The Jesuit New World Order

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Vatican Assassins:
“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”

Eric Jon Phelps By the 1860s the Jesuits began to experience some serious setbacks
particularly at the hand of Protestant Germany. In 1866 the Germans trounced Austria,
the heart of the Holy Alliance, with the Prussian and Austrian War. This infuriated
the Jesuits! So four years later, the Jesuits used Napoleon III to start a war with
Germany. France was shamefully beaten, further enraging the Jesuits! Of the Jesuit
influence causing the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 we read:
“While the French army was spilling its blood in the four corners of the
world, and getting weaker defending interests which were not hers,
Prussia, under the heavy hand of the future ‘iron chancellor’, was busy
expanding its military might in order to unite the German states in a
single block. Austria was the first victim of its will and power. In
agreement with Prussia which was to seize the Danish duchies of
Schleswig and Holstein, Austria was cheated by her accomplice. The
war which followed, was soon won by Prussia at Sadowa on the 3rd of
July, 1866. It was a terrible blow for the ancient Hapsburg monarchy
that was declining; the blow was just as hard for the Vatican, as Austria
had been for so long its most faithful stronghold within the Germanic
lands.   From now on, Protestant Prussia will exercise her hegemony
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Chapter 29
over them. Unless . . . the Roman Church finds a ‘secular arm’ capable
of stopping completely the expansion of the ‘heretic’ power. But who
can play this part in Europe apart from the French Empire? Napoleon III,
‘the man sent by Providence’, will have the honor of avenging
Sadowa . . .
France herself declared war: this war of 1870 was proved by history to be
the work of the Jesuits.” {7} [Emphasis added]
Again we read the Jesuits are guilty of:
“ . . . their complicity in the plots against the life of Queen
Elizabeth…their responsibility for kindling the Thirty Years’ War . . .
their decisive influence in causing the revocation of the Edict of
Nantes . . . and their accountability for precipitating the
Franco-German War of 1870.” {8} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, the Jesuit hand in causing the Franco-Prussian War of
1870 must be obvious to you if the catastrophe called “the Twentieth Century” is to
be understood. For if the Jesuits caused the War of 1870, they surely caused World
War I. And if their armies were victorious in World War I, they controlled the
plunder of Germany called “the Treaty of Versailles.” And if they were behind that
most infamous treaty, they caused World War II. And if their Allied Armies were
victorious in World War II, they controlled the agreements at Yalta, Potsdam, Cairo
and Tehran. And if they controlled those conferences, they authored the Cold War —
the Jesuits’ Communist Inquisition behind the “Iron and Bamboo Curtains.”
International socialist-communism was then aided and abetted by the Jesuits’
financial and military colossus, the American Empire, as the Jesuit-controlled John
Birch Society – named after a Baptist martyr in China!! – has so ably proven. And if
the Jesuits began the Cold War in 1945, they, with the stroke of a pen in the hands of
George H. W. Bush (CIA) and Mikhail Gorbachev (KGB), ended it at Malta in
1989, only to continue to “make relentless war on all heretics and liberals.”
Therefore, since the Jesuits have supposedly ended the Cold War, are they
ready to strike their next great blow upon the American Empire? That blow will tend
to further consolidate Europe into a revived “Holy Roman Empire.” What national
crisis will result in the rise of an absolutist, right wing military dictatorship? Would
that military dictatorship attempt the annihilation of the American Jewish “heretics”
ultimately resulting in a massive Sino-Soviet-Moslem-Mexican-Cuban invasion and
occupation, thereby destroying American Protestant and Baptist “heretics”? This is
the same agenda the Jesuits used to destroy the Protestant German Empire (its
unification having been financed by a Jew, Bleichroder) and the Jews of Europe
during World Wars I and II. Whatever the attack may be, it will surely be pursuant to
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Vatican Assassins
the Council of Trent! And if President Kennedy had prematurely ended the Cold
War and destroyed the CIA, the long range agenda of the Devil ruling the world
through his risen Papal Caesar from Jerusalem, would never have been fulfilled
within his time frame established through his Jesuit General and High Command.)
As a result of German victories during the war of 1870, Napoleon III had to
withdraw his French troops from Rome. They had protected the Temporal Power of
the Pope since 1849. When the French withdrew, the Italians took Rome, creating the
sovereign Kingdom of Italy. The loss of the Pope’s Temporal Power further enraged
the Jesuits as they blamed Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm I and Prince Bismarck. Both
Italy and Germany would pay dearly for this, as the Protestant Kaiser, upon resigning,
would be driven into exile (thanks to Grand Orient German Freemasonry) in
preparing for World War II — the apex of the “extirpation of heretics and liberals”
during the Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’ War.
When the jubilant Italians liberated Rome, Victor Emmanuel II became the
King of Italy. Pius IX fled Rome and declared himself a prisoner in the castle of St.
Angelo. He then excommunicated Victor Emmanuel II with the following words:
“By the Authority of Almighty God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
and of the Holy Canons, and of the undefiled Virgin Mary, mother and
nurse of our Saviour; and of the celestial virtues, angels, archangels,
thrones, dominions, powers, cherubims, and seraphims; and of all the
holy patriarchs and prophets; and of the apostles and evangelists; and of
the holy innocents, who, in the sight of the Holy Lamb, are found
worthy to sing the new song; and of the holy martyrs and holy
confessors, and of the holy virgins, and of the saints, together with all
the holy and elect of God: we excommunicate and anathematize him,
and from the threshold of the holy church of God Almighty we
sequester him, that he may be tormented in eternal excruciating
sufferings, together with Dathan and Abiram, and those who say to the
Lord God, ‘Depart from us; we desire none of thy ways.’ And as fire is
quenched by water, so let the light of him be put out forever more. May
the Son who suffered for us, curse him. May the Father who created
man, curse him. May the Holy Ghost which was given to us in our
baptism, curse him. May the Holy Cross which Christ, for our salvation,
triumphing over his enemies, ascended, curse him. May the Holy and
eternal Virgin Mary, mother of God, curse him. May St. Michael the
advocate of holy souls, curse him. May all the angels and archangels,
principalities and powers, and all the heavenly armies, curse him. May
St. John the precursor, and St. Peter, and St. Paul, and St. John the
Baptist, and St. Andrew, and all other Christ’s apostles,
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Chapter 29
together curse him, and may the rest of his disciples and four
Evangelists, who by their preaching converted the universal world, —
and may the holy and wonderful company of martyrs and confessors,
who by their holy work are found pleasing to God Almighty, — curse
him. May the Choir of the Holy Virgins, who for the honor of Christ
have despised the things of this world, damn him. May all the saints
who from the beginning of the world, and everlasting ages are found to
be beloved of God, damn him. May the heavens and the earth, and all
things remaining therein, damn him. May he be damned wherever he
may be; whether in the house or in the field, whether in the highway or
in the byway, whether in the wood or water, or whether in the church.
May he be cursed in living and dying, in eating and drinking, in fasting
and thirsting, in slumbering and sleeping, in watching or walking, in
standing or sitting, in lying down or walking mingendo cancando, and
in all blood-letting. May he be cursed in all the faculties of his body.
May he be cursed inwardly and outwardly. May he be cursed in his hair.
May he be cursed in his brain. May he be cursed in the crown of his
head and in his temples. In his forehead and in his ears. In his eyebrows
and in his cheeks. In his jaw-bones and his nostrils. In his foreteeth and
in his grinders. In his lips and in his throat. In his shoulders and in his
wrists. In his arms, his hands, and in his fingers. May he be damned in
his mouth, in his breast, in his heart, and in all the viscera of his body.
May he be damned in his veins and in his groin; in his thighs; in his hips
and in his knees; in his legs, feet, and toe-nails.
May he be cursed in all the joints and articulations of his body. From
the top of his head to the sole of his foot may there be no soundness in
him. May the Son of the living God, with all the glory of His Majesty,
curse him; and may heaven, with all the powers that move therein, rise
up against him — curse him and damn him! Amen. So let it be! Amen.”
(Dear truth-seeker, why did not Pope Pius XII excommunicate Adolf Hitler as Papal
Caesar Pius IX excommunicated Victor Emmanuel? Simple. Hitler upheld the
Pope’s evil Temporal Power, but Emmanuel destroyed it. Further, like Surratt,
Hitler was given the honor of “A Solemn High Requiem Mass” upon his “death.”)
Pius IX in 1864 had condemned “progress, liberalism (popular government)
and civilization” with his Syllabus of Errors. Since “the penholders of the Pope are
Jesuits” those demon-possessed “sons of Satan” wrote the Syllabus. The eighty
“errors of civilization” were made part of the teaching of the First Vatican Council
of 1870, known as “Vatican I.” Some of those “errors” were and are as follows:
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Vatican Assassins
“Reprobated, forbidden, and condemned is the proposition (No. 15 of
the Syllabus): ‘Every man, guided by the light of reason, is free to adopt
and to recognize whatever religion he considers to be the true one.’
Reprobated, forbidden and condemned is the proposition (No. 16 of
the Syllabus): ‘By the exercise of any religion whatsoever men may find
the way to eternal salvation and attain eternal happiness.’
Reprobated, forbidden and condemned is the proposition (No. 18 of
the Syllabus): ‘Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the
same true Christian religion, and one may be in it as acceptable to God
as in the Catholic Church.’
Reprobated, forbidden and condemned is the proposition (No. 55 of
the Syllabus): ‘The Church shall be separate from the State, and the
State from the Church.’
Finally there is still the proposition (No. 80 of the Syllabus): ‘The Pope
of Rome must conform and accommodate himself to progress, to
liberalism, and to modern civilization,’ which is reprobated, forbidden
and condemned, and therewith is a crown put upon the whole
Syllabus.” {10} [Emphasis added]
By 1878, at the time of Pius IX’s death, the freedom loving, liberal Roman
Catholic Italians so hated the Pope – this tyrannical puppet of the Black Pope – that
they sought to throw the Pontiff’s body into the Tiber the night his remains were
being transported to San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura.
Dear truth-seeker, as you can see, the “errors” that the Pope with his Jesuits
condemn are freedom of conscience, freedom of worship, Protestantism, salvation
outside the Catholic Church, separation of the Catholic Church from the government
of any State, limited government and the Modern Era beginning in 1648. The Syllabus
is nothing more than a modern restatement of the Jesuits’ wicked and evil Council of
Trent. During that Vatican Council of 1870 the Syllabus was not only incorporated
into its teachings, but the Papal Caesar was declared to be “infallible” — and no
wonder; for, one day when he is risen from the dead, he will sit in Solomon’s rebuilt
Temple in Jerusalem,
“…so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
shewing himself that he is God.”
– II Thessalonians 2:4
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Chapter 29

Prince Otto von Bismarck, 1815 – 1898 #100 “Iron Chancellor”
of the Second German Reich, 1871 - 1898 Expelled the Society of Jesus
from Germany, 1872 - 1917 A contemporary of the great German noble
and ex-Jesuit, Count Paul von Hoensbroech who authored Fourteen Years
A Jesuit, Bismarck was the instrument through whom the risen Son of God
established the Protestant German Empire born out of the Biblical
preaching of a converted Roman Catholic priest, John Ronge, Germany’s
second Martin Luther and pastor of the German Catholic Church of
Breslau. Bismarck defeated the Jesuits’ Napoleon III in the
Franco-Prussian War of 1870, enabled the Italian patriots to take the
Temporal Power from the Pope in 1870, and conducted his “Struggle with
Rome,” openly arresting certain priests in the pulpit while preaching their
high treason against Wilhelm I, Germany’s Lutheran Kaiser, and the
Protestant Second Reich. While rightly refusing to persecute the Semitic
Hebrew/Jewish Race in the midst of those adhering to Judaism, his
greatest accomplishment was in leading the German Parliament to banish
the Jesuit Order from all of the Empire in 1872, France following suit eight
years later. But the “heretic and liberal” Germans would pay dearly for
this, as the Order would use Protestant America and England with France
and Russia to encircle, attack and destroy the Second Empire, with all of
German Lutheran Protestantism, during the Black Pope’s Second Thirty
Years War, from 1914 to 1945. Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger, (New York: Simon &
Schuster, 1994), p. 103.
The Jesuits – 1856 - 1871
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 30
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Expelled From Germany, France and all of Europe
Assassination of French Prime Minister Leon Gambetta The
Triple Alliance
“Indeed, ours is a strangely delicate century. Does it believe that the
ashes of the stake are completely cold? That there is no small spark left
to light a solitary torch? We alone know how to prepare a revolution.
The foolish ones – by calling us Jesuits they think they cover us with
infamy! But those Jesuits are reserving for them censure, a gag and fire.
And one day they will master their masters.” {1}
Unknown Irish Jesuit, 1824 Assistant
to Jesuit General Fortis 21st Jesuit
General, 1829-1853
“Roman Catholicism was born in blood, has wallowed in blood, has
quenched its thirst in blood, and it is in letters of blood that its true
history is written.” {2}
Baron DePonnat, 1940
French Statesman
The Jesuits were furious! The Second German Empire or “Reich” had just been
established. Its Protestant armies had smashed the Roman Catholic Empire of
Austria-Hungary in 1866 along with the Roman Catholic French Empire in 1871.
Catholic Hapsburg and Bonaparte, both abject tools of the Jesuit General’s Holy
Alliance, were greatly humbled. As a result, the Jesuits attempted to assassinate
Protestant Prince Bismarck, once in 1866 and again in 1874. The Jesuits were all the
more enraged as the necessity of withdrawing the French soldiers from Rome enabled
Victor Emmanuel II to take the Temporal Power from the Pope. But the final straw
was the official banishment of the Jesuit Order from Prussia. The Jesuits using the
Ultramontane political party (which later culminated in Nazism) sought to control the
Empire. So on the 4th of July (Oh glorious day!), 1872, the German Parliament
expelled them with the following words:
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 30
“The Order of Jesus and the societies allied to it, as well as
congregations similar thereto, are excluded from the territories of the
German Empire. The establishment of settlements of the same is
interdicted. The settlements at the present time existing are to be
dissolved within a period to be fixed by Diet, which shall not exceed six
months.” {3}
And what was the German response?
“Thus the whole of the thinking world, among Catholics as well as
among Protestants, repeated the words ‘God be praised that they have
gone’; and abroad it was thought that we Germans were indeed
fortunate in having such a Government.” {4} [Emphasis added]
“This act remained in force after the end of Kulturkampf [Bismarck’s
struggle with Rome], and it was not definitely repealed until 1917 [after
the beginning of the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War and the
destruction of the Protestant German Empire].” {5} [Emphasis added]
But the German Parliament or “Reichstag” (destroyed in 1933 by Roehm’s
homosexual arson squad) would never have expelled the Jesuits had it not been for the
condemnation of the Order by the German Protestant Assembly. Written in 1871
from Darmstadt and agreed with by many German Roman Catholics, we read:
“II. As regards the Jesuit Order. In consideration
that the Jesuit Order consists entirely of members who are
estranged from their families, from civil Society, from their native
country, and implicitly obey the orders of their Roman superiors;
that the Jesuit Order is no union of free individuals, but a strictly
disciplined spiritual army corps, under officers and a supreme General;
that the Society, since its re-establishment by Pius VII (Bull of
7th August 1814), as before its abolition by Pope Clement XIV (Brief
[Bull] of 21st July 1773), worked with the sole object of renewing and
accentuating the medieval supremacy of the Roman Hierarchy over the
human mind, and setting up again the supreme power of the Pope of
Rome over princes and peoples;
that the Jesuit Order has declared war against the entire
cultivation of mind in the world, no less than against modern law, and
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
civil as well as political liberty (see Encyclical of the Pope [Pius IX] of
8th December 1864 – Syllabus of Errors) to hinder the religious moral
development of mankind;
that it disturbs and undermines the peace of families in a way
which threatens the continuance and development of the German
Empire, and on every occasion shows enmity to the rights of German
that it destroys the education of youth by priestly training, by
mortification of the love of truth, by the annihilation of conscientious
spontaneity, by slavish submission to the authority of the hierarchy, and
thereby deeply injures the development of the formation of the character
and mind of the nation and of individuals;
that it promotes superstition and the weakness of men for the
increase of riches, and wickedly contributes to the extension of its
that the freedom of union and of religious associations are only
rightly constituted in so far as they conform to the ordinances of the
State and of law, and are subordinate to the same: – in consideration of
all these things, the German Protestant Union expresses its conviction
that the security of legal order, and the authority of the laws and the
power of the State, the well-being of civil society, the preservation of
confessional peace, and the protection of spiritual freedom and spiritual
culture, demand the State prohibition of the Jesuit Order in Germany.
The Union also looks upon it as an earnest duty of the German
Protestants, and of the whole German nation, to act in regard thereto
with energy, that all interference in school and church matters, should
be put a stop to as regards to those belonging and affiliated to the Jesuit
Order.” {6} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, this is the true, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous and patriotic
response to Jesuitism! What, in Christ’s name, are you Protestants and Baptists of
Great Britain and the United States doing? What are you Pastors thinking, as you
apparently are ignorant of this history or are too gutless to resist these “sons of
Satan”? Are Rome’s amusements of professional sports and entertainment more
important than warning your precious sheep of Christ of their impending doom at the
hands of Jesuit-controlled executioners? (Remember, the “movie star” Bing Crosby
was raised by Jesuits; Knight of Malta Bowie Kuhn was a former Commissioner of
Baseball; Knight of Columbus and Baseball idol Babe Ruth was raised by Jesuit
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 30
priests at St. Joseph’s School for Boys; Knights of Malta Lawrence Welk and Danny
Thomas were renowned entertainers; fascist Knight of Malta Frank Capra was a
successful Hollywood film director; and fascist Knight of Malta Joseph P. Kennedy
was a Hollywood movie mogul! Dear truth-seeker, is it any wonder why the priests of
Rome are usually presented in a good light, like the priest in The Bells of St. Mary’s,
or like the priest in The Old Man and the Sea, or like the Jesuit who saves the
Protestant English sea captain from being burnt alive in Shogun, or like the nuns who
save the von Trapps from the Nazis in The Sound Of Music (starring Roman Catholic
Julie Andrews), or like the benevolent nuns towards the wayward Sidney Poitier
(another Black, race-mixing, communist, civil rights agitator) in The Lilies of the
Field, or like the priest reciting scripture in the language of the people (Oh, what
hypocrisy!) while comforting Roman Catholics as the ship is sinking (due to Jesuit
intrigue) in Titanic, or like the repentant homosexual ex-priest in JFK, or like the
priest breaking the law of the king by secretly marrying William Wallace in
Braveheart, or like the righteous priest killing the evil Bishop in Robin Hood? Are not
Hollywood’s leading actors predominantly Roman Catholics portraying a pro-Pope
history rewritten by Jesuit-controlled screenwriters? Is it any wonder why White
Protestants or Bible-believers are portrayed as being heartless liars and criminal
murderers like the English missionary in Hawaii, or Lieutenant Kendrick in A Few
Good Men, or the scripture-quoting sea captain as he fornicates with one of the captive
Black women on his slave ship in Roots, just to name a few? Apparently, we criminal
Bible-believers are the plague of the world and should be exterminated, being the
“obstinate heretics” that we are!) Does it matter that your children or grandchildren
will be the unhappy slaves of a merciless, absolutist, fascist American dictator guided
by the Jesuits of Fordham and Georgetown Universities? In the name of Christ
Jesus, sound the alarm, blow the shofar, lift up your voices and cry out,
“Beware of the Sons of Loyola! Expel them from our nation before they
torture and exterminate us all in the name of ‘Peace’ and ‘National
Security’ just like they did to the Protestants and Jews of fascist Nazi
Germany at the hand of their White Roman Catholic ‘Grand
Inquisitor’, during the bloody Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945)
under the second Emperor Ferdinand II, Adolf Hitler!!!”)
The Jesuits were temporarily gone. Little did the German people know that
they would pay dearly for this! The Jesuits would cause Prince Bismarck to weaken,
as he must have feared for his life after the second assassination attempt in 1874. He
reversed his policy called “the struggle with Rome” and repealed his own Falk Laws
having rightly acted upon the Catholics in Prussia. He then entered into an alliance
with the Jesuit-trained Pope Leo XIII creating “The Center Party” in 1877 — the
very year the great Tzar Alexander II broke diplomatic relations with Rome. This
alliance with the Papacy opened the door for Papal supremacy in German politics.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
A few years after the death of Bismarck, during the reign of pro-Pope Kaiser
Wilhelm II, the Jesuits lawfully re-entered the Empire in 1917. In time, the Order
successfully used their “Center Party”, led by its Jesuit priest in the Reichstag,
Ludwig Kaas, who later became the Pope’s Finance Minister, and Knight of Malta
Franz von Papen – the personal advisor to Pope Pius XII – to bring Roman Catholic
Nazi Hitler to power creating that homosexual-led hammer of the Devil, the Black
Pope’s Third Reich. The Jesuits would then ignite another Thirty Years’ War from
1914 to 1945. The Protestant German Empire would be destroyed and the Protestant
Lutheran Kaiser, Wilhelm II, would be driven into exile after World War I. The
Jesuits would raise up the sodomite Nazi party from their old Catholic stronghold of
Bavaria and erect the Third Empire or “Third Reich” on the ruins of the Weimar
Republic. The Jesuits would bring Hitler to power and their formal suppression would
be avenged by the burning of the German Parliament known as “the Reichstag fire.”
The Jesuits’ SS would persecute the Jews from Spain to Russia, from Italy to
Denmark and thereby bring the curses of the world upon the manipulated and
disgraced German people to this day. During World War II, Germany would be
firebombed by the Jesuit-controlled British and American Air Forces, destroying
Protestant populations and non-military targets like Protestant Dresden and the town
of the Protestant Union of 1871, Darmstadt. Hitler would be used to betray, defeat,
and destroy the German army in Russia, under the command of Protestant Prussian
Generals, just like Napoleon! And from a bunker in Berlin every decision the Fuhrer
made would further destroy the Lutheran East German people, like the flooding of the
underground sewers where thousands sought refuge from Allied bombing.
After the war, the Jesuits would take further vengeance. Germany, as was done
to Protestant Virginia during the War Between the States, would be divided — the
East being mostly Protestant and the West being mostly Roman Catholic. The
surviving Protestants of the East, gang raped and plundered by the brutal, atheistic,
Soviet Red Army, would be placed under the Jesuit-trained Grand Inquisitor, Joseph
Stalin, and shipped off to the Black Pope’s Siberian concentration camps. Catholic
West Germany, occupied by the more benevolent Americans, would be brought under
the military protection and financial backing of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) headed by the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations in
control of the American Empire. But Protestant East Germany, under the oppression
of the Jesuits’ Russian Empire (called the “USSR”), would be kept poverty stricken
and undeveloped until the end of the Cold War with the fall of the Berlin Wall. All
this was done with the help of those bloody American Shriner Freemasons,
Presidents Roosevelt and “Dirty” Harry Truman. They both were members of the
Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations controlled by Archbishop Spellman and his
Knights of Malta, Joseph P. Kennedy, J. Peter Grace, Myron C. Taylor and Henry
R. Luce. The origin of all this horror and tragedy was the expulsion of the Jesuits
from the German Empire by a united German people, Protestant and Catholic alike.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 30
With the defeat of Napoleon III and the end of the French Empire under the
command of the Jesuits, France’s Third Republic was born in 1877. With Deputy
Leon Gambetta – a Freemason who righteously warned that universal suffrage
(having been conferred upon all “Fourteenth Amendment U.S. citizens” in 1870 via
the Fifteenth Amendment) would put any nation “under the yoke of the clergy” – it
expelled the Jesuits from France. We read:
“In the spring of 1880 . . . A decree was brought forth by the Ministry
dissolving, first of all, the Society of Jesus within the borders of France,
and closing within three months from the date of the act, all Jesuitical
establishments in the Republic. The declaration of Gambetta, ‘Our enemy
is clericism,’ was accepted by the Republicans as a truism which they
must regard and act upon under the common-law of self-defense.” {7}
The Jesuits would have their vengeance even as with Coligny, Henry IV, Louis
XVI, Louis Philippe, Eugene Sue and now upon the greatest orator and most fearless
leader of modern France. Two years later, on the last day of 1882, Prime Minister
Leon Gambetta was shot. The Jesuits nerved the hand of his mistress-assassin as
Gambetta, during his last hours, suffered terribly from blood poisoning. Pursuant to
the Jesuit-authored The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Order kills its
own Freemasons if necessary as it did with both Napoleon Bonaparte I and Leon
Gambetta. Within Protocol No. 15 we read:
“9. Death is the inevitable end for all. It is better to bring that end nearer
to those who hinder our affairs than to ourselves, to the founders of this
affair. We execute masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood
can ever have a suspicion of it, not even the victims themselves of our
death sentence, they all die when required as if from a normal kind of
illness . . . ” {8}
(Dear truth-seeker, as we have proven, the Jesuits have revived and control the secret
society of Freemasonry, its religious and political agenda being in accord with the
Council of Trent. It is their greatest tool, appearing to be anti-Pope! But if individual
Masons interfere with the plans of the Sons of Loyola they are ignored, silenced or
murdered. One American Freemason was President Garfield who had been
assassinated one year before our fearless French Freemason, Leon Gambetta.)
Little did the French know they too would pay dearly for their expulsion of the
Jesuits, having never been enlightened as to the true authors of the French Revolution
and Napoleonic Wars. The descendants of the brave Blaise Pascal, Admiral Coligny,
Henry IV, General Lafayette, “the Citizen King” Louis Philippe, Eugene Sue, M. J.
Michelet, M. E. Quinet, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo and Leon Gambetta – all
anti-Jesuit – would be disgraced with the anti-Semitic/Jewish “Dreyfus Affair,” as
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
Captain Alfred Dreyfus, that innocent Jewish French officer whose Chief of the
General Staff had a Jesuit confessor, would be unjustly convicted of “treason” (just
like the Rosenbergs in America) and spend ten years of torturous imprisonment at
Devil’s Island. Further, the flower of French manhood would fall on the battlefields
and would be gassed or buried alive in the trenches during World War I — the
beginning of the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War. But all did not fare well with
the Order in France. The King of the Jews, at the right hand of His Father in
Heaven, moved His invisible, nail-scarred hand against the Blackrobes who sought to
create French anti-Jewish fury. We read:
“In 1901 there began a parliamentary crusade against the Jesuits . . .
which had established themselves in France and had become hostile to the
Republic. The Associations Bill . . . was no half-hearted measure . . . This
was no doubt aimed at those Orders who had entered the commercial
sphere and were rolling in wealth. Some of the Orders did large business
as . . . patent medicine makers . . . The new Act was administered with
severity, largely due to the damaging revelations of the part played by
[the Jesuits] in the Dreyfus case [which led to the instigation of the
Order’s Zionist Movement led by its Masonic Jew, Theodor Herzl, who,
after an audience with Pope Pius X in 1904, pledged protection of
Roman Catholic “sanctuaries” in Palestine by his Zionists, who later,
under the leadership of Chaim Weizmann and with the secret blessing of
Pope Pius XII, established the Zionist government of Israel]. Of course
there was the usual cry of religious persecution. To that the best reply was
made in the Times as follows. . . . ‘They [the Jesuits] are a political
organization working to extend the influence of the Church of Rome over
the French Army and the French Legislature . . . [The] French
Government . . . is dealing simply with political agents aiming at the
subversion of society, employing the most scandalous and immoral
methods, and using their ecclesiastical status simply as a cloak to disguise
their real character, and a means of envenoming the dagger they seek to
plunge into the side of the body politic.’ ” {9} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, the Jesuits plunged in the dagger in 1914 beginning World War I,
twisted it in 1940 with Hitler’s successful invasion, and were given formal reentry by
Petain’s “Vichy Government” in 1942, manned by Nazis like Klaus Barbie.)
In 1882, the same year Gambetta was assassinated, “the Triple Alliance” was
formed in Europe. The nations composing the Alliance would be called “the Central
Powers.” And who were the heads of the three nations composing the Triple Alliance?
The Lutheran “heretics and liberals” controlling Germany’s “Second Reich” were
Kaiser Wilhelm I and his “Iron Chancellor,” Otto von Bismarck, they having
expelled the Order from the Empire in 1872.   The “liberal” controlling
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 30
Austria-Hungary was Emperor Franz Joseph — the Hapsburg who had revoked
Austria’s Concordat with the Pope in 1874 and whose Chancellor was a Protestant,
Baron-Beust! (The Jesuits’ Holy Alliance was now under “heretic” or “liberal”
control to the horror of the Jesuit General!) The son of the excommunicated and
“liberal” King Victor Emmanuel II, having rightfully taken the Temporal Power
over Italy from the Pope, was Umberto, King of Italy. All three governments – one
Lutheran and two Roman Catholic – were anti-Pope and hated the Jesuits! I repeat
dear truth-seeker, “the Triple Alliance,” the supposed villain of the Great War, was
anti-Jesuit in 1882! Oh, that the German Empire had not been corrupted by Rome’s
Central Party! Oh, that the Russian government, having expelled the Jesuits in 1820
and broken off its Concordat with the Pope in 1877, had sided with the Triple
Alliance! Oh, that the French government having expelled the Jesuits in 1880, had
sided with the Triple Alliance! Oh, that the government of the Protestant British
Empire, having legally forbidden a Roman Catholic to sit on her throne, had sided
with the Triple Alliance! Oh, that the Serbian government, whose Orthodox people
are forever the enemies of the Pope and his Jesuits, had never signed a Concordat
with the Papal Caesar on June 24, 1914, but had sided with the Triple Alliance!
Oh, had the Protestants and Baptists of the American Empire sided with the Triple
Alliance! There would have been no “Triple Entente” financed by the Jesuits’ J. P.
Morgan in 1910 and thus no World War I! The four hundred year celebration of the
Protestant Reformation would have proceeded as planned. We read and weep:
“The seeds of hate between Germany and England were planted in those
two glorious Protestant countries by the Jesuits so that they might
develop in time to block the celebration of the Protestant Reformation on
its four hundredth Anniversary — an event which was planned to surpass
anything of the kind the world has ever seen, a celebration which would
have set Protestantism fifty years ahead. The Jesuits, anticipating this,
staged the World War which completely sidetracked it.” {10}
The peoples and governments of Europe had revolted against the Temporal
Power of the Pope and the Society of Jesus. But by 1939, Germany (dominated by
Catholic Bavaria’s Nazi party), Catholic Austria, Catholic Italy and Catholic Spain
would be so corrupted by Rome that each would have a Concordat with the Papal
Caesar. And by the end of the Second Thirty Years’ War in 1945, the “heretics and
liberals” of Europe, especially the Protestant peoples of Holland, Denmark, Finland,
Norway and England, would be raped, plundered and murdered, while the Pope and
his Jesuit General, sitting atop of a heap of rubble having been prosperous “heretic
and liberal” civilizations, and upon a mountain of stolen Jewish and Protestant gold,
would be the masters of all!
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins

Victor Emmanuel II, 1820 – 1878 #101 First King of Italy, 1861 - 1878
In 1870 Rome’s Papal Caesar was declared to be “infallible” at the First
Vatican Council, it being under the total control of the Black Pope. That
same year, after nearly fifty years of struggle, a united Italy gained its
national sovereignty and a place among the nations of the earth. Victor
Emmanuel became King, righteously taking the Temporal Power from the
Pope residing in Caesar’s Palace, the Vatican. Submitting to Pius IX’s
Spiritual Power, Emmanuel declared he would wield Italy’s political or
rather “Temporal Power” over the Italian people. This loss infuriated the
Pope; he declared himself a prisoner and viciously excommunicated the
King, cursing every part of his body. The Papal Caesar would be deprived
of his Temporal Power for nearly sixty years when, in 1929, the Jesuits
would raise up their “man of destiny” and “Defender of Islam” (aiding
Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud), fascist Benito Mussolini. The Duce would
formally restore the Pope’s right to be “the infallible Vicar of Christ, the
Supreme Governor of the World on Earth, and the Father of Nations and
Kings” so stated in Latin on his Papal Triple Crown, in creating the
sovereign nation-state of Vatican City with a treaty called a “Concordat.”
The Life and Times of Cavour, William Roscoe Thayer, (New York: Houghton
Mifflin Co., 1911) Vol. I, p. 467.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 30

Leon Michael Gambetta, 1838 – 1882 #102 Orator, Statesman, Deputy
and Prime Minister Third Republic of France, 1877 - 1882 On the ruins of the
Franco-Prussian War, France’s Third Republic was born.  The Jesuits’ Paul
de Cassagnac was its most rampant foe and our hero, Leon Gambetta, was its
greatest defender.   A stranger to fear, the popular idol and first man of
France, he was truly a condemned “liberal” according to the Papal Caesar’s
Council of Trent. As the greatest orator of the French, he hated the Jesuits’
Holy Alliance in suppressing freedom of conscience enforced by Napoleon III.
Therefore he decentralized power in Paris and spread national friendship
amidst a spirit of toleration and good will. Declaring the Jesuits to be the
enemy of France, in 1880 he brought forth the Disestablishment Act abolishing
the Society of Jesus, approved of by his fellow republicans under the
common law of self-defense. Two years later, on November 27, 1882, during
the height of his power and about to become the next President of the French
Republic, he received “the leaden bullet” from the hand of his
mistress-assassin “by accident.” True to form, the Order was readmitted by
Henri Petain’s pro-Nazi, Vichy government in 1942, during the Black Pope’s
Second Thirty Years’ War. Gambetta’s Final Years: ‘The Era of Difficulties’, 1877 –
1882, J. P. T. Bury, (New York: Longman Group, 1982).
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 31
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Refuge in the World’s Greatest Protestant Empires:
Great Britain and Fourteenth Amendment America
Assassination of American President William McKinley
“Our ancient enemies have small belief in our common sense if they
imagine that we shall ever be able to trust them, after having so often
beheld the depths of Jesuitical cunning and duplicity. The sooner we let
certain Archbishops and Cardinals know that we are aware of their
designs, and will in nothing cooperate with them the better for us and
our country. Of course, we shall be howled at as bigots, but we can
afford to smile at that cry, when it comes from the church which
invented the Inquisition, ‘No peace with Rome’ is the motto of reason as
well as of religion.” {1}
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1873
England’s Prince of Preachers
Geese in Their Hoods
“If ever there was a land in which work was to be done, and perhaps
much to suffer, it is here [England]; were it [heresy] conquered in
England, it would be conquered throughout the world. All its lines meet
here; and, therefore in England, the Church of God [Rome] must be
gathered in all its strength.” {2}
Henry Cardinal Manning, 1880
Archbishop of Westminster
“To-day the Jesuit [in England] is to all intents and purposes master of
the situation. His favourite pupils decide Protestant causes, and with
calm effrontery honour the head of their Church as a temporal prince
before the Queen, and place him in the position which he claims to be
his by divine right, as king of kings and lord of lords.” {3}
M. F. Cusack, 1896 Converted
Nun of Kenmare The Black Pope
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 31
“It must be borne in mind that Rome, of all things, desiderates the ruin
of heretic England, and endeavours, to the utmost of her power, to
create troubles and difficulties to that free country . . . And this renders
the Jesuits more dangerous than any other religious community. Indeed,
I would rather see all the various species of those parasite animals called
monks transplanted into the English soil than let one Jesuit live in it a
single day; and it is not without good reason that we speak so in this
Protestant country. The order of the Jesuits was purposely instituted to
combat, to extinguish Protestantism…The extirpation of heresy is their
principal occupation, the work which renders them meritorious in the
eyes of Rome . . . Plots and machinations against Protestants, and
against all civil and religious freedom, are the characteristics of the
Jesuits . . . and if Protestant England does not soon awake to a sense of
her danger, we fear she will repent, too late, of having fostered in her
breast these poisonous vipers. Behold what is going on! . . . Behold the
utmost uninterrupted state of rebellion in which the priests keep the
fanatic Papists of Ireland, and be sure that such would not be the case if
you had not Jesuits among them . . . I trust to be believed. I have been
born and brought up among monks and Jesuits; and it is because I
thoroughly know them, that, grateful for the hospitality afforded me, I
warn England to beware of all monks, but especially of Jesuits. They are
inauspicious birds, which cannot but infect with their venomous breath
the pure and free air of Great Britain . . . ” {4} [Emphasis added]
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot
Exiled to England History of
the Jesuits
“The great idea of the Jesuit has always been a universal spiritual [and
Temporal] monarchy, in which . . . the Jesuit should reign supreme.
England has always been the place desired for the base of operations
necessary for this end. Hence the blood, the tears shed, and the schemes
undertaken in this country by the Jesuit. He has by no means ended his
efforts for the subjugation of the world to Rome through England.” {5}
[Emphasis added]
M. F. Cusack, 1896 Converted
Nun of Kenmare The Black
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
“The facts to which we have alluded relate to the methods resorted to,
by the [Jesuit-controlled] oligarchy which governs Great Britain [since
1800], in order to render London the commercial and financial center of
the world. And to render all other nations tributaries to the British . . .
In order to blind foreign nations to the nature of the imposture, by which
she cheats and robs foreign nations, she calls her policy free trade. [The
American branch of the Knights of Malta, including Lee Iacocca,
supported the ratification of the NAFTA and GATT treaties (which, by
the end of 2000 have eliminated seven million manufacturing jobs), the
American versions of British free trade.] . . . she hires writers and buys
up newspapers to cry down the opposite policy of PROTECTION TO
NATIONAL INDUSTRY as a narrow-minded and illiberal system,
opposed to freedom.” {6}
J. Wayne Laurens, 1855
American Patriot and Historian
The Crisis: Or, the Enemies of
America Unmasked
“They were abolished by papal bull in 1773 at the demand of France,
Spain, Portugal, Parma, Naples and Austria. They are, however, still to
be found everywhere, and they hold considerable property in England.
A modern writer justly calls them the ‘Black International.’ ” {7}
Lady Queenborough, 1933
English Historian Occult
“When the Jesuit is expelled from one place he is not slow to find
another. France may reject him, not without cause, but England opens
her arms to him. Catholic Italy may deprive him of the glories of his
once famous home in the Gesu, but America opens her doors to him. He
is the wandering Jew of the Romish Church; he is followed by the
execrations of those by whom he was once beloved, until they
discovered his iniquities.” {8} [Emphasis added]
M. F. Cusack, 1896
Converted Nun of Kenmare
The Black Pope
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 31
“The Society of Jesus was formed by Ignatius Loyola about 1540, and was
the mightiest agent used by the Church of Rome in checking the progress of
the Protestant reformation. That order, though banished for its interference
with civil government from almost every country in Europe, still exists and is
one of the most powerful political agencies of our time . . . It camps in our
country as the Turks do in Europe.” {9}
Charles A. Blanchard, 1906
President, Wheaton College
Modern Secret Societies
“Only in Protestant, or at least non-Catholic countries like England, Holland
and America has it [the Jesuit Order] made unlimited progress.” {10}
E. Boyd Barrett, 1927
Irish Ex-Jesuit The
Jesuit Enigma
The Jesuits in advancing their plans – their Great World Conspiracy of One
World Government under their “infallible” and risen Papal Caesar ruling all the
nations of the earth from Jerusalem pursuant to the devilish teachings of St.
Augustine’s City of God, – encountered serious resistance throughout the glorious
Nineteenth Century. This resistance resulted in many expulsions from a host of
nations around the world. Jesuit Thomas J. Campbell, President of the Order’s
Fordham University from 1885 to 1888 and again from 1896 to 1900, notes in his
highly detailed history, The Jesuits, 1534 to 1921, that, between 1555 and 1921, the
Order was expelled from at least eighty-three countries, states and cities for engaging
in political intrigue, subversive plots and treason against the state!
By 1900, nearly all of Europe, most of Asia and many South American nations
had had enough of the Jesuit Order. Pope Clement XIV had suppressed the Company
with a Bull in 1773; England had expelled it in 1579, 1581, 1586, 1602 and 1604;
Venice in 1606, 1612 and 1768; Denmark in 1606; Japan in 1587 and finally in 1614
having executed 111 Jesuits by 1651; China in 1623 “for leading the ignorant people
towards rebellion,” 1716, 1753 and again in 1775; India in 1623; Holland in 1596 and
1816; Malta in 1634 and 1768; the Duchy of Parma in 1768; Belgium in 1818 and
1826; Russia in 1723, 1776 and “forever” in 1820; Spain in 1767, 1820, 1835, 1854,
1868 and 1932; Britain and Ireland in 1829, Portugal in 1598, 1759, 1834 and 1901;
Switzerland in 1847; Bavaria in 1848; Italy in 1848 and 1859; Austria and Galicia in
1848-1852; Paraguay in 1733 and 1858; Germany in 1872; France in 1594, 1606,
1764, 1804, 1806, 1828, 1831, 1845, 1880 and 1901; Guatemala in 1872; Mexico in
1873; Brazil in 1874; Ecuador and Colombia in 1875; and Costa Rica in 1884. And to
where did the Jesuits go? To the disgrace of English-speaking Protestants we read:
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
“The only countries where the Jesuits lived in peace were the States where
Protestantism was in the majority: England, Sweden, Denmark, the United
States of America.” {11} [Emphasis added]
Hector Macpherson tells us in The Jesuits in History:
“So hurtful was the Jesuit Order found to be that, up to 1860, it was
expelled no fewer than seventy times from countries which had suffered
from its machinations . . . In spite of Continental warnings, England [under
Queen Victoria (1837-1901) who opened up communication with the
Vatican in 1877 and enabled the Order co carry out its Second Irish
Massacre (1845-1850] has become a Jesuit dumping-ground. Those whom
other countries have found from sad experience to be enemies, Britain
allows to land on her shores, and to carry on unmolested their work of
iniquity. We are carrying toleration to excess, and unless there is a change
of policy, this nation will one day pay a heavy penalty.” {12}
Of Fourteenth Amendment America, David Mitchell declares:
“America . . . was a Mecca for fugitive Jesuits throughout the nineteenth
century.” {13} [Justin D. Fulton is in full agreement with this statement, as
he declared the same in his Washington In the Lap of Rome (1888).]
Yes, dear truth-seeker, the Jesuits fled to their new “Holy Roman” Empire of
Fourteenth Amendment America. We read in 1890:
“But where did the banished Jesuit go? Whither, when under the suspicion,
and flying from the hatred of the rising spirit of freedom in Europe, does he
betake himself, and where is he now? I answer, In America, in the United
States [Americans now comprising twenty-five percent of the Order]. Our
country is the paradise of Jesuits. Unwarned by the experience of other
lands, regardless of the bands they weave about the limbs of liberty, we
have permitted their presence in this country, until, almost ready to throw
off the disguise, they now threaten our institutions with ruin . . . It is the
Jesuit who is decrying free speech and liberty of conscience and a free press;
who is doing his utmost in conformity with the constitutions of the society
of which he is a sworn adherent, and of the Papacy of which he is at once
the dictator and the slave, to reduce free America to the subjection of an
absolute monarch [a fascist military dictator]. What will be the result?
Strange and wonderful to say, misfortune and disaster to themselves seems
to follow their designs against government. In 1870, it was their influence
which assembled and directed the Vatican Council, which should exalt still
higher dogmas of the church, and overthrow the growing spirit of freedom.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 31
It was their plan, at the same time, to declare the Pope infallible, and to
subjugate Italy and Europe to his power. Napoleon III of France, the
favorite son of the church, whose bayonets were the guard and support of
the Papal throne, was led, through Jesuit influence, to declare war upon
Protestant Prussia. But behold while they debated the infallibility of the
Pope, the monarch on whom Pius IX had shed the blight of his blessing
surrendered himself, his army and his empire at Sedan, and free Italy began
to march on Rome. Many prelates fled the Imperial City, and the thunder of
the guns of Prussia at Sedan was answered by the cannon of free Italy,
turned against the gates of Rome. Into their long degraded capital swept the
hosts of freedom; the Quirinal became the palace of the King of United
Italy, Victor Emmanuel, and when the few hundred Ecclesiastics of the
Papacy, only a fraction of the Council, passed the decree which made the
Pope an infallible prince, it was answered by the huzzahs of liberty
throughout France and Italy. Since then, the Infallible has whined and
protested, begged and threatened, but he is an Italian subject against his will,
and must be, while he stays in Rome. God grant that the machinations of
the Roman hierarchy may result in the emancipation of their followers from
Papal tyranny in America, as in France and Italy! Let Jesuitism which has
fled to America, to found an Empire on the ruins of the Republic, having
been swept by edict from the Old world, here find a grave; while American
Catholic Christians, Romanist and Protestant, open the Word of God, and
by it the gates of progress, here, in the free Republic of the west.” {14}
[Emphasis added]
Yes indeed! The Jesuits, having fled to Fourteenth Amendment America
from Europe, would build a huge commercial Empire with its powers consolidated in
Washington. The Indian Nations, being a barrier to the Empire’s development,
would be betrayed and destroyed during the last half of the Nineteenth Century, while
millions of Bible-rejecting Roman Catholic and Jewish immigrants would be brought
from Europe to repopulate the Eastern Seaboard, becoming “the liberal Eastern
Establishment.” Nearly fifty percent of all the Roman Catholic institutions of higher
learning would be in Fourteenth Amendment America.
The power of the Jesuit Order was now absolute in Washington. Charles
Chiniquy, one of our heroes, the friend of Abraham Lincoln and converted Roman
Catholic priest, wrote in 1886:
“The great, the fatal mistake of the American Government in the
prosecution of the assassins of Abraham Lincoln was to constantly keep out
of sight the religious element of that terrible drama. Nothing would have
been more easy, then, to find out the complicity of the priests, who were
not only coming every week and every day, but who were even living in
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
that den of murderers. But this was carefully avoided from the beginning to
the end of the trial. When not long after the execution of the murderers, I
went, incognito, to Washington to begin my investigation about its true and
real authors, I was not a little surprised to see that not a single one of the
Government men to whom I addressed myself, would consent to have any
talk with me on that matter, except after I had given my word of honor that
I would never mention their names in connection with the result of my
investigation. I saw with a profound distress, that the influence of Rome
was almost supreme in Washington. I could not find a single statesman who
would dare to face that nefarious influence and fight it down.” {15}
[Emphasis added]
In 1901 the Jesuits assassinated the Freemason, President William McKinley,
while Theodore “Rex” Roosevelt, their most obedient Freemason and friend of
Knight of Malta William R. Grace (whose son, Joseph P. Grace, financed the
Bolshevik Revolution, whose son, J. Peter Grace, participated in the Kennedy
Assassination), became President and the Empire’s first real Papal Emperor. We see:
“Theodore Roosevelt was the first of the modern Imperialists – American
version – blatantly advocating economic expansionism by the use of violent
economic and financial aggression supported by brute force, and diverting
the government of the United States into the first instrument of the big
American [Vatican controlled] corporations’ grandiose schemes of world
exploitation . . . As usual, the American people knew very little or nothing
of what was going on. Not so the little hired hand in the pay of Big
Business [controlled by the Jesuits’ J. P. Morgan] — namely Theodore
Roosevelt.” {16} [Emphasis added]
Further, we must remember that the Jesuits, in control of President Franklin
Pierce, had forcibly opened up Japan to foreigners in 1854, using the American
gunboats commanded by Commodore Perry. The Jesuits proceeded to reenter Japan
in 1865 (according to Andrew C. Ross’s A Vision Betrayed {17} ) and then assassinated
Emperor Komei. The young Emperor Meiji then lifted the “Christian ban” in 1873,
the Order having been expelled for over two hundred and fifty years. Payback time
was now in the making for “the Land of the Rising Sun,” as well as China including
its Manchu Dynasty having also expelled the Jesuit Order. From the moment
Theodore Roosevelt the Freemason became the American Emperor (who then
erected the statue of the devil-worshipping Albert Pike in Washington, D.C.), the
Jesuits would have absolute control of the White House through Georgetown
University. Indeed, the arrogant and bombastic words of priest Isaac Hecker were
fulfilled when he declared in the late Nineteenth Century:
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 31
“In 1900 Rome will take this country and keep it.” {18}
By 1912 it was said of the Jesuits:
“To-day they are stronger in the United States than they ever were in
any of the countries of Europe which expelled them as a menace to the
government.” {19}
The Jesuits would mold the ruined Republic of Protestant American
freemen into a functioning, centralized Catholic Empire of Fourteenth Amendment
enfranchised slaves – both White and Black – for the purpose of using American
military might to restore and maintain the Papal-Caesar’s Temporal Power, not
only in Italy, but throughout the world. Our hero, Jeremiah Crowley warned:
“Strange as it may seem to the casual observer, it is true . . . that . . . the
papal policy of power and pelf . . . is embraced . . . by the credulous
non-Catholic people; and this is especially true in the English-speaking
countries – England, Canada and the United States. These unscrupulous
politicians, high and low, are only too willing to serve the Pope in his
ungodly efforts to regain Temporal Power.” {20} [Emphasis added]
Meanwhile, the Jesuits would overthrow the governments of the nations having
expelled the Order from their borders. Absolute “republican” communist dictatorships
would be imposed, which then would submit to the Temporal Power of the Pope as a
matter of “foreign policy.” A classic example is the Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic
communist and bastard son of a Nazi, Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba for the last
forty years. The American Empire would continue the policies of “the Holy
Alliance” preventing the establishment of popular governments around the world. In
1908 the Empire would be given a secret inquisitional police, the Bureau of
Investigation, known today as the FBI. Its Director would protect the Papal-Caesar’s
Mafia from prosecution, denying its existence for years. In 1913 the Jesuits, in
preparing to finance the coming Second Thirty Years’ War, would saddle the
Empire with a privately owned national bank — the Federal Reserve System. Those
wealthy Jews, who would not consent to the Jesuits’ “King’s Bank,” would find
themselves on the deathship Titanic. In the 1930s the Jesuits, with Boeing Aircraft,
would build thousands of long-range bombers, B-17s and B-29s, financed by their
national bank in whose hands all credit had been centralized after the Great
Depression. With these aircraft they would bomb the civilian populations of Germany
and Japan into submission to the dictates of Washington, controlled by the Jesuit
General in Rome. By 1941 the Order would be ready to punish the nations that had
driven its soldiers out of their lands. With the planned destruction of Pearl Harbor,
Congress would declare war for the last time and the Jesuits would be ready for their
ultimate vengeance – pursuant to the evil Council of Trent – World War II!
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins

Victoria of England, 1819 – 1901 #103 Queen of the Protestant
British Empire, 1837 - 1901 Again, we are at a loss in describing this most
careless of European Monarchs. Deceptively portrayed as an enemy of
Rome by the English Cardinal Wiseman, Queen Victoria, like George III,
was completely in the hands of the Militia of the Black Pope. During “the
British Century” her Prime Ministers, Viscount Palmerston and Benjamin
Disraeli, used the diplomatic and military might of Protestant England to
restore and maintain the Temporal Power of the Papal Caesar around
the world. London never came to the aid of struggling peoples as they
resisted the continental tyrants enforcing the Jesuits’ Holy Alliance, but
rather secretly opposed their efforts. England refused to give asylum to the
Italian patriots when they fled to British Malta in 1849, conducted the
opium wars against the Order’s hated Chinese Manchu Dynasty, approved
of the Jesuits’ coup d’etat creating Napoleon III’s French Empire in 1852,
sided with the Jesuits’ Crimean War against Orthodox Russia in 1856,
fired the American “anti-slavery agitation” causing the merciless
annihilation of our White Southern Protestant culture with the War
Between the States and pro-Negro Reconstruction from 1861 to 1876, and
invaded the “liberal” Mexican republic of our hero, Benito Pablo Juarez,
in 1864. This depraved and selfish woman was the epitome of treason against
the risen Son of God! The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy,
John Cannon and Ralph Griffiths, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1988) p.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Chapter 31

Theodore Roosevelt, 1858 – 1919 #104 Twenty-Sixth
President of the United States of America, 1901 - 1909 A member of the
Jesuits’ Roosevelt-Delano-Rockefeller Dynasty, “Teddy” Roosevelt was the
Black Pope’s first real Emperor and Commander-in-Chief of the Papal
Caesar’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire,
intended to restore the Temporal Power of the Pope worldwide and to
enforce the absolutist policies of the Holy Alliance. A personal friend of
New York Knight of Malta William R. Grace (after whose Order he named
his Maltese Cross Cabin in North Dakota), Jesuit Thomas Sherman,
Cardinal Gibbons of Washington and Cardinal Satolli (the Vatican’s secret
diplomatic agent in the White House), the Jesuits used their Shriner
Freemason to begin building their corporate-fascist-masonic Empire
throughout the western hemisphere. Under this apostate Protestant, having
erected the statue of President Andrew Johnson’s occult Masonic master
and White House advisor, Albert Pike, in Washington, D.C., Rome’s huge
corporate monopolies, managed by J. P. Morgan, a Shriner Freemason,
and Nicholas F. Brady, a Knight of Malta, began to be built and to work in
unison preparing the Order’s massive Military Industrial Complex for the
Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’ War. Meanwhile, Jesuit-controlled
Protestant America would be deceived into abandoning President George
Washington’s wise policy of isolation, and begin to enforce the Temporal
Power of Satan’s Papacy upon every nation on earth pursuant to the
Black Pope’s wicked and evil Council of Trent. Presidents: A Pictorial Guide
to the Presidents’ Birthplaces, Homes, and Burial Sites, Rachel M. Kochmann,
(Prescott, Arizona: James Barry Printing, 1986) p. 99.
The Jesuits – 1872 - 1901
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 32
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Assassination of Tzar Alexander II
Assassination Attempted of Pope Leo XIII
Foment the “Jewish Question” Agitation and anti-Jewish Pogroms
Ignite Bolshevik Revolution
Jesuit Coadjutor Rasputin Destroys Romanoff Dynasty
Purge and Rule the Orthodox Church
Create the Cheka/NKVD/KGB/SVR
“The Jesuits . . . are simply the Roman army for the earthly sovereignty of
the world in the future, with the Pontiff of Rome for Emperor . . . that’s
their ideal . . . It’s simple lust of power, of filthy earthly gain, of domination
– something like a universal serfdom with them as masters – that’s all they
stand for. They don’t even believe in God perhaps.” {1} [Emphasis added]
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1880
Russian Novelist “The Grand
Inquisitor” The Brothers
“The members of the Society are divided into four classes — the Professed,
Coadjutors, Scholars, and Novices. There is also a secret fifth class, known
only to the General and a few faithful Jesuits, which, perhaps more than
any other, contributes to the dreaded and mysterious power of the order. It
is composed of laymen of all ranks, from the minister to the humble
shoe-boy . . . These are affiliated to the Society, but not bound by any
vows . . . they are persons who will make themselves useful . . . they act as
the spies of the order . . . and serve, often unwittingly, as the tools and
accomplices in dark and mysterious crimes. [The Jesuit] Father Francis
Pellico . . . candidly confesses that ‘the many illustrious friends of the
Society remain occult, and obliged to be silent.’ ” {2} [Emphasis added]
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot
Exiled to England History of
the Jesuits
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
“When Clement XII was called on to decide between the Jesuits and the
Dominicans, and it was feared that he would favour the latter, although he
was in robust health at the time, he died suddenly. When Clement XIII
was about to make inquiry into the accusations lodged against the Order, he,
too, died suddenly. Clement XIV, who suppressed the Order, paid the
same penalty, and in a most fearful form. In 1885 the present Pope, Leo
XIII, had a narrow escape from a similar fate.” {3} [Emphasis added]
John McDonald, 1894
Protestant Scottish Historian
Romanism Analyzed
“The Roman Catholic church has always been, of course, the font of
anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism was almost unknown in Tzarist Greek
Catholic Russia until after the partitions in Poland in 1772 and 1795.
Russian anti-Semitism was imbibed from Roman Catholic Poland. The
Spanish ‘Holy’ Inquisition was founded to destroy the Jews in Spain.” {4}
The Encyclopedia Britannica
Eleventh Edition, 1911
“Benedict XV and [“Ex-Jesuit”] Pius XI [advised by his Jesuit confessors,
Alissiardi and Celebrano] began discreetly to negotiate with the Bolsheviks.
Cardinal Gasparri, the Secretary of State, had warned that ‘the victory of
[Orthodox] Tzarist Russia, to whom France and England have made so
many promises, would be for the Vatican a disaster greater than the
Reformation’ . . . ” {5} [Emphasis added]
David Mitchell, 1981
English Historian
The Jesuits
“It was not until our own century that Lenin adopted the essential Jesuit
principles of super-centralization and the corps of professional
revolutionaries.” {6}
F. A. Ridley, 1938
American Historian
Remembering that the Jesuits were the authors of the French Revolution with
its resultant military dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte, we must now examine the
Jesuits’ Russian Revolution and its resultant military dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. In
doing so we shall examine key events before, during and after.
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
The Tzars, although the protectors of the Knights of Malta, had become a
problem for “the Company.” Alexander I expelled the Jesuits from Moscow and St.
Petersburg in 1816; and, with a ukase in 1820, like Peter the Great, expelled them
from Russia declaring that all their efforts:
“ . . . were directed merely to secure advantages for themselves and the
extension of their power . . . ” {7}
Five years later, Tzar Alexander I, in good health, died suddenly.    He, like
Napoleon, had been poisoned.
Upon the death of Alexander I’s successor – Tzar Nicholas I – Tzar
Alexander II ascended the throne. He greatly outraged the Jesuits! Remembering
that he was one of the key Monarchs obligated to enforce the policies of the Jesuits’
“Holy Alliance,” Alexander II enacted many liberal reforms. He abolished espionage
and emancipated the Serfs. As a result, the Jesuits incited the Polish rebellion for
which the Tzar revoked his predecessor’s Concordat with Rome. The Tzar also broke
diplomatic relations with Satan’s Papacy in 1866, and again in 1877, further
outraging the Jesuits while fueling their conspiracy to ultimately overthrow Russia’s
Romanoff Dynasty. Finally in 1882 – the very year the anti-Jesuit Triple Alliance
was formed – Tzar Alexander II, in laying the capstone of his reforms, had attached
his signature to the proposed Constitution of Russia. This the Jesuits would not
tolerate! It violated the absolutism of the Holy Alliance and infringed on the
Temporal Power of the Papal Caesar. If the Tzar’s absolute monarchy became a
Constitutional monarchy with express limitations upon its powers, how could the
Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope eventually rule Russia in accordance with the Council of
Trent? Those limitations would restrain the Pope’s Temporal Power, disabling him
from ruling the Russian people through the Romanoffs. With a free Russia, the Jesuit
General’s grand design of submitting the Orthodox Church to the Vicar of Christ
would never come to pass.
The Jesuits had to act quickly. As they had used Masonic Mazzini to punish
Pope Pius IX for proposing a Constitution for Italy in 1846, so they would use the
Masonic nihilists to punish the Tzar for nearly succeeding in establishing “liberal”
government in Russia. Pius IX was forced to flee from the Vatican to Gaeta but
Alexander II, who maintained liberty of conscience, would be assassinated. We read:
“Alexander II had progressed well with his great reforms and had attached
his signature to a Constitution to be adopted by Russia. The next day a
bomb was thrown at his carriage, which killed and wounded a number of
Cossacks, who accompanied the carriage. The Emperor in deep sympathy
left the carriage to look at the dying men, when a second bomb blew him to
pieces.” {8} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
Alexander III, in coming to power became a fierce absolutist. Though
formally suppressed, the Jesuits used this tyrant to fiercely persecute the Jews with
their many pogroms. Of one we read from the great Pierre van Paassen:
“But more frequently the conversation turned to the persecutions that the
Jews were undergoing in Russia. The Great War lay still in the future . . . I
vividly recall that Sunday evening when a Russian Jew with a long white
beard, who kept his hat on, ascended the pulpit and in broken German, told
us the whole harrowing story of his people’s persecution. His own wife and
children had perished in the bloody attack. Before her death, the woman had
seen the mob throw her two children into a burning oven . . . he went on to
say that thousands of young Jews all over Russia had begun to arm
themselves with revolvers, determined to defend themselves if the attacks
should be repeated. ” {9}
The pogroms produced the desired effect. The deceived Jews developed a great
hatred for the Tzar — just like the Jesuits! And when the time arrived for the
overthrow of Nicholas II and the purging persecutions of the Russian Orthodox
Church, the Jews would rally to the cause in overthrowing Rome’s old enemies.
(Remember Fiddler on the Roof ?) Little did they know they had been “framed” by
the Sons of Loyola and would be blamed for the atrocities of Russian communism.
Part of the set-up was the circulation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Laying the blueprint for a world socialist-communist state, it was very much like the
Order’s secret meetings at Chieri, Italy exposed by Abate Leone’s The Jesuit
Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order in 1848. Its authorship was attributed to the
Jews but the true source was the Society of Jesus. We read the words of our ex-priest,
Bible believer and evangelist to the Roman Catholic people of New York City, Leo
“Although first published in Russia in 1903, the Protocols of Zion had their
origin in France and date from the Dreyfus Affair, of which the Jesuits were
the chief instigators . . . These Protocols of supposedly Jewish leaders are not
the first documents of their kind fabricated by the Jesuits. For over a hundred
years before these Protocols appeared, the Jesuits had continued to make use
of a similar fraud called The Secrets of the Elders of Bourg-Fontaine against
Jansenism — an anti-Jesuit French Catholic movement among the secular
clergy [later outlawed by a Jesuit-authored papal Bull].” {10}
Alberto Rivera, one of our fearless heroes and a converted Jesuit, agrees:
“We were instructed that the Jesuits directed certain Jews who were loyal to
the Pope, to write a document called The Protocols of Zion. When it was
published the Europeans went wild.” {11}
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
Additionally, in the little town of Fatima, Portugal three young children, ages
seven to fourteen, supposedly saw “Mary” appear six times between the spring and
fall of 1917. This unbiblical, Jesuit-contrived, “Lady of Fatima” Hoax, calling for
the “conversion” of Tzarist Russia to Catholicism, was the religious propaganda used
to incite and then unite the superstitious masses of Europe to attack Rome’s ancient
Orthodox foe with fire and sword! As a result, from 1917 to 1989 Russia would be
conquered and then reduced to obedience to the Jesuit General’s “infallible” Pope,
using the Russian branch of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta! The Society of
Jesus would launch the Bolshevik Revolution and brutal Civil War (1917-1922); it
would then negotiate a secret Concordat (a treaty between Lenin and the Pope) and
establish the Inquisition through its “Grand Inquisitor” – the thug – Joseph Stalin,
using his Jesuit-admiring hatchet man and head of the Cheka, Felix Admundovich
Dzerzhinsky, whose father, Admund Dzerzhinsky was a Jesuit-controlled, Polish
Roman Catholic priest. Stalin would purge the nation of its Protestant and Baptist
churches and, toward the end of his life, attempt to kill every Russian Jew
(1922-1953). The Company, using the Lady of Fatima Hoax and Hitler, would also
ignite a huge anti-Russian Orthodox /anti-“Russian Jewish Communist” Crusade
called “Operation Barbarossa” (1941-1945; named after Germany’s Holy Roman
Emperor, Frederick I Barbarossa (1152-1190), having led his cruel armies through
Orthodox lands during Rome’s Third Crusade due to the Great Schism in 1054); and
then, the Black Pope would create “the Cold War” (using CFR/CIA Knights of
Malta) enabling his KGB to continue his Order’s Communist Inquisition in its new
papal dominion, the “USSR” (1945-1989), won for its Roman Priest-King.
Dear truth-seeker, all this heartbreak, desolation and mass-murder – imposed
by the evil Council of Trent and Jesuit Oath – would be financed by the Jesuit
General’s Federal Reserve Bank in New York City — the home of “the Archbishop
of the capital of the world.” And God help any American President who would dare
to be a Daniel and put a stop to it! His life had better be pure while making his plan –
bathed in prayer with strong crying and tears – guided by the Spirit of God through
the Word of God. Constrained by a love for his endangered people and admonished
by loyal advisors, he must be surrounded with fearless bodyguards, all these men
being serious seekers of the risen Son of God! For on Jesus the Messiah they must
fully trust, knowing that:
He holds all political power, over all the kingdoms of men,
And will invisibly intervene, for our Daniel and his friends.
Yet in the fire none shall burn, yes, they have met Him on His terms.
Their earnest prayers He has heard, for they have rested on His Words.
Then known to all they shall be, as those who sought Him on their knees.
Cromwell’s words will be their story,
Indeed, “For thus I came to glory!”
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
With no man “valiant for the truth in the earth,” the time for Jesuit payback
had arrived for Russia. The Romanoff Dynasty would end while Rome’s old enemy,
the Orthodox Church, would be purged of its anti-Pope leadership. The October
Revolution would accomplish this, heavily financed by the Knights of Malta and
Jewish Freemasons on Wall Street. Stanford University professor Anthony Sutton
writes in his no-nonsense style:
“We find there was a link between some New York International
bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks. These banking
gentlemen – who are here identified – had a financial stake in, and were
rooting for the success of the Bolshevik Revolution.” {12}
Two of those men were Knight of Malta, Joseph P. Grace (Director of National City
Bank) and the Jewish Freemason, Otto H. Kahn (Partner in Kuhn & Loeb).
The parallels between the Jesuits’ French and Russian Revolutions are
striking. They are as follows:
Both revolutions were based on communist writings of Freemasons —
Voltaire and Marx. Did not the Jesuits perfect communism on their reductions
in Paraguay?
Both revolutions plundered the state churches. Were not the Jesuits the
enemies of the Catholic Church in France and the Orthodox Church in Russia
when the revolutions broke out?
Both revolutions ended the monarchies. Were not the Jesuits enemies of both
the Bourbon and the Romanoff dynasties? Had not both monarchies expelled
the Jesuits from their countries?
Both revolutions produced Jesuit Republics — republics in form, but absolute
monarchies in power. Are not the Jesuits absolutists?
Both revolutions declared atheism as the religion of the state. Evidenced by
their deeds, are not the Jesuits truly atheists?
Both revolutions carried out a reign of terror by an inquisitional secret police.
Are not the Jesuits the greatest of Inquisitors?
Both revolutions resulted in military dictators who punished the enemies of
the Jesuits. Did not the Jesuits benefit even though Napoleon and Stalin, in
deceiving the nations, openly banned the Order from France and Russia?
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
The Jesuits began the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Having recruited Russian
Jews aided by American Jews from New York, the Jesuits made the revolution to
appear to be of Jewish origin. We read:
“A short time after the U.S. Consul in Moscow had given his report, our
Government instituted an investigation through the Overman
Committee in 1919 . . . Dr. George A. Simons, former superintendent of
the Methodist Mission in Russia, was one of the chief witnesses before
this committee . . . Dr. Simons gave some interesting information:
‘We were told that hundreds of agitators had followed in the trail of
Trotzsky [Trotsky]-Bronstein, these men having come over from the
lower east side of New York . . . and it soon became evident that more
than half of the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were
Jews . . . I am not in sympathy with the anti-Semitic movement . . . I am
against it. But I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and
that one of its bases is found in the east side of New York . . . I was
impressed with this, Senator, that shortly after the great revolution of the
winter of 1917 there were scores of Jews standing on the benches and
soap boxes, talking until their mouths frothed, and often remarked to my
sister ‘well what are we coming to, anyway? This all looks so Yiddish.’
Up to that time we had very few Jews, because there was, as you may
know, a restriction against having Jews in Petrograd; but after the
revolution they swarmed in there and most of the agitators were Jews.
I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into power, all over
Petrograd we at once had a predominance of Yiddish proclamations, big
posters and everything in Yiddish.” {13} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits succeeded in making the Bolshevik Revolution appear to be of
Jewish origin by using Jewish Freemasons whose masters (like Shriners Jacob H.
Schiff, Otto H. Kahn – whose mansion was given to the Jesuits’ Order of the Sacred
Heart – and Armand Hammer, the bosom friend of Hollywood actor Cary Grant
and whose Occidental Petroleum aided by the Pope’s Roman Hierarchy own the
American coal industry) were loyal to the Jesuits through the House of Rothschild.
This deception was so successful that most of the Europeans aided Hitler, the Friend
of Islam, in the destruction of European Jewry. But the truth is in the details and often
overlooked. The following details evidence the Jesuit “black hand” during the
October Revolution, the Civil War, Stalin’s Reign of Terror and World War II.
1. The Jesuits secretly participated in the Bolshevik Revolution. According to the
Jesuit-trained, Irish Roman Catholic, John Loftus in his Unholy Trinity, a Hungarian
Catholic priest was a player in the revolution.
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
“Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in England was Father
Theodore Maly . . . ‘when the revolution broke out I joined the
Bolsheviks’ Maly once told a friend, explaining how service with the
Cheka and Red Army during the brutal civil war against the [Orthodox]
whites had hardened him.” {14}
Dear truth-seeker, Maly fought against the Orthodox Whites; for, he was a Professed
Jesuit under Oath who perished by the very dictator he had helped to set up. Further,
as a Jesuit with the Cheka and then the Russian Civilian Intelligence (NKVD), the
Soviet Secret Police was in fact an arm of the Jesuits’ Holy Office of the Inquisition.
The great Messianic Jew, Arno Gaebelein, tells us:
“A police system was inaugurated, the Cheka, with the commission to
torture, to kill without mercy . . . The bloody work of the Cheka was
carried on in a certain large building. There the victims, men, women,
and children, were cruelly tortured before a shot ended their misery. In
order to drown the despairing cries of the unfortunates, the building was
surrounded with a number of powerful motor trucks; their motors were
started and for hours they were kept a going. Then night after night,
week after week, for months, the almost countless hundreds of corpses
were thrown into the trucks and carried away.” {15}
2. The Bolsheviks never expelled the Knights of Malta from Russia. Surely if this was
truly a revolution and not the secret Inquisition that it was, the wealthy Knights would
definitely have been driven from Russia without question! Instead, business continued
as usual between American and Russian Knights through their joint venture, the
Grace Russian Company. Of this interlock between American and Russian big
business Anthony Sutton in his Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution writes:
“The American International Corp. (AIC) [now the American
International Group (AIG) headed by CFR Vice Chairman Maurice
Greenberg] was organized in New York on November 22, 1915, by the
J. P. Morgan interests, with major participation by Stillman’s National
City Bank and the Rockefeller interests . . .
Everybody coveted the AIC stock, [Knight of Malta] Joe Grace (of W. R.
Grace & Co.) wanted $600,000 in addition to his interest in National City
Bank . . . In January 1917 the Grace Russian Company was formed, the
joint owners being W. R. Grace & Co. [of New York] and the San Galli
Trading Co. of Petrograd. American International Corp. had a substantial
investment in the Grace Russian Company [with] an interlocking
directorship . . . As the Bolshevik Revolution took hold in central Russia,
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
Secretary of State Robert Lansing requested the views of American
International Corp. on the policy to be pursued towards the Soviet regime.
On January 16, 1918 – barely two months after the takeover in Petrograd
and Moscow, and before a fraction of Russia had come under Bolshevik
control – William Franklin Sands, executive secretary of American
International Corp., submitted the requested memorandum on the
Russian political situation to Secretary Lansing . . .
In brief, Sands, as executive secretary of a corporation whose directors
were the most prestigious on Wall Street, provided an emphatic
endorsement of the Bolsheviks and the Bolshevik Revolution, and within
a matter of weeks after the revolution started. And as a director of the
Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Sands had just contributed $1
million to the Bolsheviks [Wow!!!].” {16} [Emphasis added]
Of the Irish Catholic Grace family more needs to be said between its
connection to Rome’s Jesuits, the Knights of Malta in Russia and the Bolshevik
Revolution. We read from the Executive Intelligence Review Special Report of 1987:
“The Irish Catholic Grace family was overlord of the British royal house,
driven out successively by Cromwell, then William [III] of Orange
[Praise God!], joining the Stuart cause in exile. In 1850 William R.
Grace arrived in Peru at age 18, where he acquired a British
guano-trading firm as the lynchpin for future major acquisitions in
shipping, rail, banking, minerals, sugar plantations, and so forth. Perhaps
the greatest increase in Grace family holdings in Peru occurred after the
War of the Pacific, where the Grace family had supplied material to both
Chile and Peru. Then the Earl of Donoughmore, heading the Committee
of Peruvian Bondholders, tapped William Grace to make a
debt-for-equity settlement that led to foreign acquisition of most Peruvian
agro-industry and infrastructure. Leaving a brother in Peru, William
Grace relocated to New York, where he was mayor from 1880-1888
[and one of the powers behind Theodore Roosevelt].
In 1907, Joseph P. Grace joined the board of the First National City
Bank [along with Cardinal Spellman’s benefactor Nicholas F. Brady] –
then owned by Rockefeller-Stillman interests – and set up Grace
National Bank in 1915. Joseph Grace became a member of the American
International Corp., founded principally by Frank Vanderlip of City
Bank, which traded extensively with Russia before and after the
Bolshevik Revolution. It was located at 120 Broadway, the office of a
complex of firms representing every major Wall Street financial group
involved in similar dealings.” {17} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
Joe P. Grace and Nicholas F. Brady were both multimillionaires and Papal
Knights of Malta. (In 1930 Brady financed the building of a costly Jesuit Novitiate in
Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Childless upon his death, his wife Genevieve –
America’s foremost Dame of Malta and Jesuit matron called “the Duchess” –
donated their fabulous Long Island estate and mansion, Inisfada, to the Sons of
Loyola.) Both continued to trade with companies owned by the Russian Branch of the
Knights of Malta before and after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Were the
Masonic Jews responsible for that Inquisition or were they merely “attention-getting”
foot soldiers for the Jesuits with their Knights of Malta, they being the true culprits
behind the plot? The Jesuits, as masters of New York, used the Knights of Malta, “the
great merchants of the earth,” to finance the Bolshevik Revolution. This is why the
Russian “Tongue” or “Branch” of the Knights of Malta in Moscow was never expelled
by the Bolsheviks or by bloody “Uncle” Joe Stalin, as FDR called him.
3. After the five-year Civil War, the Jesuits were given permission by the Bolsheviks
to reenter Russia after having been expelled for over a century. Catholic priest James
J. Zatko, with grants from the Ford Foundation and the University of Notre Dame
(both Roman Catholic institutions being affiliated with the Jesuits’ Council on
Foreign Relations) wrote in 1965 in his Descent Into Darkness, pages 111 and
“An atmosphere of apparent good feeling having been established,
Monsignor Pizzardo met Vladimir Vorovskii [in mid-1922] to define
points of an accord between the Holy See and Russia for a papal
mission in Russia . . . Still this informal meeting did not have any effect
on the conference, and the only result was the accord for the papal relief
mission. This accord provided for the work of three Catholic “orders” in
Russia, the Redemptorists [secret Jesuits] to work in northern Russia,
the Society of Jesus to work in central Russia, and the Society of the
Divine Word [secret Jesuits] to work in southern Russia.” {18}
(Dear truth-seeker, is it not a strange coincidence that the Society of Jesus was
secretly permitted by Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin and his Bolsheviks to reside openly
in central Russia which included Moscow and Petrograd? Did not the revolution
originate in these cities from which proceeded the Cheka’s merciless inquisition?
Indeed, all of Russia was now to be openly invaded by Professed Jesuits under
Extreme Oath “to wage relentless war, against all heretics . . . to extirpate and
exterminate them from the face of the whole earth . . . in order to annihilate forever
their execrable race.” The Jesuits with their Communist Bolsheviks, many of
whom were Masonic Jewish Zionists, must have truly had a “bloody good” ball!
A few years later the Black Pope would again be aided by his Zionists, such as
Chaim Weizmann and America’s foremost Rabbi, Stephen S. Wise, in carrying out
the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” and in establishing his Zionist Israel!
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
This is why Israel’s leaders of today, including Shimon Peres, NEVER EXPOSE
the Vatican’s Jewish Holocaust but rather use it as an industry to support the Pope’s
Zionists who in turn will use it as the ultimate agitation in creating worldwide
anti-Jewish fury, driving millions of Jews to Israel!) Priest James J. Zatko
“In the communist strategy Catholic propaganda was to cause the whole
Orthodox structure to crumble . . . The instruments of this new alliance
between the Soviets and the Vatican were to be the Jesuits, described as the
hereditary enemies of the Orthodox Church. Reportedly, there were, and
had been for a considerable time, large numbers of representatives of the
Jesuit Order in Moscow [during the revolution] including Bishop [Edward]
Ropp. The Pope, [Pius XI] who is said to have left the Jesuit Order before
being elected Pope, acted entirely on the instructions of [not] Count [but
Wlodimir] Ledochowski, the superior general of the Jesuit Order!
According to the same report [in maintaining the illusion that the Order
was not in full control of the Bolsheviks], the Vatican felt it could bring the
Russian [Orthodox] Church under papal domination only if Tikhon
[Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church] were eliminated, a condition
which the Bolsheviks thought had been fulfilled. The Jesuits and the
Vatican, on their part, promised that after a conclusion of a concordat, they
would do all in their power to put pressure on the governments of Italy,
France, and Belgium to hasten their recognition of the Soviet government
[which was done].” {19} [Emphasis added]
Edmond Paris, one of France’s greatest authorities on the Jesuits, rightly concludes:
“The Russian Revolution, by eliminating the Czar, protector of the
Orthodox Church, had it not decapitated the great rival and helped the
penetration of the Roman Church? We must strike while the iron is hot!
The famous ‘Russicum’ [Russian College in Rome] is created [in 1929] and
its clandestine missionaries will take the Good News to this schismatic
country. One century after their expulsion by Czar Alexander the First, the
Jesuits will again undertake the conquest of the Slav world.” {20} [Emphasis
Dear truth-seeker, the Jesuits were the secret masters of the Bolsheviks!
They brought the Russian Orthodox Church under Papal domination, concluded a
secret Concordat between the Papal Caesar and the Bolsheviks in the person of
Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin — just like Napoleon! Then the Sons of Loyola
conducted a massive Inquisition, partially financed by Armand Hammer, that
Masonic Jewish Zionist and billionaire Director of Occidental Petroleum, speaking
fluent Russian and having access to enter and exit the Soviet Empire whenever he
wished.    And thus, from 1917 to 1989 Satan’s Black Pope, in the name of
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
“Communism,” used his “Holy Roman” American Empire in the West and his
“Holy Roman” Soviet Empire in the East, “to liquidate” eighty-five to one hundred
million “heretics and liberals” pursuant to the Jesuits’ evil Council of Trent!
4. The Bolsheviks with the Cheka put two and one-half million “heretics” to death
pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and Council of Trent. Of this mass genocide our
Messianic Jew, Arno Gaebelein, continues:
“Among the 1,766,188 victims up to the beginning of 1922, figures
obtained from the Soviet documents, nearly five thousand were priests,
teachers, nuns, etc. of the Greek Church . . . But soon the persecution
extended to the millions of Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, Methodist and
especially Mennonite Christians . . . Nearly 100,000 Lutherans live
banished; in semi-starvation in Siberia . . . Perhaps the greatest sufferers
as Christians have been the Mennonites. For many years they had in
southern Russia prosperous settlements, they were law abiding and
earnest believers . . . What horrible sufferings, torture and death, these
good people have passed through! Whole villages were wiped out. And
today [1933] hundreds of them are confined in miserable prison camps,
suffering untold agonies. And in the wilds of Siberia, in the far north,
hundreds of other banished ones are still living enslaved, deprived of all
the needed simple comforts of life, degraded and half starved. The
suffering of the thousands of women is simply indescribable [massive
gang rape]. Thousands of churches of the different branches have been
demolished and the work of destruction goes on, so that as stated before
by 1937 not a single church building or meeting house is to be left . . .
Needless to say, the printing of religious periodicals, the advertisement
of religious books, the circulation of the Bible . . . is not only strictly
forbidden, but punishable with exile. [The Jesuits further benefited by
using their Bolsheviks to execute Monsignor Budkiewicz against the
wishes of President Harding and the evil Federal Council of
(Protestant) Churches. This murder eliminated an enemy and united
Catholics and Protestants against the Jews.]” {21} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, is this not exactly the same religious oppression that
occurred in Spain during the Dark Ages and all throughout Europe with the dawn of
the Reformation? Is this not the same persecution the French Huguenots suffered
under King Louis XIV, guided by his Jesuit confessor, Pere La Chaise? In fact, this
is the same scenario enacted by the Jesuits in the 1600s that caused the Thirty Years’
War in Germany of which Griesinger, in his greatest of Jesuit histories, describes:
“ . . . the Jesuits proceeded for five long years, and during that space of
time they consigned to the flames more than forty thousand Lutheran
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
Bibles, while they also occasionally, to make short work of it, converted
a number of Protestant churches into ruins by means of cannon or by
blowing them up into the air with gunpowder.” {22}
The Jesuits, with their Masonic Jewish Bolsheviks financed by the Knights of
Malta on Wall Street, restored the Temporal Power of the Pope in their “USSR” by
means of a secret Concordat, enforced by the Russian arm of the Jesuits’ Holy
Office of the Inquisition — the merciless Cheka. With it came the Dark Ages and a
vast system of concentration camps called “the Gulag.” The Jesuits, with their
infernal Inquisition under the name of “communism,” were delightfully, in the loving
spirit of “Saint” Ignatius Loyola, grinding their victims to dust.
(Dear truth-seeker, out of this terrifying crucible of Jesuit inquisition, the Son of God
brought forth one of the greatest musicians ever to bless Bunyan’s “Eargate” of the
human race’s “City of Mansoul.” The magnanimous and compassionate heart of
Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff spawned his mesmerizing masterpieces as he was
the greatest pianist-composer of his day. A faithful husband and father, this wellborn,
Orthodox Russian was driven from his homeland at the age of forty-four, as a result of
Rome’s Bolshevik Revolution. He died in 1943 while an exile in the United States,
having enjoyed Protestant liberties for the remainder of his life. Indeed, his great
Symphony No. 2, Adagio enables the author to envision the triumph of good over evil
with a preview of the coming millennial reign of Jesus the Messiah as the greatest
Son of David sits on the Throne of His Glory. He will rule the world from His
spectacular Temple, to be erected in Jerusalem as a House of Prayer for all the
Gentile Nations, out of which will flow a supernatural river of water giving life to the
Dead Sea, as foretold by the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel and the Apostle John.)
In 1933, with the backing of Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy and Cardinal
Hayes of New York, FDR, the Shriner Freemason, was “elected” President of the
Pope’s American Empire. He sent Knight of Malta and CFR member Myron C.
Taylor to Rome as the American ambassador to the Vatican without the approval of
Congress. Another act of high treason was to formally recognize the bloody,
Jesuit-controlled “USSR.” This in turn unleashed the huge American corporate
monopolies under Vatican control (like Ford Motor Company and General Motors) to
finance and build Stalin’s Red Army, which in turn would be used to totally destroy
Bible-rejecting, Protestant East Prussia and East Germany during and after World
War II.
By 1939 the Jesuits, with their tools Hitler and Stalin, acting in concert under
Papal Concordats, would be ready to purge western Russia of her most hated
population – the supposed culprits of international communism – the Jews. It was for
this reason that in 1941 the Red Army, purged of its finest Generals and officers by
Stalin in the mid-thirties, had been deliberately weakened, forcing its retreat at the
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
advancement of the German Army during “Operation Barbarossa.” This enabled the
Jesuits’ Order of the Death’s Head – the SS – to round up hundreds of thousands of
Russian Jews, only to be gassed and then buried in mass graves, like Babi Yar in
Kiev. This not only pleased Hitler but Stalin as well; for “Koba” fiercely hated all
Jews. (Is it not poetic justice that Stalin’s daughter would marry a Jew?) And among
the SS, which according to Walter Schellenberg (head of the SD of the SS)
“ . . . had been organized by Himmler [whose father, Professor Gebhart
Himmler, was a Jesuit coadjutor who tutored Bavaria’s Prince Heinrich
Wittelsbach] according to the principles of the Jesuit Order . . . ,” {23}
were the Jesuit “missionaries” from the Russian College in Rome
“ . . . with the special object of organizing Catholic missions among the
Russian Orthodox population of the Soviet Union.” {24}
After the war, the Jesuits’ Russian NKVD “head hunters” became the KGB.
The Jesuits’ American OSS became the CIA. The Jesuits’ German SS and Nazi
Intelligence were merged into them both. Working together at the top, as they had
during their Crusade in Europe (as Eisenhower titled his book), both agencies were
controlled by the Knights of Malta destroying popular governments (liberalism)
around the world while erecting dictators (absolutists) loyal to Rome. The Jesuits,
with their unified international intelligence agencies, were restoring the Pope’s
Temporal Power as “Master of the World” via revolution and assassination.
This is why we should not be surprised to see the high command of the KGB
and CIA working together. For during World War II it was the Jesuit General’s head
of the OSS, Knight of Malta “Wild” Bill Donovan, working with the American
Empire’s Ambassador to the Papal Caesar in the Vatican, Knight of Malta Myron C.
Taylor (whose “diplomacy prevented Europe’s Jews from escaping Himmler’s SS),
who initiated the formal relationship. Anthony Cave Brown, the world’s foremost
authority on Intelligence Operations, tells us in his great work, “C”:
“Donovan had flown to Moscow at Christmas 1943 to meet with General P.
N. Fitin, head of the Soviet external military intelligence service, and
General A. P. Ossipov, who was responsible for Soviet guerrilla, sabotage,
and subversion operations in German-occupied territory. At that meeting,
Donovan . . . proposed a full alliance between the OSS and the NKVD (the
Soviet secret service), in which they would establish missions in each
other’s capitals [which they secretly have established today]. This exchange
of missions did not take place . . . Yet until long after FDR reluctantly
directed that the exchange not take place “for the time being,” Donovan
sent the NKVD large quantities of U.S. intelligence about
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
Germany along with technical devices such as microfilm, cameras, readers
and printers.” {25} [Emphasis added]
This Papal Knight, the man who murdered General George Patton, the man
who gave high technology to the KGB further enslaving the Russian people, the man
who betrayed us Americans in constantly plotting with the dastardly, Papalized Irish
American Jesuit of mind and heart – Francis Cardinal Spellman – was rewarded for
his loyalty to the Jew-hating, Antichrist in Caesar’s Vatican Palace:
“Donovan toward the end of his life, covered with honors already, visited
Pope Pius XII to receive the Medal of St. Sylvester, the Vatican’s highest
award for a lifetime of public and secret services to the [hierarchical]
Catholic Church.” {26} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, could the “lifetime of secret services to the [hierarchical] Catholic
Church,” overseen and controlled by the Society of Jesus, include the founding of the
American OSS and merging it with the Soviet NKVD, thereby aiding in the creation
of Rome’s International Intelligence Community — the Holy Office of the
Inquisition? If “Communist Russia” is truly an enemy of the Vatican’s Jesuits, why
was Donovan given the Pope’s highest honor?
The policy of cooperation between these two agencies continued throughout
the Cold War. For it was the traitor, “the mole,” the chief of counterintelligence, the
Knight of Malta and “Cold Warrior” who manned the CIA’s “Vatican Desk” and
“Israeli Desk” – James Jesus Angleton – who betrayed America’s loyal CIA agents
into the hands of the KGB. Again, Anthony Cave Brown writes:
“Angleton . . . demonstrated his confidence in Golitsin by making
available to him the CIA files on the personnel of the main operating
section of the CIA in the Cold War with Russia, the thousand-odd men and
women of the Soviet Division. He settled in an apartment in New York City,
where he was permitted to receive and read the files. During this period –
perhaps three years – many of the personal and operational files were
delivered to him . . . We’re talking about careers ruined, about mass
resignations of counterintelligence people convinced that the CIA has been
irrevocably penetrated by KGB pawns, about men we thought were our
moles in Moscow — arrested and shot . . . [American patriot, is your blood
boiling yet? In the name of Jesus Christ don’t ever give up your Swords of
Just Defense! We are going to need every gun and every round when
fighting the forces of our coming fascist dictator as well as our savage and
merciless foreign invaders! In the words of our great and gallant Southern
noble and Protestant American hero, General George Patton, recorded by
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
his fellow battlefield commander, Harry H. Semmes, in his Portrait of
Patton on pages 153 and 157: “I pray daily to do my duty, retain my
self-confidence and accomplish my destiny. No one can live under the awful
responsibility I have without Divine help . . . Any man who still has a
weapon in his hand and who surrenders it is a coward. But he is worse
than a coward; he is foolish. It is far better to fight it out and probably win
than it is to surrender and surely starve [in North American concentration
camps, especially the one million acre Death Camp in Alaska].”] Golitsin
was evacuated suddenly to a farm in upstate New York. The files were sent
to him there but he never returned them. . . . When this was discovered, an
operation was undertaken to retrieve them and, according to a CIA officer
involved, ‘two vans were required to return them to the Agency — two van
loads of our most secret files in the possession of a Russian in the boonies
somewhere north of Albany! You can imagine what the FBI thought when
they were told about what had happened to some of the most secret files!’ ”
{27} [Emphasis added]
Later, top CIA officials who dared to resist Angleton’s power were murdered.
According to Anthony Cave Brown three of them were Eric Timm, Desmond
Fitzgerald and member of the Order’s Opus Dei, Knight of Malta William Colby.
In conclusion, the Jesuit General controls both the CIA and the KGB through
the American and Russian branches of the Knights of Malta. The American Knights,
in control of Wall Street, financed the Bolshevik Revolution. Both the OSS and
NKVD worked together during World War II and later, as the CIA and KGB,
secretly continued to collaborate while destroying the world’s “heretics and liberals”
during that hoax called “the Cold War.” This is why we should not be surprised to
see the CIA agent, Lee Harvey Oswald, having been trained in the Russian language
by the Office of Naval Intelligence while a U.S. Marine, pose as a communist defector
to Russia when in fact he was under orders, unknowingly being set-up to be a “patsy”
for the assassination of President Kennedy. We now understand why Lee Harvey
Oswald, the Pope’s future human Protestant Lutheran sacrifice, could enter the
Black Pope’s “Holy Roman” Soviet Empire, have an enjoyable time, and easily
depart (being unheard of in those days) with his Russian wife, Marina Oswald, who
was the niece of KGB Colonel Vasili Khritinin, who in turn was overseen by the
British SIS/KGB Knight of Malta, Kim Philby, the bosom friend of the American
CIA/KGB/Mossad Knight of Malta, James Jesus Angleton (the bosom friend of Nazi
collaborator, David Ben Gurion), who in turn was the most devoted slave to his
master in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the “Archbishop of the Capital of the World” and
“Prince of the Church,” Knight of Columbus Francis Cardinal Spellman, who in
controlling FDR’s State Department and America’s New York Masonic Jewish
leadership, prohibited the rescue of European Jewry from the Black Pope’s Nazi SS!
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins

