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Thursday, 7 June 2012

By The Unhived Mind 04th May 2012

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The Rothschild’s only have the Bank of England because the Jesuit Order allowed this to happen. Britain was under the Jesuit thumb since the late 18th Century. The Cecil family became subordinate to the Jesuits no later than this and some would say the Cecil loyalties were lacking in the beginning of the 17th Century. This showed as King James I was bought into power over the son of Elizabeth Ist which came from the union of the Queen and Edward De Vere. The Cecil family had the son of that union destroyed and killed, they fitted him up with charges of trying to remove the Monarchy when in fact he was trying to remove the Cecil family. The supposed Puritan-Christian Cecil family soon enough had the Geneva Bible 1560/99 destroyed and replaced with the King James Authorized 1611 Bible. That was the first phase of the destruction of Christianity and veiling of exposure of the Catholic Church. All those wonderful footnotes and more removed from the public realm entirely. The Geneva Bible became banned in the Nation by King James I himself. This should ring alarm bells but it does not mean that the King James Authorized Bible is wrong to follow to a point but the facts are its missing information of the Geneva Bible.
The Cecil family have been controlled in the region by the Pallavicini family of far greater power and who really funded Queen Elizabeth’s war machine. Other families of great power in the region are of course the Catholic Howard and Percy families along with the Powell family. You will find a lot of Powell’s have been connected with The Worshipful Company of Mercers. It took many years for the Germanic Bauer family to gain acceptance from the Cecil family of England. Eventually they earned the respect of the Cecil family and a scion was formed. The blood of both families including the Goldschmidt came about such as the line which Kate Middleton is descended from and why she is the wife of Prince William who himself is a Medici, Sforza, Stuart and Guelph.
When the Jesuits were suppressed by the Pope in 1773 they used their covert power over England to have the Rothschild family guardian over the Jesuit South American reductions wealth. The Jesuits could not store this wealth in any Catholic banking house otherwise it would be stolen since the Order was to be destroyed. This is one of the reasons the Jesuits have a stronghold in the United States as the suppression of the Order helped them hoodwink the Reformation Nations even further as you can imagine. What the suppression did do was make the Jesuits even more angry and certainly made them never want to be loyal in the slightest to the Catholic Church again. It was time to take over the Catholic Church which started in 1814 and was totally complete by 1870 when the Pope was made Infallible. The Jesuits forgot the Holy See generosity of the earlier 14th Century when the Pope allowed a few of these then Knights Templars to survive and live in Aragon. I believe this was why the Jesuits were quite loyal to the Church prior to the 1773 suppression. The Templars could not continue in Aragon under that old title but of course could become something new. These Aragon Templars became the Order of the Calatrava and Order of the Montesa not to forget the Los Alumbrados meaning the illuminated ones. The current Grandmaster of the current Calatrava and Montesa is Emperor Juan Carlos of the New Holy Roman Empire.
Since this takeover by the Jesuit Order through their 1776 creation of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati using Giuseppe Balsamo and sheep-dipped Jesuit Adam Weishaupt. The Rothschild’s eventually became the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury all thanks to the Jesuit Order. The Rothschild’s used the Illuminati Napoleon as an aid in the take over of the Bank of England which had been created by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. This was to take over of the City of London from the Holy See and the Knights of Malta. The Holy See having controlled the region for a very long time and having handed the control of the region to the Knights Templar in 1215. This had been taken away by the Holy See in 1312 with the Ad Providam Papal Bull. So as you can see with a logical thinking mind, the Jesuits have bought back the control of the City of London under the Knights Templar continuum of themselves being the ancient Aragon continuum of the original Order.
