four sons of the "church" have
the highest posts in the Sandinista government.
We certainly do not try to play down the fact that there are ap-
parently deep rifts between some local priests and nuns who side
with the poor and believe in "liberation theology" and the present
Pope, who is opposed to them. But the bottom line is loyalty. If the
leftist leaning clergy and political leaders promise to remain loyal to
the Vatican in all their intrigues, then the Pope will overlook their
Marxist ideology even as a former Pope overlooked the Nazi
ideology of Hitler and his henchmen.
One modern writer commenting on the situation in Nicaragua
The major target of the U.S. is the Sandinista government of
Nicaragua, which is now considered a Marxist regime. The
truth of the matter is that there are more Jesuits and Jesuit-
controlled individuals in the Sandinista government than there
are individuals in the whole of Nicaragua who have gone
beyond the first chapter of Marx's Capital.12
The same writer went on to note that it is difficult to tell the dif-
ference between Andropov and a Jesuit, especially when the
"Jesuit is wearing a red Andropov T shirt."13 In other words the
"leftist" regime is very definitely and very closely intertwined with
Roman Catholicism in general and the Jesuits in particular. The
guru of the Sandinista revolution is Ernesto Cardenal, a Trappist
Monk; the foreign minister is E'Escoto, a Maryknoll priest; and the
brains behind the whole operation, Fernando Cardenal, is a Jesuit.
When these three "Marxist" Roman Catholic clergymen join forces
with the strongman Daniel Ortego, who preaches about a
revolutionary being a Christian and vice-versa, it is indeed difficult
to escape the blanket of Jesuit casuistry which seems to cover the
revolution in Nicaragua.
If we are to believe the New Solidarity paper, which takes a
definite Roman Catholic stance, there is not much hope for the
liberation of Nicaragua from the hands of the Vatican-Jesuit-
connection. For this paper states that the man the U.S. is grooming
to replace the Sandinistas, Eden Pastora, who is now building a
base of operations in Honduras, is Jesuit-controlled himself. So
that even if the Sandinistas were removed tomorrow, another
Jesuit-controlled man would be installed, this time with the help of
the C.I.A. and the U.S. government.
Where the Jesuits end and the Marxists begin is certainly a dif-
ficult question to answer, but one thing is certain as of this writing:
the Jesuits are in control of Nicaragua. All the banks of Nicaragua
were nationalized when the Sandinistas took over except the Am-
briosano Group. This group mysteriously escaped nationalization.
The reason being, of course, that the Ambrosiano Group is con-
trolled by the Vatican.
The Vatican has kept the people in Central America in ignorance
and misery for four centuries. It is in the interest of the Vatican to
keep its stranglehold on these nations. They are doing so either by
the death squads in El Salvador or the Jesuit Marxists in
Nicaragua, but they are maintaining their hold over the people. The
U.S. as a Protestant country could bring some pressure to bear,
which could really liberate the people from both warring factions,
but alas, no such pressure is ever brought to bear on the Vatican.
Instead the U.S. seems to become more and more the lackey of
the Vatican, and the power that keeps the rotten status quo in
place in Latin America.
A classic example of their failure to uphold the one truly free
government in Central America was seen in the case of Rios Montt
in Guatamala. Rios Montt was a charismatic Protestant. He had
his limitations, to be sure, but he was beginning to bring some real
liberty to the people of Guatamala. As far as we can ascertain the
Roman Catholic church began to agitate for his removal. We only
picked up small items of news here and there, but we did read that
some "leaders" in Guatamala were concerned that unless he was
removed, he was going to cause a civil war in Guatamala. One
item also spoke of the fact that anti-catholic feeling was being
generated by his fanatical form of Christianity. (All this is the same
old Jesuit line we are seeing in Canada and the U.S. tdoay. That
is, no one should say anything against the Pope or Roman
Catholicism. As we are typing these pages we read that several
people have been arrested in Canada for distributing "anti-catholic"
literature. Imagine, if you can, get-
ting arrested in a so-called free country for passing out literature of
a theological nature. Truly the freedoms of the Protestant
Reformation are being seriously abridged right now in North
America.) Montt was deposed, and the Vatican returned to power in
Guatamala with the tacit approval of the C.I.A. Protestant Americans
better wake up!
The Vatican is the center of a never ending web of conspiracy. It
is working day and night to bring the world to the feet of the Roman
pontiff. The Vatican octopus has tentacles reaching into almost
every government circle on earth. When the Red Chinese needed
the off-shore oil drilling expertise of the United States (no other
country possesses it) a bargain was struck so that the Jesuits were
once again allowed into China. Surely such a move is almost
incredible when viewed in the light of the fact that America is still
an overwhelmingly Protestant nation at least in the numerical
make-up of her population.
The Vatican works incessantly at building bridges over which its
plans may be put into operation. Pedro Arrupe, then the head of the
Jesuits, was the man that Pope Paul VI sent to Moscow in 1971.
He met with the communists to try to get the then repressive
government of Czechoslovakia to relax her repressive policies.
When he returned from Moscow he stated that he saw signs of
relaxation of religious persecution in Russia. (Billy Graham came
back with the same line.) Arrupe was immediately challenged by
the Director of Lithuanian Catholic Aid, Casimir Pugevicus, who
said that Arrupe's statement was a "time serving Soviet maneuver
used in order to create a false impression."14 It is obvious that the
Vatican wants a soft line taken toward Communist Russia because
the ultimate goal of the one world church envisaged by the Vatican
is the total absorption of all into the one true fold of Romanism.
Bible Protestantism is the only faith that can never capitulate to
Romanism. Romanism with its ability to absorb false religions into
its fold will become the cage of every unclean bird. But it can never
absorb Bible Protestantism because the difference between the
two is of such a nature that union is spiritually and ecclesiastically
impossible. This is the reason biblically ignorant newsmen speak
of the bigotry of the bible-believing fundamentalists of our times;
they do not realize the eternal difference that exists between vital
biblical Christianty on the one hand and all
false religions on the other. So Bible Protestantism must ultimately
be the target of every conspiracy, and the target of the final
apostate conglomerate.
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Whenever anyone writes on conspiracy money is always given a
prominent place. In this regard the Vatican certainly does not take
a back seat to anyone. The wealth of the Vatican, as we will see, is
so vast that in all probability its true worth will never be known.
We are going to examine in some detail what various writers,
who have tried to research the wealth of the Vatican, have said.
