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The Pope is the World’s Defensive Coordinator by Rob Hilson,

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White Pope Benedict with his Mulatto Slave, Commander-in-Chief, Barry Davis Obama, 2009
The following is the first of two articles written by Brother Rob Hilson, making more connections so important for all of us.  A tireless researcher, Brother Rob has discovered some of the most profound truths behind the men in key positions of power.  Your Editor had known Rome was the real controller of America’s Military Industrial Complex, a fact that Knight of Malta Dwight D. Eisenhower failed to state in his farewell address back in 1960.  Well, Brother Rob is further proving the Jesuit Papacy not only rules the American Roman Legions fighting on land, at sea and in the air, but directs the very manufacturing base having built Washington’s international war machine!  Thus, the Whore of Rome finances her gigolo, the American Congress (called “535 clowns” by Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace), from her Federal Reserve Bank in Washington.  That pope-serving, de jure 14th Amendment American Congress/de facto Emergency War Powers Parliament then finances the Defense/War Department now directed by Secretary of Defense Knight of Malta Leon Panetta and headquartered at the Pentagon built by a Philadelphia general contractor, Knight of Malta John McShain.  That Pentagon is the fortress from which the Joint Chiefs of Staff wage their papal crusades, the current chairman being Army General Knight of Malta Martin E. Dempsey.  That Pentagon, overseen by the Knights Panetta and Dempsey, then subcontracts out all the work needed to build its weapons systems to military contractors ruled by Rome such as Lockheed, McDonnel-Douglas, Raytheon, General Electric, ad nauseum!
As to the war being declared, waged and fought in Afghanistan, well let us remember who incited it.  Was it not the Director of Central Intelligence, Knight of Malta George J. Tenet with his arrogant “slam dunk” propaganda?  And was not Afghanistan invaded on October 7, the very same day of the most infamous Battle of Lepanto when the Knights of Malta defeated Sultan Selim II  in 1571 opening up the Holy Land for Roman Catholic pilgrims for the fist time since the fall of Acre in 1291, the Egyptian Mamlukes having driven the Knights Templars from their fortress?  After the invasion of Iraq and subsequent removal of Saddam Hussein, was it not Knight of Malta and Jesuit Brother L. Paul Bremer, III, who disbanded the Iraqi military and thereby created “the insurgency?”
Yes, this orgasmic Harlot of Rome, addicted to ceaseless, serial, political fornication, loves to copulate in open air with the kings of the earth during the delight of killing her enemies while making a fortune in the process.  My my, to copulate in repetitive orgasm while simultaneously effusing a torrent of enemy blood in the process of becoming fabulously rich beyond imagination is truly a work of Satanic design because of which the prophet John marveled at this Great Whore (Revelation 17:6-7)!  This, dear reader, is the evil genius of the Druidic Jesuits at its finest.  And Brother Rob has given us further insight to this abhorrent reality.
Enjoy Part One!

The Pope is the World’s Defensive Coordinator
by Rob Hilson

The following are four different sources of estimates of what the U.S. has spent on both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars thus far:

Based on the Department of Defense conservative estimates and budget submissions, the cumulative total for funds appropriated from the “9/11 attacks” through fiscal year 2010 are as follows:

$751   Billion for the war in Iraq
$336   Billion for the war in Afghanistan
$29   Billion for security
$6   Billion is unallocated

Total—$1.12 trillion dollars
(These numbers are excluded from the base defense budgets and do not reflect the war costs for 2011 and 2012.)

In Feb 2012, Brown University reported a very detailed and comprehensive study titled “The Costs of War Project. ”  Their work has estimated that $3.4 trillion has been spent on both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 10 years.

The Congressional Budget Office conservatively reported back in March, 2007, that the estimates for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan could hit over $3 trillion by 2017, because of the huge interest payments due, since the wars are financed with borrowed money—the pope’s Federal Reserve Credit created out of nothing.

*Joseph Stiglitz, former President of the World Bank , Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) and a neo-Keynesian, estimated in 2008, that the total could reach $3 trillion in Iraq alone, possibly more.  (Washington Post March 2008)

The following are the base defense budgets (excluding war costs) passed over the last four years.  (These numbers are from the Department of Defense’s own website.)