The Knights of Malta have never been favourites of the Jesuit Order who never forgive or forget. This hatred of the Knights of Malta increased even further in 1768 when the Knights removed the Jesuits from the Island of Malta. The Jesuits sought their revenge for this one later on in 1798 using their Illuminati controlled Napoleon. The Jesuits subordinated the Knights of Malta in the same year and that was the true start of the take over of the City of London which was commanded covertly still by the Knights of Malta. Currently the so-called Protestant division of the Knights of Malta are controlled through the Alliance of the Orders of St John Of Jerusalem by the Order of Malta itself. The Order of Malta being the only true Order out of all of them although its claimed they now recognize the others as part of this Alliance.
This all aided the openness of the Order of Malta to return to England as you can see from their Blessed Adrian Fortescue and later Grand Priory of England in 1993. If you look at St John’s Wood where the Order of Malta are based, you will see its the old haunt of the Knights Templar in England since the City of London is a sovereign Nation. If you look at one of the four of the most powerful Order of Malta headquarters in Rome you will see that the Aventine Hill is another old Templar haunt which was their original World Headquarters. The Order of Malta has three main bases of power in Italy with a secret forth base which is ever changing and not known to the public, which leads me to believe this is either thee true WHQ of the Order or one used for secret commanding only.
Now can one understand the true power over the World and the Bank of England? David Wilcox is part of the Jesuit soldier Frederick Copleston SJ created conspiracy theory arena known as the so-called alternative media and set up to purposely control the minds of the more intelligent peoples but divert them elsewhere and namely into Jesuit soldier Pierre-Teilhard De Chardin SJ’s awaiting New-Age Movement pushing the Luciferian Doctrine of the likes of Alice Ann Bailey and Madame Blavatsky. You are correct that its all the same old story these agents of deception give you and its to make you run around on a wheel like a gerbil never getting to the real end or facts of the matter.
Rothschild’s are part of the problem but not thee problem they are Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden of the Jesuit controlled Papacy. The perfect example of this is Jesuit trained Shimon Peres the most powerful Sabbatean Frankist in Israel who is so loyal to the Vatican its amazing. Why would Shimon Peres and his minions give away East Jerusalem to the Vatican in 1993 via Cardinal Ratzingers Oslo Accords? You know the Accords aided by Georgetown University trained William Clinton in Jesuit Washington D.C. The land belonging to the Catholic, Pope and Carroll families being part of Virginia and Maryland giving you Virgin Mary and being known as Rome in 1663 property records. Ask yourself why do those in Israel who oppose the Oslo Accords get whacked or suppressed if they are the supposed power? Enough said, the New Holy Roman Empire rules the World its just that simple. Israel is being destroyed by the same Jesuits from the inside out using groups like The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute which is connected with the Beit HaNassi where Pere’s dwells funny enough.
Emperor Juan Carlos of the New Holy Roman Empire and Evelyn De Rothschild control your physical being which is your land or your will. They also control your soul and it is all done through the Crown Temple in the City of London connected with the Bank of England. As soon as you are born on Earth if there is a Marriage Certificate they have control over you. If there is not a certificate of marriage but the child is registered to a Birth Certificate then they once again have control over you. The Vatican claims control over you regardless if you study hard enough. The birth certificate ties you into the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 and the Vatican Canon Law based Admiralty Law system thats been in place usurping our law of land known as Common Law since 1933. The real push for the Merchant takeover of our lands occurred from 1870 onwards when many definitions of words were usurped with admiralty definitions. Admiralty Law comes from the ancient Phoenician Empire but was perfected by the Roman Empire.
The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 goes back the real root of the problem stemming from 1302 with the signing of the Papal Bull Unam Sanctam by Pope Boneface VIII. Also look up the Papal Bull Aeterni Regis by Pope Sixtus IV in 1481. This my friends is the complete enslavement of your soul and body being the land. The Vatican controls all the land on Earth and its most important land of all is your will which is your body and thus they control your testament being a product of your will. When you are registered a security is placed into the Bank of England of around £1.5 million maybe more today since thats a figure of around three years ago. This is then traded daily with Worldwide banks in a second economy you are not privy too. This secret system is very closely connected with the Universal Postal Union in Bern, Switzerland which is just one corner away from the powerful Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Diego Causero at the Vatican Embassy.