Several of these writers are members of the Roman Catholic
church. It is surely interesting to every Protestant that when Pope
Paul brought his entourage from Milan to the Vatican, they were
dubbed by Roman Catholic writers as the Milan Mafia.1
It is not within the bounds of this study to examine the Mafia in
detail. But the Cosa Nostra, the Family, or The Mafia are a 100%
Roman Catholic outfit. They originated in Sicily where Michele
Sindona was also born. They control vast holdings in Italy and
North America. They have gone what they call "legit" in many en-
terprises and were able to close down an entire cheese plant in
Wisconsin. They did this to establish a monopoly in the Pizza
business. This incident made the national news. Businessmen
came in and brought the cheese factory. After they bought it, they
closed it down. It was only later that Mafia involvement was
discovered. As far as we know, the factory, which employed most
of the town's work force, is still closed down as of this writing.
It is interesting to notice the timing of the move by the Mafia to
control the cheese and pizza business in the United States.
Panatella, a Vatican controlled company dealing mainly in flour
and pasta, lost two and a half million dollars just prior to the Mafia
takeover and required financing of 4.8 million dollars to keep it
Martin discloses that by the late sixties both the Institute for
Religious Words (whose assets were conservatively put at 3 billion
dollars) and the Special Administration of Holy See Property were
invested in every sector of Italian industry and commerce. He went
on to say, "On the boards of directors of companies in which the
Vatican had an interest there always sat a Vatican ' family ' man,
somebody like Massimo Spada or Luigi Mennini."2
Martin also pointed out that the Special Administration of Holy See
Property, which was run by competent lay bankers, was advised
by J. P. Morgan, Hambros Brothers of London, and the
Rothschilds of Paris.
Ostling recounts the story of Boys' Town, a Roman Catholic
Boys Town now has a worth of well over $200 million, in-
cluding a securities portfolio valued (very conservatively) at
$157 million. Although the interest on such a nest egg is am-
ple to operate the Town, it still spends millions to send the tra-
ditional tearjerker fund appeals to 34 million people and raises
nearly $18 million a year. This means Boys Town has about
three times the endowment of Notre Dame University, raises
more money than the Greater New York United Fund, and
would rank 372nd in assets on the Fortune 500 if if were a
business corporation. All this for 700 boys.3
All this came to light after much digging by a weekly newspaper
in Omaha, Nebraska.
According to Lo Bello, a Roman Catholic journalist, the Vatican is
the only sovereign state that never publishes a budget. He was
accused of exaggeration in his estimates of Vatican wealth, but
suffice it to say, the wealth of the Vatican must be immense, for a
simple honest disclosure of its holdings, if they do not constitute
great wealth, would lay to rest all the "extravagant" estimates of
various writers, but such a disclosure has not been forthcoming.
The Sindona debacle, which the Vatican sought to hide from the
general public, resulted in a loss of close to one billion dollars. Yet
the Vatican carried on as before, demonstrating its reservoir of
financial reserves as nothing else could. Very few companies could
sustain such a loss and carry on without so much as a whisper.
(Chrysler Corporation lost half a billion and would have gone under
but for the U. S. government.)
The financial tentacles of the Vatican reach into numerous banks
in different countries. Yallop says that the Rothschilds in Paris
have been doing business with the Vatican since early in the 19th
century.4 He goes on to point out that, "Credit Suisse, Hambros,
Morgan Guaranty, Bankers Trust, Chase Manhattan, and
Continental Illinois among others became Vatican partners."5
This financial empire which finances the Vatican conspiracy is
filled with murder and mayhem. Yallop states, "The murder of
Luciano-Pope John Paul I was to stop him from removing Mar-
cinkus who was the foundation holding up Calvi, Sindona, and
Celli."6 When the dust had cleared from John Paul's mysterious
death, it left in its aftermath a series of murders, assassinations
and "suicides" that only the Mafia could match for cold blooded-
ness. Of the main players in the scene only Marcinkus and Celli
still remain in control. Yallop recounts in detail each one of the
murders and "suicides," and his pages, which are very difficult to
refute, make grim reading. His book, IN GOD'S NAME," merits
close reading by all who are concerned about freedom.
Because of the criticism that no disclosure is ever made of its
wealth, the Vatican has in recent years tried to reform some of its
monetary policies, but much still remains to be done. No estimate
can be given of the immense wealth of the Vatican, but one can
get some glimpses of the multi-billion dollar enterprise through
various works that have appeared in recent years.
Ostling, in his work, "Secrecy in The Church," written from the
standpoint of one sympathetic to the Church, does give some in-
teresting insights into the wealth of the Papacy.
He recounts that the late Bishop James A. Pike (a convert from
Romanism to Episcopalianism) wrote what he calls a sensational
article in which he said that the Jesuits had a controlling interest in
the Bank of America, the nation's largest, and that they earned
250 million dollars a year from their investments (a quarter of a
billion). He goes on to say that the Jesuits "sputtered, but they
have never made a full accounting of their holdings."7 Gollin, a
freelance writer who tried to research Papal wealth, figured the
securities and commercial properties of the Dioceses of the U.S.
at almost "one billion dollars."8 Nino Lo Bello put "the American
Jesuit's annual income at $250 million." He claims that all Catholic
units in the U.S. and Canada combined have assets of more than
$80 billion and an annual income of nearly $12.5 billion."9
It was none other than Cardinal Vagnozzi who observed con-
cerning the Vatican's finances:
It would take a combination of the KGB, the C.I.A. and In-
terpol to obtain just an inkling of how much and where the
monies are.10
According to this Cardinal three of the most powerful agencies in
the world could only obtain an inkling of how much the Vatican is
worth. Yallop points out that the "Vatican bought into General
Motors, Shell, Gulf Oil, General Electric, Bethlehem Steel, IBM
and TWA." He went on to say that "the Vicar of Christ had
acquired a new unofficial title: Chairman of the Board."11
The Vatican also acquired "controlling interest in companies, in
fields of insurance, steel, financing, flour and spaghetti, industry,
cement and real estate."12 It owns sections of downtown Montreal,
Canada, sections of Mexico City in Mexico, many of the major
hotels in Italy, blocks of real estate on the Champs D'Elysee in
Paris, the Watergate area in Washington, D.C., real estate in New
York City, and the entire satellite city of Lomas Verdes in Mexico.