2009$510 billion defense bill passes Congress ($145 Billion appropriated to Iraq and Afghanistan

2010$527 billion defense bill passed by Congress ($130 Billion appropriated to Iraq and Afghanistan)

2011$548 billion defense bill passes (Only the defense department was to see a double digit increase in it’s budget in 2011), $159 billion appropriated to Iraq and Afghanistan, making this the largest defense budget ever to be passed by the U.S. Congress.

2012$553 billion defense bill passes, $117 billion appropriated to Iraq and Afghanistan



The U.S. spends over $20 billion dollars a year on air conditioning for  tents and temporary housing in Iraq and Afghanistan.      ( 2011)
(This is 15% more than NASA’s entire annual budget.)

The U.S. has spent over the last five years, approximately an additional $10 billion on fuel for military ground transportation in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Obama administration requested $13 billion in 2010 to train and equip Afghanistan forces.    ( 2011)

Budgets and Deficits:

The United States has the world’s largest defense budget by a factor of six.
(Red China is second)

From 2000 – 2011 the defense budget increased 86%.

The core defense budget has gone up 13 years straight.

The United States has not had a balanced budget since 2001.

The U.S. budget deficit hit over $1.56 trillion for fiscal year 2011 and is estimated it will reach at least $1.3 trillion for 2012.

In Feb 2012, the U.S. set a record of a $229 billion monthly deficit.
(The largest monthly deficit recorded in U.S. history)

The U.S. set a record in 2012 for consecutive monthly deficits; 41 months in a row.

*March 2012 was the largest March monthly deficit in U.S. history, nearly $200 billion.

*In 6 months, the U.S. has nearly reached $800 billion in deficits for fiscal year 2012.

*The U.S. borrows 54 cents for every dollar it spends.

*The debt ceiling is scheduled to breach again in Sept. 2012.
(Total U.S. debt to exceed $16 trillion.)

*Pentagon officials estimate that defense spending will reach the $5 trillion mark over the next 10 years, excluding wars.

  • Bush administration defense budgets averaged around $490 billion per year over 8 years.

  • Obama administration defense budgets average around $550 billion per year thus far.


The following are a few of the Jesuit-adopted minions ruling America for the Black Pope’s Ten Roman Bloodline Family heads collectively called “the Gray Jesuits.”

Hillary Clinton—Secretary of State (2009-present)
  • Clinton is married to Bill Clinton, Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.
  • Clinton obtained law degree from Jesuit-influenced Yale University.
  • Clinton received honorary degree from Roman Catholic Marymount Manhattan College in 2005.

William J. Burns—Deputy Secretary of State (current)
  • Burns is a Roman Catholic and attended Roman Catholic LaSalle University
  • Burns is a CFR member.
  • Burns was partnered with George Mitchell in 2009 to go to Israel in what was called the U.S. Special Envoy for the Middle East.  George Mitchell was Jesuit Trained at Georgetown University.

Leon Panetta—Secretary of Defense (current) former CIA Director
  • Panetta is a Roman Catholic Knight of Malta.
  • Panetta was Jesuit-trained at Santa Clara University.
  • Member of the Board of the National Leaderships Roundtable on Church Management.
  • The U.S. conference of Catholic Bishops appointed Panetta to their national review board in 2002.
  • Panetta sits on the Board of Directors of the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Panetta was a board member of  Fleishman-Hillard International Communications.  Fleishman-Hillard was one of the largest public relations firms in the world.
Fleishman-Hillard received millions for federal PR contracts.  Omnicom acquired Fleishman-Hillard in 1997.  Omnicom is a CFR, corporate sponsor (president’s circle)

Robert Gates—Former Secretary of Defense (2006-2011)
  • Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University
  • Gates is a CFR member
  • Holds an Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Notre Dame University
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in Time magazine in 2007, that Gates was the most influential person for that year, and Gates was a true patriot.  (They have been colleagues for over 30 years.)
  • Brzezinski is Roman Catholic, and  was one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission.
  • Brzezinski is a high-level Freemason and Knight of Malta.
  • Brzezinski is a CFR member.
  • Mark Brzezinski, Zbigniew’s son is also a CFR member.
  • Mika Brzezinski, Zbigniew’s daughter is a CFR member and works for MSNBC as an on-air journalist with Jesuit-trained Chris Matthews.

Ashton Carter—Deputy Secretary of Defense (current)
  • Carter is a CFR member.
  • Carter attended Jesuit influenced, Yale University.
  • Carter was a Rhodes Scholar.
  • Carter is an advisor to Goldman Sachs run by the Knights of Malta.

