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Monday, 2 July 2012

21st Century Jesuit Wars: Pope’s American Empire & NATO to War on Shia Iran this article is from eric jon phelps website

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NATO in Green; Russian Federation in Orange, 2012 (Russia is not part of NATO!)
As we head into Summer next month, your Editor thought it expedient to further clarify his position on key events yet to unfold.  Remembering the high-level, Satan-worshipping Jesuits are the masters of contingency—as are all epic military generals, it is important a terse review be given of potential scenarios most likely to occur.  We must think dialectically, comprehending several trains of thought simultaneously that we may arrive at the right conclusion of the present martial Hegelian Dialect controlled by the Jesuit Superior General from his war room, Borgo Santo Spirito, in Rome.

Pope Pius XII and his Jesuit Wars, 20th Century
In beginning, we must identify the specific parties to the coming global conflict.  In the socialist-fascist AXIS arena are the world’s two foremost, Jesuit-created empires.   First is the pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment, cartel-corporate, socialist-fascist, socialist-communist, de facto American Empire, the de jure government of the 14th Amendment American “National” Republic founded in 1868 having been cleverly replaced with a de facto Emergency War Powers government by an executive order of that wicked Masonic president, Commander-in-Chief FDR, on March 6, 1933.  The Jesuits, ruling their diabolical American empire, have subjugated the empire’s multi-racial, multi-national, multi-religious populations into fighting papal crusades as well as paying for those crusades via commercial slavery/income-excise taxation, while its de facto Emergency War Powers government wages ceaseless war (from the Spanish-American War of 1898 to the present) in restoring the pope’s political Temporal Power around the world. 

White Protestant British Empire in Red, 1897
The Second AXIS power is fascist NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) founded after the pope’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) during which the world’s foremost White Protestant European nations—Germany and Great Britain—(as well as White Orthodox Russia) first annihilated the flower of their White Protestant manhood and power of their White Protestant geopolitical empires (WWI)Jesuit temporal coadjutors on both sides then implemented the Black Pope’s coup d’ grace, namely, the calculated mass-rape and murder of Germany’s White Protestant civilians (no matter how many Roman Catholics perished!) culminating in the death of “heretic” White Protestant Prussia (WWII)!  Hence, the pope’s de facto American Empire (t0 include Canada and Mexico in the North American Union) and NATO are the AXIS powers presently united and yet to be unleashed against “infidel” Shia Iran.

White Protestant Prussia's German Empire, 1871
In the socialist-communist ALLIED corner are the world’s two emerging, Jesuit-created empires to rule Eastern Europe and Asia.  First is the Soviet Union, now deceptively termed “The Russian Federation” after the “official ending” of the  pope’s Cold War Hoax in 1991 premised upon the pope’s Airborne Nuclear War Hoax (1945-present).  As per your Editor’s writings and his VAIII, it was Rome, via RIIA/London and CFR/Washington, that orchestrated the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequently built the Soviet Union’s military industrial complex.  From Lenin being tutored by British Fabian Socialist Sydney Webb; from Masonic Jewish industrialist Armand Hammer overseeing the importation of Fordson tractors in the 1920s; from White Gentile Freemason Henry Ford supplying American manpower from Detroit to run the Gorky auto plant in the 1930s; from White Gentile “Skull and Bonesman” Averell Harriman giving Freemason “Uncle Joe” Stalin $11.3 billion under the Lend-Lease giveaway in 1941; from Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta William J. Casey heading the U.S. Export-Import Bank financing the building of the Kama River truck factory in the 1970s, etc., the entire Russian military establishment and infrastructure has been financed and engineered by the Black Pope’s CFR-controlled de facto American Emergency War Powers government working in conjunction with the Black Pope’s British Crown and RIIA/Chatham House-ruled British government.