This is only the tip of the iceberg, for much of the Vatican's wealth
is hidden in holding companies so that it is difficult to come even
close in an estimate of its vast wealth. It is interesting to observe
also that Pope John Paul, who was murdered in the Vatican,
intended to reform the Vatican's finances. Yallop in his work claims
that this could have been one of a half dozen reasons why he was
murdered right in the Vatican. Another very interesting fact is that
Pope John Paul confessed to Father Dezza. Even the Pope has a
prelate to whom he confesses, and poor Pope John Paul for some
reason chose the head of the Jesuits as his "Father Confessor." If
for any reason he chose to confide some of his proposed changes
to Dezza, he may have unwittingly sealed his own death warrant.
Malachi Martin, former Jesuit professor at the Pontifical Biblical
Institute in Rome, in his new book, "RICH CHURCH POOR
CHURCH," puts the wealth of the "church" at 300 billion dollars.
He points out that the Vatican is the:
largest single stockholder in the world with about $20 billion
dollars traceably invested (but much more untraceably
invested) with gold deposits exceeding those of most medium
sized countries, and with a worldwide real estate operation.13
He goes on to say in another place:
a list of the companies and banks in Italy and abroad in which
the Vatican acquired a controlling interest before the outbreak
of World War II, when added to the list of those in which it
acquired a minor but substantial interest, would fill some sixty
or seventy pages of this book.14
Even Martin, who still classes himself as a Roman Catholic, is
appalled at the extent of the Vatican's wealth when contrasted with
the impoverished millions of Roman Catholics around the world.
The present Pope speaks much about economic justice. Although
much has been written about the present Pope in glowing terms,
Yallop does not share the international newsmen's accolade.
Yallop states candidly:
the papacy of John Paul II has been a case of business as
usual. The business has benefitted immeasurably not only
from the murder of Albino Luciana, but also from the murders
that have followed that strange lonely death in the Vatican.15
He goes on to say:
Many millions of words have been written since the election of
Karol Wojtyla in attempts to analyze and understand what
kind of man he is. As can be seen, he is the kind of man who
could allow men like Villot, Cody, Marcinkus, Mennini, De
Strobel and Poletto to remain in office.16
He adds:
"It is a papacy of double standards, one for the Pope and
one for the rest of mankind.
"There can be no defense on the grounds of ignorance,
Marcinkus is directly answerable to the Pope."17
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Satan has a plan for this world. His plan is doomed to failure, but
that does not mean it is to be taken lightly or that it cannot affect
men and nations and do untold harm before it is finally frustrated.
Dr. Stuart McBirnie retraced the steps of the Apostle Paul's
missionary journeys. In those cities where the great Apostle had
established churches in the first century, the cause of Christianity
has disappeared. McBirnie recounted how not only was he not
able to find a church of any kind, but in some instances he could
not even find one Christian. So although the gates of Hell will not
prevail against the Church of the Living Christ, some local chur-
ches do fold up and disappear under the onslaught of the devil and
this world.
Satan has been at work since the fall of man. So his Satanic
conspiracy to dominate this world is of age long duration. Satan's
primary area of operation we saw in our first study as the area of
religion. Only God's believing remnant can understand this aspect
of the conspiracy, and even many of them are at sea at this point.
Every unsaved person thinks that religion is a good thing when in
fact only vital biblical Christianity is a good thing: every other
religion is a satanic counterfeit. Satan is working to deceive the
nations. He works through individuals. It should be obvious to
every thinking person that there are people working day and night
to overthrow vital biblical Christianity and many of these individuals
are religious, even posing as "Christians." In other words the battle
we face is primarily a spiritual one. It will not be defeated by merely
legal efforts or even protests unless the protests are centered on a
proper interpretation of the Word of God.
Romanism has made unbelievable advances in the United
States in the last one hundred years. As one leading Roman
Catholic spokesman said, "We are less than one hundred years
from Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, referring to the slogan of
American politicians at the close of the nineteenth century. (See
our first booklet for further documentation.)
Gary Allen in his examination of conspiracy fails to come to

grips with known historical conspiracies. For one reason or another
he obviously ignores the documented religious conspiracies of
history. Roman Catholic conspiracies are part of the historical
record. Papal plots have been discovered, and the conspirators
arrested and brought to trial at various junctures of history. Father
Chiniquy portrays Romanists as the main plotters in the
assassination of Abraham Lincoln. So the Vatican has been
working night and day to shift the burden of conspiracy from its
shoulders to some other group of conspirators. Since the McCarthy
era, extremist groups have painted almost every leader in the
United States as Communist, pro-communist, or an insider. NO
still going on today as it has for over 1,000 years. While men hunt
for shadowy conspirators among America's leaders, who evidence
no continuity whatsoever, Romanism, with a continuity in con-
spiracy unparalleled in the history of man, continues to flourish and
to call the shots in the area of religion and politics.
It should be obvious to every Bible-believer that one of the main
tasks of the Satanic conspiracy is to direct those who are seeking
to discover the conspiracy and alert Christians to it to some other
apparent culprit. This we term the conspiracy of misdirection.
Misdirection is written large in the field of conspiracy.
We see this conspiracy of misdirection focused in four main
1. Toward the Masons
The Masons have become a favorite whipping boy for conspir-
atorialists writing on the great global conspiracy. While we do not
approve of the Masons, we do not believe the Roman Catholic
propaganda put out against the Masons. Yallop postulates a secret
Masonic Conspiracy against the Vatican in his work, "IN GOD'S
NAME." Michele Sindona is also linked to the Masons by Yallop,
Martin, and other writers. Sindona came out of Sicily, the reputed
home of the Mafia but is regarded as a Mason by Martin. He is
certainly a man of mystery. But to try to link him to the Masonic
Lodge and hint at some hidden conspiracy by the Masons to
embezzlement is more fiction than fact. It is true that Sindona was
linked to the loss of almost one billion dollars, which the Vatican
financial empire sustained, and that he at one time was a close
friend of Pope Paul. According to Newsweek he was the brains
an intricate group of holding companies (and) he controlled a
chain of hotels, a giant multinational real-estate operation,
several industrial firms in Europe and America, half a dozen
banks. Rumor had it that he was the Pope's chief financial
adviser, or alternatively, the Mafia's number one banker.1
When Pope Paul realized the amount of money involved in the
Sindona scandal, he said that Sindona was in the "hands of
unknown powers," hinting at some dark super-conspiracy against
the Papacy. For it is a belief of many Roman Catholics and even
some "Protestant" writers, that the great conspiracy is not directed
by Rome but is directed at Rome. At least Malachi Martin seems to
indicate as much in his work. He tells that:
Montini (who later became Pope Paul) had known that over in
the Quirinal...and within the Vatican behind Pacelli's back,
there were men and women who dealt every day in millions of
church dollars —the "Patrimony of St. Peter"— buying war
dalously....Montini could almost see a Satanic rictus behind
the whole affair.2
Martin also points out that late in the Sindona scandal, "It is now
reported to Paul that Michele Sindona is a member of the Masonic
order."3 Before the whole affair with Sindona was over, Paul was to
feel that Sindona was a shadowy figure behind some great
conspiracy against the Papacy.