New York Governor Alfred E. Smith, Patrick Cardinal Hayes &
Knight of Malta Nicholas Frederic Brady, 1878 – 1930 #105 A
contemporary of J. P. Morgan, Joseph P. Grace, Edward L. Doheny, and
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., while being the close friend of New York Jesuits,
Thomas J. Delihant, S.J., and the future Francis Cardinal Spellman (“a
Jesuit of the short robe” and of the heart), Irish Catholic Nicholas F. Brady
was one of the five most powerful men of the early Twentieth Century. One
of the original twelve founding members of the American SMOM, Brady
rose to become owner, director, or chairman of over one hundred
corporations, including Chrysler Corporation, Brooklyn Subway, National
City Bank and Anaconda Copper. Privy to the sinking of Titanic, the
Jesuits’ Bolshevik Revolution, the Teapot Dome Scandal and the Stock
Market Crash of 1929, here he is receiving a Knights of Columbus award
from the “Military Vicar” and Archbishop of New York (with the Irish
Knight of Columbus Al Smith standing alongside) as a most faithful
Knight of Malta. Nicholas and his wife, Genevieve, called “the Duchess,”
were both members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and gave
millions to the Jesuit Order including their three million dollar Long
Island mansion, “Inisfada,” and over one million dollars for the completion
of an elaborate Jesuit Novitiate in Wernersville, Pennsylvania in 1930. A
House of Bread: The Jesuits Celebrate 70 Years in Wernersville, Pennsylvania,
Kathy M. Scogna, (Wernersville, Pennsylvania: Kathy M. Scogna, 2000) p. 17.
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32

Genevieve Brady and her 87 Room Long Island Estate, Inisfada, 1930s

Dame of Malta “Duchess” Brady with Cardinal Pacelli at Inisfada, 1936 #107
In 1937 Genevieve Brady gave Inisfada and one hundred acres to the Jesuits
to be used to further train the Black Pope’s Militia.   Munich’s Eugenio
Cardinal Pacelli, who enabled Catholic Bavaria’s Nazi Party to seize power in
1933, became Pope Pius XII when, in 1939, his Jesuit-controlled Roman
Catholic Adolf Hitler and SS ignited World War II. A House of Bread: The
Jesuits Celebrate 70 years in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, Kathy M. Scogna,
(Wernersville, Pennsylvania: Kathy M. Scogna, 2000) pp. 15, 23.
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins

Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues, 1930 #108 An Irish
Catholic, Knight of Malta, Wall Street multimillionaire and cartel
capitalist, Nicholas F. Brady financed the building of the Jesuit Order’s
“Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues” opened in 1930 near Reading, Penna.

“The German Nazi Pope,” Munich’s Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, 1936 #109
Jesuit Novices and Juniors give their allegiance to the Papal Caesar through
his German Cardinal Pacelli in 1936, who later controlled Hitler’s SS as it
carried out the Pope’s bloody “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” A
House of Bread: The Jesuits Celebrate 70 Years in Wernersville, Pennsylvania,
Kathy M. Scogna, (Wernersville, Pennsylvania: Kathy M. Scogna, 2000) pp. 61, 141.
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32

Jesuit Coadjutors Rasputin, Bishop Hermogen and Iliodor, 1905 #110
Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin, the demon-possessed, glassy-eyed, licentious,
mad monk, came to Bishop Sergius, rector of the Theological Seminary of
St. Petersburg in 1903, with a powerful letter of introduction from
Chrysanthos, Archminandrite of the Orthodox Kazan eparchy within the
Order’s stronghold of Siberia. Immediately well received, this “Caesar
Borgia of Russia” was introduced into the court of Tzar Nicholas II and his
German Empress, Alexandra – the darling of the Jesuits. Years later and
for a job well done, the Order’s Masonic Joseph Stalin would restore the
“Orthodox Papacy” in 1942 by appointing Sergius the first Patriarch of All
Russia. All of Rasputin’s political enemies, including Prime Minister P. S.
Stolypin, were removed or assassinated and by 1916, while the Tzar was
away at the war front, Rasputin, in controlling the Empress, became the
virtual ruler of Russia, abolishing the Russian Parliament (the Duma) and,
in the name of the Tzar, promoting anti-Jewish laws and pogroms thereby
igniting the Order’s Zionist Bolshevik Revolution. Both Rasputin and
Stalin had a common mentor – Bishop Hermogen – the rector of Tiflis
Theological Seminary at which several Jesuits were instructors. Iliodor, a
typical Jesuit agitator of states, was the great promoter of this “man of
God,” preaching to huge crowds about the mad monk’s life and powers
while secretly playing the spy for his master, Hermogen. In 1916 Rasputin
was rightly assassinated; later his body was exhumed and publicly burned.
The Rasputin File, Edvard Radzinsky, (New York: Anchor Books, 2001).
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins

XW *w-
S **' ■*
Jesuit Rector and Students at the Order’s Russian College in Rome, 1979 #111
We are deeply sorrowful and at a loss for words in comprehending this great
Russian tragedy of the Twentieth Century. Always an enemy of the Papacy,
Orthodox Russia, both its Patriarch and Tzar, refused to recognize the
supremacy of the Pope of Rome as the “Universal Bishop, Supreme Pontiff of
the Universal Church, Servant of the Servants of God, Rector of the World
upon Earth and Father of Princes and Kings.” Expelled by Tzars Peter the
Great in 1723 and Alexander I in 1820, the Black Pope’s relentless Militia of
Jesus continually agitated the people against its rulers while having
infiltrated the Church hierarchy and the Court of each succeeding Monarch.
This ceaseless war finally culminated in the Order’s violent and bloody
overthrow of the Romanoff Dynasty with the success of its Bolshevik
Revolution. In full control of both sides during the five-year Civil War ending
in 1922, the Bolshevik Red Army emerged victorious over the betrayed,
anti-Jew, White Russian Army. Upon that defeat the Company of Jesus was
formally readmitted into Russia after over 100 years of suppression. In 1929 the
Jesuits erected their Russian College in Rome for the training of Jesuit priests
to rule the Black Pope’s U.S.S.R. Above, Superior General Pedro Arrupe is
third from the right in the second row. The Jesuits: A History, David Mitchell,
(London: Macdonald Futura Publishers, 1980).
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32

Georgetown University’s Jesuit Edmund Walsh, 1933 #112
After the Jesuits had launched the Bolshevik Revolution and concluded the
bloody Civil War in 1922, that same year a “Relief Mission,” led by
American Jesuits, was sent into the “USSR” by order of Jesuit General
Ledochowski. Walsh, the Jesuit who founded the School of Foreign Service
at Georgetown University and led the mission as “an expert” on the
internal affairs of the Soviet Union, appointed Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin
as the Secretary of the Communist Party. During the 1930s, while
Freemason Stalin was outraging the world with his Purges murdering
millions of his own countrymen, the Order pretended to be the foe of the
very communism it had created and perfected on its Reductions in
Paraguay. The Society of Jesus launched the illusion of its “worldwide
systematic warfare against the common enemy of Christianity and
civilization,” all the while financing it through its Papal Knights on Wall
Street manning the Federal Reserve Bank and the Chase Manhattan Bank.
After the Second Thirty Years’ War, in following the footsteps of Charles
Coughlin, the ex-Basilian (secret Jesuit) priest – christened “the father of
hate radio” while leading a church near the Jesuit Order’s University of
Detroit – Francis Cardinal Spellman would continue to campaign against
“godless Jew communism” throughout the Black Pope’s Cold War during
which the Inquisition’s secret International Intelligence Community was
financed, perfected and subordinated to the Papal Caesar in Rome. Men
Astutely Trained, Peter McDonough, (New York: The Free Press, 1992).
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins

Armand Hammer in the Jesuits’ USSR, 1925 #113 Masonic
Jewish Zionist and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Hammer, a
traitor to his own Jewish Race, built major industries within Communist
Russia. For a time all trade between the United States and Soviet Russia
passed through his hands. Working with the Jesuits’ Irish “Episcopalian”
Roman Catholic Henry Ford (who circulated the Jew-hating Protocols of
Zion and whose son, Henry Ford II, formally converted to Catholicism upon
his marriage into the McDonnell family), Fordson tractors were brought
into Russia as early as 1923. As the head of Occidental Petroleum, he freely
entered and exited the Black Pope’s Russian police state whenever he
wished. He greatly contributed to the Jesuit-authored illusion that
international communism was Jewish, making Jesuit-controlled Bernhardt
Stempfle’s Mein Kampf believable, justifying Hitler’s “Final Solution to the
Jewish Question” first introduced in 1880 by the Order’s Professor Heinrich
von Treitschke. Speaking fluent Russian, Hammer was up close and
personal with every Soviet leader from Lenin to Gorbachev, greatly
building the Empire’s commerce evidenced by his “Hammer House,” the
international trade center and hotel, financed by the Jesuit Order’s Chase
Manhattan and Bank of America, built in the heart of Moscow. He also
helped to finance the creation of Zionist Israel, its Masonic leaders secretly
aiding the Jesuit Order as it continually strains every nerve to bring the
world to its knees in worship of the risen Papal Antichrist from Solomon’s
rebuilt Temple in Israel’s beloved Jerusalem. Hammer, Armand Hammer and
Neil Lyndon, (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1987).
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Chapter 32
William Joseph “Wild Bill” Donovan, 1883 – 1959
Founder of the OSS, Father of the CIA

This devoted Irish Roman Catholic and Knight of Malta was completely
loyal to the Black Pope, the Papal Caesar and the Archbishop of New York,
Francis Cardinal Spellman. He provided high technology to Stalin’s NKVD
and was the link between “Dirty” Harry Truman’s Central Intelligence
Agency overseen by Archbishop Spellman, and “Uncle” Joe Stalin’s KGB
overseen by Patriarch Agagianian. Donovan’s formal link to the high
command of the KGB was through his arch-fiend and Chief of
Counterintelligence, Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton. Here, in the
words of Anthony Cave Brown, “Donovan,” previously given the Pope’s
Lateran Medal, “is visiting Pope Pius XII to receive the Medal of St.
Sylvester, the Vatican’s highest award, for a lifetime of public and secret
services to the [hierarchical] Catholic Church.” This notorious American
traitor, being the spokesman for the U.S. affiliate of Hitler’s I. G. Farben in
North America, aided the Jesuit Order in perfecting its Holy Office of the
Inquisition’s International Intelligence Community in command of the
world’s armies, East and West, through which the Society of Jesus
murdered nearly two hundred million people during “the American
Twentieth Century” pursuant to the Black Pope’s evil Council of Trent. The
Last Hero: Wild Bill Donovan, Anthony Cave Brown, (New York: Times Books,
The Jesuits – 1882 - 1917
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 33
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Making America Dominantly Catholic
General Sherman’s Son – the Jesuit The
Italian Mafia The Knights of Columbus
“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple ro ten at the heart:
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!” {1}
Edward de Vere, 1590 17th
Earl of Oxford alias,
“William Shakespeare” The
Merchant of Venice Act I,
Scene III
“In 1900 Rome will take this country and keep it.”
Priest Isaac Hecker, 1888
Founder of the Paulists
Redemptorist (Jesuit) Missionary
to Protestant America
“To write the history of Jesuitism is to give in detail the record of
sanctified scoundrelism, as with the face of the saint and the heart of a
devil it has lived and wrought in this world, to do its worst against
Christianity, brotherly love, manhood and righteousness. . . . Washington
[D.C.] is in the lap of Rome, . . . the Jesuits ruling Washington may
dispense with all laws, human and divine, dissolve all oaths and vows,
and free men in the Cabinet of the President from the obligations which
bind other men. . . . The Jesuit University [Catholic University of America]
is built in Washington as Conspiracy Hall, in hopes that liberty may be
throttled in its stronghold. . . . ‘There in Washington is that Jesuit
organization which has set out to control this country, which has been
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
repudiated by every free country, Catholic and Protestant, in the Old
World: They have come to our borders; they are among us today, and to
stay; and they understand that they are to secure the control of this
continent, by destroying the public school system of America.’ ” {3}
[Emphasis added]
Justin D. Fulton, 1888 American
Theologian and Historian Honorable
U.S. Senator Henry W. Blair Senatorial
speech, February 15, 1888 Washington
In the Lap of Rome
“Yes! San Francisco the rich, the great queen of the Pacific, is in the
hands of the Jesuits! From the very first days of the discovery of the gold
mines of California, the Jesuits had the hopes of becoming masters of
those inexhaustible treasures, and they secretly laid their plans, with the
most profound ability and success. They saw, at once, that the great
majority of the lucky miners, of every creed and nation, were going home
as soon as they had enough to secure an honourable competence to their
families . . . The Jesuits saw at a glance that if they could persuade the
Irish Catholics [George Hearst, father of the baptized Roman Catholic
and media mogul William Randolph Hearst] to settle and remain there,
they would soon be the masters and rulers of that golden city whose
future is so bright and so great! And that scheme, worked day and night,
with the utmost perseverance, has been crowned with perfect success (the
“Irish Big Four,” known as the “Silver Kings of the Comstock Lode,”
being William S. O’Brien, James G. Fair, John W. Mackay and James C.
Flood who willed his gorgeous mansion in Menlo Park, California to the
Jesuits’ Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) . . . Its richest bank (Nevada
Bank) is in their hands, and so are all the street railways . . . Their
compact unity, in the hands of the Jesuits (who swim in a golden sea),
with their enormous wealth, make them almost supreme masters of the
mines of California and Nevada.” {4}
Charles Chiniquy, 1886
French-Canadian Ex-Priest Fifty
Years in the Church of Rome
“From 1928 through the middle 1930s, [William Randolph] Hearst [the
Episcopalian Jesuit coadjutor who championed the Order’s causes of
socialism, fascism, Irish Catholic home rule, the Federal Reserve System
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
and Nazism] bought, syndicated, and featured in his Sunday papers essays
by Benito Mussolini, the former journalist who was now the Italian
premier [whose confessor was a Jesuit] . . . and German political leaders,
among them . . . Herman Goering, [Knight of Malta] Franz von Papen,
and [the Jesuit-controlled] Adolf Hitler.” {5}
David Nasaw, 2000 American
Historian The Chief: The Life of
William Randolph Hearst
The Jesuits were now supreme in Washington, D.C. They had assassinated
Lincoln on “Good Friday” with the help of their Freemasons, Andrew Johnson and
Edwin Stanton while “brother” Booth escaped the city with a password. They
employed the finest attorneys for the defense of the arch-villain, John H. Surratt, the
obedient son of Jesuit Bernard F. Wiget. Through Jesuit influence the jury was hung,
thus unable to convict Surratt and ultimately the murderer went free. The same Jesuit
machine that aided Surratt, assassinated Garfield and McKinley. We read:
“ . . . the aid that this young traitor received from the priests in
Washington, Canada, England and Italy was sufficient to have held them
as actual conspirators and to have brought them to justice by hanging
them on the same scaffold with their dupes. Had this been done, it might
have saved the assassination of the other Presidents of this Republic,
Garfield and McKinley!” {6}
The plan of the Jesuits for their new American Empire was to make it the
instrument of vengeance on the European and Asian nations that had expelled them
while subordinating every country to the Temporal Power (earthly rule) of their
“infallible” Papal Caesar in Rome. At the same time, the Jesuits would destroy the
historic Protestantism of Washington’s Republic pursuant to the Council of Trent.
And how would the Jesuits do this in a country that was still predominantly
Protestant and Baptist, whose inhabitants were of the White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon
Race enjoying the Bill of Rights and well armed with an Authorized King James
Version of the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other? The Jesuits would gain
control of every State government as well as the National Government, and then pass
legislation to further their nefarious ends. To do this the foreign and naturalized
Roman Catholic populations, enjoying the communist maxim of universal suffrage
since the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment since 1870, must be increased
through immigration and then manipulated to vote “en masse” for the candidates
whom the Hierarchy endorsed. This would be done for the benefit of the Pope, his
Hierarchy and his Jesuit Order, not the lowly Catholic priests or people.
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
While in the process of this great scheme they would use the U.S. Constitution
to protect every piece of Roman Catholic Church property in America as a result of
the treaty settling the Spanish-American War of 1898. We read from Black’s Law
Dictionary, Fifth Edition:
“Roman Catholic Church. The juristic personality of the Roman Catholic
Church, with the right to sue and to take and hold property . . . It was
formally recognized between Spain and the Papacy and by Spanish laws
from the beginning of the settlements in the Indies, also by our Treaty with
Spain in 1898, whereby its property rights were solemnly safeguarded.” {7}
Concerning immigration, this is precisely what the Jesuits did. We read:
“Big Catholic population gains were made between 1881 and 1890, when
1,250,000 Catholic immigrants reached American shores. In 1890 there
were nearly 9 million Catholics in the United States. From 1891 to the close
of the century another 1,225,000 arrived and the total Catholic population
grew to 12,041,000. From 1901 through 1910 the number of Catholic new
comers was almost 2,320,000 and the total Catholic population leaped to
16,336,000. In a brief two-decade period the Roman Catholic numbers had
been increased by more than 7.3 million.” {8}
Upon arriving in the American Empire, the Roman Catholics were used by the
priests to control the elections. One of our heroes, Jeremiah Crowley, quotes “The
Catholic World” in 1912:
“The Roman Catholic is to wield his vote for the purpose of securing
Catholic ascendancy in this country. All legislation must be governed by
the will of God unerringly indicated by the Pope. Education must be
controlled . . . and the utterances of the press are included . . . ” {9}
This means that within thirty years, from 1880 to 1910, the Catholic population
had doubled, thereby enabling the Jesuits to further control the powerful political
machines of both parties using their junior Jesuits, the Knights of Columbus, along
with the Mafia and their dupes — the Roman Catholic people. The control of
Tammany Hall in New York City is but one example. In the works of Col. L.
Fletcher Prouty portrayed in Oliver Stone’s great movie JFK, Director’s Cut,
“Politics is power, nothing more!”
About this time during the years of 1900 to 1910, the American Protestants
became alerted to this great conspiracy and warned both Catholics and Protestants of
past and present Jesuit intrigues. The Protestant minister, B. C. Oggel, declared in a
series of Middle West Meetings:
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
“I would remind you of Webster’s definition of a Jesuit: a designer, an
intriguer. If the Church of Rome prevailed, the Pope would be the
Universal King . . . The Jesuits are here to plot and scheme and, if
possible, take from us the noble heritage of our civil and religious
freedom. The rules of the Jesuit Order justify theft, licentiousness, lying,
false-witness bearing, suicide and the murder of parents and other
relatives. The greatest crimes in history committed against individuals
and nations have been committed by the Jesuits . . . Wherever Jesuits are
they have the torch to burn, the sword to slay, the inquisition to torture.
They are the enemies of [Bible-believing] Christianity. They live for
conquest, fortune and glory.” {11} [Emphasis added]
To oppose the spreading of the truth about the Jesuit Order and Rome’s quest
to destroy America’s Protestant liberties, the Jesuits used Thomas Sherman, the son
of that disgrace to the art of arms, General Sherman whose wife was a most devoted
Roman Catholic. Thomas Sherman, the Jesuit, defined the purpose of the Society with
one breath and then defended it with the next, while condemning the ex-priests who
were exposing Rome’s true colors. We read:
“It was Ignatius who conceived the daring plan of forging the weapon to
beat back the Reformation . . . He organized an Order expressly to fight
and down Protestantism. He considered all outside the Church as
doctrinally his enemies and so do we now . . . I have been for thirty years
under the influence of the Jesuits . . . and that to condemn the Order of
Jesus is not only to condemn progress and thought and culture and virtue,
and all that is sweet and beautiful [???], but to condemn Jesus Christ
Himself [the Pope], with whom and for whom the Jesuit is crucified . . .
These ex-priests are anarchists of the worst stamp. They appeal to free
speech. If free speech means the right to debauch the minds of women
and children at pleasure [by telling the truth about the confessional and
private lives of the priests], then I, for one, say better free bullets than free
speech.” {12} [Emphasis added]
Priest Thomas Sherman, the Jesuit deceiver, was the contemporary of two of
our heroes, the ex-priests Charles Chiniquy and Jeremiah Crowley. He never faced
them! Ultimately, his lies and bad conscience drove him to an attempted suicide.
Confined in the Milwaukee sanatorium he wrote these most pitiful words to his Jesuit
Provincial master:
“I have not the faintest gleam of any hope of salvation since July 30,
1911 . . . Repeated confessions but no peace. Have said the Mass the last
few weeks, an agony to drag myself to the altar. No hope whatever of
eternal salvation — continual effort to choke back blasphemies against
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
God. Blind obedience has brought no amelioration. I will have no instant
of peace in time as in eternity. Of this I am most positive. Still my vows
press on me and I will continue to obey blindly [the blind obedience
mandated by the Fourth Vow] . . .
In utter despair,
T. Sherman
P.S. In 1910 no general confession. Afraid to face my conscience.” {13}
[Emphasis added]
Meanwhile, with the immigrants came the Italian Mafia, subordinate of
course to the Jesuit Order. The Mafia would first be used to oppress the Catholic
populations of the large Northern cities, forbidding the people to settle in Protestant
communities or allowing their children to attend the Bible-reading public schools.
The Mafia would control crime in an organized fashion, establishing monopolies in
the traffic of liquor, prostitution, gambling, pornography and drugs, further enriching
the coffers of Rome. Later, in accumulating wealth and power, it would be used
politically for controlling both the Republican and Democratic parties to the extent of
high-level assassination. Amazingly, the Jesuits would be so bold as to use their
Mafia in conjunction with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) during World War
II. We read from The Luciano Project:
“Not only did Lucky Luciano and his Mafia associates help the Navy
protect New York Harbor from espionage, sabotage, and labor strife; their
influence reached across the Atlantic Ocean to the port cities of Sicily and
Italy during the critical invasions of Hitler’s Mediterranean frontier . . .
[The story] was kept secret for twenty-three years, with a cast of hundreds
of naval officers, Mafia grandees, and racketeers, judges, district
attorneys, corrections officers and parole personnel, not to mention secret
agents of all services, working from Great Meadow Prison to the front
lines of the Italian campaign.” {14}
The Jesuits would also use their Mafia soldiers alongside the agents of the OSS in
World War II, remembering that the head of the OSS was an Irish Roman Catholic
whose brother, Vincent Donovan, was a Dominican priest. We read:
“During World War II, William Donovan, chief of U.S. Intelligence
(OSS), decided that a “corps of skilled safecrackers, housebreakers and
assassins” could further the war effort. Donovan secured the best – Mafia
boss: Charles “Lucky” Luciano – who used his influence to protect
Mafia infested American docks from Axis sabotage. In return, Luciano
was granted a commutation of a long prison sentence [convicted of
compulsory prostitution], and was deported to Italy in 1946.” {15}
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
(Dear truth-seeker, the collaboration between the Mafia and OSS is important to grasp,
enabling us to understand the Mafia/CIA assassination of President Kennedy.)
In returning to the 1880s, the Jesuits, with the plan of “making America
dominantly Catholic,” through immigration and control of politics, needed more than
the Mafia, Shriner Freemasonry (including the “Royal Order of Jesters” to which
actor John Wayne belonged) and Rothschild’s Illuminati. They needed a new
domestic order to further control Fourteenth Amendment America’s political power
and financial might. This new order would also pretend to be the enemy of the
Jesuits’ old war-horse, Shriner Freemasonry, creating further agitations between
unsuspecting Catholics and Protestants. So in 1882, one year after the Garfield
assassination, an organization was born, having derived its name from a Spanish Jew,
who was a notorious slaver and pirate. Of the Knights of Columbus we read:
“The Knights of Columbus, founded at New Haven, Connecticut, February
2, 1882, by Rev. Michael J. McGivney, curate of St. Mary’s Church . . .
had on January 1, 1905 a total membership of 127,206 persons . . . they are
now (1912) said to be over 300,000 strong . . . an adroit feature of this
organization, to which Roman Catholics only are eligible, is the initiative
service of four degrees . . . they work in collusion with the Hierarchy, and
are heart and soul in politics. This fact is well known to political machines
and non-Catholic politicians, whose candidates must receive the approval
of Rome and the Knights before they dare nominate them for either dog
pound or presidency. The Knights of Columbus’ . . . principal business is
politics, aye, Jesuitical politics. . . . ” {16} [Emphasis added]
And to what end are the Knights of Columbus and their Jesuitical politics
bringing us? Remembering that both President Kennedy and his killer, Francis
Cardinal Spellman, were both members of the Order, could it be the erecting of a
fascist tyranny? Is not one of the symbols used within the emblem of the Knights of
Columbus a fascis, it being a bundle of rods bound together about an axe with the
blade projecting? Is not that most sinister symbol (like the Company’s Masonic
swastika of Bavaria’s upper crust Thule Society (the swastika having been adopted
by a Jesuit “missionary” to India, Robert di’ Nobili, in 1605 while attempting to win
to the Order the ruling-class Brahmans) its chief architect having been Baron Rudolf
von Sebottendorff who had been born in the Order’s Silesia and raised by a Roman
Catholic Austrian noble while in Turkey) promoting the raw, unrestrained and
centralized power of the Black Pope’s Roman Papal Caesar, prominently displayed
at the front of the chamber of the Senate of the Order’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth
Amendment American Empire? The end to which these oath-bound soldiers of a
foreign power are working can only be the destruction of popular liberty, so
condemned by the Jesuits’ Council of Trent, while submitting the American Empire
to the absolute Temporal Power of the Pope. Written in 1924, we read:
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
“The process of destruction has gone on steadily from the assassination
of the five presidents in the United States, (Harrison, Taylor, Lincoln,
Garfield and McKinley), which began in 1841 and has continued at
intervals, and which finds us without a semblance of a free press. After
sixty years of activity by these foreign enemies within our borders what
do we find? We find subversion of free speech; a subversion of a free
press; we find a denial of the right of the American people to peaceable
assemblage. . . . And by whom is this concerted plan of destruction
being carried on, principally? By the priests and lay members of the
Roman Catholic Church. . . . During the Wilson administration, the
Army, the Navy, the Treasury, the Secret Service, the Post Office, the
Emergency Fleet, Transports, Printing, Aircraft and dozens of others
were presided over by the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus! The
PLUNDERS of Hog Island and the Emergency Fleet under E. N.
Hurley are matters of Congressional Record, which mounted up into the
millions. Mr. Hurley is a Roman Catholic and Knight of Columbus.
The “Aircraft Scandal” under the supervision of John M. Ryan, an
ardent Roman Catholic and Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, ran
into the billions and was also subject to investigation . . . One of the
aims of the Knights of Columbus is to restore the Temporal Power of
the Pope.” {17} [Emphases added]
(We may also add that the apostate Protestants and Freemasons, FDR and J. Edgar
Hoover, held public offices during the administration of another notorious American
traitor and apostate Presbyterian, President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) who was
later poisoned, having died of so-called “apoplexy,” for a job well done.)
As we can see, the Jesuits, with their Roman Hierarchy and Knights of
Columbus, owe allegiance only to the Pope as he obeys their Jesuit General. They
intend to submit every human government to the earthly rule or Temporal Power of
the Pope. David S. Phelan, a priest in St. Louis, wrote in 1913:
“Tell us we are Catholics first and Americans or Englishmen afterwards;
of course we are. Tell us, in the conflict between the church and the
civil government we take the side of the church; of course we do. Why
if the Government of the United States were at war with the church, we
would say tomorrow, To Hell with the government of the United States;
and if the Church and all the governments of the world were at war, we
would say: — To Hell with all the governments of the world . . . Why is
it the Pope has such tremendous power? Why the Pope is the ruler of
the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the
presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine.” {18}
[Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
Our benevolent “Father” Phelan’s opinion is in complete agreement with the
settled doctrines of Rome espoused by their “Angelic Doctor,” Thomas Aquinas:
“The Pope, by Divine Right, hath spiritual and Temporal Power, as
supreme King of the World . . . ” {19} [for] “ . . . the Pope of Rome, as the
Head of the Papal Government, claims absolute sovereignty and
supremacy over all the governments of the earth.” {20}
And in subordinating the United States to the Temporal Power of Rome’s
Papal Caesar, the Jesuits fully intend to destroy Protestantism. The ex-priest and one
of our heroes, Jeremiah Crowley, quotes the same priest, David S. Phelan:
“Protestantism – We would draw and quarter it. We would impale it and
hang it up for crow’s meat. We would tear it with pincers, and fire it with
molten lead, and sink it in a hundred fathoms of hell-fire.” {21}
When Jeremiah Crowley was a priest in 1902 he asked Cardinal Martinelli that if
the Catholics in this country numbered about seventy million and if the Protestants
numbered about ten million, what would he do to the Protestants? He replied:
“Oh, Christ, I’d crush ‘em!” {22} [Emphasis added]
Rome’s attitude towards “heretics” has never changed even as the Jesuits and their
Council of Trent have never changed! It is for this reason that the great Protestant
preacher Isaac Lansing declared in 1890:
“I do not hesitate to say that, in all candor and reason, every Roman
Catholic who confesses this allegiance to the Papacy, ought to be
disfranchised in the United States, and forbidden the right to participate,
as a citizen, in either holding an office or casting a ballot.” {23}
Having doubled the Catholic population of the American Empire from 1881 to
1910, having brought the Italian Mafia into the major cities to control the Catholic
populations and organized crime, and having established the Knights of Columbus to
implement “Jesuitical politics,” the Society of Jesus, in control of the Pope and his
Hierarchy, had now subordinated the civil power of the American Congress to the
Papal power — the will of the Black Pope. We read in 1894:
“Jesuits At Washington
The Romanism at Washington is of the Jesuit type. Jesuit Colleges, Jesuit
Clubs, Jesuit Churches, Jesuits prominent in the judicial, legislative and
departmental branches of the government, with Jesuit principles and
methods protruding everywhere!  It is more than likely that there is no
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
other capital city in the world having so many Jesuits. And yet the number
does not run up into the hundreds for the order is not a large one in the
world. The European capitals will not tolerate them. The German
Parliament has just said that the Jesuits must stay out. Our own
government extends to them a bid to strangle our national life and
overthrow our hard earned and popular institutions . . . Several years ago
when an important piece of legislation was before the House; which had
been before the Country and generally approved, the press of all sections
and the religious press as well (except the Roman Catholic papers)
sustaining it; and which had in Congress the support of members of all
parties, suddenly and unexpectedly, met, in vote a most disastrous defeat.
‘How is this to be accounted for?’ asked a member. His friend replied ‘I
will show you,’ and taking his friend by the arm he led him on a tour of
the lobby rooms of the House, and pointed out nine Jesuit Priests. Will
this condition be continued indefinitely, and to the great detriment of the
country, and the independence of National Legislation?” {24} [Emphasis
(Dear truth-seeker, as the Jesuits in control of Nazi Germany were behind the
legislation requiring gun registration in 1935, even so their agents in Washington are
busy attempting to destroy the Second Amendment in 2003. Senator Edward “Ted”
Kennedy, a Knight of Columbus under the oath of the Fourth Degree and a trustee of
the Order’s Boston College in Massachusetts, is one of their key tools.)
By 1912 Jeremiah Crowley writes:
“I know and assert without fear of successful contradiction that the
Vatican system – the Roman Catholic Hierarchy – has a grip upon all the
departments of our Government, from the President to Department Clerks,
including Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Departments, both Federal
and State — and the accommodating politicians, Catholic and
non-Catholic, particularly the latter are to blame for it all.” {25}
The Jesuits in Crowley’s day controlled Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Taft
and Wilson. And being in control of the Presidency, the Order could control the
Supreme Court as the President has the power of appointment. The Supreme Court
with its new, evil “federal question jurisdiction” could then on appeal reverse or
uphold decisions of the fifty State Supreme Courts as well as the decisions of the ten
federal Circuit Courts. The Court’s decisions would be pursuant to Rome’s plans for
Fourteenth Amendment America which included the denial that the Bill of Rights
were privileges of Fourteenth Amendment Citizenship, approving the replacement
of the English Common Law procedure with the Roman Civil Law procedure in
both State and Federal Courts, the abolition of segregation, the destruction of the
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
Public School System through the forced integration of Whites and Blacks while
abolishing Bible-reading and prayer, the forbidding of capital punishment, the
legalization of abortion and voiding possible legislation targeted against the Jesuits —
just to name a few! Of this control of the Presidency and Supreme Court, Crowley
“In case of an adverse decision in the lower Courts, through the influence
of Rome, the case should be appealed, and, if needs be carried to the
Supreme Court of the United States, over which Chief Justice White, a
Jesuitical Roman Catholic, presides by the favor of President Taft [a Skull
and Bones member since 1878].” {26} [Emphasis added]
Further, it was obvious to all that the nation’s most powerful Freemason,
President William Taft, was intimate with the Hierarchy in America and sent his
personal aide Major Archibald Butt – who, thanks to the Jesuits, went down on the
Titanic made of substandard steel – to confer with the Pope in Rome. Taft was also
the bosom friend of General Sherman’s son, the Jesuit, Thomas Sherman.
Additionally, an English Jesuit and foremost advisor to King George V, Fr. Bernard
Vaughan, converted Taft’s sister to Romanism.
And it was President Theodore Roosevelt, with his “Maltese Cross Ranch” in
the Badlands of North Dakota, who branded American Protestants as “bigots” over
their concern of Rome’s ascending power in Washington. He also began the
continuing centralization of power in the presidency. One of his acts was the creation
of the Bureau of Investigation:
“From the time of Theodore Roosevelt’s accession to the presidency,
American presidents of the twentieth century had begun to assert
unprecedented claims to centralize power in the executive office. As part
of this new federalism, President Roosevelt’s Attorney General, Charles
Bonaparte, by executive order had created the Bureau of Investigation in
1908 as a full-time investigative division of the Justice Department
[America’s Holy Office of the Inquisition].” {27} [Emphasis added]
And by which Order and to what end is the control of the Legislative,
Executive and Judicial branches of the federal government? Crowley tells us:
“Rome’s Jesuitical emissaries, agents and missionaries are everywhere.
They have no conscience but the Pope’s dictation. They are allowed to
assume whatever dress they please; for their better disguise, any
occupations in church or state; they are in the highest and lowest
conditions, and have been known to appear as active and zealous
members in non-Catholic associations and churches — sometimes filling
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
prominent Protestant pulpits . . . Their object is to engender strife, to
influence party spirit, to produce faction, to counsel rebellion, to plot and
plan assassinations.” {28} [Emphasis added]
Understanding both the control and plans of the Jesuit Order in Washington is
imperative if we are to understand the Kennedy Assassination. For the Jesuits
produced their Chief Justice Earl Warren to cover-up the assassination with his
Warren Commission as well as defend the Knight of Malta, Clay L. Shaw during his
trial in New Orleans, initiated by Jim Garrison. The Jesuits used President Johnson
to appoint the Warren Commission and, with the Justice Department, used J. Edgar
Hoover and his FBI to suppress evidence of a conspiracy. The Jesuits, with their
agents in Congress, such as Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, did all they could to thwart the
proceedings of the Assassinations Committee in 1976, which concluded there was a
conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy thanks to Robert Groden, the author of
High Treason.
The words of our hero, Charles Chiniquy, were now fulfilled. Jeremiah
Crowley, America’s Martin Luther of the Twentieth Century, proved, without
refutation, Rome’s control of both federal and state governments. But the warnings
went unheeded. The Protestants, with their Jesuit-infested Federal Council of
Churches, did nothing. The liberty-loving Americans – Protestants, Baptists, Jews
and “liberal” Catholics – for the most part had forgotten they were truly in a holy war
initiated by those ever-present warlords, the Sons of Loyola. Priest Isaac Hecker was
right. Rome, controlled by the Jesuits, took the American government away from the
American people in the early 1900s, and have kept it! Since that time the Jesuits have
used the military and financial might of their Fourteenth Amendment “Holy
Roman” American Empire as “the Sword of the Church,” to subordinate the nations
of the world to the Temporal Power of the cannibalistic Papal Caesar. May God
help us to repent that He may forgive us!!!
Of the year 1913 we ask in retrospect, “What would the Jesuits do now that
they were in control of every President from Theodore Roosevelt to Woodrow
Wilson?” They would further develop their American Empire patterned after their
Reductions in Paraguay. In preparing for the Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945)
they would create a national, inquisitional police force and implement two pillars of
The Communist Manifesto. In 1908, the very year Rome declared the American
Empire no longer to be a missionary country (it was now conquered), they founded
the FBI. In 1913 they created their privately owned national bank, called “The
Federal Reserve System,” established a “heavy progressive income tax” with the
Sixteenth Amendment and created the IRS to collect it. Rome would now have a
police state with its corporate monopolies while destroying the White Protestant
Middle Class. Rome’s seeds of absolutist, Jesuit corporate fascism had been
successfully planted.
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins
In 1917, the Jesuits, contrary to Washington’s Farewell Address, brought
Fourteenth Amendment America out of isolation – to be used like the nations of the
Holy Alliance – to intervene in the affairs of foreign countries via military invasion in
restoring and maintaining the Pope’s Temporal Power.
This would be the true purpose of the American Empire during World War I.
President Woodrow Wilson, the apostate Protestant and self-confessed traitor,
would be used to punish the Protestant German Empire. For Kaiser Wilhelm I and
Prince Otto von Bismarck’s government of the Protestant Second Reich had
banished the Jesuits in 1872 and, in 1907, threatened to immediately expel every
Catholic priest from the Empire in retaliation for Pope Pius X’s “infallible” Decree,
“Ne temere.” (That Decree, simply put, declared that any Catholic not married by a
Roman Catholic priest was living in adultery and their children were bastards.
Humiliated, the Pope modified the Decree so as to not apply to Germany!)
President Wilson would also be the tool in commencing Rome’s vengeance
on Orthodox Russia. In aiding the Bolshevik Revolution, he would be used to punish
Russia’s Romanoff Dynasty and Orthodox Church. The Jesuits’ new Russian Empire,
called the “USSR” would be greatly expanded under the Order’s Grand Inquisitor,
Joseph Stalin. For Tzar Alexander II, who maintained religious toleration for all
creeds professed in his dominions, abolished Russia’s Concordat with Rome’s High
Priest and King, the Papal Caesar (who practices cannibalism through the
Bible-rejecting and Baal-worshipping doctrine of “Transubstantiation” when
drinking the blood and eating the flesh of his false, dead and unbiblical “Christ” still
hanging on the cross of his occultic Crucifix), and the leaders of the Orthodox Church
had refused to attend the Vatican Council of 1870. In 1880 Dostoyevsky’s prophetic
words warned of the power of the Jesuits in Russia. Again, we repeat his war cry:
“ . . . those are the worst of the Catholics, the Inquisitors, the Jesuits! . . .
They are simply the Romish army for the earthly sovereignty of the world
in the future, with the Pontiff of Rome for Emperor . . . that’s their ideal,
but there’s no sort of mystery or lofty melancholy about it . . . its simple
lust of power, of filthy earthly gain, of domination – something like a
universal serfdom with them as masters – that’s all they stand for. They
don’t even believe in God perhaps.” {29} [Emphasis added]
“Jesuits sue for the favor of the great and powerful. To obtain this, they
decry faith in God, join in attacks on Rome, play the atheist or the infidel
[as they would do in the Bolshevik Revolution].” {30} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits were further enraged with the response of Tzar Nicholas II (who
was influenced by the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church) to the Pope’s Decree, “Ne
temere,” of 1907. Like Germany, Russia utterly condemned it. Crowley writes:
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33
“Why do not the rulers and governments of all non-Catholic countries
step in to protect the rights of the people from such a dangerous and
infamous invasion by the Pope of Rome, as did the government of Russia
which recently prosecuted Bishop Casimir Ruszkiewiez, suffragan
bishop to the Archbishop of Warsaw, and Father Cisplinski on the
charge of declaring a legal marriage null, and thus infringing civil
authority? The result was a sentence of sixteen months’ imprisonment for
both priest and bishop. The term is to be passed in a fortress and the
bishop is to be deposed from his diocese. Russia knows Rome and
therefore nips her in the bud in order to prevent her gaining supremacy
over civil authority.” {31} [Emphasis added]
Jeremiah J. Crowley then asked this very penetrating question:
“Why do not the Governments of the British Empire and the United States
prosecute and punish according to law priests and prelates guilty of
similar, and far worse, crimes?” {32}
The answer, Brother Crowley, is that in 1912, like today in 2003, the Jesuits
controlled both Protestant Empires, Fourteenth Amendment America and the
United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Jesuits, in turn, used these two Protestant
Empires to punish Rome’s two greatest enemies, the Protestant German Empire
and the Orthodox Russian Empire beginning with World War I.
The Great War, begun in 1914, would commence the punishment of both
Germany and Russia for thirty years. The populations of both countries, especially
Protestant East Germany, would suffer terribly under the Jesuit Inquisition of Russian
Communism during “the Cold War,” heavily promoted by CIA Knights of Malta
Henry R. Luce of Time Magazine and William F. Buckley, Jr. of National Review.
That Cold War, properly understood to be Rome’s old “Inquisition” killing “heretics,
liberals and pagans” on both sides while conducted by the Jesuit General’s
International Intelligence Community, supposedly ended in 1989 with the fall of the
Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany and “the fall” of the “USSR.” Time will tell
if the Company’s Cold War truly ended or if Russia is still our undying foe despite the
illusion that President George W. Bush and President Vladimir Putin are temporary
allies, as were Stalin and Hitler, in fighting the Black Pope’s “War on Terrorism!”
Meanwhile, the shots that rang out at Sarajevo on June 28, 1914, four days after Pope
Pius X had entered into a Concordat with Serbia to the astonishment of the Orthodox
Serbian people, would begin the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War. And a deceived
American and British populace, Protestant and Catholic alike, would unite to fight“ . . .
the war to end all wars . . . against the [Lutheran] Hun . . . making the world safe for
[Papal socialist corporate] democracy . . . ‘Over There’.”
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Vatican Assassins

Jesuit Thomas Ewing Sherman, 1856 – 1933 #115 General Sherman’s
Son Jesuit Thomas Sherman was the son of that disgrace to the military art
of arms, Federal General William Tecumseh Sherman, who, under the
advisement of Jesuit Peter De Smet and with the blessing of Thaddeus
Stevens, embarked on his murderous Crusade through the American
South destroying the White Protestant civilizations of Georgia, South
Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia pursuant to the wicked Council of
Trent. Jesuit Sherman was a close personal friend of the Order’s Masonic
American President Theodore “Rex” Roosevelt, serving as a Chaplin in the
Spanish American War ignited by Masonic J. P. Morgan (1898) and, while
at a dinner in honor of the Shermans (1906), was invited by Roosevelt to
accompany a unit of U.S. cavalry to reenact General Sherman’s raping and
thieving march to the sea. An outraged Protestant Georgia forced the
President to withdraw Jesuit Sherman’s military escort, thus ending his
journey of infamy. Sherman became one of the Order’s most influential
Jesuits of the Black Pope’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment
American Empire, hating two of our heroes, Charles Chiniquy and
Jeremiah Crowley, who dared to expose the designs of the Papal Caesar’s
Society of Jesus against the Calvinist Republic of our beloved Washington.
General Sherman’s Son: The Life of Thomas Ewing Sherman, S.J., Joseph T.
Durkin, S.J., (New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1959).
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913
Chapter 33

Mafioso and Italian Roman Catholic, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, 1936 #116
This brazen beast of a man was convicted of compulsory prostitution and
sentenced from 30 to 50 years in New York’s Clinton State Prison, “the
Siberia of all American penitentiaries.” From Great Meadow Prison he was
pardoned and deported in 1946 through the power of Archbishop Spellman.

The Funeral of Charles “Lucky” Luciano, 1962 #117
Luciano’s elaborate funeral in Naples, Italy 1962, included a hearse, carved in
silver and black, and drawn by eight black horses. This Italian alien, in
control of America’s waterfronts via the Teamsters, orchestrated his Mafia
with the Office of Naval Intelligence in securing a “safe landing” during the
Allied invasion of Sicily.  In truth, this “partnership” made billions for the
Vatican through the Pope’s evil Black Market. The Mafia/ONI/CIA alliance
would later assassinate President Kennedy as ordered by Francis Cardinal
Spellman, who in turn always had the blessing of the Papal Caesar in Rome.
The Luciano Project, Rodney Campbell, (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1977).
Mafia, U.S.A., Nicholas Gage, (Chicago: Playboy Press, 1972).
The Jesuits – 1880 - 1913 Chapter 34
The Jesuits – 1908
Historically Intelligence Gatherers
Creating The Federal Bureau of Investigation
Opus Dei’s FBI/MI5 Louis J. Freeh, Director
Opus Dei’s FBI/KGB Robert Philip Hanssen, “Counterintelligence”
“Ought we not to conclude that we are called to win to God [the Pope],
not only a single nation, a single country, but all nations, all the
kingdoms of the world?” {1}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
“See, my lord, from this room – from this room I govern not only Paris,
but China: not only China, but the whole world, without any one
knowing how ‘tis managed.” {2}
Michaelangelo Tamburini, 1720
14th Jesuit General, 1706-1730
Speaking to the Duke of Brancas
Before we begin to discover how the Jesuit Order converted their American
Empire into a police state with Hoover’s FBI, we must first be reminded of its past
commercial power with its ability to gather intelligence on virtually anyone. We read
from the work of a great English Protestant, William Howitt, published in 1833:
“They entered into trade, and were scattered all over the world, wearing
no outward appearance but that of merchants; yet keeping up a secret
correspondence with one another, and with their General, and
transmitting intelligence and wealth from all quarters of the globe . . .
They evidently had formed the bold design of acquiring the spiritual and
political sovereignty of the world . . . Let us imagine twenty thousand
traders, dispersed over the world, from Japan to Brazil, from the Cape of
Good Hope to the north, all correspondents of each other, all blindly
subjected to one individual, and working for him alone;” {3} [Emphasis
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34
So here was the international Order of the Society of Jesus conducting
worldwide trade while gathering intelligence at every port. All information was then
sent to the General in Rome where massive files were kept on everyone and
everything. Eugene Sue, the world-renowned author of The Wandering Jew, tells us
in 1844 of the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community yet in its
infancy in comparison to the monstrosity it would become in the bloody Twentieth
Century. In quoting Letters on the Clergy written by Libri, a member of the French
Institute, we read in bold type of this subtle serpent’s most ghastly description:
“The principal houses correspond with that in Paris; they are also
in direct communication with the General, who resides at Rome.
The correspondence of the Jesuits, so active, various, and organized
in so wonderful a manner, has for its object to supply the heads
with all the information they can require. Every day, the General
receives a host of reports, which serve to check one another. In the
central house, at Rome, are immense registers, in which are
inscribed the names of all the Jesuits, of their adherents, and of all
the considerable persons, whether friends or enemies, with whom
they have any connection. In these registers are reported, without
alteration, hatred or passion, the facts relating to the life of each
individual. It is the most gigantic biographical collection that has
ever been formed. The frailties of a woman, the secret errors of the
statesman, are chronicled in this book with the same cold
impartiality. Drawn up for the purpose of being useful, these
biographies are necessarily exact. When the Jesuits wish to
influence an individual, they have but to turn to this book, and they
know immediately his life, his character, his parts, his faults, his
projects, his family, his friends, his most sacred ties. Conceive, what
a superior facility of action this immense police-register, which
includes the whole world, must give to any one society! It is not
lightly that I speak of these registers; I have my facts from a person
who has seen this collection, and who is perfectly well acquainted
with the Jesuits. Here, then is matter to reflect on for all those
families, who admit freely into their houses the members of a
community that carries its biographical researches to such a point.”
{4} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, we wonder how many Jesuits man the Black Pope’s Federal
Bureau of Investigation, how many work for the Attorney General’s inquisitional
Justice Department, and how many labor deep within the intricate apparatus of the
Central Intelligence Agency, including its secret worldwide underground facilities,
and its gigantic partner employing 25,000 people, the National Security Agency!)
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins
An article, nearly identical to the narration of Eugene Sue, appeared in
“Harper’s Weekly” of May 21, 1870. We read of the Jesuit command post in Rome:
“The operations of this powerful Society embrace every part of the
world, and are carried on by means of the most intricate machinery ever
contrived by man. The Society is divided in five classes:
1. Professed [Fathers]Members (Professi) [priests who have taken the
three perpetual vows and the deadly Jesuit Extreme Oath of the
perpetual Fourth Vow administered by the Jesuit General himself]
2. Spiritual Coadjutors [priests of the perpetual three vows]
3. Lay [Temporal] Coadjutors [lay brothers of three perpetual vows]
4. Approved Pupils [Juniors and Scholastics of three perpetual vows]
5. The Novices [training, concluded by taking three perpetual vows]
From his Residence in Rome the General directs the movements of the
Society in every part of the world by means of a system in which the art
of ‘espionage’ is brought to perfection. Every month or every quarter he
receives reports from the heads of all the subordinate departments; and
every third year the catalogues of every province, with detailed reports on
the capacity and conduct of every member, are laid before him. Besides
this, the most active correspondence is maintained with all parts of the
world, in order to supply the Offices of the Society with the information
they require. In the central house at Rome are kept voluminous registers,
in which are inscribed the names of all Jesuits, of their adherents, and of
all the considerable persons, whether friends or enemies, with whom they
have any connection. In these registers, we are told, are reported without
alteration, without hatred, without passion, the facts relating to the life of
each individual. It is the most gigantic biographical collection that has
ever been formed. The frailties of a woman, the secret errors of a
statesman, are chronicled in these books with the same cold impartiality.
Drawn up for the purpose of being useful, these biographies are
necessarily exact. When the Jesuits wish to influence an individual, they
have but to turn to these volumes to know immediately, his life, his
character, his faults, his family, his friends, his most secret ties. By the
use of such machinery the Order has attained its high position and
widespread influence.” {5} [Emphasis added]
As we can see, by the beginning of the Twentieth Century the Jesuit Order had
this all-pervading power of intelligence. To know everything about everyone was one
of its chief goals. We must remember that the Jesuits had been in control of England
no later than 1800 during the reign of King George III. Over the years, with the aid
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34
of the Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasonry their power became supreme and
was therefore in control of the British Secret Service. We must also remember that
the Jesuits were in control of the Vatican with its Hierarchy since their restoration by
Pope Pius VII in 1814. That means all correspondence of every priest, bishop,
archbishop and cardinal from around the world was subject to Jesuit review. Even the
Pope’s confessor was and is today a Jesuit. Nino Lo Bello tells us:
“The Pope’s confessor, an ordinary priest, must be a Jesuit: he must visit
the Vatican once a week at a fixed time, and he alone may absolve the Pope
of his sins. [How can an unsaved man commit daily acts of sin who at the
same time is “infallible” when speaking “ex cathedra” for a brief moment
of time while decreeing the doctrine of the Papal Institution?]” {6}
But how would the Jesuits expand their police registry, lists and indexes on
individuals, into the United States? They would use the Bonapartes once again. For
as the Freemason Napoleon I was their tool during the Napoleonic Wars, and his
nephew, Napoleon III was their tool during the Crimean War and the
Franco-Prussian War, even so was Charles Joseph Bonaparte their tool in creating
the Bureau of Investigation. Bonaparte, a Masonic Papal Knight and grandnephew of
the Emperor, created what became the Federal Bureau of Investigation — the
Empire’s “Holy Office of the Inquisition.” It was made subject to the Empire’s
“Grand Inquisitor,” the Attorney General and his Department of Justice (to be later
manned in 1984 by Jesuits like U.S. Attorney John MacCoon) newly established in
1870. The Empire’s “Grand Inquisitor” was set up in the middle of a national crises
called “the Reconstruction” (1865-1876) – during martial law including the rape,
pillage and plunder of the Southern people by Northern soldiers and carpetbaggers –
two years after the forced ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868.
Dear truth-seeker, the Empire’s “Holy Office of the Inquisition,” the FBI,
would experience massive growth during the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War under
the all-seeing eye of its Shriner Freemason, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover would recruit
most of his Roman Catholic inquisitors from Jesuit Universities. We read:
“So Catholics were ultimately preferred. Hoover reportedly favored Irish
Catholic youths, finding them generally clean-cut and good-looking and
earnest about their religion. He actively sought them out and later, after
Notre Dame and Marquette [Jesuit] granted him honorary degrees,
recruited heavily at those universities.” {7}
Despite the Constitution, Bonaparte’s Bureau would come to exercise truly
inquisitional powers not only domestically but also around the world. The FBI would
keep the Jesuit registry of police indexes on individuals within the American Empire
and would be a vital link in the Jesuits’ International Intelligence Community
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins
based in Rome within the Jesuit General’s “War Room” — Borgo di Santo Spirito.
Concerning the creation of the FBI, including its founder, Charles Bonaparte, we
read from Curt Gentry’s masterpiece:
“It had, for starters, been born illegitimately, on July 1, 1908. It was, as
one congressman had correctly labeled it at the time, a ‘bureaucratic
bastard,’ the issue of a union unsanctioned by the Congress of the United
States. However, its father was known. He was Charles Joseph Bonaparte,
American-born grandnephew of Napoleon I, and attorney general of the
United States from 1906 to 1908.” {8} [Emphasis added]
From The Boss we read:
“From the time of Theodore Roosevelt’s accession to the presidency,
American presidents of the twentieth century had begun to assert
unprecedented claims to centralize power in the executive office. As part
of this new federalism, President Roosevelt’s attorney general, Charles
Bonaparte, by executive order had created the Bureau of Investigation in
1908 [an all-male secret society] as a full time investigative division of
the Justice Department [against the expressed wishes of Congress and
while it had gone into recess!].” {9} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, in reflecting upon the last two quotes, do you “smell a rat” in the
creation of the FBI? Should we not demand that it be abolished immediately?)
The Bureau was established to “detect and prosecute crime against the United
States.” So the Jesuits – the masters of socialist-communism and authors of the
Bolshevik Revolution – created “the straw dog” called “the Red Scare” and then
empowered their American Cheka to shoot it down. The Bureau, in one of their mass
roundups in 1918, arrested fifty thousand ordinary American citizens!
In 1921, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed assistant Chief of the Bureau; in
1924 he was appointed Acting Director and in 1935, the Bureau became “the FBI.”
Until his murder in 1972, Hoover was a virtual dictator for nearly fifty years as the
Bureau had been patterned after the monarchial government of the Jesuit Order. For
Hoover, like the Jesuit General, wielded the power of an absolute monarch.
During the years of World War II, the FBI grew enormously in power and
influence under the supervision of the Empire’s most formidable Freemasons, J.
Edgar Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. Both were apostate Protestants as neither
accepted the Bible as their final authority of faith and practice. This gave the
appearance that American tyranny was Protestant! We must not forget that Charles
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34
Bonaparte – a Freemason (whose father, Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (1784-1860),
in addition to being a high-level French Freemason, had been an officer on the staff of
the Jesuits’ Napoleon III) – created the Bureau that would enthrone Hoover the
Inquisitor; and Joe Kennedy – one of Archbishop Hayes’ Knights of Malta – would
be responsible for the election of FDR. As always, the Freemasons are in the
foreground while the Jesuits and their Knights of Malta are in the background.
Like the Jesuit “police index” in Rome, Hoover established indexes and lists
on thousands of individuals illegally, investigating their private lives without
authorization from the Department of Justice. That is an Inquisition! Hoover also
compiled other lists anticipating the erection of Concentration Camps. We read:
“Hoover had also – on his own initiative and without any statutory
authority – set up a Custodial Detention list, of persons to be rounded up
and imprisoned in concentration camps, should the need arise. The list
included . . . journalists critical of the administration, writers critical of
the FBI, and certain members of Congress.” {10}
Hoover, like his Nazi counterpart Himmler, hated the Jews. He resisted
Jewish immigration and blamed notorious crimes of the Jesuits on the Jews. For
example, Emma Goldman was blamed and deported for inspiring President
McKinley’s assassination and the Rosenbergs were convicted and electrocuted for
giving Stalin nuclear secrets. The truth is the Jesuits murdered McKinley with one of
their foreign born, fanatical Roman Catholic assassins and they used FDR to give
Stalin “the nuclear device” in 1943. This treason, committed through the Company’s
International Intelligence Community (the OSS and NKVD), furthered the illusion of
“the Cold War” and “the Communist threat.” Using the Jews as scapegoats is nothing
new: we are familiar with the Dreyfus Affair and the Protocols of Zion.
Lastly, the FBI had a working relationship with the MID and ONI that would
be perfected over the years. Of this beginning in 1939 we read:
“During Hoover’s meeting with Roosevelt and [Cordell] Hull, the
president had ordered him to coordinate the FBI investigation with the
Army’s Military Intelligence Division (MID) and the Office of Naval
Intelligence (ONI). Roosevelt’s request simply formalized what was
already an ongoing relationship . . . On June 26, 1939, Roosevelt sent a
confidential presidential directive – drafted by the FBI and Justice
Department officials – to the heads of the relevant departments stating,
‘It is my desire that the investigation of all espionage, counterespionage
and sabotage matters be controlled and handled’ by the FBI, MID, and
ONI, and that no investigation in these areas be conducted ‘except by
the three agencies mentioned above.’ ” {11}
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins
After the end of World War II a host of FBI agents resigned resulting in their
replacement with many Jesuit-trained Roman Catholics. (Two such agents and Opus
Dei members were Louis J. Freeh, FBI Director and tied to the Order’s British MI5
through its Director-General Stella Rimington, and Robert Philip Hanssen,
“Counterintelligence” – whose idol was the traitor Kim Philby – and America’s most
treasonous spy, tied to the Order’s KGB via Vladimir Kyruchkov.) We read:
“During the Bureau’s early years, there had been few Catholics in the upper
echelons of the FBI, although there was an abundance of Masons. Although
Hoover denied being prejudiced, not until the mid-1940s did the FBI begin
recruiting agent applicants at Catholic universities such as Georgetown
[Jesuit], Fordham [Jesuit], and Notre Dame. Two things were responsible for
the change; the FBI director’s realization that the Catholic Church was
strongly anti-Communist, and thus could be a valuable ally; and the need to
replace the special agents who had defected en masse at the end of the war.
[Why the defection?] In addition to soliciting Catholics as agents, informal
liaison was developed with various church officials, such as Francis Cardinal
Spellman*, Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen, and Father John F. Cronin. *The FBI
maintained close ties with Spellman, largely through Lou Nichols and, later,
the New York SAC John Malone, even though Hoover’s files contained
numerous allegations that Spellman was a very active homosexual.” {12}
When Lou Nichols retired in 1957, the man who took his place as the head of Crime
Records Division and therefore became the liaison between the FBI and Cardinal
Spellman was Cartha DeLoach — a Knight of Malta! We read:
“ . . . Cartha DeLoach . . . succeeded Louis Nichols as head of the Crime
Records Division on the latter’s retirement from the Bureau in 1957.” {13}
The ties of the Jesuits with the FBI, and thus the KGB, are obvious. Through
the Jesuit-trained “American Pope,” Cardinal Spellman, and the graduates of Jesuit
Universities, the Order had intimate ties with Hoover. The Director not only hired
graduates from the Jesuits’ Georgetown and Fordham Universities, he was given an
honorary degree from the Jesuits’ Marquette University and maintained close ties
with that powerful Jesuit and Georgetown University Dean, Edmund Walsh! And it
was Walsh, “an expert” on international politics and the Soviet Union, who led a
team of Jesuits into Russia in 1922 on a supposed “mission of relief.” Soon after
Walsh’s arrival, the Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin was appointed Secretary of the
Communist Party and thus the head of the Order’s KGB, remaining so until the day
the risen Son of God sovereignly intervened with a word from His lips and brought
about the tyrant’s premature death. For Satan, in attempting to nullify the promises
given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David, inspired Stalin in 1953 with “the
Doctors’ case” to justify the attempted execution of every Jew in Russia!
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34
And because of the Jesuit control of the FBI, Hoover denied the existence of
the Roman Catholic Italian Mafia. In fact, he consorted with New York Mob boss
Frank Costello, the personal friend of Knight of Malta, Joe Kennedy. We read:
“There was no such thing as ‘organized crime’, Hoover insisted, no
such thing as a ‘Mafia’, while the claim that there existed a ‘national
crime syndicate’ was itself ‘baloney’ . . . ” {14}
There were theories as to “Why?” Many suspected the reason was personal.
“They concluded that J. Edgar Hoover himself was on the take, that he
had reached an accommodation with the syndicate, and in particular
with the New York crime boss Frank Costello . . .
According to one tale, Hoover and Costello met regularly on a bench
in Central Park – hardly a secret meeting place – to discuss mutual
interests . . . Other accounts had the pair socializing at the Waldorf,
where both had complimentary suites, or, in most versions, at the
Stork Club . . .
Like Hoover, Costello was a Stork Club regular, as were numerous
other mob figures . . .
Yet there is no question they met or that they reached an
accommodation, of sorts . . . and, Hoover, for his own still mysterious
reasons, refused to admit that a national criminal organization
existed.” {15} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits, in control of the FBI through Hoover, and the Mafia through its
“Commission” (one of its members being Frank Costello), were virtually
unchallenged in 1946. In control of both the Government and Organized crime, the
Jesuits would create the United Nations and the Cold War with their Masonic tools,
“Dirty Harry” Truman and “Smokin’ Winston” Churchill. Why? To carry out the
Jesuit Oath in fulfilling the Council of Trent, restoring the Temporal Power of the
Pope around the world, and to create Zionist Israel, for the purpose of rebuilding
Solomon’s Temple and the final attempted mass-murder of the Jewish Race. For if
“the holy seed” (the physical descendants of the sons of Jacob, including the tribe of
Manasseh, Ephraim being another name for the tribe of Joseph) can be destroyed
“ . . . of whom concerning the flesh Christ came . . . ,”
– Romans 9:4
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins
its Messiah would have no descendants of Jacob over which to reign, as He is to sit
“ . . . upon the throne of David . . . for ever [with the twelve disciples sitting] “ . . .
upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”
– Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:32, 33
– Matthew 19:28
Israel’s Messiah is to rule all nations in a worldwide earthly kingdom bringing
safety, peace and honor to his repentant Jewish people of whom He said,
“ . . . we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.”
– John 4:22
Knowing this, the Devil, with his “infallible” Pope using Zionism, is attempting to
keep these unconditional promises of God, given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and
David, from being fulfilled in the future.
In conclusion, the Jesuits have been the great intelligence gatherers of the past
and by 1870 had the largest intelligence apparatus in the world. In 1908, the Jesuits
extended that apparatus into the United States with the creation of the BI through one
of their Masonic Papal Knights, Charles Joseph Bonaparte. In order to give the
impression that the BI, which later became the FBI, was not a Roman Catholic secret
police, an apostate, homosexual, Presbyterian Protestant and Shriner Freemason was
appointed as the Director for nearly fifty years. The Bureau exercised inquisitional
powers from the beginning. Mass roundups, lists, secret Divisions, secret indexes,
plans for concentration camps, etc., all betrayed the true colors of “the bureaucratic
bastard.” It was the American secret police with powers as sweeping as Stalin’s
NKVD that would later prove as ruthless as Hitler’s Gestapo. Without mercy, it
would cunningly murder women and children of a Protestant religious sect in Waco,
Texas, that was anti-Pope, as well as the wife and son of Randy Weaver, the Green
Beret and Vietnam vet, while living peaceably in the backwoods of Idaho. (The FBI
sharpshooter who murdered Vicki Weaver and repeatedly fired into the Branch
Davidian Compound was a Japanese Roman Catholic and Papal Knight, Lon
Horiuchi, whose subsequent superior was FBI Director, the Roman Catholic Papal
Knight and member of Opus Dei, Louis J. Freeh. (Louis Freeh, working in
conjunction with the Black Pope’s Israeli Mossad in planning for the demolition of
the World Trade Center, further cemented the Bureau’s relationship with the Masonic
Jewish Zionists’ Anti Defamation League by declaring that the FBI/ADL
partnership had “reached new heights!”) The master of both Freeh and his Opus Dei
brother, John Freeh, was the American Empire’s “Military Vicar” and the New York
“Archbishop of the capital of the world,” John Cardinal O’Connor.)
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34
With the authority of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, advised by
Archbishop Francis Spellman and the (Jesuit-controlled) priest, Charles E.
Coughlin, Hoover’s FBI forged alliances with the Army’s Military Intelligence
Division as well as the Office of Naval Intelligence. Openly the FBI denied the
existence of the Mafia, secretly the Bureau and the Mob cooperated together pursuing
their mutual interests. Later, the FBI/ONI would forge an alliance with Roman
Catholic Luciano’s Italian Mafia. Irish Roman Catholic “Wild Bill” Donovan’s
Office of Strategic Services would likewise collaborate with Luciano’s Mafia. During
the War, the OSS would aid and abet – without presidential authority – Roman
Catholic Stalin’s NKVD as well as establish a working relationship with Sir Stewart
Menzies’ British Secret Service. After the War, the OSS would help in evacuating the
Jesuit General’s Nazi SD, Waffen SS and Intelligence Group out of Europe via the
Vatican Ratlines, simultaneously used by the Masonic Jewish Zionists in leading
Europe’s surviving and unsuspecting Jews to Palestine, merging Hitler’s best with the
CIA in the West and the KGB in the East.
By 1963, the International Intelligence Community was firmly in place. The
CIA, FBI, ONI, MID, the Mafia, former Nazi SS within the CIA, the German BND,
the British Secret Service, the Mossad and KGB were all working together just as
they had throughout the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War (excluding the Mossad
as there was no Israel at that time). And in the interest of continuing the American
Crusade in Vietnam called “Spelly’s War,” Rome’s International Intelligence
Community assassinated the Emperor of the “Holy Roman” American Empire, its
Commander-in-Chief. The assassination was executed by anti-Communist warriors of
the Cold War — certain and select American Knights of Malta collaborating with
certain and select Shriner Freemasons specifically. These warriors were guided by the
unseen hand of Francis Cardinal Spellman – the American Pope – as he had
personal contact with every faction of the Intelligence Community including the KGB,
and thus Fidel Castro’s Cuban Intelligence, through one of his Knights in the CIA,
James Jesus Angleton. The Jesuits then successfully covered it up, killing over one
hundred witnesses within a thirty-five year period.
Indeed, “the arm of the Church is long”; for, it is
The Society of Jesus
through its FBI and International Intelligence Community that has
controlled the “Holy Roman” American Empire
for the last one hundred years,
through which it has secretly ruled the world during
Henry R. Luce’s and Jesuit John Courtney Murray’s
“The American Century.”
God help us to wake up!
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins

Masonic Papal Knight Charles Joseph Bonaparte, 1851 – 1921 #118
United States Attorney General, 1906 - 1908 This sinister
man was put in power by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Order’s most
obedient Shriner Freemason and first real Emperor of the Black Pope’s
“Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire. As an
American-born French Roman Catholic, the grandnephew of the great
Jesuit-controlled avenger, Napoleon I, and the son of Jerome Napoleon
Bonaparte who was a Masonic officer on the staff of the Jesuits’ Napoleon
III, this Attorney General created the Bureau of Investigation in 1908 on
his own accord and against the expressed will of Congress, it fearing that
“the bureaucratic bastard” would become a “spy system of espionage
conducted by the National Government to dig up the private scandals of
men.” The resultant FBI has become exactly that. Even worse, the “Order
of the FBI” is nothing more than an extension of the Papal Caesar’s Holy
Office of the Inquisition with all the powers of Hitler’s Gestapo or Stalin’s
NKVD. The FBI would be perfected under the leadership of the Jesuits’
Shriner Freemason, J. Edgar Hoover, who constantly attacked the false
enemy of “communism.” Later the FBI was used in the assassination of
Knight of Columbus President John F. Kennedy and murderous cover-up
overseen by the Bureau’s Assistant Director, Cardinal Spellman’s Knight
of Malta, Cartha D. DeLoach. The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide,
Athan G. Theoharis, (Phoenix, Arizona: The Oryx Press, 1999) p. 3.
The Jesuits – 1908
Chapter 34

Knight of Columbus, Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman; #119
33rd Degree Freemason, F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover; Knight of
Columbus, Postmaster General (1940s) James A. Farley Homosexual
Spellman was in complete control of the American Inquisition through his
homosexual grand anti-communist inquisitor and Shriner Freemason, J.
Edgar Hoover. Recruiting from the Jesuit institutions of Georgetown,
Fordham and Marquette Universities, many Irish and Italian Roman
Catholics filled the ranks of Hoover’s Federal Bureau of Investigation,
including Ray Abbaticchio and his nephew, G. Gordon Liddy. As Hoover,
Spellman, and CFR Press lord Henry R. Luce intrepidly mesmerized the
mind of the duped American public in carrying out the Black Pope’s
anti-Communist agitation, secret CFR connections forged between the
Mafia and the CIA (admitted to by CIA agent, Army Intelligence Colonel
and Gambino family member, the deceased Knight of Malta Albert
Vincent Carone), as well as the FBI, ONI and Secret Service became
absolute. The cooperation among these agencies overseen by Georgetown
Jesuits and Cardinal Spellman’s Papal Knights would be necessary in
carrying out the Kennedy Assassination. Further, each successive
Archbishop of New York would continue to use the CFR’s Attorney
General, with his Justice Department and “Order of the FBI,” in
maintaining the Great Jesuit Cover-up through the years. James Farley
was an usher at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and member of FDR’s cabinet. The
American Pope, John Cooney, (New York: Times Books, 1984).
The Jesuits – 1908
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 35
The Jesuits – 1912
Sinking the Deathship Titanic
“By the command of God, it is lawful to murder the innocent, to rob, and to
commit all lewdness, because he [the Pope] is Lord of life, and death, and
all things; and thus to fulfill his mandate is our duty!” {1}
Pietro Alagona, 1624
Italian Jesuit
“There is no record in history of an association whose organization has
stood for three hundred years unchanged and unaltered by all the assaults of
men and time, and which has exercised such an immense influence over the
destinies of mankind . . . ‘The ends justify the means,’ is his favorite maxim;
and as his only end, as we have shewn, is the order, at its bidding the Jesuit
is ready to commit any crime whatsoever.” {2}
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot Exiled
to England History of the Jesuits
From previous chapters we know the purpose of the Jesuit Order. But before
we begin to peer into the abyss of the tragedy called “the Titanic,” involving the
largest ocean liner of its time having been built to be treacherously sunk by the
combined thunderbolts of the Olympic Jesuit Order, known to itself as “The
Company of the Perfect,” we must review how these mind-controlled, soldiering,
international Marine Corps of Loyola carry out their deeds of blood while under
orders from their “Father General.”
“ ‘ I should regard myself as a dead body, without will or intelligence, as a
little crucifix which is turned about unresistingly at the will of him who
holds it, as a staff in the hands of an old man, who uses it as he requires it,
and as it suits him best.’ ” {3}
“ . . . when the General shall require the perpetration of any crime . . . or the
performance of any act howsoever perfidious or shameless, — in all, or any
of these cases, the Jesuit shall execute his commands without ‘fear of
offense.’ ” {4}
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35
“The General possessed the secrets of every member . . . He knows the
character, the inclinations of every member . . . He is made acquainted with
the consciences of all who must obey him, particularly the provincials and
others to whom he has intrusted functions of great importance . . . Every
year, a list of the houses and members of the Society, the names, talents,
virtues, failings of all are there recorded . . . ‘and [in the words of the
General] we have men for martyrdom, if they be required.’ ” {5}
The year is 1909. The building of Titanic has begun at a shipyard in Belfast,
the capital of Northern Ireland. Belfast is the Protestant haven of the Irish and is
hated by the Jesuit Order. By 1912, nearly five hundred thousand Ulster Protestants
would sign the Ulster Covenant pledging “to defeat the conspiracy to set up a Home
Rule [Rome Rule] Parliament.” Ireland is still part of the British Empire but most of
the Island will be severed from the British Crown as a result of the Jesuits’ World
War I. The Panama Canal is in building and will be completed in time to begin its
usefulness during “The Great War.” The Company’s planned destruction of the
Protestant British Empire is at hand and will be completed by the end of the Jesuit
General’s “Cold War.” The destruction of the Protestant German Empire, having
courageously expelled Loyola’s Blackrobes, has already been put in motion with a
secret treaty between the Order’s agents in France and Russia. The overthrow of the
Orthodox Russian Empire has already begun, the Jesuits having provoked a war in
1905 using Emperor Meiji of Japan. The destruction of Imperial Japan is in the
making as payback for the Emperor’s shogun expelling the Jesuit “missionaries” for
over two hundred and fifty years. The atrocities of the Jesuits’ Bolshevik Revolution
and subsequent Inquisition by Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin will be blamed on the Jews,
converting the Europeans into the unwitting tools of Rome’s Third Reich. The Jewish
Holocaust will be used to justify Rome’s creation of the Zionist nation of Israel,
paving the way for an even greater “burnt offering” of Jews, as the majority of these
descendants of Jacob, due to worldwide anti-Jewish fury, are to be driven from the
nations to one geographical location. The land of Palestine, being necessary to that
end, England’s General Allenby will take Jerusalem from the Moslem Turks in
1917, enabling Solomon’s Temple to ultimately be rebuilt for the “infallible” Pope,
“ . . . the prince that shall come . . . ”
– Daniel 9:26
To finance this grand design, the Jesuits must put their privately owned
“Federal Reserve Bank” in place before the war begins. That bank must be
established in the greatest wealth-producing nation on earth composed of mostly
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and Baptists. Remembering that the Order has been
expelled from Europe, having taken refuge in the Protestant American and British
Empires, its Masonic tools are in place and ready to obediently execute the plan.
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins
But there are those in government and high finance within both Empires who
are not willing to participate. Their power and fortunes will not be used to this end. So,
they must be ushered out of this world in a most terrifying way! Death by drowning,
amidst the screams, yells, shrieks, wailing and weeping of helpless men, women and
children floundering in the North Atlantic, the innocents will plunge ten thousand feet
to their nightmarish doom!
Therefore, the White Star Line is created to bring the immigrant traffic – Irish,
French and Italian Roman Catholics – into the United States pursuant to Rome’s plan
of “making America dominantly Catholic.” But the deathship Titanic is built, in
hated Protestant Belfast, to be sunk and will be used to entice three hundred and
twenty-five of the world’s richest and finest to board “the unsinkable” man-made
monster, loaded with an additional nineteen hundred Protestant and Catholic
“animals.” With the first-class fare being fifty thousand Federal Reserve Notes by
today’s standard, multi-millionaires board the ship, three of them Jewish —
Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus, the head of “Macy’s” department stores, and
Freemason John Jacob Astor – a frequent passenger on the White Star line and the
richest man in the world other than the Pope of Rome residing in Caesar’s Palace.
The Captain of the ship is Brother Edward J. Smith, S.J., the world’s
greatest pilot and master of the North Atlantic waters, seasoned with twenty-six years
on the high seas. Captain Smith is indeed one of the Black Pope’s unseen and
unknown Temporal Coadjutors. This means he was not a priest but a “Jesuit of the
short robe,” as the French would call him, serving the Order in his profession. He
“without will or intelligence” will commit this crime – this shameless and heartless
atrocity – at the will of his master who holds him “as a little crucifix” and “who uses
him as it suits him best.” Edward Smith has been required for “martyrdom.”
Departing southern England from the port of Southampton at 12:00 noon on
April 10, 1912, the Captain’s master had boarded. This man was the most powerful
Jesuit in Ireland and answered directly to the Jesuit General, Francis Xavier Wernz.
The Captain’s master was the Provincial-Superior of the Irish Province (which
includes Australia) of the Society of Jesus, Francis M. Browne. The presence of
Ireland’s most powerful man on board the ship was made publicly known in the video,
Secrets of the Titanic, in its “Acknowledgments,” released in 1986.
The Jesuit Father Provincial (of which there are only ten for the American
Empire) spent a day on the deathship taking pictures of the passengers, knowing full
well their fate! After stopping at the French port in Cherbourg from which Astor
boarded, the video, narrated by Hollywood actor (a pro-Bill Clinton activist and now
aiding Janet Reno’s bid to be Florida’s next governor) Martin Sheen (who renamed
himself after Bishop Fulton J. Sheen), another darling of the Jesuits having visited
their former Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, reveals:
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35
“A vacationing priest, Father Francis Browne caught these poignant
snapshots of his fellow passengers, most of them on a voyage to eternity.
The next day Titanic made her last stop, pausing off the coast of
Queenstown, Ireland. Here tenders brought out the last passengers, mostly
Irish immigrants headed for new homes in America. And here, the lucky
Father Browne disembarked . . . Father Browne caught Captain Smith
peering down from Titanic’s bridge poised on the brink of destiny . . . ” {6}
[Emphasis added]
Ah, the final eye contact between Captain Smith and the Jesuit Provincial in
the midst of doomed Irish Catholics boarding the steamer is indeed “a Kodak
moment.” Remembering that according to Jesuit Pietro Alagona, “it is lawful to
murder the innocent,” and according to Jesuit Luis de Molina, “Priests may kill the
Laity to preserve their goods,” both of these criminals were fully persuaded in their
brainwashed minds that they were righteous in their mayhem. This scene portrayed
with the brush of a Rembrandt or a Thomas Kinkade, would serve as a crushing
rebuke to any nation that would give the Sons of Loyola access to their shores.
For here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. Provincial Browne boards Titanic,
photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs Captain Smith concerning his Oath as
a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell. He takes a snapshot of the
somber Captain peering down from the bridge along with two crewmembers probably
involved in the plot, as “the lucky” Provincial disembarks on the eleventh of April
while the cheerful greetings of boarding Irishmen fall upon his ear but never reach his
heart. Possibly, a little red-headed girl runs by and cries with eager optimism,
“Good morning, Father!”
A young man approaches and quietly asks:
“Will you hear my confession before I leave, Father?”
A man with his large family approaches and quietly asserts:
“You have been a good priest to us. We wish you well, Father Provincial.”
And lastly comes Danny, a little orphan boy named after the great Irish ballad,
Londonderry Air, who slowly limps forward, tightly holding his mother’s hand. With
tears in his eyes for the love of this priest who had been a father to him, he whimpers:
“Thank you for helping me. Good-bye, Father.”
Indeed it was Good-bye — forever! Little Danny would perish amidst the horrifying
pandemonium of the locked down helpless innocents in Titanic’s lower decks!
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, if Francis Browne had been a man, his heart would be
breaking! But he, like Rodin the Jesuit of The Wandering Jew, is one of “the Borg”
of Star Trek, named after a past Jesuit General, Francis Borgia, as well as the
General’s present headquarters being Borgo di Santo Spirito in Rome. He is a Jesuit
of the Fourth Vow under Extreme Oath. He is a machine in a man’s body, the perfect
Manchurian Candidate and one of the Commanders of The Engineer Corps of Hell.
He would betray his own mother to further the worldwide political power of a
tyrannical sinner who calls himself “the Vicar of Christ”!! So he goes through his
religious motions and so passes by. As “Father” Browne watches Titanic disappear
over the horizon with a fire below in bunker number 10, he has no regrets. He knows
“the law of the Church” and, having no “fear of offense,” is convinced that this crime
shall be “for the greater glory of God” — the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair!
On board the ship, the Jesuit Captain Smith knows his duty. He is under Oath.
There is no recanting. The ship has been built for the enemies of the Order. He, after
three days at sea, with only one pair of glasses for the bridge, propels full steam
ahead – twenty-two knots – on a moonless, dark night through a gigantic ice field,
nearly eighty square miles in size, despite at least eight telegrams of warning as well
as many other cautions. He refuses to listen. Hell-bent on destruction, upon
approaching the iceberg, first officer Murdoch – another conspirator – has been
instructed by the Captain what to do. He orders the engines to be thrown in reverse
while swinging the ship sharply to the left, its starboard side. Had the captain not
reversed his engines the Titanic would have turned much more quickly the greater the
forward motion. This error was a violation of one of the cardinal rules of safety,
which is to never turn a ship’s broadside to danger! (Are we to believe that Captain
Smith, the master of his profession, would make such a basic blunder in addition to
steaming full speed ahead through the up-and-coming icebergs that he had been
warned about? Obviously, he wanted to break the ship in half! This is nothing more
than a repeat of Napoleon’s performance at Waterloo deliberately sacrificing his
army, and a preview of the violation of the most basic rules of security in Dallas,
Texas in 1963 resulting in President Kennedy’s death.) Titanic grazes the iceberg at
11:40 PM, April fourteenth. Knowing full well the ship’s inadequate number of
lifeboats and the crew having no boat assignments in case of an emergency
evacuation, Captain Smith walks back to the radio room and instructs his officer to
send a CQD; then later, an SOS. Smith, the Jesuit Coadjutor, has fulfilled his intended
purpose in obedience to his Jesuit master, “Father” Jesuit Provincial Francis M.
Browne, pursuant to the Jesuit Oath.
Amid the innocence of its passengers the brutal crew begins to evacuate the
ship. But the Jewish multi-millionaires Astor, Guggenheim and Straus are forbidden
to board a lifeboat. A few hours later in the midst of horror and panic, with the
musicians playing the inspirational Protestant hymn of the Welsh people, Nearer My
God To Thee, the Titanic splits in half, plunging to the bottom of the ocean along
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35
with over fifteen hundred souls. Astor’s young second wife survives and the Jesuits
most likely acquire the use of her fortune through their “Money Trust” in accord with
their Secret Instructions. (Did not the Jesuits benefit when Harvard’s Widener Library
was built with a donation from Titanic survivor, Eleanor Widener? Did not both her
husband George and son Harry perish in the disaster, leaving her in charge of the
largest fortune in Roman Catholic Philadelphia? Did not the Jesuits benefit by
eliminating Astor, Guggenheim and Straus as they were in agreement with the
Jewish American Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, in opposing the passage of
the Order’s Federal Reserve Act? Was not J. P. Morgan – the “infallible” Pope’s
financial agent within the American Empire and the man who lured these Jews onto
the Titanic – the true sponsor of the Federal Reserve Act with his “Aldrich
Commission?” Was not the Jesuits’ President Taft – the servant of the Archbishop of
New York as well as the betrayer of his military aide, Major Archibald Butt, having
sacrificed him on Titanic – an avid supporter of the Federal Reserve Act, urging the
country to “take up seriously the problem of establishing a central bank,” according to
Jean Strouse in her masterpiece, Morgan: American Financier ?)
This leads the author to believe there were more than two Jesuits on board the
deathship. There were probably at least ten of the ship’s officers and crew who were
“Professed” and under “Extreme Oath.” There were probably several Knights of
Columbus under the Oath of the Fourth Degree, as well as a few Freemasons loyal to
the mark “I.H.S.” — the seal of the Black Pope! This explains why a Jesuit
Provincial would personally board the vessel! He must have leisurely finalized the
plan with his soldiers charging this select group of the ship’s yeomen – hired at the
last minute as a result of a contrived strike in England – that upon the Jesuit Captain
Smith’s order to abandon ship, to quickly lower the inadequate number of lifeboats,
less than half full with only women and children, into the water while forbidding the
men who were the wealthy targets from boarding. The poorer passengers within the
lower levels were to be locked down so as to prevent the Order’s wealthy victims
from escaping its watchful eye and possibly boarding a lifeboat amidst the hysteria
and confusion on deck. (Jesuit Captain Smith’s deliberate sinking of Titanic was a
preview to the sinking of the doomed U.S.S. Indianapolis overseen by the Order’s
CFR member and Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Chester William
Nimitz, along with several devious subordinates including Captain Oliver Naquin.
The ship’s captain and “patsy,” Captain Charles B. McVay III, having been the
Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee of the combined Chiefs of Staff in
Washington, D.C., must have known too much and was to be “silenced.” But Captain
McVay survived one of the greatest disasters in the history of the American Navy.
Predictably, in 1968, unable to cope any longer with his mental agony, the innocent
and good Captain took his life, to the shame and disgrace of the High Command of
the U.S. Navy!) To prevent nearby freighters from responding with help, the distress
flares were seen to be white (party time!) when they should have normally been red!
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins
It was for this reason that only one of the lifeboats returned to retrieve those freezing
in the darkness, as the temperature of those waters was only twenty-eight degrees!
Like the “selections” at Auschwitz, those “selected” to board the lifeboats would live.
The rest, on the ship or in the water, must die the death including several Jesuits,
Masons and possibly Knights of Columbus.
This leads us to another question. Who owned the White Star Line? For, its
management was ultimately responsible for choosing the men who would man the
ship. And with the money involved in financing those luxury liners (Titanic,
Britannic and Olympic), only select Knights of Malta and the modern day Knights
Templar – select Shriner Freemasons –
“ . . . the great men . . . and the merchants of the earth . . . ”
– Revelation 18:3, 23
could have been the movers and shakers of this attack on the private fortunes of
wealthy Jews enjoying the blessings of Protestant-Calvinist liberty secured by
William I of Orange, Oliver Cromwell and George Washington. The Knights
knew that the Hebrews of both the American and British Empires had never suffered
formal persecution for over two hundred years, and as a result, invested their wealth
in great industries bringing financial prosperity to both Protestant peoples. About the
time of Titanic the renowned composer Gustav Mahler, directing the Vienna Court
Opera and having composed his immortal and magnificent Symphony No. 5
“Adagietto,” abandoned Roman Catholic Austria and settled in New York in 1909 to
enjoy Protestant liberty while conducting the New York Philharmonic — as a Jew.
Thirty years later, his symphonies were banned by Rome’s Nazis as “degenerate
Jewish music.” Indeed the Bible is still true, the pre-incarnate Son of God declaring
to the Nations His promised response to their treatment of His servant Abraham, later
reaffirmed to Isaac and finally to Jacob, including his twelve sons and their physical
descendants — the House of Israel:
“And I will bless them that bless thee,
and curse him that curseth thee . . . ”
– Genesis 12:3
“ . . . for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.”
– Zechariah 2:8
“For I am the LORD, I change not;
therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”
– Malachi 3:6
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35
So the Jesuit General used his Papal Knights to essentially destroy this happy
relationship between American Protestants, Baptists and Jews as he created his
monster monopoly called “the Federal Reserve Bank.” One of his Masonic Knights
Templars was the multi-millionaire, J. P. Morgan! This evil and sinister man,
operating the largest bank in the world, would be responsible for the suppression of
Nikola Tesla’s brilliant inventions including worldwide free energy. According to
Anthony Sutton in his Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, after Morgan’s
death in 1913 a portion of his massive wealth invested with the American
International Corporation in New York would finance the Bolshevik Revolution —
that Jesuit Inquisition in Russia! According to an Arts and Entertainment
documentary video, this J. P. Morgan, his International Mercantile Marine (IMM)
having financed the White Star Line and thus the building of Titanic, had designed a
cabin specially furnished and reserved for himself (suite B52), his promised presence
serving as bait for those marked for death. And at the last moment just prior to the
Titanic’s departure from Southampton, this spiritual bastard cancelled his reservation
(citing ill health) in addition to fifty-four other men of wealth and power {7},
abandoned his friend and president of IMM, J. Bruce Ismay (the American scapegoat
who later was fired from his job after he managed to survive his intended death by
jumping into a lifeboat), and returned to New York on another ship. We wonder if
Jesuit Browne and Shriner Freemason Morgan threw a party and toasted the
Temporal Power of the “infallible” Pope as they viewed the priest’s pictures of the
murdered men of wealth and power, the net worth of Titanic’s passengers being over
five hundred million dollars in 1912! Another high-level Freemason who also
“cancelled” his reservation on the Titanic was Milton Hershey, Pennsylvania’s
chocolate king! He had much to gain, as American soldiers would be issued “Hershey
chocolate” on which they would fight the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War,
bankrolled by their Federal Reserve Bank. Other White Masonic Gentiles who
“cancelled” their reservations at the last minute were Robert Bacon (Morgan’s
former business associate), Henry C. Frick (America’s steel baron), and George W.
Vanderbilt (America’s railroad and shipping tycoon whose family’s 1895
“Breakers” mansion facing the Atlantic Ocean in Newport, Rhode Island is now
controlled by the Order via the Knights of Malta).
As usual, the Sons of Loyola got away with mass-murder and grand theft once
again, as their power in the American and British Empires was controlling. In spite of
a most revealing Senate hearing at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the formal
gaiety house for all of the Archbishop’s dinner parties, not a soul was prosecuted!
“The Senate’s investigation, and another by the British Board of Trade,
found an appalling series of human and technical errors, but brought no
charges against Ismay or the IMM…private damage claims against
White Star amounting to $16 million were eventually settled out of
court in 1916 for $664,000.” {8} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, those Jews had dared to block the creation of the Jesuits’ Federal
Reserve Bank by which the Order would finance World War I and World War II —
the Second Thirty Years’ War, which would include Europe’s Jewish Holocaust.
This horrible tragedy, rivaling Shakespeare’s King Lear, could have been
prevented had both the British and American governments been doing their biblical
duty of punishing evil! Had the English Crown expelled the Jesuits and Knights of
Malta even as Queen Elizabeth I had done in the Sixteenth Century, and had the
Masonic Lodges been closed even as Cromwell had done in the Seventeenth Century,
the heartbroken Irish Catholics and Protestants, whose sons and daughters were
sacrificed by Ireland’s Jesuit master, would have never shed their Titanic tears over
lost loved ones, further staining the pages of Irish history.
Ah, beware of the ides of April! Titanic was sunk on April fifteenth, the same
day Lincoln had called out troops on the Protestant South, the same day Lincoln died
at the hand of his Jesuit-controlled assassin, and the same day all Fourteenth
Amendment citizen-serfs of the Jesuit General’s “Holy Roman” American Empire
make their annual “confessions” to the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to
demon-possessed Pope Innocent III’s Fourth Lateran Council of 1215. (Indeed, the
code of law governing the American Empire has been modeled after the code of law
governing the Pope’s Vatican Empire!)
If the Jesuits would sink a ship full of people just to get to one man, would they
not do the same with an airplane? Was it not a coincidence that Congressman Larry
McDonald on board flight KAL 007, “the lucky” 33rd degree Freemason Senator
Jesse Helms having boarded the untargeted sister flight in Alaska, was shot down by
a Russian MIG-25 jet fighter in 1983, killing all two hundred and sixty-nine innocent
passengers, as he was calling for a congressional investigation of the Jesuits’ New
York Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission? Was it not a
coincidence that John F. Kennedy, Jr. “lost control” of his aircraft (having had its
tail internally blown off) and plunged into the Atlantic, killing his wife and
sister-in-law (all three bodies being full of shrapnel according to Cincinnati radio host
and Baptist Pastor Ernie Sanders), as he sought to find his father’s real killer? As a
possible U.S. Senator from New York, a multimillionaire, a successful publisher and
loved by the people, he would have solved “the crime of the century.” These are no
accidents! Through such tragedies, like the deliberate sinking of the U.S.S.
Indianapolis during World War II, the Jesuit Order benefited and had the power to
cover it up with their key men responsible for investigating the murders. We also
must conclude that somehow “the Borg” Jesuit Order absorbed the fortunes of the
wealthy for its use in destroying the Protestant Reformation while reducing the
nations to serving dictators loyal to the Pope, who in turn hate the Jews. Years later,
the Jesuits, controlling “the Jesuit Theatre” (or “Hollywood,” the wood from which
magic wands were made) through their Masonic Jewish Zionists, would release the
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35
most expensive and most profitable movie of all time, commemorating their great
sacrifice in the North Atlantic to their “god” who sits in St. Peter’s Chair. That movie
was, Titanic. Another movie would also be released reenacting another one of their
great human sacrifices in North America. That movie was, JFK, Director’s Cut.
Dear truth-seeker, if we do not learn our lesson from the past with the
deliberate wrecking of the Titanic, we are doomed to repeat it with more national
tragedies like the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (America’s Titanic), the Kennedy
Assassination, the Watergate Scandal, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Whitewater
Fiasco, the Chinagate Scandal (Opus Dei’s Justice Department having blamed the
innocent Dr. Wen Ho Lee for the high treason of the Order’s CIA) and now the
attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. For the Jesuit General,
“ . . . is the god of the society, and nothing but his electric touch can
galvanize their dead corpses into life and action. Until he speaks, they
are like serpents coiled up in their wintry graves, lifeless and inactive;
but the moment he gives the word of command, each member springs
instantaneously to his feet, leaving unfinished whatsoever may have
engaged him, ready to assail whomsoever he may require to be assailed,
and to strike wheresoever he shall direct a blow to be stricken.” {9}

Hollywood Actor Martin Sheen’s Summer Visit At Pennsylvania’s “Jesuit Center
for Spiritual Growth,” 1990s #120 During a hush hush, no press visit, Martin Sheen
(3rd from left), a pro-Jesuit Theater actor, socialist democrat and Clinton activist,
toured the former Novitiate with Jesuit Patrick Kelly (far left) and Jesuit actor
Michael Kennedy (far right). Is not Hollywood truly the Jesuit Theater for which
reason Sheen was chosen to narrate Secrets of the Titanic? A House of Bread: The
Jesuits Celebrate 70 years in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, Kathy M. Scogna,
(Wernersville, Pennsylvania: Kathy M. Scogna, 2000) p. 157.
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins

Colonel John Jacob Astor, 1912 #121 Colonel Astor
was a disobedient Jewish Freemason and the Richest Man in the World
other than the Roman Papal Caesar in Satan’s Vatican Palace.

The TARGET of the Black Pope, John Jacob Astor, 1912 #122
John Jacob Astor, with his second, pregnant young wife Madeleine, who
later gave birth to a son, John Jacob Astor VI, was the TARGET of the
Jesuit Order manning the Titanic. Astor, along with Supreme Court
Justice Louis D. Brandeis, resisted the establishment of what later became
the American Empire’s central bank. Privately controlled by Papal
Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasons on behalf of the Black Pope, it
was the wicked and thieving “King’s Bank,” the Federal Reserve System.
Secrets of the Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35

William M. Murdoch, S.J., and Edward J. Smith, S.J., 1912 #123
Captain Smith (right), posing with his First Officer privy to the plot, kept the
Order’s wealthy targets from boarding the partially filled lifeboats.

Titanic’s Guilty Captain Smith About to Depart, 1912 #124 As
Provincial Browne disembarked from the Titanic in returning to the Black
Pope’s Irish Province, he took this final snapshot of Captain Smith peering
down from the bridge. The eye contact between the Jesuit and the Deathship’s
pilot betrayed the oath-bound duty the Captain would fulfill. Secrets of the
Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins

Condemned Irish Emigrants Ready to Board Titanic, 1912 #125
This approaching ferry, during Titanic’s last stop at Queenstown, Ireland,
was loaded with happy, optimistic Irish emigrants headed for America.

Doomed Irish Protestants and Catholics Boarding Titanic, 1912 #126
Taken by Browne himself, this most pitiful photograph shows condemned
Irishmen, mostly Roman Catholic, boarding the doomed Titanic with the full
knowledge of this heartless, Jesuit Provincial under Extreme Oath. Cleverly,
“the lucky priest” got off the ship before the Titanic departed, knowing its
final destination would be at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Secrets of the
Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.
The Jesuits – 1912
Chapter 35

Jesuit Provincial of the Irish Province, Francis M. Browne, 1912 #127
Provincial  Francis  M.  Browne,  the  most  powerful  Jesuit  in 
Ireland, Professed of the Fourth Vow and Inquisitor of the Black Pope, 1912,
is most accurately described by priest-wise Nicolini in 1854 when he keenly
wrote in History of the Jesuits: “Their evil genius is constantly present and

Titanic Departs with the Cream of American Society, 1912 #128
As the Deathship set out to meet its predetermined destiny, the obedient
Sons of Loyola on board had no regrets. For the sinking of Titanic was, in
the motto of the Order, “ad majorem Dei gloriam” (“for the greater glory
of God”); it was in fact, for the further extension of the temporal, earthly
power of the Black Pope’s “infallible” god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair!
Secrets of the Titanic, (National Geographic, 1986) Video, 60 minutes.
The Jesuits – 1912
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 36
The Jesuits – 1913
The Federal Reserve Banking System
The Graduated Income Tax
The Internal Revenue Service
Assassination of Congressman Louis T. McFadden
“[The Jesuits compose] a Society . . . an ever active and almost omnipresent
instrument of papal despotism; the secret, insinuating, but ever-watchful
and vigilant foe to freedom, civil or religious, and to the pure unadulterated
gospel of Christ.” {1}
John Dowling, 1845
Pastor of the Berean Church,
New York The History
of Romanism
“The immense wealth of the Jesuits has been bequeathed to them by wills
made at the last hour!” {2}
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot
Exiled to England History of
the Jesuits
“The Jesuit, on the contrary, has always been clamorous for power and
wealth, and has in consequence occupied himself both individually and
collectively with the rich rather than the poor.” {3}
M. F. Cusack, 1896
Converted Nun of Kenmare
The Black Pope
“The answer to the Kennedy assassination is with the Federal Reserve
Bank. . . . The people who supply the money are above the CIA.” {4}
Marina Oswald, 1964 Wife of
Lee Harvey Oswald Rule By
The Jesuits – 1913
Chapter 36
“The hatred which Europe once manifested toward the central ecclesiastical
power is fast disappearing . . . there will be a general agreement to exalt
Rome . . . The wealth of all nations is about to be given into her hands . . .
the United States [government] . . . will place the unbounded resources of
this country in the hands of the same power.” {5}
Stephen N. Haskell, 1907
American Theologian
The Story of the Seer of Patmos
“ ‘ . . . the clergy [Jesuits] . . . in order to increase, or keep its riches, have
always interfered with the political and economic life of the nation.’ The
war industries offered a profitable investment. The previous help given by
Morgan’s Bank, the biggest bank in the world . . . had become the Holy
See’s power of attorney in America . . . ” {6}
Edmond Paris, 1964
French Historian
The Vatican Against Europe
“America is gold poor . . . there is nothing left in Fort Knox except junk
gold . . . In 1934 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned over the
nation’s gold supply to the Federal Reserve System as a gift . . . ” {7}
Peter David Beter, 1974
Counsel, 1961-1967,
U.S. Export-Import Bank
The Fort Knox Gold Scandal
“In 1952 . . . Bishop McShea, for the papal representative, admitted the
purchase of gold by the Vatican . . . He added that a large number of papal
ingots were held in the Federal Reserve vaults in New York.” {8}
Avro Manhattan, 1983
“Protestant” Knight of Malta
English Historian The
Vatican Billions
The Jesuits – 1913
Vatican Assassins
Indeed, 1913 was “a very good year” in the words of that Catholic Mafioso and
Knight of Malta, Frank Sinatra, along with his sidekick, America’s first Black
Knight of Malta, Sammy Davis, Jr. The Jesuits, using the cronies of J. P. Morgan
and John D. Rockefeller, Jr., sneaked through Congress the Federal Reserve Act
during Christmas (Baalmas) Break on December 23, 1913. That same year, the
Sixteenth (Income Tax) Amendment was declared to be “ratified” and, with the
passing of the Internal Revenue Act, the Order created “the Commercial
Inquisition.” And why were these planks of The Communist Manifesto put in place?
To finance the up-and-coming Crusade – the Second Thirty Years’ War – to begin
in 1914. This Crusade would be financed just like the Crusades of old. We read:
“In 1166 and again in 1188 the kings of England and France levied from
their lay and clerical subjects for the support of a crusade a tax assessed
on their incomes . . . The collectors . . . appointed assessors, who made
the assessments themselves . . . or on the oaths of the taxpayers
themselves.” {9} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, the Federal Reserve Bank is the American Empire’s Vatican
central bank requiring a slave (Social Security) number with which to do business.
The Income Tax is a Peter’s Pence, a tax to finance the Vatican’s Crusades — they
being World War I, World War II and every conflict during and after the Cold War.
That wicked Income Tax was put upon us Americans in 1942 during World War II
and was called “the Victory Tax.” That wicked Internal Revenue Service was
unleashed upon a trusting public, the Service, like the Inquisitors of the Dark Ages,
demanding a full “voluntary” financial confession once a year at our expense. For, in
the words of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., “It is a sin to make a profit!”
With the Jesuit General’s American Empire in a continual state of war since
Truman’s executive order of 1950, the Fourteenth Amendment citizen must
continue to pay his “war tax” or it will be collected by force in the “war courts”
flying the “war flag” of the Empire’s Commander-in-Chief. To have more
productivity for the Vatican’s “war effort,” the American serf was given more
daylight hours to perform his tasks. Therefore, during World War II, the Jesuits’
Council on Foreign Relations, in control of the Empire’s government, began
“daylight savings time,” properly called “war time”! When the hour arrives for the
“taxpayer” to pay his “war tax” he is either assessed by the IRS assessor priests or
voluntarily assesses himself under oath, just as in the Dark Ages when Rome’s
Priest-King and Papal Caesar was the Theocratic Universal Monarch of the World!
With these three planks in place, all the nation’s business could now be
monitored and regulated by the Board of Governors of a private Corporation — “the
King’s Bank.”   This Corporation would never be required to file a tax return nor
The Jesuits – 1913
Chapter 36
would it ever be audited. Ultimately every “person” having “income” would have to
“file” a “return,” making a confession of every Federal Reserve Note earned and
every Federal Reserve Note spent in “itemizing deductions.” (Federal Reserve Notes
are not “dollars” or “lawful money” but are “fiat money” or “legal tender,” backed by
nothing except the “confidence” or rather the “faith” of the people. This makes
Federal Reserve Notes identical to the historic paper currency of the Roman Catholic
Church – another private Corporation – called “indulgences.”) All good confessions
to the priests of the Internal Revenue Service must be made no later than the
anniversary date commemorating Rome’s destruction of George Washington’s
Calvinistic Confederate Republic of Sovereign States — The Federal Republic of
these United States of America. That date on which the Jesuits instigated their
criminal “War of Northern Aggression” with their Federalist “Radical Red/Black
Republican Party” – that date of infamy – was April fifteenth!
Indeed, the Jesuit General’s Fourteenth Amendment “Holy Roman”
American Empire is the Pope’s warhorse, extending the Pope’s Temporal Power
around the world while enforcing the Pope’s Council of Trent. And Woe, Woe, Woe
be to the Pope’s Fourteenth Amendment Roman citizen who refuses to fight the
Pope’s wars (every war since 1898), who refuses to participate in the Pope’s war
crimes (mass-murdering “heretics, liberals, Protestants, Jews and pagans”), who
refuses to pay the Pope’s war tax (the income tax), in support of the Pope’s war
debt (the national debt), who refuses to be identified with the Pope’s war number
(the social security number), who refuses to be financed by the Pope’s war chest (the
national credit system), who refuses to live by the Pope’s war time (daylight savings
time), who refuses to use the Pope’s war courts (both federal and state courts), who
refuses to use the Pope’s war name (given to him by the Pope’s war courts — a
proper name spelled with all capital letters), and who refuses to submit to the personal
jurisdiction of the Pope’s war courts (using a statutory abatement), evidenced by the
presence of the Pope’s war flags (both federal and state) trimmed with gold fringe!
Dear truth-seeker,
“ . . . the prince that shall come . . . ”
– Daniel 9:26
who being
“At first no more than a king of men, commanding the allegiance of the
Roman earth, he afterwards claims to be divine, and demands the
worship of Christendom.” {10}
Of that coming prince – the Papal Roman Caesar being “the antichrist” – we read:
The Jesuits – 1913
Vatican Assassins
“ . . . in his estate shall he honour the God of forces . . . ”
– Daniel 11:38
The god of war!
And why? Because
“ . . . the organizing principle of any society is for war. The [absolute]
authority of the state over its people resides in its war powers.” {11}
And for what purpose?
Because absolutist war waged by the Roman Papal Caesar with his Society of Jesus
destroys all religious and political liberties so accursed by the evil Council of Trent,
as all “heretics and liberals” can be mass-murdered without due process of law.
Presently in the warring Jesuit General’s American Empire it is called “Emergency
War Powers” which have created a monster called “the National Security Agency”
with its hired assassins — select CIA agents, Green Berets and Navy Seals.
By the middle of the Twentieth Century, American Protestant and Baptist
freemen would be reduced to the existence of a “taxpayer.” Robbed of their status by
the Jesuits’ Fourteenth Amendment, every “taxpayer” would be subject to an
inquisitional audit, arbitrary bank account seizure or a dictatorial wage levy, as every
“person” would be presumed guilty of “tax fraud” or “evasion” until he proved his
innocence to a hostile and prejudiced auditor. Thus, the controlling emotion between
the citizen and his government would be FEAR! (The Dominicans, like the IRS and
its subordinate State collection agencies, ran the Holy Office of the Inquisition during
the Dark Ages in the same manner, controlling the people with FEAR.)
These sweeping new powers would begin to fulfill the Jesuit quest of
submitting the United States to the Temporal Power of the Pope. The Jesuits’ ancient
enemies – the White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Protestant Middle Class – would be reduced
to credit card poverty, trillions of dollars would be driven to offshore banking havens
and the people would fearfully submit to the absolute powers of an inquisitional
By 1914 the Jesuits were now ready to begin their vengeance – the Second
Thirty Years’ War – on a Europe, Russia, China and Japan having banished the
Company “forever” from their shores. The Order would use the Federal Reserve
Bank, their financial “Frankenstein,” to pay for it. The “Fed” was given the exclusive
privilege to create credit with no collateral, that is, “out of thin air.”   Like the
The Jesuits – 1913
Chapter 36
Bolshevik Revolution – also financed by the Fed – the Jesuits would use their
Masonic Jewish Zionists such as Paul Warburg (yearning to rebuild Solomon’s
Temple) as the visible leaders of the Fed. This would enable the Order to justify
American anti-Jewish fury at the later date in the person of the ex-Basilian (secret
Jesuit) radio-priest, Charles E. Coughlin, “the father of hate radio.” Being the
personal friend of J. Edgar Hoover and FDR, he would blame the Jews for the
Order’s Great Depression and the New Deal, calling it “the Jew Deal.”
This Jesuit credit was extended to the American Congress, controlled by the
Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations, to build a vast war machine with which to
fight the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War. This Jesuit War Machine became
Fourteenth Amendment America’s “Military Industrial Complex.” Thus the
American Empire’s Military Industrial Complex, financed by the Federal Reserve
Bank and enslaving the American people to repay the debt from credit created out of
nothing, would be directed against the Russian and German Empires, the enemies of
the Jesuit General and his “mouthpiece,” the “infallible” Pope. (Remember, the
Russian Empire was composed of Orthodox “heretics,” accursed by the Council of
Trent. That Empire had expelled the Order from its borders in 1820. The German
Empire was composed of Lutheran “heretics,” accursed by the Council of Trent.
Likewise, that Empire had expelled the Order in 1872. Both Empires were dead set
against the Jesuits establishing the Pope’s Temporal Power within their borders.)
The Jesuits waited from 1913 to 1929 to make a virtual monopoly out of their
“Frankenstein Fed.” The Great Depression put all the smaller banks out of business
and made the Federal Reserve Bank “lord of all.” And who caused the Great
Depression? According to FDR’s son-in-law, Curtis Dall, it was the Knight of Malta,
Joseph P. Kennedy. We read:
“The feeling around the Street, in succeeding months, was that there
were, in particular, three large short-sellers of stock, allegedly, Tom
Bragg, Ben Smith, and Joe Kennedy . . . Of the three mentioned
well-known short-sellers, Joe Kennedy was allegedly the most
important, the most powerful and the most successful. This service . . .
made him invaluable . . . Was Joe Kennedy carefully selected by world
money leaders to sell short?” {12}
Rome, in creating the Great Depression with Joe Kennedy, enthroned its
Federal Reserve System in Fourteenth Amendment America as its international
keystone to restore the Pope’s Temporal Power around the world. The Empire’s
privately owned central bank, created by the Jesuit General’s J. P. Morgan at the
Millionaire’s Club off the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island, became the master of
both the Northern and Southern American people while they became its slaves. But
The Jesuits – 1913
Vatican Assassins
the living Son of God, to Whom has been given all authority in earth, raised up a
mighty voice heard by all true statesmen in Washington. The Great Pennsylvania
Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking
and Currency, addressed the House of Representatives on June 10, 1932 as follows:
“Mr. Chairman . . . We have been dealing with the effect of things
rather than with the cause of things . . . we have in this country one of
the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the
Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks . . . the iniquities
of the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Banks acting
together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt
several times over . . . This evil institution has impoverished and ruined
the people of the United States. It has done this through . . . the corrupt
practices of the moneyed vultures who control it . . . The Federal
Reserve Banks . . . are private credit monopolies which prey upon the
people of the United States for the benefit of themselves . . . The Wilson
administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures
who stood behind [the “holy monk”] Colonel House, established here
in our free country the worm eaten monarchial institution of the “king’s
bank” to control us from the cradle to the grave . . . In other words, the
imperial power of elasticity of the public currency is wielded
exclusively by these central corporations owned by the banks . . . Why
should our national-bank depositors and our government be forced to
finance the munitions factories of Germany and Soviet Russia? . . . The
United States has been ransacked and pillaged. Our structures have been
gutted and only the walls are left standing . . . This is the John Law
swindle over again. The theft of Teapot Dome was trifling compared to
it. What king ever robbed his subjects to such an extent as the Federal
Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks have robbed us? . . . I
have singled out the Federal reserve currency for a few remarks because
there has lately been some talk of her ‘fiat money’ . . . Fiat money
indeed! . . . Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to
conceal its power but the truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped
the Government of the United States. It controls everything here and it
controls all our foreign relations [The Council on Foreign Relations]. It
makes and breaks governments at will . . . when the Federal Reserve
Act was passed the people of the United States did not perceive that a
world system was being set up here which would make the savings of
an American schoolteacher available to a narcotic-drug vendor in
Macao. They did not perceive that the United States was to be lowered
to the position of a coolie country which has nothing but raw materials
and heavy goods for export; that Russia was destined to supply man
The Jesuits – 1913
Chapter 36
power and that this country was to supply financial power to an
international super state — a super state controlled by international
bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the
world [to the Pope] . . . ” {13} [Emphasis added]
Ah, dear truth-seeker, the warnings of this great American went unheeded and one
terrible day, on the fifth attempt, Congressman McFadden was murdered — given
“the poison cup” by the masters of the Federal Reserve Bank, those Sons of Loyola!
The Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope ruling from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in
Zionist Jerusalem would govern that world super state. This is why the Jesuits’
Federal Reserve Bank, storing Vatican gold, financed the overthrow of Orthodox
Russia in 1917. This is why the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank financed Adolf Hitler’s
Third Reich, thereby purging Europe and Western Russia of its “heretic” Jews. This is
why the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank financed the building of Stalin’s Red Army,
thereby purging Russia, the Baltic States and East Germany of its “heretic”
Protestants. This is why the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank financed the building of the
American Empire’s Military Industrial Complex resulting in the mass bombing,
bastardizing and partitioning of Germany. We repeat, what the Jesuits did to the
American Protestant State of Virginia they did also to Protestant Germany.
Today, William J. McDonough, a member of the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign
Relations (along with his friend and President of the Jesuits’ Fordham University, a
Professed of the Fourth Vow, Joseph O’Hare, who recently influenced the election
of Michael Bloomberg – another Masonic Jewish Zionist – in becoming the mayor of
New York City), is an Irish Papal Knight, a member of the Order’s Trilateral
Commission, a Jesuit-trained economist and President of the Federal Reserve Bank
of New York, which, along with its member banks, is the biggest bank in the world!
With the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank and the Sixteenth Amendment in place, two
pillars of Marx and Engels’ The Communist Manifesto were now active in
Fourteenth Amendment America. With the passing of the Internal Revenue Act, the
IRS “Business Inquisition” was beginning its ultimate destruction of the White
Protestant Middle Class along with its high culture, private rights and wealth.
World War I could now begin. Eight months after the creation of the Federal
Reserve Bank, “The Guns of August” began to roar. The Great War, aye, the
beginning of the Jesuits’ Second Thirty Years’ War – the “Crusade in Europe” as
Freemason Eisenhower called it – was on. Payback time had arrived for the anti-Pope,
anti-Jesuit, Russian and German Empires. The great disgrace to the Protestant and
Baptist peoples of the West would be that the Jesuits would use the strongly
Protestant Empires of America and Great Britain to punish the homeland of the
greatest and most liberal of the Tzars, Alexander II, as well as the homeland of
Europe’s bravest hero – the Reformation’s champion of the Bible – Martin Luther.
The Jesuits – 1913
Vatican Assassins

J. Pierpont Morgan, 1837 – 1913

The Jesuit General’s Vatican Banker, J. P. Morgan, 1912 #130
Morgan, the Shriner Freemason, is on the White Star pier in 1912, about
the time of the sinking of Titanic. With the Order’s American adversaries
out of the way, Morgan and his Masonic Rockefeller-Warburg brethren
could now create the Fed – biggest bank in the world – to finance the Papal
Caesar’s Second Thirty Years’ War and his creation of Zionist Israel.
Morgan: American Financier, Jean Strouse, (New York: Random House, 1999).
The Jesuits – 1913
Chapter 36

Shriner Freemason Edward Mandell House, 1858 – 1938 #131
Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson, 1913 - 1921 A key individual of the
New York Archbishop’s control of the Democratic Party through
Tammany Hall, Colonel House, known as “the holy monk,” was directly
involved in making Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt presidents of
the American Empire. As Wilson’s advisor and “alter ego,” he pressed for
the passage of Morgan’s Federal Reserve Act put forth by the Order’s
token Masonic Jewish Zionist, Paul Warburg. House, as the supposed
author of Philip Dru, Administrator, sought to convert America into a
socialist-communist state “as dreamed of by Karl Marx.” Democrat and
Knight of Columbus Al Smith, New York’s four term socialist Roman
Catholic Governor, paved the way for FDR’s socialist New Deal of the
early 1930s, advocated by the Jew-baiting, pro Nazi, corporate fascist,
“father of hate radio,” ex-Basilian (secret Jesuit) priest, Charles Coughlin,
as the means for recovering from the Great Depression caused by the
greatest short seller of stock, Patrick Cardinal Hayes’ Knight of Malta,
Joseph Kennedy. House was also responsible for bringing the Protestant
American people into the Great War on the side of Rome’s Triple Entente
through the sinking of Morgan’s British liner, Lusitania, loaded with arms
and ammunition. One of the Jesuits’ many victories of World War I was
the destruction of Prince Bismarck’s Protestant German Empire. The
Unseen Hand, A. Ralph Epperson, (Tucson, Arizona: Publius Press, 1994).
The Jesuits – 1913
Vatican Assassins
The Jesuits – 1914 – 2000
Jesuit Power – Universal Absolutism
“In our country, there was a time when the proudest appellation a man
could bear was that of American Citizen. ‘I am an American citizen,’
implied liberty and safety — protection and justice. Then, the national
shield was, indeed, a shield with arms – a shield which defended the
citizen against every act of tyranny and usurpation – a shield which
guarded him on land and sea, at home and abroad. Then, personal
liberty was a citizen’s birthright. Then, free speech was unshackled.
Then, Mr. Webster could exclaim: ‘It’ (free speech) ‘is a homebred right
— a fireside privilege. It has ever been enjoyed in every house, cottage,
and cabin in the nation. It is not to be drowned in controversy. It is as
undoubted as the right of breathing the air and walking on the earth. It is
a right which cannot be invaded without destroying constitutional
liberty. Hence, this right should be guarded and protected by the
freemen of this country with a jealous care, unless they are prepared for
chains and anarchy.’ ” {1} [Emphasis added]
John A. Marshall, 1870
American Historian
American Bastile [Bastille]
“ . . . take the Jesuit for what he ought or appears to be, and you commit
the greatest of blunders. Draw the character after what the Jesuit seems
to be in London, you will not recognize your portrait in the Jesuit of
Rome. The Jesuit is the man of circumstances. Despotic in Spain,
constitutional in England, republican in Paraguay, bigot in Rome,
idolater in India, he shall assume and act out in his own person, with
admirable flexibility, all those different features by which men are
usually to be distinguished from each other. He will accompany the gay
women of the world to the theatre, and will share in the excesses of the
debauchee. With solemn countenance, he will take his place by the side
of the religious man at church, and he will revel in the tavern with the
glutton and the sot. He dresses in all the garbs, speaks all languages,
knows all customs, is present everywhere though nowhere recognized –
and all this, it should seem (O monstrous blasphemy!), for the greater
glory of God – ad majorem Dei gloriam.” {2}
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot
Exiled to England History of
the Jesuits
“ ‘Finally, when we are in danger of having our projects disturbed, by
the busy fanatics who watch us with the perseverance of blood-hounds;
our faithful Jesuits have it in charge from their masters, the Pope and the
emperor, to act with caution. Betray no passion, nor consciousness of
guilt. Though caught even in the act . . . give the lie to the very evidence
of your enemies’ senses! DENY EVERYTHING, ADMIT NOTHING!
And when the worst comes to the worst, assume the touching attitude of
injured innocence, and raise the hue and cry of PERSECUTION FOR
“The Roman Hierarchy” William
C. Brownlee, 1836 American
Reformed Pastor Popery. An
Enemy to Civil and Religious Liberty;
and Dangerous to Our Republic
Dear truth-seeker, you have now finished your Third Block of Jesuit history.
Well done! You have acquainted yourself with a greatly misunderstood epoch of the
past. For in understanding the past, you are now able to comprehend the present. The
Nineteenth Century, in which the peoples of Europe freed themselves from Jesuit
tyranny, paved the way for the events of the Twentieth Century. The Jesuits,
expelled from Germany, Spain, France and Russia in the Nineteenth, would be
readmitted in the Twentieth. The Pope, losing his Temporal Power as well as all
respect from the nations in the Nineteenth, would amazingly regain them both in the
Twentieth after his worldwide Crusade, first named herein as The Second Thirty
Years’ War. In observing these events we can begin to comprehend the immense, the
gigantic, the far-reaching international Network of Brotherhoods directed by an
invisible “black hand” through which THE POWER of the Devil’s Black Pope
continually flows over every nation on earth. But let us not lose heart, knowing that
“ . . . for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)
The Jesuits – 1914 – 2000
Vatican Assassins
Indeed, from President Theodore Roosevelt to President William Clinton,
“the American Century” would be wholly the Pope’s and his Militia, the Company of
Jesus. For we must agree with the words of Satan spoken by the Roman Catholic
actor, Al Pacino, in the movie The Devil’s Advocate:
“Who in their right mind could possibly deny the Twentieth Century
was entirely mine? All of it!” {4}
The Jesuits, in command of both the British and American Empires, would go
on to far surpass their previous universal power exercised prior to their Suppression in
1773. They would crush the “heretics” and “liberals” of Europe during the Second
Thirty Years’ War from 1914 to 1945. The Jesuits would create two “superpowers”
for their “Cold War” from 1945 to 1989 (the age of “Violent Peace”), during which
they would continue to murder millions of “heretics” and “liberals,” while perfecting
their International Intelligence Community — the Holy Office of the Inquisition!
The Jesuits would use every evil device known to man to restore the Pope’s
Temporal Power around the world, pursuant to the wicked Council of Trent.
Indeed, during the Cold War, the foreign policy of the British, American and
Soviet Empires would be the Council of Trent, installing dictators, loyal to the
“Vicar of Christ,” throughout Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
And at the pinnacle of Jesuit Power, the Order, with the Knights of Malta on the
Island of Malta, would formally end the Cold War. This would give the
Jesuit-controlled government of the American Empire the justification, in deceiving
the people, to close many military installations while further disarming the nation
with more gun control (confiscation) legislation, thereby inviting a race war between
Whites and Blacks, anarchy, a fascist dictatorship, death camps and foreign invasion.
Further, the Sons of Loyola would agitate the peoples of the world through American
intervention in the private affairs of foreign nations. The assassination of leaders,
mass-bombings, military invasion and economic destruction of civilian populations
would be the means by which the Company would enslave every nation to its ends —
worldwide Jesuit-controlled, Anti-Christian tyranny headed by “the King of kings” in
Rome. This would cause all the foreign nations of the world to hate Americans and to
hate the Jews of America, remembering there have always been prominent “court
Jews” in every President’s Administration. At the right time the Jesuit General will
marshal his Militia bringing a coalition of hostile nations against his disarmed
American Empire, finally destroying the last stronghold of the Protestant
Reformation, and with it, America’s Protestants, Baptists, Jews and refugee Pagans,
these foreign immigrants having sought to escape the merciless absolutisms of their
own nations installed and financed by the Pope’s “Holy Roman” American Empire.
The Jesuits will then concentrate on making their “infallible” Papal Caesar “the
Universal Despot of the World” ruling from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.
The Jesuits – 1914 – 2000
But in the pursuit of this quest, an American President interfered with the
Temporal Power of the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope. He was murdered for it and the
truth as to:
• Why?
• Who benefited? and
• Who has the power to cover it up?
was suppressed for nearly forty years. However, the answers to these questions have
been finally published in this book with an enclosed CD, which is available to a
worldwide audience, via the “Internet” at
The Fourth Block of our diabolical Jesuit history, dear truth-seeker, gives you
these answers with the hope that you will also do your duty in resisting the Jesuits,
those servants of Satan. For the Sons of Loyola would deprive you of all that makes
life sweet and worth living – the freedom of worship, the freedom of conscience, the
freedom of speech, the freedom of the press and the right to bear arms – while serving
the biblical Lord Jesus Christ with a pure conscience and a sincere heart.
And in serving Satan, the Militia of the Black Pope, in attempting to deluge
the American Empire with “bibles” translated from an evil pro-Greek Septuagint
(LXX) Old Testament Hebrew text and a wicked pro-Latin Vulgate Greek New
Testament text in accordance with the Fourth Session of the evil Council of Trent,
has most assuredly endeavored to deprive us of our Standard by which we judge
ourselves and all things whatsoever. That Final Rule of Faith and Practice is the truly
infallible Word of God, the Bible of the Waldenses during Rome’s Dark Ages and the
Keystone of the Protestant Reformation, the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek
Textus Receptus as faithfully translated into the English language, in opposition to
the Jesuits’ evil Council of Trent, by “the forty-seven learned and godly Englishmen”
— The Authorized King James Version of 1611 in its present edition of 1769.
Dear truth-seeker, will you permit the Jesuits to destroy America, the last
stronghold of the Lord’s grand and glorious Protestant Reformation? Will you allow
them to use their political prostitutes to deprive you of your Sword of the Spirit – the
Word of God – and your Sword of Just Defense — the gun? The ending of this
Fourth and last Block will be written by you my brother. May you stand fast in
resisting Anti-Christian tyranny, fighting this good fight of faith,
“ . . . that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence,
and not be ashamed before him at his coming.”
– I John 2:28
The Jesuits – 1914 – 2000
Vatican Assassins

Wlodimir Ledochowski #132 Twenty-Sixth Superior
General of the Society of Jesus, 1915 - 1942 This is the Black Pope, the
Rat, the Mastermind and Military Commander of the Order’s Twentieth
Century International Vengeance, called herein the Second Thirty Years’
War, waged from 1914 to 1945, including the Mexican Civil War, World
War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, Stalin’s Purges of
the Thirties, the Japanese Invasion of China and World War II ending in
the Horrific and Unprecedented Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish Civilian
Holocausts within Europe and Asia.   The Jesuit General, through his
International Intelligence Communities in control of his Allied and Axis
Armies, would recapture the nations having boldly expelled the Company
from their dominions during the Order’s “Century of Disaster,” the latter
half of the Nineteenth Century. Men Astutely Trained, Peter McDonough, (New
York: The Free Press, 1992) pp. 266, 267.
The Jesuits – 1914 – 2000
BLOCK IV – (1914 - 2000)
The Jesuits,
In Seeking to Destroy the Protestant Reformation and
Restore the Dark Ages with The Pope Exercising His
Temporal Power as the Universal Monarch of the World,
Overthrew the Monarchies of “the Holy Alliance” of 1815, and, Established a
“Secret Holy Alliance” of Absolute Intelligence Communities, in Command of
Huge, Military Industrial Complexes, both Visible and Underground, Furthering the
Purposes of the Original “Holy Alliance” in Promoting Absolutist, Fascist,
Socialist-Communist Despotisms, through which that Secret Holy Alliance of
Intelligence Communities Suppressed the Rise of Popular (Liberal) Government and
Ignited Great Wars, Revolutions and Anti-Jewish Fury such as:
The Second Thirty Years’ War – 1914 - 1945
• World War I
1914 - 1918
• The Third French Revolution or,
The “Bolshevik Revolution”
1917 - 1922
• The Spanish Civil War
1936 - 1939
• Stalin’s Purges of the Thirties
1933 - 1938
• World War II
1939 - 1945
The Cold War – 1945 - 1989
• The Chinese Revolution
• The Korean War
1950 - 1953
• The Vietnam War
1959 - 1975
• The Cuban Revolution
While Oppressing and Weakening the Peoples of the Nations and the Hebrew/Jewish
Race with the “Holy Office of the Inquisition,” it being the International Medical
Inquisition in the West and the International Socialist-Communist Inquisition in the
East, Aided by select Knights of Malta and select Shriner Freemasons controlled by
the Papal Caesar within his Roman Palace, from 1914 to the Present (2003).
Vatican Assassins