You have become a minor shareholder in the U.K Plc but you have no chance of claiming your dividend. This security raises profits which collect over the years of your life. When your will expires as you die then the Escheat Law is bought into play to take all of that security and profit into the hands of the City of London aka New Jerusalem. Your family never ever know about it and certainly never get a penny of the seriously large sum made. All whilst you were born into slavery working for pittance and struggling to live a decent life. Especially from now on as we enter the zero growth post industrial society plan signed in by then U.S. President Jimmy Carter. You will be lucky to be able to claim unemployment benefits and forced to jump through hoops to do so and all for a measly £67.50 per week to live on in the new peasant ville society fully controlled through the front United Nations as time goes by.
This control of the Bank of England through The Worshipful Company of Mercers is what controls the global economy. The U.S. economy is fully controlled by the Mercers and Bank of England and has been since 1868 onwards some might say since 1861 when America was turned into a corporation by Lincoln to try to pay off the Mercers for the Virginia Company of London debts for the original Settling of the region. The Jesuits using both Privy Councilors Roundell Palmer and Edward Stanley had Lincoln’s death warrant signed and executed through the payment of Catholic, John Wilkes Booth through the Bank of Montreal based in Jesuit controlled Quebec. Wilkes was paid £60 for the assassination and he is an ancestor of Catholic, Cherie Blair the current wife of Knight of Malta, Tony Blair the Catholic crusading war criminal closely tied to the controllers of the Directorate for Intelligence division of the Central Intelligence Agency known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst the Nazi continuum and major drug trafficking operator for the House of Bourbon and The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries. The City of London control the U.S. Economy through TheCityUK run by Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.
TheCityUK controls the Exchange Stabilization Fund commanding the Federal Reserve of New York, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund the latter of which deals with the Nations bankrupted as of 1933. TheCityUK controls the U.S. Treasury which commands all three of those organizations through the Exchange Stabilization Fund. No different to how TheCityUK commands the economies of the Middle East through the Middle East Association fronted by Charles Hollis. A powerful family connected to the City of London control of the United States is the Spring family who took over in the region from the Payseur family who were the French Royal family continuum after the French Revolution. That line is now divided between three other families less significant in the merchant realm to the Spring’s. Welcome to New World Order!
The Aragon Templar and the Rothschild Alliance
By: The Unhived Mind – 9th February 2012
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The Jesuits utilized the Rothschild’s in an alliance simply to even up the odds to aid these Aragon Templars destroying the Holy See for suppressing their Order. The Aragon Templars had always desired to destroy the Holy See at this point in time as we see gradually today. The fact that these most wicked soldiers were suppressed in 1773 didn’t go down too well at all. The Jesuits had a large amount of wealth from their South American Reductions left which needed guarding and protecting and this was the role of the Rothschild slaves under the Pallavicini family who’ll you’ll notice have a base in Lazio, Italy the old home of the counter-Reformation war rooms at Villa Farnese the origins of The Pentagon today. You’ll note that the Rothschild are the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury.

Abraham Lincoln was executed on the orders of the Curia Generalizia through their chain of command based at New Jerusalem starting with the powerful The Worshipful Company of Mercers. You should note that one of the signers of Lincoln’s death warrant was Mercer, Sir Roundell Palmer who was also a member of the Privy Council and the powerful Lord High Chancellor like what Bilderberg Kenneth Clarke is today. Lincoln’s executors would have used symmetric encryption known as the Playfair Cypher to aid the secrecy of the attack but still allow communication in the planning & execution of the big event. Let’s not forget that John Wilkes Booth is the ancestor of Roman Catholic Cherie Blair who seems very cozy with Stuart Popham of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Popham controls TheCityUK which runs the World Trade Organization, lets just say the British Invisibles shall we. Cherie is of course the wife of a Knight of Malta, Tony Blair who on leaving office, almost immediately showed his true loyalty to the Holy See run by Jesuit commanded Benedict XVI. The same Jesuit Benedict XVI who saw off a challenge by Opus Dei in 2006/7 once again with ties to the Institute of Religious Works aka I.O.R aka Vatican Bank.