Roman Catholic writers, of course, do not believe in a Roman
Catholic conspiracy. So they are constantly proffering Masonry or
some other Bilderberger or Tri-lateralist conspiracy as the real
one. Some conservative Protestants, who do not know their
Bibles, have taken up the cry of the Roman Catholic conspiratori-
alists. But to try to link Michele Sindona to some conspiracy
against the papacy is a difficult task. For the few things that we do
know about his early education show that he was educated by the
Jesuits. Also his bank failures, while definitely affecting the
Vatican, also affected him. The Vatican not only lost millions, but
Michele Sindona lost so much that he was wiped out. So if Sin-
dona was in the hands of "unknown powers," they must have been
unknown to him too, for they certainly deserted him when he
needed a friend. The powers, which seem to be connected with
Sindona, were the Mafia. For the main government witness
against him, Giorgio Ambroscoli, who had been appointed to
liquidate the Sindona controlled banks in Italy, was killed in Milan.
No one was ever charged with the crime.
Sindona had to flee to America where after another bank failure
he was arrested and brought to trial and sentenced to five years
on "65 counts of conspiracy, fraud and perjury."4 The truth that
must be grasped in this whole Sindona scenario is that Sindona,
who drew a lot of attention to the Vatican, is now out of com-
mission and thoroughly discredited. But the Vatican is still there,
directing would-be conspiracy hunters away from the Vatican
conspiracy to Insider, Bilderberger or other shadowy conspiracies.
The enduring nature of the Vatican power base makes it a prime
suspect in the field of conspiracy.
Michele Sindona was at one time one of the most powerful men
in Italy. He was also closely identified with Vatican finances. It
seems to us that there is much more substance to the assertion
that Sindona was probably "done in" by the Vatican instead of
vice-versa. Sindona was about to be investigated by the Italian
government. The man sent to investigate his bank, who unearthed
many things, some of them probably not complimentary to the
Vatican, was murdered for his trouble. Yallop believes that he was
murdered by the Mafia. However it appears obvious that Sindona
had now become a very possible international embarrassment to
the Vatican, and he himself maintained that he fled to the United
states to escape being murdered.
After arriving here, even the bank that he owned in the United
States went under. Again the only power on earth able to bring
banks down in any one of fifty countries is the Vatican. It not only
wields great financial clout but has hundreds of dedicated
devotees in powerful positions in banks and financial institutions,
which it does not even control, to help fulfil its plans. Sindona went
down, down, down without a friend to help. His financial fortune for
the most part disappeared almost over night. Yallop believes that
Sindona is a suspect behind the murder of Pope John Paul I. It
seems that Sindona for all his mystery really had little or no clout
at all in the end. He just went to jail. As Hammer
points out in his book, "THE VATICAN CONNECTION," the Roman
Catholic New York policeman, who linked the Vatican to the Mafia
and to a billion dollar counterfeit scam, when nothing was ever
done to bring the culprits to justice, said he had finally realized that
if you are powerful enough, you are beyond the reach of the law.
Sindona was not that powerful!
Hammer says of Coffey, the New York Irish American Roman
Catholic policeman, who had tracked the links of the Mafia right
into the heart of the Vatican in a billion dollar counterfeit scheme
so vast that few would believe it:
There had been months of plodding along twisted and
tangled pathways that seemed to be leading nowhere, and
moments of startling breakthrough and discovery...Often dur-
ing those years as the scope of the hunt and its consequence
became clear, he had been convinced that this was what he
had been born to do, that this would be the capstone of his
career. And now it was over, ended not with the glittering vic-
tories he had foreseen but on a sour and cynical note. HE
NOT APPLY TO THEM.5 (emphasis ours)
The main lesson that Hammer's book teaches is that it is easier
to bring down the President of the United States than a crook in
the Vatican.
When the investigation ended, Aronwald, who was testifying
before a Senate sub-committee in Washington said:
Because of serious allegations that had been made with res-
pect to someone in the Vatican although the name of the in-
dividual was never given, the Department of Justice made
contacts with the Vatican and obtained their cooperation... As
a result of our visit and a result of the cooperation of the
Vatican, we were able to conclude that there was no sub-
stance to the allegation that anyone within the Vatican was
cuipably involved in this scheme.6
In other words, there was a complete whitewash of the whole
investigation. So while the real criminals go free, lesser men are
prosecuted and sent to jail. Michele Sindona was one of the ones
who went to jail. So although a financial wizard, in some ways he
proved to be quite vulnerable in the end while the Vatican men roll
on without batting an eye, cleared of all culpability.
The charges against Sindona were also the same as those made
against Nogara, the financial wizard who put the Vatican on the
map financially. Nogara was the brains behind the reorganization
of the whole financial structure of the Vatican in 1929. He
succeeded in moving the Vatican fortunes from millions to billions
before he retired in 1958. However, he was investigated on the
charges that he was a Mason and belonged to a secret masonic
society and was secretly conspiring against the Vatican. The same
old story trotted out against Sindona and also written large in
modern books dealing with Conspiracy. (See Yallop, Allen, and
Bowen for corroboration.)
Not only was Nogara not a Masonic man, nor a conspirator
against the "church," he was one of the most loyal hard working
sons of the "church" that Italy ever produced. Not only was he not
out to ruin the Vatican, he helped it on to such financial success
that it now has become one of the richest organizations on earth.
When the investigation was completed by the Vatican loyalists, the
taciturn Nogara was completely exonerated of all charges against
him, and the record showed that he was completely trustworthy, a
loyal son of the Vatican in every respect. Yet these rumors and
charges persist in every generation and are still being made today.