Chapter 37
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
The Evil Empire Strikes Back Again: The
Second Thirty Years’ War
• The Mexican Revolution
• Moslem Turks Massacre Orthodox Armenians
• Taking Palestine from the Moslem Turks
• Overthrowing the Monarchies of the Holy Alliance
• Destroying the Islamic Ottoman Empire
• Destroying the Protestant German-Prussian Empire
• The Evil Treaty of Versailles
• Merging Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs
Creating Yugoslavia
• Merging Catholic Slovaks and Protestant Czechs
(Bohemians) Creating Czechoslovakia
• The Balfour Declaration – Creating Zionist Israel
• America’s Council on Foreign Relations
• The New Inquisition – Stalin and Communism
• The New York’ Archbishop’s American Branch of
the Military Order of the Knights of Malta Founded
• Mussolini Restores the Pope’s Temporal Power
• The American Empire’s Great Depression –
American Knights of Malta Prepare for War
• Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy Brings FDR to Power
• Knight of Malta Franz von Papen and
Jesuit Ludwig Kaas bring Hitler to Power
• Jesuit controlled Mussolini Attacks Coptic Ethiopia
• Franco, the Moslems and the Spanish Civil War
• Hitler, Bormann, Himmler and the Jesuits
• Rome’s Puppet Dictators of Catholic Bavaria’s
Jesuit/Thule Society Third Reich
• The SS and the Jewish Holocaust – the Jesuits’
Burnt Offering of European and Russian Jews
• Catholic Croatian Ustashi Murders Orthodox
Serbs and Jews
• Catholic Slovaks Murder Protestant Czechs
1914 – 1920
1935 - 1936
1936 - 1939
1939 - 1945
1939 - 1945
1939 - 1945
1941 - 1945
1941 - 1945
Chapter 37
• Destroying Protestant East Germany and Prussia;
Firebombing of Lutheran Dresden; “Retaliation”
for Destroying England’s Protestant Coventry
1941 - 1945
• Japanese Army Persecutes Protestant Missionaries;
Blesses Roman Catholic Missionaries
1941 - 1945
• American Army Air Force Destroys the “infidel”
Buddhists of Japan; Pedro Arrupe, the future
Jesuit General, at Hiroshima;
Archbishop Spellman at Tinian B-29 Air Base
1944 - 1945
• Military Commanders Murdered by the Jesuits’
1943 - 1945
German Admiral Wilhelm Canaris
German General Erwin Rommel German
SS General Reinhard Heydrich American
General George Patton Russian General
Andrei Vlasov Polish General Wladyslaw
Sikorsky Japanese Admiral Isoroku
“Was it likely the German Empire would submit, and blindly approve of all
the demands of Rome? Would it proclaim the Syllabus, and regulate its
code of laws according thereto? Would it recognize the Infallibility of the
Pope, and therewith also his right of sovereignty over all temporal
governments? . . . ‘Still,’ the Imperial Chancellor [Prince Bismarck] asked
himself, ‘who has influenced Rome to assume this position?’ There could,
of course, be no other answer to the question than ‘that the sons of Loyola
had done it.’ . . . It was to them the invention of the Syllabus and the
Infallibility was due; and shall Germany submit any longer to this? Would
it be justified in quietly leaving the matter alone until things had gone on to
such a height as to occasion another Thirty Years’ War?” {1} [Emphasis
Theodor Griesinger, 1880
German Historian The
“The schoolmaster made the Thirty Years’ War. It . . . [was] the Jesuit
lessons at Ingolstadt . . . that trained Ferdinand [Emperor Ferdinand II] to
the cool, conscientious, adroit, and unrelenting use of physical force for the
greater glory of God [ad majorem Dei gloriam]. . . and at the end of thirty
years the Protestantism of Austria, Bohemia, Styria, and other states was no
more. . . . The fighting Company of Jesus now looks to a similar process
for results similar in nature, but on a wider scale . . .
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
“[The] devout Jesuit calls upon all to regard the Papal government as the
model for the whole world; and that if statesmen and jurists could be
replaced by Jesuits at the various Courts [Washington, D.C., London,
Rome, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo] a combination of plan
and an unity of action might be secured everywhere for a great
movement to establish the dominion of [the Vicar of] Christ in a higher
degree than the Thirty Years’ War did in Austria and Bohemia . . . ” {2}
[Emphasis added]
William Arthur, 1903
English Churchman and Historian
The Pope the Kings and the People
“All through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period the popes kept
Italy in turmoil and bloodshed for their own family and territorial
advantages, and they kept all Europe in turmoil, for two centuries after the
Reformation,—in fact, just as long as they could,—in the wars of
religion . . . Their whole policy is based on stirring up hatred and
promoting conflicts from which they hope to draw worldly advantage . . .
Popes and their Jesuitical agents have been and are the instigators of wars,
and while the world is having real pain, Rome is having champagne.” {3}
[Emphasis added]
Jeremiah J. Crowley, 1912
Irish Ex-Priest
Romanism: A Menace to the Nation
“Whenever England consents, France and Russia will close in on Germany
and Austria.” {4}
Edward Mandell House, 1914 Shriner
Freemason and “alter ego” of
President Woodrow Wilson
“Exterminate the [Lutheran] Hun rats!” {5}
Bernard Vaughan, 1915
English Jesuit
Advisor to King George V
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
“Pope Leo XIII gave evidences of friendliness toward me whenever he
could . . . It was of interest to me that the pope said to me on this occasion
that Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church. I remarked
that the old Roman Empire of the German nation no longer existed and that
conditions had changed. But he stuck to his words.” {6} [Emphasis added]
Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1922
Ex-Lutheran Emperor of the
Protestant German Empire
Descendant of William I of Orange The
Kaiser’s Memoirs
“Its [the Jesuit Order’s] objective was, and is still, to destroy the effects of
the Reformation and to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire of the German
Nation . . . A Greater Germany, in other words, must be made again the
center of a revived Holy Roman Empire.” {7} [Emphasis added]
Leo H. Lehmann, 1942
Irish Ex-Priest Behind
the Dictators
“But my dear sir, the Father [ex-Basilian Jesuit-controlled priest, Charles
E. Coughlin, secretly advised by the Jesuits at their University of Detroit,
Michigan and thus vehemently advocating all of their political doctrines]
and I couldn’t be much closer spiritually.” {8}
Hewlett Johnson, 1935
Anglican Archbishop of
“It was a priest, Father [Bernhardt] Stempfle [who was a member of the
Order of Saint Jerome according to Otto Strasser in his Hitler and I], not
Hitler, who really wrote Mein Kampf.” {9} [Emphasis added]
Leo H. Lehmann, 1942
Irish Ex-Priest Behind
the Dictators
“The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic
Zentrum [Center Party overseen by Jesuit Ludwig Kaas], only five years
before [1933], but most of the objectives cynically revealed in Mein Kampf
were already realized; this book . . . was written by the Jesuit [controlled]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
Father [Bernhardt] Stempfle and signed by Hitler. For . . . it was the
Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as
laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it.” {10} [Emphasis added]
Edmond Paris, 1965
French Historian
The Secret History of the Jesuits
“One may say quite specifically that in 1914, the Roman Church started the
series of hellish wars. It was then that the tribute of blood which she has
always taken from the peoples began to swell into a veritable torrent.” {11}
Edmond Paris, 1964
French Historian
The Vatican Against Europe
“A clever masquerade has always been characteristic of the political
activities of Jesuit Catholicism. Jesuitry is a word in all our dictionaries that
is defined as synonymous with subtle duplicity . . . History is witness to the
undeniable fact that the Jesuit Order, founded in 1540 for the express
purpose of counter-Reformation, has excelled in the art of Machiavellian
duplicity. It is an organization founded on military lines to fight for the
political restoration of the Roman Papacy, and is the only order in the
Catholic Church that binds its members by special oath for this purpose . . .
[The] counter-Reformation activities of Jesuit Catholicism . . . led to the
rise and present successes of Nazi-Fascism against the liberalizing effects
of the Protestant Reformation . . . .Hitler himself admits that he was helped
by the methods of the Jesuit counter-Reformation to carry on his
ideological war . . . [We] have witnessed Catholicism’s open support of
every step taken by Nazi-Fascism to impose authoritarian regimes upon all
peoples . . . the Fascist regime in Italy…Hitler’s National Socialism . . .
Mussolini’s conquest of Ethiopia . . . Japan’s invasion of China . . . its [the
Vatican’s] alliance with Franco . . . After Pearl Harbor the Vatican accepted
General Ken Harada as Ambassador from Tokyo to the Holy See . . .
We can go even so far as to state that Nazi-Fascism had its origin in the
Society of Jesus, and that, like other movements in the past analogous to
Fascism today, it was planned to serve the traditional aims of the disciples
of Ignatius Loyola.” {12} [Emphasis added]
Leo H. Lehmann, 1942
Irish Ex-Priest Behind
the Dictators
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
“This man [Adolf Hitler, who violated his oath to preserve the Protestant
German Constitution, tripled the subsidies to the Roman Catholic Churches
within Germany as a result of his Concordat with Pope Pius XI having
been negotiated by Knight of Malta Franz von Papen, and never closed
down a single Roman Catholic Church], the bearer of high ideals, will do
all that is necessary to save the nation from catastrophe.” {13}
Ludwig Kaas, 1933
German Jesuit
The Black International – Number 3; The
Pope Helps Hitler to World Power
The Jesuit General with his Second Thirty Years’ War achieved victory after
victory for Rome, hastening the ultimate enthronement of the Pope as the Universal
Despot of the World in Jerusalem. His victories, in returning the world to the Dark
Ages, were won as the Professed Jesuits obeyed their bloody Oath pursuant to their
Council of Trent. It will be attempted to enumerate but a few.
The Jesuits had decided that absolutist socialist-communist military
dictatorships (fascism) would replace absolutist divine right monarchies, as the
dictators were easier to control and replace than the Monarchs. The Holy Alliance
was to be replaced with an International Intelligence Community controlling the
leaders of all nations. Any attempt at popular liberty or national sovereignty would be
met with assassination, revolution or betrayal.
To begin with, the core of the Holy Alliance of 1815 consisted of the
Monarchs of Russia, Prussia and Austria. But by 1914, all three dynasties had revolted
from Rome and had departed from the purpose of the Holy Alliance. We shall
examine the policies of the Romanoffs, the Hohenzollerns and the Hapsburgs.
The Romanoffs were the first to revolt. In 1820, Alexander I had expelled the
Jesuits from Russia for which he was poisoned. By 1882, Alexander II had
emancipated the serfs, abolished the secret police and was about to sign a Constitution
creating popular liberty. He had also broken with the Vatican, nullifying the
Concordat with Rome entered into by Nicholas I. After six attempts on his life he
was finally blown to pieces. Clearly the Orthodox Romanoff Dynasty must go, as it
resisted the tyranny imposed by the Council of Trent and the Holy Alliance. So in
1917, the Jesuits, with their Federal Reserve Bank, financed the Bolshevik Revolution
resulting in the abdication and secret escape of Knight of Malta, Tzar Nicholas II,
whose cousin was George V. The Romanoff Dynasty begun in 1613 was history!
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
The second monarchy to revolt was the Hohenzollern. Wilhelm I, with his
“Iron Chancellor” Bismarck, defeated the Jesuits’ Napoleon III during the
Franco-Prussian War of 1870. Further, he enabled Victor Emmanuel II to take the
Temporal Power from the Pope for nearly sixty years. He then expelled the Jesuits
from the German Empire in 1872, further enraging the Order! For this the Jesuits,
ever true to their bloody Oath, attempted his assassination with their “nihilists” but
failed. In 1907, Wilhelm II threatened to expel every Roman Catholic priest from his
Empire for interfering with his civil power regulating marriage, having previously
refused to be “the sword of the Church” at the insistence of Pope Leo XIII! Clearly
the Lutheran Hohenzollern Dynasty must go!
So in 1914, the Jesuits, with their Grand Orient Masonic Lodge, criminally
forced the World War on the Protestant German Empire and drove its Lutheran Kaiser
into exile, resigning in 1918. We read from the pen of Wilhelm II himself:
“The whole war is plainly arranged between England, France and Russia
for the annihilation of Germany, lastly through the conversations with
Poincare in Paris and Petersburg, and the Austro-Serbian strife is only
an excuse to fall upon us! God help us in this fight for our existence,
brought about by falseness, lies and poisonous envy!” {14}
Kaiser Wilhelm II continues his brave confrontation with and exposure of the
Order’s treasonous German Grand Orient Masonic Lodge, while having been betrayed
by his own Jesuit-controlled mother, Queen Victoria of England:
“I have been informed that an important role was played in the
preparation of the World War directed against the monarchial Central
Powers by the policy of the international “Great Orient Lodge.” The
distinguished German Freemason . . . said that in 1917 an international
meeting of the lodges of the “Great Orient” was held, after which there
was a subsequent conference in Switzerland; at this the following
program was adopted . . . elimination of the House of Hapsburg,
abdication of the German Emperor . . . ” {15}
And so it came to pass. The Hohenzollern Dynasty, begun in 1415, was also history.
The last dynasty to revolt was the Hapsburg. The Jesuits had punished this
family during the French Revolution with the beheading of Queen Marie Antoinette
and later, in 1898, assassinated Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria. Why? Franz
Joseph, her husband and Emperor brought to power during the Order’s Second
French Revolution in 1848, had enraged the Jesuits. He revoked the Austrian
Concordat with Rome nullifying the Pope’s Temporal Power. Austria of all places!
The Hapsburgs of Austria – the tools of the Jesuits’ Thirty Years’ War killing over
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
ten million people in the attempt to exterminate Protestantism – breaking with Rome!
Clearly the Catholic Hapsburg dynasty must go! So, in 1908 Austria annexed Kosovo
outraging the Orthodox Serbian people. In 1914, six years later at Sarajevo,
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was murdered in his coach, shot point blank
in the chest by Oskar Potiorek, the Governor General of Sarajevo. By 1918, the
Hapsburg dynasty begun in 1278 was finally history along with the Holy Alliance of
European Monarchs. Four years later in 1922, Jesuit priest Ignaz Seipel became
Chancellor of Austria. (That same year, Jesuit Edmund Walsh, aided by the secret
power of Jesuit Edward Ropp (1851-1939), installed Joseph Stalin as the Secretary
of the Communist Party. At the time Ropp was openly in exile in Warsaw, Poland,
being the Archbishop of Mohylew in Russia (1917-1939)). Seipel – nicknamed “the
merciless cardinal chancellor” (although not literally a Cardinal) according to
Edmond Paris in his masterpiece, The Vatican Against Europe, – destroyed every
ounce of Austrian resistance to Hitler’s Nazism paving the way for the Anschluss (the
union of Germany with Austria). The Order’s Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss,
although pro-Mussolini and a dictatorial fascist, ignorantly opposed the Jesuit
General’s Anschluss for which he was assassinated by the Company’s Austrian Nazis.
But the suppression of popular liberty and national sovereignty, as well as the
extermination of “heretics” while increasing the Pope’s Temporal Power over the
nations, would continue. The Holy Alliance of Monarchs would be replaced with the
Holy Alliance of the International Intelligence Communities, financed by the
Knights on Wall Street and the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank. That unified
Community would be born during the Second Thirty Years’ War and finely tuned
during the Cold War. This perfected International Intelligence Community would
be nothing more than the Jesuit General’s “Holy Office of the Inquisition” operating
under different names while implementing the despotism of the Council of Trent.
The various intelligence agencies would be controlled by the Pope’s Knights of Malta
in New York, London, Moscow, Washington, D.C., Paris and Constantinople
overseen by the Jesuit General from his headquarters, Borgo di Santo Spirito,
(“Village of the Holy Spirit” — what blasphemy!), in Rome.
In addition to overthrowing the monarchies while protecting the apostate
Protestant English throne, the Jesuits accomplished the following from 1914 to 1945:
In 1914
The Jesuits brought Venustiano Carranza to power in Mexico, igniting the
Mexican Civil War. Coupled with The Guns of August in Belgium, this year began
the Great Jesuit Vengeance of the Twentieth Century.
In recalling the past, the Mexican people with their great Benito Juarez had
provoked the Jesuits to anger!   They defended their “liberal” Constitution of 1857
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
with the “War of Reform” from 1858 to 1861. President Juarez then broke the
Temporal Power of the Pope over Mexico and later executed the Austrian usurper,
Ferdinand Maximilian, in 1867, further enraging the Jesuits! Although the Order
murdered our hero Juarez in 1872, the Mexican people expelled the Jesuits in 1873.
Can you imagine the unbridled rage of Satan’s Jesuit General — the Black Pope?
Three years passed when in 1876 the Company punished the freedom-loving
Mexican people. As the Jesuits had overthrown the Second French Republic with the
dictatorship of Napoleon III, even so they overthrew the Mexican Republic with the
dictatorship of general Porfirio Diaz. He readmitted the Sons of Loyola and for thirty
years oppressed the people, robbing them of their land and liberty. But by 1910 the
people had had enough of the Jesuit-controlled dictator’s “altar and throne.” A
revolution broke out as a result of rigged elections and Diaz fled the country.
Francisco Madero was elected President in 1913 but was quickly assassinated by the
Jesuits who then installed another tyrant, Victoriano Huerta. This gave rise to the
resistance of Pancho Villa in the north and Emiliano Zapata in the south — the
Revolution’s greatest enemies of the Jesuits! As a result, that same year Huerta was
defeated and fled.
The Mexican people would now begin to pay dearly for their desire to be free
from the dictators controlled by the Jesuit priests. In 1914, the Order brought
Venustiano Carranza to power and used its Fourteenth Amendment American
Empire to recognize his de facto rule! What a disgrace to us Americans! Our two
heroes warred with Carranza for six years until Zapata was murdered and Villa
surrendered. From the years of 1910 to 1920 Mexico ran red with blood, the
Revolution claiming one million lives — thanks to the Jesuits! From the years of
1921 to 1928 the great anti-Jesuit Presidents Alvaro Obregon and Plutarco Elias
Calles, honestly attempted to maintain a liberal government for the Mexican people.
Calles at one time deported two hundred Spanish Jesuit priests and had to subdue
murderous Catholic guerrilla bands leading the Cristero Rebellion. From the
beginning of the revolution to this time Avro Manhattan writes:
“The result was one of the most deadly civil wars ever experienced,
which cost Mexico nearly one million dead. The civil war was
conceived, provoked, and openly carried out by the [hierarchical]
Catholic Church, encouraged and financed by North American Big
Business [just like the Bolshevik Revolution]. Catholic armies sprang
into the field and, shouting the name of Jesus, went to assault for the
overthrow of the “anti-Christian,” anti-Catholic Mexican Government
[of President Calles].” {16} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
Though the great Mexican Revolution was valiantly fought by its patriots and
provided inspiration for the Spaniards waging their Civil War with Franco in the
1930s, by the end of 1945 Mexico was clearly in the hands of the Jesuit General.
Dear truth-seeker, this terrible suffering of our southern neighbors was a part of the
Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’ War brought into Mexico. And why?
Because the people of Benito Juarez broke the Temporal Power of the Pope,
expelled the Jesuits and asserted their national sovereignty — three deadly sins! And
how did the Vatican’s Jesuits punish Mexico? They used their “Holy Roman”
American Empire – “the Sword of the Church” – to foment a bloody Civil War
which ultimately cost the Mexican people rivers of blood, its earthly treasures and
national life. Today poverty-stricken and demoralized Mexico is the great haven for
the Black Pope’s International Drug Trade overseen by his International
Intelligence Community managed by the Knights of Malta.
In 1917
The Jesuit General in Rome, using the British Army, took Palestine away from
the Turkish Moslems paving the way for creating his Weizmann/Ben-Gurion Labor
Zionist Israel and the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple for the “infallible” Pope.
In 1918
The Protestant German-Prussian Empire was destroyed.
The evil Treaty of Versailles plundered Germany thereby guaranteeing war in
twenty years. This time the German Army would be under Jesuit control.
“The German people surrendered and agreed to the Armistice on the
promises to them through the President of the United States acting as a
spokesman of the Entente Allies . . . These pledges made to the German
people upon which they agreed to lay down their arms and upon which
the Emperor of Germany resigned and left Germany, are commonly
known as the Fourteen Points . . . The Treaty of Versailles violated these
pledges, and put the United States in the attitude of having betrayed the
German people through the President of the United States [controlled by
the Pope’s Archbishop of New York] . . . The Allies, led by Clemenceau,
compelled them to sign the Treaty at the point of the bayonet [just as the
Fourteenth Amendment was forced on the Protestant Southern States]
when the German people were disarmed [and robbed of much of their
land composing the Protestant Prussian Empire]. . . giving five days for
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
acceptance under penalty of a rupture of the Armistice and
recommencement of the war.” {17}
Roman Catholic Croatia and Orthodox Serbia – two ancient enemies, one
Roman Catholic while the other was Orthodox and thus bitter enemies since the
Jesuits’ Thirty Years’ War – were forcibly united creating Yugoslavia. This enabled
the Jesuits’ Roman Catholic Croatian Ustashi to murder hundreds of thousands of
Orthodox Serbs during World War II. We read:
“In June 1941, within a few days, more than one hundred thousand men,
women and children were either killed or tortured and massacred in their
homes, on the roads, in the fields, the prisons and the schools and even
in the Orthodox Churches . . . we discovered babies who had been
impaled on the pointed slats of an enclosure, their small limbs contorted
by pain, like pinned insects. The most ferocious of cannibal rites have
never equaled this . . . the Ustashis gouged out their victims’ eyes,
which they wore as garlands or carried in bags, to be given away as
mementos.” {18}
Roman Catholic Slovaks and Protestant Bohemian Czechs were also united
creating Czechoslovakia. This later enabled the Jesuits’ Msgr. Jozef Tiso to murder
thousands of Protestant Czechs and Jews, deporting them to Auschwitz.
England was used to take Palestine away from the Turks. This resulted in the
creation of a national homeland for the Jews with the Balfour Declaration. During
World War II the Jesuits would not allow the trapped European Jews to emigrate to
Roosevelt’s American Empire, Churchill’s Great Britain or Stalin’s Russian Empire.
Rather, the Order permitted many to enter Palestine while the majority perished in the
Death Camps located deep in the woods of Roman Catholic, Jesuit-controlled, Poland.
In 1921
1. The agents of the Jesuits created the Council on Foreign Relations. The locations
would be in the two most powerful Roman Catholic Dioceses in the American Empire
— New York and Chicago. The CFR would control the Empire’s finance, government,
industry, religion, education, and press. No one could be elected to the Presidency of
the United States without the Council’s consent, as the office would be a tool for the
Archbishop of New York subject to “the Vicar of Christ” in Rome. (One of the
founders of the CFR also aided in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. He was
Edward M. House —“the holy monk,” a Shriner Freemason and agent of the Jesuit
General.) Its purpose was to return the world to the Pope’s Dark Ages with an
economically socialist world police state. We read:
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
“I am convinced that the objective of this [absolutist] invisible
government is to convert America into a socialist state and then make it
a unit in a one-world socialist system . . . Socializing the economies of
all nations so that all can be merged into a one-world system was the
objective of Colonel Edward M. House, who founded the Council on
Foreign Relations, and has been the objective of the Council, and of all
its associated organizations, from the beginning.” {19}
At the time of the Kennedy Assassination two of Cardinal Spellman’s
Knights of Malta were powerful members of the Council. They were,
“J. Peter Grace . . . [and] Henry [R.] Luce.” {20}
J. Peter Grace, an international shipping tycoon and industrialist, became the head of
the American Branch of Spellman’s Knights of Malta while Henry R. (Lucifer) Luce
controlled the American Press from Rockefeller Center in New York, across the street
from the Cardinal’s palace, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Both were multimillionaires!
At the zenith of Luce’s power John Swinton, Chief of Staff for the New York
Times and considered “the Dean of His Profession,” made a most brave confession. In
1953 following a toast before the New York Press Club he declared:
“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America,
as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of
you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know
beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for
keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others
of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who
would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the
streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to
appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my
occupation would be gone.
The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to
pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country
and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what
folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals
of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the
strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all
the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” {21} [Emphasis
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
And it was Henry R. Luce who used his media empire to shape American
culture and religion. Both Luce and the Masonic Jew, Bernard Baruch, recruited the
young Billy Graham for ecumenical purposes, as Luce was an active participant in
the Jesuits’ World Council of Churches. (Now you know why Freemason Graham,
having received an honorary doctorate from the Jesuits’ Belmont Abbey College and
thus approved by the Vatican’s Jesuit Charles Dullea, receives such good press!)
The Jesuits, in creating the Council on Foreign Relations as their “trusted
third party,” were following the instructions of their founder. Loyola commanded:
“ ‘The chief aim’– thus runs the order – ‘of all our efforts ought to be to
procure the confidence and favor of princes and men in places of
distinction, to the end that no one might dare to offer opposition to us,
but on the contrary, that all should be subject to us . . . In short, the
Jesuit order looks upon it as their highest aim and object to seize upon
the place of Father Confessor at all the different Courts and among all
persons of distinction, well knowing that enormous power lies hidden
therein; at the same time the making publicly known of this earnest
striving after power must be carefully avoided, especially as regards
those princes who operate somewhat beneficially by their worldly might.
Assurance must often and earnestly be given,’ proceeds the same above
document, ‘that it is not sought in any way to interfere with the affairs
of the State, and it is recommended to those who might be pleased to see
themselves at the rudder not to make it evident that they are manifestly
in that position. This ought rather to be effected through means of some
trusted third party, that then the opinion of the rulers’ Father Confessor
might be asked; when by this means all appearance of direct interference
is avoided, then will be the reality of the influence all the more
effectually secured.’ ” {22} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, the Jesuits at Georgetown are the Father Confessors to the
President. The trusted third party is the Council on Foreign Relations sending its
advisor, usually the Secretary of State, who in 1963 was the traitor, Dean Rusk.
2. The agents of the Jesuits created the Royal Institute for International Affairs in
London. The RIIA, working in conjunction with the CFR at 58 East 68th Street in
New York, would continue to use the Protestant British Empire as the Order had
directed it for the entire duration of the Nineteenth Century, known also as “the
British Century.” The Empire, usurped by the Jesuits during the reign of King George
III, would be guided by the Black Pope through the English Monarchy and
“Smokin’ Winston” Churchill as another one of the Order’s “Swords of the Church”
during the Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’ War and his ensuing Cold War.
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
In 1922
The Jesuits established their Inquisition in Russia called “Communism,”
appointing their Jew-hating, Roman Catholic Grand Inquisitor, – Joseph Stalin –
Secretary of the Communist Party. Indeed, it was common knowledge in Russia that
“Koba” was a Roman Catholic. To the contrary, it was a well-kept secret that he, like
Hitler, Mussolini and Franco had a Concordat with the Pope. It was also known
that he, like President Clinton, was educated by the Jesuits. That training transpired
in Tiflis, Georgia, just outside of Russia, as the Tzar’s ukase of 1820, banning the
Order from Russia, was not in force there. Of Stalin’s Jesuit training we read:
“Then [1894], being nearly fifteen, he entered the Tiflis Theological
Seminary on a free scholarship . . . [Stalin then states] ‘In protest against
the humiliating regime and the Jesuitical methods that prevailed in the
seminary, I was ready to become, and eventually did become, a believer
in Marxism . . . [The Jesuits] are methodical and persevering in their work.
But the basis of all their methods is spying, prying, peering into people’s
soul, to subject them to petty torment.’ ” {23}
The Jesuits with the help of the Mafia brought fascism to Italy in the person of
Benito Mussolini. In 1929 their absolutist dictator signed a Concordat with the
Pope, restoring his Temporal Power along with a gift of 20,000,000 dollars in
specie! In 1932 Mussolini gave military aid to the Order’s Masonic King Ibn Saud,
then ruling the Black Pope’s newly created oil bonanza called Saudi Arabia (the
home of the late exiled Muslim “Butcher of Uganda,” Idi Amin). This Italian
Catholic Fuhrer, known as “Il Duce,” was declared the “Defender of Islam” and
given the “Sword of Islam” by Libya in 1937, evidencing the Black Pope’s rule of
Mecca. Of Mussolini’s greatest crime and betrayal of the Italian people we read:
“The signing was to take place in the same room in which Charlemagne
had been the guest of Leo III over a thousand years earlier . . . The 1929
treaty was actually a unity of three separate agreements: the Lateran Pact,
which provided for the creation of the new State of Vatican City; the
Financial Convention, which granted payments to the Church for the loss
of its Temporal Powers [massive grand theft]; and the Concordat . . .
According to the articles of the Lateran Pact, the State of Vatican City
was set up as a sovereign entity . . . And Italy agreed to accept the
Church’s canon law [including the evil Council of Trent] . . . The
Concordat also stipulated that Protestant Bibles could no longer be
distributed in Italy [like Stalin’s Russia], that evangelical meetings in
private homes were forbidden [like Stalin’s Russia], and that Catholicism
was to be Italy’s official religion. [Could it be that Stalin (the “son of a
Jew” as indicated by his Georgian name, Djugashvili), like Mussolini,
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
also had a Concordat with the Pope — secretly restoring ‘the Vicar of
Christ’s’ Temporal Power in “heretic” Russia?]” {24} [Emphasis added]
Mussolini was simply carrying out the plans of his Jesuit confessor, Pietro
Tacchi-Venturi. Pius XI, in praise of Il Duce and his regime described Mussolini as,
“ . . . the man whom Providence allowed us to meet.” {25}
The “ex-Jesuit” sovereign Pontiff, Pope Pius XI, further stated:
“Mussolini . . . will conquer all in his path. Mussolini is a wonderful man
– Do you hear me? – a wonderful man! . . . The future is his.” {26}
Thus Fascism and Jesuitism go hand in hand. Pierre van Paassen declared in 1939:
“For today Rome considers the Fascist regime the nearest to its dogmas
and interest. We have not merely the Reverend [Jesuit-led] Father
Coughlin praising Mussolini’s Italy as ‘a Christian democracy,’ but
Civilta Cattolica [“the purest journalistic organ of Church doctrine”
says von Dollinger], house organ of the Jesuits, says quite frankly . . .
‘Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts
of the Church of Rome.’ ” {27} [Emphasis added]
In 1927
The American Branch of the Knights of Malta was established in New York,
one of the founding members being John J. Raskob, the head of General Motors and
builder of the (Fourteenth Amendment) Empire State Building, also in New York.
In 1929
1. The Jesuits caused the Great Depression in the American Empire with their
short-seller, Knight of Malta, Joe Kennedy. This enabled the Jesuits’ FDR, through
CFR member and “Jesuit of the short robe” Harry Hopkins, to begin the building of
the Empire’s Military Industrial Complex with the socialist-communist New Deal,
strongly promoted by priest John Ryan and the secret Jesuit, Charles E. Coughlin.
2. The Jesuits established their Russian College in Rome enabling scores of Jesuits to
invade and rule the “USSR,” advising Joseph Stalin while following in the wake of
the Nazi SS Einsatzgruppen (SS/SD execution squads) during Rome’s Nazi Crusade
against “Russian Communism” called “Operation Barbarossa.”
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
In 1933
1.       The Jesuits, using Knight of Malta, Joseph P. Kennedy, brought Franklin
Roosevelt to power in Fourteenth Amendment America. We read:
“Following a night of wild celebration, Kennedy set to work raising
money for the campaign . . . Beyond the $50,000 he himself contributed,
it is said that Kennedy raised over $150,000 for Roosevelt in the space
of four months . . . On election night Kennedy celebrated Roosevelt’s
victory over Hoover as though it were a personal triumph, staging a
lavish party that spilled through two floors of New York’s Waldorf
Astoria . . . The merrymaking continued in Florida as FDR took a post-
election cruise aboard Vincent Astor’s yacht [whose father had been
murdered with the sinking of Titanic] with his top backers and
associates, including Kennedy. Even Josie . . . exclaimed,
‘ . . . my son-in-law Joe Kennedy has made FDR President.’ ” {28}
In obedience to his Ordinary, the secret Jesuit Charles E. Coughlin endorsed FDR:
“[In 1932] I coined the phrase ‘Roosevelt or Ruin’ . . . Today [1936] it is
‘Roosevelt and Recovery’ . . . ” {29}
“No [secretly admitted] Jesuit dare write or publish any book which he
has not the full and free [or secret] imprimatur of his superiors.” {30}
Friends with Fordham’s Robert I. Gannon, occult Jesuit Coughlin, the political
fascist and economic socialist, had direct access to the White House. We read:
“In early September [1935] Coughlin . . . received a phone call from
[Knight of Malta] Joe Kennedy [subject to Cardinal Hayes] . . . ‘The
Boss wants to talk to you.’ . . . An instant later Coughlin heard the
distinctive voice of the [Shriner Freemason FDR] President of the
United States at the other end of the wire say ‘Hiya Padre.’ ” {31}
The Knights of Malta, led by Patrick Cardinal Hayes, put FDR, the thirty-third
degree Freemason, in power creating an obligation to fulfill the desires of the Jesuits
ruling New York and Rome. The person who would have continual access to FDR
and act as his international agent during World War II was the Jesuit-trained and
future “American Pope,” Archbishop Francis Spellman. We read:
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
“Thus . . . Spellman was offered an unprecedented opportunity by
Roosevelt that would necessitate leaving his archdiocese for months on
end . . . The astounding proposal Roosevelt put forth was that Spellman
act as a clandestine agent for him in the four corners of the world. It
would be the archbishop’s job to contact chiefs of state in the Middle
East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He would carry messages for the
President . . . and act as Roosevelt’s eyes and ears . . . the President
offered him an opportunity to wield more power than any other
American religious figure had ever had. Spellman would move as an
equal among the greatest figures on the world political stage . . . But few
people were certain about what the archbishop did during his far-flung
travels. His clandestine work raised questions at home about the role of
a religious figure involved deeply in governmental affairs . . . ” {32}
[Emphasis added]
So this Jesuit at heart, Archbishop Spellman, as FDR’s personal agent owing his first
allegiance to the Jesuit General’s Pope Pius XII (another Freemason according to our
hero and ex-Jesuit, Alberto Rivera) acquired the skills necessary to succeed in
international intrigue. These skills and connections with people of power would come
in handy when carrying out the Kennedy Assassination.
2. Upon being put in office by the Knights of Malta, FDR’s first act of high treason
was to recognize bloody Joe Stalin’s communist “USSR.” This enabled American
businessmen to legally build Stalin’s Military Industrial Complex as they had illegally
begun prior to FDR’s election! One of those men was the Jew-hater and personal
friend of the ex-Basilian (Jesuit-controlled) priest, Charles Coughlin, “Episcopalian”
Irish Roman Catholic Henry Ford. Of Ford and Gorki we read:
“In May 1929, the Soviets signed an agreement with the Ford Motor
Company of Detroit. According to its terms the Soviets agreed to
purchase $13 million worth of automobiles and parts before 1933 and
Ford agreed to render technical assistance until 1938 to construct an
integrated automobile-manufacturing plant at Nizhni-Novgorod. Actual
construction of this plant was completed in 1933 by the Austin
Company for production of the Ford Model-A passenger car and light
truck . . .
In brief, the Gorki plant, built by the Ford Motor Company and the
Austin Company and equipped by numerous other U.S. companies
under the policy of “peaceful trade,” is today – and always has been – a
major producer of Soviet army vehicles and weapons carriers.” {33}
[Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
3.       The Jesuits with their Knights of Malta on Wall Street, along with the
Federal Reserve Bank, financed Adolf Hitler bringing him to power. We read:
“Joseph J. Larkin resembled [Senator Nelson] Aldrich in his
immaculate tailoring, perfect manners, austere deportment, and in his
dedication to The Fraternity. A distinguished member of a Roman
Catholic family, he had received the Order of the Grand Cross of the
Knights of Malta from Pope Pius XI in 1928. He was an ardent
supporter of General Franco and, by natural extension, Hitler.” {34}
[Emphasis added]
Again we read of the Knights of Malta financing Adolf Hitler:
“On May 3, 1941, J. Edgar Hoover sent a memorandum to Roosevelt’s
secretary, Major General Watson which read as follows:
‘Information has been received at this Bureau from a source that is
socially prominent and known to be in touch with some of the people
involved, but for whom we cannot vouch, to the effect that [Knight of
Malta] Joseph P. Kennedy, the former Ambassador to England, and
Ben Smith, the Wall Street operator [two of the short sellers having
caused the Depression] some time in the past had a meeting with
Goering in Vichy, France and that thereafter Kennedy and Smith had
donated a considerable amount of money to the German cause.’ ” {35}
Of the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank financing Adolf Hitler we read:
“Immense sums belonging to our national-bank depositors have been
given to Germany on no collateral security whatever . . . Billions upon
billions of our money has been pumped into Germany by the Federal
Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks . . . On April 27, 1932,
the Federal Reserve outfit sent $750,000, belonging to American bank
depositors, in gold to Germany. A week later, another $300,000 in gold
was shipped to Germany in the same way. About the middle of May
$12,000,000 in gold was shipped to Germany by the Federal Reserve
banks. Almost every week there is a shipment of gold [stolen from Fort
Knox, Kentucky] to Germany.” {36} [Emphasis added]
4.       The Jesuits, using Knight of Malta Franz von Papen, brought Hitler to
power in Catholic Bavaria’s Third Reich. Edmond Paris tells us:
“Franz von Papen thought of dictatorship. In order the better to
prepare for it and to complete the break-up of the [Weimar] Republic,
he forcibly suppressed the democratic [Protestant] government of
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
Prussia . . . Thanks to von Papen, member of the Zentrum [Germany’s
Roman Catholic political party] since 1920 and owner of the party’s
official paper, Germania, Hitler came into power on 30 January 1933.”
The Jesuits’ Knights of Malta not only financed Hitler, but Franz von Papen, the
Knight of Malta who negotiated the Concordat between Pope Pius XII (formerly
known as “the German Pope”) and Hitler, declared on January 14, 1934:
“The Third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but
which puts into practice the high principles of the papacy.” {38}
5. The Jesuits, having put FDR into office with Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy,
attempted to make the President a fascist, military dictator. To make this happen, the
Jesuits used the Knights of Malta, John J. Raskob in particular. Raskob was
Chairman of the Board of General Motors and the major financier of the
Jesuit-controlled Democratic party. The plot was stopped by the great American hero
and two-time winner of the Medal of Honor, General Smedley Butler. We read:
“Raskob was one of the 13 founding SMOM [Sovereign Military Order
of Malta] members in the U.S. and was also the treasurer of the
SMOM’s U.S. component when he was implicated in a military plot to
seize the White House in the early 1930’s. (The goal was to turn
President Franklin Roosevelt into either a Mussolini-type strongman or
a figurehead. But the scheme was exposed when General Smedley
Butler, U.S. Marine Corps commander, blew the whistle on Raskob and
coup plotters.) [In Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Oliver Stone’s home
movie JFK, Director’s Cut, it is intriguing to see Knight of Malta Clay L.
Shaw referring to his ‘butler’ as ‘Smedley’.]” {39}
The full story is given by Jules Archer in The Plot to Seize the White House.
In 1939
1. The Jesuits brought Generalissimo Francisco Franco the fascist to power after he
destroyed the Spanish republic that expelled the order in 1932. Rome called Spain’s
quest for popular liberty a “communist revolution.” One of our heroes, the converted
ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera tells us:
“In the last half of the 1800’s Spain was going through political
convulsions. Her Roman Catholic monarchy was tottering and the queen
was dethroned in 1868 [and the Jesuits were expelled]. Spain became a
republic, which only lasted for two years. Then the monarchy was
restored until 1923.   As political conditions grew worse, Spain again
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
became chaotic. The Vatican was outraged when Spain chose once more
to become a republic, and immediately the [hierarchical] Catholic Church
moved to sabotage it.
During this time, from 1931 until 1936, about five presidents came and
went. Spanish Roman Catholics were showing their contempt for the
Vatican’s power (never dreaming what was in store for them). They taxed
church property and removed priests and nuns from teaching in public
schools . . . [The Order was dissolved in 1932 driving the future Jesuit
General Pedro Arrupe to the United States.] Three presidents . . . (all
Jesuit-trained) had demanded five laws passed in Spain to block the
Vatican’s interference in the Spanish republic. [They were:]
All Roman Catholic Church property to be nationalized.
All Roman Catholic churches to be taxed.
No more schools in the hands of the priests.
All schools, convents, and monasteries to be under the control of
To recognize the Protestant religion. [Emphasis added — this is
not Communism!]
[And why these laws?]
This was a result of discovering bodies of babies under the
convents. [Because] the governments of President [Admiral Juan Bautista]
Aznar and President Manuel Azana [y Diaz] demanded a national
investigation be made of all monasteries, convents, Roman Catholic
schools and church buildings. Many gravesites containing baby skeletons
from nuns who had become pregnant were found in Spain and in Rome.
By 1936, the Catholics of Spain were outraged and they attacked and
destroyed many church buildings where these tunnels existed.
Government doctors checked the bodies and reported that in most cases
death was by suffocation . . . It triggered a bloody Catholic war against
the Vatican. The Pope hired several divisions of Moslem mercenaries to
fight under Franco (a good Freemason) to kill all Roman Catholics, Jews
and Protestants who opposed them . . .
The Islamic leaders were contacted. They owed a debt to the Vatican for
double-crossing Rome over Jerusalem. [The Seventh Century agreement
was that the Pope through his agents would help Mohammed in exchange
for Jerusalem after his armies had taken it. The Islamic leaders reneged on
their promise, refused to give Jerusalem to the Pope, built the Dome of the
Rock on the Temple site and called the Pope “an infidel.”] When they
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
had signed a concordat, they promised to help the Pope in a time of need,
even to raise an army if he so desired. Now was the time. The Jesuits had
done their work. The poor Spaniards would now suffer. Through secret
negotiations, a huge Arab army was raised up under the command of
General Franco. The Vatican financed this war machine [from Wall Street
in New York] to teach the Spaniards a lesson.
In 1936 the new Spanish inquisition exploded. It was called “The Spanish
Civil War,” secretly orchestrated in the Vatican. To keep the world from
knowing the truth, it was made to look in the news as if the Vatican was
fighting the Communists in a holy war. In actuality, there were only a
handful of Communists in Spain. The Roman Catholic Institution had
ordered a blood bath on her own followers . . . The Pope excommunicated
the heads of the Spanish republic and declared spiritual war between the
Holy See and Madrid . . . Under the banner of the Vatican [flying the
Vatican’s flag] the Muslim forces invaded the Canary Islands and then
attacked southern Spain . . . The Spaniards watched in shock as Cardinal
Pedro Segura led the Islamic army in slaughtering unfaithful Roman
Catholic men, women and children without mercy. The Muslim troops were
getting their revenge at last, under the blessings of the Pope. When I was
three years of age, I can remember seeing Muslim troops invade our home.
My family survived that terror, and we were fortunate . . . When the
inquisition accomplished its goals, Spain was in ruins, bleeding and beaten,
but safely back in the hands of the Vatican . . . General Franco eventually
became the Roman Catholic dictator of Spain. Franco’s government was
recognized Aug. 3, 1937, by the Vatican, just 20 months before the civil
war ended . . . About four million Muslim troops occupied Spain as the
protectors of the Roman Catholic faith. Islam had paid her debt to the
Antichrist sitting in the Vatican.” {40} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, would the Vatican’s Jesuits use a huge Moslem Army to invade the
southern border of the American Empire as they invaded Spain? Would the Pope use
Cuba as a stopping point before the attack as he used the Canary Islands? What great
Jesuit agitation could be used to fire the Moslem heart to invade “the Great Satan”?
Would Masonic Osama bin Laden (being one of fifty children to his Masonic, Islamic,
multimillionaire, cartel constructionist, Saudi Arabian father, Mohammed bin Laden)
the visible head of the Black Pope’s Masonic Islamic Terrorist Network (originally
created by the CIA’s Operation Cyclone during the Carter Administration, which
Network includes the high-level Islamic Freemason and dictator of Libya, Muammar
al-Qaddafi as revealed by one of his former intelligence chiefs during the trial
involving the sabotage and downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland)
blame America for his future implosion of Jerusalem’s Muslim mosques and quite
possibly the destruction of Mecca and Medina?)
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
Mr.  Van  Paassen  adds  further light to Franco’s  Vatican  alliance  and  the
Fascist/Islamic persecution of Spanish Protestants. We read:
“The Vatican and the Catholic hierarchy took the side of Franco, Hitler
and Mussolini [all defenders of Islam] against the Spanish democratic
regime, invoking the pretext that Madrid was Bolshevistic . . . What
Franco was doing in Spain, the Duke of Alva and the Cardinal de
Granvelle had tried to do in the sixteenth century in Holland and
Flanders and Catherine de’Medici and the Duc de Guise in the savage
night of St. Bartholomew’s in France . . . This was the oppression
against which Calvin and William [I] of Orange and the Beggars of
Holland and Zeeland had revolted, and to escape which the Puritan
Fathers had founded a new Republic in America . . . The struggle that
Franco unleashed had nothing to do with Marx or Lenin. It was by
virtue of our own Protestant logic and principles . . . that the Spanish
people decided spontaneously on a defense to the death against the
Fascist usurper . . . Rumors that Franco, who gloried in the expulsion of
the Jews by Ferdinand and Isabella . . . was singling out the Protestants
in Spain for special torture and the most ignominious death came not as
a surprise to me . . . At Saragossa, Fascist troops pillaged the Protestant
chapel, befouling the Bible and the pulpit with their own ordure . . . The
pastor and local liberals . . . had their hands and feet tied and were left in
the middle of the street to face two oncoming forty-ton tanks [Made in
U.S.A.] . . .
At Granada, the two Protestant pastors . . . were seized and shot . . . The
wife of Dr. Fernandez faced the firing squad with her husband . . . after
she had been raped by a number of Moslem troopers . . . In Ibahernando,
in the province of Coceres, the Protestants were executed en masse:
pastors, men, women and children . . . In Badajoz . . . three thousand
persons were machine-gunned in the bull ring . . .
From the day general Franco attacked the democratic Republic . . . the
Spanish hierarchy, with its Jesuitical and contra-Reformation traditions
[pursuant to the Council of Trent] . . . shows that Rome has severed its
last remaining link with [Biblical] Christianity.” {41} [Emphasis added]
Indeed, the words of John F. Kennedy spoken in 1963 were true:
“Their [the Loyalists] attitude towards the Church was just a reaction to
the strength of the Jesuits who had become much too powerful — the
affiliation between church and state being much too close.” {42}
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
(Dear truth-seeker, would the Jesuits use millions of occupying Moslem troopers,
having united with the American Black Muslims, to gang rape and murder the White
Protestant and Baptist “heretics” of the American South? Would the Jesuits use these
troopers, along with “the Fruit of Islam,” to murder hundreds of thousands of
“liberal” White Roman Catholics even as they did to the Basques in Spain? Could it
be that the true intent of the Jesuit General’s creation of the American Black Nation
of Islam, along with the simultaneous and ceaseless Negro/Slavery Agitation, is to
mold the nation’s hostile Negro population into a savage, U.S. anti-Jewish crusade
working in conjunction with their foreign invading Arab Moslem brothers?)
Of Roman Catholic Franco’s tyranny we conclude:
“When Franco marched on Madrid nearing the close of the late civil war in
Spain, when he was reinstating the Catholic government and over-throwing
the people’s government the Protestants had set up a few years before, he
said, ‘I have four columns of soldiers with me. I also have a fifth column in
the city of Madrid who will betray the city into my hands when I get there.’
At the fall of Madrid and the recapture of Spain the Pope put his blessings on
Franco, and Franco with his blessings, immediately went forth and put to
death 150,000 Masons [low degree], Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians
in the first 18 months and only God knows how many since.” {43}
As the Jesuits’ Holy Alliance had used France to invade and destroy the Spanish
republic in the 1820s; so the Jesuits’ used their Federal Reserve Bank to finance the
Moslem and Fascist Spanish Civil War again destroying Spain’s attempt at
self-government in the 1930s, those patriots having driven King Alfonso XIII into
exile along with his confessor, Jesuit Lopez!
The Jesuits now had pro-Moslem fascist Franco in Spain, pro-Moslem fascist
Mussolini in Italy, pro-Moslem fascist Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia,
Churchill in England and FDR in America to carry out the grandest Crusade in
Rome’s history orchestrated by the Jesuit General, Wlodimir Ledochowski, from his
headquarters in Rome, Borgo di Santo Spirito. Further, to make matters even more
deadly, the Jesuit General’s brother headed “the Holy Office of the Inquisition.”
2. Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler, now in power, patterned his pro-Moslem fascist SS
after the Jesuit Order. He used Bavarian Roman Catholic and Jesuit Temporal
Coadjutor, Heinrich Himmler, to carry out the plan. Hitler declares:
“I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order . . . So far, there has been
nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the
Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to
my own party . . . The Catholic Church must be held up as an example . . .
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
I will tell you a secret. I am founding an Order . . . In Himmler I see our
Ignatius de Loyola!” {44} [Emphasis added]
Walter Schellenberg, Chief of the Nazi Sicherheitsdienst (SD), who after the war
was protected by Sir Stewart Menzies, Chief of the British Secret Intelligence
Service (Menzies having faked the death of Heinrich Himmler after his arranged
“escape and capture”), reveals:
“The SS had been organized by Himmler according to the principles of the
Jesuit Order. The rules of service and spiritual exercises prescribed by
Ignatius de Loyola constituted a model which Himmler strove carefully to
copy. Absolute obedience was the supreme rule; every order had to be
executed without comment.” {45} [Emphasis added]
Edmond Paris then asks this most penetrating question concerning Himmler:
“Was it not his uncle, the Jesuit father, who had been promoted to a
high-ranking officer of the SS? And was not the latter the very eye and arm
of [not Cardinal] Halke von [but Wlodimir] Ledochowski, General of the
Order, in the so . . . famous police services: Gestapo [America’s FBI], the
Security Service SS [America’s CIA], the Central Jewish Emigration Office
(execution of the scheme for exterminating the Jews) [Knight of Columbus
Tom Ridge’s Office of Homeland Security – controlling twenty-two federal
agencies and manned by the Jesuit Volunteer Corps – and America’s NSA,
its inner sanctum being called “the Jew Room” in which no Jew is allowed
unless he is a high-level, CFR member and Masonic Jewish Zionist having
worked with the Nazis, like Henry Kissinger, the perennial foreign traitor]?
Who then, was sending so many million deportees to death? Was it Heinrich
Himmler or his uncle, the former Bavarian canon? It would really seem that
here lays the conducting wire linking [Borgo] Santo Spirito No. 5, office of
the Jesuit Fuhrer [headquarters of the Jesuit General], and Leipzigerstrasse
No. 86, office of the SS Reichfuhrer [Heinrich Himmler’s command post]?
After the capitulation of the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler’s uncle was
arrested and transferred to the prison of Nuremberg. But he never appeared
before the international tribunal which tried war criminals. One morning he
was found dead in his cell. One never knew whether this was a case of
suicide or of opportune execution. The conspiracy of silence was such that
nothing ever transpired of this strange death.” {46}
[After two years of searching the author believes that Edmond Paris was given
wrong information regarding Himmler’s Jesuit “uncle.” Himmler had no uncle, thus
there was no Himmler at Nuremberg. Heinrich Himmler, working with his brother
Jesuit Coadjutors Bormann and Goebbels, was the Jesuit master of the SS!]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
Knowing that Roman Catholics Hitler and Himmler as well as Jesuit-trained
Goebbels were mere tools of the Order, the German youth, hypnotized by fear of the
“Jewish Anti-Christian Communist Conspiracy” created by the Jesuits’ Mein
Kampf and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, were encouraged by the
Company to join the SS. In 1942 Jesuit Verschaeve wrote in his “Jong Europa”:
“In this struggle, we have to be on Germany’s side: That is why the young
people must join the SS.” {47}
And it was the SS, working with the Jesuit General that secured the protection of
Jesuit “missionaries” in Russia during Operation Barbarossa. Walter Hagen, a
high-ranking SS officer, reveals:
“The General of the Jesuits, [not] Count Halke von [but Wlodimir]
Ledochowski, was ready to organize, on a common ground of
anti-Communism, a certain degree of collaboration between the German
‘Secret Service’ and the Jesuit Order . . . Ledochowski considered the
forthcoming bellicose settling of accounts between Russia and Germany
as inevitable; for this reason, he did all he could to obtain German
assurance that the [Jesuit] priests of the ‘Collegium Russicum’ would not
be impeded in their activity in territories that might be occupied by the
Wehrmacht. For years, the ‘Collegium Russicum’ had been preparing
[Jesuit] priests, with the special object of organizing Catholic missions
among the Russian Orthodox population of the Soviet Union.” {48}
3. The Jesuits, in control of Hitler’s occultic and homosexual Third Reich (ironically
murdering thousands of homosexuals as documented in Scott Lively and Kevin
Abrams’ The Pink Swastika (1997)), installed puppet Roman Catholic dictators
throughout the Empire. They were:
1. Bavarian Germany and the Third Reich
Adolf Hitler
2. Italy
Benito Mussolini
3. “Vichy” France
Henri Petain
4. Spain
Francisco Franco
5. Austria
Artur Seyss-Inquart (Jesuit-trained)
6. Poland
Hans Frank
7. Slovakia
Msgr. (Priest) Jozef Tiso
8. Croatia
Ante Pavelic
9. Belgium
Leon Degrelle (Jesuit-trained)
All these Roman Catholic, Jesuit-controlled, Jew-hating dictators were loyal to the
greatest war criminals of all, Papal Caesar Pius XII and his master, the infamous and
diabolical Jesuit General Wlodimir Ledochowski — the Black Pope!
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
According to Heinrich Himmler, the “Order of the Death’s Head” – the SS –
was created to murder European and Russian Jews (pursuant to the Council of Trent)
— that atrocity totaling from six to seven million as sustained by the late Alberto
Rivera (an ex-Jesuit under Extreme Oath as validated by Gerard Bouffard, an
ex-Bishop of Guatemala) despite the Order’s Nazi-fascist assertion that the Jewish
Holocaust (though its remembrance has been used by the Order’s Masonic Jewish
Zionists as an industry to oppress the surviving German People while building its
Zionist Israel) is a myth, the true number of murdered Jews being only 600,000!
As previously referenced, the Jesuit and Franciscan led Croatian Ustashi
murdered the Orthodox Serbs and Jews of Bosnia and Serbia. As the Croatian dictator,
Ante Pavelic, declared in 1941:
“He who could not cut away a child from his (Serbian) mother’s womb is
not a good Ustashi.” {49}
(Have the Jesuits used Bill Clinton to exterminate the Orthodox Serbs in the 1990s
even as they used Ante Pavelic in the 1940s?)
As previously stated, the Catholic Slovaks, led by their dictator, Pope Pius
XII’s priest Jozef Tiso, murdered Czech Protestants and Jews.
“ ‘The period of the Tiso regime, in Slovakia, was particularly distressing
for the country’s Protestant Church, which comprises only one-fifth of the
population. Monsignor Tiso was seeking to . . . eliminate it . . . influential
members of the Protestant Church were sent to concentration camps . . . ’
The prelate-dictator attacked not only Protestants. He earned another
glorious title: that of being the first to deport the Jews.” {50}
Between Catholic Hitler and Catholic Stalin the Jesuits not only eliminated
Catholic Poland’s resistance to Nazi occupation, they massacred the Protestants of
Prussia and East Germany. The Order then used Allied bombers to destroy Germany’s
mostly Protestant cities including Dresden.
The Order, in control of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito and his warlord,
Tojo, used the Imperial Army to persecute Protestants but bless the Catholic
missionaries. The Jesuits declared in their review America in January of 1944:
“ . . . the American and English citizens arrested in the Pacific Islands, and
in particular all the Protestant missionaries, were interned there in
concentration camps which were in no way inferior to those of Germany.
But . . . the 7,500 Catholic missionaries remained free, they received help
and were officially protected by the Japanese military authorities.” {51}
[Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
9. Payback time had now come for Japan. The American Army Air Force
fire-bombed the island and totally destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The future
Jesuit General, Pedro Arrupe was near Hiroshima at the time of its destruction.
Could he and his Jesuits have been involved in a nuclear detonation on the ground, as
no tested atomic device had ever been detonated in the air while in motion?
“At 8:15½ that August morning, every window in Arrupe’s residence at
Nagatsuka was shattered by a roaring shockwave, and the sky was filled
with a light he later described as [“a gigantic flare, like a magnesium flash”
{52} being] ‘overwhelming and baleful’! By the time he and his community
of Jesuits ventured out some thirty minutes later, a firestorm driven by a
scorching 40 mph wind had enveloped Hiroshima . . . That evening, one of
the first survivors to reach his house in Nagatsuka was a theological student
sent by a fellow priest, Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, who had somehow
survived the blast in the middle of Hiroshima [???]. From him, Arrupe got
his first eyewitness accounts.” {53} [Emphasis added]
(Whether the atomic bomb detonated in mid-air – a technical feat which was unknown
to human history as of August 1945 – or secretly on the ground (the device having
been carefully constructed inside a closed building), the future Jesuit General knew
all about it. For Pedro Arrupe greatly contributed in the laying of the “Nuclear War
Hoax” – it being the foundation for that greatest of Jesuit Inquisitions called “the
Cold War” – for which genocidal reason he became the Jesuit General in 1965!)
10. Like the first Thirty Years’ War when the Jesuits murdered Roman Catholic
occultist Wallenstein, any General who refused to “play ball,” that is, follow orders
from his superiors no matter how treasonous, was murdered by the Vatican’s
intelligence agencies. Protestant Canaris sought to end the reign of Catholic Hitler
and Protestant Rommel sought to bring his panzers to Normandy; both were
murdered by the SS. Protestant Patton sought to attack the Jesuits’ Grand Inquisitor,
Catholic Stalin, and was murdered by the OSS. Orthodox Vlasov, having united with
the German Army on the Eastern Front, led his Russian patriots to fight the Red Army.
For this he was betrayed by the OSS and murdered by the NKVD in 1946.
Dear truth-seeker, mathematics, the mother of all sciences, indicates that a central
power controlled every intelligence agency during the war. In light of history and the
maxims of the Council of Trent that power could only be the Jesuit General.
1939 - 1945
The Grand Finale of the Jesuits: The Second Thirty Years’ War
The stage is now set.   The players are in position.   The Jesuit General,
Wlodimir Ledochowski, gives the order and war begins.   By this time all the
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
intelligence agencies are working together, overseen by the Vatican’s Jesuits.
Roosevelt’s FBI and OSS, Hitler’s SS/SD, Churchill’s British Secret Intelligence
Service, and Stalin’s NKVD are all working together to insure a successful
extirpation of “heretics and liberals” pursuant to the Council of Trent.
It is to be a “Crusade in Europe” as Eisenhower called it. If any generals do
not cooperate they will be relieved of command or murdered. To insure a prolonged
European war the Jesuits will order Hitler not to destroy the British at Dunkirk. To
give the Nazis ball-bearing plants the Jesuits will order pro Sinn Fein Churchill,
given charge of the Admiralty, not to intervene timely when Norway is invaded.
Having purged the Red army of its best Generals, officers and intelligence analysts
from 1937 to 1940, including seventy-five of the eighty members of the “Military
Soviet,” forty thousand officers, including nearly all the Jewish officers (indicating
that the Jews did not rule Russia), half of the brigade commanders and over 400 of
456 staff colonels, the Jesuits’ Joseph Stalin will insure before the war begins that
the “heretic” Orthodox Russians will retreat with twenty million being slaughtered
during the largest continuous land war in the history of the world — the Nazi/SS
Crusade of “Operation Barbarossa” (named after the famous German Emperor of
Rome’s Third Crusade). In addition to providing thousands of tons of grain and
petroleum to Hitler’s three million invaders, Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian people
will also guarantee the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews by the
Jesuits’ four SS Einsatzgruppen. Indeed, Stalin and Hitler worked together both
having Concordats with the Pope! To keep the Order’s Communist Russia from
falling, the Jesuits will not allow Hitler’s Generals to easily capture Moscow,
“snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.” To insure a successful western advance
by Stalin’s Red Army, the German High Command will limit the shipment of arms to
the retreating German Army. In “retaliation” for the Jesuits’ assassination of
Heydrich (“the Blond Homosexual Beast” and “Butcher of Prague”) using
Stephenson’s Secret Service, the Jesuits’ SS will murder the entire male population
of the Protestant city of Lidice. (The Order controlled both sides.) The Jesuits’
Croatian Ustashi will carry out an open inquisition in Yugoslavia led by Ante Pavelic,
murdering one million “heretic” Orthodox Serbians. To keep the Jews from escaping
Europe the Jesuits will not allow Jewish immigration into Protestant England or
America as well as Stalin’s Russia. To keep the mass murder of Jews as secret as
possible, the forests of Roman Catholic Poland will be chosen to be the locations for
the Nazi Death Camps. To eliminate organized resistance to Hitler’s plans for Poland,
the Jesuits will use Stalin’s NKVD to murder fifteen thousand Roman Catholic Polish
officers in the forests of Katyn. (Again, Stalin and Hitler worked together
remembering the Jesuitical artifice of tyrants that “extremes meet.”) To keep Rommel
the Protestant from opposing the Allied invasion at Normandy, he will be ordered
back to Berlin and murdered by the Jesuits’ SS. To keep the Protestant Admiral
Canaris from successfully ending the disastrous reign of Hitler and
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
prematurely surrendering Germany, he will be betrayed by the American OSS to the
Vatican’s Jesuits, to the Nazi SS, only to be cruelly tortured to death. We read:
“Admiral Canaris, as a result of his patriotic and brave humanitarian efforts,
was captured and hanged by Hitler, with an iron collar around his neck. It
took thirty minutes for him to die!” {54} [Emphasis added]
To insure that the Battle of the Bulge would be fought, General Patton will
not be allowed to capture the German Army by closing the Falaise Pocket in France.
Thus two hundred thousand Germans would be allowed to escape, as the war must
continue and more Jews must be killed in the East. To keep General Patton from
talking after the war he will be murdered by an agent of the Jesuits’ OSS. We read:
“General Patton knew the score but he died ‘early’.” {55}
“In 1979, a former undercover agent for the Office of Strategic Services,
the OSS, [now the CIA], gave an interview in which he claimed that he had
been asked to kill Patton. This agent was ‘ . . . Douglas Bazata, a veteran
intelligence agent, who said he received a contract on Patton’s life in 1944.
According to Bazata, the order for the ‘hit’ came down to him from none
other than the legendary Office of Strategic Services direct from [its
administrator, Archbishop Spellman’s “most devoted” Irish Catholic
Knight of Malta] ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan.’ It was Bazata’s contention that,
although he collected more than $10,000 for the death of Patton, he was not
responsible for Patton’s actual death. He claimed that he knows, however,
who did kill him, and that Patton was killed by a dose of cyanide in the
hospital where he was taken after the automobile accident, and that it was
the cyanide rather than the accident that took his life.” {56} [Emphasis added]
To keep the valiant Russian General Andrei Vlasov and his Russian patriots
from fighting against the Jesuits’ Red Army, the Order’s most obedient Freemason
and future American President, General Dwight Eisenhower, will betray these
disarmed men into the hands of the Grand Inquisitor — Joseph Stalin. We read:
“ . . . Roosevelt and Eisenhower approved of the forced repatriation of some
six million [Orthodox] people back to Russia, many of whom were tortured
or killed after they reached their destination. Two Russians who have
written about this abominable decision of these American leaders are
Nikolai Tolstoy and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The Americans called this
repatriation ‘Operation Keelhaul,’ after the naval form of punishment or
torture where the prisoner is hauled under the keel of a ship by a rope tied
to the prisoner’s body. These six million individuals were not only soldiers
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
who had fought on the side of the Germans against the Russians, but they
were women and children as well. 700,000 of this total were soldiers under
the command of the Lt. Gen. Andrei Vlasov, a brilliant Soviet officer and
one of the heroes of the battle of Moscow in 1942. In April of 1945 [four
months before the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War],
General Vlasov led his troops to the American lines so that they could
surrender and then volunteer to return to communist Russia and attempt to
oust the Bolshevik government. They laid down their arms and considered
themselves to be American Prisoners of War. Vlasov was informed that
permission to pass through the American lines had been refused, so he had
to order his unarmed men to save themselves as best they could. Most of
them were forcibly repatriated back to Russia and executed. General Vlasov
himself was taken from an American escort by Soviet troops and spirited to
Moscow where he was later executed [tortured and hanged in the Jesuits’
Lubyanka] . . . Even though it was [33rd Degree Freemasons] Churchill and
Roosevelt who made these incredible decisions to repatriate millions of
anti-Communist Russians back to certain death, it was General Dwight
Eisenhower who enforced ‘Operation Keelhaul,’ with no apparent pangs of
conscience.” {57} [Emphasis added]
Further, General Eisenhower, Rome’s Supreme Allied Crusader in Europe, would
murder nearly two million unarmed, anti-Communist, Lutheran Germans. We read:
“As this Second World War came to an end…Eisenhower, in his capacity
as the supreme commander, expressed his life-long hatred of the German
people by ordering war prisoners to be reclassified as “unarmed
combatants” to evade the humane obligations of the Geneva Convention,
and so committed one of the crimes of the century holding German
prisoners behind barbed-wire stockades exposed to the elements without
food or water, sanitation or medical supplies, in an ocean of mud and
excrement. Over 1,700,000 soldiers died of deliberate exposure and
starvation in this merciless act of savage barbarity.” {58} [Emphasis added]
(Yes, dear truth-seeker, Jesuit-controlled Churchill – who betrayed the Jewish People
by creating the Arab/Moslem nation of Jordan – and FDR eliminated millions of
anti-Communist, Orthodox Russians along with millions of anti-Communist, Lutheran
Germans. If these condemned soldiers had been led by the murdered Generals, Patton,
Rommel and Vlasov, they would have successfully overthrown the Jesuit-trained,
bloody Joe Stalin and his Inquisition overseen by the Jesuit General. Because Dwight
Eisenhower was Pope Pius XII’s willing tool through the Vatican’s Council on
Foreign Relations, the Jesuits made him the President of the United States with the
blessing of their puppet, Francis Cardinal Spellman.)
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
To further destroy Europe’s Protestant heritage, the Jesuits will order Hitler to
steal all of the Protestants’ gold from the central bank in Lutheran Denmark. The
Jesuits will also order the mass bombings of non-military targets such as the
Protestant cities of Coventry and Dresden. To further the Council of Trent, having
decreed “Accursed be all heretics,” all the military dictators with their intelligence
agencies will act in concert to destroy European Jewry. After the war, Rome’s
financial colossus, using their international traders in London, will rebuild and reunite
Europe, its surviving populations being predominantly Roman Catholic.
In the Far East the Jesuits had a score to settle with Japan. Remembering that
the shogun Iyeyasu had formally expelled the Jesuits in 1614, the Order had been
barred from reentry for over two hundred and fifty years. So the Jesuits forced the
shogun to resign, obtained control over Emperor Meiji, were formally readmitted in
1865 and ultimately orchestrated a war with the United States. We read in 1924:
“The next step in the Vatican’s Great scheme is to make war between
this country and Japan after the latter country has been placed under full
dominance of the Jesuits. The priests, monks and nuns of the Roman
Church have been pouring into Japan from all over the world now for
many years with that purpose in view. The writer was told by a
Christian Japanese minister in charge of a Protestant mission in Los
Angeles in reply to the question as to why the Jesuits, who had been
barred for years from Japan had now been permitted to enter. He
answered that the Roman Church had gotten into his country under the
guise of Mohammedanism, and that after it was well entrenched threw
off its disguise, and his country learned to its astonishment that it was to
the Roman Church and its monastic orders it had opened its doors.
That the Roman-Catholic-controlled trade unions in California are at the
bottom of most of the agitation against the Japanese in that State is a
fact; that the Roman Catholic politician, James Phelan, was sent to the
United States Senate in 1913 by the solid Roman vote, and has been the
prime mover in the anti-Jap agitation, is also a fact.” {59} [Emphasis
By 1941, the Japanese and American governments, controlled by the Jesuits,
were ready for war. Twenty-five years of anti-Jap agitation was ready to yield its
bitter fruit. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor crippling the
majority of the American Fleet — except the carriers. According to a Japanese
Baptist Missionary, the late Daniel Fuji, he told the author the attack was provoked
by a blockade of Japan called “the A, B, C, D line.” The American, British, Canadian
and Dutch fleets blocked Japanese shipping, cutting off its oil, which, in International
The Jesuits – 1914 - 19451919
The Treaty of Versailles imposed such an unfair burden of war
repercussions on Germany, that when Clemenceau of France was asked
by the press what they had given the world through the treaty, he said,
‘We have guaranteed another war in twenty years.’
The United States, whose presence in the League of Nations could alone
have prevented the Second World War, stayed out of the League.
After the Reich’s Concordat with the Vatican, Hitler’s military planners
made a mistake. This blunder occurred on the Russian front where
two-thirds of the fighting took place and it proved to be fatal. Unlike the
Brits, Hitler’s military planners ‘failed’ to build a long range,
thousand-mile bomber to knock out Russian factories in the Urals.
During the lull after the German invasion of Poland, and before the
invasion of France known as “the phony war,” the negotiations
conducted by Admiral Canaris of German Intelligence’s ‘Abwehr’ with
England, through the Vatican as intermediary using the Pope’s
diabolical Jesuit confessor and future Zionist, Robert Leiber, were
disclosed through a Swiss newspaper, contributing to their ‘failure’.
1939 - 40
Knowing Norway was the geographical key to maintaining Swedish
neutrality, whose steel was critical to the continuing of the German War
Machine, and although in possession of intelligence, Churchill, as Lord
of the Admiralty, ‘failed’ to attempt to defend Norway for over six
weeks, doing too little, too late, and so Germany gained control of the
Swedish steel needed for a long, protracted war.
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
When The British Expeditionary Force, key to the defense of the British
Isles, was cornered at Dunkirk on the French coast for three days it
could have been wiped out, making Britain an easy prey for invasion.
But Hitler ‘failed’ to do so, as he personally countermanded the requests
of his Generals to attack and allowed three hundred and fifty thousand
British to escape by boat changing the whole course of the war. [As
“Stonewall” Jackson was forbidden by Jefferson Davis to capture
Washington after the First Manassas, so the German Generals were
forbidden by Hitler to destroy the British at Dunkirk indicating that both
wars were to be Crusades – Papal wars of annihilation – against
historically and predominantly White Protestant peoples.]
In North Africa the Brits were defeating the Italians and looked to rout
them entirely, but ‘failed’ in that they paused long enough to let the
Germans reinforce the Italian positions, insuring a long North African
Campaign and thereby preventing the invasion of Italy for years.
Russia — We can hardly even try to do justice in a few lines to the
colossal ‘stage set’ where most of World War II was fought, in the
‘former Soviet Union’; we will only try to state three points. First, one
military analyst has written that despite the six-week delay in the
invasion of Russia caused by the uprising of the Serbian people, the
Germans had in August-September of 1941 a ninety-seven percent
chance of conquering the Soviet Union and would have done so had it
not been for ‘decisions’ or ‘blunders’ made by Hitler from Berlin over
the objections of his Generals. Secondly, the German invaders were at
first welcomed as liberators in much of the Soviet Union, notably the
Ukraine. And, if they had intelligently enlisted the support of the
peoples, rather than brutalize them via the Jesuits’ SS, they would have
defeated Stalin in spite of Hitler’s wrong military decisions. Thirdly,
Stalin had several intelligence sources telling him Hitler was about to
invade and refused to act to prepare the defense, allowing a quick, deep
penetration by the Nazis and the death of millions of Orthodox Russians
and Jews. With Hitler’s subsequent ‘failure’ to follow up on this
military position or bring the peoples enslaved to communism to his
side, the combination of ‘blunders’ led to the maximum death and
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
destruction to the mostly Lutheran German Army and many millions of
Orthodox peoples. The ‘blunders’ were made in obedience to and in
accordance with the Jesuits’ Council of Trent and Extreme Oath.
December 7, 1941
Much has been written about FDR’s foreknowledge of the attack plans
of the Japanese and his ‘failure’ to warn the Admirals at Pearl Harbor to
insure that the United States could get into ‘the war’ on the side of
England against Hitler. The significance of a very basic point is always
neglected in these discussions. The United States declared war on Japan
after Pearl Harbor, not on Germany! If Hitler, whose forces had just
been bogged down and iced-in by the Russian winter, had not proceeded
to commit one of the rashest acts in the history of world diplomacy, by
unilaterally declaring war on the United States, Roosevelt would have
been hard put to drag America into the war in Europe, which was not
seen as necessarily closely connected to the War in Asia. Hitler got
nothing for Germany out of his ‘foolish’ declaration. He ‘failed’ to even
attempt to get Japan to declare war on Russia in the East, though that, by
opening up a second front, would have made much more likely a
German victory in the West over Russia. It was a staggering mistake,
strongly indicative that Hitler danced to someone else’s tune — the tune
of the Jesuits’ ‘infallible’ Pope with whom he had a Concordat.
Churchill talked about “the soft underbelly” of Europe but instead
directed the Allies up what amounts to “a porcupine ridge” in Italy. A
rapid invasion could have been made through Montenegro and Serbia,
which, being the only active guerilla war in Europe, was already holding
down fifteen to twenty German Divisions, and was without the general
uprising, which would have occurred immediately upon an Allied
assault. This, however, would have brought the war to a close in early
1944, and would have put Eastern Europe in the hands of the West,
neither of which was intended. Instead, Italy was invaded in about the
hardest and most ignorant way. If victory had been the object, the
Generals would have gone for the capital, Rome, landing amphibiously
on any number of close shore points and driving straight to the city,
taking the enemies’ natural base and mopping him up from there.
Circling Sicily to take its capital, then letting the German army escape
by boat unimpeded to the main peninsula [as Meade allowed Lee to
escape from Gettysburg unimpeded] was only the beginning of the
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
follies – ‘the blunders’ – tragic to so many allied soldiers and their
families (including Shriner Freemason Bob Dole). For much of the next
year, the Allies fought against stiff resistance up the spine of the
mountains, an excuse being made that they lacked boats to make the
strategically obvious landing near Rome. But that such was just an
excuse is made plain by the way in which the one major amphibious
landing in Italy at Anzio was conducted. They landed, and waited on the
beach for forty-eight hours for the Germans, caught by surprise, to
arrive. Reconnaissance jeeps went out, reaching the outskirts of Rome
and the invasion force could have followed; but instead, the force stayed
put so they could have several months of World War I style trench
warfare which resulted in the deliberate sacrifice of all but six of
Darby’s seven hundred U.S. Rangers, betrayed by their High Command.
The policies of Roosevelt and Churchill [Churchill, like Hitler, also
advocated the 19th Century Jesuit doctrine of an “International Jewish
Conspiracy”] – who throughout the war maintained an active personal
correspondence with Mussolini (the man who restored the Temporal
Power to the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope) – were carried out to perfection,
and the taking of Rome with its Vatican, the second capital of the Axis,
was delayed until June 5, 1944, one day before ‘D-Day’. So rather than
the Roman Catholic hierarchy being embarrassed for its support of the
Axis, its shame was quickly driven off the front pages by the Normandy
Invasion, the Allies having ‘failed’ to timely capture Rome.
July 1944 to April 1945
The Division of Europe, placing Lutheran Protestant Prussia and
East Germany under the Inquisition of Atheistic Communism.
At least three major ‘blunders’ had to take place to keep the
American-English Allies from taking Berlin and Eastern Germany. First,
there was the failure to destroy the critical core of the German army in
the West by the basic maneuver of an encircling action, the closing of
‘the Falaise Pocket’ in France allowing two hundred thousand Germans
to escape while ensuring the blood-bath called ‘The Battle of the Bulge’.
Secondly, there was the complete intelligence ‘breakdown’ on the side
of the Allies that ‘failed’ to recognize that the beefed up and returned
German Army was about to attempt the breakthrough known as ‘the
Battle of the Bulge’. Thirdly, there was the prevention of General
Patton’s Army from blitzkrieging into Berlin and East Germany (where
the German people were ready to welcome Americans and surrender to
them, as this was the hope of the German Army in the East, fighting
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
fiercely against Stalin’s Red Army.) This deliberate forbidding of Patton
to take Berlin (which would have resulted in surrender) combined with
the all-out suicide assault by the Soviet Armies to take the Nazi capital
(raping, pillaging and plundering all along the way), resulted in the
slaughter of 600,000 more Russian soldiers than a sensibly conducted
campaign would have killed, according to recent estimates by Russian
intelligence sources.” {61} [Emphasis added]
All these “failures” and “blunders,” causing all this heartbreak and
unnecessary death, were deliberately committed in fulfilling the Jesuits’ Council of
Trent – the heart of the Counter-Reformation – in mass-murdering the “heretics” of
East Germany, Prussia and Russia — the Lutheran and Orthodox peoples. The
remainder were subjugated or exiled to the concentration camps of Siberia, overseen
by Jesuits like the American Walter Ciszek, being under the iron heel of the Jesuits’
Roman Catholic, Communist Grand Inquisitor – the savage – Joseph Stalin.
Indeed, from 1914 to 1945, the Jesuits, pursuant to their Oath, killed nearly
eighty million people through war, starvation and disease. Using their Masonic
dictators, they waged relentless war on the Jews of Europe, Spanish Protestants,
Catholic liberals, German Lutherans, Serbian and Russian Orthodox, Baltic Lutherans
– in short – on all Protestant, Jewish and Orthodox “heretics and liberals” regardless
of how many liberal Roman Catholic priests and people perished.
(Dear truth-seeker, this exact same scenario has been planned for the people of the
American Empire and is presently in the making right here in our midst, within the
last and greatest stronghold of the Protestant Reformation, the heart of the Lord
Jesus Christ’s mission work in spreading the grand and glorious gospel to the
uttermost parts of the earth, the last bulwark of Protestant liberties including the rights
of privacy, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom
of movement and gun ownership secured by our Bill of Rights.)
Upon Hitler’s “death,” faked by the SS, and “funeral,” the Fuhrer being
honored with “A Solemn High Requiem Mass” approved of by Pius XII (according
to Eric Zuesse’s WHY the Holocaust Happened: Its Religious Cause and Scholarly
Cover-Up) for a job well done, he subsequently escaped through the Vatican Ratlines
to South America. Meanwhile, Franco’s Jesuit-controlled press declared:
“Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, has died defending
Christianity [Romanism]. It is understandable that our pen cannot find
words with which to deplore his death, when it was able to find so many
to extol his life. Above his mortal remains rises his victorious moral
figure. With the crown of martyrdom, God [the “infallible” Pope] gives
to Hitler the laurels of Victory.” {62} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
This brings us to our final point. The Jesuits, in attempting to totally destroy the
risen Son of God’s Protestant Reformation on the Continent, blamed the Nazi
Holocaust of European and Russian Jewry on the German Lutheran Church. Over
the years the Sons of Loyola, while secretly teaching at the German Lutheran
Tubingen University during their formal suppression by the Pope, altered some of
the writings of the Bible-believing Martin Luther. They sought to and succeeded in
portraying the great Reformer to be a rabid, Jew-hating religious bigot, as though he
was Ignatius Loyola himself! The Masonic Jewish Zionists, being “the altar boys of
the Pope,” promote this lie throughout their Memorial to the Jewish Holocaust in
Washington, D.C., while never revealing the Jesuit hand shaping and directing Pope
Pius XII (through his Jesuit confessor, Cardinal Bea), the SS, Europe’s concentration
camps, and Roman Catholic Poland’s death camps hidden deep within her forests.
This is one of the greatest and boldest effronteries with which historic
Protestantism – wrought by the Spirit of God through the Word of God – has ever
been attacked, outraged or assaulted. For we Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists
know that White Protestant nations have never persecuted the Jews racially or
religiously unless our governments, secretly or openly, have been usurped by the
Militia of the Papal Caesar. Did not the Calvinist, William I of Orange, give refuge
to the persecuted European Jews in his Dutch Republic, as those homeless and
tempest-tossed outcasts from Roman Catholic nations flocked to Amsterdam calling it
“the New Jerusalem”? Did not Oliver Cromwell, England’s Defender of the
Protestant Faith, readmit the Sons of Jacob into his Commonwealth? Was not White
Protestant South Africa the safest haven on that savage and filthy Black Islamic
Continent for the descendants of Abraham? Has not George Washington’s Calvinistic
United States, founded upon The Authorized King James Version of the Bible of
1611 and with its Constitution securing Protestant and Baptist liberties, become the
greatest haven in the history of the world for the wandering Jews during the
worldwide Diaspora, foretold by Moses the prophet during which time Israel is “the
tail of all nations” (Deuteronomy 28:13, 44), until their final regathering and
restoration in Messiah’s Kingdom? Of that Diaspora, during which we
Bible-believers should bless and not curse the Jews, Hosea the prophet wrote:
“For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and
without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and
without an ephod, and without teraphim [no Nation and no Temple]:
Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their
God, and David their king; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness
in the latter days . . . for he hath torn, and he will heal us;
he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
After two days [possibly two thousand years] he will revive us:
in the third day [possibly one thousand years in Messiah’s Kingdom]
he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.”
– Hosea 3:4, 5; 6:1, 2
Further, did not Lutheran Denmark deliver all of her Jews from Rome’s Nazis by
secretly ferrying them across the waters to neutral Lutheran Sweden? Did not
Reformed Holland do all she could to save her Jews from being deported to
Auschwitz and Treblinka? Did not Luther himself read and believe the Apostle’s
Letter to the Romans teaching love and forbearance to the unbelieving Jews, while
God the Father has temporarily set aside His elect and beloved Nation, in declaring:
“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is,
that they might be saved . . .
I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an
Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin . . .
[“Mordecai the Jew” was also of the tribe of Benjamin. (Esther 2:5)]
Now if the fall of them be the riches of the world, and the diminishing
of them the riches of the Gentiles [prosperous Bible-believing Gentile
nations], how much more their fulness [in Messiah’s Kingdom]?
For if the firstfruit [Abraham] be holy, the lump [the Jewish Race] is
also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches . . .
Boast not against the branches [the Jewish Race] . . .
For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery,
lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is
happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in . . .
As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes:
but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’
[Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s] sakes . . .
For as ye [Gentiles] in times past have not believed God,
yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief . . .
Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision
[the Jewish Race] for the truth of God, to confirm the promises
made unto the fathers [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob]:
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
And that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy; as it is written,
For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles,
and sing unto thy name.”
– Romans 10:1
– Romans 11:1, 12, 16, 18, 25, 28, 30
– Romans 15:8, 9
Are we to believe this fearless man of God, the great champion of the doctrine
of Justification by Faith alone, the center of attention at the Diet of Worms where
he courageously made his immortal confession before the Papal Legate, the Emperor
and hundreds of nobles ruling the Pope’s Holy Roman Empire, would hatefully
malign the Jewish Race of the Lord Jesus Christ revealed in both the Old and New
Testaments as opposed to the false Christ of Rome? Would this man, knowingly
enjoying the protection of the risen Son of God from the hands of a multitude of
Papal assassins, advocate murder and theft clearly condemned by the very Bible he
had so diligently worked to translate into the language of his beloved German people?
We read the following supposed words of Luther authored by his Jesuit slanderers
and feel our blood begin to boil as we reach for our Swords of Just Defense:
“What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people,
the Jews? . . . I shall give you my sincere advice:
First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover
with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a
stone or cinder of them . . .
Second, I advise that their houses also be razed and destroyed. For they
pursue in them the same aims as in their synagogues. Instead they might
be lodged under a roof or in a barn, like the gypsies . . .
Third, I advise that all their prayer books and Talmudic writings . . . be
taken from them . . .
Fourth, I advise that their rabbis be forbidden to teach henceforth on
pain of loss of life and limb . . .
Fifth, I advise that safe-conduct on the highways be abolished
completely for the Jews [the very safe-conduct which saved Luther’s life
from the kidnappers of the Papal Legate who would have brought him to
Rome for his trial and execution?] . . .
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
Sixth, I advise that all cash and treasure of silver and gold be taken from
them and put aside for safekeeping . . .
Seventh, I recommend putting a flail, an ax, a hoe, a spade, a distaff, or
spindle into the hands of young Jews and Jewesses and letting them earn
their bread in the sweat of their brow, as was imposed on the children of
Adam [forced labor] . . .
Accordingly, it must and dare not be considered a trifling matter, but a
most serious one, to seek counsel against this and to save our souls from
the Jews, that is, from the devil and from eternal death [Rome’s Jesuit
doctrine of salvation by works so hated by Luther? How crazy!] . . .
Burn down their synagogues, forbid all that I enumerated earlier, force
them to work, and deal harshly with them, as Moses did in the
wilderness, slaying three thousand lest the whole people perish [Moses
never slew them!] . . . There it would be wrong to be merciful and
confirm them in their conduct. If this does not help we must drive them
out like mad dogs, so that we do not become partakers of their other
vices and thus merit God’s wrath and be damned with them [again, the
Jesuits’ heresy of salvation by works whereby they can make a man
commit the most horrid of crimes for which he will be rewarded in the
heaven of Jesuit making].” {63} [Emphasis added]
(Did not Jesuit Generals Ledochowski (1915-1942) and Janssens (1946-1964),
using their Society of Jesus in control of Roman Catholic Hitler’s Nazis and the
Jewish Zionists, do all these things to the pitiful Jews of Europe only sixty years ago?)
Dear truth-seeker, Martin Luther never wrote these words, as they do not
comprise his style nor contain his Biblical convictions. These are the cruel words of
the Jesuits betraying their doctrines championed by their evil Council of Trent!
These doctrines were further advocated in Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the volume having
been secretly authored by a priest working for the Company, Bernhardt Stempfle.
This was further calculated to unite Bible-rejecting Lutherans, corrupted by the
rationalism of the Jesuits having penetrated their seminaries, and Roman Catholics of
Germany against the Jewish Race — even as the Jesuits are doing in Fourteenth
Amendment America at this very moment! Indeed, the Society of Jesus is presently
doing the exact same thing right here within the post-Reformation, apostate,
Bible-rejecting, atheistic, socialistic and Jesuitized American Empire. From the
beginning of World War I to the end of World War II, the Jesuit Order turned these
Jew-hating doctrines into deeds while taking vengeance on a Europe and an Asia
having expelled the Company during the Nineteenth Century — its “Century of
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
Yes, dear truth-seeker, this was the Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’
War, fought and paid for by his Fourteenth Amendment “Holy Roman”
American Empire and Federal Reserve Bank! Yes, the two greatest
mass-murderers of the Twentieth Century, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, were
financed by us, the American People, through our American banks in New York!
What in the name of Jesus Christ will be our horrendous coming retribution? A
great English Bible believer, through his farsightedness, gave us the answer in 1899
when he wrote:
“We should tremble for the safety of that nation whose leading men
banished Christ from their councils, and denied . . . the providential
interference of God. We should shortly expect to see Him visiting that
land with His four sore judgments, laying bare His arm in anger, and
casting it down from the high place which it may now occupy among
the nations of the earth.” {64} [Emphasis added]
We must conclude with the words of the Roman Catholic Shriner Freemason R.
W. Thompson, an ex-Secretary of the American Navy and the only American to
write an extensive history of the Jesuit Order, proclaimed in 1894:
“[The Jesuit General] occupies the place of God, and must be obeyed,
howsoever the peace and welfare of the multitude may be imperiled, or
the nations be convulsed from center to circumference. The society of
Jesuits must obtain the mastery, even if general anarchy shall prevail, or
all the world besides be covered with the fragments of a universal
wreck!” {65} [Emphasis added]
Oh my Father! We deceived Americans, Protestant and Baptist blind patriots,
fighting the Pope’s wars, paying the Pope’s income tax and believing the Pope’s press
for the last one hundred years, have provoked to wrath the risen Son of God once
again! Oh when shall it end? Or has the Son of God determined upon our great
nation’s just annihilation – at the hand of the Black Pope whom we have served – in
order that “the gates of hell,” manned by the Devil’s Jesuits, might not prevail against
His beloved, elect, Bible-reading Church within other countries? May we repent of
our sins, may we return to the old paths of our righteous, White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon
Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist forefathers, and may we resist Satan’s evil
“…mystery of iniquity…,”
– II Thessalonians 2:7
while contending for the Truth in THE POWER of the Holy Spirit of God!
Holy Heavenly Father, we ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins

Jesuit Monsignor Ludwig Kaas, 1930s #133

Knight of Malta Franz von Papen in Nuremberg Prison, 1945
Interrogations: Nazi Elite in Allied Hands, Richard Overy, (New York: Penguin
Books, 2002) p. 422.
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37
The Papacy’s Concordat with Nazi Germany, 1933 #135
Knight of Malta, Franz von Papen, is seated second from the left.  To his right sits
the cunning and brilliant Jesuit, Monsignor Ludwig Kaas.

Apostolic Nuncio, Cesare Orsenigo, with Hitler, 1933 #136
With mutual adoration, Hitler stands in the presence of his master, the Apostolic
Nuncio, German Knights of Malta serving as his rear guard. Hitler’s Pope: The
Secret History of Pius XII, John Cornwell, (New York, Penguin Group, 1999).
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins

Hitler with his Nazi Elite Overseen by the Papal Nuncio, 1930s #137
Above we have one of the most telling pictures ever taken of the key movers
of the Black Pope’s Roman Catholic Third Reich, the Nazi Party having
originated from Roman Catholic Bavaria’s Thule Society. The Jesuit
Order had agitated all of Europe with “the Jewish Question” for nearly
fifty years. With the destruction of the Protestant Second Reich at the end
of World War I and the re-admittance of the Society of Jesus into
Germany after its formal expulsion in 1872, it was time to implement the
“Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” Second from the left stands Vice
Chancellor and Knight of Malta Franz von Papen (white handkerchief in
coat pocket); Minister of Defense General Werner von Bloomberg;
Chancellor Adolf Hitler; Jesuit-educated Minister of Propaganda Josef
Goebbels; and second from bottom right stands the Papal Nuncio, Cesare
Orsenigo, in full papal vestments. With the help of the Pope’s Masonic
Jewish Zionists – Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion and Rudolf
Kastner – working in subordination to the SS “Jesuit General” Heinrich
Himmler, SS Adolf Eichmann and SS Kurt Becker – the Jewish Holocaust
became a reality and thus the impetus for the creation of Zionist Israel.
Hitler and His Secret Partners, James Pool, (New York: Pocket Books, 1997).
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37

SS/SD Nazi General Walter Schellenberg, 1940s

British SIS Walter Schellenberg, 1950s #139
Roman Catholic Nazi Generals Reinhard Gehlen and Walter Schellenberg –
Hitler’s most powerful intelligence officers at the time of Germany’s surrender –
were both absorbed into Allied Intelligence after the Vatican’s Second Thirty
Years’ War (1914-1945). Throughout the duration of the Pope’s deceptive Cold
War and “Space Race” (1945-1989) the Black Pope’s International Intelligence
Community was unified and perfected. Waffen-SS: Hitler’s Elite Guard at War
1939-1945, George H. Stein, (Bristol, U.K.: Cerberous Publishing Limited, 2002).
SS-1: The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler, Hugh Thomas, (London: Fourth Estate,
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins

Ex-Basilian (Jesuit-controlled) Charles E. Coughlin, 1891 – 1979 #140
Calling at FDR’s White House Early in 1936 A powerful speaker
successfully agitating the desperate American people during the 1930s,
Jesuit-controlled Coughlin was a past member of the communist
“Community of St. Basil” having been formed by “ex-Jesuits” during their
Suppression from 1773 to 1814.  This Jew-hating, corporate socialist
fascist, was a close advisor of President Franklin Roosevelt. Although later
openly critical of FDR during his second term, pro-Nazi Coughlin was a
backer of FDR’s socialist New Deal, even as his brother Jesuit and New
Deal Democrat, Robert Hartnett.   Intended to further destroy the
nation’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Middle Class, the New Deal
included the numbering of every American with a “Social Security
Number,” the forerunner of the number of the beast.   Like all good
Jesuits under orders, he blamed the evils of the Federal Reserve Bank on
the Jewish Race.  But the bank’s true master, managed by the New York
Knights of Malta, was his secret “Father General,” the Black Pope. Father
Coughlin and the New Deal, Charles J. Tull, (Syracuse, New York: Syracuse
University Press, 1965).
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37

President Roosevelt and Archbishop Spellman, 1939 #141
(Notice the second bystander from the right wearing a priest’s biretta.)