David Petreaus (“BetrayUS”)—CIA (“Catholics in Action”) Director (current)
  • Petreaus was Jesuit-trained at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
  • Petraeus is a CFR member.
  • Dutch Defense Minister of Defense, Hans Hillen, Knighted Petreaus at the Hague with the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Orange Nassau  in 2012

Michael Morell—(2010-present) CIA Deputy Director
  • Morell was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University; Masters in Economics.
  • Morell is the former executive assistant to ex-DCI, and 9/11 mastermind, Knight of Malta George J. Tenet.

Janet Napolitano—Department of Homeland Security (2009-present)
  • Napolitano is a Dame of Malta.
  • Napolitano is Jesuit-trained at Santa Clara University.  She received an honorary degree from Jesuit Santa Clara University in 2003.
  • Attended the Fabian-Socialist, London School of Economics.
  • Napolitano is a CFR member.
  • Napolitano was a former Governor of Arizona who furthered the Jesuit Order’s Hispanic Roman Catholic Alien Invasion.

Thomas Donilon—National Security Advisor (2010-present)
  • Donilon is a Roman Catholic.
  • Donilon attended Catholic University of America.
  • Donilon is a member of the Tri-Lateral commission.
  • Donilon’s brother is Mike Donilon, a lawyer who was appointed as Counsel to Vice-President Roman Catholic Joe Biden holding two honorary degrees from Jesuit universities.  Mike Donilon’s wife is Catherine Russell, a Roman Catholic, who was named Chief of Staff to the second lady, Roman Catholic Jill Biden.

Jim Jones—National Security Advisor (2009-2010)
  • Jones was Jesuit-trained at the Edmund A. Walsh school of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
  • Jones was the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Letters degree from Georgetown University.
  • Jones graduated from the National War College in 1985.

G. Martin Dempsey—Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (current)
  • Dempsey is Roman Catholic and a Knight of Malta.
  • Dempsey attended John S. Burke Catholic High School.
  • Dempsey received his Masters Degree in national security from the National War College.

The Federal Reserve Jesuit Banking System

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington uses its 12 member banks to extend or create credit out of nothing.  The credit is defined as treasury notes, Federal Reserve notes, mortgage bonds, etc.  This is how the U.S. finances the Vatican’s crusades led by the Knights of Malta.  The Federal Reserve banking system was modeled after the 10 Jesuit Provincial territorial system that controls the United States.


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the largest in terms of assets and volume of activity.
  • The NY Fed implements the FOMC’s monetary policy, supervises and regulates financial institutions, and helps maintain the nation’s payment systems.
  • The FOMC using the NY Fed, monetizes debt in order to keep borrowing costs low or zero.
  • It is estimated that the NY Federal Reserve Bank is holding over 660 thousand gold bars in it’s vaults in New York City.

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington controls interest rates by buying 60-70% of  the U.S. treasury bonds it issues, thereby creating or expanding credit out of nothing.
The money supply is inflated during this process, creating price inflation, which many consider a hidden tax further destroying the Middle Class of America born out of the Protestant Reformation.

(Dear reader, please research the Federal Reserve System (using Vatican Assassins, as your historical reference) for yourselves, as it is rather complex, but understand without the Federal Reserve, there is no fighting the pope’s crusades.)


Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Ben Bernanke—Chairman
  • Bernanke Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee.
  • Bernanke is a Jewish Freemason, Court Jew for the Pope!
  • Bernanke has lectured numerous times at the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics.
  • The national debt has nearly doubled since Bernanke was nominated to become Federal Reserve chairman in 2006.  The debt has soared from $8 trillion to nearly $16 trillion in 5 years.
  • Bernanke has attended Rome’s Bilderberger meetings in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • Bernanke and Alan Blinder have co-authored and published two significant economic papers in 1988 and 1992.
(1992—The Federal Funds Rate and the channels of Monetary Transmission)
(1988—Credit Money &Aggregate Demand New Keynesian Economics)
*Alan Blinder is on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations since 1997, Blinder received his masters’ degree from Fabian Socialist London School of Economics, used by the Order to implement the tenets of economic communism.
  • Bernanke has spent his entire career in an academic setting.  From 1979 to 1985 he taught at Stanford Business school after which he taught at New York University till 1996.  From 1996-2002 he became a tenured professor of economics at Princeton University under the power of the CFR.
  • Bernanke was appointed by President Bush to Chair the Federal Reserve Board in 2002 for 14-year term.