We believe that the reason we hear of "secret Masonic con-
spiracies" is to keep the idea of a mock conspiracy before the
people to keep them from seeing the real thing. These writers lack
one thing in their writings on conspiracy, and that is an in-depth
exegesis of Revelation 17-18. They focus attention on the Masons
to draw away attention from the Vatican and to create sympathy for
the Pope and Papacy, who are then considered victims of the
conspiracy rather than the brains behind it. 2. The second theory
that we see written large in contemporary works is the Insider
theory. That is, that a certain group of financiers are at work to
control the world. Gary Allen, of course, postulates this idea as do
others like William Bowen. Allen states:
In the Bolshevik Revolution we have some of the world's richest
and most powerful men financing a movement which claims its
very existence is based upon the concept of stripping of their
wealth men like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs,
Warburgs, Morgans, and Harrimans, and Milners. But
obviously these men have no fear of international communism.
It is only to assume that if they financed it and do not fear it, it
must be because they control it.... Remember that for 150
years it has been standard operating procedure of the
Rothschilds and their allies to control both sides of every
It certainly is easy to direct attention toward the Rothschilds
because of their great wealth and also because they are Jews.
What Allen fails to see is that every accusation that can be made
against the Rothschilds and their allies can also be made against
the Vatican with much more weight. The Rothschilds' wealth,
although immense, is not in the same league with the Vatican's.
The tentacles of the Rothschilds do not reach into every govern-
ment on earth with anything approaching the same degree as the
Vatican's. The longevity of the alleged conspiracy of the Roths-
childs, according to Allen himself, goes back a mere 150 years—
again nothing in comparison to the Papacy whose global ambitions
and intrigue go back more than a thousand years.
Again the idea of operating on both sides of every major conflict
with which Allen charges the Rothschilds can be seen in the history
of Vatican power politics with far greater documentation to support
it. It can even be seen right now in Central America at this very
moment. The Vatican is on both sides in El Salvador and
Nicaragua, and the intrigue of the Jesuits on both sides of the
conflicts is causing such an uproar that the Pope traveled there to
try to defuse the embarrassing situation. 3. The third idea of the
conspiracy that faces America is "Secular humanism." William
Bowen in his book, "GLOBALISM-AMERICA'S DEMISE," spends
much time and effort trying to pin America's troubles on the secular
humanists. This has become a popular theme with other
conservative writers as well. We would be the last to downplay the
effect that secular humanism has had on America, but we do not
think that secular humanism is the global conspiracy that confronts
the world.
In fact we believe that the flurry over secular humanism at the
present time is another case of misdirection. The real conspiracy is
much more closely knit and has much clearer goals. The drift of
America from her Protestant moorings allows the religious men to
take over. We get tired of listening to those who speak of America's
Judeo-Christian ethic. America was founded upon historic Bible
Protestantism. Anyone who has studied early American history
knows that her people were made up of the persecuted Protestants
of Europe who fled here for a refuge and built the greatest country
the world has ever seen. It was built solidly on English-Puritanism,
Scottish Presbyterianism, Scots-lrish-Presbyterianism, German
Pietism and Dutch Calvinism. As for Jews and Roman Catholics,
they were almost unheard of in the early days of America. And they
certainly had little or no influence outside Rhode Island and
Maryland. Why do we never hear of this in any of the writings which
conservatives write today? You would think that American liberties
came from the Jews and Roman Catholics. America is going down
because the Protestant Puritan ethic upon which she was founded
is being replaced not by a secular humanism but by an effete false
religion which will not mention the past but will praise the Roman
anti-christ. This is the crux of America's trouble. God judges
idolatry whether our half-baked modern Protestant Christian writers
realize it or not. America is going down not from secular humanism
nor a false pietism but from a love affair with idolatry and false
It is indeed very strange that we hear nothing about the
Inquisition today. In reading the "STEALING OF AMERICA," we
note that the secular humanists are the ones we have to fear.
When illustrations are drawn of persecutions in the past, mention is
made of the early Christians, who were thrown to the lions in the
Roman arena and of Christians, who were tortured under Com-
munism in Eastern Europe.
Various philosophers are named in recent books as the cause of
the downfall of western civilization. In all this plethora of writing
about the demise of America because of certain sinister forces, no
mention is ever made of the Inquisition which lasted 500 years. Is
that not passing strange?
We hear of the Hordes of the French Revolution but not tne
Massacre of St. Bartholmew's Day, carried out not by atheists,
secular humanists or a totalitarian state, but by those claiming to
be religious and belonging to the only true "church." Secular
humanism is made out to be the unstoppable force while
Romanism flourishes in America as never before. While misguided
Protestants stare at "Secular Humanism," Romanism controls the
White House, the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the Congress, and most of the
leading posts in the present Reagan Administration. Manhattan
The existence of such an organically oriented Catholic body
would have been a matter of concern itself, but the fact that it
enjoyed the patronage of the most eminent individuals of the
U.S. political intelligence and military establishment, made
their presence one of profound disquiet. The list, although
minimal, was impressive: from General Alexander Haig,
Secretary of State, (since deposed) to Mr. Casey, head of the
Central Intelligence Agency; from D. Regan of the U.S.
Treasury to Mr. Allen of the National Security; from Mrs.
Kirkpatrick, UNO, to W. Clark, who replaced Allen in 1982, to
W.S. Wilson, the U.S. envoy at the Vatican and a convert to
Catholicism, and many others in less glamorous but none-
theless very influential posts up and down the administration.8
As of this writing President Reagan has appointed an am-
bassador to the Vatican, and he has pledged that if reelected he
would fight for the family in the spirit of Pope John Paul II. So
Vatican influence is written large in American politics today. (As for
fighting for the family, the papacy has been the greatest enemy of
the family in most Roman Catholic countries in the world, grinding
the family under its tyrannical heel all over Central America, South
America, Southern Europe, Eire, and wherever it has been
entrenched for centuries.)
The blackout which has been thrown over the Inquisition and the
massacres and persecutions of Romanism apparently is no
accident. Conservative writers apparently believe that the United
States has nothing to fear from the Vatican, and therefore, they
seem to have tacitly agreed not to mention known historical horrors
connected with Rome's global ambitions.
The use of the word "Christian" today by many of these writers,
who would alert us to the evils that confront us, is obviously an
omnibus term. It obviously includes in its meaning, as used today,
the unchristian religion of Romanism.
So in saving America from the secular humanist conspiracy, we
are being herded along with Romanism to do the job. Such writing
leaves a lot to be desired as far as the Biblical Christian is
concerned. One has only to look at a nation where Romanism
holds absolute sway to see that the Vatican can match anything
any secular state has ever produced in the way of suppression and
Biblical Christians, keep to your Bibles! Do not be misled even
by sincere men, who have not done their homework in church
history nor apparently in Bible Doctrine.