Knight of Malta, Joe Kennedy, and the Shriner, FDR, 1937 #142
FDR fathered American Socialism having backed the Order’s “New Deal.” The
American Pope, John Cooney, (New York: Times Books, 1984). Joseph P. Kennedy: A
Life and Times, David Koskoff, (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.,
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins

Knight of Malta Myron C. Taylor with Pope Pius XII, 1940s


Shriner Freemasons Churchill, FDR and Stalin at Yalta, 1945
According to Jim Shaw, author of The Deadly Deception and one of America’s
most prominent 33rd degree Freemasons, “the Big Three” at Yalta were all
Freemasons. Clearly, all post war diplomacy deciding the course of the Cold
War was in the hands of the Black Pope via the Craft. Roosevelt’s Secret War:
FDR and World War II Espionage, Joseph E. Persico, (New York: Random House,
Winston Churchill: The Struggle for Survival, 1940-1963, Lord Moran, (London:
Constable and Company, 1966).
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Chapter 37

Harold Macmillan at the Vatican, 25 May 1945 #145
British Minister Resident in the Mediterranean
At Yalta, with the fate of all displaced Soviet citizens having been decided,
the Western Allies (1945-1947) handed over two million anti-communist
Soviet refugees who were then shot or shipped to the death camps of the
Black Pope’s Gulag Archipelago. According to Nikolai Tolstoy in his
masterpiece, The Minister and the Massacres, presently banned in England
and for which he was sued over one million English pounds, Harold
Macmillan was the villain who gave the betrayal order carried out by the
Supreme Allied Commander, Field Marshal Alexander. Being identical to
the Order’s Katyn Forest massacre during which the Soviet NKVD shot
and buried 15,000 anti-communist, patriotic, Roman Catholic Polish
officers, this infamy resulted in nothing less than mass-murder, including
40,000 pro-Tsarist Cossacks and thousands of anti-communist, patriotic,
Roman Catholic Slovaks. For his obedience in eliminating the political
enemies of Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin, Macmillan went on to become the
Prime Minister of England with the blessing of Pope Paul VI. Above, this
English “Jesuit of the short robe” has met with Pope Pius XII with whom
he had “a long and moving talk.” Most assuredly, Macmillan was well
received and well rewarded for obeying the Order’s evil Council of Trent.
The Minister and the Massacres, Nikolai Tolstoy, (London: Century Hutchinson Ltd.
The Jesuits – 1914 - 1945
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 38
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Destroying the Protestant British Empire
Creating the Cold War
The Airborne Nuclear War Hoax
The Vatican Ratlines
Creating Zionist Israel
Creating Communist China:
Inquisition in the Far East
The CIA and KGB:
Arms of the Vatican’s International Intelligence Community
Restoring the “Blessed Despotism” of the Dark Ages
“ . . . we must seriously inculcate in the minds of all, that the state of the
church . . . now changed into a monarchy . . . cannot maintain its ground
against mighty enemies, unless supported by great authority and power,
and that it is that little stone which was foretold by the prophet [Daniel
2:44, 45] . . . and afterwards rises into a vast mountain. [The Jesuits
have twisted the prophecy of the Jewish Messiah governing all the
nations of the world in His earthly kingdom into the amillennial heresy
of their Gentile ‘infallible’ Papal Caesar governing all the nations of
the world in his earthly kingdom.]” {1} [Emphasis added]
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
“Have we [Americans] forgotten how our Treasury Department shipped
their plates, so the Russians could print our occupation money, and
ordered gold mining equipment sent to Russia? Have we so quickly
forgotten how a White House official sneaked uranium and blueprints of
Oak Ridge, to the Russians? We must not forget how another White
House aide ordered 120,000 tons of ammunition dumped into the Indian
Ocean to keep it from reaching Chiang Kai-shek.” {2}
Multiple contributors, 1960 The
Story of Aluminum Poisoning
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
“The Jesuits are one of the largest stockholders in the American steel
company, Republic and National. They are also among the most
important owners of the four greatest aircraft manufacturing companies
in the U.S., Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtis-Wright.” {3}
Avro Manhattan, 1983
“Protestant” Knight of Malta
English Historian The Vatican
The Great and Terrible Second Thirty Years’ War was now over. Europe,
Russia, North Africa, China and Japan were “a universal wreck” thanks to the
Company of Jesus. Millions of “heretics and liberals” had been “extirpated” pursuant
to the Jesuit Oath and the Council of Trent. Unlike the Treaty of Westphalia ending
the First Thirty Years’ War, the agents of the Jesuits controlled the negotiations at
Yalta and Potsdam ending the Second Thirty Years’ War. The Protestant British
Empire, having founded modern missions, including the China Inland Mission, was
fragmented and would be destroyed after World War II.
It was time to apply the Jesuits’ Hegelian Dialectic worldwide. It would be
known as “the Cold War.” The thesis and antithesis would be “the Free World” in
the West versus “the Communist Block” in the East. The American Empire would
head the West and the Russian Empire would lead the East. Both sides would be
financed by the Jesuits’ International Banking Cartel centered in London and New
York, the Federal Reserve and Chase Manhattan Banks in particular.
The synthesis would be the destruction of the American Empire through the
so-called “ending of the Cold War.” The illusion of ending the Cold War would
legally enable Rome’s Corporate Monopolies, federated together in New York City
under the leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations, to give Russia and China
high technology and financial backing. The giving of these necessities would perfect
the War Machines of both economically communist and politically fascist giants for
the purpose of invading North America, it containing the majority of the world’s
Protestants, Baptists and Jews. (Remember dear truth-seeker, the Jesuit General has
used his American Empire throughout “the American Century” to restore the Pope’s
Temporal Power and to exterminate “heretics” and “liberals” around the world. That
task being completed, the ending of the Cold War signaled the beginning of the
destruction of Fourteenth Amendment America in dead earnest!) It is for these
reasons that the financial might of Hong Kong was given to Red China along with an
American Naval Base in Long Beach, California. (In 1998 the China Ocean Shipping
Company (COSCO) signed a backroom deal to take over the strategic Long Beach
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
Naval Station in Southern California.) It is for these reasons that the Panama Canal,
built with American blood, sweat, tears and Yellow Fever, was given away to Panama
to be operated by a Chinese corporation, imperiling the American Navy. It is for these
reasons that the Jesuits in control of Washington have established nationwide gun
registration for the purpose of nationwide gun confiscation just as they did in Hitler’s
Germany. It is for these reasons that the Jesuits, with their fascist, international,
cartel-capitalist corporations managed by the Knights of Malta, have financed and
continue to build both the Russian and Chinese War Machines, while influencing
American Presidents to close down scores of military installations across the country.
These facts spell invasion – massive invasion – by millions of foreign soldiers with
no God and no mercy. And if the Jesuits can manage to blow up the Dome of the
Rock in Jerusalem and blame their American Empire for it, the Arabs will declare
“a jihad” – a Moslem holy war – against the “infidels” of “the Great Satan.” (For, if
the Jesuits used the Moslem Turks to massacre two million Orthodox Armenian
“heretics” in the 1890s/1910s; and if the Company used the Moslem Arabs to
mass-murder the Protestant and Catholic Spanish “liberals” in the late 1930s; and if
the Sons of Loyola used the Moslem Albanians to destroy the Orthodox Serbian
“heretics” in the late 1990s; then would not those sons of Satan hire a huge, agitated,
invading Moslem host to pillage and destroy the Protestant and Baptist American
South — the last great fortress of Protestantism in the world excepting Northern
Ireland and South Korea? Indeed they would!) The private wealth of Americans using
International Business Corporations with bank accounts in the Bahamas will be seized
just as they were in Castro’s Cuba. (The Knights have moved all their wealth into
European banks denominated in Franks and Marks as well as in the Pope’s Euros,
thereby escaping the coming American social catastrophe and economic collapse.)
Meanwhile as the Jesuits, with their American dictator’s internal police – the
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – and foreign invaders, are
“extirpating the execrable race” of American “heretics” and “liberals,” the European
nations will be driven to lay down their historic differences and unify. This unification
will restore the Holy Roman Empire for which reason the Jesuits are rapidly
rebuilding Berlin. When the smoke clears, China will control the East, Russia will
control the North and a unified Roman Catholic Europe will control the West. Further,
the Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community, overseeing the United
Nations while controlling Israel’s Masonic Jewish Zionists through the CIA/Mossad,
will see to it that Jerusalem is declared to be an international UN city with
Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in her midst. This Third Temple will be rebuilt by the
International Brotherhood of Shriner Freemasons – the modern-day Knights Templars
– many of which having feigned themselves to be the descendants of the House of
David through King Solomon or James, the half-brother of the Messiah
(Messiah’s name being “salvation” according to Isaiah 62:11), despite Rome’s
destruction in 70 AD of all legitimate genealogical records within Herod’s Temple.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
The Lord Jesus Christ will secretly appear for His true, Bible-believing Church:
“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:
for the trumpet shall sound . . . we shall all be changed . . . ”
– I Corinthians 15:51, 52
“For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God:
and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together
with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air;
and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”
– I Thessalonians 4:16, 17
After this specific departure of His Church from the earth, then shall
“ . . . that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,
or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God,
shewing himself that he is God.”
– II Thessalonians 2:3, 4
World government will ensue and the Jesuits’ “blessed despotism” of the Dark
Ages – the New World Order – will be in force. The risen Pope will rule his
“Empire of the World” as revealed in The Secret Plan (1948), being “the King of
Israel,” “Patriarch of the World,” “King despot over all the earth,” and “Pope of the
Universe,” so vividly described in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1905),
he being the “World Authority” of The Documents of Vatican II (1965). Meanwhile
the Holy Spirit will restrain Satan’s “man of sin” – the risen Pope – from coming
to power
“ . . . until he [the Holy Spirit] be taken out of the way.
. . . that he [the risen Pope] might be revealed in his time.”
– II Thessalonians 2:7, 6
In order to achieve the international dictatorship of one man, the nations had to
be rebuilt and aligned into “blocks” pitted against each other after World War II. This
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
would be called “the Cold War.” The rebuilding of Europe and Japan would be
financed by the Jesuits’ Wall Street bankers and their Federal Reserve Bank. The
government of Fourteenth Amendment America would call this “foreign aid”
justifying more taxation, further destroying the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Middle
Class. The historic Catholic and Protestant nations of Western Europe would be
“united” into the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” (NATO) against a common
enemy. That enemy, deliberately created by the Jesuits at Yalta, would be Joseph
Stalin’s “USSR” and satellite nations called “The Warsaw Pact.” With “the Iron
Curtain” (the term having been first coined by the Jesuit-trained Nazi Minister of
Propaganda, that “demon of a dictatorship” and “the ultimate Machiavellian” Joseph
Goebbels) and “the Bamboo Curtain” erected, these “blocks” would be in a ready
state of war for forty-five years. Under the guise of preparing to go to war with the
West – the West that built their Military Industrial Complexes – “the Cold War” was
in fact conducted against “liberal” and “heretic” populations by fascist-communist,
Jesuit-controlled dictators. By the end of 1989 the crimes of the Jesuits’ Holy Office
of the Inquisition, under the guise of “communism,” would claim nearly one hundred
million victims. We read from Europe’s bestseller, The Black Book of Communism:
“The following rough approximation, based on unofficial estimates, gives
some sense of the scale and gravity of these crimes:
20 million deaths
65 million deaths
1 million deaths
North Korea:
2 million deaths
2 million deaths
Eastern Europe:
1 million deaths
Latin America:
150,000 deaths
1.7 million deaths
1.5 million deaths
The total approaches 100 million people killed.” {4}
All this had been planned prior to the beginning of World War II.
This state of affairs called “the Cold War” was a hoax. For, how could the
government of Soviet Russia be truly the enemy of the United States government and
Western Europe if the Knights of Malta, controlling Wall Street in New York and the
Government in Washington, financed the Bolshevik Revolution and the building of
the Russian War Machine before, during and after “the Cold War”? The only sane
conclusion is that the men who control the government in Washington control the
government in Moscow. Both governments were kept in line by the Vatican’s
intelligence agencies, the CIA and the KGB (now the SVR), which prevented the
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
phony “Cold War” from erupting into a shooting war. The Jesuits’ government in
Moscow, in control of the Russian Army, is truly an enemy of the American people,
but not the American government! Both governments are bosom buddies controlled
by the Knights of Malta subordinate to the Jesuits in control of the Vatican. With
regard to post-war Germany, “the Cold War” would justify the merging of Hitler’s
intelligence group with FDR’s intelligence group known today as the American CIA
and the German BND. This merger would create the Vatican Ratlines enabling fifty
thousand Nazis to escape from Europe. Stalin’s “stealing” of East Germany’s
industrial base and the “kidnapping” of her top physicists would further the illusion
that “the Cold War” was indeed a reality while further building the Jesuits’ Red War
Machine. Concerning the building of the Soviet military, in Gary Allen’s The
Rockefeller File (prefaced by the late great Congressman Larry McDonald who, in
the midst of calling for a Congressional investigation of the Jesuits’ Council on
Foreign Relations, was murdered while flying on a civilian jet-liner – shot down by a
Soviet MIG fighter aircraft – thereby greatly benefiting the Jesuit Order), we read:
“It is not an exaggeration to say that the USSR was made in the USA . . . In
order to rescue the Bolsheviks . . . the Chase Manhattan Bank was
instrumental in establishing the American-Russian Chamber of
Commerce in 1922 . . . As part of the massive effort to build the
Communist economy by looting the United States, on credit, Richard M.
Nixon appointed William J. Casey [a Knight of Malta and Director of the
CIA during the Reagan Administration] as president of the Export-Import
Bank. Casey, a member of the Rockefeller-controlled CFR, is the perfect
man for the job that [Masonic Jewish Zionist Henry A.] Kissinger and the
Rockefellers have in mind. . . . The first of the giant projects we are
inflating our currency to build on credit for our Bolshevik brothers is the
Kama River factory, which is to be the largest producer of trucks in the
world. . . . The Kama River factory will produce 150,000 heavy trucks
and 150,000 heavy engines per year. This output is greater than the
combined production of such trucks by all factories in the United States.
The complex is being built by a division of the Pullman Company at a cost
of two billion dollars. The Soviets are going to put up ten percent of the
cash for the project, while David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank
[headed by Knight of Malta Francis X. Stankard] and the Export-Import
Bank will each advance forty-five percent. . . . This cannot be wholly the
Reserve-CFR-Rockefeller-Insider crowd has advocated and carried out
policies aimed at increasing the power of their satellite, the Soviet Union.”
{5} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, do you now understand why the Jesuits would not allow
Hitler’s army in the East to capture Moscow, as a former SS man told the author his
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
army was only eighteen kilometers away and forbidden to fire a shot! Do you now
understand why the Jesuits would not allow Admiral Canaris to prematurely
surrender Germany to the Americans? Do you now understand why General Patton,
who wanted to unite the surrendered German Army with his Third Army for the
purpose of attacking the secret Jesuit Empire of Soviet Russia (just as the Jesuit SS
General Heinrich Himmler supposedly sought to do for which he was “stripped of
his powers,” ordered “to be shot” by Jesuit-controlled Hitler and was later “poisoned”
by the SIS thereby escaping the rage of Allied justice), was murdered by the Jesuits’
OSS? Do you now understand why General Vlasov, who sought to liberate Russia
leading his hundreds of thousands of patriotic Russian soldiers, was betrayed into the
bloody hands of Joseph Stalin by that filthy pig and coward, General Eisenhower?
Do you now understand why every order Hitler gave from his bunker in Berlin served
only to destroy the German people, whose grandfathers had expelled the Jesuits in
1872? Do you now understand why the American Empire throughout the entire Cold
War has given food, technology and high finance to the “USSR?” The Cold War
served tremendous purposes for the Jesuits in control of the Vatican and it had to be
maintained until those purposes were fulfilled by 1990. Those purposes were not only
the building of the Russian War Machine and its intelligence community, the KGB,
with its opposite number, the CIA espionage state in Fourteenth Amendment
America, but the using of the staged opposition between these two “superpowers,” in
attempting to force nations into alignment with one or the other, creating a United
Nations world police state in the hands of the Black Pope. We must not forget that by
the end of the Cold War the Protestant British Empire – so hated by the Jesuit
General’s “infallible” Pope – had been destroyed and sixty-five nations of the free
world had been betrayed into the Jesuit-controlled Inquisitional dungeon of atheistic
Communism. These merciless crimes created worldwide anti-Americanism –
another purpose of the Cold War – as we were and continue to be hated for allowing
Rome’s CFR-controlled, socialist-communist, American government to spread and
maintain the Jesuits’ Holy Office of the Inquisition.
What scare tactic could be used to force the peoples of the West into accepting
as fact the great “Communist Threat” in the East thereby justifying “the Cold War”?
It was the splitting of the atom creating a nuclear device that, when carefully
detonated, unleashed mass destruction. This device, given to both sides, would justify
the establishment of that criminal organization called “the United Nations” in New
York. It would also coerce the peoples of the world into sacrificing their national
sovereignties into the hands of a World Authority — the Papal Caesar.
Towards the end of World War II, the Jesuits, with their Manhattan Project,
detonated a nuclear device. Using the American Army Air Force they destroyed the
targets of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Washington, D.C. having refused terms for a
Japanese surrender. (It is outrageous to realize that both cities were old Jesuit
dominions. The future Jesuit General, Pedro Arrupe, was Rector and novice master
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
of the thirty-five man Jesuit Novitiate at nearby Nagatsuka when Hiroshima was
destroyed. Unscathed, he must have known the devastation was coming – or must
have participated in it – being one of the first to enter Hiroshima and to observe the
effects of the Company’s terror weapon.) The hoax of “mutual airborne nuclear war”
was successfully created. Upon the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the
devastation was strongly promoted by Archbishop Spellman’s media moguls, Knight
of Malta Henry R. Luce and Knight of Malta Frank Capra. The mass destruction
“proved” the impending doom of a “nuclear holocaust” justifying the creation of a
new “peace-keeping” world authority – the treasonous United Nations – that will one
day control Jerusalem’s Holy Mount while overseeing the rebuilding of a glorious
new Third Temple — for the Pope! But the facts prove otherwise. At the time the
only nuclear devices ever detonated were stationary and on the ground! None had ever
been dropped by aircraft in testing. We will grant that objects, represented to the
world as being “atomic bombs,” were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that
atomic explosions followed, as attested to by one of the pilots of Enola Gay while
sailing with the author’s mother years later in the San Francisco Bay. But pilots and
crews would have no way of knowing whether it was the objects dropped by them that
exploded, or different objects already installed and in place at ground level. Further,
according to engineer, author and pilot Captain Bruce L. Cathie in his Harmonic 33,
nuclear detonations can only occur at certain places on the earth (called “grid points”)
and at certain times. After an elaborate discussion he concludes:
“Until I am informed officially otherwise, I will maintain that the destruction
of an atom depends on the geometric position of the triggering device, and
the geometric position of the Sun [called “a window of opportunity”]. Is it
possible to fight an atomic war on this basis? The whole thing would be
completely illogical . . . the bomb has to be dropped on a pinpoint geometric
position and during a certain instant of time, if it is to explode. [Dear
truth-seeker, were the “bombs” dropped on Japan merely ”dirty” uranium
and plutonium-laced magnesium flash devices coordinated with technical
ground teams below, one of which was located at the Jesuit House in the
middle of Hiroshima and from where the underground switch was thrown
(after which all five Jesuits emerged having survived the blast), detonating
the atomic device just as it was done at the proving grounds in the
southwestern United States only a few weeks before? Is Edwin Corley’s
fictional The Jesus Factor really true, that nuclear devices cannot detonate if
they are in motion?]” {6}
Thus, an airborne thermonuclear war destroying mankind is a technological
impossibility, and a pure fiction of Henry Luce’s Cold War propaganda. It is also
unbiblical, as the Devil, indwelling his “risen” Papal Caesar turned “antichrist,”
could never rule the world from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple and Jesus the Messiah
could never fulfill the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
Having perfected the fearful illusion of thermonuclear war, the Jesuits had to
create a false enemy for the people of Fourteenth Amendment America. Americans,
enjoying Protestant and Baptist liberties, must be enslaved to the fear of possible
nuclear attacks, justifying more absolutist government. (This is why we American
children during the 1960s were drilled to hide under our school desks due to simulated
“Soviet nuclear attacks” when the ear-shattering air-raid sirens would sound, instilling
in our young hearts fear and terror for the “invincible” Soviet Union.) So the Jesuits,
through their Council on Foreign Relations in control of the American Military,
gave the nuclear device to their Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained, Grand Inquisitor —
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin whose real Georgian last name, Djugashvili, means
“Son of a Jew.” We read:
“Major George Racey Jordan, an officer in the United States Army during
the Second World War, was the officer in charge of the transfer of the Lend
Lease supplies through the Great Falls, Montana, air base. It was here that the
planes were loaded with the transferable goods prior to their being flown to
Fairbanks, Alaska, where the planes were flown into Russia by Russian pilots.
Major Jordan, curious by nature, opened various briefcases and cartons, and
saw various words he was not familiar with on various papers: uranium,
cyclotron, proton, neutron, cobalt, and plutonium. In addition, Jordan
discovered various reports from ‘Oak Ridge, Manhattan District’ (it was
the ‘Manhattan Project’ in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where the American
scientists were developing the plans for the atomic bomb) containing phrases
like ‘energy produced by fission.’ Jordan also discovered ‘ . . . at least three
consignments of uranium chemicals . . . nearly three quarters of a ton.
Confirmed also was the shipment of one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds of uranium
metal at a time when the total American stock was 4.5 pounds!’ These
findings meant little to Major Jordan until 1949, when Russia exploded their
first atomic bomb. It was then that he realized that he had been witness to the
transfer of the materials and plans for construction of Russia’s atomic bomb.
And this occurred in 1943. Major Jordan’s charges were corroborated by a
[non-fictional] novel written by James Roosevelt, the son of Franklin
Roosevelt, in 1980. The dust cover of the book describes the contents of the
novel, entitled A Family Matter. ‘President Roosevelt . . . makes a bold secret
decision — to share the results of the Manhattan Project with the Soviet
Union . . . The novel details how President Roosevelt gave Russia the plans
for the atomic bomb in 1943 and 1944.’ [Since the USSR was at peace with
Japan, could it be that the Order brought these materials into Japan via its
Soviet agents, assembled the bomb in Hiroshima’s Jesuit House (Jesuit Priest
Michael DeLisle Lyons having participated in the first A-bomb test at the
Trinity site in Los Alamos) and then waited for the American B-29s to drop
their magnesium flash bombs loaded with uranium blocks?]” {7}
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
The Jesuits, in building their military machine in Russia, used FDR, the pawn
of Archbishop Spellman and Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy, to give Stalin the
nuclear device. This created a false enemy for the American people justifying huge
budgets for the building of the FBI, CIA and the Military Industrial Complex. It
would further enable the Jesuits to use their Shriner Freemason, “Dirty Harry”
Truman, to suspend the Constitution putting the American Empire under a fascist,
military dictatorship with the Emergency War Powers Act of 1950. (So dear reader,
if you were worried about an attack by Russian missiles, you should know that the
General Accounting Office reported that fifty-six percent of our Minuteman missiles
were defective when they were installed in their silos. After decades of routine
preventive maintenance it is possible that, in case of war, none of them would have
left the ground, much less found their targets or exploded over them. If that is the
American level of technique, how bad were the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces —
that is if the Russian missiles really existed. The only evidence for many of these
missiles was the fact that some holes were dug in Siberia – a Russian province in
which the Order’s first nuclear detonation was carried out in 1908, the gigantic blast
destroying the swamp forest of Tunguska – while our satellites allegedly kept watch.)
Meanwhile, the nation needed a scapegoat for the treason of giving nuclear
secrets to Stalin. Blaming the Jews, the Jesuits repeated the Dreyfus Affair using
their darling Shriner Freemason, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover, the Jew-hater and friend
of Himmler prior to the war, fingered the Rosenbergs inciting anti-Jewish sentiment.
This furthered the illusion of the worldwide “Jewish Anti-Christian Communist
Conspiracy”; for, “it was the Jews that caused the Bolshevik Revolution and it was the
Jews that gave Stalin the bomb.” To the disgrace of the American people, none came
to the aid of the innocents, as the Rosenbergs were tried, convicted and murdered by
the American Judicial System controlled by the Society of Jesus through its Council
on Foreign Relations. With this war of attrition called “the Cold War,” the Jesuits
continued to murder millions of “heretics” and political “liberals” without any
declaration of war! Their Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained, Russian Grand Inquisitor,
with the KGB and Russian Military Intelligence (GRU), continued his secret arrests,
torture and deportations to Siberia. The Great Russian Patriot, Alexander
Solzhenitsyn, who fully endorsed Nikolai Tolstoy’s Victims of Yalta, writes:
“Like medieval torturers [the Inquisitors of the Dark Ages], our
interrogators, prosecutors, and judges agreed to accept the confession of the
accused as the chief proof of guilt . . . After all, for the first time in human
history the calculated torture of millions was being undertaken . . . This
whole operation was stretched out over many years because it was of
primary importance that it be stealthy and unnoticed. It was essential to
clean out, conscientiously, socialists of every other stripe from Moscow,
Petrograd, the ports, the industrial centers, and later on, the outlying
provinces as well.   This was a grandiose silent game of solitaire, whose
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
rules were totally incomprehensible to its contemporaries, and whose
outlines we can appreciate only now. Someone’s far-seeing mind,
someone’s neat hands, planned it all, without letting one wasted minute go
by . . . Patience, overwhelming patience, was the trait of the person playing
out the solitaire.” {8} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, that person playing out the solitaire was none other than the
General of the Jesuits, Wlodimir Ledochowski, as two of his qualifications according
to the Society’s Constitutions were “prudence” and “solicitude.”
And who was Stalin’s guiding light while he turned Orthodox Russia into an
Inquisitional dungeon? It is a historical fact that Stalin was greatly influenced by a
Roman Catholic Cardinal, they both having attended the same Jesuit-controlled
Russian Orthodox seminary in Georgia. Avro Manhattan tells us:
“Msgr. Gregory Agagianian, Patriarch of the Catholic Rite of the
Armenian Church [was elevated by the ex-Jesuit Pope Pius XI] to the
Patriarchate in 1937, a post which he held for 25 years thereafter . . . In
1946, anti-Communist Pope Pius XII made him a Cardinal . . . Cardinal
Agagianian was expected to play a major role during the developing Cold
War . . . The reason was that Agagianian was the top expert on the Soviet
Union, Communism, and the Orthodox Church; . . . He was of Armenian
origin, but a Georgian by birth. He had known Communism at first hand,
having lived three difficult years as a young priest in Tiflis, Georgia, whilst
the Bolshevist Revolution was raging. He spoke fluent Russian . . .
Agagianian was also considered very special by Stalin himself [as both
Joseph Stalin had been educated by, and Grigory Rasputin had been
advised by the rector of the Order’s “Orthodox” Tiflis Theological
Seminary, the Jesuit Spiritual Coadjutor and Orthodox Bishop Hermogen],
the Cardinal having had the dubious distinction of attending the same Jesuit
seminary [though “Russian Orthodox” in name] in Georgia as Stalin had
done. This was a small, but significant, fact, . . . ” {9} [Emphasis added]
Indeed it was a significant fact! For in 1946 Pope Pius XII made Gregory
Agagianian the Cardinal for the Russian Empire the same year he made Francis
Spellman the Cardinal for the American Empire. What Agagianian was to Stalin
with his KGB, Spellman was to Truman with his CIA. Both Cardinals were loyal to
Jesuit General Jean-Baptiste Janssens as much as Pope Pius XII who had
appointed them on the advice of his Jesuit confessor, Robert Leiber, who was later
replaced by another Jesuit and pro-Zionist confessor, Augustin Cardinal Bea.
Stalin, who went on to restore the patriarchate so desired by Bishop
Hermogen, also established absolute military dictatorships within the satellite nations
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
loyal to his Jesuit masters in Moscow (from which the Order would train its world
communist revolutionaries, like Yassir Arafat and Martin (Lucifer) King). These
dictators would suppress the free circulation of the Bible and popular liberty.
So the Jesuits’ Cold War raged through the Fifties and Sixties, overseen by
Agagianian in the East and Spellman in the West, murdering millions of “heretics
and liberals” pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and the evil Council of Trent.
It is the same story in China, as the Order had a score to settle for their
expulsion in 1783. True to form, the Jesuits used the American Empire’s Seventh
Fleet to block Chiang Kai-shek’s planned invasion of Mainland China thereby
enthroning (via the Black Pope’s CIA) “Chairman Mao,” who then expelled eight
thousand Protestant missionaries. This merciless dictator, whose favorite pastime
according to his wife was raping young Chinese virgins, murdered at least fifty million
“heretic” and “liberal” Buddhist Chinese, including those who read the Bible or
advocated popular liberty. He, as the head of the Jesuit Inquisition in the Far East,
would also be responsible for the murder of millions in Thibet, Korea, Vietnam,
Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia in conjunction with American B-52 bombers!
To ensure the success of this Jesuit Inquisition against the Buddhists, the Order
used Truman, a creature of the Jesuits’ evil Tom Pendergast’s Democratic machine,
to relieve General Douglas MacArthur of command during the Korean War. As a
result, the American Empire would never seriously resist the Jesuits’ mass murder in
the Far East. The Empire’s new policy would be “no win wars” during this age of
“violent peace,” further indebting the American people to the Jesuits’ Federal
Reserve Bank and destroying all confidence in their so-called “elected” leaders. In
creating the false enemy of “Soviet and Chinese Communism” the Jesuits attained one
of their ecumenical goals. It united Catholics and Protestants in the West, as it was
perceived as a threat to them both. To give the appearance that Communism was a
threat to Catholicism, the Roman Catholic nations of Poland and Hungary were put
behind “the Iron Curtain.” To give the appearance that Communism was a threat to
Protestantism – and it was and still is – the Protestant nations of East Germany and
the Baltic States were put under Stalin’s boot, shipping thousands of Lutheran
“heretics” to Siberia. This purposed deception did much to unite the Catholics and
Protestants of Fourteenth Amendment America, led by Rome’s great Cold Warrior
and Military Vicar, Cardinal Spellman. Hoodwinked, thousands of us young
American men marched off to fight foreign wars for Rome, believing we were
performing our patriotic duties in resisting “the Communist Threat.” The author spent
three years in a “nuclear weapons area” in Germany sincerely believing that without
our American presence in NATO, Western Europe would be overrun by “the Soviets.”
Little did we know that both the Russian and Chinese Communist Empires were being
financed by the Knights of Malta in New York and London. What a brazen
deception having duped us all!
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
In addition to Cardinal Spellman, the Jesuit General publicly fanned the
anti-Communist fire in the West. We read:
In a UPI story dated December 27, 1965, Father Pedro Arrupe, head of the
Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church [1965-1981], made the following
charges during his remarks to the Ecumenical Council: ‘This . . . Godless
society operates in an extremely efficient manner at least in its higher levels
of leadership. It makes use of every possible means at its disposal, be they
scientific, technical, social or economic. It follows a perfectly mapped out
strategy: It holds almost complete sway in international organizations, in
financial circles, in the field of mass communications; press, cinema, radio
and television.’ [Is this not a perfect description of the socialist-communist
Jesuit Order itself?]” {10} [Emphasis added]
According to one of our heroes, Alberto Romero de Rivera, C.J. (Company of Jesus
– whose ex-Jesuit status has been validated by Jonas Shepherd of the Canadian
Protestant League and Gerard Bouffard – Don Marie Bernard de Sienne, O.S.B. –
the Bishop of Guatemala (1976-1979) in spite of published and unpublished attacks
by “Protestant” researchers such as Gary Metz), this same Jesuit General Arrupe
was a Mason and a member of the communist party in Franco’s Spain. We read:
“The higher I went into the Jesuit Order, the more corruption I saw within the
institution. I was invited to attend a secret black mass by high-ranking Jesuits
in a monastery in the northern part of Spain. When I knelt to kiss the ring of a
high official I saw a symbol on that ring that made my blood run cold. It was
a Masonic symbol! A thing I hated and I had been told to fight against it.
Everything was falling apart! I found out the Black Pope (the Jesuit General
who actually runs the Vatican in Rome), behind the scenes was also a Mason
and a member of the communist party in Spain. My head was spinning as I
found out the Jesuit General was closely linked to the Illuminati in London.
Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was a member
of the ‘Alumbrados’ which means the enlightened or ‘The Illuminati’.” {11}
[Emphasis added]
Since the Jesuits were the masters of Russian Communism as well as the
controllers of the Federal Reserve Bank we now understand why their bank in the
West financed the Jesuits’ Inquisition in the East. Our fearless hero, Congressman
Louis T. McFadden, once again alerted the American Congress in 1933:
“The Soviet government has been given United States Treasury funds by the
Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks acting through the
Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Company [both controlled by the
Knights of Malta] and other banks in New York City . . . Open up the books
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
of Amtorg, the trading organization of the Soviet government in New York,
and of Gostorg, the general office of the Soviet Trade Organization, and of
the State Bank of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and you will be
staggered to see how much American money has been taken from the United
States’ Treasury for the benefit of Russia. Find out what business has been
transacted for the State Bank of Soviet Russia by its correspondent, the Chase
Bank of New York . . . (Congressional Record, June 15, 1933).” {12}
Thus, the Jesuits, while raising a formal cry against the communist “USSR”
and satellite nations, were secretly its masters accomplishing their goals during their
Cold War of attrition. Under their communist-fascist dictators there would be no room
for the free circulation of the Protestant Bible or the rise of popular self-government.
This is why the Hungarian Revolution instigated by Allen Dulles and the CIA, was
crushed in 1956, the Jesuits punishing freedom-loving Roman Catholics with their
Russian Army. This is why the Jesuits used their CIA to betray freedom-loving Roman
Catholic Cubans at the Bay of Pigs. The Dark Ages had been restored in the East as
reflected in the doctrines of the Jesuits’ Council of Trent and Holy Alliance. The
Jesuits’ fascist-socialist-communist-military dictators around the world were enforcing
these doctrines of condemning the circulation of the Bible, freedom of speech,
freedom of the press and freedom of conscience and gun ownership. At the same time
the dictators secretly established the Temporal Power of the Pope.
The Jesuits’ Cold War of attrition, while suppressing the rise of popular
government worldwide, murdered millions of “heretic” Buddhists, Orthodox,
Protestants, Baptists and Jews along with the freedom-loving “liberal” Roman
Catholics. The murder of Roman Catholic priests of other Orders, as well as a few
freedom-loving Catholic people, was necessary to perpetuate the illusion that Stalin’s
Soviet Communism was anti-Jesuit/Catholic (having “imprisoned” or rather stationed
a ruling American Inquisitor, Jesuit Walter Ciszek, to manage Siberia’s Gulag
Archipelago for fifteen years overseen by Cardinal Agagianian, and later returned
to the U.S. under John F. Kennedy) while purging the priesthood of its “liberal”
element. While Protestants and Catholics in the West were being united against the
“Jewish Anti-Christian Communist Conspiracy” in the East, “the Cold War” justified
the building of huge military industrial complexes and massive intelligence agencies
on “both sides”! The military complexes would be subject to the intelligence
communities and both sides would be financed by Vatican-controlled international
banks, such as Chase Manhattan. (Is there not a Chase Manhattan Bank in New York
and a Chase Manhattan Bank in Moscow as well as in Hong Kong?) Like the banks,
the intelligence communities would be controlled by the Jesuits’ Knights of Malta and
Shriner Freemasonry working together. (Did not Knight of Malta Lee Iacocca and
Shriner Freemason Gerald Ford work together to repair the Statue of Liberty?) As
always, the goal was to submit every nation to the Temporal Power of the Pope, as
he would ultimately rule the world from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
But how could the Temple of Solomon be rebuilt in order for Satan’s future
Pope to place his throne there, after he destroys the Vatican and becomes “the
abomination of desolation” as spoken of by Daniel the prophet and Jesus the
Messiah? The Dome of the Rock has been built upon the Temple site and could
never be removed as long as Jerusalem was in the hands of the children of Ishmael,
so fanatically devoted to their false god Allah, evidenced by the reigning poverty,
filth and oppression within Moslem nations. Who would take Jerusalem away from
the Moslem, somehow destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild Solomon’s Temple
— the ancient dream of the Popes having launched the savage and disgraceful
Crusades? There is only one Order that would attempt such an undertaking. It is the
Society of Jesus commanded by its sovereign god — the Black Pope!
Therefore, the General and his staff plan their work and then work their plan.
Realizing that the Protestant British Empire was the most powerful military force in
the world, he gained control of the monarchy in the person of King George III no
later than 1800. Having absorbed the King, his Court and his Bank, the Order then
harnessed the power of the world’s most penetrating intelligence network — the
British Secret Intelligence Service. By 1856, the Order completed its Crimean War
having used Great Britain, France, Turkey (Shriner Freemasons controlling Islam)
and Sardinia to defeat Russia and her Orthodox political power in Palestine. By 1918,
the Order, financed by its Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of England, will have
completed the first phase of its Second Thirty Years’ War — World War I, including
the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 having globally killed from forty to one
hundred million people. During that time the Jesuit General will have used his British
Intelligence Service and Lawrence of Arabia to unite the Arabs of Palestine in
driving out the Ottoman Turks. He will have also used General Allenby to drive the
Turkish Moslems out of Jerusalem — a major accomplishment!
And how would the Company maintain control of Palestine and Jerusalem won
by its British sword? Enter the House of Rothschild with the Jewish Masonic
Zionists. In 1918, the Jesuits would cause their Zionists in England to issue the
Balfour Declaration declaring Palestine to be the new homeland for “The Wandering
Jew.” Could it be that after nineteen hundred years of Rome’s crusades, inquisitions
and pogroms the Jewish Race would now have a place to call its own? Or was Labor
Zionism a setup for the greatest betrayal the Jewish Race has ever known?
Having secured Palestine for the Jews, how would the Jesuit General make
them willing to return? Ah, he would raise up Adolf Hitler and, during the high point
of his Second Thirty Years’ War (1940-1945), he would purge Europe of its
“perfidious Jews,” so called by the Jesuits’ Secret Instructions of the Jesuits as well
as Rome’s priests for centuries. In control of Roosevelt’s OSS, Churchill’s SIS and
Stalin’s NKVD, “the Father-General” would not allow the desperate, persecuted
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
Israelites to enter the American, British or Russian Empires. They must, like sheep
without a shepherd, be driven back to Palestine into the arms of Satan’s Nazi SS
Major, the Masonic Moslem Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – Haj Amin al-Husseini
(Yassir Arafat’s uncle) –another Grand Inquisitor whose future successor would aid
the Order in destroying both Mosques of the city! World War II accomplished its
purpose. Using the same Vatican Ratlines through which the Nazis were escaping
from the Allied authorities in Europe (illegally, many were brought into America
through the complicity of Spellman’s Irish Roman Catholic immigration czar,
Edward M O’Connor), the Jews began to flood into their ancient homeland. In 1945,
the United Nations was formed in Jesuit-controlled San Francisco. In 1948, Rome’s
Masonic Zionists declared Israel to be a sovereign nation. This declaration was
acknowledged by President Truman, the Order’s Shriner Freemason, in eleven
minutes! And thanks to Cardinal Spellman rallying his South American dictators,
Israel was admitted into the United Nations. Of Spellman we read:
“Instead of taking a public stand, he [Spellman] would operate behind the
scenes by ‘personally calling on every South American country to cast their
votes for Israel’ . . . There was little doubt that Spellman knew U.N.
delegates . . . After a bitter struggle, Israel was admitted to the United
Nations by a vote of thirty-seven to twelve. The Israelis had turned to a
number of men of prominence, including John Foster Dulles [whose son
Avery Dulles is a Jesuit Cardinal], to promote their cause. But Charlie
Silver was convinced that Spellman had been the deciding factor, . . . ” {13}
[Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, why did the Vatican refuse to formally recognize the nation of
Israel from 1948 to 1993 when one of its greatest Jesuit-trained tools, Cardinal
Spellman, was responsible for its admittance into the United Nations? Our lesson is
that Rome, the two-headed Janus, always has two policies. The first is her open but
false policy, intended for public consumption. The second is her secret but true policy,
intended to be pursued. In this light, what true policy is Pope John Paul II following
– the man who worked for I. G. Farben near Auschwitz during World War II – that
would cause him to formally recognize the Jewish State and ask its forgiveness for the
Crusades, Inquisitions and Third Reich? The only answer is that the Jesuit
General’s “infallible” Pope will say anything and do anything to gain possession of
Jerusalem! Ah, dear truth-seeker, “the ends always justify the means.” This principle
will surface again when dealing with the Kennedy Assassination.)
Now that Zionist Israel was a member of Rome’s United Nations, she needed a
secret police to keep her politicians, like Yitzak Rabin, in line. So the Nazi who
helped to set up the CIA was also used to train the Mossad. He was the Pope’s Knight
of Malta, Reinhard Gehlen. And if this Jesuit-Nazi-Zionist relationship were ever to
surface, the evidence would be “liquidated.” Mark Lane tells us:
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
“Malchiel Greenwald was an impoverished European Jew who settled in
Israel and spent his meager life’s savings to publish self-penned articles of a
decidedly dissenting political nature, using an antiquated mimeograph
machine. In one article, now known forever in Israel jurisprudence as
‘Pamphlet No. 51,’ he stated that Dr. Rudolf Kastner, then one of Israel’s
most honored [Zionist] leaders, was a traitor who had cooperated with the
Nazi leaders of Germany, including Adolf Eichmann [who later declared, “I
will gladly jump into my grave in the knowledge that five million enemies of
the Reich [Jews] have already died like animals.” {14} ] to deport [476,000]
Jews from Hungary. Greenwald was charged by the [Zionist] state of Israel
with the high crime of having published a criminal libel; in time he was
indicted. Before official action could be taken against Kastner, who had
embarrassed the state, the good doctor was shot to death in front of his home
at 6 Emmanuel Street in Tel Aviv by Zeev Eckstein, who, until a few
months before the murder, had been a paid undercover agent of the Mossad,
the Israeli intelligence service.” {15} [Emphasis added]
Ah, dear truth-seeker, Zionist Israel is a creation of the Jesuit Order!! (Did not
Golda Meir publicly honor the Black Pope’s Pius XII who had a Concordat with
Hitler?) Its purpose is to secure Jerusalem for the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope that he
may receive worldwide worship from Solomon’s rebuilt Temple. If the Masonic,
racially Jewish, Zionists and the Masonic, religiously Talmudic, Orthodox Chief
Rabbis betrayed their own Jewish Race into Pius XII’s concentration camps overseen
by the Jesuit Order, would they not betray the nation of Israel by giving Jerusalem to
the Pope in preparation for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple? (Did not Israel’s
Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger meet with Pope John Paul II in 2004?) World War I
prepared the Land for the People. World War II prepared the People for the Land.
Betrayed by the Zionists and broken by foreign invaders due to worldwide anti-Jewish
fury directed by Satan’s Black Pope, Armageddon will prepare the Chosen Jewish
People for their Messiah. For in the words of the great Messianic Jew, David Baron:
“Jesus of Nazareth is Israel’s King; and as sure and certain as there was once
a cross raised for Him on Golgotha, so certain it is that ‘the Lord God’ will
yet ‘give unto Him the throne of his father David,’ and that He will ‘reign
on Mount Zion and before His ancients gloriously.’ ”{16}
Then shall come to pass the words of Isaiah the Prophet quoted by the Apostle Paul,
“And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written,
There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer,
and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.”
– Romans 11:26
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
One of the prime reasons for creating the Cold War was to justify the creation
of a huge intelligence community in “the Free World,” replacing Protestant liberties
with Rome’s corporate fascism called “National Security.” To do this, the
preservation of Hitler’s Nazi intelligence apparatus (financed by the Jesuits’ Federal
Reserve Bank) was essential. This Jesuit Inquisition would be merged into the
American Empire’s CIA. We read:
“General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief intelligence officer against the
Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the Americans (called OPERATION
SUNRISE) . . . the principal negotiators were Allen Dulles and William
Casey of the OSS, Sir William Stephenson for the British, and SS General
Karl Wolff . . . Their negotiations enabled Gehlen to bring his entire
apparatus ‘unpurged and without interruption, into the service of the
American superpower,’ according to [Heinz Hohne and Hermann Zolling]
the authors of ‘The General Was A Spy’ . . . ” {17} [Emphasis added]
“Allen Dulles had been instrumental in arranging, with Gehlen [and with SS
General ‘Gestapo’ Heinrich Muller, who met with Dulles in Switzerland,
was ushered into the U.S. and given citizenship, worked for the CIA, retired
with rank of general and died in 1973, unbothered by any further
investigations] for this most unusual conversion of one of Hitler’s most
sinister generals into an officer in the U.S. Army, but the details of Gehlen’s
personal surrender and subsequent flight to the United States – in General
Eisenhower’s own VIP aircraft – were arranged by U.S. Army officers . . . It
is important to note the active role of these U.S. Army Officials in this
unprecedented move of Hitler’s own intelligence chief, Gehlen, directly into
the U.S. Army as an officer by a special act of the Congress.” {18} [Emphasis
To make the evacuation of Nazis possible, enabling them to escape Europe, the
Vatican established intricate escape routes — the Vatican Ratlines. As the priests
helped John H. Surratt escape from the United States after the Lincoln assassination,
so they helped thousands of Nazis to escape from Europe after the Second Thirty
Years’ War. This would only be possible through a unified, international intelligence
community in control of the superpowers’ military machines. This community was
and is controlled by the Jesuits in Rome, as they have ruled “the Eternal City” since
their restoration in 1814. Of the Ratlines we read:
“Unholy Trinity is the story of the Vatican’s underground Nazi-smuggling
networks, code-named ‘Operation Ratline’. The first hints of the existence of
the Vatican’s Ratlines emerged in America. This was perhaps appropriate, as
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
it was U.S. intelligence which gave this name to the Holy See’s escape
networks . . . The first half of the book traces the flight of Nazi war criminals
to America after World War II. The evidence confirms that a small cabal of
Vatican officials coordinated the mass evacuation of Fascist fugitives to
Argentina, Australia, Canada, and of course, the United States. Under the
direction of Pope Pius XII [whose bloody World War II reign would be
whitewashed by Jesuits Pierre Blet, Angelo Martini, Burkhart Schneider
with the aid of Pius' former confessor, Robert Leiber], Vatican officials
such as Monsignor Giovanni Montini (later Pope Paul VI) supervised one of
the greatest obstructions of justice in modern history.” {19} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, Pope Paul VI, the secret Cold Warrior but open Communist,
would oversee Cardinal Spellman’s assassination of President Kennedy.)
And who were the key players in this, the most monstrous scandal of the
century? Two of them were Knights of Malta, William J. Casey and James Angleton.
A third, Reinhard Gehlen, received an award from the Knights of Malta. We read
from the National Catholic Reporter:
“Central Intelligence Agency Director William Casey, also a Knight of
Malta . . . who declined to comment on his association with the order . . . In
1948, SMOM gave its highest award of honor, the Gran Croci Al Merito
Conplacca, to General Reinhard Gehlen, who ran Adolf Hitler’s spy
operation against the Soviet Union . . . SMOM gave another award, the Croci
Al Merito Seconda Classe, in 1946 to James Jesus Angleton, who ran
counter-espionage operations in Rome for the Office of Strategic Services
(OSS), the forerunner of the CIA. Angleton [who advocated an American
military Crusade against the Islamic Peoples of the Middle East during the
1970s] later went on to head what has been described as the CIA’s ‘Vatican
desk’, but he declines to comment on this activity.” {20} [Emphasis added]
The International Intelligence Community was in place and working.
Jesuit-trained William J. Casey, (who later controlled Oliver L. North and FEMA,
now the National Homeland Security Agency), Angleton and Gehlen (now working
with the Agency’s demon-possessed former head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Muller)
were key players in controlling western intelligence, never dealing a true blow to
Russian Communism. In the East, the Jesuits also had a most notorious agent. He was
KGB agent and Joseph Stalin’s superior, Prince Anton Turkul. This infamous
Turkul was also Reinhard Gehlen’s old friend and subordinate. Another Knight of
Malta born of Russian nobility, Turkul, along with Myron Taylor and Franz von
Papen, was loyal to the Black Pope overseeing the Papal Caesar in the Vatican and
therefore further entrenched Stalin in power by eliminating “Koba’s” enemies. We
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
“Both the CIA and Gehlen belatedly agreed that Turkul was himself a
Soviet agent . . . even Sir William Stephenson agreed that Turkul ‘was in
fact a Soviet agent’ . . . No one reinvestigated Turkul’s ‘unimportant’
years in Rome. No one reexamined his role in the Ratline . . . No one
remembered the mail intercepts showing that Turkul was coordinating the
‘Yugoslav emigration’ networks. No one suspected a Soviet connection
inside the Vatican.” {21} [Emphasis added]
And why not? Because the Vatican’s formal position was public denunciation of
Russian Communism. But the facts of previous chapters are clear. The Bolshevik
Revolution fulfilled Rome’s ancient objectives against the Orthodox Church in Russia.
The Jesuit Order was readmitted by Lenin in 1922 after having been formally
expelled forever by Alexander I in 1820; the FBI and CIA gave the KGB high
technology to maintain Stalin in power; the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank financed
the Bolshevik Revolution and built Russia’s Military Industrial Complex; the Jesuits’
“Episcopalian” Irish pro-Roman Catholic Henry Ford was used to build Gorki;
Stalin was given tons of military hardware during Lend-Lease; Stalin was given the
nuclear device (bomb) by the Jesuits’ CFR, it controlling FDR and the American
Military; and later, Knight of Malta William J. Casey was instrumental in using the
American Empire’s Export-Import Bank to finance the building of the Kama
River truck factory thereby mechanizing the Soviet War Machine. Why then should
we be surprised to see Prince Anton Turkul fulfilling the desires of the Vatican
while eliminating Stalin’s enemies? (Turkul’s ancestor – Privy Councillor Turkul –
negotiated Russia’s Concordat with Pope Pius IX in 1847!) Because the Jesuit
Superior General Ledochowski (1915-1942), Vicar Generals Alcessio A. Magni
(1942-1944) and Norbert de Boynes (1944-1946), and Superior General Janssens
(1946-1964), for whom Turkul worked, were the masters of both the Vatican (since
the Order’s restoration in 1814) and the Kremlin (since the Order’s re-entry in 1922)!
Loftus gives us the facts; the author gives the interpretation:
“General Prince Anton Vasilevich Turkul [was] the greatest communist
agent of them all. In addition to penetrating the Holy See [Turkul deceiving
Jesuit Intelligence? How ridiculous!], General Turkul was a communist
double agent in German, Japanese, British, French and American
intelligence. [All the intelligence agencies worked together — including
Russian intelligence.] It was Turkul who splintered the Anti-Bolshevik
‘emigre’ groups after World War I [He further entrenched the Jesuits’
Bolsheviks (Lenin and Stalin) in power], sent Hitler false information that
crushed the Nazis on the Eastern fronts [Remember, Hitler did not permit
the German Army to capture Moscow. The purpose of Operation
Barbarossa was to pave the way for the four mobile gassing units to purge
western Russia of its Jews. This having been accomplished, the German
Army was then to be betrayed by Hitler and crushed by Stalin with FDR’s
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
Lend-Lease provisions.], helped turn the Vatican Ratlines into a vehicle for
Soviet intelligence during the Cold War [During World War II Vatican and
Soviet intelligence worked together. Are we to believe that with the
overnight decision to make Soviet Russia an international “bogey man”
that this intelligence connection was absolutely severed, especially when we
can see Turkul, Gehlen, ‘Gestapo’ Muller, Angleton, Philby, Montini and
others, at one time or another, having all worked together?], and
culminated his career by prematurely instigating the Hungarian revolution
of 1956 [The very patriots – Roman Catholic patriots – incited by Turkul to
revolt, were betrayed into the hands of Cardinal Agagianian’s KGB by
Cardinal Spellman’s CIA, directed by Knight of Malta “Wild” Bill
Donovan! Did this not fulfill the continuing policy of the Jesuits’ Holy
Alliance by crushing all movements towards popular liberty and national
sovereignty while furthering the Papal Caesar’s universal Temporal
Power in governing every nation on earth from Jerusalem?].” {22}
An additional connection between Western and Eastern Intelligence
Communities was another Knight, Kim Philby. Like Turkul, he was of noble blood.
As an English royal, he was a British SIS agent, an American CIA agent and a
Russian KGB agent simultaneously! When it became too evident in England, he
“defected” to Russia and participated in the Kennedy Assassination via Lee Harvey
Oswald’s connection with the KGB. Another connection to Philby was Anthony
Blunt and his Cambridge spy-ring called “The Magnificent Five” of which Philby
was a member. Through Blunt, Russian Intelligence was linked to the British Secret
Service, the British Royal Family, the White House and American Intelligence. Sir
Anthony, who died in 1988 was, like Philby, a British Knight, KGB kingpin and
loyal to Sir Stewart Menzies, past head of the British SIS.
Both Blunt and Philby were obviously linked to Vatican Intelligence through
Prince Angelo de Mojana — the Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of
Malta. Mojana, holding the status of a Cardinal until his death in 1988,
“ . . . is also member of the Palazzo Giustiniani Freemasonic Lodge, which
practices the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Great Britain. He was
said to have been imposed as Grand Master by the British Secret
Intelligence Services on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II . . . ” {23}
These three men, Blunt, Philby and Mojana (not to mention Guy Burgess, Donald
Maclean, and John Cairncross who were the other three members of the Cambridge
Spy Ring known as “the Magnificent Five”), were Papal Knights tied to the Knights
of Malta and Shriner Freemasonry. They were first and foremost loyal to Jesuit
Superior General Janssens and his International Vatican Intelligence Network while
they all participated in the Kennedy Assassination.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38
The Cold War of attrition was in full swing. This Inquisition controlled by the
Jesuits in Rome, with their “blue-blood” Knights of Malta and their “commoner”
Shriner Freemasons controlling the International Intelligence Community, returned
the world to the Dark Ages. It destroyed “heretics” by the millions and crushed all
movement towards popular liberty. On the ruins of many attempts at liberty it erected
absolutist fascist military dictatorships loyal to the Papal Caesar in the Vatican. In
establishing these dictatorships we read the words of Colonel James “Bo” Gritz:
“The era of ‘violent peace’ actually got underway in earnest from the day
John F. Kennedy was killed. It has been waged against the electoral system
in this country [Votescam], and against the entire populations in Vietnam,
Cambodia, Laos, the Congo, Greece, Chile, Guatemala, Angola, El
Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Libya,
the Persian Gulf, Korea, Lebanon and other emerging countries we helped
overthrow in order to establish either military dictatorships or
highest-ranking CIA case officers ever to go public in his denunciation of
the Agency’s covert operations, said recently that the Agency has
conducted over 3,000 major campaigns since its official inception in 1947,
and the death toll due directly to these operations has risen to over 10
million souls.” {24} [Emphasis added]
In examining the purposes of the Jesuits’ Cold War which were many, the
most outstanding were:
To kill “heretics and liberals” worldwide pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and the
Council of Trent;
To destroy their great enemy, the Protestant British Empire;
To destroy popular liberty and national sovereignty, erecting in their place
dictators loyal to Rome, pursuant to the policies of the Jesuits’ Holy Alliance;
To establish the Zionist State of Israel for the purpose of using the Jewish
Race to secure Jerusalem for the future world-wide worship of the risen Pope,
the “antichrist,” ruling the world from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem;
To build and perfect the International Intelligence Community fulfilling the
purposes of the Jesuits’ Holy Office of the Inquisition;
To weaken the people of the American Empire for their future destruction
using the International Drug Trade and “Orthodox” (allopathic) Medicine;
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
7. To build the Russian War Machine and merchant marine for the purpose of
invading the American Empire from the West, thereby destroying the last
haven for the world’s Protestants, Baptists, Jews and “liberal” refugees.
In conclusion, the Jesuits, in creating the Cold War with their Airborne
Nuclear War Hoax, enabled the entire Nazi Intelligence apparatus to escape
unpunished, while perfecting the inner workings of the Vatican’s CIA/KGB
International Intelligence Community. The Order hastened the return of the
“Blessed Despotism” of the Dark Ages when the Pope was the “King Despot of the
World,” ruling all nations from Rome – “the Eternal City” – in the Vatican. With the
coming “New Dark Age” during the Great Tribulation foretold by Jesus “that
Prophet” and Messiah, the resurrected Jesuit Pontiff as “the man-beast” whose
name may well be “PAN” or “SET,” whose mark may indeed be “IHS,” and whose
number will absolutely be 666, one of the three to be displayed on every forehead or
right hand of his universal worshippers, shall rule all nations from Jerusalem, “the
Holy City,” in Solomon’s rebuilt Temple,
“And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power . . . and
shall destroy the mighty and the holy people . . . he shall cause craft to
prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by
peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of
princes; but he shall be broken without hand.”
– Daniel 8:24, 25
(Dear truth-seeker, if you are not familiar with the ancient Jewish “hope of Israel”
concerning their Messiah coming to “destroy all the nations that come against
Jerusalem . . . though all the people of the earth be gathered against it,” and rule
this world from His spectacular Messianic Temple in Jerusalem described in detail
by Ezekiel the prophet, He forever sitting on the ancient “throne of David” as the
“Prince of Peace,” while the nations “beat their swords into plowshares” as foretold
by Isaiah the prophet, it would be wise to read George Peters’ rare, three volume set,
The Theocratic Kingdom, having been written in the mid-Nineteenth Century. Alva J.
McClain’s The Greatness of the Kingdom, written in the mid-Twentieth Century, is
also superb. If you are not understanding the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks of
Years given to Daniel the prophet (Daniel 9:24-27), Sir Robert Anderson’s The
Coming Prince, also written in the late Nineteenth Century, is the greatest treatise on
the subject being totally irrefutable. For with the Seventieth Week of Years being yet
future, “the prince that shall come,” called “the abomination of desolation” by
Jesus the Messiah (Matt. 24:15), is yet to appear in human history. He will greatly
persecute the Semitic Jewish Race in attempting their final extinction, “but he shall
be broken without hand” by the One who is called “Faithful and True.”)
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38

Jean-Baptiste Janssens #146 Twenty-Seventh Superior
General of the Society of Jesus, 1946 - 1964 This Black Pope, during the Cold
War waged against the world’s “heretics and liberals” pursuant to the evil
Council of Trent, controlled the CIA in the West and the KGB in the East.
His Cold War factions fomented the Order’s Middle East Zionist/PLO
agitation necessary for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple.   Therefore, he
gave the order to execute President Kennedy for attempting to end the Papal
Caesar’s Cold War, including Francis Cardinal Spellman’s war in Vietnam
(the Cardinal having visited American soldiers during the Christmas of 1965),
and for threatening to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces” before the
Papal Inquisition’s International Intelligence Community had been fully
financed, completed and perfected including its many deep underground
military bases. The Saturday Evening Post, “The Pope’s Commandos,” Ernest O.
Hauser, January 17, 1959.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins

Gregory Peter XV Cardinal Agagianian, 1958 #147 Patriarch of the
Armenian Church, USSR In 1946 Papal Caesar Pius XII, on the advice of
his Jesuit confessor, Cardinal  Bea,  appointed  Jesuit-trained
Spellman,  he  controlling  the OSS/CIA, as the Cardinal for the
American Empire, and Jesuit-trained Agagianian, overseeing the
NKVD/KGB, as the Cardinal for the Soviet Empire. Agagianian and Stalin
were fellow Georgians and both attended the Jesuit-controlled Orthodox
Tiflis Seminary.   Thus, the Black Pope’s “Cardinal of the Kremlin”
was “Koba’s” favorite.  This man, a personal friend of Cardinal Spellman,
ran the Gulag Archipelago, which then and now comprises hundreds of
concentration camps within the USSR. The Vatican Moscow Washington
Alliance, Avro Manhattan, (Chino, California: Chick Publications, 1986) p. 131.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38

General Prince Anton Vasilevich Turkul, 1956 #148 Knight
of Malta Anton Turkul, whose distant relative was Privy Councillor Turkul
having contributed to the signing of a concordat between Pope Pius IX and
Tzar Nicholas I in 1847, was the Black Pope’s greatest defender of the
Papal Caesar’s Temporal Power in Communist Russia. As Stalin’s
foremost intelligence officer, using Jesuits like Pere Michel as couriers
escorted by the GPU, he broke up the anti-Bolshevik groups after World
War I along with Jesuit Theodore Maly; wrecked General Andrei Vlasov’s
anti-Stalinist army; crushed the Nazis on the Eastern front aided by the
Gehlen Org; used the Vatican Ratlines for Soviet intelligence during the
Cold War and, with the help of Allen Dulles’ SS/CIA, incited and then
murdered thousands of “liberals” during the Hungarian revolution of 1956
pursuant to the evil Council of Trent. This Knight of the Pope’s Vatican
Empire was Cardinal Agagianian’s secret Inquisitor of the “USSR.” Unholy
Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and Soviet Intelligence, Mark Aarons and John
Loftus, (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1991).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins

Nazi Roman Catholic General Reinhard Gehlen, 1945 #149 Having
provided false intelligence resulting in the betrayal and defeat of the
starving German Armies in the East, he later surrendered to the Allies,
becoming an American Army officer and a powerful force within the CIA.

Nazi, CIA, and BND Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen, 1960s #150 For
his obedience, Gehlen, along with FDR’s Ambassador to the Vatican,
Myron C. Taylor, received the highest award that could be given by the
Pope’s Grand Master of the SMOM, the Gran Croci Al Merito con Placca.
The General Was a Spy, Heinz Hohne & Herman Zolling, (New York: Coward,
McCann & Geoghan, 1971).
Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles, Peter Grose, (New York: Houghton
Mifflin Company, 1994).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Chapter 38

Knight of Malta James Angleton; Freemason David Ben-Gurion, 1969 #151
According to Loftus in his The Secret War Against the Jews, Reinhard Gehlen
trained Israeli Intelligence – the Mossad. With James Jesus Angleton, CIA Chief
of Counterintelligence manning both “the Israeli desk” and “the Vatican desk”
within the CIA, the Black Pope was now in complete control of his post-war
International Intelligence Community, which included the British SIS, the
German BND, the Soviet KGB and the Chinese CSIS. According to Ben Hecht in
his Perfidy, Ben-Gurion, through Rudolf Kastner – his Zionist agent leading
Hungary’s “Jewish Rescue Committee” – had collaborated with the Nazis during
the war by refusing to warn Europe’s Jews of their impending doom. SS Colonel
Eichmann collaborated with Ben-Gurion each through their agents, SS Colonel
Kurt Becker and Rudolf Kastner. Meanwhile, Angleton was not only working in
conjunction with the Jesuits in control of Vatican Intelligence, but with two other
American Knights of Malta, OSS Director “Wild” Bill Donovan and FDR’s
unofficial Ambassador to Pope Pius XII, CFR member Myron C. Taylor. In 1961,
as a result of the Kastner Affair, which included the revelation that both Chaim
Weizmann and Ben-Gurion betrayed the honest Jewish emissary, Joel Brand,
into the hands of the British thus insuring the Nazi murder of 400,000 Hungarian
Jews, the Black Pope – in order to bolster his Ben-Gurion-led Labor Zionist
government – sacrificed escapee Adolf Eichmann by handing him over to the
Israeli people. Hence, the master-servant relationship established between the
Papacy’s SS/CIA and the Mossad is in full force today serving the ends of the
Jesuit Superior General — the taking of the Temple Mount from the Moslems;
the destruction of the Mosques on that Temple Mount; and the building of the
Third Hebrew Temple. In that Temple will sit the risen Seventh Roman
King/Caesar/Pope (Rev. 17:10-11); the final Pope “whose deadly wound was
healed” (Rev. 13:12); “the abomination of desolation” (Matt. 24:15), during the
final future Jewish Holocaust — the time of “Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7).
Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles, Peter Grose, (New York: Houghton
Mifflin Company, 1994).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1989
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 39
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vietnam: Another Thirty Years’ War:
A Crusade Against the Buddhists
Ngo Dinh Diem:
Fascist Catholic Dictator Loyal to Cardinal Spellman and the CIA Ho Chi
Communist Catholic Dictator Loyal to Pope John XXIII and the KGB
Establishing the Drug Trade
“Nor will it contribute a little to our advantage, if, with caution and secrecy,
we foment and heighten the animosities that arise among princes and great
men, even to such a degree that they may weaken each other. But if there
appear any likelihood of reconciliation, then as soon as possible let us
endeavor to be the mediators, lest others prevent us.” {1}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
“But the Jesuit would have his end, even if he needed to wade in the blood
of his own people to attain it . . . that many Catholics might suffer as well as
the heretics whom they must destroy . . . ” {2}
M. F. Cusack, 1896 Converted
Nun of Kenmare The Black
“ . . . a true son of Erin is repelled by the hard core of Atheism, of
dialectical communism, that unifies the theory and practice of the Kremlin.
[But the KGB works with the IRA, Jesuit Gannon!]” {3}
Robert Ignatius Gannon, 1950
American Jesuit
President, Fordham University
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39
After the Second Thirty Years’ War in Europe, ending in 1945, the Jesuits,
with their mouthpiece Pius XII, began “the Cold War.” The Vatican’s official
position during “the Cold War” was “anti-Communism.” This further cemented the
formal alliance of the Jesuits’ American Empire and her Military Industrial Complex
with the Vatican. Being both a Roman Catholic and a fanatical anti-Communist,
James V. Forrestal became the Empire’s first Secretary of Defense or more correctly,
“the Secretary of Offense.” Housed in the Pentagon – that “Shrine of War” (designed
after a pentagram employed in the symbol of the Baphomet and in the worship of
Satan, being the Egyptian SET) whose construction was overseen by Archbishop
Francis Spellman’s Colonel Leslie Groves (the controller of the Order’s Manhattan
Project), and which was subsequently dedicated to the restoration of the Pope’s
Temporal Power – the Secretary would oversee the Crusades of his masters in
accordance with the Jesuit General’s wicked and evil Council of Trent. In 1949 an
Arch-Catholic and oath-bound Knight of Columbus of the Fourth Degree, became
the Secretary of the American Navy. Of this sinister character we read:
“Mr. Francis Matthews was nominated Secretary of the American Navy.
On the morning he took the oath of office (in June, 1949), Mr. Matthews, his
wife and all their six children contritely heard Mass and received Holy
Communion in the chapel of the Naval station in Washington, D.C. The new
Catholic Secretary of the U.S. Navy . . . soon afterwards began unusually
active contacts with other prominent American Catholics. Among these,
Father Walsh, Jesuit Vice-President of Georgetown University [This is the
Jesuit who led a “relief mission” into Bolshevik Russia in 1922]; Cardinal
Spellman, the head of the American Legion [“the American Pope” ruling
from “the Little Vatican” in New York]; and the leaders of the Catholic War
Veterans and with Senator McCarthy, the arch-criminal senator [Trained by
Jesuits at Marquette University and the darling of their John Birch Society
headed by Shriner Robert Welch (who, on his deathbed was baptized into
the Roman Catholic Church), Senator McCarthy, unfairly claiming immunity
for his inquisitional style hearings directed against those who were indeed
traitors and communists (secretly backed by the Archbishop’s Council on
Foreign Relations), was used to unite Protestants and Catholics against the
Order’s “Jewish Communist Conspiracy” having originated with the Order’s
Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Apparently he went too far and was
assassinated by order of the Jesuit General.] . . . Arch-Catholic Matthews
was not only a frequent ring-kisser of the members of the Catholic hierarchy
in America; he was one of the most active promoters of Catholicism in action
in the U.S. In addition to which, this Catholic Secretary of the American
Navy was the chairman of the National Catholic Community Service and,
more sinister still, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, the
shock troops of Catholic power in the US . . . ” {4} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins
This powerful man – the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus –
pursuing “Jesuitical politics” in the words of one of our heroes, Jeremiah Crowley,
worked with the Empire’s most powerful Shriner Freemason, President Truman. He
was aligned with Georgetown’s most trusted agent and favorite of the Jesuit General,
Edmund Walsh; and, he was a bosom friend with the Jesuit-trained American Pope,
Francis Cardinal Spellman.
And what did these three agents of the Pope – a foreign king – advocate? An
attack on the non-communist Orthodox population of Stalin’s “Communist Russia”
with a “preventive atomic war.” This was a formal call for an American-led Crusade,
“ . . . as the London Times somberly described ‘what almost amounts to a
crusade of Christendom’ and what the Manchester Guardian bluntly called
‘the Pope’s blessing for a preventive war.’ ” {5}
Knowing that an aerial nuclear attack by the Empire’s Air Force was
impossible, knowing that the only winner of World War II was Stalin’s Russia, why
the call to war? Knowing that the Jesuits used Hitler to prevent the German Army’s
Protestant Generals on the Eastern Front from capturing Moscow (even though aided
by Catholic enlistments from Italy, France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Latin America,
the United States, Portugal and Spain’s Blue Division during “Operation Barbarossa”),
could Americans expect “The Cold War of Liberation” to succeed in eliminating
Russian Communism while the Knights of Malta on Wall Street and the Federal
Reserve Bank were financing it? Clearly, the Cold War, led by the American Empire’s
most powerful Roman Catholic Cold Warriors had another purpose in view.
That purpose for Vietnam was fulfilled. During the Crusade called “the
Vietnam War” nearly two million “heretic Buddhists” were murdered and the nation
was destroyed, the American Air force having dropped more bombs than in World
War II. On its ruins was erected a unified Vietnam led by a “former” OSS agent and
Soviet-trained, fascist-communist dictator loyal to the Pope of Rome — Ho Chi
Minh. Saigon was renamed “Ho Chi Minh City.”
Of Ho Chi Minh’s alliance with the Papal Caesar, Avro Manhattan writes:
“Ho Chi Minh began before World War II to maneuver for a communist
Vietnam. He received help from the U.S. [like Castro] against the Japanese
but used that aid to consolidate his hold on the highlands of Tonkin. In
August 1945 he marched into Hanoi and set up the provisional government
of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam . . . he cooperated in the
transplanting of nearly a million Catholic North Vietnamese into the South
[pursuant to the policy of Cardinal Spellman and his most supreme
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39
Knight of Columbus being the Secretary of the American Navy, Francis
Matthews] . . . After the election of Pope John XXIII, and the turn of the
Vatican away from the Cold War toward cooperation with Marxism, Ho
Chi Minh, [having] kept diverse Catholic advisors by his side, including a
Catholic Bishop [Bishop of Hanoi Trin Nhu Khue who later was made a
Cardinal in 1976], made a secret deal with Pope John which eventually led
to full control of the country by the North.” {6} [Emphasis added]
Like the American War Between the States, the Jesuits controlled Vietnam’s
dictators in both the North and the South. Using the American Navy under the
command of a Knight of Columbus, and using Ho Chi Minh advised by a Catholic
Bishop (unnamed by Avro Manhattan), the Jesuits moved thousands of Catholics in
the North to resettle in the South. Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty writes:
“[The Saigon Military Mission did] all they could to promote the
movement of hundreds of thousands of “Catholic” Vietnamese from the
north with promises of safety, food, land, and freedom in the south and
with threats that they would be massacred by the Communists of North
Vietnam and China if they stayed in the north.
This movement of Catholics . . . from the northern provinces of Vietnam
to the south, under the provisions of the Geneva Agreement, became the
most important activity of the Saigon Military Mission and one of the
root causes of the Vietnam War . . .
When one thinks about this enormous man-made problem for a while,
he or she begins to realize that much of the Vietnamese “problem” had
been ignited by our own people shortly after the Geneva Agreements
were concluded. Nothing that occurred during these thirty years of
warfare, 1945-75, was more pernicious than this movement of these
1,100,000 “Catholics” from the north to the south at a time when the
government of the south scarcely existed . . . They were penniless,
homeless, foodless, and unwanted. Inevitably they became bandits,
insurgents, and fodder for the war that came later.” {7} [Emphasis added]
(Ah, dear truth-seeker, the Black Pope with his General Staff and Provincials
garrisoned worldwide, along with the Papal Caesar and his Hierarchy care nothing
for the Roman Catholic people of any nation! Strangers to the true gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ as revealed through the Word of God – the Bible of the Protestant
Reformation – and kept in fear of losing their “salvation,” if not obedient to their
priests for the whole of their lives, devoted and sincere Catholics will obey their
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins
Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and the Pope himself though unknowingly being
used to increase the Temporal Power of “the Vicar of Christ” around the globe. As
in the case of these terrified and manipulated North Vietnamese Catholics, they will
obey, even if it means their certain and calculated deaths!
We wonder how many American Catholics the Jesuit General will kill using his
coming fascist American military dictator having entered into a Concordat with the
Pope of Rome. Like Roman Catholic Hitler, the Black Pope’s absolutist American
dictator will kill millions of Catholics with a two-front war that we will be unable to
win thanks to the Panama Canal giveaway and the present downsizing policies of
President George W. Bush. That two-front war could possibly be in the Middle East
against Soviet and/or Moslem forces, and possibly in the Pacific Far East against the
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Koreans in attempting to defend South Korea,
Taiwan, Australia or even Hawaii. We wonder how many American Catholics the
Black Pope will kill when his CFR-controlled Military Intelligence betrays hundreds
of thousands of American soldiers into the hands of the enemy — just like Pearl
Harbor! We wonder how many Roman Catholic women and children the Black
Pope will rape, sodomize and murder with our foreign and savage, atheistic and
pagan, Soviet, Far-Eastern and Moslem invaders, hating the American “NATO Nazi”
and “Great Satan” Empire, while they fanatically proclaim with Masonic-Islamic
scimitars unsheathed, dripping with our American blood, “GOD HAS NO SON!”
Oh yes, it would be according to Abate Leone’s The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret
Plan of the Order and to the delight of the Jesuit General, in fulfilling the evil
Council of Trent, to annihilate nearly the entire North American population,
including the “heretic and liberal” Roman Catholic people and priests — just like
those he killed in Europe during World War II!)
Additionally Roman Catholic Diem with his persecutions of Buddhists ignited
the war. We read:
“President Ngo Dunh [Dinh] Diem of South Vietnam was a practicing
Catholic who ruled South Vietnam with an iron fist. He was a genuine
believer in the evil of communism and the uniqueness of the Catholic
Church. He had originally been ‘planted’ into the presidency by
Cardinal Spellman and Pope Pius XII. He transformed the presidency
into a virtual Catholic dictatorship, ruthlessly crushing his religious and
political opponents. Buddhist monks committed suicide by fire, burning
themselves alive in protest against his religious persecutions. His
discriminatory persecution of non-Catholics, particularly Buddhists,
caused the disruption of the government and mass desertions in the
army. This eventually led to U.S. military intervention in South
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39
In this terrorization he [President Ngo Dinh Diem] was aided by his two
Catholic Brothers, the Chief of the Secret Police [Ngo Dinh Nhu] and the
Archbishop of Hue [Ngo Dinh Thuc].” {8} [Emphasis added]
Diem pursued three objectives. He sought the annihilation of a political enemy
— Communism; he sought to destroy a religious enemy — the Buddhists; and he
installed Jesuit absolutism in the country — Roman Catholic Fascism. And who was
the chief promoter of the Vietnam War? It was the great Cold Warrior, Francis
Cardinal Spellman, as he controlled the American press through Henry R. Luce and
later the American military through President Lyndon Johnson. Of Spellman’s
allegiance to the Vatican and his participation in the war we read:
“He was active in persuading the U.S. to select Diem and support him as
president of South Vietnam. He was made Vicar General of the U.S. armed
Forces and called the GIs the ‘Soldiers of Christ’ [of the Pope] in his
frequent visits to the Vietnam war front.” {9} [Emphasis added]
But Kennedy, the new American Commander-in-Chief, posed a problem. He
followed the pro-communist policy of Pope John XXIII (who, along with Pope Paul
VI and Pope John Paul II, was a high-level Freemason and Rosicrucian according to
William Schnoebelen – a former Freemason and author of Lucifer Dethroned,
published in 1993 and offered by Chick Publications – who, like Alberto Rivera, had
been a Bishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church based in Utrecht, Holland) and not
the secret policy of Jesuit General Janssens who promoted the Cold War. Kennedy
withdrew the CIA advisor from Saigon and abandoned Diem. Fleeing to the Jesuits’
Church of St. Francis Xavier (the Jesuit “missionary” to the Far East) in Saigon for
protection, Diem and his murderous brother Nhu were turned over to Buddhist
Generals and promptly executed. Ah, dear truth-seeker, we must never forget the law
of the Church written by the Spanish Jesuit, Luis de Molina, in 1600:
“Priests may kill the laity to preserve their goods.” {10}
This must have infuriated Spellman! His Inquisitor was dead, the CIA was
expelled and his Crusade was in serious trouble. This meant that Spellman looked
bad and was in big trouble with his Master in Rome! So, “the Lion” in New York’s
“little Vatican” marshaled his forces and eliminated his opposition – President
Kennedy – so fanatically despised by his secret master — the Black Pope! Vietnam
went on to be called “Spelly’s War.” And what was the cost of that Crusade? For the
American Empire — shame and defeat, including fifty-eight thousand dead and one
hundred and twenty thousand post-war suicides, many of whom were Roman
Catholics. Rome’s created dialectic so successfully used in World War II – Catholic
(Jesuit) Fascism versus Atheistic (Jesuit) Communism – produced the desired results.
Millions of Buddhist “heretics” were “extirpated” and the consolidated government
was absorbed into THE POWER of the Jesuit General.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins
In a nutshell, the Vietnam War weakened the nations and strengthened the
Temporal Power of the Pope as “Master and Ruler of the World,” as “King of
kings and Lord of lords.”
Another goal the Jesuits had accomplished was the explosion of the
international drug trade. As the Order – in control of the British Empire – had
conducted the drug trade during the Nineteenth Century, even so its General – in
control of the American Empire – would continue to expand the Trade during the
Twentieth Century. Using the Knights of Malta with the CIA and the Mafia as their
agents, the Jesuits would make trillions, further weakening the nations and increasing
their financial power so as to bring the world closer to the universal rule of the Pope
— from Jerusalem. Of the drug trade and its beginnings we read:
“In 1715, the British East India Company opened up its first Far East
office in the Chinese port city of Canton and began trading in opium.
Between that time and the First Opium War against China in 1840 . . .
the dope trade took over Britain. The vehicle was the 1783 near coup
d’etat by Lord Shelburne (the British prime minister who concluded
peace negotiations with the American colonies after Yorktown) . . .
known as “the Jesuit of Berkeley Square.”
Shelburne’s ruling combination centered on the East India Company, a
group of Scottish merchants, and an alliance on the continent with the
chivalric order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and the Society
of Jesus . . . Since the original Jesuit mission had established itself in
Beijing in 1601, the Society of Jesus had held the key to the Far East
Trade — including the dope trade.” {11} [Emphasis added]
After centuries of progress we see:
“Alfred McCoy had written The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
(published in 1972) as part of his Ph.D. thesis requirement. It provided
documentation, undisputed even by the CIA, of how drugs – opium and
heroin – were allowed by officials in our government and several others,
to do what Congress had officially forbidden — to expand the war into
Laos and Cambodia [at the urging of the Jesuit, Dan Lyons] . . .
The thesis that McCoy advanced, which has since become widely
accepted as fact [now read this carefully dear truth-seeker], was that
CIA operations against China in the early years of Mao’s advance and
against the communist movements in Indochina a decade later, were
responsible for creating the largest single source of heroin for the
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39
growing U.S. market . . . Legend has it that the CIA’s proprietary airline,
Civil Air Transport (later Air America), moved so quickly into the
secret Laotian airbase at Long Tien, that there was not a single break in
the long-running schedule of flights carrying the opium out of the
Golden Triangle . . . the U.S. government – through the Central
Intelligence Agency and its wartime predecessor, the OSS – created a
situation that made it possible for the Sicilian-American Mafia and the
Corsican underworld to revive the international narcotics traffic.” {12}
[Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, the Jesuits’ anti-communist Crusade in Fourteenth Amendment
America was an intended public diversion, while the Order created their monopolistic
international drug trade to be protected in the future by the Drug Enforcement Agency!
This is why J. Edgar Hoover, the fanatical anti-communist, protected the Mafia for
years, refusing to publicly acknowledge its existence. For the Mafia and the CIA had
worked together since the late forties with their suppliers in the Far East in building
Jesuit General Janssen’s drug trade. President Kennedy, if permitted to fulfill the
policies he pursued, would have ended the General’s sinful business, intended to
secretly finance his International Intelligence Community with its secret underground
Military Industrial Complexes — the Holy Office of the Inquisition. How do we
know this? President Kennedy began to prosecute powerful Mafia Dons, he sought
to break the CIA “into a thousand pieces,” and he began to end Cardinal Spellman’s
Crusade in the Far East — the Vietnam War. Clearly the “usurper” and “tyrant”
Kennedy, although a son of the Catholic Church, had to go!)
And which banks were used to launder the billions from this terrible drug trade?
“Among the big league financial houses cited in the commission’s
report for washing hot money were Chemical Bank . . . Chase
Manhattan Bank . . . ” {13}
Dear truth-seeker, these banks are owned and controlled by the Knights of Malta!
“The SMOM’s U.S. section has approximately 1,000 members –
including 300 ‘dames’ – who hail from society’s upper crust. Divided
into three associations (eastern, southern and western), its roster
includes many of the corporate establishment’s movers and shakers:
Francis X. Stankard of [David Rockefeller’s] Chase Manhattan Bank
[a CFR member who dispatched his banking associate and CFR
member, John J. McCloy, to be a member of the Warren Commission.
Formally appointed by Jesuit-trained Lyndon Johnson, McCloy greatly
contributed in shielding the true culprit and mastermind behind the
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins
Kennedy Assassination — Francis Cardinal Spellman. McCloy had
obediently served his Jesuit masters in the past; for, as FDR’s Assistant
Secretary of War (1941-1945) in carrying out the order of the President,
he refused to bomb Auschwitz — Hitler’s largest Death Camp in Roman
Catholic Poland.] and William E. Simon . . . currently a director of
Citicorp [and a former Secretary of the Treasury].
Martin F. Shea, an executive vice-president of Morgan Bank, is
SMOM secretary in the U.S. At Morgan Bank’s New York headquarters
is a telex which links SMOM/U.S. to SMOM headquarters in Rome.”
{14} [Emphasis added]
Further, J. Peter Grace, the past head of the American Branch of the Knights of
Malta and Chairman of W. R. Grace and Company, conducted his
multimillion-dollar business conglomerate through Chemical Bank.
And thus the primarily Irish-American, Roman Catholic Sovereign Military
Order of Malta, working in conjunction with their primarily Italian-American,
Roman Catholic Mafia Commission, would conduct an International Drug Trade
through their CIA war in Vietnam, the profits from which would finance the Order’s
clandestine operations around the world to be overseen by the formal “Military Vicar”
of the American Armed Forces, Knight of Columbus Francis Cardinal Spellman.
Some of those cloak and dagger operations included the building of deep underground
military bases, one of them being the Dulce Base in New Mexico, housing a host of
secret weapons based on highly developed and suppressed technologies. According to
Oliver L. North’s public testimony, Knight of Malta and CIA Director William J.
Casey “dreamed of a worldwide intelligence agency not beholden to Congress for its
funding.” Well Ollie, we’ve got it. It is the Black Pope’s International Intelligence
Community having been manned by men like your friend, the Papal Caesar’s
Knight of Malta and traitor to his country, the Jesuit-trained Irish Roman Catholic,
and a former darling of the Jesuits at Fordham, William J. Casey.
Dear truth-seeker, by this time we can see that the Vatican’s Jesuits and
Cardinal Spellman, in command of the Knights of Malta which in turn were in
control of the Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA, the FBI and the Mafia, all had a
vested interest in the Vietnam War. For in expanding the drug trade and flooding the
American Empire, composed of “heretics and liberals,” with suffering and death
pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and the evil Council of Trent, the Sons of Loyola made
tremendous progress in finally destroying the greatest cultural blessing in the history
of the family of Nations — the Great and Mighty Protestant Reformation!
Woe, Woe, Woe, be to the man who would try to stop it. It would be better for
him that he had not been born.
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39