The reason for neutralizing Lincoln was to make sure that the united States of America and its 48 States of the Union could not be brought back alive and thus the continuation of the 1861 corporate United States would occur. Remember the reason Lincoln destroyed America was just a temporary method to try to stop Jesuit New Jerusalem from taking ownership of American land. You see the debts of the Virginia Company of London needed paying and this has been the only option available other than conflict of course. The Priesthood decided to take out Lincoln and make the United States corporation endless until further notice such as the soon Union for the North America at some point. During this time the neutralization of not only the nation of land takes place aiding the merchant law takeover but the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights occurs. With the populace being of far greater intelligence than today the populace has not been made aware of this fact even though it stares them in the face daily. Shortly it will be announced as we see the slow conditioning of this going on right now. The so-called militia in the U.S. is fully controlled otherwise you’d have seen an uprising by now and we’ve seen nothing even with the East German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst implementation of the National Defense Authorization Act. If anything should have started off the action it would have been that in a legit situation of a real militia.
I have provided evidence straight from Howard E. Hunt’s mouth of the power of the Jesuit Order. Listen to Hunt tell you that “the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency on Earth.” All from Howard’s own mouth so no one can argue with that. You must understand that the Jesuits and The Entity have far greater intelligence than all other agencies around including the Mercer created British Intelligence created by Mercer, Sir John Dee. I believe The Entity is currently controlled by the Papal Nuncio, Pedro Qintana. The Entity has connections to not only the Vatican Intelligence but also intelligence ranks of the Mormon Church which The Entity run under the Jesuits who created Utah as the home of Mormonism. Remember Brigham Young was controlled by Jesuit Soldier Pierre Jean De-Smet SJ. The same soldier who controlled Albert Pike the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. No one comes close to the Jesuits and The Entity, the latter actually existing much longer than claimed and actually goes back thirty-two years after the commissioning of the Society of Jesus by Alessandro Farnese the same family that the House of Bourbon is the continuum of today with the Emperor Juan Carlos ruling under the Priesthood as the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. All as he controls all over but we’ll focus on the Middle East due to his title. He rules all the Middle East and its trade which the latter is dominated by the Middle East Association run by Charles Hollis and obviously well-connected to TheCityUK.
The Jesuits subordinated the Knights of Malta in 1798 in revenge for their removal from Malta in 1768 I believe it was. The Jesuits never forgive or forget and this is why they’re the most powerful force on the planet and also the most veiled. You have those who argue the Catholic Church is dying and getting hammered. I argue this is merely a nice veil and the Jesuits aren’t interested in the Church regardless of what some may think. They too crave its destruction to aid the veil. A new religion has to be formed based on a pagan-scientific mindset aka Luciferian Doctrine as highlighted in Morals & Dogma connected with the Scottish Rite. Remembering these Aragon Templars created the Scottish Rite in Paris, France. Why? To aid in the absorption of Scottish Templarism tied to the Sinclair family. A family and others seen as non legit Templars by the Aragon Templars. Why? They were not accepted by the Papacy to survive unlike the few which were allowed by the Pope to enter the Kingdom of Aragon and who became what is known as the Order of the Calatrava. They later were connected with the Order of the Montesa and then eventually the Los Alumbrados and of course the Society of Jesus. They only chose that name in order to make the church bow when speaking of its name.