I.N.R.I.: "It is just to kill impius (Anti-Pope) kings"---Like Oliver Cromwell, King Umberto I, Czars Alexander I & II and President John F. Kennedy!
The Second ALLIED power is communist Red China created after the pope’s Second Thirty Years’ War in 1949.  CFR-directed Papal slaves Masonic George C. Marshall and Dean Acheson facilitated the successful communist revolution in 1949; Masonic “Dirty” Harry Truman, having issued the Second Emergency War Powers edict in 1950 (still in effect with FDR’s edict of 1933), then launched the Korean War, America’s first war without a congressional declaration of war as mandated by the Presbyterian Calvinist US Constitution.  Masonic Truman subsequently relieved Masonic General MacArthur of his command for attempting to win the Korean War while the armies of General Chang kai-shek were betrayed and neutralized by Washington’s CFR-directed State Department (controlled by Francis Cardinal Spellman).  Hence, the anti-communist Chinese nationalists were prevented from dealing a death blow to Masonic Mao Zedong and his communists.  Therefore, the communist ALLIED powers that are to fight—and subsequently defeat—the fascist AXIS powers are now in place and are seriously preparing for war.
The chain of events leading to war and defeat for North America may be as follows:

USS Enterprise underway in Atlantic to Persian Gulf, 2012
First, a “terrorist event” must come to pass that will accomplish two things: martial law in the U.S. and war with “infidel” Iran hated by the Jesuit Papacy and her Sunni Muslim nations.  That “event” may be the killing of Masonic Barry Davis Obama by “an Iranian;” or, the destruction of the Capitol in Washington by an “Iranian bomber;” or, the demolition of the Sears Tower conveniently owned by New York City’s WTC owner at the time of 911, Masonic Jew Larry Silverstein; or, the sinking of the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf by an “Iranian” aerial attack; or even the killing of Pope Benedict XVI by an Iranian Shia Muslim, then to unite not only the US but NATO (including anti-Shia, Sunni Muslim Turkey) in a war of annihilation of Shia Islam sought by Rome for the last 1300 years.

Russian Igor Panarin: Breakup of US: Pope's Catholic EU to occupy White Catholic Northeast
Secondly, after the successful NAU/NATO crusade against Shia Iran, Sunni Turkey leading the Sunni Muslim world will break away from NATO and side with Russia.  NATO will dissolve, morphing into EU forces, then to break away from its coalition with the NAU.  For the US alone will be blamed for the destruction of Mecca, Medina and the Jerusalem mosques.  Because of this “outrage,” the pope’s beloved Roman Catholic EU (Revived Roman Empire, Revelation 13:1-2) will then side with the communist Allied powers, just as anti-Jew, crypto-fascist Jesuit Stalin sided with communist Jesuit FDR and communist Jesuit Churchill after anti-Jew, fascist/Nazi Jesuit Hitler invaded Russia in 1941.

Red Chinese 500 million man Army, 2011
Thirdly, China will side with Russia and Sunni Islam for the subsequent Sino-Soviet-Muslim-EU invasion of North America.  With the betrayal of U.S. forces by the Order’s Joint Chiefs of Staff running the pope’s Pentagon, American borders and coastlines will be wide open for massive invasion.  Then the end will come for the NAU, to be partitioned by the pope’s victors.  Your Editor believes the Northeast from Pennsylvania to Maine will be occupied by the pope’s EU taking the invaluable ports of Halifax, Boston, New York and Philadelphia after the pope’s White fascist American Department of “Romeland” Security has “purged and liquidated” all Blacks from the region.

Jonathan Edwards, God's Man of First Great Awakening, 1730-1750
May the Risen Son of God send us a few prayerful and powerful preachers to bring about a Fourth Great Awakening among his true churches in North America.  Then may He send is AV1611 Bible-reading leaders to engage the socialist-fascist, socialist-communist, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Atheist invading enemy at the gates.  And may God’s men be valiant for the truth in the earth, fighting the good fight of faith, which fight must extend into temporal battlefields as proven by true history documenting the ceaseless wars incited by the Counter-Reformation Jesuits against the Reformation Calvinists.

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