Cardinal Spellman, Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem,
Knight of Malta and Press Lord Henry R. Luce, 1960 #152 President
Diem, a descendant of Catholic royalty and backed by the controlled Press
of Henry R. Luce, was Spellman’s Crusader during the Vietnam War,
while his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu (whose wife was the murderous Madam
Nhu), was the Cardinal’s Grand Inquisitor, the Chief of the Secret Police.
Diem, trained at Maryknoll Seminary in Ossining, New York, was a fascist
and greatly persecuted the Buddhists for which he was ultimately murdered.
Spellman sought to continue the Black Pope’s crusade; Kennedy
attempted to end it. Three weeks after Diem’s death, President Kennedy
was assassinated and the Vietnam War raged for over ten years. Spellman,
calling American troops “the soldiers of Christ” (the Pope), killed over two
million “heretics,” the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank extended 220 billion
dollars in credit created out of “thin air” to the U.S. Congress, the Papal
Caesar’s CIA/KGB Intelligence Community was perfected and the Italian
Roman Catholic Mafia Dons got their massive Drug Trade, further
destroying our White Protestant civilization and government. In this
picture alone we see the POWER and the motive of the Order’s “Father
General” in using a Knight of Columbus, Cardinal Spellman, to kill his
brother Knight of Columbus, President Kennedy. Luce and His Empire, W. A.
Swanberg, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1972).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins

Commander of American Forces in Vietnam, 1968 – 1972,
Here, “Father Hawk” Lyons, Professed of the Fourth Vow, is advising
General Abrams regarding the military policy of the Black Pope’s Vietnam
War, having previously advised the Roman Catholic and CFR member,
General William C. Westmoreland. Lyons was (a) A Fourth Degree Knigh
of Columbus; (b) a Cold Warrior “freedom fighter” on staff of the
inquisitional American Security Council; (c) a familiar face at the Pentagon;
(d) a “brother” to Jesuits Raymond J. de Jaegher - advisor to Cardinal
Spellman’s President Diem - and occult Jesuit Fr. James Groppi - leader of
the Black Pope’s communist Negro Civil Rights agitation; (e) a close friend
of three of Cardinal Cooke’s foremost Knights of Malta - CIA officer
William F. Buckley, Jr.; CIA officer and former New York Senator, James
L. Buckley; and Lyons’ multimillionaire business associate Patrick J
Frawley of the Schick and Eversharp corporations having employed Fred
Schlafly, the husband of Dame of Malta, Phyllis Schlafly. Being “an expert
on Asiatic affairs,” Lyons advised President Richard M. Nixon, aided by
Knight of Malta Peter M. Flanigan, to mine Haiphong harbor, bomb Hanoi
and Cambodia, greatly furthering the Company’s drug trade managed by its
Roman Catholic Irish and Italian drug lords controlling both the Central
Intelligence Agency and the American Mafia. This resulted in the killing of
millions of Buddhist and American “heretics and liberals” pursuant to the
Papal Caesar’s evil Council of Trent. In 1972 Lyons went behind “the Iron
Curtain” with Jesuit Cletus Healy visiting the Order’s communist block
nations, properly called “reductions,” composing Jesuit General Pedro
Arrupe’s Soviet Empire managed and monitored, pursuant to the maxim
“the Prince is the Law,” by the Devil’s Luciferian Society of Jesus. The Story
of Dan Lyons, S.J., John D. McCallum, (New York: Guild Books, 1973).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Chapter 39

“Spelly’s War” in Vietnam, 1965 #154
Francis Cardinal Spellman Visiting American Troops

Around the World During Peacetime and Wartime, 1960s #155
Spellman, in obedience to his Jesuit masters, continued to “beat” his
anti-communist “drum” knowing all the while that the Cold War was a hoax;
Rome’s Papal Caesar ruled both sides while the Black Pope, in control of
both the CIA and the KGB, continued to murder “heretics and liberals.” The
American Pope, John Cooney, (New York: Times Books, 1984).
The Jesuits – 1945 - 1975
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 40
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
International Intelligence Community
Fidel Castro:
The Jesuit General’s
Jesuit-trained Freemason, Communist-Fascist Military Dictator Loyal to
Rome and the Knights of Malta Jesuit Betrayal of:
Knight of Columbus President John F. Kennedy
Roman Catholic Cuban Patriots Low-level CIA Agents
McGeorge Bundy and Cardinal Spellman’s
Council on Foreign Relations
“If I break wind in Munich, the Pope will surely smell it in Rome.” {1}
Martin Luther, 1545
Protestant Reformer
“ . . . the Jesuits made use of Confession in order to gain information as
to the capacity, disposition, and mode of life of the penitents, and the
chief affairs of the towns in which they live; and that they have such an
exact acquaintance with all these details that they know the strength,
means, and circumstances of every state and every family.” {2}
M. De Canaye, 1606
French Ambassador at Venice
to Henry IV, King of France
“No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the
knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation
exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or
implicit role.” {3}
Avro Manhattan, 1960
“Protestant” Knight of Malta
English Historian The Vatican
and World Politics
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40
“The Cold War” began overnight. Truman’s Fourteenth Amendment
America and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, once allies, were now “abracadabra” mortal
enemies. The OSS and NKVD that had worked together were now, “hocus pocus,”
bent on each other’s destruction. The Vatican Ratlines had redistributed the Nazi
Intelligence men. Some went West into Gehlen’s network within the CIA; others
went East into Turkul’s network within the KGB. The Nazis who went into Soviet
Russia were known in the West as “Freedom Fighters,” supposedly working for
Western Intelligence. They in fact were “Communist agents” working for Stalin’s
KGB and GRU. Both Intelligence networks, one loyal to the American Empire, the
other loyal to the Russian Empire, were tied together at the top by Vatican “Knights.”
Some of these “Knights” were Sir Stewart Menzies, chief of the British Secret
Service; Kim Philby, a subordinate of Menzies; “Wild” Bill Donovan, Chief of the
American OSS whose brother Vincent was a Dominican priest; James Angleton, an
OSS officer in Rome and later, chief of the CIA’s Counterintelligence Division
manning both the Vatican and Israeli desks; William J. Casey, an OSS officer in
Rome and later Director of the CIA; Allen Dulles, another OSS officer in Rome
having worked with Cardinal Montini’s Vatican Ratlines, whose nephew, Avery
Dulles, became a powerful Jesuit Cardinal; Prince Anton Turkul (whose distant
relative, according to the Catholic priest James Zatko in his Descent Into Darkness,
was Privy Councillor Turkul, the state secretary of Polish affairs during the reign of
Tzar Nicholas I. He was a great promoter of the Concordat between Pope Pius IX
and Russia, signed in Rome in 1847 by the Russian Cardinal Lambruschini — a
supposed ex-Jesuit!), Russia’s greatest intelligence officer who spent time in Rome,
used Jesuits for couriers and worked with Bormann, Himmler and Schellenberg of
the SS; Reinhard Gehlen, head of Nazi Intelligence on the Eastern front, who, after
the war, was made a General in the American Army by an act of Congress; Walter
Schellenberg, Chief of SS Intelligence – the feared SD – who was given sanctuary in
Britain after the war by the British Intelligence Chief, Sir Stewart Menzies; Heinrich
Himmler, head of the Gestapo and SS (a personal friend of J. Edgar Hoover before
the war) whose death was brilliantly faked by Menzies’ SIS thereby enabling the
anti-Jew, Windsor British Monarchy to secretly protect him after the war; J. Edgar
Hoover, Director of the FBI, who recruited his agents from American Jesuit
Universities, hated Jews and helped with the immigration of Nazi SS war criminals
into the United States under the watchful eye of Cardinal Spellman; and Alexander
Haig, Commander of NATO forces in Europe and White House Chief of Staff, whose
younger brother, Francis R. Haig, is a Jesuit. (The General saved the Vatican’s
Zionist State of Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Intending “only to bleed
the Jews,” the Vatican’s Shriner Freemason Henry A. Kissinger nearly destroyed the
nation. After waiting for nearly one thousand years to take Jerusalem and possession
of the Temple Mount for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, the Jesuits’
“infallible” Papal Caesar was not about to lose it now. So he saved the nation with
Knight of Malta, General Alexander Haig and high tech American weapons.)
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, the ties between the intelligence communities are simple
once you reject the illusion of the Cold War. These ties are not “ironies” as Loftus
calls them; but rather, they are cold hard facts leading to the Vatican’s Jesuits as
masters of this monstrous Holy Office of the Inquisition. British and Nazi intelligence
merge with Menzies and Schellenberg. We read from Loftus’ and Aarons’ The
Secret War Against the Jews,
“It was Menzies who ordered British troops to help the Vatican truck the
Nazi treasure into hiding . . . It was Menzies who gave Nazi intelligence
chief, Walter Schellenberg and the other Nazi negotiators sanctuary in
Britain after the war. Menzies also authorized Kim Philby to recruit
ex-Nazis as agents and smuggle them through the Vatican to South
America . . . ” {4}
American and Nazi intelligence merge with Dulles and Gehlen. We read:
“General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief intelligence officer against the
Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the Americans (called
OPERATION SUNRISE) . . . The principal negotiators were Allen
Dulles and William Casey of the OSS, Sir William Stephenson for the
British, and SS General Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy and
former chief of Heinrich Himmler’s personal staff . . .Their negotiations
enabled Gehlen to bring his entire apparatus ‘unpurged and without
interruption, into the service of the American superpower,’ . . . ” {5}
British and Russian intelligence merge with Menzies, Philby and Turkul. We read:
“One of the great ironies of twentieth-century espionage history is that
the right-wing head of the British secret service, Sir Stewart Menzies,
handed the Communists the key to Britain’s secrets on a royal platter.”
Philby not only worked for the British Menzies but also with Beria’s KGB, for which
reason he protected Turkul. We read:
“While American and British intelligence were restructured after World
War II, Soviet intelligence executed a plan of smooth integration to
protect and promote all their agents in the West. For example, when
MI6 discovered German documents proving that Turkul’s friend Ellis
was a Nazi agent, Philby ordered that the investigation be closed . . . If
Ellis had been exposed in 1945, it would have jeopardized Turkul, who
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40
was far more valuable than Philby.   Because of Philby’s cover-up,
Turkul and Ellis were safe for several more years.” {7}
Later in 1963, Philby “defected” to the Soviet Union to maintain the illusion of “the
Cold War” among the patriotic lower level intelligence officers.
American, Russian and Israeli intelligence merge with the pairs Gehlen and Turkul;
and Angleton and Philby. We read:
“Dulles had Gehlen set up in a secret compound in Pullach, West
Germany, with orders to revive the [Turkul] Max network . . . Gehlen
intended to make Turkul’s Max network the centerpiece of his new
West German intelligence agency . . . Foisting the Max network on
Allen Dulles and General Gehlen turned out to be the key to Soviet
supremacy in the first half of the Cold War . . . To this day, the CIA still
refuses to declassify its files for ‘Prince’ Turkul’s network. It is just too
embarrassing to admit that the Eastern European Fascist groups,
[ex-Nazis] whom Dulles had hired turned out to be working for the other
side.” {8} [Emphasis added]
“ . . . there is no doubt Angleton fell under Philby’s spell . . . As with
Philby, so with James Jesus: his record was riddled with ambiguity and
inexplicable actions that resulted in the question asked by a high
authority at the CIA: ‘Was Angleton the American Philby?’ . . . It was
Philby who taught Angleton the structure of the Secret Service . . . ” {9}
And Philby had been recruited into the KGB by a Jesuit who had been a member of
the Bolsheviks’ Inquisition called “the Cheka.” We read:
“One of the first Soviet agents to penetrate British intelligence was a
Catholic Priest. Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in
England was Father Theodore Maly [a Jesuit] . . .
Many of Father Maly’s best recruits were young men from upper class
backgrounds . . . The most famous KGB agent was Harold Adrian
Russell Philby. As with all of Father Maly’s agents, ‘Kim’ Philby’s
upper class British background was impeccable . . . Philby was no
longer a peripheral observer, but a principal player with the Vatican. In
1944 he was promoted to head the new anti-Soviet section of [the
British] SIS.” {10} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
The Dulles-Gehlen network trained Israel’s Mossad, while the Vatican’s CIA agent
and head of the Israeli desk, James Jesus Angleton (who openly advocated a
Pentagon-directed, American military Crusade against Israel’s surrounding Islamic
nations), helped the Israeli government. We read:
“One of our sources, the late John McIntyre, served with American
intelligence inside the Gehlen organization from 1948 until 1951. To his
amazement, Gehlen’s Nazis were training the Mossad, Israel’s infant
foreign intelligence service . . .
Angleton’s mission was to keep the CIA secure from penetration by
foreign governments particularly the Soviet Union . . . Angleton spied
only for Israel . . . he was flatly accused of being a ‘god_ _ _ _ Israeli
mole’ by a number of his fellow CIA officers . . . Angleton alone handled
the CIA’s collection of intelligence from and against the Jewish state,
almost from its inception as a nation . . . He was unofficially helping
Israel [the Vatican’s secret but true policy], which was strictly against the
president’s policy.” {11} [Emphasis added]
Menzies, Schellenberg, Donovan, Dulles, Gehlen, Casey, Angleton, Philby
and Turkul all had strong connections with the Vatican’s Jesuits. The British SIS and
Soviet KGB/GRU were united in Philby. The CIA, Mossad and KGB were united in
Angleton. This gallery of traitors, all of them being Papal Knights, unified the
International Intelligence Community merging at Borgo di Santo Spirito, the
command post of Jesuit General Janssens just outside the Vatican walls in Rome.
With this interlock of men loyal to the General of the Jesuits, the Cold War
would be waged but kept under control, that is, from becoming a full-scale war
between East and West. The deceived patriots of both sides would be kept in check or
eliminated if attempting to truly “win” the Cold War or expose the truth about the
intelligence men at the top. The murder of the staunch Roman Catholic, Opus Dei
member and CIA Director, William Colby, after forcing Angleton to retire, is a
classic example of their policy. The Order will terminate its own disobedient tools!
In 1959 Fidel Castro, the Roman Catholic Communist (who, according to
some Cubans, raped two nuns while in Colombia for which he was castrated, as he is
never seen with a woman) was put in power with the help of the Jesuit-controlled CIA.
Educated in youth and advised when he became Cuba’s dictator, we read of the
Jesuits shaping his mind and controlling his actions:
“Fidel and Raul were sent to Santiago de Cuba [St. Ignatius of Cuba] to
study under the Jesuits at the Colegio Lasalle, and then to the Colegio
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40
Dolores, also Jesuit . . . In 1942, Fidel was sent to Havana where he
carried on with his secondary education at the Jesuit College of Belen
(Bethlehem).” {12}
“Fidel was significantly influenced by [Jesuit] Fathers Amondo
[Armando] Llorente and Alberto de Castro . . . De Castro admired
Franco . . . Fidel was very active in a Jesuit organization similar to the
Boy Scouts, the ‘Explorers.’ . . .
‘Fidel was trained by the Jesuits to become their representative,’ says
Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. ‘The revolution does less propaganda
[promoting] for Fidel than the propaganda by the Jesuits.’. . . Fidel spent
eleven years in Catholic Boarding schools, seven of them in Jesuit
institutions . . . ‘Fidel is a Jesuit first, a revolutionary second, and a
Marxist third.’ . . . He promoted the [Jesuit-controlled] Soviet system as a
model . . . In a way he was turning Cuba into a giant Jesuit school in
which he was the principal . . . It is still the Jesuit school in which he is
the principal . . . Fidel has not forgotten that the military invariably holds
the ultimate power. It is perhaps significant that Fidel’s first title is
commander in chief.” {13} [Emphasis added]
“[Wherever] a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi
[fascist], a Jesuit can be found in the role of ‘adviser’ or leader; in Cuba
[it was] Castro’s Father Armando [Amondo] Llorente . . . ” {14}
The Jesuits, in order to bring their illegitimate son of a Nazi and “grease ball”
student dictator to power (as he was called by his classmates), used their American
press, money, entertainment industry, CIA and Soviet Russia. We read:
“ ‘After the Matthews articles which followed an exclusive interview by
the Times [Henry R. Luce SMOM] editorial writer in Castro’s mountain
hideout and which likened him to Abraham Lincoln, he was able to get
followers and funds in Cuba and in the United States. From that time on
arms, money and soldiers of fortune abounded. Much of the American
press began to picture Castro as a political Robin Hood.
Also because Batista was the dictator who unlawfully seized power,
American people assumed Castro must, on the other hand, represent
liberty and democracy. The crusader role which the press and radio
bestowed on the bearded rebel blinded the people to the left-wing political
philosophy with which even at that time he was already on record . . . ’
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
‘Fidel’s secret weapon was money — incredible millions of dollars, with
which he bought “victories.” He bought entire regiments from Batista’s
officers and, on one occasion purchased for $650,000 cash an entire armored
train, with tanks, guns, ammunition, jeeps and 500 men’ . . . The basic reason
for defeat of Batista’s armies, he asserted, was that covert United States
intervention [CIA] shattered their morale . . . Many share the bloodguilt for
the needless death of these people, who were the best element in Cuba.
Among the guilty are American correspondents [Cardinal Spellman’s Knight
of Malta Henry R. Luce and his Time magazine] who . . . wrote falsehoods
about the Castro movement so other people would fight and die for it. . . .
[In 1958 with] the combined pressure of Soviet arms and gold and American
propaganda, the Batista regime was beginning to crumble . . . Edward R.
Murrow of CBS [CFR-controlled] staged a laudatory TV network program
on the Castro movement. The normally hardheaded Ed Sullivan [Roman
Catholic] went into the Sierra Maestra for a television interview with his
hairy, armed prophet. Sullivan’s technique was to ask leading questions such
as ‘You are not a Communist, are you Fidel? You are a devout Catholic,
aren’t you?’ — leaving Castro practically no time to answer. The effect was
comic in terms of theater; tragic in terms of politics.” {15} [Emphasis added]
Under the guidance of his Jesuit advisor, Fidel Castro’s command post was
Havana’s Hilton Hotel. A powerful Knight of Malta, W. Barron Hilton, owned the
chain of hotels around the world. We read:
“The SMOM’s U.S. Section has approximately 1,000 members . . . its roster
includes many of the corporate establishment’s movers and shakers . . .
Barron Hilton of the hotel chain; . . . ” {16}
Freemason Castro (according to a Cuban Freemason who personally saw 33rd
degree Freemason Castro in a lodge in Havana) was further entrenched in power by
the CIA. It was the high commander of “the Company,” Allen Dulles, who organized
the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. The “failure” of the attempt to overthrow Castro
resulted in the decimation of the Roman Catholic patriots of Cuba. During the
invasion Dulles was conveniently out of town and not at his duty station, as if he
knew it would go sour. Two Knights of Malta were involved in the set-up and failure
of the invasion. One of them was Roberto Alejos Arzu. Alejos became the Honduran
Knights co-chairman in 1985, of whom we read:
“Alejos – a sugar and coffee grower who let the CIA use his plantations as
training grounds for the 1960 [1961] Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba [its
secretly purposed failure having been intended by the CFR’s Director of
the CIA to further entrench the power of the Order’s Fidel Castro].”{17}
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40
“During and after the period of the Bay of Pigs, Alejos Arzu reported that
he worked with Irangate principal, Theodore Shackley [CIA], then running
“Operation Mongoose” to assassinate Fidel Castro from the JM/WAVE
station in Miami, Florida . . . ” {18}
The other CFR/Knight of Malta was Gustavo Cisneros of whom we read in 1987:
“Vice-president of the Venezuelan Association of the SMOM. The
Cisneroses are the overlords for the Ibero-American cocaine connection in
Venezuela, whose special role emphasizes ‘washing’ part of the billions in
annual narcotics proceeds that go through that country . . . The Cisneros got
their start in business in Venezuela through sponsorship of the Royal Bank
of Canada, one of the world’s largest offshore banks involved in multi
billion-dollar drug money ‘washing.’ They are partners in a Florida Finance
Corporation with documented ties to Moscow’s Narodny Bank, which is
central to KGB-backed terrorism and drug trafficking. Curiously, through
the World Finance Corporation the Cisneros are linked to the Bay of Pigs
invasion team, which quickly turned to drug trafficking to finance
operations and get rich quick. But Oswaldo Cisneros’ wife Ella Fontanals
de Cisneros, is a Cuban whose brother, Jose’ Fontanals Perez, currently sits
on the board of directors of the Banco Nacional de Cuba in Havana, where
he is an economic adviser to Fidel Castro.” {19} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion was pure betrayal!
This is what Napoleon did to his Grand Army in Tzarist Russia, what Hitler did to
his German Army in Soviet Russia, and what the CIA did to the Roman Catholic
patriots of Hungary in 1956. The betrayal resulted in the elimination of all resistance
to Castro within Cuba, securing the island as a staging base for future use by our
invaders. This could never have happened had not the Jesuits controlled both sides.
Now, the Jesuits had to suppress the American and Cuban enemies of their
mouthy, little puppet Castro who were outside of Cuba. So their CIA “confirmed” the
existence of Soviet “nuclear missiles” in Cuba creating the paranoia of a possible
“nuclear first strike attack.” Kennedy demanded their removal and prepared for a
joint American and Cuban-exile invasion from Florida. (We strongly believe from our
arguments of previous chapters that airborne nuclear war has never been a real threat
to the nations, the Jesuits controlling both “superpowers.” We know that the Jesuits’
CFR in control of FDR gave Stalin the nuclear device in 1943. We also know that
the Knights of Malta, in control of the Atomic Energy Commission (one of its former
Directors having been Knight of Malta John A. McCone) as well as the American
and Russian Intelligence Communities, own Chase Manhattan Bank in New
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
York with a branch at 1 Red Square in Moscow!) The Jesuits in control of
Khrushchev (who declared that the CIA and the KGB ought to be combined
“because we use the same people”) dispatched a Russian fleet (built with American
technology and financed by the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank) towards Cuba. This
resulted in “the Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962 creating more paranoia. Kennedy and
Khrushchev struck a secret deal resulting in no invasion, the Russian fleet returning
home. Like the Hungarian uprising in 1956, this stage-play and betrayal inflamed the
fury of all involved. The low-level CIA agents not “in the know” with Angleton were
enraged against Kennedy; they thought he had deliberately betrayed them. Mafia
soldiers not “in the know” with Cardinal Spellman’s Mafia “Commission” were
enraged against Kennedy, as they had lost their casinos in Havana. The patriotic
Cubans were enraged against Kennedy perceiving him as again refusing to end
Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro’s merciless, absolutist, Jesuit-controlled dictatorship.
The Jesuits, perfectly creating the agitation, were now ready to eliminate their
disobedient son and brother Knight, President Kennedy. Betrayed by Skull and
Bones member McGeorge Bundy at the Bay of Pigs and deceived by his Secretary of
State – the Cardinal’s Dean Rusk – during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy the
victim now had enough serious enemies among the infuriated CIA, FBI, Military
Intelligence and Mafia foot soldiers to be boldly assassinated in broad daylight. The
Intelligence Community began the “black operation” called “Operation Mongoose.”
Its purpose was to further exhaust and eliminate Castro’s enemies, precisely as
Knight of Malta Oliver L. North and Knight of Malta William J. Casey, with their
“aid to the Contras,” eliminated all resistance to the Communist government in
Nicaragua, John Cardinal O’Connor having warmly embraced Daniel Ortega. The
CIA secretly attacked Cuba with regular raids, crop burning and counterfeiting its
currency justifying Castro’s devaluation and creation of a new currency further
impoverishing the Cuban people. But “Operation Mongoose” was ultimately
suppressed by President Kennedy, which resulted in two things. First, it sealed
Kennedy’s fate. The assassins within the Cardinal’s Network were eager to eliminate
him. Lastly, Castro’s Jesuit despotism was sealed and for the last forty years he has
been the perfect puppet of Rome. He has viciously suppressed the free circulation of
the Bible as well as any popular movement towards “liberal” self-government – where
the people can be more than slaves – pursuant to the Jesuits’ wicked and evil Council
of Trent and their “Holy Alliance.”
One final question. Why would the Jesuits go to such extremes to enthrone and
maintain Castro in power and thereby close Cuba to a free press and American
tourism? What possible benefit would the island of Cuba – that poverty-stricken
hellhole specializing in cigars and sugar – give to the long-term plans of the
imperialistic Sons of Loyola?  Dear truth-seeker, the only answer can be that it has
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40
been commercially sacrificed and secured by a Jesuit military dictator – advised by
the Knights of Malta – to be the staging base for a future Moslem invasion of
Fourteenth Amendment America. Is not the American Navy bringing Afghan
“prisoners of war” from Bin Laden’s al Qaeda Islamic Terrorist Network into
Cuba – only ninety miles away from Miami – at this very moment in 2003?
And if this be true, what real purpose has Guantanamo Naval Base been
serving for the last forty years, knowing full well that the Navy always starts our wars?
If the Soviets were so powerful in 1962 why did they not demand that we Americans
abandon the Base to Castro? Could it be that the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign
Relations, in control of the Navy’s top Admirals, are using it as a secret supply line,
amassing weapons and equipment underground for the future invasion of the
American South, filled with Protestant and Baptist communities providing the
majority of the world’s gospel-preaching missionaries? As Protestant East Prussia was
destroyed by the Jesuits’ Grand Inquisitor and his Red Army, so will be the Protestant
South – filled with the Jesuit General’s occult Freemasonry – unless we repent and
return to serve the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ!
And if this is true, when the Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic Communist,
Fascist, bastard son of a Nazi and absolute military dictator, Fidel Castro, dies, Cuba
will never be free unless we invade it with a Bible-reading Protestant army free of
Jesuit commanders and intrigue. Would it not be wonderful to give back Cuba to the
Cuban people having suffered exile, imprisonment and death at the hands of Castro
and his advisors — those Sons of Loyola! Dear truth-seeker, the invasion and
occupation of Cuba would enable the exiled Cubans of Miami, Florida to return to
their native land and aid in our defense in preventing a successful Moslem invasion of
the American Protestant South, the Pope’s armada embarking from Africa’s West
Coast and landing in Cuba — the shortest distance across the Atlantic Ocean! Now
who betrayed those brave men, Cubans and CIA agents attempting to overthrow
tyranny in Cuba with the Bay of Pigs invasion? According to Col. Prouty it was not
President Kennedy: it was CFR member McGeorge Bundy. We read:
“Why wasn’t that crucial air strike flown, after the President had
specifically directed it to be done? . . . A most unusual article, ‘The
Brigade’s My Fault’, appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times on
October 23, 1979. It contained an elaborate and confusing confession. Its
author was McGeorge Bundy . . . He recalled all those major programs the
CIA had under full steam when the Kennedy administration came to
Washington in 1961, then wrote: ‘So I have to consider that there was a
staff failure – which means mostly me.’ He leaves no question about it as
he writes that after eighteen years of contemplation, ‘The Brigade’s My
Fault.’ ” {20} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
This betrayal was a masterstroke of Jesuit genius! It enthroned Castro in
power by eliminating his most dangerous enemies. Plus, it infuriated the lower levels
of the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia and Military Intelligence, as they believed Kennedy to
be the culprit behind the betrayal. Only the few at the top really knew what happened.
And why did this happen? Because prior to “the sacrifice of the mass” at the Bay of
Pigs, the Jesuits knew that Kennedy was not going to escalate their “Crusade” in
Vietnam, as it was intended to ignite the present multi-billion dollar drug trade. So
having enraged the rank and file of the American Empire’s Intelligence Community
and having angered every Mafia family, the Jesuits used the leaders of those
communities, commanding hundreds of foot soldiers, to murder the President. The
Jesuits used their Cardinal of international intrigue from “the Powerhouse” in New
York, Francis Spellman, to oversee the assassination and cover-up. The leaders
Spellman used were Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons and Mafia Dons.
Dear truth-seeker, this is why the Vatican’s Jesuits, with the blessing of their
“infallible” Cold Warrior and Roman Caesar, Pope Paul VI, used their foot soldiers
under the command of that Roman Senator, Francis Cardinal Spellman, to
assassinate the Empire’s only Roman Catholic President and “brother” Knight of
Columbus, John F. Kennedy. For he was mortally wounded in the house of his
friends — shot in the upper back from behind by a Secret Service Agent in the
follow-up vehicle, George Hickey, and shot in the head from the front, within three
feet of the bleeding Texas Governor, by the left-handed Secret Service Agent driving
the Presidential limousine, Navy Seal William Greer. According to Robert
Groden’s most excellent video, JFK: The Case For Conspiracy released in 1993, the
gunshot entered above the right eye. While traveling through the President’s head, the
bullet blew out and away the flap of flesh and bone from the right temple area and
exited the rear of the head. Thus, the path of the trajectory leads directly to the driver,
the shot from “the Grassy Knoll” serving as a deliberate distraction for the crowd.
Fearing for her life and terrified, with her flight survival instinct in full control of her
will, this is why Jackie Kennedy sought to get out of the Presidential limousine by
moving away from the murderous driver. (Orders had been given not to harm Jackie,
as she was intensely loved by the Company’s Secret Service. She had also attended
Georgetown University for a time and her sister Lee’s husband was the Polish Prince
Stanislaus Radziwill — another powerful Knight of Malta!) Crawling onto the trunk
of the convertible she then retrieved the blown away portion of the President’s brain
and later handed it to one of the doctors at Parkland Hospital. (Remember, four
American Presidents – Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy – having been
murdered by Jesuit-controlled assassins, received their killing shots from a
point-blank range!) Both Secret Service agents, Hickey and Greer, were under orders
from their boss, Jim Rowley, as he was the Director of the Secret Service in 1963, a
former FBI agent and personal friend of Francis Cardinal Spellman’s J. Edgar
Hoover, a Papal Knight and a darling of the Jesuit Daniel J. Power at Georgetown
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Chapter 40

Shriner Freemason Allen W. Dulles, 1963 #156 CFR Secretary, 1933 - 44,
Vice President, 1944 - 46, President, 1946 - 50 Director, Central Intelligence
Agency, 1953 - 1961 A powerful OSS officer during the Papal Caesar’s
Second Thirty Years’ War, Dulles was also an active member of Cardinal
Spellman’s Council on Foreign Relations based in New York, the Black
Pope’s “trusted third party,”  through  which  the  Order  controlled
the  American  Empire. Following the example of Knight of Malta William
Donovan, this apostate Protestant Presbyterian and Shriner Freemason
worked hand-in-hand with the KGB through another Knight of Malta, James
Jesus Angleton. In 1956 Dulles betrayed the Hungarians into the hands of the
Soviets and in 1961 he sabotaged the Bay of Pigs Invasion, betraying the
“liberal” Cubans into  the  hands  of  that  Jesuit-trained,  Roman
Catholic  Communist Freemason, Fidel Castro. Dulles went on to participate
in the assassination of President Kennedy and its cover-up, as he was
appointed by Cardinal Spellman’s President Johnson to be on the Warren
Commission.   This prostitute Protestant Presbyterian, Allen W. Dulles, is
one of President Kennedy’s most notorious assassins along with every ensuing
Director of the CIA and every subsequent Archbishop of New York; for,
“silence is consent.”   Crippled by a Jesuit-controlled Justice Department
and “the Order of the FBI,” we patriotic American people have no recourse to
redress what has rightly been called “the crime of the century.” The Last Hero:
Wild Bill Donovan, Anthony Cave Brown, (New York: Times Books, 1982).
The Jesuits – 1959 - 1962
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 41
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican II
Pope John XXIII Seeks to End the Cold War
Replaced by Cold Warrior Pope Paul VI
“If two opposed blocs [the Jesuit General’s socialist “Communist” East
financed by his corporate “Capitalistic” West] should finally succeed in
settling their differences . . . what would become of the Vatican? . . . Thus
the Vatican threw off its mask and openly recommended the continuance
of the cold war — pending the hot one.” {1}
Edmond Paris, 1964
French Historian
The Vatican Against Europe
Vatican II began in October of 1962 and lasted until December of 1965. There
were many surface changes to the Roman Catholic Institution. The Mass would no
longer be performed in Latin, Protestants were no longer called “heretics” but rather
“separated brethren” and the priests’ formal “prayers” for “the perfidious Jews”
ceased. After Rome’s Second Thirty Years’ War, the Jesuit masters wanted to
deceive the world into believing that the Pope was for peace and religious liberty. But
in substance nothing changed. The Pope was to continue to uphold the Jesuits’ bloody
Council of Trent. We read from the Documents of Vatican II:
“The salient point of this Council is not, therefore, a discussion of one
article or another of the fundamental doctrine of the church which has
repeatedly been taught by the Fathers and by ancient and modern
theologians, and which is presumed to be well known and familiar to all.
For this a Council was not necessary. But from renewed, serene, and
tranquil adherence to all the teaching of the Church in its entirety and
preciseness, as it still shines forth in the Acts of the Council of Trent and
First Vatican Council [i.e. we must still kill the “accursed heretics” and
the Pope is still “infallible”] . . . The substance of the ancient doctrine of
the deposit of faith is one thing, and the way in which it is presented is
another [i.e. we must carry out the ancient goals of killing “heretics and
liberals,” accursed and condemned over one hundred times by the
Order’s “sacred Council,” but in another way].” {2} [Emphasis added]
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 41
In pursuing Rome’s quest to establish an international World Government
under the Pope of Jesuit making, the Council called for an end to the Cold War by
calling for universal disarmament, including the abolition of private gun ownership,
and the end of war in general. Again we read:
It is our clear duty, then, to strain every muscle as we work for the time
when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent. This
goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of some universal public
authority acknowledged by all, and endowed with effective power to
safeguard, on the behalf of all, security, regard for justice, and respect
for rights . . . Hence everyone must labor to put an end at last to the
arms race, and to make a true beginning of disarmament . . . ” {3}
Pope John XXIII followed the Jesuit General’s open and future policy laid down in
the Council. We read:
“Pope John XXIII (1958-63) reversed the anti-Communist policies of
his predecessor, Pope Pius XII. He commenced dialogue with the
communists of Europe and signaled Soviet Russia that the Vatican
would be ready to cooperate with her. He fathered the Vatican II
Council and ecumenism.” {4}
But while pursuing the policy of ending the Cold War, Pope John XXIII
suddenly “died” of a rapidly progressing cancer (according to Gordon Thomas, an
Irish journalist, as revealed in his masterpiece on Israel’s Mossad, Gideon’s Spies) in
July of 1963. And who replaced him? It was the secret Cold Warrior and kingpin,
having operated the Vatican Ratlines, Cardinal Montini who became Pope Paul VI.
Under Pope Paul VI the Cold War would continue but President Kennedy
persisted in following the pro-communist, anti-Cold War leading of Pope John
XXIII. Therefore, like the Pope, President Kennedy also “died” and was replaced
with the Cold Warrior Freemason and servant of Cardinal Spellman, President
Lyndon Johnson — who, on his deathbed for a job well done, was baptized into the
Roman Catholic Church just like Thaddeus Stevens. As the Cardinal of Lorraine in
league with the Jesuits, used the military of Queen Catherine de Medici of France to
make war on the French Protestants in 1572, so would Cardinal Spellman, in league
with the Jesuits, use the military and Commander-in-Chief of the American Empire to
make war on the Vietnamese Buddhists in 1964. The ends of Vatican politics never
change, only the means. Thus “for the greater glory of God” – the “infallible” god
who sits in St. Peter’s Chair – “the ends justify the means.”
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Obviously, the Society of Jesus had planned on ending the Pope’s Cold War in
favor of some “universal public authority acknowledged by all.” So in 1989 the Cold
War “officially ended” — at least in Fourteenth Amendment America. But why
were both Pope John XXIII and President Kennedy removed from their offices for
following the Jesuit policy of disarmament as outlined in the Second Vatican
Council? Because both sought to end the Cold War prematurely! The International
Intelligence Community, the Drug Trade and the Russian War Machine were not yet
fully developed. The Hoax of the Moon Landing ( led by
33rd Degree Freemason Neil Armstrong, had not yet been perpetrated on the peoples
of the world, as the true purpose of the Space Program was to put spy satellites into
orbit enabling Rome’s Intelligence Communities to monitor the actions of all the
inhabitants of the earth, while enforcing the evil Council of Trent. The Order’s old
enemy, the White, Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Calvinistic Protestant and Baptist Middle
Class people of the North American Empire, had not yet been amalgamated and
communized or broken in their will, morale, health and finances. Thirty years of
“relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, . . .
to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth” had not yet taken
its deadly toll. For many other reasons it clearly was not time to end the Pope’s Cold
War. Thus, the Vatican’s open but false policy was to end the Cold War while its
secret but true policy was to continue that most successful of Inquisitions in making
“the risen Vicar of Christ” the Theocratic Universal Monarch of the World —
enthroned in Jerusalem’s rebuilt Temple as “that man of sin”! Francis Parkman,
one of America’s greatest Nineteenth Century historians, sustains our conclusion:
“The Jesuits, then as now, were the most forcible exponents of
ultramontane principles. The church to rule the world; the Pope to rule
the church; the Jesuits to rule the Pope: such was and is the simple
programme of the Order of Jesus, and to it they have held fast, except
on a few rare occasions of misunderstanding with the Viceregent of
Christ.” {5} [Emphasis added]
Indeed, the great and learned M. F. Cusack, the converted Nun of Kenmare
and author of The Black Pope, which is the rarest of histories in describing this most
sinister world religion to be foisted upon us by the Jesuit Order, so ably concluded:
“The Jesuits offer the world at large a system of theology by which every
law, Divine and human, may be broken with impunity, and by which the
very bulls of popes may be defied. It is a ghastly religion; it is a religion to
be abhorred of all honest and honourable men.” {6} [Emphasis added]
Therefore, in November of 1963, four months after the death of Pope John
XXIII, President Kennedy also died — at the hands of Vatican Assassins.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 41

President Lyndon Johnson serving Pope Paul VI,
“The Governor of the World,” 1965 #157

President Lyndon Johnson at the funeral of his American Master,
Francis Cardinal Spellman, 1967 #158 LBJ was a Shriner
and a former student of Jesuit Georgetown Law School. On his deathbed this
traitor was baptized into the Pope’s Catholic Church. In God’s Name, David A.
Yallop, (New York: Bantam Books, 1984). The American Pope, John Cooney, (New
York: Times Books, 1984).
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 42
The Jesuits – 1963
Network of Assassins:
Knight of Columbus Francis Cardinal Spellman
The Knights of Malta
Islamic Shriner Freemasonry
The Mafia
“Spelly’s evil Jew,” the Shriner Freemason
“The Jesuits are a naked sword,
whose hilt is at Rome but its blade is everywhere,
invisible until its stroke is felt.” {1}
Andre’ Dupin, 1848 French Statesman
and Patriot Member, King Louis
Philippe’s Cabinet which expelled the
Order in 1831
“All persons whatsoever were commanded to refrain from hindering,
harassing, or disturbing his Society, under penalty of excommunication,
and the Jesuits were empowered to call in the aid of the secular power to
support them in opposing and silencing such of their Roman Catholic
brethren as might interfere with their plans. The placing of such
authority in the hand of any body of men was tantamount to giving them
all power both in heaven and on earth. They could close the gates of
heaven with a word by excommunicating those who opposed them, no
matter whether justly or unjustly, and they could use the power of the
earthly sword to exterminate, and compel obedience to their
commands.” {2} [Emphasis added]
M. F. Cusack, 1896 Converted
Nun of Kenmare The Black
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 42
“Woe to all who found themselves opposed to . . . [the Jesuit Order].
Sooner or later, directly or indirectly, they felt themselves cruelly stabbed,
generally irremediably — some in their dearest connections, others in their
credit; some in their honor; others in their official functions; and all by
secret action, noiseless, continuous, and latent, in time becoming a terrible
and mysterious dissolvent, which invisibly undermined reputations,
fortunes, positions the most solidly established, until the moment when all
sunk forever into the abyss, amid the surprise and terror of the beholders
[like Alexandre Dumas’ secret, calculated actions of his vengeful,
Jesuit-General-type, leading character in The Count of Monte Cristo].” {3}
Eugene Sue, 1844
French Historian and Physician
The Wandering Jew
“New York was blustery on Wednesday evening, October 19, 1960. Leaves
swirled on Park Avenue and the wind whipped the flags outside the
Waldorf-Astoria as hundreds of men and women in evening dress scurried
in from the night chill . . . Here were the rich, the powerful, and the famous,
gathering for an extraordinary affair.
The occasion was the fifteenth Alfred E. Smith [a Knight of Columbus and
four term Governor of New York] Memorial Foundation Dinner. Always
hosted by [Jesuit-trained] Francis Cardinal Spellman, the archbishop of
New York, the annual dinner had become perhaps the most significant
political banquet in the nation. . . . the affair functioned as a glittering
showcase for the Cardinal’s ties with businessmen, politicians and military
leaders. . . . [as] Spellman [was] the most influential religious leader
outside the Vatican. As usual, the dinner was attended by wealthy
Republicans and Pentagon officers . . . Among them were the incredibly
rich: the press lord Henry [R.] Luce, the industrialist J. Peter Grace [head
of the American branch of the Knights of Malta], and the financier Bernard
Baruch [the most powerful Jew in the history of the American Jewish
Establishment and another one of Spellman’s Masonic Jewish Labor
Zionists] all sat at the head table, within touching distance of Spellman.
The Cardinal had always had a high regard for military men [as they were
the teeth of the Order’s Council of Trent enforced by the Cardinal’s
Council on Foreign Relations], and generals and admirals in dress uniforms
were scattered among twenty-five hundred guests. They had known
Spellman on the battlefields of Europe and Asia or at the Pentagon, where
the Cardinal was a familiar figure and even attended military intelligence
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
briefings. They included . . . [Roman Catholic, CFR member and first
Commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam advised by a Jesuit of international
renown, Dan Lyons] Major General William C. Westmoreland; . . .
The Cardinal was the friend of many influential conservatives, including
Clare Boothe Luce [Dame of Malta], General Douglas MacArthur
[Shriner], and Speaker of the House John McCormack. . . . J. Edgar
Hoover [awarded the Scottish Rite’s highest recognition, the Grand Cross
of Honor in 1965] and John Foster Dulles [whose son Avery Dulles is a
Jesuit and now a Cardinal] were close to the Cardinal. . . . His network
encompassed officials of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, as well as many presidents, congressmen,
governors, and mayors. His contacts circled the globe and included
[Freemason] Winston Churchill, [Jesuit-trained] Charles de Gaulle, and
[Jesuit-controlled] Francisco Franco. Spellman’s role was . . . that [i.e. of
a policymaker himself] — a pivotal figure in . . . clandestine political and
military operations that helped shape the history of his nation and others. . . .
He wholeheartedly supported the witch-hunts of Joe McCarthy [the
Jesuit-trained American fascist who indeed attacked notorious communist
traitors like Alger Hiss, the author of the United Nations Charter, with an
inquisitional type of procedure], helped the C.I.A. attack leftist movements
around the world, and assisted the F.B.I. at home. . . . To both his admirers
and his detractors, Spellman was a man of such enormous influence that he
was nicknamed “the American Pope.” {4} [Emphasis added]
John Cooney, 1984
American Journalist
The American Pope
As we begin to approach understanding the Kennedy Assassination we shall
conduct a brief review of what we have discovered in previous chapters as well as cast
some additional light upon our subject.
The Jesuit General has been the most powerful man in the world since Pius
VII restored the Order or “Company” in 1814. Because of the Order’s suppression by
Pope Clement XIV in 1773, the Jesuits began the Bavarian Illuminati with one of
their soldiers, Adam Weishaupt. The Illuminati absorbed the Jewish House of
Rothschild creating a colossus of wealth around the world, subject to the Jesuit
General. With this financial arm in place the Jesuits then made war on the Vatican
including the Pope, the Roman Catholic Monarchs of Europe and the Order of the
Dominicans. This Inquisition and Crusade was called “the French Revolution and
Napoleonic Wars.”   For twenty-five years, the Jesuit General’s Masonic agents,
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 42
particularly in the person of Napoleon Bonaparte, conducted war.  Bonaparte also
punished the Knights of Malta, driving them from their island home to Russia.
Shortly before Napoleon’s deliberate loss of the Battle of Waterloo, the Jesuit
Order was revived and emerged supreme among secret societies. It controlled the
Papacy, the Knights of Malta, Islamic Shriner Freemasonry, Opus Dei and later, in
Fourteenth Amendment America, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia.
It is this Network that controls every nation more or less, restoring and
maintaining the Pope’s Temporal Power worldwide. In the American Empire it
controls Wall Street, the major corporate monopolies, the Federal Reserve Bank,
the Council on Foreign Relations – it commanding the President and every
department subject to him – and thus, the country’s Military Industrial Complex.
The Network or “Fraternity,” also called “the Octopus,” controls all shipping ports
and overland trucking with the Mafia’s Longshoremen and Teamsters. In control of
organized crime, including white slavery and the drug trade, it makes billions annually,
the CIA and Mafia working together. The Jesuits, being the great agitators of States,
control the Press, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the anti-communist John
Birch Society, and the Black Muslims composing the pro-communist Nation of Islam
— all through the Egyptian Mystery Religion of Isis and Osiris culminating in
high-level, occult Freemasonry composed of ninety degrees according to a former
eighty-eighth degree Freemason, Michael J. McArthur.
With Francis Cardinal Spellman in command of this economic, political and
religious colossus we no longer wonder why he was called “the American Pope.”
Cardinal Spellman became the most powerful churchman in the history of the nation,
as none had ever been his equal. Through his travels during World War II as
President Roosevelt’s personal agent abroad, he established worldwide connections
with those men who ran the International Intelligence Community. What Cardinal
Richelieu was to France during the First Thirty Years’ War, Cardinal Spellman was
to the American Empire during the Second Thirty Years’ War.
As the Military Vicar and protector of all the Military Orders in Fourteenth
Amendment America, his power reached through every Knight of Malta and Knight
of Columbus under his Command. In 1963 some of those Knights of Malta were:
1.       J. Peter Grace – Head of the American “tongue” of SMOM, with
international business interlocks everywhere through W. R. Grace & Co.;
2.       Henry R. Luce – Controller of the American Press, called “Lucepress,”
from Rockefeller Center in New York;
3.       Myron C. Taylor – FDR’s personal ambassador to the Vatican during
World War II who aided Allied leaders in preventing a Jewish exodus from
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
4. William F. Buckley, Jr. – Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, CFR kingpin, CIA operative
formerly stationed in Mexico City, and editor of the CIA-controlled National
Review; host of Firing Line;
5.       John A. McCone – Head of the Atomic Energy Commission; Director of
the CIA and later joined the board of IT&T;
6. Thomas K. Gorman – Bishop of Dallas immediately subject to Cardinal Spellman,
the superior of Oscar Huber, the priest from Holy Trinity Catholic Church
who gave President Kennedy “Last Rites”; the personal friend of Earl Cabell,
the Mayor of Dallas and the brother of General Charles Cabell, the Deputy
Director of the CIA in charge of Clandestine Operations who was fired by
President Kennedy due to the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion; the personal
friend of Dallas Police Chief, Jesse Curry, who suppressed evidence of more
than one assassin and arranged the public execution of the Protestant “patsy,”
Lee Oswald, in the basement of the Dallas Police Department;
7.       Cartha D. DeLoach – FBI Assistant Director to J. Edgar Hoover; presently
a builder of the Order’s fascist “New Right” having advised Newt Gingrich;
8.       Francis D. Flanagan – VIP for IT&T;
9. Clare Boothe Luce – Dame of Malta and wife of Henry R. Luce; Ambassador to
Italy for Francis Cardinal’ Spellman’s Masonic President Eisenhower, and later
a board member of the Association of Retired Intelligence Officers;
10. James Jesus Angleton – Chief of the CIA’s super-secret Counterintelligence
Division, manning the agency’s “Vatican Desk” and “Israeli Desk”; liaison to
the Warren Commission;
11.     Joseph P. Kennedy – Father of President Kennedy and one of the Empire’s
most powerful Knights having profited from Nazi stocks during World War II;
12. William J. Casey – the darling of the Jesuits at Fordham University;
Commissioner of the Securities & Exchange Commission; OSS/CIA kingpin
and future Director;
13. Prescott S. Bush, Jr. – According to Francoise Hervet, Prescott Bush, Jr. is a
pro-Nazi Knight of Malta. This explains the tie with Thomas P. Melady.
According to Mark Lane in his Plausible Denial, Prescott’s brother, George
H. W. Bush, was a CIA agent at the time of the Kennedy Assassination;
14.     John Farrell – President of U. S. Steel;
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 42
15.     Gerald Coughlin – Key FBI agent involved in the Mexican Connection;
16.     Thomas P. Melady – Of whom we read in the National Catholic Reporter:
“Melady is a personal friend of the Bush family: When he was a
student at the Catholic University of America, Prescott S. Bush,
[Sr., one of the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations],
Senator from Connecticut and George’s father, provided him
with important documents for his dissertation.” {5} ;
17.     Gustavo Cisneros – Of whom we read in Project Democracy:
“Vice-President of the Venezuelan Association of the SMOM . . .
The Cisneros got their start in business in Venezuela through
sponsorship of the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s
largest offshore banks involved in multi billion-dollar drug
money “washing.” They are partners in a Florida finance
corporation with documented ties to Moscow’s Narodny Bank,
which is central to KGB-backed terrorism and drug trafficking.
Curiously, through the World Finance Corporation the Cisneros
are linked to the Bay of Pigs invasion team,” {6} ;
(The ties between J. Peter Grace (an Irish American nobleman descended
from the House of Stuart), Gustavo Cisneros (a Spanish nobleman), Kim
Philby (an English nobleman) and Queen Elizabeth II are sufficient to prove
the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to be the head of the SIS, the CIA and
KGB — the Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community.)
18. Roberto Alejos Arzu – Honduran Knights co-chairman; was a sugar and coffee
grower who let the CIA use his plantations as a training ground for the 1961
Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba — destined to fail for the purpose of eliminating
Castro’s enemies;
19. George W. Anderson – Military Intelligence during the Kennedy assassination;
former chairman of the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a member of the
president’s Intelligence Board during the Nixon and Ford administrations;
another Nixon advisor was SMOM Peter M. Flanigan;
20. Frank Shakespeare – President of CBS Television Services, 1950-1969
(controlling CFR member Walter Cronkite); Ambassador to the Vatican under
President Reagan; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New Right leader Paul
Weyrich’s Heritage Foundation (bringing fascism to the American Empire);
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
21. Clay L. Shaw – CIA operative; Director of the Trade Mart in New Orleans;
sought to restore fascism to Italy; Permindex associate of Papal Knight Ferenc
Nagy of Division Five of the FBI; the boss of Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Jack
Ruby and Lee Oswald; tried by Jim Garrison in 1969; found not guilty;
22. Edward “Ted” M. Kennedy – Not a Knight of Malta but a Knight of Columbus,
lifetime U.S. Senator, trustee at the Jesuits’ Boston College and brother to John
and Robert Kennedy — both brothers as well as his nephew, John Kennedy,
Jr., having been murdered by the International Intelligence Community
controlled by Jesuit Generals Janssens, Arrupe and Kolvenbach.
These are but a few of the many “Papal Knights” honeycombed throughout the
government of the American Empire. Remember, dear truth-seeker, the American
Empire belongs to the Jesuits. They created it with the Fourteenth Amendment, they
built it with their Federal Reserve Bank and they use it financially and militarily to
restore the Temporal Power of the Pope. If you are a Fourteenth Amendment
citizen, they created you in the law, they granted you the privilege to live in their
nation and you will perform pursuant to their wishes as made known by their
Congress and enforced by their Commander-in-Chief through their Federal and State
War Courts. Everything you own was purchased with their fiat money or their credit.
You live under a benevolent military dictatorship as created by the Emergency War
Powers Act of 1950. The Constitution is a dead letter and has no standing in any
State or Federal Court, as there are no Constitutional arguments entertained when it
comes to common-law rights of American freemen, originally secured by the Bill of
Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The law of the flag trimmed in gold fringe is the
law of the land, it being the military flag of the Empire’s Commander-in-Chief, the
former President William Clinton, and now President George W. Bush.
As “the American Pope” operating out of “the Little Vatican” in New York
– the wealthiest Diocese in the world – his power extended to the Mafia’s
“Commission” first revealed by Joe Valachi in The Valachi Papers. Two of those
Roman Catholic Commission members were Frank Costello (the friend of Joe
Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover) and Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the foremost crime
boss on the East Coast. Of Spellman’s negotiations with the mobster during “the
Luciano Project” involving the Office of Naval Intelligence, Martin Lee writes:
“In the early 1940’s, Spellman served as an intermediary in secret
negotiations between the Roosevelt White House and high-level
organized crime figures in what came to be known as “Operation
Underworld.” FDR promised to release mob chief Lucky Luciano from
prison if the Mafia could guarantee the protection of American ships
based on the eastern seaboard that were vulnerable to German attack.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 42
Spellman turned to his mob contacts in New York to arrange the deal after
seeking permission from Pope Pius XII. He went on to serve as Pope
Pius’ right arm and was a staunch supporter of U.S. military involvement
in Vietnam.” {7}
The Cardinal’s power also extended to the Empire’s most influential
Freemasons. They included Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson. It also
included Allen Dulles, the Freemason and Director of the CIA (who had a direct line
to the KGB in the Kremlin), who was also a member of the Council on Foreign
Relations. Dulles’ nephew, Avery Dulles, became a powerful Jesuit at Fordham
University and was recently, at the age of eighty-two, created a “Cardinal.” Others
were J. Edgar Hoover, who made it a practice to recruit FBI agents from Jesuit (and
Mormon) Universities, many of whom became Knights of Columbus. Others were
Gerald Ford and Chief Justice Earl Warren of the Warren Commission, as Warren
was responsible for the illegal imprisoning of thousands of Japanese Americans in
mid-West concentration camps during World War II. Of the Masonic influence
involved in Cardinal Spellman’s oversight of the Kennedy Assassination we read:
“Mason Lyndon Johnson appointed Mason Earl Warren to investigate
the death of Catholic [Knight of Columbus] Kennedy. Mason and member
of the 33rd degree, Gerald R. Ford, was instrumental in suppressing what
little evidence of a conspiratorial nature reached the commission.
Responsible for supplying information to the Commission was Mason and
member of the 33rd degree, J. Edgar Hoover. Former CIA director and
Mason, Allen Dulles [whose mistress was the friend of Ruth Payne, the
landlord of Marina Oswald, further connecting the former CIA director to
the Order’s sacrificial lamb] was responsible for most of his agency’s
data to the panel.” {8} [Emphasis added]
Lastly, the Cardinal had a few powerful and devoted Jews at his service. They
were Robert Moses, the Freemason Bernard M. Baruch and bosom friend of
Freemason John D. Rockefeller Jr., Abraham Beame and Charlie Silver, called
“Spelly’s Jew” by John Cooney, the author of The American Pope, of whom we read:
“And then there was . . . ‘Spelly’s Jew’, who raised funds and provided
political and economic contacts in the Jewish community [Jesuits and
Talmudic Rabbis working together] and also became a deputy mayor.” {9}
After the assassination, during the Warren Commission’s cover-up, Spellman would
be served by another Jew who, for his good behavior, would be rewarded with a
lifetime in the U.S. Senate. Pennsylvania’s pseudo conservative, gun-grabbing, 33rd
degree Freemason Arlen Specter was “Spelly’s evil Jew.”
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
This was “the Network” Cardinal Spellman oversaw, “the Powerhouse”
which he commanded. Aided by the Jesuits, the Cardinal’s Knights in high finance
and intelligence kept him informed as to any movement afoot that would pose a threat
to Rome’s power in her “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire,
further enabling him to uphold his Oath as a Cardinal!
Dear truth-seeker, based on the foregoing conclusion, if there was a threat to
the life of our Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus, President John Kennedy, who
would have fulfilled the Vatican’s bidding, whose father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was a
prominent Knight of Malta having aided “Jesuitical Politics” by causing the Great
Depression, by putting FDR in office and by endorsing the Jesuits’ Adolf Hitler
(whose War Machine was built by the Jew-hating, “Episcopalian” Irish pro-Roman
Catholic, Henry Ford, and financed with gold from the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve
Bank), would not the Cardinal have been ordered to use all his power to prevent it?
During the last forty years of fascist tyranny in Cuba has the Jesuit-trained, Roman
Catholic Communist Castro, with ambassadors to the Pope’s Sovereign State of
Vatican City and to the headquarters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, ever
been overthrown by any faction including the CIA? (An old schoolmate and friend of
the author was told by John Hickey, a deceased CIA assassin that, upon having
Castro in his sniper rifle sights and ready to delightfully pull the trigger, he was given
the order to abort!!!) The Jesuits, in command of Cuban and American intelligence,
would never permit it! So it would have been with Kennedy had he, like Castro,
obeyed his Jesuit masters. Clearly, it was no less than a Cardinal Spellman who
could oversee the Kennedy assassination while possessing the power to cover it up.
That power was wielded through his Knights of Malta for the benefit of his master,
Pope Paul VI, whose confessor was the pro-Zionist Jesuit Paolo Dezza (who had
converted Chief Rabbi of Rome Israel (Eugenio) Zolli to Catholicism, taking his
“Christian” name from Pope Pius XII!) and whose master in turn was the General of
the Jesuits, Jean-Baptiste Janssens, whose master in turn was Satan.
And why did Satan, who “was a murderer from the beginning,” use his vast
array of brainwashed slaves to commit this crime of the century? Dear truth-seeker,
Satan’s great dream is to “be like the Most High” — the Lord Jesus Christ. With
an insatiable desire he craves to be worshipped by all nations in Jerusalem, as he sits
on his throne inside Solomon’s rebuilt Temple. Jealously protecting the office of the
Papacy for the last seventeen hundred years, he intends to indwell a resurrected Pope
“whose mortal wound was healed.” He will become the Eighth Roman King called
“the beast.” Using the Militia of the Jesuit General in control of the Pope and his
Hierarchy, it is to this evil end that he actively works every political event under his
immediate control, including the assassination of President Kennedy. Satan’s
Company, in fulfilling his age long dream, is the obedient, educated and unrelenting,
Society of Jesus.
The Jesuits – 1963 Knight of Malta Thomas Kiely Gorman #159 Bishop of Dallas-Fort
Worth, Texas, 1954 – 1969 Directly accountable to Cardinal Spellman, the
“Military Vicar” of the American Empire, Bishop Gorman was the secret
POWER behind the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas on
November 22, 1963.   In command of the local Knights of Malta and
Shriners, he was in control of Mayor Earl Cabell, the brother of Charles
Cabell who was the Assistant Director of the CIA having been fired by
President Kennedy. The Bishop’s control extended to Jesse Curry, the Dallas
Police Chief, and to Vincentian Oscar Huber (whose Order was started by
“ex-Jesuits” during their Suppression and is governed by a General exactly
like the Company), the priest who saw Kennedy’s wounds of entry during
“last rites.”   Traitor Thomas Kiely Gorman passed away into a Christless
eternity in 1980. Souvenir of the Golden Jubilee of Holy Trinity Parish, Dallas,
Texas, Nov. 3, 1957.
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 43
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
President Kennedy Resists His Masters, the Jesuits
Seeks to End the Vietnam War and the Cold War
Attempts to Destroy the CIA – the Intelligence Arm of the Vatican
“ . . . the defeat of Hitler . . . was not to put an end to the Vatican’s
insidious work in free America. Does it not still have 30 million who are
blindly devoted to the Holy See? It is more than the Jesuits require to
develop a large-scale operation, of the kind needed to ensure that occult
domination over the State which is the overriding purpose of their
society. . . . ‘It is a fact that the policy of the State Department is under
the influence of Cardinal Spellman. At least 50% of State Department
personnel represent the point of view taught by the University of
Georgetown, the Jesuit diplomatic school. This school is directed by the
famous Jesuit Father [Edmund] Walsh, a geopolitician of General
[Karl] Haushoffer [Haushofer], the former Hitlerist theorist . . . ’ ” {1}
[Emphasis added]
Edmond Paris, 1964 French
Historian “Catholic Action”
The Vatican Against Europe
All was going well for the Vatican’s Jesuits. With their International
Intelligence Community, they had begun their Inquisition and Crusade in the Far East.
Their tools, Truman and Eisenhower, had begun the Vietnam War and it would
prove to be a great harvest of “heretics” pursuant to the Jesuits’ Council of Trent.
The Cold War had been heated up with the sabotage of Francis Gary Powers’ U-2
spy plane. Because of lack of fuel it was forced down in Russia, which ended the
planned meetings for peace between the United States and Russia. Nixon, openly
backed by Spellman (who was secretly for Kennedy), would have continued
Eisenhower’s foreign policy of “fighting communism.” But “Surprise, Surprise!”
John Kennedy won the election in 1960 by a mere one hundred thousand votes.
As usual, the Society of Jesus with their powerful Knights of Malta had
engineered the election.    Kennedy, loyal to his masters, continued the Jesuits’
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Chapter 43
Communist Negro agitation (called the Civil Rights Movement, inspired by Jesuits
McSorley and LaFarge), forcibly integrating the Armed Services and thus further
destroying the morale of our once invincible American Military. He also, according to
Dr. Peter Beter, was used to rob Fort Knox of Fourteenth Amendment America’s
gold, moving it to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.
But after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion President Kennedy changed.
Due to his betrayal by the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations in the person of
McGeorge Bundy, he sought to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces.” Why?
Because the CIA was the teeth of the Council on Foreign Relations, the enforcer of
the Empire’s secret government. Of this relationship Victor Marchetti tells us:
“It was in such an atmosphere of restiveness and doubt, on a January
meeting in 1968, that a small group of former intelligence professionals
and several other members of the cult of intelligence met to discuss the
role of the CIA in U.S. foreign policy, not at CIA headquarters in
Langley, Virginia but at the Harold Pratt House on Park Avenue — the
home of the Council on Foreign Relations.” {2}
And no wonder, for Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA in 1961 had been a
CFR member for years just like Bundy, who was Dulles’ tool to wreck the Cuban
invasion that Kennedy had approved. So, Kennedy secretly fired Dulles – the darling
of the Vatican’s Jesuits – while openly he accepted his resignation. Kennedy then
appointed John A. McCone to replace him. McCone was one of Spellman’s Knights
and would prove to be one of the President’s assassins, resigning in 1965. Meanwhile,
President Kennedy seriously resisted the power of the Vatican’s Jesuit General
Janssens. First, according to The Washington Post, he determined to destroy the CIA
— that agency which Truman described after the Kennedy Assassination as “a
symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.” We read:
“Kennedy did fail in his attempt to gain full control of the CIA and its
major partners in the Defense Department. It was the most crucial
failure of his abbreviated presidency. He recognized his adversary
during his first term, and as he related confidentially to intimate
acquaintances, ‘When I am reelected, I am going to break that agency
into a thousand pieces.’ He meant to do it too, but the struggle cost him
his life.” {3)
Secondly, President Kennedy sought to end the Vietnam War. The way in
which he sought to end it was described in a report, entitled,
“ ‘Memorandum for the President, Subject: Report of McNamara-Taylor
Mission to South Vietnam’ . . .
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Vatican Assassins
With this report in hand, President Kennedy had what he wanted. It
contained the essence of decisions he had to make. He had to get
reelected to finish programs set in motion during his first term; he had to
get Americans out of Vietnam.” {4}
President Kennedy began to implement these policies along with limiting the
power of the CIA. But those policies were reversed.
“On November 22, 1963, the government of the United States was taken
over by the superpower group [the Order merely using its American
Intelligence Community to remove one of its Presidential creations] that
wanted an escalation of the warfare in Indochina and a continuing
military buildup for generations to come.” {5}
And who was responsible for the reversal of President Kennedy’s policies after his
brutal assassination? It was the Jesuits’ CIA, controlled by one of Cardinal
Spellman’s Knights of Malta, John A. McCone. We read from the book First Hand
Knowledge written by CIA agent and Kennedy assassin, Robert D. Morrow:
“At 8:30 AM, on Saturday, the 24th of November, 1963, the limousine
carrying CIA Director John McCone pulled into the White House
grounds. McCone was there to brief the President and the slain
President’s former aide, McGeorge Bundy [the one responsible for the
failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion] . . . He was also there to transact one
piece of business prior to becoming involved in all the details entailed in
a presidential transition — the signing of National Security
Memorandum 278 [in fact 273], a classified document which
immediately reversed John Kennedy’s decision to de-escalate the war in
Vietnam. The effect of Memorandum 278 would give the Central
Intelligence Agency carte blanche to proceed with a full-scale war in the
Far East, a war that would eventually involve over half a million
Americans in a life and death struggle without the necessity of
Congressional approval.
In effect, as of November 23, 1963, the Far East would replace Cuba as
the thorn in America’s side [because the Jesuits had given Cuba to
Castro!]. It would also create a whole new source of narcotics for the
Mafia’s worldwide markets. (As mentioned earlier, Victor Marchetti,
the former Deputy Director to Richard Helms, claimed in his book, The
CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, that Air America, the CIA’s
proprietary airline, was used as a carrier for opium.)” {6} [Emphasis
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Chapter 43
Dear truth-seeker, there you have it! The Vatican’s Jesuits with their tool,
Cardinal Spellman, using one of his Knights of Malta, John A. McCone, escalated
the Vatican’s War in Vietnam and gave the CIA unlimited power to carry out the
Jesuit General’s policy of mass-murder while developing the Mafia’s drug trade.
Every segment of Rome’s Fraternity benefited. The Vatican’s Federal Reserve Bank
made trillions financing the Military Industrial Complexes of both the East and West;
the International Intelligence Community grew to unbelievable proportions united at
its apex in the Vatican; the pharmaceutical industry made billions; the Mafia made
billions with the drug trade; Rome’s oil companies and Arab nations made billions;
President Johnson and his Texas oil men made billions as the tankers of Rome’s
shipping tycoons unloaded their crude in both Saigon and Hanoi; and, millions of
“heretics” were murdered throughout Southeast Asia. The blindly patriotic people of
Fourteenth Amendment America were further reduced to economic and political
slavery with its White Protestant Middle Class further destroyed along with eighty
thousand vets committing suicide, many of whom having suffered untold tortures.
Thirdly, President Kennedy also resisted the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank
and its monopoly fiat money, properly called “indulgences.” Colonel Gritz writes:
“When Kennedy . . . called for a return of America’s currency to the
gold standard, and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve System — he
actually minted non-debt money that does not bear the mark of the
Federal Reserve; when he dared to actually exercise the leadership
authority granted to him by the U.S. Constitution . . . Kennedy prepared
his own death warrant. It was time for him to go.” {7}
Indeed it was, time for him to go. Like Lincoln resisting the policies of the
Radical Red Republicans leading to the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, so
Kennedy resisted the policies of the Council on Foreign Relations leading to the war
in Vietnam. Neither could be allowed to serve a second term. John F. Kennedy,
unlike any President since Lincoln, truly resisted “the superpower group,” Colonel L.
Fletcher Prouty’s The Secret Team (so described by Papal Knight of Malta Daniel
Sheehan, the chief legal council of the Jesuits’ Christic Institute, and called “The
Octopus” by the murdered freelance writer Danny Casolaro), known in history as the
Society of Jesus. May we Americans never forget the courage that President John
F. Kennedy showed in refusing to bow to Francis Cardinal Spellman, knowing full
well that his countrymen would never appreciate the pain and national tragedy he
sought to prevent. Indeed, his several acts in resisting Jesuit tyranny were Profiles In
Courage, forever wounded in the house of his friends, who continue their betrayal of
the last bastion of freedom in the world — an America founded on Protestant and
Baptist-Calvinist liberties. Their continual example of sinning by silence, allowing our
enemies to triumph over us, makes cowards of our men, whores of our women,
undisciplined idiots of our children and slaves of us all.
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Vatican Assassins

Knight of Columbus John F. Kennedy; Shriner Freemason Allen
W. Dulles; Knight of Malta John A. McCone, 1962 #160 Because of
Allen Dulles’ deliberate sabotage of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961,
President Kennedy dismissed him and appointed John McCone in his
place.   But Knight McCone was loyal to his master at “the Little
Vatican” in New York, Archbishop and Knight of Columbus Francis
Cardinal Spellman. As a former head of the Atomic Energy Commission
and  deeply  tied  to  Vatican  corporations  composing  the 
American Empire’s Military Industrial Complex, he used certain CIA
soldiers, such as Clay L. Shaw, George DeMohrenschildt, David Ferrie, E.
Howard Hunt and the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, to murder the President.  
With the Black Pope pulling the strings, Allen Dulles, through John
McCone, oversaw the entire assassination and then was appointed to the
cover-up Warren Commission with the blessing of the Papal Caesar in
Rome. The Kennedy Tapes, Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow, (Cambridge,
Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1998).
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Chapter 43