4. The fourth idea put forward to misdirect us concerning the
Global Conspiracy is the Usurper Theory. This theory links the
Vatican to the conspiracy but maintains that the Pope is kidnapped
or killed and his place taken by another man who is a Communist
or atheist.
The idea is written large in contemporary works although it is not
new. The Novel, "THE JANUS POPE," is a story about the real pope
being kidnapped and a Communist put in his place. Although this
book has some of the characters saying nasty things about the
Vatican, the idea that the Pope is God's representative or God's
deputy is put forward a number of times. So the author apparently
views the pope as Christ's vicar upon earth.
Malachi Martin in his book, "THE FINAL CONCLAVE," also
alludes to this idea of usurpation. The national news media also
gave large coverage to the Bulgarian Connection in their attempts
to assassinate the Pope. So that the impression is given to the un-
thinking that the real conspiracy, even though it does involve the
papacy, involves it only as the target of the intrigue and not as the
originator of it.
points out that even Roman Catholic expositors see the papacy in
Revelation 17 and 18.
From Joachim's's mind even WITHIN THE
ROMISH CHURCH, became accustomed to the idea that the
apocalyptic Babylon was in some sense or other not only
Pagan but PAPAL ROME; and that Antichrist was to sit,
whether as an usurper or not, on the throne of the papacy.9
(emphasis ours)
Joachim was Abbot of Flores in the 12th Century. He denounced
even back then the corruption of the Roman clergy, the issue of
indulgences, the deification of the Roman Church and the
Crusades. He saw in the Revelation the description of the Papacy
as Mystery Babylon the Great and the Mother of Harlot religion.
So with such a crushing weight to dispose of, it is not surprising
that the idea of a usurper upon the seat of the papacy is written
large in contemporary thought. Something had to be done to offset
Protestant suspicions of a secret cabal in the heart of the Vatican.
So a massive propaganda effort to educate Protestants in the
niceties of the papacy and the evil machinations of some other
shadowy conspirators out to destroy this nice institution had to be
launched. The sad thing is that apparently millions of Protestants
have bought this idea without even a second thought. Malachi
Martin, a former Jesuit, may still imagine that there are many
Protestants who believe in this secret cabal in the heart of the
Vatican, but in actuality their number is very, very small. By far the
majority of modern Protestants have swallowed the Vatican line.
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Malachi Martin says:
For too long now those in the higher echelons of the Church
have been suspected of quite worldly aims: of secret-almost
cabalistic-designs on the rights, liberties, and freedoms of
ordinary people. Many a sincere modern Protestant is still
convinced that this is true.1
Martin was a former Jesuit professor. He seems to write from a
very open view point. But in his serious and even severe criticisms
of the Vatican in his books, "THE RISE AND FALL OF THE
never once criticizes the entity itself. Only things about it, bad
things to be sure, but not the historical reality—and to him—the
true and only church in all of history. Martin is very shrewd. His
open criticism of the church establishes him in the minds of millions
as an enemy of the church. He is far from it. But the idea that he is
a critical enemy gives much more weight to his writings in the eyes
of Protestants, thus enabling him to still latently push the idea of
the Pope as Christ's Vicar upon earth and the Roman Catholic
Church, the only true church that exists.
His contention that many a sincere modern Protestant still is
convinced that there is a cabal, an intrigue by a few powerful men
to take over the world, and that they are centered in the Vatican, is
probably less true now than at any point in Protestant history. We
would have to say that VERY FEW modern Protestants even view
the Papacy as other than another denomination, and even fewer
still see anything even approaching cabalistic designs on the part
of its leaders as the foregoing pages demonstrate. The powerful
impact of papal propaganda is beginning to show itself together
with the almost total apathy and indifference of most modern
Protestants to Bible Interpretation. The complete failure of anything
even approaching a Protestant solidarity against the obvious
encroachments of papal teachings in once Protestant America
proves the truth of the foregoing sentences.
The complete ignorance and apathy of most American Protes-
tants to the Vatican designs on America is, to say the least, dis-
turbing. Not only that, but even those, who are supposed to be in-
formed and even write books to warn Americans about the
dangers which this nation faces, never even mention Romanism
much less examine its goals for America.
We hear much about perversion today and of how America will
go down the tubes if the "Gays" have their way. But no one ever
mentions doctrinal perversion. Doctrinal perversion is always the
forerunner of sexual perversion. The Scriptures are clear at this
point. "Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge
God gave them over unto a reprobate mind to do those things
which are not convenient." The Scriptures teach clearly that the
wrath of God is revealed from heaven against those who hold back
the truth in unrighteousness. Doctrinal perversion leads to idolatry
which leads to sexual perversion according to Romans Chapter
When the Pope of Rome preaches the perverted doctrines of
Romanism, enforced celibacy, purgatory, Mariolatry, etc., he is as
much a threat to a pure America as any sexual pervert who
clamours for "Gay" rights. This is the truth that we must see today
or perish as a nation. Impure doctrines of demons affect a society
more than the impure actions of some of its members.
The nature of our battle is spiritual. When the Biblical truths of
the Word of God with which evil is defeated are replaced by the
satanic drivel of false religion, that society which experiences the
barrage of satanic drivel is every bit as bad off as any secular
humanist society. Secular humanism is not the only evil facing
North America! In fact, North America has far more to fear from
religious idolatry than it has from secular humanists.
Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Francis Schaeffer and Ronald
Reagan are all working to defeat the secular humanists. But none
of them even has one word to say about the religious idolatry
which curses America. Apparently, it is all right for that to flourish.
In other words as long as a person can say he is religious, he is
not considered a threat to the freedoms that many Americans still
hold dear.
We would have to say candidly; the judgment of God has a far
greater chance of falling upon America because of idolatrous false
religion than it does because of secular humanism. We op-
pose the atheistic humanists without reservation, but we do not
believe that this is where the heat of the battle rages in America
today. We believe that America's love affair with the Great Whore
who sits on the Tiber poses a far greater threat to America's
freedoms than any other evil which America faces today.
We recognize the power of Communism. We recognize the
power of Islam. We recognize the power of secular humanism. We
also recognize the power of Romanism; and we would have to say
that a candid look at America today will show that of the four evils
mentioned, Romanism constitutes by far the biggest internal threat
to America today than any of the others.