If you want to do some research on another family then look into the Nattino family whose Bank Finnat is based at the Piazza Del Gesu the home of the Chiesa Del Gesu the main Church of the Jesuit Order. You’ll also find some other interesting Orders located in that region as we’ve exposed in the past including the powerful Abbess General, Madre Tekla Famiglietti the feminine somewhat equivalent of Adolfo Nicholas SJ but with a more visible relationship to the Pope. Interesting to note she had a connection with the Opus Dei challenge or it may have been one of her schemes to just get the intelligence on the plot to hand to the Jesuits to destroy it. If I were amongst this crowd I’d not trust anyone because they’re the most wicked and vicious devious filth around who’ll stab you in the back for loosing an eyelash. Just look throughout history at all the in fighting. Much of that was stopped due to loss of family lines quickly but it still occurs to this day especially those who hate the Jesuits and there’s many. You have both Franciscans and Dominicans who hate the Jesuits who have subordinated them both to its Order and taken lands and wealth away from its subordinates. What we have here is nothing more than Knights Templar wrapped up in the Cloth, plain and simple. You should also find a connection somewhere to the Hashashins with families like the Aldobrandini and the Bobadilla both of which were behind the creation of the Jesuit Order. Also study the relationship Francis Borgia’s puppet, Ignatius Loyola had with the Hashasins. I believe what we have here is the ultimate Templar Order being a merger of the Western Templars and Middle Eastern Hashashin as one ultra powerful Order never seen before in history.
I see Nancy Banks is on this list, well she may find it interesting to note that The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries have at the front for HIV this Robert Gallo who is a front puppet of the Jesuits aiding the slow kill or in the case of AZT/Protease inhibitors quick kill medical inquisition today. Gallo was awarded the Sword of Ignatius Loyola at Jesuit St Louis University whilst we also have an AIDS Tsar trained at the Jesuit St Ignatius College of all places. What The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries has done is created a non-existent virus in the mindset and brainwashed the populace utilizing The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and its controls over the media system. You then have the Catholic funded alternative media (American Protective League continuum) fooled also by this idea of a virus including Dr Strecker who pushed all the same scientific claptrap as the so-called experts. Remember the conspiracy arena was a creation of Jesuit Soldier Frederick Copleston SJ. If one needs to understand this great scam they need to view ‘The Emperor’s New Virus’, ‘House of Numbers’ and the others documentaries out there highlighting truths on the real diseases branded as AIDS. I also highly recommend ‘AIDS Inc’ by Jon Rappoport.
Nancy should also find it interesting to study the connection of the House of Bourbon to the Dope Inc as she calls it, which is nothing more than the Crown Bar and Livery System run by The Worshipful Company of Mercers who created the British East India Company aka The Honourable East India Company. I don’t believe it ever gained full Livery status but I could be wrong. The prime poppies were created by The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries. You then had the devilish London Missionary Society pushing the mindset of Opium use in China under the guise of Christianity. Is it any wonder the Chinese chop up the Christians? Unless one knows history they will not understand what initially seems illogical. When one does understand then you can see why it would be fine to have the mindset they have over this issue. Remember both the Catholic Church especially and the Church of England are not Christians, they’re pagans pure and simple. Even the head of the Anglican Church, Rowan Williams is a Druid for God sake. The same Williams who’s lectured at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and prayed at St Peter’s Basilica with the Pontiff. A wicked demon aiding the destruction of the Church of England to help bring about conversion to Catholicism. Jesuits always infiltrate and absorb or destroy, one of the other. Show me a Church of England which has a King James Authorized AV1611 Bible? I don’t see them? Show me one that carries the banned Geneva 1560 Bible? I don’t see one? So how can these be Christian? In fact how can any Church be Christian? Remember the influence over Britain by the Jesuits going back to as early as the late 18th Century.
I often wonder what would it be like today if Edward De Vere or his son had taken their rightful position as King of England? Remember he was the bastard son of Elizabeth I and he then had his son with Elizabeth. I believe his son was the Earl of Southampton who he had to witness being executed under the orders of Elizabeth I but under deceit. You see that Pallavicini controlled Cecil family panicked when the De Vere camp attempted an attack on their authority with a take over. The Vere camp was defeated and the Cecil’s made out they were trying to overtake the Queen. This was totally a lie but the secret was kept about De Vere and his Son even from Elizabeth by the wicked Cecil’s which today the Rothschild’s are the continuum of.

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