Jesuit Priest John LaFarge, 1938 #161 Father of the American
Black Civil Rights Movement In accordance with Metternich’s Holy
Alliance and the Black Pope’s Council of Trent, the Society of Jesus
has been committed to the destruction of our Protestant Republic and our
“heretic and liberal” American people. Therefore it began “the Negro
Agitation” in the early 1930s with LaFarge hypocritically accusing
Protestants of instigating slavery and inventing racism when the Jesuits
were the largest slaveholders in Maryland from 1650 to 1838. This agitation
culminated in the violent “Civil Rights Movement” of the 1960s. Led by the
Jesuit-controlled socialist, Martin Luther King, the Order’s purpose
expressed by Emanuel Josephson was to “use the Negro to destroy our
Republic by inciting them to savagery to effect a complete breakdown of
law and order that will serve as a perfect pretext for establishing a
dictatorship under themselves that will be welcomed by a terrified nation.”
Remembering Malcolm X had boldly declared “the Ku Klux Klan and the
Nation of Islam have the same paymasters,” Jesuit New Dealers Robert
Hartnett and Georgetown’s Richard McSorley continued the agitation
culminating in the 1964 Civil Rights Act and forced integration of the
hated Public Schools leading to amalgamation, which always leads to moral
corruption and violence (Genesis 6), making America a weak nation of
color like Castro’s Cuba. Men Astutely Trained, Peter McDonough, (New York:
The Free Press, 1992).
The Jesuits – 1960 - 1963
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 44
The Jesuits – 1963
Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Francis Cardinal Spellman’s Oversight of:
The American Branch of the International Intelligence Community
The American Branch of the Knights of Malta
American Shriner and 33rd Degree Freemasonry
The American Knights of Columbus
The American Mafia
“Stand back, thou manifest conspirator,
Thou that contrivedst to murder our dead lord;
Thou that giv’st whores indulgences to sin:…
Under my feet I stamp thy cardinal’s hat:
In spite of pope or dignities of church,
Here by the cheeks I’ll drag thee up and down…
Now beat them hence; why do you let them stay?
Thee I’ll chase hence, thou wolf in sheep’s array.
Out, tawny coats! out, scarlet hypocrite!” {1}
Edward de Vere, 1590
17th Earl of Oxford
alias, “William Shakespeare”
I King Henry VI, Act I, Scene III
“Finally, — Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes,
noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our
beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends,
when we say it is for our interest and advantage.” {2} [Emphasis added]
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44
“It is of faith that the Pope has the right of deposing heretical and rebel
kings. Monarchs so deposed by the Pope are converted into notorious
tyrants, and may be killed by the first who can reach them. If the public
cause cannot meet with its defense in the death of a tyrant, it is lawful for
the first who arrives, to assassinate him.” {3} [Emphasis added]
Francisco Suarez, 1613
Spanish Jesuit
Defensio Fidei Catholicae
“That it is absolutely allowable to kill a man whenever the general welfare
or proper security demands it.” {4}
Mendoza Escobar, 1655
Spanish Jesuit Moral
“Following so notorious a Society, its tracks are imperishable — a trench
filled with the corpses of kings.” {5}
Edwin A. Sherman, 1883
American Shriner Freemason
Friend of our hero,
Charles Chiniquy The
Engineer Corps of Hell
“The right of deposing kings is inherent in the supreme sovereignty which
the Popes, as vice-regents of Christ exercise over all Christian nations.” {6}
Henry Cardinal Manning, 1892
Archbishop of Westminster
“Every Shriner, kneeling before the Koran, takes this oath . . . with terrible
bloody consequences if we revealed any of the ‘secrets’. . . (to have our
‘eyeballs pierced to the center with a sharp, three-edged blade’). . . . in the
name of Allah, and acknowledges this pagan god of vengeance as his own
(“the God of our fathers”). And, in the ritual, he acknowledges Islam, the
declared blood-enemy of [Biblical] Christianity, as the one true path.” {7}
James D. Shaw, 1988 Ex-33rd
Degree Freemason The Deadly
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
“A conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proved by positive testimony. When a
crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a combination of
individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and secretly. The purpose
formed is known only to those who enter into it. Unless one of the original
conspirators betray his companions and give evidence against them, their
guilt can be proved only by circumstantial evidence . . . and circumstances
can not lie.” {8}
John A. Bingham, 1865
Special Judge Advocate The
Trial of the Conspirators
“Freed remembers what apparently passes for polite conversation when
men such as Colby [CIA Director] and Cline get together. ‘It was quite
bizarre,’ Freed said, ‘for the subject they chose was, ‘When is it acceptable
to assassinate a head of state?’ ’ Colby presented what he said was a
theological and philosophically sound approach. The Catholic church, he
said, had long since wrestled with this question and had, to Colby’s mind,
emerged with a sound concept. ‘It is acceptable,’ he said, ‘to assassinate a
tyrant.’ ” {9} [Emphasis added]
Mark Lane, 1991
American Jurist
Plausible Denial
“Did [Secret Service Agent] Hickey do it? . . . He knew Hickey was seen
with an AR-15 the instant the final shot hit home. . . . Finally, he knew the
bullet’s trajectory led straight to Hickey and his gun. . . . The bullet that hit
Kennedy in the head [in the back] came from the left rear. From the
follow-up car. From the AR-15. [Though some doubt Hickey’s involvement,
he never answered Donahue’s charges and remained silent until the day he
died. Both the Secret Service and the FBI conspired to suppress evidence
while Rowley and DeLoach met with the Jesuit Daniel J. Power at
Georgetown shortly after the murder. This is the same FBI under the
control of Opus Dei that is presently working with the Black Pope’s
International Islamic Terrorist Network in training Palestinian Hamas
terrorists in Kansas City and in the Black Muslim Nation of Islam’s home
base of Chicago, according to FBI Special Agent Robert Wright.]” {10}
Howard Donahue, 1991
American Balistics Expert
Mortal Error
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44
“Kennedy . . . was murdered at Dallas on November 22, 1963. . . . The killing
shot came from the driver of the President’s Limousine, a CIA [Secret
Service] agent who shot Kennedy in the head with a special weapon
developed by the CIA. If you look at the original [Zapruder] film of the
assassination in slow motion and watch the driver, then you can clearly see
that he turns around with a gun in his hand, shoots, and the back of
Kennedy’s head bursts. The films shown in most Western countries [JFK,
Director’s Cut] have the driver cut out . . . The bullet, too, was a CIA special
that only exploded after entering the body, and thus annihilated Kennedy’s
brain [Since no Chief Executive has been killed with a rifle in over two
hundred years, a maxim of all Jesuit-authored assassinations when using a
firearm is the killing shot must be at a point-blank range like Presidents
Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley as well as Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo.] . . .
all the witnesses of the conspiracy were either killed or died of fast-growing
cancer [viral cell mutations created by the Jesuit General’s CIA] that they
had injected — the deadly marksman in the car [the driver, Navy Seal
William Greer] three weeks after the deed, for example.” {11}
Jan van Helsing, 1995
Swiss Historian
Secret Societies and Their Power
in the 20th Century
“Between seven and ten shots were fired by four different assassins . . . but
Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single round. Two of the shooters were CIA
contract agents. Two were actually picked up by the cops and released, and
another one flew out of Dallas untouched. Of the four, I was personally
acquainted with three of them . . . Charles Harrelson . . . and he was capable
of killing anybody; . . . Frank Sturgis; . . . and Charles Rogers (alias Carlos
Montoya).” {12} [Emphasis added]
Hugh Huggins (alias Hugh Howell), 1993
Joe Kennedy’s CIA “Chameleon” Assassin
JFK: Breaking the Silence
“As St. Peter was given the power of punishing with temporal punishments
and even with death for the correction and example of others . . . even so the
Pope can depose the [Holy Roman] emperor and give his empire to another, if
he does not defend the [Pope’s] Church.” {13}
Antonio Santarelli, 1626
Italian Jesuit
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
This chapter will examine the forest, not the trees. The hundreds of works
covering the Kennedy assassination can be reduced to a few simple facts. These facts
viewed in the context of the previous chapters lead us to the “Lion” in his “Den of
Iniquity” that had the power to execute the murder and successfully cover it up. That
Lion was the Cardinal of New York and his Den of Iniquity was St. Patrick’s
Cathedral, “the little Vatican,” and home base of the American Branch of the Knights
of Malta. From the death of Cardinal Spellman in 1967 until now (2003), the
succeeding “Lions,” having kept the assassination covered up, were Cardinal Cooke
(himself a Knight of Malta) and Cardinal O’Connor, a Knight of Malta and former
Chaplin during Spellman’s Vietnam War, and later, a Navy Admiral. (O’Connor must
have known Admiral Edward Kenney, the Surgeon General of the Navy, as well as
every detail of the President’s deliberately botched and covered up autopsy overseen
by JFK’s physician, Admiral George G. Burkley, at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in
Maryland.) Edward Cardinal Egan is presently the Archbishop of New York and
will continue the Great Jesuit Cover-up. Of Cardinal Spellman’s power in 1963
controlling the American Empire’s intelligence and military structure we read:
“Spellman . . . the Military Vicar of the American armed forces . . . was also
the unofficial link between the Pope and John Foster Dulles, the U.S. Secretary
of State [whose son, Avery Dulles, is a Jesuit] and, therefore, the Secretary’s
brother Allen, head of the CIA . . . The Catholic Church in the USA [controlled
by the Jesuit Order] is a force in the Pentagon, a secret agent in the FBI and
the . . . prime mover of . . . the Central Intelligence Agency.” {14} [Emphasis
Knowing that President Kennedy was not going to escalate the Vietnam War,
the Intelligence Community began to prepare for his assassination. Raised a Lutheran,
Lee Oswald was chosen to be a patsy . . . As a CIA agent, he had been sent to Soviet
Russia by Allen Dulles in 1959, supposedly as a defector. Knowing that the CIA
(OSS) and the KGB (NKVD) had worked together during World War II, Oswald
apparently took a vacation for nearly two years. During that time he married a Russian
woman, Marina, whose uncle was a KGB Colonel, Vasili Khritinin. When he
returned to the American Empire in 1962, without being formally debriefed, he
associated with CIA agents Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie (a former
Catholic Priest), Guy Banister, Count George DeMohrenschildt (a personal friend
of Jackie Kennedy’s father) and Clay L. Shaw. Oswald was a CIA agent and was
related to a Jesuit. Emanuel Josephson tells us:
“An interesting angle is presented by the Lee Oswald involvement. His cousin
is reported to be a Jesuit priest. And it is a matter of record that Lee Oswald
was invited to address the Jesuit College in Springhill, Alabama, on the subject
of his activities, two weeks before the Kennedy Assassination. The Jesuit
involvement closely parallels that in the Lincoln Assassination.” {15}
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44
Jim Garrison clearly proved the CIA was involved in the assassination
through Clay L. Shaw. He writes:
“ . . . we discovered Shaw’s extensive international role as an employee of
the CIA. Shaw’s secret life as an Agency man in Rome trying to bring
Fascism back to Italy was exposed in articles in the Italian press . . . To me
among the most significant revelations were . . . the confirmation by both
Victor Marchetti and Richard Helms that Clay Shaw had been an agent of
the Central Intelligence Agency.” {16} [Emphasis added]
And who was the Director of the CIA in 1963? It was Knight of Malta John A.
McCone. Prior to that McCone had been a defense contractor who had formerly
headed the Atomic Energy Commission. Later in 1970, he was a board member of
International Telephone & Telegraph Company (IT&T) while remaining a CIA
consultant. Marchetti tells us:
“(ITT board member who later admitted to a Senate investigative
committee that he had played the key role in bringing together CIA and ITT
officials was John McCone, director of the CIA during the Kennedy
administration and in 1970, a CIA consultant.)” {17}
Cardinal Spellman’s soldier and Director of the CIA, John A. McCone, participated
in the Kennedy Assassination.
Jim Garrison and others have proved that the FBI was also involved in the
assassination. He writes:
“I already had concluded that parts of the local Dallas law enforcement
establishment [controlled by Cardinal Spellman’s Dallas Bishop Thomas K.
Gorman] were probably implicated in the assassination or its cover-up. But
now I saw that the highly respected FBI was implicated as well.” {18}
Cardinal Spellman had two agents in the FBI. The first was the Shriner
Freemason and brother Cold Warrior, J. Edgar Hoover. According to John Loftus,
Hoover had cooperated with the Vatican Ratlines resettling Nazi war criminals in the
predominantly Roman Catholic Northeast United States. Why should he not cooperate
with Spellman now? Why would he refuse? More importantly Spellman’s key man
in the FBI was Knight of Malta, Cartha DeLoach. As the third in command,
DeLoach was in a position to supervise the assassination and suppress evidence.
Garrison proved DeLoach did in fact suppress evidence.
After the assassination we see a telling relationship between President
Lyndon Johnson and Cartha DeLoach. DeLoach was known as Johnson’s man in
the FBI and the President would call him any time of day. Curt Gentry writes:
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
“Lyndon Johnson couldn’t sleep. Late at night he had his aid Marvin
Watson telephone the DeLoach bedroom. The president had suddenly
become convinced that the murder of his predecessor had been a conspiracy
and wanted more information from the FBI.” {19}
This is the Cartha DeLoach that had signed a five-year contract with Lee Iacocca’s
Ford Mercury in connection with the television series, “The FBI.” Both DeLoach and
Iacocca were Knights of Malta subject to Cardinal Spellman during the Kennedy
assassination. Later DeLoach went on to be a director of PepsiCo, and according to
Colonel Prouty, that company also participated in Kennedy’s assassination. We read
with wonder, as it seems this web of assassins appears to be endless:
“Nixon was in Dallas with a top executive of the Pepsi-Cola Company, Mr.
Harvey Russell, the general counsel. Nixon was a legal counsel to that
corporation. That top executive’s son has told of Nixon’s presence in Dallas
at the time of the assassination, and Russell has confirmed the accuracy of
his son’s account. Later, sometime after the shooting, Nixon was driven to
the Dallas airport by a Mr. DeLuca, also an official of the Pepsi-Cola
Company. In addition, the son of another Pepsi-Cola executive was in
Dallas at that time and had dinner with Jack Ruby, Oswald’s killer, the
night before JFK was murdered.” {20}
(Is it any wonder why President Nixon, a co-conspirator in the assassination, was
paranoid over the release of “the Watergate tapes”?) DeLoach, Iacocca and the
Knights of Pepsi, now PepsiCo, all worked together.
At the time of the assassination in Dallas, the Catholic priest, Oscar Huber,
escorted by an unknown priest, was sent from Holy Trinity Catholic Church to
administer “last rites” for the President. Knowing that Kennedy’s wounds were
frontal wounds of entry, Huber reported everything to his superior, the Bishop of
Dallas, then “The Most Reverend Thomas Kiely Gorman, DD.” According to
Martin Lee’s article entitled “Who Are the Knights of Malta?” appearing on October
14, 1983 in the National Catholic Reporter, Thomas K. Gorman was a Knight of
Malta. Being a brother Knight, he must have reported directly to Cardinal Spellman
and kept him apprised of what was happening in Dallas.
At the time of the assassination in Dallas, roughly 12:30PM (in the afternoon),
all the telephones went dead in Washington, D.C. for about one hour. How could this
have happened? Someone at IT&T had to be responsible as it serviced the
Washington area. In 1963 one of the VIP’s of IT&T was Francis D. Flanagan. You
guessed it. According to Martin Lee’s same article, “Who Are the Knights of Malta?”,
Flanagan was a Knight. Later McCone, with his brother Knights, coordinated a deal
between the CIA and IT&T to better work together.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44
The author knows there were several Knights of Columbus involved in the
Kennedy assassination. They were working for the FBI in particular. But the only
notable Knight involved was Senator Edward Kennedy, in that, through his silence
he has consented to his brother’s murder. Maybe this is what has driven the perpetual
Senator from Massachusetts to his ruined, alcoholic life. Let us take a few moments to
pray for the Senator that he might have a change of heart, that he would tell all and
that we might protect him. For he too was subject to the occult power of Pope Paul
VI’s Francis Cardinal Spellman. He was indeed “Spellmanized”!
Lastly, we know that the Mafia was involved in the Kennedy Assassination.
The Mafia, OSS/CIA, FBI and Office of Naval Intelligence had been working
together throughout World War II. Jack Ruby was a Mafioso and David E. Scheim
makes it perfectly clear in his Contract on America that the Mob had at least two
motives; the Kennedy brothers assault on Organized Crime and the loss of the Mob’s
gambling paradise in Cuba.
But those were not the reasons. The Mafia Dons must have been promised that
they would make more money than Havana could ever produce, through the explosion
of the International Drug Trade made possible by the Vietnam War. If they helped
eliminate Kennedy, Johnson would escalate the war and thereby, the drug trade. The
CIA would bring the drugs in from the Golden Triangle, distribute them to the Mafia
families (Sam Giancana and Santos Trafficante families) and both would profit.
Mob bosses not wanting to participate would be deposed or eliminated.
More importantly, the Mafia’s Commission had a favor to repay. Cardinal
Spellman, through FDR, had arranged the release of Charles “Lucky” Luciano
because of “Operation Underworld” mentioned in a previous chapter. Now the
Cardinal needed a favor. If refused, Spellman could use the entire International
Intelligence Community, which he had helped to organize, to eliminate any Mob boss.
If agreed to, new gambling centers would open up, Atlantic City being one of them.
Clearly, if the President was removed, everybody would acquire more power and
wealth, the Intelligence Community would become more absolute and the Cardinal
would be even more respected by his peers in Rome. The rest is history.
Later, in 1964, for the first time in the nation’s history as a Republic
(1789-1868) or an Empire (1868-2003), the Pope of Rome set foot in Fourteenth
Amendment America. Cardinal Spellman had performed well and was rewarded by
a visit from his Master, fellow Cold Warrior and Vatican Ratline handler, Cardinal
Montini, who was now the Papal Caesar, Pope Paul VI.
There is yet another reason for the removal of President Kennedy. He wanted
to arm Israel. Loftus and Aarons write:
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins “In September 1962 Kennedy decided to supply Israel with defensive
ground-to-air missiles capable of stopping aircraft, but not the Egyptian
offensive missiles. It was the first arms sale by the U.S. Government to
Israel . . . Kennedy promised the Israelis that as soon as the 1964 election
was over, he would break the CIA ‘into a thousand pieces and scatter it to
the winds.’ . . . With Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, the
Israelis lost the best friend they had had in the White House since Truman
departed.” {21}
And why did the Vatican’s Jesuits not want any arms sales to Israel at this time?
Why did our Jesuit-controlled President, Lyndon Johnson, turn his back while the
Egyptian army moved up through the Sinai desert to prepare its assault on Israel in
1967? Because the attack upon Israel had to be provoked! The Jesuits’ International
Intelligence Community, deceiving Egypt into falsely perceiving the weakness of the
Israeli army and the supposed abandonment of Israel by the American Empire,
provoked that attack. Indeed, weakness breeds contempt and invites attack! The
Six-Day war, engineered by Knight of Malta James Angleton, had one primary
purpose: the taking of Jerusalem from Islamic Jordan, along with the Temple
Mount. The apparent lack of military hardware on the part of Israel provoked the
planned attack by Egypt. Therefore, Israel launched a preemptive strike and in six days
the holy city was in the hands of Rome’s Zionist government. Had Kennedy armed
Israel, the Egyptians would never have been emboldened to maneuver for war. With
no provoked war there would have been no Israeli attack. With no Israeli attack the
Zionist Army, controlled by the Jesuits’ Mossad, would never have taken Jerusalem.
With Jerusalem in Arab hands, the high Masonic Jewish Zionists could never rebuild
Solomon’s Temple – unbeknown to the Israeli people – for the Jesuits “infallible”
Papal Caesar who, when risen from the dead, will be
“ . . . a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences . . .
And he shall speak great words against the most High . . .
and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god,
and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods,
and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: . . .
Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women,
nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”
– Daniel 8:23; 7:25; 11:36, 37
“Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God,
or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God
[Solomon’s rebuilt Temple], shewing himself that he is God.”
– II Thessalonians 2:4
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44
For he
“ . . . [shall] stand in the holy place [Solomon’s rebuilt Temple] . . . ”
– Matthew 24:15
“But the court which is without the temple . . . of God
[Solomon’s rebuilt Temple] . . . is given unto the Gentiles:
and the holy city [Jerusalem]
shall they tread under foot forty and two months.”
– Revelation 11:1, 2
It is safe to say that the Jesuit General, using the “infallible” Pope with his
most powerful Cardinal in the American Empire, assassinated President John F.
Kennedy in 1963. For it was Cardinal Spellman, “the American Pope,” in command
of his soldiers – the Knights of Malta – who oversaw the assassination.
And it was certain Knights of Malta, using the Central Intelligence Agency,
that aided in the actual assassination of the President. Those Knights were CIA
Director, John A. McCone, and CIA officers, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Henry R.
Luce. In 1963, both William F. Buckley, Jr. and Henry Luce were personal friends of
CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. We read from Mark Lane’s Plausible Denial on page
270 concerning Time and Life magazines of which Henry Luce was the owner;
“ ‘I [Howard Hunt] had them [fabricated official cables], typed up on a
typewriter and they were Xeroxed, and the Xeroxes were eventually
shown to a person of Mr. [Charles] Colson’s confidence, and in Time
and Life.’ . . . Hunt, after swearing that he had never been involved in a
disinformation effort to embarrass Kennedy, had now testified that he
had merely sought to doctor and create evidence to prove that Kennedy
was a murderer.” {22}
Again we read of Hunt’s connection with the pompous William F. Buckley, Jr.:
“[G. Gordon] Liddy completed his testimony perfectly, stating that
while he no longer associated with Hunt, he did see him last, he recalled,
when both men demonstrated their support for another former CIA
officer, William F. Buckley, Jr., as Buckley celebrated the anniversary
of his television show at the New York Yacht Club.” {23} [Emphasis
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, Hunt was close to both powerhouses, Buckley and Luce.
Hunt was also working with two of his fellow criminals in the future Watergate
scandal, G. Gordon Liddy (Jesuit-trained) and Chuck Colson (pro-Jesuit Protestant).
And in 1985, it was Mark Lane who proved in Miami’s federal court that Hunt was
in Dallas the day President Kennedy was murdered. Therefore, the conclusion was
obvious. The CIA with its agent, E. Howard Hunt, had killed the President. In the
words of the jury’s forewoman, Leslie Armstrong, we read:
“ ‘Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking
us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government.
When we examined the evidence (for 65 minutes) we were compelled to
conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.’ . . . Hunt
had been part of it, and that evidence, so painstakingly presented, should
now be examined by the relevant institutions of the United States
Government so that those responsible for the assassination might be
brought to justice.” {24} [Emphasis added]
“ . . . and it came to pass, . . . that Cain rose up against Abel his brother,
and slew him. And the LORD said unto Cain . . . What hast thou done?
the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.”
– Genesis 4:8-10
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.”
– Genesis 9:6
Dear truth-seeker, if the government of the United States, presently overseen
and managed by the Black Pope’s Council on Foreign Relations through the strong
arm of its Central Intelligence Agency, its Federal Bureau of Investigation and
now the Order’s Office of Homeland “Romeland” Security (it having absorbed one
hundred federal agencies including the Coast Guard and now directed by the
Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic Knight of Columbus, Tom Ridge), continues its
refusal to punish the murderers of President John F. Kennedy, these murderers
having now sacrificed many thousands of people in the Twin Towers of New York’s
World Trade Center, (as both Towers were aerially attacked and then internally
imploded by Archbishop Egan’s Central Intelligence Agency), we, like the
Calvinists of old, must calmly and resolutely withdraw our allegiance; we must
formally and legally declare our independence to the world; and then “throw off such
government.” If we fail in this we will be consumed by the righteous judgment of the
risen Son of God for disobeying His Holy Word — the Authorized King James
Version of 1611.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44

Presidential Candidates Kennedy and Nixon, Cardinal Spellman, 1960

The Murderers of President Kennedy at the Waldorf-Astoria, 1963 #163
Being members of the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations, they are:
Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce,
Secretary of State Dean Rusk,
Head of the American Branch of the Knights of Malta, J. Peter Grace,
Dame of Malta Clare Boothe Luce,
New York Archbishop and Military Vicar of the American Empire,
Knight of Columbus Francis Cardinal Spellman.
The American Pope, John Cooney, (New York: Times Books, 1984).
Luce and His Empire, W. A. Swanberg, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1972).
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins

Knight of Malta Clay L. Shaw, 1967 #164
Director of New Orleans International Trade Mart

Knight of Malta Clay L. Shaw Arrested in New Orleans, 1967 #165
Shaw is booked in the Jesuit stronghold of New Orleans for conspiracy to
kill President Kennedy.    Aided by the CIA’s Italian Roman Catholic
lawyer, Salvatore Panzeca, he was acquitted, although Jesuit Temporal
Coadjutor Oliver Stone was told years later by presiding Judge Edward
Haggerty, an Irish Roman Catholic and Papal Knight, who in keeping the
Order’s trial on track refused to admit Shaw’s alias into the record, that he
“did not believe a word of Shaw’s testimony.” Years later Richard Helms,
one of “Wild Bill” Donovan’s OSS case officers who became President
Richard M. Nixon’s Director of the CIA, admitted that Shaw had been a
contract agent for the CIA, called “the Company” like the Jesuit Order. On
the Trail of the Assassins, Jim Garrison, (New York: Warner Books, 1988).
Plausible Denial, Mark Lane, (New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1991).
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44

Knight of Malta, William F. Buckley, Jr., 1967 #166 In 1963
Buckley was a member of Yale’s “Skull and Bones” Society, the Council on
Foreign Relations, an officer in the Central Intelligence Agency and later,
one of Cardinal Spellman’s Knights of Malta. After President Kennedy’s
assassination, this traitor played a key role in the Great Jesuit Cover-up,
constantly affirming that Oswald was the lone assassin protecting his
friend E. Howard Hunt from being exposed. Later, Buckley would be
named as the “godfather” of one of Hunt’s children. A close friend of
fellow “Bonesman” and Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce, who controlled
the national media from Rockefeller Center across the street from Francis
Cardinal Spellman’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Buckley reached fifteen states
through his T.V. program, Firing Line, and his periodical, National Review,
had a worldwide readership. He was a close personal friend of the head of
the American Branch of the Knights of Malta, J. Peter Grace, who in turn
oversaw the Nazi “Operation Paperclip” and President Ronald Reagan’s
Grace Commission. As of this date (2003) Buckley still lives and continues
to maintain the Great Jesuit Cover-up on behalf of the wicked Archbishop
Edward Cardinal Egan of New York, the Black Pope’s Society of Jesus, and
the Papal Caesar in Rome. Look Magazine, “Pat Buckley: Oasis for a caustic
Conservative,” March 7, 1967, p. 109.
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins

E. Howard Hunt, Jr., 1972 #167 CIA
Officer, Consultant to the Nixon White House

Charles W. Colson, 1972 #168 Special Counsel to President Nixon Both
of these men were close friends of the Black Pope’s Knight of Malta, William 
F.  Buckley,  Jr.,  and  were  co-conspirators  in  the  Kennedy
Assassination as well as the Watergate Scandal that ultimately forced Nixon to
resign in 1975. Colson presently speaks for a Protestant ministry owned by a
White Roman Catholic controlled by the Papal Caesar in Rome. All the
President’s Men, Carl Bernstein, (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1974). An
American Life, Jeb Stuart Magruder, (New York: Atheneum, 1974).
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44

Alexander M. Haig, Jr. and Henry A. Kissinger, 1972 #169
This picture personifies the POWER of the Black Pope exercised through
his agents over the Order’s masonically controlled “Holy Roman”
Fourteenth Amendment American Empire. Former NATO Commander
and Knight of Malta Alexander Haig (who according to G. Gordon Liddy
was “Deep Throat” during the Watergate Scandal and whose brother,
Francis R. Haig, is a Jesuit), speaking to the Masonic Jewish Zionist Henry
Kissinger, saved Zionist Israel from being overrun by the Egyptians during
the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Being powerful members of the New York
Archbishop’s Council on Foreign Relations, both have a complete
knowledge of the Kennedy Assassination and both were used to remove
President Nixon from office. Knights of Malta Haig and Casey, working
with Masonic Jewish Zionists Kissinger and Hammer, brought the world
closer to worshipping the risen Papal Caesar ruling from Solomon’s rebuilt
Temple in Jerusalem as “the beast,” exalted by his Jewish False Prophet.
The White House Years: Triumph and Tragedy, Ollie Atkins, (Chicago: Playboy
Press, 1977) p. 158.
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins

English Knight of Malta Kim Philby, 1963 #170 British Secret
Service, American CIA, Russian KGB Recruited into British
Intelligence by Jesuit Theodore Maly The Idol of America’s deadliest
spy, Opus Dei Robert Philip Hanssen

Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton, 1975 #171 Chief of
Counterintelligence, CIA, KGB, Mossad Papal Knights Philby and
Angleton worked together for years and were friends until death.   This
explains how CIA agent Lee Harvey Oswald easily entered and exited the
Order’s USSR, accompanied by his wife Marina, the niece of a KGB officer,
Colonel Vasili Khritinin. Treason In the Blood, Anthony Cave Brown, (Boston:
Houghton Mifflin Co., 1994).
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 44

Francis Cardinal Spellman in Rome, November of 1963 #172
The cowardly conspirator, Cardinal Spellman, performs a Solemn High
Requiem Mass in the Vatican before a symbolic coffin draped with an
American Flag. The services, which coincided with those in Washington,
were, in fact, celebrating the successful assassination of President John F.
Kennedy, carried out by the Black Pope’s Inquisitional International
Intelligence Community in maintaining and enforcing the evil, worldwide
Temporal Power of the Papal Caesar in Rome. For the Moral Theology of
the Company had deemed our President Kennedy a “usurper” and thus a
“tyrant” pursuant to the Opusculum Theologicum of Jesuit Martin Becan.
Four Dark Days in History: November 22, 23, 24, 25, 1963, Jim Matthews, (Los
Angeles, California: Special Publications Inc., 1963).
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 45
The Jesuits – 1963
The FBI, the Secret Service and the Jesuit
“Let proper methods be used to get knowledge of the animosities that
arise among great men, that we may have a finger in reconciling their
differences; for by this means we shall gradually become acquainted
with their friends and secret affairs, and of necessity engage one of the
parties in our interests.” {1}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
“Whoever wishes in this Society, which we desire should be
distinguished by the name of Jesus [formerly known as the Knights of
the (Black) Virgin Mary] to fight as a soldier of God under the banner of
the Cross, and to serve only the Lord and His bride, the Church, under
the Roman Pope, the earthly Vicar of Christ, after taking the solemn
vow of eternal chastity, poverty, and obedience . . . must also render
service in reconciling quarrels.” {2}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Formula Instituti
With the assassination of President Kennedy, as in all well laid plans of mice
and men, there were a few “glicks” or difficulties that arose. One such difficulty was a
hostility having arisen between the less informed agents of the FBI and Secret Service.
Each blamed the other as being responsible for the President’s death. Hoover and
DeLoach of the FBI, and Rowley, Greer, Kellerman, Hill and Hickey of the Secret
Service knew quite well who killed the President. But the lower ranks not in the know
were quarreling.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 45
Cardinal Spellman’s agent and Knight of Malta, Cartha DeLoach, gives us a
most fascinating narration of how the quarrel was resolved. As the third in command
of the FBI, Knight DeLoach tells us in his “cover-up” work, Hoover’s FBI, of the
absolute power the Jesuit Order wields over the American Empire’s most renowned
police agencies. He writes:
“It was a bad time to quarrel. The nation needed to believe that the
president of the United States was safe while driving down the streets of
America. As the quarrel worsened, Father Daniel J. Power, S.J.
[Society of Jesus], head of development at Georgetown [Jesuit]
University called me and said, ‘Deke, why don’t you and Jim Rowley
[Roman Catholic Papal Knight] have a quiet lunch with me at my office
at the university?’ Rowley, chief of the Secret Service, was a former
FBI agent whom I knew and liked; we both accepted.
It was the first of a number of such luncheons. Following each, I wrote a
memorandum to J. Edgar Hoover with the increasing conviction that
Rowley wished to cooperate rather than, as Hoover suspected, make the
FBI a scapegoat for his own agency’s shortcomings.
Eventually we worked out a number of administrative procedures that
strengthened the relationship between the Secret Service and the FBI
and ensured greater protection for the president and his family. Today, it
is far less likely that a Lee Harvey Oswald could slip through our net.
This reconciliation was all the more essential because the new president,
Lyndon Johnson, issued an executive order allowing the president to use
the FBI for protection as well as the Secret Service. Had Rowley and I
not worked out our difficulties, such efforts would have been difficult at
best.” {3} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, this incidence is a prime example of the Jesuit “unseen hand” in
Washington. To be able to calm the storm between the Empire’s two most powerful
police agencies reveals who truly maintains order – who rules – in Fourteenth
Amendment America.)
The result of these meetings between Knight of Malta Cartha DeLoach and
Jim Rowley at the feet of their master Daniel Power – the Jesuit – was the further
centralization of Presidential power in Washington. Hoover’s “bureaucratic bastard”
– The Holy Office of the Inquisition in America – moved another step closer to
becoming the Empire’s Nazi-Fascist Gestapo. President Johnson, the Freemason,
gave Cardinal Spellman his “extirpation of heretics” in Vietnam, and CIA Director
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
John A. McCone, the Knight of Malta, gave the Jesuit General’s Secret Team its
International Drug Trade. That massive Drug Trade would greatly accelerate the
weakening and the destruction of the White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon peoples (coupled
with forced integration, amalgamation, miscegenation, unreported Black-on-White
crime, the mass-marketing of corrupted, pro-Latin Vulgate “Bibles” and gun
confiscation), they having founded the great and mighty Protestant nations of Western
Civilization, while being the risen Son of God’s most devoted Bible-believing
preachers and missionaries in the history of the true, blood-bought, Church of the Lord
Jesus Christ. Is this not in fact a righteous judgment of the Lord against the
predominantly atheistic and immoral, Bible-rejecting White Race of both the British
and American Empires for harboring, protecting and financing that calculating, cold-
blooded viper – the Company of Jesus – as it pursues its hell-bent quest in destroying
the Protestant Reformation? The unrestrained and unpunished Drug Trade, coupled
with the loss of Hong Kong, will provide the economic base for building that military
Goliath in the Far East – our future invader and destroyer – the Red Chinese Army.
And the destruction of the Moslem mosques and “holy places” in Mecca, Medina and
Jerusalem, secretly carried out by the Black Pope’s International Intelligence
Community overseeing the Masonic leadership if the Islamic Nations and the
Masonic leadership of Zionist Israel, will fire the hearts of yet another one of our
future invaders – the Moslem World having survived Rome’s present war against
Islam – the Papal Caesar having finally made Jerusalem an international city under
the protection of his revived Holy Roman European Empire. One of our heroes, the
ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera, having gained a secret knowledge of Vatican Intelligence
through the instruction of one of the Black Pope’s most powerful Jesuits and
confessor to Pope Pius XII, Augustin Cardinal Bea, correctly declared:
“Jerusalem will fall into the hands of the pope and the Muslim nations
[via Shriner Freemasonry] will assist him.   The last pope will be the
“Antichrist” who knows he must flee to Jerusalem to escape from the
Vatican just before it is destroyed. (Revelation 17:16)” {4} [Emphasis
That Secret Team, in command of the coming Red Chinese invasion of the
Empire’s West Coast and a united Moslem invasion of the Empire’s Southeast Coast,
is the Borg of Star Trek, the Militia of the Black Pope controlling the Papal Caesar,
the Company of Ignatius Loyola. Respectively known as the Society of Jesus, or as
the great Reformer, John Calvin, surnamed these brainwashed, mind-controlled,
religious fanatics and forever warring, fiery mass murderers of the risen Son of God’s
Bible-believing Church, as well as His Semitic Hebrew/Jewish Nation of Israel yet to
experience her national blessing under Messiah’s Abrahamic Covenant, they are:
The Jesuits.
The Jesuits – 1963
Chapter 45

Roman Catholic Knight James J. Rowley, Chief of the Secret Service

Secret Service Assassins Clint Hill, Roy Kellerman and William Greer

Conspirators President Johnson and FBI Assistant Director DeLoach #175
Life Magazine, “Piecing Together the Evidence,” Gerald Ford, October 2, 1964, p. 50B.
The Official Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President Kennedy,
Nizer and Catton, (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964).
Hoover’s FBI, Cartha D. “Deke” DeLoach, (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc.,
The Jesuits – 1963
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 46
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
The Great Jesuit Cover-up:
Knight of Columbus Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York
Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace and his American Knights of Malta
Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce, and his American “Lucepress”
Jesuit John Courtney Murray
Shriner Freemason Earl Warren and his Warren Commission
Shriner Freemason Allen Dulles and his Central Intelligence Agency
Shriner Freemason David Rockefeller and his
Council on Foreign Relations Knight of Malta William F.
Buckley and his National Review Shriner Freemason J. Edgar
Hoover and his
Federal Bureau of Investigation Papal
Knight Thomas “Tip” O’Neill and his
House Select Committee on Assassinations Dame of Malta Clare
Boothe Luce Murder of Witnesses Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Oliver Stone
and “JFK, Director’s Cut”
“Immediately upon the death of any person of post, let them take timely
care to get some friend of our Society preferred in his room [President
Lyndon Johnson]; but this must be cloaked with such cunning and
management as to avoid giving the least suspicion of our intending to
usurp the prince’s authority . . . ” {1}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
“It is for this that the Society of the Jesuits has the power to hide the sun,
and make men blind and deaf to its caprice.” {2}
Montlarc, 1700?
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46
“Who are they [the Jesuits]? The agents of espionage, intrigue, and
accusations; the prime movers of the leagues, civil wars and dragonnades,
schisms, murderers; that is what they are! Incarnate enemies of legitimate
liberty, partners of despotism; that is what they are! Disturbers of the peace
of all states and of all families, seducers and conspirators; instructors of the
assassins of kings; authors of slavery and the stolidity of peoples; vassals and
oppressors in the name of God to popes, kings, peoples and to the most holy
and illustrious men; THAT IS YOUR HISTORY!” {3}
Edwin A. Sherman, 1883
American Shriner Freemason
Friend of our hero,
Charles Chiniquy The
Engineer Corps of Hell
“There was one group, one organization, whose historical background was
characterized by the planning and execution of such deeds; that had a lasting
consistent motive, before, during and after the crime; that had the necessary
international connections; that had the money; that could elicit suicidal
self-sacrifice in its members; and that continued to exist through all phases of
the assassination conspiracy. This is the Roman Catholic Church [controlled
by the Society of Jesus since its restoration in 1814].” {4} [Emphasis added]
Emmett McLoughlin, 1963
Irish Ex-Priest
An Inquiry Into the Assassination of
Abraham Lincoln
“The Society of Jesus, though often called the ‘Grenadier Guards of the
Pope,’ is no more an essential part of the Catholic Church than is the Horse
Guards an essential part of the British Empire. . . . And who can fairly
identify criticism of the Jesuits with disloyalty to Catholicism [which
Catholicism the Order is seeking to discredit, destroy and replace with its
Luciferian New Age Movement]? . . . the Jesuit enigma appears in the form of
astute and cunning diplomacy . . . that strategy must be used . . . and that
victory is to be won . . . by craft and guile.” {5} [Emphasis added]
E. Boyd Barrett, 1927
Irish Ex-Jesuit The
Jesuit Enigma
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
“ . . . I ran into Johnny Roselli in the yard at Terminal Island . . . He was
associated with Al Capone . . . Paul Ricca, Tony Accardo, and Sam
Giancana . . . He became closely associated with studio moguls, union
chiefs, and stars . . . Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sponsored him for
membership in exclusive clubs like Friar’s Club…Roselli [his CIA
handler being “Knight” David Atlee Phillips, a friend of “Dame” Clare
Boothe Luce] had long been rumored to have been involved in the plot
against Kennedy. Being linked to Sam made that seem almost logical.
And knowing his background – that he was an accomplished marksman,
one of the suspected gunmen at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – made
the long-standing rumor that he was involved in Dealey Plaza also seem
plausible . . . Roselli’s linking [Jack] Ruby to Sam shocked me . . . Roselli
was also loose-lipped around the handful of Cubans who were doing time.
Some of these people had been involved in the Bay of Pigs, were up to
their eyeballs in exile politics, and had been engaged in illegal anti-Castro
activities for years. They knew that Roselli, on hire to the CIA, had been
involved in several attempts on Castro’s life. They also seemed to know
that Roselli had been a triggerman in the assassination — and they
regarded him as a hero because of that [and because of his incriminating
admissions, his dismembered body was later found in 1976, packed in an
oil drum floating in Miami’s Biscayne Bay] . . . There were all kinds of
questions I obviously was curious about but did not ask him — about the
parade route, for example. Why were the windows in the Texas School
Book Depository all opened at the time of the assassination? Why wasn’t
that storm drain on Elm Street sealed? He couldn’t have taken up his
position without knowing something about the involvement of the Secret
Service, which was responsible for the routine securing of the area, such
as the sealing of the windows and storm drains. I already had far too much
knowledge, and I had no desire for more.” {6} [Emphasis added]
Bill Bonanno, 1999
American Ex-Mafioso
Bound by Honor
“I don’t doubt the involvement [of the Mob] but at a lower level. Could
the Mob change the parade route . . . or eliminate the protection for the
President? Could the Mob send Oswald to Russia and get him back?
Could the Mob get the FBI, the CIA and the Dallas Police to make a mess
of the investigation? Could the Mob get the Warren Commission
appointed to cover it up? Could the Mob wreck the autopsy? Could the
Mob influence the national media to go to sleep? And since when has the
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46
Mob used anything but thirty-eights for hits up close? [This is an
innuendo that Kennedy was shot up close with a handgun that was
something other than a .38 calibre revolver. The scriptwriter knew, as
evidenced by the Zapruder Film, the President was shot by the driver,
William Greer, with a .45 calibre automatic handgun, the cause of death,
according to Parkland Hospital’s Dr. Robert N. McClelland, being a
massive head wound of the right temple! Mobster James E. Files fired the
attention getting shot from the Grassy Knoll.] The Mob wouldn’t have the
guts or the power for something of this magnitude.” {7} [Emphasis added]
“Jim Garrison”
Jesuit Coadjutor Oliver Stone, 1992
American Playwright
JFK, Director’s Cut, Video
President Kennedy was now gone, and with him the hope and optimism of a
generation. The Baby-Boomers, possessed of the energy to take over the world in the
cause of liberty and a threat to the Jesuits’ world government under the Pope, were
shattered. Johnson was now President; the Vietnam War began to escalate and the
English rock group called “The Beatles” spread a senseless mania across the nation.
The Civil Rights agitation carried out by priest Richard McSorley and his brother
Jesuits, created hatred and violence between Blacks and Whites, as neither race
wanted forced integration. Amalgamation was the order of the day as the decade of
the sixties was the Second Reconstruction; the Bible-believing White,
Celtic-Anglo-Saxon race, being the Jesuits’ greatest enemy, must be destroyed “by
any means necessary.” The drug culture was born on the West Coast and a whole
generation of us young Americans became addicted to rock music, soul music,
fictional movies, professional sports, drugs, sexual immorality and the atheistic
religion of evolution.
In this environment the Jesuits’ International Intelligence Community became
supreme. Indeed, personal sin emboldens the enemy against us. As we Americans lost
our hope we sought to fill our “God is dead” vacuum with pleasure. We lost our
courage to resist tyranny in standing for a righteous cause with a righteous man. The
Jesuit-controlled Warren Supreme Court banned the Bible and prayer, the two
Protestant citadels that made America great, from our Protestant public school system
so accursed by the Order. It legalized interracial marriage in 1966, overturning the
laws of sixteen States to the contrary. Over the years the Order continued to use the
unsolved murder of the President as an agitation to destroy American patriotism and
morale. We American people, having lost confidence in the God of our Fathers and
our leaders, found ourselves adrift on a stormy sea with no safe harbor in sight.
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
The beginning of this most deplorable state of affairs began with the crime
greater than the assassination itself. That crime was and is to this day, the Great
Jesuit Cover-up. The true authors can never be known; for, it would lead to the end
of the political power of Rome over the American Empire. With the Jesuits and their
Archbishop of New York exposed, the freedom loving Roman Catholics of
Fourteenth Amendment America would leave the Church en masse! Rome would
lose its grip over the International Intelligence Community along with the financial
and military power of the Empire. Upon the Order’s expulsion from American soil,
other nations, remembering their past, would follow suit, to the end that the Society of
Jesus would be without a home and imprisoned wherever found — Praise God!
Indeed, the great Achilles Heel of the Sons of Loyola is the Kennedy
Assassination. Left unguarded, and if successfully attacked, the entire house of cards
– held together with fear – collapses. This is why the Order, with its myriad of hydra
heads, will go to every evil extreme to continue the Vatican’s greatest American crime
of the century — the Great Jesuit Cover-up. In Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Oliver
Stone’s masterpiece movie entitled JFK, Director’s Cut, Colonel Prouty, in speaking
with Jim Garrison, poses three questions in solving the Kennedy Assassination. They
1. Why?
2. Who Benefited?
3. Who has the power to cover it up?
In light of the past two hundred years of true history, we have answered the
first two questions. We shall now address the third. We know Jesuit General
Janssens (who ruled the Masonic Jewish Zionists’ World Jewish Congress through its
President – Nahum Goldmann – and his assistant/advisor — Joe Golan), in control
of Pope Paul VI (through the Pope’s Jesuit confessor, Paolo Dezza. the pro- Zionist,
intimate friend and fellow cabbalist of the powerful Talmudic Chief Rabbi of Rome
Israel (Eugenio) Zolli), in control of the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal
Spellman, in control of the Knights of Malta, American Freemasonry, Opus Dei, the
Knights of Columbus, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Central Intelligence
Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the American Mafia greatly
benefited by the Kennedy Assassination. This is why they did it. Every group within
this “Fraternity” increased in wealth and power; while the Jesuits progressed towards
their ultimate goal of one-world government under their “infallible” Pope, ruling from
Solomon’s rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.
Since the “Fraternity” benefited, it has the power to cover-up its crime. Each
succeeding Jesuit General, “infallible” Pope and Archbishop of New York has the
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46
same great power wielded by their predecessors and they use it! Employing the
maxim “the ends justify the means” they carry out their plots “by any means
necessary,” as the Jesuits would say, “For the greater glory of God” — the god who
sits in “St. Peter’s Chair,” the “infallible” Pope of Rome and creature of Satan’s
Jesuit General, the Black Pope.
Therefore, the last three Archbishops of New York, Cardinal Cooke,
Cardinal O’Connor, and Cardinal Egan, have continued to exercise the same
all-encompassing power, or more, that Cardinal Spellman used to carry out and
cover-up the assassination of JFK.
As we have previously covered, the Archbishop of New York is a warrior, a
commanding General. This is why he is styled “the Military Vicar” of the American
Empire. In 1921 the Council on Foreign Relations was founded by several Papal
agents, one of which was the Shriner Freemason Colonel Edward House. By 1963
the CFR (overseen by David Rockefeller) controlled the press, both political parties,
banking, the major corporations, the government and its intelligence community.
Cardinal Spellman controlled the CFR through two of his Knights of Malta. The
first was shipping tycoon and international industrialist, J. Peter Grace, head of the
American Branch of the Knights of Malta and President of W. R. Grace & Co. of New
York. The other was Henry R. Luce, the seventh most powerful man in the United
States according to Winston Churchill, and the utter dictator over the Empire’s press,
called the “Lucepress.” Between Henry R. Luce and the far-reaching influence of the
Council on Foreign Relations including AP, UPI, the New York Times, Time, Life,
Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, ABC, CBS, and NBC, the cover-up of JFK’s
assassination would be fairly easy. The press, which every American considered to be
“the gospel,” was controlled by the power of this one man in conjunction with the
Council on Foreign Relations — subject to Cardinal Spellman. For Luce was a
Knight of Malta; an apostate Presbyterian and spokesman for the Jesuits’ evil World
Council of Churches; the betrayer of the Chinese people into the hands of Rome’s
Inquisitor, Mao Tse-tung; a “jet setter” and member of Yale’s “Skull & Bones”
fraternity; a proponent of fascism (the Order’s favorite form of absolute government);
a “Cold Warrior” having coined the phrase, “The American Century;” and a close
friend of the Jesuit John Courtney Murray, who resided at Woodstock College —
the Jesuit Theological Seminary in Woodstock, Maryland.
“A concept . . . Luce . . . often discussed with . . . Father Murray was the
American national purpose [restoring the Pope’s Temporal Power].” {8}
With all these influences Luce ran his office from New York’s Rockefeller Center,
the headquarters of Time/Life. Luce made it clear in a memo to his staff:
“The chief editorial policy maker for Time Inc. is Henry R. Luce . . . ”
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, it was Henry R. Luce of Time/Life who, two days after the
assassination, bought the famous Zapruder Film and then tampered with specific
frames. Robert Groden, the author of High Treason, tells us:
“The original film was bought by Time Inc. It was the single most
important piece of evidence in the case and they put a junior employee
to work on it, who, while enlarging the movie is said to have damaged
all those frames. Is it credible that after paying hundreds of thousands of
dollars for the film, they would have treated it this way? William Bader
of the Senate Intelligence Committee said, ‘You don’t have to
manipulate Time Magazine, because there are Agency (CIA) people at
the management level.’ ” {10}
The American people never saw this film until subpoenaed by Jim Garrison for the
trial of CIA agent Clay L. Shaw in 1969. We now know why!
Luce was also responsible for putting the famous picture of Oswald holding a
rifle on the cover of his Life Magazine. That photo, like the Ashbourne Portrait of
Shakespeare, later proved to be a forgery. Henry R. Luce, the Knight of Malta, CFR
member and CIA operative did all he could to cover-up the true details of the
assassination — to the satisfaction of Cardinal Spellman.
Spellman’s Freemason, Allen Dulles – whose nephew, Avery Dulles, at the
time was a powerful Jesuit and is now a Cardinal, having been appointed by Pope
John Paul II – was appointed to the Warren Commission by Spellman’s Freemason,
President Johnson. Dulles was the major connection between the Commission, the
Council on Foreign Relations, the Central Intelligence Agency and its “Vatican Desk”
through James Jesus Angleton who in turn had secretly monitored the movements of
CIA agent Lee Oswald through one of his CIA assets, Jane Roman, two months
prior to the Kennedy Assassination. This arch-demon, who disgraced his Protestant
Presbyterian Church and betrayed his countrymen, was one of the major players
linking the Vatican’s intelligence communities together. He had worked with
Cardinal Montini evacuating Nazis through the Ratlines, and now on the Warren
Commission, protected the interests of his old friend who was now Pope Paul VI.
Additionally, future President Gerald Ford, the Shriner Freemason, and
Cardinal Spellman’s Knight of Malta, Cartha D. DeLoach, worked together to
subvert the Warren Commission. Mark Lane in his Plausible Denial tells us:
“An internal FBI memo dated December 17, 1963, details the items
Ford passed to Cartha D. DeLoach, then the assistant to the FBI director.
Ford did not disclose to the other six members of the Warren
Commission his course of improper and illegal conduct.
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46
DeLoach reported that Ford agreed to continue to betray his colleagues
on the Commission. Ford said, DeLoach reported, “I should call him
any time his assistance was needed.” [Recently, Gerald Ford has
admitted to his misconduct while on the Warren Commission.] {11}
In 1968 when Jim Garrison sought to question Allen Dulles concerning
Knight of Malta and kingpin of Permindex (Permanent Industrial Expositions), Clay
L. Shaw, the Justice Department refused to serve the subpoena. The Empire’s Holy
Office of the Inquisition was simply being loyal to the Pope’s Papal Knights, who
are always above the law.
The “reigning King of the American Empire,” then Archbishop Cooke, was
continuing the cover-up by stifling the investigation in fulfilling his Oath as a
Cardinal, whose first loyalty was to the “infallible” Pope of Rome. A portion of that
oath reads:
“I, Terence Cooke, of the Holy Roman Church, Cardinal of New York,
promise and swear . . . to be faithful and obedient to . . .our Most Holy
Lord Paul VI, and his canonically elected successor . . .
To try in every way to assert, uphold, preserve, increase and promote the
rights, even temporal, especially those of the civil principality, the
liberty, the honor, the privileges and authority of the Holy Roman
Church of our lord the Pope, and the aforesaid successors;
When it shall come to my knowledge that some machination, prejudicial
to those rights, which I can not prevent, is taking place, immediately to
make it known to the Pope . . .
To combat with every effort heretics, schismatics, and those rebelling
against our lord the Pope and his successors . . .
So help me God and these holy gospels.” {12} [Emphasis added]
William F. Buckley, Jr., another Knight of Malta, CFR member and CIA
operative along with his brother James Buckley, continually maintained in his
periodical, National Review, that Oswald was a lone assassin. He too, as the faithful
servant of Cardinal Spellman, promoted the Great Jesuit Cover-up.
Shriner Freemason J. Edgar Hoover, with his FBI, also suppressed evidence
misleading the Warren Commission chaired by another Shriner Freemason, Chief
Justice Earl Warren. Of his general power and role in the assassination we read:
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
“In 30 years on the job, J. Edgar Hoover has developed an intelligence
system which nothing – no racket and certainly no conspiracy – can
escape. Through its extensive network of informers, the FBI knows
everything worth knowing that goes on in the United States even in areas
that lie outside its legal jurisdiction. The Dallas conspiracy was born and
took root in places where the FBI was well represented . . . By
mid-October, Hoover had been informed of the existence of a plot and
was familiar with many of the details . . . The week before the President’s
departure for Texas, Hoover knew exactly what was going to happen.
Why did the FBI fail to intervene? ” {13} [Emphasis added]
Why?   Because Hoover was working for his master and brother Cold Warrior,
Cardinal Spellman, just like Earl Warren who later “investigated” the murder.
In 1976 the House Select Committee on Assassinations was convened. Again,
it was filled with fighting from within and resistance from without. The Irish Catholic
Papal Knight, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, strongly resisted its proceedings pursuant to
the wishes of his master in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We read:
“ ‘The Committee was programmed to self-destruct,’ claimed Gonzalez.
He saw his unsuccessful entreaties to Tip O’Neill to help fire Sprague as a
sign that O’Neill, who was very close to the Kennedy family . . . never
really wanted an investigation.” {14} [Emphasis added]
“Both the Chairman of the Committee, Thomas Downing, and the
Speaker of the House retired, and Henry Gonzalez took over as Chairman
of the Assassinations Committee, with Tip O’Neill as Speaker. O’Neill [a
trustee of the Order’s Boston College] was hostile to the Committee and
the investigation.” {15} [Emphasis added]
Tip O’Neill, another trustee at the Jesuits’ Boston College, was just another American
traitor loyal to a foreign prince and sovereign — the Pope of Rome.
Another key-player who resisted the Assassinations Committee was the wife of
the late Henry R. Luce, the apostate Baptist having been converted to Catholicism by
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. We read of the Dame of Malta, Clare Boothe Luce:
“One of the wealthiest women in the world, widow of the founder of the
Time, Inc. publishing empire, former member to the U. S. House of
Representatives,  former  Ambassador  to  Italy,  successful 
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46
playwright, international socialite, and longtime civic activist, Clare
Boothe Luce was the last person in the world Schweiker would have
suspected of leading him on a wild goose chase. . . .Her impression, Luce
told Schweiker . . .was that Oswald was hired by Castro to assassinate
Kennedy in retaliation for the assassination attempts against him . . . An
awful lot of time had been spent checking out Luce’s story and, in the end,
it led nowhere at all.” {16} [Emphasis added]
Luce, like James Angleton, blamed Jesuit Fidel Castro for the assassination. She,
with O’Neill, helped to successfully defeat the Assassinations Committee in
obedience to her master in New York, Cardinal Cooke.
The murder of over one hundred witnesses to the Kennedy Assassination
makes it clear that Fourteenth Amendment America is under a Jesuit-controlled,
fascist military dictatorship — the favorite government of Rome! The Vatican’s
International Intelligence Community has committed these murders using their tools
most fitting for the job. Their agents could be NSA, CIA, FBI, MID, ONI, KGB,
GRU, British SIS, Mossad or Mafia. The Jesuits have many sources through which
they fulfill their bloody Jesuit Oath on a regular basis. Of the general murder of
witnesses we read:
“Jim Marrs, author of Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, wrote:
‘In the three-year period which followed the murder of President Kennedy
and Lee Harvey Oswald, 18 material witnesses died — six by gunfire,
three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a
karate chop to the neck, five from natural causes.’ . . . A mathematician
hired by the London Sunday Times in February of 1967 concluded that the
odds of the number of witnesses involved in the assassination of John F.
Kennedy dying between November 22, 1963 and that date, (18 in number)
were one hundred thousand trillion to one. . . . In the time period ranging
from November 22, 1963 to August, 1993, over 115 ‘witnesses’ have died
or fallen victim to death by strange circumstances, suicides or murder
[including Chicago Mob Boss Sam Giancana (1975) with his underlings
Johnny Roselli (1976) and Charles Nicoletti (1977), the boss of Grassy
Knoll shooter, the imprisoned James E. Files].” {17}
One of the more recent CIA actions was the murder of Bud Fensterwald in
1991. We read:
“Gus Russo felt the man [a former Air Force Colonel] was ready to talk
about the assassination and, based on this assessment, the head of the JFK
Assassination Archives in Washington, D.C., attorney Bud Fensterwald,
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
was ready to head to Florida and interview him. When I heard of Bud’s
intention, I told Russo in no uncertain terms that Bud would never be
allowed to approach the man and, if Bud attempted to go through with the
interview, he would be killed . . . Just days before I was to meet Bud, I
received a call from Bud’s secretary that he had died the previous night.
Before I could do anything, Bud’s body was cremated and no autopsy was
performed.” {18}
The Intelligence Agencies, controlled by the “Knights” of Rome, continue to
murder any honest man who would dare to tell the truth about Kennedy’s assassins.
And who is the present Roman Senator, “ A Prince of the Church,” and the “Military
Vicar” of these Knights, whose loyalty would go to the extreme of committing high
treason against American national sovereignty in obedience to the Jesuits’ “infallible”
Papal Caesar? It is none other than Edward Cardinal Egan, the Archbishop of New
York and one of the most ardent defenders and promoters of the Temporal Power of
the Papal Priest-King in Rome. For it is this Cardinal Egan, along with his Knights
of Malta, Knights of Columbus and Shriner Freemasons in control of the American
Intelligence Community, that is responsible for the attack and demolition of the
World Trade Center and partial destruction of the Pentagon which has resulted in the
present Papal Caesar’s Crusade against the Islamic peoples of the mid East.
Finally the Jesuits, in control of Time-Warner (as well as Paramount Pictures
having employed Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy), produced Jesuit Oliver Stone’s
masterpiece movie, JFK, Director’s Cut. One of the key moments of the movie takes
place in New Orleans when Garrison is meeting with his staff in a restaurant. After
reviewing the evidence he concludes the meeting by rebuking his aides saying:
“You all got to start thinking on a different level like the CIA does. We’re
looking through the looking glass here people. White is black and black is
white.” {19} [Emphasis added]
His last line is a Jesuit maxim laid down by the Order’s founder, Ignatius
Loyola, in his Spiritual Exercises. The Jesuit, as well as every Jesuitized “good
Catholic,” has no mind of his own. At the word of his superior the truth is a lie and a
lie is the truth. In the words of Loyola,
“Putting aside all private judgment [!!!] we should always be ready to
accept this principle: I will believe that the white I see is black, if the
hierarchical Church [Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops
controlled by the Jesuit General] so defines it.” {20}
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46

Jesuit John Courtney Murray, 1960s #176 A personal
friend of Spellman’s Knight of Malta, Henry R. Luce

President Kennedy with one of his Assassins, Henry Luce, 1962 #177
JFK was murdered for attempting to end the Papal Caesar’s Cold War, Cardinal
Spellman’s Vietnam War, the Black Pope’s CIA and for printing 4.7 billion
dollars in interest-free United States Notes in resisting the Fed. Men Astutely
Trained, Peter McDonough, (New York: The Free Press, 1992). Luce and His Empire,
W. A. Swanberg, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1972).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins

Shriner Freemason Chief Justice Earl Warren, 1963 #178 One
of Cardinal Spellman’s CFR members and Chairman of the Warren
Commission, the Chief Justice speaks at Jesuit Georgetown University in
honor  of another  previously  Jesuit-controlled  Chief  Justice, 
Edward Douglas White, according to our hero and ex-priest, Jeremiah

Shriner Freemason Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963 #179
Having briefly attended Georgetown Law School early in his career,
Johnson was planning to carry out the Order’s Kennedy Assassination and
escalate Cardinal Spellman’s SS/CIA war in Vietnam. Addressing the
alumni banquet on October 12, 1963 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York,
Johnson would be the President of the United States within six weeks.
Georgetown University: First in the Nation’s Capital, Joseph T. Durkin, S.J., Garden
City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46

Jesuit Father Under Extreme Oath, Edward B. Bunn, 1964 #180
Performing a Solemn High Requiem Mass at the opening ceremonies of
Georgetown University’s 175th anniversary observance, University
President and Jesuit of the Fourth Vow Edward B. Bunn was one of the
masterminds behind the Kennedy Assassination. His influence over
President Lyndon Johnson and Chief Justice Earl Warren would be
sufficient to control the outcome of the Warren Commission. His Director
of Development, Jesuit Daniel J. Power, would be used to further merge the
power of J. Edgar Hoover’s Federal Bureau of Investigation with Jim
Rowley’s Secret Service. His contacts with the Jesuits of Fordham
University enhanced his familiarity with Jesuit-trained Francis Cardinal
Spellman and New York’s Council on Foreign Relations. As a result of the
Vietnam War his Order would make billions through its Federal Reserve
Bank, its Military Industrial Complex, and its International Drug Trade,
actively thriving since the Sixteenth Century. The Company’s International
Intelligence Community, aided by the bogus “Cold War” and “Space
Race,” would justify the completion of its worldwide system of spying. The
Order’s International Banks would launder its massive profits of the Drug
Trade further building the Black Pope’s International Terrorist Network
overseen by the CIA. These were a few of the calculated benefits of the
Kennedy Assassination in finally destroying the Lord’s Protestant
Reformation; and to that wicked end Jesuit Edward Bunn remained true.
Georgetown University: First in the Nation’s Capital, Joseph T. Durkin, S.J.,
(Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000 Dame and Knight of Malta, Clare and Henry Luce, 1960s


Billionaire Socialite Clare Boothe Luce, 1976 #182 Above,
Dame of Malta and darling of Cardinal Spellman, Clare B. Luce is with her
husband and the nation’s Press lord, Henry R. Luce. Below, the richest widow in
the world blamed Castro for the Kennedy Assassination during the investigation
of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Luce and His Empire, W. A.
Swanberg, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1972). The Last Investigation, Gaeton
Fonzi, (New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1993).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 46

Brother Oliver Stone, S.J., and Brother Fidel Castro, S.J., 2002 #183
Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words! Here we have Temporal Coadjutor
and movie mogul Oliver Stone speaking with his Brother Temporal Coadjutor
and mass-murdering absolutist Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro — the dear friend of
another notorious Jesuit Coadjutor responsible for the “browning of Canada,”
former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, whose funeral Castro attended in
2000. Both of these wealthy “lay brothers” have known each other since 1987 and
evidence faithful service to the Black Pope. Stone, in his theatrical masterpiece,
JFK, Director’s Cut, quotes an excerpt from Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises,
cuts out the driver as he shoots President Kennedy in the Zapruder Film, and
utilizes the music of a most favorite Masonic composer of the Order, Wolfgang A.
Mozart. Castro, having been educated by the Jesuits for seven years, was advised
during the revolution by a Jesuit priest, Armando Llorente. Further, one of
Castro’s economic advisors who sat on the board of Havana’s Banco Nacional de
Cuba was the brother-in-law of Knight of Malta Oswaldo Cisneros. Presently,
Jesuits Stone and Castro are working with the Jesuit General’s Tridentine
(pro-Council of Trent) Central Intelligence Agency as it plans for the Sino-Soviet
invasion of the “heretic and liberal” United States, to be escorted by Bin Laden’s
CIA-financed, CIA-trained (via “Operation Cyclone”) and CIA-controlled
Islamic/Masonic al Qaeda Terrorist Network, after the destruction of
Jerusalem’s mosques is blamed on the American military. Stone and Castro serve
the same master, Jesuit General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach.
The Reno Gazette-Journal Religion, Associated Press, February 23, 2002, p. 2D.
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 47
The Jesuits – 1979
Knight of Malta Lee Iacocca
Congressional Loan to Chrysler
Payback for Obedience in the Kennedy Assassination
“ ‘Under the curse of God, and the blessing of the Pope of Rome,’ said
Bridgenorth. ‘You, lady, so quick-sighted in matters of earthly prudence,
are you so blind to the gigantic pace at which Rome is moving to regain
this country [England], once the richest gem in her usurped tiara? The
old are seduced by gold, the youth by pleasure, the weak by flattery,
cowards by fear, and the courageous by ambition. A thousand baits for
each taste, and each bait concealing the same deadly hook.’ ” {1}
“Bridgenorth the Calvinist”
Freemason Sir Walter Scott, 1820
Scottish Presbyterian and Author
Peveril of the Peak
“God will raise me up a champion . . . It cannot be that in merry
England — the hospitable, the generous, the free, where so many are
ready to peril their lives for honour, there will not be found one to fight
for justice. . . . I know not if it be of Heaven the spirit which inspires me,
but most truly do I judge that I am not to die this death, and that a
champion will be raised up for me.” {2}
“Rebecca the Jewess” Freemason Sir
Walter Scott, 1829 Scottish
Presbyterian and Author Ivanhoe
In Fourteenth Amendment America Lee Iacocca has become loved and
admired as an exceptional auto designer and savior of Chrysler, the company having
been founded by another high-level Freemason, Walter P. Chrysler. He is known for
his tremendous leadership abilities and great personal drive. He is also respected for
his courage demonstrated towards Henry Ford II in resisting his corporate
The Jesuits – 1979
Chapter 47
tyranny and personal hypocrisy. Lee Iacocca, of Italian descent, is what many
American men would love to be and rightly so.
It is for these reasons the author proceeds with a great sorrow of heart in
exposing the terrible deed of Lee Iacocca, as he participated in the assassination of
President John F. Kennedy. Hopefully this chapter will serve as corrective surgery
rather than a dagger to the heart. Since Mr. Iacocca still lives the writer has prayed
that he would repent and confess his sin to the Lord knowing that,
“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but
whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.”
– Proverbs 28:13
Since a great host of us Americans are murderers, having polluted our land with the
blood of aborted millions, we are no better than Mr. Iacocca. May we confess and find
forgiveness and mercy, even as our friend may.
Knowing the Black Pope’s POWER that would rage against Lee Iacocca if he
would dare to tell all, the hundreds of assassins that would appear to expedite his
demise via “the poison cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard (the blade
of the knife) or the leaden bullet,” we realize the request to confess to the nation is
great. But we are convinced his personal greatness is equal to the task. And there are
many of us fundamental, Bible-believing Baptists and Protestants who would gladly
hazard our lives to protect him from every Jesuit assassin, be he Mafia, CIA or
Mossad. For we are Calvinist warriors wielding both the Sword of the Spirit and
the Sword of Just Defense, believing that to fight and die in defense of a righteous
man for a righteous cause is to die well, that we “might obtain a better resurrection”
(Hebrews 11:35) at the Judgment Seat of Christ (II Corinthians 5:10).
On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in
Dallas, Texas. The evidence inside the limousine proved there was more than one
shooter as there were several primary strikes. The Secret Service took great pains in
destroying this evidence. We read:
“Three days after the assassination, Carl Renas, head of security for the
Dearborn Division of the Ford Motor Company, drives the limousine,
helicopters hovering overhead, from Washington to Cincinnati. In doing
so, he noted several bullet holes, the most notable being the one in the
windshield’s chrome molding strip, which he said was clearly ‘a
primary strike’ and ‘not a fragment.’
The Jesuits – 1979
Vatican Assassins
The Limousine was taken by Renas to Hess and Eisenhart of Cincinnati,
where the chrome molding was replaced. The Secret Service told Renas
to ‘Keep your mouth shut.’ ” {3} [Emphasis added]
As we saw, the man who drove the limousine to Cincinnati was the head of
security for the Dearborn Division of Ford Motor Company. And who was the head
of the Dearborn Division in 1963 that dispatched Renas for the task of his life?
According to Robert Lacy it was Lee Iacocca. We read:
“Henry Ford II says today that the first time he can remember meeting
Lee Iacocca was in November 1960, when he summoned the young
salesman to his office to tell him he was giving him command of the
Ford Division [at Dearborn].” {4}
Lee Iacocca remained the head of the Dearborn Division until he became
President of Ford Motor Company in 1970. Therefore as the General Manager of the
Dearborn Division in 1963, Iacocca participated in the suppression of evidence in
dispatching his security chief to drive the limousine from Washington to Cincinnati.
As a prominent Roman Catholic, Lee Iacocca was well acquainted with the
Jesuit Order and Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. He writes of his life during
the Depression:
“It took me a number of years to fully understand why I had to make a
good confession to a priest before I went to Holy Communion, but in
my teens I began to appreciate the importance of this most
misunderstood rite of the Catholic Church. I not only had to think out
my transgressions against my friends; I had to speak them aloud. In later
years, I found myself completely refreshed after confession. I even
began to attend weekend retreats, where the Jesuits, in face-to-face
examinations of conscience, made me come to grips with how I was
conducting my life.” {5} [Emphasis added]
The most important tie to the conspiracy in assassinating Kennedy was
Iacocca’s subordination to Cardinal Spellman and the Knights of Malta. According
to his autobiography he had eaten supper with Cardinal Spellman (p. 116) and
shortly after the assassination, Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce, who bought and
suppressed the Zapruder Film, gave Iacocca a great write-up in his periodicals.
“Unveiled at the New York World’s Fair in the spring of 1964, the
Mustang proved a sensation . . . Lee Iacocca well deserved the rare
accolade of simultaneous cover stories in both Time and Newsweek.” {6}
The Jesuits – 1979
Chapter 47
Could this have been the beginning of the rise of the Lee Iacocca’s star,
leading to his appointment in 1970 as President of Ford Motor Company [founded by
Freemason Henry Ford], then to his appointment in 1975 as the President of Chrysler
[founded by Freemason Walter P. Chrysler], and finally the U.S. Government loan
to Chrysler in 1979 resulting in the making of an American hero?
And who was the force in Congress that was ultimately responsible for the
passing of the Act creating the Loan Guarantee Board that extended the loan to
Chrysler? Iacocca declares that it was House Speaker, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill.
“Tip O’Neill was our real point man in Congress. . . . As soon as he
turned on his lights to help us, the tide started to turn. . . . By the time
the vote came, we had a lot of backers in Congress. Still, Tip O’Neill’s
support was crucial. Just before the vote, he stepped down as Speaker
and spoke as the representative from Massachusetts. In an impassioned
plea for the loan guarantees . . . Tip used raw emotion to sell his guys in
the House. He was one of our leaders in this whole episode. . . . When
the vote came in, the House had agreed by a two-to-one margin
(271-136) to help Chrysler get back on its feet.” {7} [Emphasis added]
What is the significance of Tip O’Neill helping Lee Iacocca in securing the
loan? Tip O’Neill strongly resisted the proceedings of the House Select Committee
on Assassinations in 1976 as covered in our previous chapter.
Here we have two Papal Knights, Iacocca and O’Neill, involved in the
assassination of President Kennedy through willful acts of suppressing evidence. The
first Knight was Lee Iacocca, a highly placed official in one of Rome’s corporate
giants, it composing a part of the Jesuits’ Military Industrial Complex. (Remember
Nicholas Brady, the multimillionaire, Papal Knight of Malta and personal friend of
the Jesuit General’s Francis Spellman, was one of the original owners of Chrysler.)
Ford Motor Company had helped to build Hitler’s and Stalin’s War Machines during
the Second Thirty Years’ War and therefore had a financial interest in continuing
the war in Vietnam. (The guidance unit of the air-to-air missile known as “the
Sidewinder or AIM - 9” was built by Philco-Ford.)
The second Knight was Tip O’Neill. Being the Speaker, he was the most
powerful man in the House of Representatives for ten years. Handling the nation’s
business, it was the House that had been responsible for borrowing 220 billion dollars
in credit from the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank (managed by the Council on
Foreign Relations) to finance the Vietnam War. The returns for this “investment”
would be the fantastic profits generated from the International Drug Trade, while
further destroying the Fourteenth Amendment American Empire’s “heretic” and
“liberal” population with debt, drugs, disease, and demoralization.
The Jesuits – 1979
Vatican Assassins
Thus, Iacocca and O’Neill, two kingpins in the Kennedy assassination and
cover-up, worked together in obtaining the loan for Chrysler. That loan was credit
extended to the American Congress, created out of nothing, by the Jesuits’ Federal
Reserve Bank. The result was the rebuilding of the automaker’s entire manufacturing
base, exalting Chrysler to one of the Empire’s most advanced corporate giants within
the Jesuits’ Military Industrial Complex. (The author wonders if Chrysler will provide
hardware and technology to the army of our coming invaders, the Red Chinese and
“the former” Soviet Union?) The victory of Chrysler’s recovery was credited to Lee
Iacocca. But he would never have succeeded had it not been for Tip O’Neill.
Therefore, what or who could have united these men to accomplish such a feat? Both
were devoted Roman Catholics; but, more importantly, they were “Roman Knights”
loyal to the Pope’s American Military Vicar, the Cardinal of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in
New York. Of Lee Iacocca’s membership in the Knights of Malta, again we read from
the article entitled “Who are the Knights of Malta?” written in 1983:
“The SMOM’s [Sovereign Military Order of Malta] U.S. section has
approximately 1,000 members — including 300 “dames” who hail from
society’s upper crust. Divided into three associations (eastern, southern and
western) its roster includes many of the corporate establishment’s movers
and shakers: Lee Iacocca of Chrysler – [W.] Barron Hilton of the hotel
chain [who allowed the bastard son of a Nazi, Fidel Castro, to use his
Hilton Hotel in Havana for the Jesuit-trained dictator’s headquarters and
who was a personal friend of SMOM and Mafioso, Frank Sinatra. Hilton’s
friend, Sinatra, was in turn a bosom friend of Chicago and New York Mafia
Dons, Sam Giancana and Carlo Gambino (they being two of Cardinal
Spellman’s Mafia Commission members), according to Kitty Kelley’s His
Way: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Frank Sinatra. Nearly twenty
years later in 1980, Sinatra performed at Shriner Freemason and U.S.
President Ronald Reagan’s inaugural ball, as they were both actors in
Hollywood – the Jesuit Theater – having been openly founded by the
Order’s Masonic Jewish Zionists such as Louis
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), Jack Warner (Warner Brothers) and Darryl F.
Zanuck (Twentieth Century Fox). Reagan, after recovering from his
attempted assassination, shot inside the presidential limousine by a Secret
Service agent according to Colonel James “Bo” Gritz in his Called To
Serve, went on to be the a faithful servant of Knight of Malta John
Cardinal O’Connor and his New York based SMOM by committing high
treason against the American people in formally recognizing the Papal
Caesar’s nation-state – The Sovereign State of Vatican City – preparing
the American Empire for its Concordat with the Pope of Rome] . . . [CFR
member] Francis X. Stankard of Chase Manhattan Bank [with a branch
bank in Moscow], William E. Simon, former treasury secretary and energy
The Jesuits – 1979
Chapter 47
Tzar of the 1970’s. [Secretary of the Treasury and supervisor of the
Chrysler Corp. Loan Guarantee board] and currently a director of
Citicorp . . . Martin F. Shea, executive vice-president of Morgan
Bank . . . with a telex to SMOM headquarters in Rome . . . and J. Peter
Grace, chairman of W.R. Grace and Company is president of the U.S.
SMOM . . . CIA Director William J. Casey . . . is a member in good
standing of the Knights of Malta. [Notice that all of the big banks are not in
the hands of the Masonic Jewish Zionists but in the hands of Rome’s
Sovereign Military Order of Malta, ‘the great men of the earth’
(Revelation 18:23)].” {8}
Dear truth-seeker, Lee Iacocca, the Knight of Malta, familiar with the Jesuit
Order and a personal friend of Cardinal Spellman, participated in the Kennedy
Assassination. His payback was the Congress granting a 1.2 billion dollar loan with
the help of Knight of Columbus Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the House, and Knight of
Malta, William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury. For this he will ever be known
as the savior of Chrysler Corporation.
May God the Holy Spirit help him to repent and seek the Lord Jesus Christ
while He may be found. Then may he, as our example, tell the nation that we all may
repent of our personal and national sins, while seeking the forgiveness of God the
Father whose beloved Son we have provoked, and the forgiveness of the nations that
we have attacked and destroyed. For in our blind patriotism and ignorance, we
Americans, garrisoned in over eighty countries around the world like the Roman
Legions of old, have been used to restore and maintain the Temporal Power of the
Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope worldwide, while Washington has been under the spell of
Jesuit control for the last one hundred years. That spell included the assassination of
President Kennedy.
Lee Iacocca, in the words of “Rebecca the Jewess” {9}, we beg of you,
“Speak…if thou art a man; if thou art a Christian, speak!
I conjure thee, by the habit which thou dost wear
– by the name thou dost inherit –
– by the knighthood thou dost vaunt –
– by the honour of thy mother –
– by the tomb and the bones of thy father –
I conjure thee to say,
are these things true?”
Lee Iacocca, again, we humbly request an answer to our question,
“Are these things true?”
The Jesuits – 1979
Vatican Assassins

Knight of Malta Lee A. Iacocca, 1924 – Present #184 General
Manager, Dearborn Division, Ford Motor Company, 1960 -1970 After the
assassination, President Lyndon Johnson the Freemason arranged for all
the evidence of multiple gunshots to be removed from Kennedy’s limousine.
LBJ’s old friend, Henry Ford II, made the secret arrangements with a
former employee, then Secretary of Defense and CFR member, Robert
Strange McNamara, who in turn contacted his former employee, Lee
Iacocca, then General Manager of Ford’s Dearborn Division. Iacocca
dispatched his head of security, Carl Renas, to drive the bullet-ridden limo
to a dealership in Cincinnati that removed the evidence of more than one
assassin insuring the success of Cardinal Spellman’s Warren Commission,
Shriner Arlen Specter’s “magic single bullet theory” being its foundation.
Lee Iacocca’s reward for his obedience in the Kennedy assassination was
the success of his Mustang (made possible by Knight of Malta Henry R.
Luce’s good press), Pope Paul VI touring New York in a Lincoln (Ford)
rather than in a Cadillac (GM), the Presidency of Ford Motor Company in
1970, the Presidency of Chrysler in 1979, and a 1.2 billion dollar loan
saving the late Knight of Malta Nicholas Brady’s Chrysler Corporation.
Iacocca then converted Chrysler into a major component of the Black
Pope’s American Military Industrial Complex, further equipping the
Empire to fight future Papal Crusades against Islam. Iacocca: An
Autobiography, Lee Iacocca with William Novak, (New York: Bantam Books,
The Jesuits – 1979
Chapter 47