As America becomes more and more idolatrous, she comes
more and more under the indictment of the Second Command-
ment. God's wrath is repeatedly poured out in the Scriptures upon
his chosen people for their idolatry. (This sin is never mentioned
once by most modern writers.) In the second commandment, which
is not taught in Roman Catholic schools, God is spoken of as
"visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto the third and fourth
generation of them that hate me," a fearful judgment which our
modern writers never mention and perhaps do not even believe is
actual. This judgmental visitation of God upon succeeding genera-
tions is because of IDOLATRY, not atheism nor pornography.
It is great to make accusations against the Bilderbergers and the
Insiders and the llluminati because almost everyone in the world
can identify against such people. The very capability of being able
to identify against them, we believe, points up the weakness in
such accusations. According to the Word of God, which is
supposed to be the final authority for Bible Protestants, when false
Christs and false prophets arise, the only ones who are not
deceived are God's elect people. In other words, as we pointed out
in our first booklet, this world of people will go along with false
religion, the rise of Mystery Babylon the Great, and will worship the
It is only God's elect people who will in every generation stand
against the encroachments of religious evil. So if the evil is so
identified that most of the world can be antagonistic toward it, it is
in all probability not the beginning, middle or end of the final
apostate conglomerate, which is to rule the earth and be the cage
The Vatican has been the center of evil and uncleanness now
for more than a thousand years. It was the Mother of the Inquisition
which tortured, persecuted and martyred multiplied millions of
precious believers for 500 years. Wilder states in his careful study:
that the records of historians and martyrologists show that it
may be reasonable to estimate that from fifty to sixty-eight
millions of human beings died, suffered torture, lost their
possessions, or were otherwise devoured by the Roman
Catholic Church during the awful years of the Inquisition.2
According to Llorente, the official recorder for the Inquisition, until
he became absolutely revulsed by it, more than 300,000 victims
were immolated on the flaming faggots of the Spanish Inquisition
alone.3 It has been the effort of modern Roman Catholic writers to
try to play down the Inquisition and to deny its holocaust. But there
are many reputable historians, who recount its atrocities for those
interested in finding out the truth.
We have a two volume set which deals with the Spanish
Inquisitors in Holland. The pages are filled with account after ac-
count of torture and horror that would make our ears tingle. It tells of
one man who opposed the false doctrines of Rome, who was put
on a spit and slowly roasted over an open fire.4
The Vatican not only has been the center of cruelty and perse-
cution, it has also been the center of a never ending spate of false
doctrine and practice, which if the Bible is true, will lead most of its
adherents to a lost eternity. So that the true Bible believer, who is
interested in the salvation of souls from sin and from eternal death,
is impelled to stand against this onslaught and to warn those
caught up in it.
The fact that the Vatican is evil is, of course, admitted by some
Roman Catholic writers. They go into great detail in highlighting
some of its ancient and modern evils. But the bottom line is that the
Roman Catholic Church is the only true church in spite of the evils
of the Inquisition, the persecutions of the past, and even the
heinous crimes of some of the popes. Malachi Martin criticizes the
church severely. But one must be wary in reading such writings.
When Martin criticizes the Vatican, he is criticizing its financial
and secular dealings.  He is not criticizing its doctrines and
teachings. He points out in his book on the decline of the church
that it started to decline when it received all the money and land,
etc. from Constantine; from then on a struggle developed between
its spiritual mission and mammon. He even has in his latest books
ideas on how the church is to rid itself of its financial empire, but
what he fails to say is that there is to be no revision of nor ridding
itself of, its erroneous dogmas and teachings. This is the crux of
the whole matter.
To the Bible believing Protestant even if the Roman Catholic
Church divested itself of every dime (something that will never
happen if Revelation 17 and 18 are true) it would still be a reser-
voir of evil and error. Its unscriptural teaching on Purgatory is a
producer of great evil in several ways. It makes people believe
they can buy their way out of trouble in the hereafter, thus affecting
everything they do in this life. It also deceives them as to the true
nature of eternity so that those who die expecting to buy their way
out of purgatory will instead be lost forever in the lake of fire with
no hope of ever being released.
The unscriptural teaching inherent in the Mass is also a pro-
ducer of great evil. Millions live any old way but believe that by
taking a consecrated wafer from the hands of sinful man, they are
receiving Christ. The Reformers, Puritans, and early Methodists
called the Mass a blasphemous fable. They did not do this to be
nasty. They did it because they believed that a proper interpreta-
tion of the Scriptures proved that Christ died once for all and his
once for ali offering never needed to be repeated, for it was final,
full, and sufficient to deal with the problem of man's sin. No other
offering was needed, and so no other could ever be offered
especially by sinful men. The idea that sinful men could offer a
sacrifice for sins they rightly believed constituted blasphemy. The
reason they called it a fable was also established from Scripture.
"This is my body" is obviously a figure of speech and not to be
taken literally. Even as the cup, which is the New Testament in my
blood, is also a similar figure. No one ever argues for the actual
cup being the New Testament although thousands have engaged
in the controversy over the elements.
It is a fable to assume that by the magic of a priest the bread ac-
tually becomes the actual body of Christ. It is an egregious fable to
say the least. Yet this blasphemous fable is foisted upon an un-
suspecting Protestant populace almost nightly especially when
the Pope goes anywhere in the world today.
The unscriptural teaching of an enforced celibacy is also pushed
upon us until we almost vomit. As we write these words, the Pope
is visiting Canada. We get his face on every television news
program and his speeches in every newspaper. In the Altoona
Mirror, September 10, 1984, we were told this about the Pope in
John Paul began his twelve day tour of Canada on Sunday
and followed his custom of getting straight to the point on
controversial religious issues by reaffirming the Catholic (the
writer obviously means Roman Catholic, and there is an eter-
nal difference) Church's stand that priests and nuns must
never marry.
Three things need to be said about this statement.
1. The Bible says that an enforced celibacy is a doctrine of
demons. I Timothy 4:1-3.
Now the Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times some
shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and
doctrines of demons; speaking lies in hypocrisy having their
conscience seared with a hot iron; FORBIDDING TO
So according to the Bible those who forbid others to marry are
a. departed from the faith.
b. heeding seducing spirits
c. teaching doctrines of demons
d. speaking lies
e. in hypocrisy (not only lies you see but hypocritical ones)
having their conscience seared with a hot iron.
What a devasting indictment from God's inspired, infallible,
inerrant and authoritative Word!