Papal Knight Thomas “Tip” O’Neill behind JFK, 1959 #185
Educated by Jesuits at Boston College and later an influential trustee along
with Senator Edward Kennedy; a personal friend of its Jesuit President, J.
Donald Monan; a close friend of fellow Congressman Jesuit Robert F.
Drinan who introduced the resolution for the impeachment of President
Nixon; and a golfing partner of Shriner Gerald Ford who suppressed
evidence while on the Warren Commission; Irish Catholic Tip O’Neill
betrayed his old friend, John F. Kennedy. During the investigation of the
Assassinations Committee (1976-1979), O’Neill did all he could to thwart
its conclusion that there was indeed a conspiracy to kill the President. For a
job well done, he was made Speaker of the House in 1977 and from there
controlled the nation’s legislation for ten years during which time he aided
his fellow conspirator, Lee Iacocca, in obtaining a Congressional loan to
save the Order’s Chrysler Corporation. It is most interesting to note that in
his autobiography, he mentions that presidential aides Kenny O’Donnell
and Dave Powers heard two shots from the picket fence on the grassy knoll,
but never once speaks of the House Assassinations Committee or his
involvement with Robert Blakey who killed the investigation and went on
to be employed by Theodore Hesburgh’s Notre Dame University. Man of the
House, Speaker Tip O’Neill with William Novak, (New York: Random House,
The Jesuits – 1979
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 48
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Controlling the Fourteenth Amendment
American Empire From Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush Games
and Amusements; “Fun and Games”
“Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power?
They spend their days in wealth . . .
Therefore they say unto God, Depart from us: for we desire not
the knowledge of thy ways . . .
Who shall declare his way to his face? And who shall repay him
[for] what he hath done?”
– Job 21:7, 13, 14, 31
“And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto
him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee and the
glory of them: for that is delivered unto me;
and to whomsoever I will I give it.
If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.”
[If the Pope has truly been given the temporal, earthly, political power to
rule every nation in the world from Rome, which power he accepts at his
coronation, is he then a willing and conscious devil-worshipper?]
– Luke 4:5-7
“Now,” said the Jesuit, “listen to me a few moments and I will tell you what
I know. Your president is elected by the conclave of cardinals at Rome, the
same who elect the pope. Your people nominate the candidates. Our
confidential agents select from the number, the one whom they believe to
be the most favorable to the interests of the church. . . . He, of course, is
always elected.” {1} [Emphasis added]
“The Jesuit to the American” J.
Wayne Laurens, 1855 American
Patriot and Historian The Crisis:
Or, the Enemies of America
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
“ . . . and while they amused the public with games, they spent their own
time planning the murder of their defenseless subjects, whose only crime
was that they loved God better than the Pope, and that they worshipped
Christ and looked to Him alone for salvation, instead of to the Church and
the Virgin.” {2} [Emphasis added]
M. F. Cusack, 1896
Converted Nun of Kenmare
The Black Pope
“How long shall the Roman Catholic Hierarchy play the people for fools?
Shall the government be of the people, for the people, and by the people, or
by the pope? Let’s not let the pope of Rome name our President for us.
Lovers of your country, beware of Jesuitical intrigues, the political power
of Romanism, and the honeyed words of politicians reaching after the
presidency!” {3} [Emphasis added]
Jeremiah J. Crowley, 1912
Ex-Irish Priest
Romanism: A Menace to the Nation
“The power of the Society of Jesus in the Catholic Church is beyond doubt
enormous. It is said, apparently with truth, that the Jesuit General, the
“Black Pope” as he is called, can make and unmake bishops and even
cardinals. He has various agents and representatives within the walls of the
Vatican, and he can gain the ear of the Pope whenever he wishes. . . . Again
and again the Society has been able to oppose successfully the plans and
wishes of Popes. . . . the Society which is perennial at Rome is able to block
the efforts of passing Popes [like Pope John Paul I who sought to
prematurely establish diplomatic relations with Israel prior to the end of
the Company’s Cold War]. . . . The Order is to the Church what the Church
is to the world. The Order is a kind of parasite sucking the vital power of
the Church. . . . It holds the confidence and consciences of so many bishops,
cardinals, and prelates; . . . in fine, [it] works in so many ways on the
functionaries of the Church, that it has become as it were an inner circle in
the Church. It has made the Pope more and more like its own autocratic
General; and has reduced the bishops more and more to the status of
Provincials in the Society who are officials nominated by and controlled by
the General, without any inherent authority. An interesting proof of Jesuit
prestige and power in this country is the existence, in the shadow of the
Capitol, at Washington, of the Jesuit School for Foreign Service [which
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
trained the present CFR/CIA Director, Knight of Malta George J. Tenet
having overseen the implosion of the World Trade Center in obedience to
his master, Edward Cardinal Egan], opened a few years ago through the
instrumentality of an Irish-American, Fr. Edmund Walsh, S.J. At this
school of diplomatic service, said to be the largest of its kind in America,
young Americans [to be later recruited into the Order’s CFR] are trained to
guide the future fortunes of the Republic. . . . There is no small irony in the
situation. Jesuits by rule are detached from love of country . . . Each and
every Jesuit is bound under oath to obey the behests of his General at Rome,
who at present happens to be a Pole [Wlodimir Ledochowski] and who
most probably will never be an American. It is quite within the power of the
General to dictate the principles and theories to be taught by the Jesuits at
Washington . . . one cannot forget the words of the Pope, Clement XIV,
who accused them of ‘rising up against the very kings who admitted them
into their countries.’ ” {4} [Emphasis added]
E. Boyd Barrett, 1927
Irish Ex-Jesuit The
Jesuit Enigma
“They are a public plague, and the plague of the world . . . From the Jesuit
colleges there never is sent a pupil obedient to his father, devoted to his
country, loyal to his prince.” {5} “Every species of vice finds its patronage in
them. There is no perjury, nor sacrilege, nor parricide, nor incest, nor rapine,
nor fraud, nor treason which cannot be masked as meritorious beneath the
mantle of their dispensation.” {6} [Emphasis added]
Paolo Sarpi, 1620
Italian Roman Catholic Historian
of the Jesuits’ Council of Trent
“WASHINGTON — Glass cases along a wall on the top floor of [Jesuit]
Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library contain a surprisingly timely
and provocative exhibit: ‘Georgetown in the Sixties: from Pat Buchanan to
the SDS [Students for a Democratic Society].’ . . . Photos and clips show
presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson, Bill Clinton [and] a two-time
presidential candidate [an Irish Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained Knight of
Malta, noted author of Right From the Beginning, A Republic, Not an
Empire and The Death of the West; also a founding member of NBC’s
Jesuit-controlled “The McLaughlin Group” and CNN’s “The Capital
Gang” and “Crossfire”] Pat Buchanan . . . Apart from the university
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
president of that period, the late Jesuit Fr. Edward Bunn, only one priest
is mentioned twice in the exhibit, Jesuit Fr. Richard McSorley
[accomplice in the Order’s JFK assassination and confessor of Jackie
Kennedy], now 80 and head of the one-man Center for Peace Studies at
Georgetown . . . [Shriner Freemason and CFR member] Johnson is
mentioned for saying the only reason he left Georgetown Law School was
because Lady Bird was in Texas . . .
[Shriner Freemason and CFR member] Bill Clinton [one of his
Georgetown classmates later becoming the world famous Roman Catholic
actor and activist Tommy Lee Jones who played Clay L. Shaw in Oliver
Stone’s JFK, Director’s Cut and played the part of a top secret intelligence
officer – a modern super secret Jesuit above the law – using high-tech
weapons against “aliens” (whose existence is notoriously espoused by
Jesuits of the Vatican Observatory) in Men In Black] was one of the
students who helped clean up after the Washington [Civil Rights] riots [of
1968] — but the exhibit deals more with his class presidencies . . . In 1969,
McSorley took a sabbatical to visit peace groups throughout the world. His
first stop was England. Fellowship of Reconciliation members and Quakers
directed him to a big antiwar demonstration at the U.S. Embassy. Bill
Clinton was there and recognized McSorley . . .
After the demonstration, Clinton asked the Jesuit whether he would lead
the Catholic prayers the next day at an interfaith prayer meeting he’d helped
organize in a nearby Anglican church. McSorley offered the prayer of St.
Francis; Clinton joined in and they marched back to the embassy and left
white crosses to symbolize the deaths of Americans. McSorley then went to
France and Scandinavia to meet peace people. Stepping off the train right
behind him in Oslo, Norway, was Bill Clinton . . . That evening, before
McSorley boarded his train for an overnight trip south, he and Clinton
dined together. ‘He was just like most of the students,’ said McSorley. . . .
On July 6, [1995] Clinton was back at Georgetown. In a lengthy talk, he
laid out his stance as a candidate for reelection and reaffirmed the values of
activism in the ’60s and ’70s.” {7} [Emphasis added]
Arthur Jones, 1995 American
Journalist National Catholic
“. . . the Catholic Vatican’s Intelligence arm of Jesuits were working
closely with U.S. Intelligence to usher in the New World Order . . . those
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
who were actively laying the groundwork for implementing the New World
Order through mind conditioning of the masses made no distinction
between the Democratic and Republican Parties. Their aspirations were
international in proportion, not American. Members were often drawn from,
among other elitist groups, the Council on Foreign Relations. Like
George [H. W.] Bush, Bill Clinton was an active member of the CFR,
Bilderbergers [founded in 1954 by a former Nazi SS officer and Knight of
Malta, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands], and Tri-Lateral
Commission. Based on numerous conversations I overheard, Clinton was
being groomed and prepared to fill the role of the President under the guise
of Democrat in the event that the American people became discouraged
with Republican leaders . . . Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton . . . [using]
standard Jesuit hand signals and cryptic language, triggered/switched me
and accessed a previously programmed message . . .Torture to the point just
before death, such as with Death’s Door programming, was jointly used by
the Catholic Jesuits and the CIA in Project Monarch [Universal Monarch of
the World].” {8} [Emphasis added]
Cathy O’Brien, 1995 Ex-CIA
Presidential Prostitute Trance:
Formation of America
“I did not have sexual relations with  that woman, Miss
Lewinsky!” {9} [Emphasis added]
William “Bill” Clinton, 1998
Freemason and Jesuit Coadjutor
42nd President of the United States
CBS, National Television Interview
“ ‘Indeed, father! Is that not a lie, and perjury to boot?’ ‘No,’ said the father;
‘[Jesuits] Sanchez and Filiutius prove that it is not; for, says the latter, ‘it is
the intention that determines the quality of the action.’ And he suggests a
still surer method for avoiding falsehood, which is this: After saying aloud,
I swear that I have not done that, to add, in a low voice, today; or after
saying aloud, I swear, to interpose in a whisper, that I say, and then continue
aloud, that I have not done that. This you perceive, is telling the truth.” {10}
[Emphasis added]
Blaise Pascal, 1656
French Roman Catholic Jansenist
The Provincial Letters
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
“We see Rome’s satanic, Nazi Fourth Reich using United States troops to
murder the leaders and peoples of nations so that the Roman Antichrist can
place his own like-minded leaders in the place of those he ordered to be
assassinated or murdered [as in the assassination of Knight of Columbus
John F. Kennedy and thus replacing him with Shriner Freemason Lyndon
B. Johnson]. These actions are causing all the nations of the world to hate
the people of the United States of America. We who were once the most
loved nation are now the most hated. The Antichrist in Rome doesn’t allow
his world-controlled media to fully tell the truth about what the people of
other nations think about us or why they think this way. They hate us because
of what the Antichrist, through the high-ranking Roman Nazi agents, which
have infiltrated our government, is doing to them [Serbians, Moslems, etc.].
When these nations respond to the Roman Nazi agents’ unholy aggression
which is coming from the U.S. through the orders of the Antichrist in Rome,
the Pope’s [CFR-controlled] media and his puppets lead us to believe we
should go to war against them. Would you not hate someone who’s bombing
you, your family and your friends for no apparent reason? . . . The BATF,
FBI, DEA, the Federal Bureau Task Force, CIA, CFR, Knights of Malta, all
these are branches of the Vatican. The Vatican doesn’t care at all if you come
against a president, a king, a queen, or one of these branches, because they’re
nothing but smokescreens for the Pope. . . .
President [George W.] Bush is the most Catholic president we’ve ever had.
He is surrounded with cardinals. From the beginning of his presidency,
George [W.] Bush has been promoting the Vatican-Nazi Jesuit agenda. Two
months into his presidency, surrounded by cardinals of Rome, the President
dedicated a cultural center in Washington, D.C., to the greatest enemy this
Republic has ever had, the Pope of Rome. Bush declared that he is going to
enforce the words and teachings of the Pope here in America. [According to
Patricia Zapoa of the Catholic News Service, March 24, 2001] President
Bush said,
“The best way to honor Pope John Paul II, truly one of the
greatest men, is to take his teachings seriously, to listen to his
words and put his words and his teachings into action here in
America.” {11} [Emphasis added]
Tony Alamo, April-June, 2003
Evangelical American Pastor
Alamo Christian Ministries
World Newsletter
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Every President from Johnson to Clinton, and now Bush, has been the abject
tool of the Order fulfilling “Jesuitical Politics” — treasonous, internationalist and
plotting to make its “infallible” Pope, ruling Satan’s Theocratic Kingdom offered to
the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Universal Monarch of the World.” This political control
was clearly described in 1933 by Lady Queenborough who wrote:
“The game of politics is the pursuit of power. In all democracies, there
are two separate organizations playing the political game. The open and
visible one, the members of which hold office as members of a
government, and the invisible one composed of individuals who control
this visible organization and in whom is vested the real power, the
essence of which is finance, controlling the publicity which makes or
unmakes its tools. This financial power may be used to promote truth or
fallacies, good or evil, national prosperity or national ruin . . . the
strength of a democracy thus lies at the mercy of invisible leaders who,
being nationally irresponsible, cannot be called to account for the
consequences of the acts of the governments they control.
This at the same time constitutes the inherent weakness of any form of
government, the apotheosis of which is the control of both parties in the
state, right and left, radical and conservative, by the same forces. Then,
only the puppets change while the rule of the individuals controlling the
machine continues unhindered. Voters who wonder why their efforts
have failed, wonder in vain. As the dupes of a controlled publicity their
privilege of the vote is a farce [see Votescam written in 1992 by Collier
and Collier].
If all factions in a state can be controlled from one source [the CFR],
why should International Control [from Rome] be impracticable?” {12}
From the reversal of President Kennedy’s policy to end the Vietnam War
(1963), to the war in Yugoslavia (1998), and now the Crusade in Central Asia against
Islam (2004), the Jesuits have maintained control over the Executive, Legislative and
Judicial branches of the Empire’s government. The murder of “heretics” continues
abroad, from the “heretic” Buddhists in the Far East to the “heretic” Orthodox
Serbians in the Balkans. The Jesuits, in control of both George H. W. Bush (along
with the American military) and Saddam Hussein, through Shriner Freemasonry,
“extirpated” the “heretic” Moslems of Iraq while initiating the unification of Europe’s
military, largely Roman Catholic, during Operation Desert Storm. A former Jesuit
and personal friend suggests why the Islamic people of Iraq have been mass murdered
by the Military Industrial Complex of the Order’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth
Amendment American Empire for the last twenty years:
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
“At the request of Pope Pius XI in 1931, and as directed by Jesuit General
Ledochowski, the Jesuits of the New England Province, headquartered in
Boston, opened a new high school in 1932 by the name of Baghdad
College, located in Baghdad, Iraq, and staffed by the Jesuit Fathers,
Scholastics, and Brothers from four US Provinces. Over the years Baghdad
College flourished on what became a beautiful date-palm-covered property,
was attended by both Catholic and Islamic students, and developed a
reputation as one of the finest schools in Iraq. The Jesuits in Iraq operated
under a government restriction that they engage in no proselytizing of their
Islamic students, although they were free to service Catholic communities
in the country. Some years later, in 1956, the Jesuits opened Al-Hikma
University, with curricula in business and engineering. Al-Hikma was also
located in the Baghdad area, several miles from Baghdad College.
[Remembering that the Universities of the Military Company of the Society of Jesus
are in fact military fortresses through which the Jesuits carry out their military quest
in subordinating all nations to the absolute Temporal Power of the Papal Caesar in
Rome, we read further that:]
The political events in Iraq from 1932 to 1979 included:
1932 – Independence, League of Nations Mandate.
Faisal I becomes King of independent Iraq. Jesuits
open Baghdad College (high school) in Iraq.
1933 – King Faisal I dies. Faisal II becomes King of Iraq.
1956 – Jesuits open Al-Hikma University in Baghdad.
1958 – Hashemite dynasty overthrown (as had been done by the Order’s
Wahhabi al-Saud tribe to the Arabian Hashemite dynasty in 1926),
King Faisal II and Prime Minister Nuri Said are killed; Karim
Kassem seizes power; Republic proclaimed.
1963 – President Karim Kassem overthrown and killed.
1966 – President Muhammed Aref killed in crash of helicopter.
1968 – November. Al-Hikma Jesuits expelled from Iraq;
allowed five days to leave the country.
1969 – All Jesuits expelled from Iraq.
1979 – Saddam Hussein becomes President of Iraq;
payback time for the Moslem People of Iraq.
I wonder if the above expulsion of the Jesuits entitled Iraq [ravaged by
more than two decades of war, depravation and Jesuit tyranny administered
by the Black Pope’s Masonic Hussein Dynasty] to the mass destruction
and horrendous massacres connected with the various wars and bombings
— the Iran-Iraq War; the Gulf war, etc. [now invaded during the Order’s
present Anglo-American ‘War on Islamic Terrorism’].” {13}
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Dear truth-seeker, could it be that Saddam Hussein, the resultant Moslem military
dictator of Iraq for over twenty years, who used chemical weapons not only on Iran
but on his own Iraqi people, was put in power by the Jesuit Order? Is it not extremely
telling that Saddam Hussein was never eliminated by an easily ordered “Special
Operation” of the Jesuits’ American Military Intelligence during the Gulf War, as he
had been a brother Shriner Freemason and business partner with the Order’s CFR
member, Mafia associate and former CIA Director, President George H. W. Bush?
(See Pete Brewton’s The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, published in 1992.) Clearly,
the Black Pope’s wars upon Iraq for the last twenty years have been waged against
the Moslem people of Iraq, not the Jesuit-controlled government of Iraq!
Meanwhile, we American people have been brainwashed into thinking of and
pursuing games and amusements, while our intelligence communities are pursuing
“fun and games” with false enemies, intrigues and assassinations, in restoring and
maintaining the Temporal Power of the Pope around the world. The revived
Greco-Roman Olympic games fulfill a major goal of the Jesuit Order: the bringing of
the world’s people together glorifying the physical abilities of Man. One day it will be
an international union around one Satanic Man — the “risen” Papal Caesar!
The American people are not only addicted to the Olympic games but they are
consumed with the vanities of professional sports. This is precisely what the Jesuits
said they would do in their blueprint for world government, The Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion. Protocol number 13 declares:
“In order that the masses themselves may not guess what [our fruitless
agitations] are about we further distract them with amusements, games,
pastimes, passions, people’s palaces . . . Soon we shall begin through
the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these
interests will finally distract their minds . . .” {14}
Dear truth-seeker, it is a matter of fact that these games and amusements are
not controlled by a Jewish conspiracy, as the authors of The Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion would have us believe, but by a Gentile conspiracy. How do we know
this? Jesus the Messiah declared to his Hebrew/Jewish disciples:
“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies,
then know that the desolation thereof is nigh . . .
And they shall fall by the edge of the sword,
and shall be led away captive into all nations:
and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles,
until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”
– Luke 21:20, 24
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
Since the destruction of Jerusalem along with its Second Temple in 70 A.D.
by Titus’ Roman legions, due to Israel’s breaking of the conditional Mosaic
Covenant which includes the rejection of “That Prophet” of Deuteronomy 18:18
being King Jesus the Messiah, the Nation of Israel composing the Hebrew/Jewish
Race, has been “the tail” of all nations (Deuteronomy 28:13), scattered and
persecuted by ruling and rich Gentiles throughout the world, as foretold by Moses the
prophet being somberly moved by the Holy Spirit of God in writing:
“The LORD shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies:
thou shalt go out one way against them, . . .
and shalt be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth . . .
And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword,
among all nations whither the LORD shall lead thee . . .
The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high;
and thou shalt come down very low.
He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him:
he shall be the head, thou shalt be the tail . . .
And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people,
from the one end of the earth even unto the other;
and there thou shalt serve other gods,
which neither thou nor thy fathers have known,
even wood and stone.
And among these nations shalt thou find no ease,
neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest:
but the LORD shall give thee there a trembling heart,
and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind:
And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee;
and thou shalt fear day and night,
and shalt have none assurance of thy life:
In the morning thou shalt say,
Would God it were even!
and at even thou shalt say,
Would God it were morning!
for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear,
and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.
– Deuteronomy 28:25, 37,
– Deuteronomy 28:43, 44, 64-67
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
During this time of dispersion Jerusalem has been under Gentile dominion.
And even though the Holy City is presently governed by Jewish Masonic Zionists,
they willingly rule by permission only from the evil, White Gentiles now governing
New York, London and Rome — the Jesuit General with his “infallible” Pope!
Therefore, we are living under the preeminence of a White Gentile Jesuit
Conspiracy. It employs notorious Masonic Jews (and Gentiles) as their agents. This
furthers the deception of an “International Jewish Conspiracy” oppressing the nations.
Using this lie, Satan, with his White Gentile Jesuit General in control of all major
secret societies, is creating global, anti-Jewish fury once again. This fury will one day
culminate in the last mad attempt of the world’s Gentile Nations to invade Israel, “the
holy land” (Zechariah 2:12), and destroy the physical descendants of Jacob, “the
holy people” (Daniel 12:7) or “the holy seed” (Isaiah 6:13) — Armageddon.
A few examples of the White Gentile Jesuit Conspiracy will suffice, as the
players are always members of the same secret societies. Walt Disney, the founder of
“Disneyland” and “Disney World,” was a thirty-third degree Freemason. The
Professed Jesuit of the Fourth Vow, Leo J. O’Donovan, president of Georgetown
University and a bosom friend of President Clinton, was on the seventeen-member
board of directors of the Walt Disney Company from 1996 to 1998. The racial Jew
and Roman Catholic Knight of Malta, Bowie Kuhn, was the Commissioner of
Baseball. Knight of Malta Frank Capra was Hollywood’s greatest director and
censor of World War II, and the land upon which Yankee Stadium sits was, and still is,
owned by the Knights of Columbus. Of the Knights of Columbus we read:
“The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization of Catholic men
with a membership of nearly 1.2 million [over 1 million junior-Jesuit
crusading executioners for the Pope!!!] . . . the Knights bought for $6.5
million the land on which Yankee Stadium in New York stands . . . Thus
when in October 1965, Pope Paul [Paul VI] went to New York City to
visit the United Nations and later at a pontifical mass in Yankee Stadium,
His Holiness in effect was on home ground.” {15} [Emphasis added]
After the death of Spellman’s President Johnson, Richard Nixon became
Commander-in-Chief. Nixon, the old friend of Spellman and fellow “Cold Warrior,”
extended the War in Vietnam to the bombing of Cambodia at the advice of a Jesuit,
Dan Lyons, who personally consulted General Abrams, the Commander of U. S.
Forces in Vietnam! Nixon continued to promote the Jesuit agenda as outlined in The
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as his speechwriter was a Jesuit!
“One of Nixon’s main speech writers during three whole years was a
Jesuit father, the Rev. John McLaughlin, who wrote the Nixon speeches
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48
at a salary of $32,000 a year [and presently heads the publicly aired “The
McLaughlin Group” televised by CFR member Ted Turner through his
media monopoly, Cable News Network (CNN)].” {16} [Emphasis added]
(Dear truth-seeker, do you see how the Black Pope, in controlling his Fourteenth
Amendment American Empire through the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign
Relations and implementing The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, fulfills his
evil Council of Trent through his Militia, the Company of Jesus?)
The progress of the Great Jesuit Conspiracy in controlling the American
Presidents from Johnson to Clinton is clearly described in two great works. The first
is Colonel James “Bo” Gritz’s Called to Serve: Profiles in Conspiracy from John F.
Kennedy to George Bush, from which we read:
“This is a definite account of a nation betrayed. A spider web of ‘patriots
for profit,’ operating from the highest positions of special trust and
confidence, have successfully circumvented our constitutional system in
pursuit of a New World Order. They have infused America with drugs in
order to fund covert operations while sealing the fate of our servicemen
left in Communist prisons . . . At the very least this book represents a
factual, true-life adventure that will take you on a riveting journey from
the White House, down a heroin highway, to Burma’s Golden Triangle
where you will meet General Khun Sa — undisputed drug overlord. You
will infiltrate the jungles of Communist Asia to rescue U.S. POWs, and in
turn be pursued. You’ll be taken behind the veil of U.S. covert operations
to view deceit and betrayal. At best, this will produce a crack in the façade
of 20th century American government, through which concerned citizens
can view the looming peril and act in time to reverse our course while
God gives us time.” {17}
(Dear truth-seeker, we must never forget that the Mormon, James “Bo” Gritz, Army
Colonel and Commander of the Green Berets – though many believe he is still a CIA
operative and thus in the employ of the American Roman Hierarchy – was the most
decorated soldier of the Vatican’s War in Vietnam.)
The second is Mark Phillips’ and Cathy O’Brien’s Trance: Formation of
America, which declares:
“This book is primarily the autobiography of Cathy O’Brien, who did not
volunteer for service to her country, but was used her entire life against
her innate, voluntary will for perpetrating criminal activity by many
so-called leaders within the U.S. Government . . . Together, Cathy and I
have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of justice and rehabilitation for her
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Kelly [Cathy’s repeatedly raped, tortured and abused daughter]. All
avenues of justice and rehabilitative relief have been blocked For
Reasons of National Security. . . . The question arises, whose security?
Cathy O’Brien provides the logical answer.” {18}
(Cathy O’Brien, forced into compulsory prostitution to service American Presidents
Ford, Reagan and Bush, has bravely come forth and told her story, for which she
should be given the Medal of Honor! Mark Phillips, who rescued her from White
slavery and near death, ought to be given the same. For in recalling Jeremiah
Crowley’s great work written in the early Twentieth Century, The Pope — Chief of
White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue, our hero proved “the Vicar of Christ”
controlled organized prostitution in the American Empire. Today he controls it
through his Mafia and CIA, protected by his “Grand Inquisitor,” the Attorney
General, in control of the “Department of Injustice” and “the Order of the FBI.”)
These works, including “Jesuit Vatican Tyranny,” a twenty-one page article
(found on the web at updating the
reader on the people presently empowered by the Company to rule over its “Holy
Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire, serve as companions to Vatican
Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”, and are heartily
recommended by the author in describing the Jesuit control of Washington through
the Council on Foreign Relations for the last forty years. Author Joel Bainerman in
his 1992 masterpiece, The Crimes of a President: New Revelations on Conspiracy &
Cover-up in the Bush & Reagan Administrations, further sums up the matter:
“[Shriner Freemason] George [H. W.] Bush has corrupted the American
system to such an extent that he can get away with any crime [just like his
son, President George W. Bush]. . . . George Bush. Skull and Bones. Drug
trafficking by the CIA. The assassinations of JFK and RFK. The Council
on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. There is a global
conspiracy founded on the [Jesuit General’s] Freemasonry notion of a
New World Order and global domination and President Bush [and now
his President son who is a party to the Jesuit-controlled CFR/CIA
demolition of the WTC] plays a major part in it.” {19}
Let us read, then pray, and then acquit ourselves as men remembering the
Lord’s exhortation at the mouth of Joab:
“Be of good courage, and let us behave ourselves valiantly
for our people, and for the cities of our God:
and let the LORD do that which is good in his sight.”
– I Chronicles 19:13
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48

Jesuit John McLaughlin, 1973 #186 This arrogant
Jesuit was President Richard Nixon’s aide and speechwriter. He presently
heads CNN’s publicly aired “The McLaughlin Group.”

Jesuit and US Congressman, Robert F. Drinan, 1973 #187 This
Son of Loyola introduced the House Resolution for the impeachment of
President Nixon for ending the Vietnam War prematurely. Instead of
killing the Commander-in-Chief, as the Company had murdered President
Kennedy, Nixon was removed with the CIA scandal known as “The
Watergate Affair.” After Nixon’s resignation Shriner Freemason and
Warren Commission conspirator, President Ford, was ordered to pardon
the broken Quaker. As America’s “Rodin,” Drinan is now a law professor
at the nation’s true capital, the Black Pope’s Jesuit Georgetown University.
The History of the Jesuits, James Arrabito, Home Video, 97 minutes.
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins

Knight of Malta William J. Casey, 1913 – 1987 #188 Member, Council
on Foreign Relations Director, Central Intelligence Agency, Reagan
Administration, 1980 – 1987

William J. Casey with Fordham University Jesuits, 1950s #189 A
graduate and trustee of the Jesuits’ Fordham University, an officer of
Donovan’s OSS, a Director of the SEC and Export-Import Bank, Irish
Catholic William J. Casey, friend of William F. Buckley, Jr., was the most
important person of the government of Ronald Reagan who chose Jesuit
William J. Bennett to be his Secretary of Education, Knight of Malta
Admiral James D. Watkins to be Chief of Naval Operations and gave formal
recognition to the Papal Caesar’s Vatican City State in 1984. The Last Hero,
Anthony Cave Brown, (New York: Times Books, 1982). Casey, Joseph E. Persico,
(New York: Penguin Books, 1991).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48

President Nixon, SEC Commissioner Casey and Wife; Judge Sirica, 1971

President Ronald Reagan with CIA Director William J. Casey, 1985 #191
Above we have one of President Nixon’s Jesuit-controlled masters being
sworn in to the Office of Securities and Exchange Commissioner by
Federal Judge John J. Sirica, the very Roman Catholic judge who
sentenced Jesuit-trained G. Gordon Liddy to twenty years in prison for
refusing to betray Nixon during the Order’s Watergate scandal. Below we
have President Ronald Reagan, the abject tool of New York Archbishop
John Cardinal O’Connor’s Knights of Malta including J. Peter Grace of
the Grace Commission and Alexander M. Haig, Jr., sitting with his master
and mastermind behind the Iran-Contra Scandal, the Jesuit-trained
Fordham University graduate and Knight of Malta, William J. Casey. Veil:
The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987, Bob Woodward, (New York: Simon and
Schuster, 1987.
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins

CIA Director William J. Casey with KGB Officer Arkady Shevchenko #192
Casey warmly chats at a Washington party with a former Under-Secretary
General of the UN for the Soviet Union who “defected” to the U.S. in 1978.

KGB Officer Vitaly Yurchenko #193 In meeting with
his American CIA boss, KGB Officer Vitaly Yurchenko “defected” to the
U.S. in 1985 but returned to the U.S.S.R. three months later having no fear
of being shot or imprisoned in the Order’s Gulag Archipelago. During his
CIA “debriefing” Yurchenko met with Knight of Malta William J. Casey
for a pleasant business dinner one evening at CIA Headquarters at Langley,
Virginia. Indeed, the Black Pope’s CIA and KGB have worked together
since the beginning of the Pope’s Cold War. And now, as of April 1, 2003,
General Yevgeni Primakov – the former head of the KGB – has been hired
as a “consultant” by the Order’s American Gestapo, the evil Office of
Homeland Security, led by Papist Tom Ridge! Veil: The Secret Wars of the
CIA, 1981-1987, Bob Woodward, (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48

FBI Officer Robert Philip Hanssen, 1980s

KGB Officer Viktor Cherkashin, 1980s #195 Robert
Philip Hanssen, alias “Dr. Death” and “the Mortician,” was one of the
FBI’s most trusted Russian “counterintelligence” experts whose betrayal of
U.S. spies resulted in the KGB execution of Dimitri Polyakov, Valery
Martynov and Sergei Motorin. As a member of the Black Pope’s
international popish brotherhood known as Opus Dei, Hanssen gave vital
intelligence secrets to the Order’s KGB for twenty-two years. Working with
Viktor Cherkashin, the KGB’s number two man in Washington, D.C.,
Hanssen was covertly overseen by his boss, FBI Director Louis Freeh, he
too being a member of Opus Dei and attending St. Catherine of Siena
Church in Great Falls, Virginia, led by Opus Dei priest, Franklyn Martin
McAfee. Pleading guilty to thirteen counts of espionage and known to the
KGB as “Ramon Garcia,” Hanssen was purportedly imprisoned for “life.”
The Bureau and the Mole, David A. Vise, (New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2002).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Vatican Assassins

FBI Director Louis J. Freeh and Son; President Bill Clinton, 1999

FBI Louis J. Freeh; AG John Ashcroft; DCI George J. Tenet, 2001 #197
As a result of Hanssen’s conviction of espionage the virtually untouchable
Opus Dei FBI Director was forced to resign. But the inquisitional effect of
his tenure in office vastly expanded the powers of the Black Pope’s FBI.
Freeh increased the Bureau’s budget by 58% to 3.4 billion; he pushed for
the monitoring of e-mails and cell phones; he more than doubled the FBI’s
overseas presence with agents based in forty-four countries in preparation
for the Pope’s Crusade “against terrorism” — a war that would be ignited
by Knight of Malta George J. Tenet whose CIA imploded the World Trade
Center on orders from New York Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan. The
Bureau and the Mole, David A. Vise, (New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2002).
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000
Chapter 48

Presidential Candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore with their master,
Archbishop of New York, Edward Cardinal Egan, October 19, 2000 #198

George W. Bush, Edward Cardinal Egan and Al Gore, 2000 #199 As it was
in 1963 with Francis Cardinal Spellman controlling both Presidential
candidates, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, so it is today.   Taken
at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York at the annual (Knight of Columbus)
Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, we can see the reverence of both the 
Republican and Democratic Party candidates towards their political master,
and the absolute power wielded by “the Archbishop of the capital of the
World,” this champion of the Spiritual and Temporal Power of the Pope of
Rome, Edward Cardinal Egan. UTOO50749/RM/ReutersNewMedia
The Jesuits – 1964 - 2000 The Council of Trent and the Jesuit Oath continue to be fulfilled as we
remember a portion of the Fourth Vow of the Professed Jesuit:
“I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity
presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against
all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, . . . I will secretly use the
poison cup . . . As I at any time may be directed so to do by any
agent of the Pope or superior of the Brotherhood of the holy faith of
the Society of Jesus.” {20} [Emphasis added]

Jesuit Provincial Thomas H. Smolich, 2002 #200 California Province of
the Society of Jesus Jesuit Thomas H. Smolich, one of the ten Provincials
overseeing the Black Pope’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American
Empire, is the Order’s most powerful eagle-eyed West Coast Jesuit. As all
Provincials are Professed of the Fourth Vow, Smolich was the immediate master
of former California Governor Gray Davis, a Knight of Columbus of the Fourth
Degree. Remembering that the official position of the Jesuit Conference is the
total abolition of gun ownership, Californians have now been legally disarmed of
their “assault rifles” further rendering them unable to repel our coming
Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion. Presently practicing in the Straits of Formosa, our
Asian invaders will be transported by a combined Chinese and Russian
merchant marine of over 2000 ships. With Los Angeles to be decimated this
attack will be successful, unlike the Order’s attempted invasion of repentant
Protestant England in 1588 using the Papal Caesar’s Spanish Armada. The
Protestant Reformation will be finished and we Americans will be raped,
plundered and mass-murdered by foreign, marauding, pagan savages fulfilling
the Order’s Bloody Oath.
The Reno Gazette-Journal, Associated Press, March 2002.
The Jesuits – 1900 - 2000
Chapter 49
New York City:
The Papal Caesar’s Political Capital of the World
Ruled by the American Empire’s Archbishop of New York, he
Controlling New York’s Council on Foreign Relations, it
Erecting Dictators Around the World Loyal to the Pope of Rome, he
Maintaining or Removing World Leaders with his CIA or his KGB

Mary Robinson, President of Ireland Professed Jesuit
Joseph A. O’Hare, CFR Presider and President of
Fordham University, 1994 #201

Treasonous, Jesuit-controlled, CFR Advisors, 1999 #202
Cyrus R. Vance, former Secretary of State
Shriner Freemason Henry A. Kissinger, former Secretary of State
Shriner Freemason David Rockefeller, CFR Presider and
the Black Pope’s International Banker having replaced J. P. Morgan.
Annual Report: Council on Foreign Relations, (New York: The Harold Pratt House,
1994, p. 60; 1999, p. 54).
The Jesuits – 1900 - 2000
Vatican Assassins
Chapter 50
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Economic Communism and Political Fascism in the American Empire Creating
International Anti-Jewish Fury Creating International Anti-Americanism
Depression, Anarchy, Race War, Martial Law, Foreign War and Invasion
Destruction of the Empire’s “heretic” Protestants, Baptists and Jews as well as
“liberal” Roman Catholics Pursuant to:
“The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan of the Order,” “The
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,”
“The Jesuit Oath” and “The Council of Trent” “The
Jew Room”
“The Jesuits are the pioneers of Antichrist . . . If the members of the
Society continue as they have begun, God grant that the time may not
come when kings will wish to resist them, but will not have the means of
doing so.” {1}
Melchior Cano, 1560 Provincial
Dominican Priest Personal letter
written two days before his death
“Also I swear from my heart, that . . . I will bear faith and true allegiance
to His Majesty, his heirs and successors, and him and them I will defend
to the uttermost of my power against all conspiracies and attempts
whatsoever which shall be made against him or their persons . . . and will
do my best to endeavour to disclose and make known . . . all treasons and
traitorous conspiracies, which I shall know of to be against him or any of
them. And I do further swear that I do from my heart abhor, detest, and
abjure as impious and heretical this damnable doctrine and position —
that princes, which may be excommunicated or deprived by the Pope, may
be deposed or murdered by their subjects or any other whatsoever. And I
do believe and in my conscience am resolved that neither the Pope nor
any other person whatsoever hath power to absolve me of this oath or any
part thereof . . .
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Chapter 50
And these things I do plainly and sincerely acknowledge and swear,
according to these express words by me spoken, and according to the
plain and common sense and understanding of the same words; without
any equivocation or mental evasion or secret reservation whatsoever. And
I do make this recognition and acknowledgement heartily, willingly, and
truly, upon the true faith of a Christian. — So help me God.” {2} [Emphasis
Citizen’s Oath of Allegiance, 1606
English Parliament in response to
The Gunpowder Plot
“You are in my custody as a magistrate, accused of abetting the foul,
bloody and heathenish plot for the establishment of Popery, the murder of
the king, and the general massacre of all true Protestants.” {3}
“Bridgenorth the Calvinist”
Freemason Sir Walter Scott, 1820
Scottish Presbyterian Author Peveril
of the Peak
“Ignatius Loyola . . . this degraded, ferocious Human Pig, one of the
most perfect scoundrels . . . is the poison fountain from which all these
rivers of bitterness that now submerge the world have flown. Where you
meet a man believing in the salutary nature of falsehoods, or the divine
authority of things doubtful, all fancying that to serve the Good Cause [in
making the White Pope the Universal Monarch of the World] he must
call the Devil to his aid, there is a follower of Un-saint Ignatius. Not till
the last of these men has vanished from the earth will our account with
Ignatius be quite settled, and his black militia have got their ‘mittimus’ to
chaos again.” {4} [Emphasis added]
Thomas Carlyle, 1880
English Historian
“The Jesuits laugh at us; and during their hilarity, the rattlesnake is coiled
at our feet, climbing to strike us in the heart!” {5}
Edwin A. Sherman, 1883 American
Shriner Freemason Friend of our
hero, Charles Chiniquy The Engineer
Corps of Hell
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Vatican Assassins
“The Jesuit Order, therefore, stands before us as the embodiment of a
system which aims at temporal political domination through temporal
political means, embellished by religion, which assigns to the head of
the Catholic religion – the Roman Pope – the role of a temporal
overlord, and under shelter of the Pope-King, and using him as an
instrument, desires itself to attain the dominion over the whole world
[when the Order’s Jesuit Pontiff becomes the Universal Monarch of the
World after his ‘deadly wound was healed’ (Revelation 13:3)].” {6}
[Emphasis added]
Count von Hoensbroech, 1911
German Noble and Ex-Jesuit
Fourteen Years a Jesuit
“Whether you like it or not we are fast ripening for Roman Catholic
Slavery. Much of the past relative to this has been removed from our
History Books and the present generation, for a definite reason, know
very little how Rome controlled Western Europe for over 1000 years
and why our forefathers sought religious and political freedom by
fleeing from Europe.
For some time there has been a pretense of Communist opposition to the
Catholics, the press stressing this so as to keep the people in the dark,
but the fact remains that they are working together for the overthrow of
[Biblical and historical] Protestantism, [free enterprise] Capitalism,
[Biblical and non-popish] Christianity and [Calvinistic] free
Government.” {7} [Emphasis added]
Chester A. Murray, 1983 Baptist
Bible-Believer The Authorized
King James Bible Defended
“It can easily be seen that the identity of Jesuit political thought with the
objectives of Nazi-Fascism makes it imperative to conceal it from the
American public. Were it otherwise, the Catholic Church would suffer
complete loss of its prestige in the United States — in the eyes of
Catholics and non-Catholics alike.” {8} [Emphasis added]
Leo H. Lehmann, 1942
Irish Ex-Priest Behind
the Dictators
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Chapter 50
The Fourteenth Amendment so altered the Constitution to the point that it
created “the new republican constitution” spoken of in The Protocols of the Learned
Elders of Zion. The Jesuit Order, behind the new constitution, created the American
Empire. In 1868, on the ruins of George Washington’s Calvinistic Republic, the
Jesuits’ new “Holy Roman Empire of the West” was set up with its massive central
government in Washington. Its national purpose would be to restore the Temporal
Power of the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope over every nation. To do this the Empire was
made the financial and military colossus of the world using J. P. Morgan, their
Federal Reserve Bank and the Great Depression. In subduing the nations, credit
created out of nothing would be used to build tremendous war machines for the
“extirpation of heretics and liberals.” This same Jesuit credit, called “foreign aid,”
would be used to establish and finance the reign of dictators loyal to Rome over every
nation, including the Zionist and Talmudic government of Israel.
The economic policy of the Empire would be the destruction of small,
independent, free enterprise businessmen and the consolidation of capital into the
hands of Rome’s corporate monopolies (corporate fascism), while the people would
be submitted to the ten pillars of The Communist Manifesto in exchange for The Ten
Commandments. A central bank, from which comes all credit, along with a fiat, bogus
currency, would replace state banks having distributed federally minted gold and
silver coins. A heavy and progressive income tax would invade the privacy of the
people while replacing the apportioned tax. The wicked Social Security numbering
system would keep track of all “taxpayers.” In fact, it would be the Vatican’s world
government number by which the Society of Jesus, through its FBI and CIA, would
track every citizen of the Empire. These two pillars alone would be enough to destroy
the prosperous White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Protestant Middle Class, while creating the
feudal system of the Dark Ages composed only of the noble super-rich Catholic
Whites and the common super-poor of all races and religions. The Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion say it clearly in Protocol number twenty:
“The concentration of industry in the hands of [cartel] capitalists out of
the hands of small masters has drained away all the juices of the peoples
and with them also the states . . .” {9}
Dear truth-seeker, do you see how the radical mass emancipation of the Negro
slaves after the War Between the States was never intended to benefit them but rather
was calculated to destroy the private wealth of small White “heretic” masters in the
South? Historically speaking, Blacks generally only produce wealth when trained
and/or overseen by Whites. Do you see how the Fourteenth Amendment enslaved
both Whites and Blacks to the new master in Washington — the Society of Jesus? Is
not the Archbishop of New York the real “massa” of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush,
Albert Gore and Jesse Jackson (who is apparently to be replaced with another
mulatto Black agitator, Al Sharpton), they being nothing more than his “altar boys”?
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Vatican Assassins
With the economic system of Communism in place, the political system of the
Empire would be an absolutist military dictatorship of the president as
“Commander-in-Chief,” for the purpose of “national security.” Protocol number ten
spoke of this:
“We shall invest the president with the right of declaring a state of war. We
shall justify this last right on the ground that the president as chief of the
whole army of the country must have it at his disposal in case of need for the
defense of the new republican constitution . . .” {10}
That is fascism, pure and simple. The absolute Commander-in-Chief is one
with the Jesuits’ corporate monopolies run by the Knights of Malta. Remembering the
words of the Jesuits as quoted by Pierre van Paassen,
“Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the
Church of Rome.” {11}
It was fascism that terribly persecuted the Protestants of Franco’s Spain and
Mussolini’s Italy. Additionally, it was fascism that deported Jews to Hitler’s death
camps in Poland. In fact both Hitler and Stalin, the Grand Inquisitors, were Roman
Catholic fascists. Nazism and Communism were simply smokescreens describing
socialist economic systems. Both dictators were loyal to Rome’s Jesuits who put them
in power, as they both murdered millions of Protestants, Orthodox and Jewish
“heretics and liberals,” including many “liberal” Catholic priests and people.
Dear truth-seeker, this is the coming scenario for the Protestants and Jews of
the American Empire. The President, since the Emergency War Powers Act of 1950,
has been a fascist military dictator loyal to his Jesuit masters at Georgetown
University. And with the passage of King George Bush II’s new Terrorist Act,
fascism will further increase. The Jesuits will continue to advance their international
“Negro/Muslim Agitation” (directed against historically White Protestant nations)
and incite international anti-Semitism, or more correctly, anti-Jewish fury. Much
was ignited in the American Empire with the Israeli attack on the American spy ship
“USS Liberty,” along with the conviction of the Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard. The
Jesuits’ International Intelligence Community including the Mossad created both
incidents. Anti-Jewish fury among both Whites and Blacks must be used to drive
American Jews back to Israel for the purpose of attempting to kill them all there!
The means by which the Sons of Loyola will accomplish this is their National
Security Agency — the NSA. We read:
“Its nickname is the ‘Jew Room’. Inside the National Security Agency is an
intelligence center from which all American Jews are banned, regardless of
their proven loyalty or devotion to country, just as the U.S. Navy banned
Jews from electronic surveillance ships, such as the USS Liberty . . . it is, and
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Chapter 50
has been, the heart of the secret war against the Jews.” {12} [Emphasis added]
Remembering the words of Loyola in his Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,
“ . . . our members will work themselves into the favor of persons in the
highest part of government and consequently be admitted into their most
secret councils,” {13}
is it not obvious the Jesuit Order rules “The Jew Room”?  For in the words of ex-Jesuit
E. Boyd Barrett:
“In the Order hatred of the Jews is traditional . . . it is forbidden to admit any
one of Jewish descent into the Order [from 1593 to the repeal of the statute in
1946, thereby escaping Holocaust war guilt]. Japanese, Chinese, Indians and
Negroes may be admitted into the Society of Jesus, but never, under any
circumstances, a Jew [except Albert and Auguste Valenstein, who were
permitted to enter the Order in the early 1900s for the purpose of working
with the Jesuit General’s early Masonic Jewish Zionists including Theodor
Herzl and later, Jerzy Kluger, boyhood friend of Pope John Paul II]!” {14}
For Ignatius set the example:
“He [Loyola, the heartless beast] also obtained great honour from all classes
for his zeal for the conversion of the Jews. His method was not original. He
obtained a decree from the Pope Paul III, then reigning, that the Jews should
not be allowed the services of a physician, no matter how serious might be
their danger, unless they first accepted the ministrations of a priest . . . ” {15}
[Emphasis added]
The Jesuits will also continue to foster international anti-Americanism
depicting the Empire as “the Great Satan” to the Arab world and the “NATO Nazi
mass bombing bully” to the rest of the world. The NATO crusades in Iraq and
Yugoslavia have increased the nations’ hatred for us Americans, they not knowing
that the Jesuit-CFR-controlled American government is also the enemy of the
American people. Meanwhile, the Jesuits have furthered their quest to reduce the
world to the universal rule of their “infallible” Papal Caesar in Jerusalem.
In Fourteenth Amendment America the Jesuit Order rules supremely, having
no serious or significant adversaries. Ten Jesuit Provincials oversee the Empire
through its King, the Archbishop of New York — Edward Cardinal Egan, he ruling
from his palatial St. Patrick’s Cathedral while overseen by the Jesuits of Fordham
University. The Cardinal exercises the Pope’s Temporal Power over the Empire
through his Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Shriner Freemasonry, Opus Dei,
the Club of Rome and the Mafia Commission, along with a host of other subordinate
secret societies, they controlling the Council on Foreign Relations.
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Vatican Assassins
The Empire has two political parties controlled by the Council on Foreign
Relations. The first is the Democratic Party, which is in fact “the Communist Party.”
The second is the Republican Party, which is in fact “the Fascist Party.” (Forget the
words “liberal” and “conservative” as they mean nothing!) Neither party wishes to
“conserve” the Constitution which would result in a truly “liberal” government, as
neither party will return to hard money, abolish the national bank and erect a
protective tariff — the three essentials for national prosperity as proven by President
Andrew Jackson. As in Europe, the Fascist nations resisting “godless Jew
Communism” all had Roman Catholic dictators subject to Concordats with the Pope.
This is Rome’s present course for the American Empire!
For fifteen years the former Archbishop of New York, John Cardinal
O’Connor, in using the Jesuit inspired abortion agitation, built “the New Right” with
his Knights and Dames of Malta. Of this fascist, right-wing movement seeking full
control of the Republican Party, the leaders have been Paul Weyrich, Lewis
Lehrman, Phyllis Schlafly, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Newt
Gingrich and the Black Roman Catholic, Allen Keyes. Backed by the Kennedy
assassins, Knights Cartha DeLoach, Frank Shakespeare and William F. Buckley,
Jr., their ultimate candidate for the Presidency is another brother Knight, the
Jesuit-trained Pat Buchanan. As Knight Franz von Papen used the Center Party to
bring Hitler to power and as Knight Joseph P. Kennedy used the Democratic Party
to bring FDR to power, so will the Knights, including Richard Mellon Scaife, use
the New Right Republican Party to bring a Jesuit-controlled, Jew-hating, fascist
dictator to power “For the greater glory of God” — the god who sits in “St. Peter’s
When the time is right the Black Pope will give the order and the post
Protestant Reformation American culture as we know it today will be no more! His
Masonic Shriners, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus on Wall Street will
cause an economic collapse resulting in the anarchy of an inner city race war led by
his Black Supremacist Nation of Islam. The Constitution will be suspended and
martial law will be declared by a final presidential executive order. America’s
Commander-in-Chief will truly be a fascist dictator backed by the economic might of
the Knights of Malta. In fulfilling The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the
Jesuit Oath and the Council of Trent, he, like other fascist dictators of the past, will
make a treaty with Rome called a “Concordat.” The guns will be confiscated and the
persecution of Protestants, Baptists and Jews will begin in dead earnest! Alaska will
be the American Siberia run by Jesuit Inquisitors. Located in the southwest corner,
there is a one-million acre “restricted area” complex to be used for brainwashing as
well as bizarre and torturous experiments as part of the Jesuits’ “relentless war” on all
“heretics and liberals” — the Empire’s Protestant, Baptists, Jews and anti-fascist,
anti-socialist-communist, pro-Constitution, truly “liberal” conservatives.
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Chapter 50
This will ultimately give way to war and a foreign invasion. The invaders will
be merciless Russian, Chinese, Moslem and Cuban mercenaries, all controlled by the
Jesuit General. The movie Red Dawn is an attempt to illustrate the planned invasion.
America’s paganized, demoralized, feminized and mongrelized White sons of noble
sires with ear rings and tattoos all over their bodies – presently the largest consumers
of pornography, illicit drugs and Black “rap music” – will be the internationally hated
target. America’s White Protestants and Baptists will be mass murdered, raped and
plundered as we have departed from the Bible of the English Reformation, The
Authorized King James Version of 1611. We apostate and degenerate White
American believers in refusing to abide in Christ have become “good for nothing”
and will be gathered by evil men and cast into the fire of persecution “to be burned.”
“If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch,
and is withered; and men gather them,
and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.”
Jesus the Messiah –
John 15:6
Our hatred of Calvinism and love for the Jesuits’ “sovereign drug of Arminianism,”
resulting in no godly resistance to Rome’s fascist tyranny, will mean our brutal and
torturous deaths. “Heretic” Jews and “liberal” Roman Catholics will meet the same
fate as they did during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.
Meanwhile, the great whore in Rome – the Vatican’s Papal Caesar and
Senatorial Hierarchy overseen by the Black Pope and his “Fiery Jesuits” – will
experience orgasmic delight as she once again becomes drunk with the blood of the
saints, pursuant to the Jesuit Oath and the evil Council of Trent. Bible-believing
truth seeker and brother in Christ, is this what you want for your beloved country,
church and family? All this is coming because we did not timely resolve the
assassination of President Kennedy. The infant that killed him has now become a
monster and we, the American people, are like the children of Israel in the days of
Isaiah the prophet:
“But this is a people robbed and spoiled;
they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses:
they are for a prey, and none delivereth;
for a spoil and none saith, Restore.
. . . for they would not walk in his ways,
neither were they obedient unto his law.”
– Isaiah 42:22-24
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Vatican Assassins

Peter–Hans Kolvenbach, 1995 #203 The Twenty-ninth
Superior General of the Society of Jesus, 1983 – Present, with his Criminal,
Seven-member Cosmopolitan General Council
“A consultative council is imposed on him by the general congregation
[which elected the General] of six persons [and a token Black now being the
seventh], whom he may neither select, nor remove, — namely, four [now
five, but according to “The Pope’s Commandos” (The Saturday Evening Post,
January 17, 1959) there were nine] assistants, each representing a nation
[now, a group of nations called an “Assistancy”], an admonisher or advisor
(resembling the [likes] of a military commander) to warn him of any faults
or mistakes, and his confessor [to absolve him of his many sins]. One of these
must be in constant attendance on him . . . he may yet be suspended [for
heresy] or deposed [like Pedro Arrupe in 1981] by its authority.”
Dear truth-seeker, Satan’s greatest and most powerful servants are always
the most intellectual, Bible-rejecting members of the Gentile White Race.
These are the men who have robbed, spoiled and made us Americans for a
prey, presently betraying us into the hands of our future invaders. Jesuits:  
A Multibiography, Jean Lacouture, (Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical
Press, 1995).
Occult   Theocrasy,   Lady   Queenborough,   (South   Pasadena,  
California: Emissary Publications, 1980; originally published in 1933) p. 310.
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Chapter 50

The Black Pope, Peter–Hans Kolvenbach, 2000 #204 Visiting the
Jesuit Center in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, very few people could even
dream of the vast and ubiquitous POWER this singular and unassuming
man possesses. This Dutch Luciferian, who is the High Priest and Military
Commanding General of the most powerful, wealthy, disciplined, educated
and fanatical army in the history of man, rules the world with the aid of his
five assistants, one advisor and one confessor. Once pronounced, there are
no appeals from his decrees. His soldiers, including the Knights of Malta,
Shriner Freemasonry, the Opus Dei, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, the
Knights of Columbus and the Mafia, these groups commanding a host of
lesser international subordinates, rule the American, European, Moslem,
Russian and Chinese Empires. His great POWER has been given to him,
on behalf of Rome’s Eighth King, Jerusalem’s future risen Papal Caesar,
by “the prince and power of the air,” formerly called “Lucifer” who is “the god
of this world,” known as “the Devil” or “the Dragon” and addressed as
“Satan” by the risen Son of God, Yeshua the Messiah, the Lord Jesus
A House of Bread: The Jesuits Celebrate 70 Years in Wernersville, Pennsylvania,
Kathy M. Scogna, (Wernersville, Pennsylvania: Kathy M. Scogna, 2000) p. 8.
The Jesuits – Beyond 2000
Vatican Assassins
Call to National Repentance
Godly Resistance to Tyranny
The Church and the Sword of the Spirit
The Government and the Sword of Just Defense
The Expulsion of the Jesuit Order
Prayer of Faith
“Father Rector, let not the damp of astonishment seize upon your ardent
and zealous soul, in apprehending the sodaine and unexpected calling of a
Parliament [by England’s Jesuit-controlled King Charles I]. We have now
many strings to our bow. We have planted that sovereign drugge
Arminianisme [the teaching that all unsaved men have an absolute free will
to choose their salvation in Christ rather than God predestinating their
salvation in Christ] which we hope will purge the Protestants from their
heresie . . . I am at this time, transported with joy, to see how happily all
instruments and means, as well as lessor, co-operate unto our purposes. But,
to return unto the maine fabricke:— Our foundation is Arminianisme. The
Arminians and projectors, as it appears in the premises, affect mutation.
This we second and enforce by probable arguments.” {1} [Emphasis added]
An English Jesuit, 1628 A letter in the
possession of Archbishop William Laud
to be sent to the Jesuit General in
Brussels The Works of Augustus
“ . . . I am, and have been, inclined to limit the use of carnal arms to the
case of necessary self-defense, whether such regards our own person or the
protection of our country against invasion; or of our rights of property, and
the freedom of our laws and of our conscience, against usurping power.” {2}
[Emphasis added]
“Bridgenorth the Calvinist”
Freemason Sir Walter Scott, 1820
Scottish Presbyterian Author
Peveril of the Peak
“Princes and persons of distinction everywhere must, by all means be so
managed that we may have their ear, and that will easily secure their hearts:
by which way of proceeding, all persons will become our creatures, and no
one will dare to give the Society the least disquiet or opposition [as it is
among the religious leaders, politicians, and professionals in America
today] . . .
Finally, the Society must endeavor to effect this at least, that having gotten
the favor and authority of princes [every American President from
Theodore Roosevelt (1901) to George W. Bush (2000)], those who do not
love them at least fear them [for which reason NOT ONE American
statesman has dared to contact the author of Vatican Assassins: ‘Wounded
In The House Of My Friends’].” {3}
Ignatius Loyola, 1540
Founder, 1st Jesuit General, 1540-1556
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
“Protestantism, a giant in its infancy, standing in a menacing attitude, with
the Bible in one hand and the sword in the other, bid defiance to the
impugners of the Sacred Volume.” {4} [Emphasis added]
G. B. Nicolini of Rome, 1854
Protestant Italian Patriot
Exiled to England History of
the Jesuits
“We the Jesuits, will capture the colleges and universities. We will gain
control of instruction in law, medicine, science, education, and so weed
out from all books of instruction anything injurious to Roman
Catholicism. We will mold the ideals of youth. We will enroll ourselves
as Protestant preachers and college professors in all the varying
Protestant faiths. Sooner or later, we will undermine the authority of
the Greek testament of Erasmus and also those Old Testament
productions which have dared to raise their head against our tradition,
and thus will we undermine the Protestant Reformation [all of which
has been accomplished].” {5}
Author Unknown
Vatican Assassins
“There is a conspiracy against Christendom. . . . But who are Satan’s agents
in this conspiracy? The “agents” are the Jesuits. Even though the Jesuits
exude vast influence and control in the areas of theology, education,
recorded history and current media [through the Order’s CFR], I am still
perplexed that virtually no literature exists exposing the Jesuit’s influence
on mainline Protestantism. . . . In this work, the author uncovers forgotten
history regarding the cooperative salvation theology of the Jesuits. . . . From
Cain to Charles [G.] Finney, this book proves that modern Protestantism
has abandoned the Doctrines of Grace and embraced the [Satanic] doctrines
of cooperative salvation [Arminianism].” {6} [Emphasis added]
Michael Bunker, 2002
American Reformed Pastor
Swarms of Locusts:
The Jesuit Attack on the Faith
“Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed,
That he is grown so great? . . .
Till then, my noble friend, chew upon this:
Brutus had rather be a villager
Than to repute himself a son of Rome
Under these hard conditions as this time
Is like to lay upon us.” {7}
Edward de Vere, 1590 17th
Earl of Oxford alias “William
Shakespeare” Julius Caesar,
Act I, Scene II
“And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip,
and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing.
Then said he unto them,
But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it,
and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword,
let him sell his garment, and buy one.”
Jesus the Messiah –
Luke 22:35, 36
With the dilemma that we Bible-believing Protestant and Baptist Americans
find ourselves in, what shall we do? With the Society of Jesus having poisoned our
bloodstreams with their “vaccinations and immunizations,” having mutilated us with
their unnecessary surgeries, having drugged us with their “medications” and now
ready to slit our throats from ear to ear using a fascist dictator bringing upon us
invading foreign armies, to whom shall we turn? The Word of God tells us:
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.”
– II Chronicles 7:14
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
– I John 1:9
Historically, the Lord’s people, Israel as well as true Bible-believing Churches,
have indeed repented in the past. A classic example was the Presbyterian Church of
Scotland. The Solemn League and Covenant with an Acknowledgment of Sins, and
Engagement to Duties by all Ranks was agreed upon by Parliament in 1649.
Remembering that one of our heroes, Oliver Cromwell, was about to behead the
Jesuits’ King Charles I of England and that the Protestant Holocausts in Germany
and the Netherlands had formally ended only months before this, we read:
“We Noblemen, Barons, Knights, Gentlemen, Citizens, Burgesses,
Ministers of the Gospel, and Commons of all sorts, in the kingdoms of
Scotland, England and Ireland, by the providence of GOD, living under one
King, and being of one reformed religion, having before our eyes the glory
of GOD, and the advancement of the kingdom of our Lord and Savior
JESUS CHRIST, the honour and happiness of the King’s Majesty and his
posterity, and the true publick liberty, safety, and peace of the kingdoms,
wherein every one’s private condition is included: And calling to mind the
treacherous and bloody plots, conspiracies, attempts, and practices of the
enemies of GOD, against the true religion and professors thereof in all
places, especially in these three kingdoms, ever since the reformation of
religion; and how much their rage, power, and presumption are of late, and
at this time, increased and exercised, whereof the deplorable state of the
church and kingdom of Ireland, the distressed estate of the church and
kingdom of England, and the dangerous estate of the church and kingdom
of Scotland, are present and public testimonies; we have now at last, (after
Vatican Assassins
other means of supplication, remonstrance, protestation, and sufferings,) for
the preservation of ourselves and our religion from utter ruin and
destruction, according to the commendable practice of these kingdoms in
former times, and the example of GOD’S people in other nations, after
mature deliberation, resolved and determined to enter into a mutual and
solemn League and Covenant, wherein we all subscribe, and each one of us
for himself, with our hands lifted up to the most High GOD, do swear,
I. That we shall sincerely, really, and constantly, through the grace of GOD,
endeavor, in our several places and callings, the preservation of the
reformed religion in the Church of Scotland, in doctrine, worship, discipline,
and government, against our common enemies . . .Albeit we be the Lord’s
people, engaged to him in a solemn way; yet to this day we have not made
it our study, that judicatories and armies should consist of, and places of
power and trust be filled with, men of a blameless and Christian
conversation, and of known integrity, and approven fidelity, affection and
zeal, unto the cause of God; but not only those who have been neutral and
indifferent, but disaffected and malignant, and others who have been
profane and scandalous, have been intrusted: by which it hath come to pass,
that judicatories have been the seats of injustice and iniquity; and many in
our armies, by their miscarriages, have become our plague, unto the great
prejudice of the cause of God, the great scandal of the gospel, and the great
increase of the looseness and profanity throughout all the land. It were
impossible to reckon up all the abominations that are in the land; but the
blaspheming of the name of God, swearing by the creatures, profanation of
the Lord’s day, uncleanness, drunkenness, excess and rioting, vanity of
apparel, lying and deceit, railing and cursing, arbitrary and uncontrolled
oppression, and grinding of the faces of the poor by landlords, and others in
place and power, are become ordinary and common sins; and besides all
these things, there be many other transgressions, whereof the lands wherein
we live are guilty. All which we desire to acknowledge and to be humbled
for, that the world may bear witness with us, that righteousness belongeth
unto God, and shame and confusion of face unto us, as appears this day . . .
And, because these kingdoms are guilty of many sins and provocations
against GOD, and his SON, JESUS CHRIST, as is too manifest by our
present distresses and dangers, the fruits thereof; we profess and declare,
before GOD and the world, our unfeigned desire to be humbled for our own
sins, and for the sins of these kingdoms; especially, that we have not as we
ought valued the inestimate benefit of the gospel; that we have not laboured
for the purity and power thereof; and that we have not endeavored to
receive CHRIST in our hearts, nor to walk worthy of him in our lives;
which are the causes of other sins, and transgressions so much abounding
amongst us: and our true and unfeigned purpose, desire, and endeavour for
ourselves, and all others under our power and charge, both in publick and in
private, in all duties we owe to GOD and man, to amend our lives, and each
one to go before another in the example of a real reformation; that the Lord
may turn away his wrath and heavy indignation, and establish these
churches and kingdoms in truth and peace. And this Covenant we make in
the presence of ALMIGHTY GOD, the Searcher of all hearts with a true
intention to perform the same, as we shall answer at that great day, when
the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed; most humbly beseeching the
Lord to strengthen us by his HOLY SPIRIT for this end, and to bless our
desires and proceedings with such success, as may be deliverance and
safety to his people, and encouragement to other Christian churches,
groaning under, or in danger of, the yoke of antichristian tyranny [of that
Roman Antichrist and man of sin], to join in the same or like association
and covenant, to the glory of GOD, the enlargement of the kingdom of
JESUS CHRIST, and the peace and tranquility of Christian kingdoms and
commonwealths.” {8} [Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker and brother in Christ, are not these words for us today?
We as God’s people in Fourteenth Amendment America, having received the
Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior according to His blessed gospel set forth in
His infallible Holy Scriptures — The Authorized King James Version of 1611, must
repent of our personal and national sins. Then, we must forsake them. Some of those
sins are:
Permitting the army of the Black Pope, the Company of the Society of Jesus,
to exist, mightily prosper and absolutely control the government of the United States,
through its Council on Foreign Relations, within our borders;
Believing the Jesuit-controlled American Press, which has continually lied and
deceived us throughout the Twentieth Century;
Permitting the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Banking System and United Nations
to exist within our borders, as these two bodies have successfully destroyed popular
liberty (“liberalism”) and the national sovereignty of every nation in the world
pursuant to the purposes of the Jesuits’ “Holy Alliance;”
Waiving our Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights (secured by the “declaratory
and restrictive clauses” of the Bill of Rights at the insistence of the Baptists of
Virginia and so dearly paid for with torrents of blood by our Protestant forefathers)
Vatican Assassins
through “filing” our confessions every April fifteenth, paying the heavy and
progressive Communist income tax, thereby financing a multitude of sins;
Permitting the drafting, vaccinating and sending of our sons abroad to fight
the Pope’s foreign wars (such as the war in Vietnam and the recent wars in Serbia,
Iraq and now Afghanistan), resulting in the further destruction of American “liberals”
and foreign “heretics” so condemned by the Jesuits’ Council of Trent;
Permitting the Jesuits, in control of the government of the American Empire,
to use our military and financial might to enthrone dictators around the world whose
first allegiance is to Rome, thereby restoring the Temporal Power of the Jesuits’
“infallible” Pope, returning the world to the Dark Ages;
Consenting to the Jesuits’ Supreme Court decisions in removing the
Protestant Bible and prayer from the bulwark of American liberty so hated by the
Jesuits — the Public School System;
Consenting to the immigration of millions of Roman Catholics and pagan
persons of color whose loyalty to the Pope or their own race, religion and nationality
is greater than their loyalty to our Protestant Constitution and republican form of
government, thereby creating a multitude of agitations justifying more centralization
of power in Washington, D.C., and through amalgamation, the Africanization of the
American White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Race (being historically the greatest enemy of
the Jesuit Order) especially its Bible-believing Protestants and Baptists, as intended
by the Company of Jesus pursuant to its Jesuit Oath;
Consenting to the Jesuits’ Supreme Court’s several decisions of forced
integration resulting in the destruction of both the White and Black races through
amalgamation, as the exchange of viruses, bacteria and parasites, unique to each race,
creates powerful combinations in the offspring producing a non-resistant, weak and
sterile population within five generations;
Consenting to the Jesuits’ Supreme Court’s decision of legalized abortion,
resulting in the mass murder of unborn babies, polluting the land with innocent blood,
ultimately collapsing the Ponzi Scheme called “the Social Security System”
justifying mass murder of the elderly by the coming fascist dictator, “provoking the
Lord against us, to consume us, until there be no remnant nor escaping in the land”
by means of a massive military invasion composed of a coalition of nations, cleansing
the land with the blood of unrepentant and unforgiven American murderers;
Succumbing to race hatred as a result of Jesuit-controlled, Masonic agitators
such as the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Nation of Islam,
justifying the imposition of martial law when the inner-city race wars begin;
Sheepishly giving up our real wealth, gold and silver coins in exchange for
“indulgences” (the Jesuits’ worthless paper money called “Federal Reserve Notes”)
and thereby becoming a nation of overworked, unprincipled, money-hungry thieves;
Consenting to the cattle brand of the Jesuits’ “Social Security Number” as a
means of identification to be used by their International Intelligence Community,
begun by Hitler’s SS at Dachau, it being the forerunner of
“ . . . the mark, . . . of the beast, or the number of his name.”
– Revelation 13:17
Obeying the evil 1968 Gun Law of Nazi origin and thereby, upon purchasing
new firearms, blindly registering our guns – our Swords of Just Defense – enabling
the coming, Jesuit-controlled, White, fascist, military dictator to ultimately take them
from us making our annihilation sure, pursuant to the Council of Trent;
Committing a multitude of personal sins, both public and private, insuring that
our annihilation will be a righteous act in the eyes of both the risen Son of God and
mortal man.
Realizing that the theology of a people determines the form of government to
which they submit; that substance determines form; that theory decrees practice; that
heresy begets tyranny; the list of our national sins is not complete. Since our righteous
and tolerant Biblical foundations, laid by American Calvinists of the Lord’s Grand
and Glorious Protestant Reformation, have been destroyed, we must name the
greatest sin of all. It is the fear of man having produced a nation of cowards as a result
of cowardice and compromise in the pulpit — something Luther, Calvin and Knox
never knew! Where is the fearless Bible preacher today? These “ministers” are all,
for the most part, wimpy businessmen dominated by their matriarchal and feminist
wives while aspiring to build a following of false easy-believers, who know nothing of
self sacrifice, in exchange for their high calling of:
“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;
reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”
– II Timothy 4:2
“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”
– I Corinthians 16:13
Joshua was commanded which principle applies today:
Vatican Assassins
“Be strong and of a good courage . . . Only be thou strong and very
courageous . . . to do according to all the law . . .
that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest . . .
for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous,
and then thou shalt have good success.
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage;
be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed;
for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”
– Joshua 1:6-9
With strength from God, empowered by his Spirit we are to resist the Devil.
The Devil manifests his works through many devices. One of them is political
tyranny. Human government was established by God when He instituted capital
punishment for murderers.
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed . . .”
– Genesis 9:6
Its purpose was to punish evil and reward good,
“For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt
thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good,
and thou shalt have praise of the same:
For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that
which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain:
for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath
upon him that doeth evil.
– Romans 13:3, 4
Government was necessary for the growth of any civilization as even today.
But when a government becomes a bloodthirsty tyranny, evincing a design to reduce
us under absolute despotism, it is our right, it is our Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist
duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for our future security.
And how do we do this? We first submit to the Word of God, which is the Sword of
the Spirit, by meditating upon it and learning how to use it in resisting the Devil, not
loving his world system, and daily dying to the urges of our own sinful, fleshly nature.
Whenever Christ was tempted by Satan or taunted by the evil Pharisees, whose
Judaism was originally based in Jehovah’s Torah but corrupted by the traditions of
men as recorded in the wicked Babylonian Talmud, he always resisted with the
Sword of the Spirit coupled with his wit. He was not afraid. He was courageous and
he attacked, not fearing what men could do to Him. With the strength of Samson and
the zeal of Nehemiah, He cleansed the Second Temple intending it to be
Jerusalem’s House of Prayer for all Gentile Nations. Our attitudes and actions must
be the same. We wake up every morning with the joy of the Lord, and a spiritual song
in our hearts. We put on the whole armor of God, pray and, with courage given by the
Holy Spirit, do battle with our enemies, the World, the Flesh and the Devil.
Those enemies manifest themselves through people, some of which are the
servants of Satan. I am referring to the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, Shriner
Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Opus Dei, the Club of Rome (founded in 1968 to be used
for the Pope’s unification of Europe, and guided by its current Masonic Islamic
President, Prince El Hassan bin Talal, who is the uncle of the Arab king of Jordan),
the Mafia and the Knights of Columbus. These groups control all banking, the media,
politics and organized religion within the American Empire. Like the risen Son of
God, we do not hate these men; we hate their doctrines and we hate their deeds.
“But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans,
which I also hate.
So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans,
which thing I hate.”
– Revelation 2:6, 15
We pray for their conversion to Jesus the Christ of the Reformation Bible,
enabling them to resist their past worshipful master – Satan – whom they must
abandon. But when these unconverted men become bolder to resist the preaching of
the pure gospel, desiring to destroy us “heretics and liberals,” we must through the
arm of government take up “the Sword of Just Defense” as we Calvinists have called
it. We must go to physical war against the armies controlled by Rome’s Jesuits even
as our forefathers have so bravely done in the past. Indeed, there is:
“ . . . a time of war . . . ”
– Ecclesiastes 3:8
We fight valiantly for the truth in the earth: we win the day or retreat to attack
again. We never surrender, as our foes have no mercy evidenced by the Waco
massacre; so, we die to the last man even as Holland’s wild Beggars of the sea. We
fight and die well as our Calvinist forefathers fought and died on a thousand fields of
battle, outnumbered and outgunned, remembering we brought Europe out of the Dark
Ages into the Modern Era; we alone gave birth to political liberty so limiting the
powers of rulers, our Father having answered our prayers. Whether we live or die we
serve the risen Son of God in resisting the sin of Anti-Christian tyranny presently
being shoved down our throats by that Roman Antichrist — the Jesuits’ “infallible”
Vatican Assassins
Papal Caesar! In one hand is the Sword of the Spirit and in the other is the Sword
of Just Defense. With these weapons coupled with personal purity, prayer and loyal
leadership, the man of God is invincible! Gentlemen, the time is not ripe but rotten!
When the Protestants and Baptist-Calvinists of the past resisted the armies of
Jesuit-controlled tyrants, they obtained liberty and the following good report:
“Whatever was the cause, the Calvinists were the only fighting
Protestants. It was they whose faith gave them courage to stand up for the
Reformation. In England, Scotland, France, Holland, they, and they only,
did the work, and but for them the Reformation would have been crushed.
This is why I admire them, and feel there was something in their creed that
made them what they were . . . If it had not been for the Calvinists,
Huguenots, Puritans, and whatever you like to call them, the Pope and
Philip would have won, and we should either be Papists or Socialists.” {9}
[Emphasis added]
If the Protestant and Baptist pastors of the Pope’s Fourteenth Amendment
“Holy Roman” American Empire do not repent and begin to vehemently resist our
Jesuit, Anti-Christian tyranny centered at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City,
they will most assuredly experience shame, remorse and murder at the hands of
Vatican Assassins. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Bible-rejecting Lutheran pastor, was
hanged naked, suspended with a piano wire in 1945 by the Jesuits’ SS. Prior to this
shameful and dishonorable death at the hands of the Devil’s henchmen he confessed:
“I am guilty of cowardly silence at a time when I ought to have spoken. I
am guilty of hypocrisy and untruthfulness in the face of force. I have been
lacking in compassion and I have denied the poorest of my brethren . . . We,
the church, must confess that we have not proclaimed often or clearly
enough our message of the one God who has revealed Himself for all times
in Jesus Christ and who will tolerate no other gods beside Himself. She
must confess her timidity, her evasiveness, her dangerous concessions. She
has often been untrue to her office of guardianship and to her office of
comfort. She was silent when she should have cried out because the blood
of the innocent was crying aloud to heaven. She has failed to speak the right
word in the right way at the right time. She has not resisted to the uttermost
the apostasy of faith, and she has brought upon herself the guilt of the
godlessness of the masses. . . . The church must confess that she has
witnessed the lawless application of brutal force, the physical and spiritual
suffering of countless innocent people, oppression, hatred, and murder, and
that she has not raised her voice on behalf of the victims and has not found
ways to hasten to their aid. She is guilty of the deaths of the weakest and
most defenseless brothers of Jesus Christ . . . The church must confess that
she has desired security, peace and quiet, possessions and honor, to which
she has no right . . . She has not borne witness to the truth of God . . . By her  
own   silence   she   has   rendered   herself   guilty   because  
of   her unwillingness to suffer for what she knows to be right.” {10}
[Emphasis added]
With the gathering of God’s people led by loyal pastors we must petition the
Congress to redress the grievance of the Jesuit assassination of President Kennedy.
We must demand that the Society of Jesus be expelled from the American Empire,
while praying for individual Jesuits that they would leave the Company and tell their
story. Laws must be passed that no one may hold public office that has given an oath
of allegiance to a foreign Monarch — especially the Pope! This would include the
Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus. Laws must be passed that no member
of a secret society can hold public office. This would include all Freemasons, as their
doctrines are secret, their lodges have no windows (just like the Kingdom Halls of the
Masonically-controlled Jehovah’s Witnesses who deny the deity of Christ) and their
highest leaders are loyal to the Jesuit General.
Dear truth-seeker, these things will never happen unless Americans experience
a true Great Awakening as we did in 1735 and 1835. May we all diligently seek God
through His risen Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, while He may be found that we may
live for Him, which is our reasonable service.
In the meantime, we must do as Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah, when he
faced the invasion of a great multitude from beyond the sea. In open prayer on the
Temple steps before all the people, he cried:
“O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might
against this great company that cometh against us;
neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee.”
– II Chronicles 20:12
Responding to his prayer of faith the Lord replied,
“Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou
king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you,
Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude;
for the battle is not yours, but God’s.”
– II Chronicles 20:15
Vatican Assassins
Dear Bible-believing truth-seeker and brother in Christ, if the risen Son of God
sank the Spanish Armada when Philip II sought to invade Protestant England in 1588,
if the risen Son of God gave Gustavus Adolphus victory after victory during the
Thirty Years’ War ending in 1648, if the risen Son of God gave Oliver Cromwell and
his Baptist-Calvinist army the victory at Dunbar in the face of annihilation by the
Presbyterian Scots (duped by the promises of King Charles I overseen by the Jesuits
“who keep no faith with heretics”) in 1650, if the risen Son of God melted the river of
ice and drowned the French army of Louis XIV when he sought to invade the
Protestant Dutch Republic in 1672, if the risen Son of God gave the righteous and
daring General George Patton (America’s greatest General who, while occupying
Berlin, publicly rebuked his soldiers in formation and at attention, calling them “pigs”
for fornicating with the conquered German women according to a personal friend of
the author who was there, Sgt. Harry Boyer) the victory at the Battle of the Bulge in
1945, He can save us from our enemies in the year of our Lord 2003. May you
receive the same encouraging reply from God your Father as you ask in Jesus’ name
to be led by His Holy Spirit while resisting the Devil’s Jesuit tyranny in Washington,
D.C. and the coming foreign invasion of our great land, remembering:
“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
– James 5:16
The righteous man Martin Luther, so hated by Ignatius Loyola, declared:
“If you meddle with popedom [the temporal power of the earthly kingdom
of the Pope], you will have the whole world against you.” {11}
Therefore he prayed:
“I know You are our Father and our God; and therefore, I am sure You will
bring to naught the persecutors of Your children. For if You fail to do this,
Your own cause, being connected with ours, would be endangered. It is
entirely Your own concern. We, by Your providence, have been compelled
to take a part. You, therefore, will be our defense.” {12}[Emphasis added]
My elect brethren and serious seekers of the one true God, may we do the
same. I bid you farewell until we meet in the air, in the presence of the risen and
righteous Son of God in Whom alone is the love of God and to Whom alone has been
given all Spiritual Power and Temporal Power – all authority and jurisdiction – in
Heaven and in Earth,
Yeshua the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Upon His return, He will chain and imprison the Devil, and cast the White,
resurrected, Gentile Papal Caesar – the beastly Antichrist – alive into the Lake of
Fire, along with the Jewish False Prophet. Having executed the risen Pope’s
murderous Gentile dictators, along with the leading Jewish Zionist and Talmudic
Orthodox traitors having conspired with the Antichrist to mercilessly destroy His
beloved Hebrew People of Israel, Jesus the Messiah shall sit upon the royal Throne
of David and rule the Fifth World Monarchy, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
on top of Mount Zion from His Millennial Temple in Jerusalem, forever!
“ . . . for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth.”
– Micah 5:4
With His surviving elect remnant, the repentant sheep of the House of Israel –
His national and racial brethren, called “Hebrews” by God and “Jews” by men, all
with circumcised hearts as foretold by Ezekiel the prophet – gathered around Him,
“ . . . they shall look upon me whom they have pierced . . . ”
and shall ask:
“What are these wounds in thine hands?”
Their Savior and Messiah, the Lord of Hosts, shall reply in forgiving love,
“Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”
– Zechariah 12:10; 13:6
In conclusion, my elect brethren, may we Bible-believing Americans, upon the
repentance and confession of any Vatican Assassin, forgive him. For our President
John F. Kennedy, like Jesus the Anointed One, was also wounded in the house of his
friends, many of whom in following orders, knew not what they did.
And finally when our government, in doing its duty of punishing evil, will have
expelled that foreign army of the Papal Roman Caesar presently ruling the world –
that Militia of the Black Pope within America’s borders controlling the
Masonic/Islamic International Terrorist Network overseen by its International
Intelligence Community with all of the world’s Military Industrial Complexes
dedicated to the restoration of the Papal Roman Caesar’s Temporal Power around
the world – that murderous, that treasonous, that diabolical serpent of Satan called
The Society of Jesus ready to strike us in the heart with a foreign invasion, our
Nation’s great, midnight Tragedy shall become our glorious, noonday Triumph!
Vatican Assassins

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917 – 1963 #205
Thirty-Fifth President of the United States of America,
1961 - 1963
“The American Century,” the Black Pope has ruled,
Killing “usurpers” worldwide, those “liberals,” those “fools.”
For resisting Rome’s Caesar, and his bold Temporal Power,
I was shot down in Dallas, at half-past the hour.
Forty-one years have passed, while my blood cries aloud,
“Justice! Oh, Justice!” to earth’s highest cloud.
Is there no champion, my cause to plead?
To punish my killers, is there no need?
The Temple’s moneychangers, I did chastise,
The Cold War and “CIA,” I likewise despised.
Just as the death of Messiah, who foreknew his ends,
My only son has been “wounded, in the house of my friends.”

John F. Kennedy, Jr., 1963 #206
“Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead
our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep,
through the blood of the everlasting covenant,
Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you
that which is well-pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ;
to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”
– Hebrews 13:20, 21
Vatican Assassins
Appendix I
ABC - American Broadcasting Company (US TV Network)
ADA - American Dental Association
AIC - American International Corporation
AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIG - American International Group (formerly AIC)
AMA - American Medical Association
AP - Associated Press
CBS - Columbia Broadcasting System (US TV Network)
CDC - Center for Disease Control (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
CFR - Council on Foreign Relations (Rules American Government)
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency (US Government)
CNN - Cable News Network
COSCO - China Ocean Shipping Company
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation (US Government)
FDA - Food & Drug Administration (US Government)
FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency (US Government)
GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GRU - Russian: SNG Military Intelligence
HIV - Human Immune Deficiency Virus
IMM - International Mercantile Marine
IRA - Irish Republican Army
Appendix I
IRS - Internal Revenue Service (US Government)
ITT (IT&T) - International Telephone & Telegraph Company
JFK - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
KGB - Russian Civilian Intelligence or Committee for State Security, USSR
MID - Military Intelligence Division
NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC - National Broadcasting Company (US TV Network)
NKVD - Russian Civilian Intelligence (the former KGB)
NOI - Nation of Islam (Black American Neo-Islamic cult)
NSA - National Security Agency (US Government)
OHS - Office of Homeland Security (US Government)
ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence (US Government)
OSS - Office of Strategic Services (US Government)
RIIA - Royal Institute for International Affairs (Rules British Government)
SD - Nazi Sicherheitsdienst (SS Security Service)
SDS - Students for a Democratic Society
SIS - Secret Intelligence Service (British MI5, MI6)
SJ - Society of Jesus
SMOM - Sovereign Military Order of Malta
SS - Nazi “Schutzstaffel” (Elite Police Guard Detachment)
UN - United Nations
UPI - United Press International
USA - United States of America
USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


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