2. Notice it is all right for the Pope to go right to the point on con
troversial religious issues. Let any Protestant such as Ian Paisley,
do the same thing, and he is immediately called a preacher of
sectarianism, an arch-bigot or worse. Nobody calls the Pope
an arch bigot, or Preacher of Sectarianism, even though he
comes out with some of the most bigoted sectarian statements
that ever appear in our modern newspapers.
3. Just a few months ago seven Roman Catholic priests were in-
volved in a sexual scandal with a young woman in California. News
about the incident was sketchy as anything detrimental to Rome's
good image seldom is considered newsworthy. However, we did
learn the following facts. The young woman wanted to be a nun.
She met with these priests who seduced her. She finally gave birth
to a baby in the Philippines where the priests had sent her on the
pretext that she was there studying. They had promised her
money. When the money failed to come, she filed a paternity suit
against the seven since they all apparently were involved with her.
The filing of the suit is what brought the story into the news. We
never heard another thing about it except that the Roman Catholic
spokesman in Los Angeles intimated that the girl was of low morals
and that was why she got the priests involved with her. This resulted
in a second suit filed by the girl for defamation of character. She
maintained that she was perfectly innocent of the charges and that
she went at the start to be a nun in good faith and that the reason
she submitted to all seven was because she was under their
authority. So much for enforced celibacy! It is indeed a doctrine of
demons and the producer of an immorality in the monastic sphere
that has been legendary since the Middle Ages. The Bible does
state that a person does not have to marry if he does not want to,
but no one has the right to enforce that upon those who cannot
bear it, for the Scripture also states categorically that it is better to
marry than to be in a burning passion.
At the very time this story of the seven priests was told once and
never mentioned again, the three part drama, "CELEBRITY," was
bring shown on a major network. We did not see the three parts,
but we did see the end of the last part and gathered that the entire
piece of fictional propaganda was directed against Bible
Protestantism. The young man who was the center piece of this
drama was a former rapist, who later became a Protestant
evangelist. He was shown going kind of berserk. He shot his friend
to death for being a homosexual. (Making out Protestant
evangelists to be killers instead of portraying the sexual perverts as
those who go around killing people, which would be much closer to
the truth). At his trial he was stabbed to death by the woman he
had formerly raped and left for dead, who apparently had not died.
So this whole sorry show was a well orchestrated at-
tempt to denigrate Protestant evangelists.
We recognize that there are unsavory characters in Protestant
circles, who make money off the unsuspecting, but are they the
only circles where unsavory characters reside? To look at the
modern Hollywood movie industry the answer is a resounding yes.
It is well then that the actual events of life help to counterbalance
the bigoted trash of modern Hollywood and the hypocritical
remarks of a Polish Pope.
The enduring nature of Romanism is a sign that it is a devil-
inspired conspiracy in a unique sense. After some of the most cruel
atrocities of history, combined with the gross immoralities, which
have been part and parcel of the whole system, it has still
managed not only to survive but to grow.
Cardinal Manning said, "The Catholic Church is either the
masterpiece of Satan or the Kingdom of God." Cardinal Newman
declared, "Either the Church of Rome is the house of God or the
house of Satan."5 According then to two of its most famous
representatives our choices are very limited as to the origin and
nature of Romanism. It is either of God or of Satan.
To the Bible-believing Protestant, God is holy and His church is
also holy. When the origins of the Roman Catholic church are
examined, they point to Satan rather than to Christ. Martin in his
the method used in electing popes. "Vicious enmities were created.
Blood was shed. Lives were taken."6 He goes on to say:
At the election of Pope Damasus I in A.D. 366, thirty-seven
corpses littered the environs of the Liberian Basilica after a
fracas between the followers of Damasus and his archrival,
He goes into much greater detail later on and tells about Pope
Stephen bringing his archrival before him with his knee caps
broken, his body whipped, and his eyes carved out. He further
Within a year, Pope Stephen will have used Duke Desiderius
to get Christophorus, Sergius, and Gratiosus imprisoned, first
their eyes cut out, then their lives ended. He then will
turn on Desiderius and by December of 771 will encompass
his ruin and death.8
Martin again:
The high point in Marozia's career came at the end of her
very long life when she was visited in her Roman prison by an
emperor who had just seized possession of the city—Otto III, a
successor of Charlemagne. He had only one reason for
visiting Marozia—to lay his eyes on the woman who was the
mother of a pope, whom she had conceived by another pope,
and who was the aunt of a third pope, the grandmother of a
fourth pope, and with the help of her own mother, the creator
of nine popes in eight years, of whom two had been strangled,
one suffocated with a cushion, and four deposed and disposed
of in circumstances that have never come to public light.9
So reads the pages of Martin's book. Martin still believes in the
Roman Catholic Church, but we ask the question how could any
one believe that the Roman Cult is the kingdom of God after
reading his book and after studying church history? It is absolutely
inconceivable that the Holy Spirit of Truth has been connected with
such atrocities, crimes, errors, and intrigues, for centuries. It is a
spiritual and moral impossibility.
Nevertheless the Vatican has always shown great resiliency and
adaptability in keeping abreast of national and international
changes. It is working tirelessly toward one goal to bring the entire
world to the feet of the Roman Pontiff. The methods used to
achieve this goal have included and do include (as we have seen
above) murder, massacre, Marxism, propaganda, irenic dialogue,
revolution, repression, assassination, education, kindness, coer-
cion, brotherhood, charity, monasticism, enforced celibacy, Jesuit
casuistry, intrigue, financial threats and chicanery, and last but
certainly not least, a global conspiracy with an historical continuity,
and loyal henchmen to see that it continues to endure, un-
surpassed in the annals of recorded history. The ends justify the
means is no empty slogan, but the modus operandi of the global
aspirations of the Jesuits and the Vatican.
As the final stages of the great Satanic religious conspiracy
break upon the world, Bible believers need to watch their religious
affiliation and fellowship. According to Revelation 18:4, some of
God's people are mixed up in the end-time unholy amalgam of
Rome's Harlot religion and the one world church. The Word says,
"Come out of her, my people, that you be not partaker of her sins,
and receive not of her plagues." The one World Church, which will
be dominated by Rome and ruled over by the Pope, is looming on
the horizon. It may be years before we see the full-orbed picture of
Mystery Babylon the Great in its final form, but every true Bible-
believer in every generation stands against the Roman Catholic
institution, for he sees in it all the seeds of the final apostate
conglomerate which is described in Revelation chapters 17-19.

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