Janet Yellen—Vice Chairman of the F.O.M.C.
  • Yellen is a CFR member.
  • Yellen Taught at Jesuit-sponsored, Fabian socialist, London School of Economics.
  • Yellen is the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco ruled by the Order from its University of San Francisco.
  • Yellen received a PHD at Jesuit-sponsored, CFR-controlled Yale University.
  • Yellen’s husband, George Akerlof, world renowned Keynesian economist, won (along with Joseph Stiglitz) the Nobel Prize in Economics (2001).
*Akerlof taught at Jesuit-sponsored, Fabian socialist, London School of  Economics.
*Akerlof is a member of the non-profit New York think tank, Institute for New Economic Thinking.  “Papal Court Jew” George Soros is a co-founder of I.N.E.T. having donated $50 million to start the think tank  in 2009.

Daniel Tarullo—Federal Reserve Board Member
  • Tarullo is a Roman Catholic.
  • Tarullo was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.
  • Tarullo is currently a Professor of Law at Georgetown University.
  • Tarullo is a CFR member.
  • In 2005, Tarullo was Chairman of the Princeton Group.
The Princeton Group was created to explore ideas regarding National Security Strategy.  Support is obtained primarily from the Ford Foundation.
* Ann Marie Slaughter: Co-chair Princeton Group and CFR member
* John Ikenberry: Co-chair Princeton Group, CFR member, and was the Peter Krogh professor of Geopolitics and Global Justice at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University from 2001-2004.

Elizabeth Duke—Federal Reserve Board Member
  • Duke was Chairperson of the American Bankers Association (2005).
Current chairman of the ABA is Roman Catholic Frank Keating.
Keating is the former governor of Oklahoma.  Keating was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University and is a Knight of Malta.  Keating was also involved in the cover-up of the Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995.
  • Duke was Executive Vice-President at Wachovia Bank (2004-2005).
 In 2010, Wachovia settled an out of court a case in which it allegedly laundered over $378 billion in cash and travelers checks from Mexican Drug Cartels in the years 2004-2006.  Terms of settlement included a $110 million forfeiture and a laughable $50 million fine.
  • Duke became VP and COO of TowneBank in 2005.
  • Duke Became Director of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in 1998.

Sarah Bloom Raskin—Federal Reserve Board Member
  • Raskin is the Commissoner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland and specializes in financial governance.
  • Raskin was appointed by Roman Catholic governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley.  O’Malley attended Jesuit-ruled Gonzaga Catholic High School          and attended Catholic University of America.
  • Raskin worked closely with Alexander Sanchez, Seceretary of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation for Maryland.
*Sanchez was Jesuit-trained at Boston College.
*Sanchez won the Father John A. Dineen, Society of Jesus, Hispanic alumni community service award (Boston College -2003) in aiding and abetting the Order’s Hispanic Roman Catholic Alien Invasion of the “heretic and liberal” United States of America in furthering the Order’s Counter Reformation Council of Trent.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York -Board Members
(Class A Directors)-(Elected by Federal Reserve member banks to represent member banks)

William Dudley—Chairman of Fed. Bank of NY & FOMC voting member
  • Dudley was previously a partner and managing director at Goldman Sachs (1987-2007).
  • Dudley is a CFR member.
  • Dudley is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission.
  • In 2012 Dudley became Chairman for the committee on the global financial system for the Bank of International Settlements.  The B.I.S. is the central bank for all 58-member international banks.  It is the world’s central bank along with the IMF and World Bank.
  • Dudley is a member of the Board of Directors for the Bank of International Settlements.  (Interestingly enough Papal Court Jew Ben Bernanke is also on the board of the B.I.S.)

Jamie Dimon—(Class A Director)
  • Dimon is President and CEO JP Morgan Chase.   JP Morgan Inc. is  a founding corporate member of the CFR.
  • Dimon CFR member.
  • Dimon oversaw the transfer of $25 billion in bailout funds from the U.S. Treasury Department to JP Morgan in 2008, via the TARP progam.
  • Dimon was Chairman and co-Chief Executive of Citigroup.
  • Dimon was CEO of BankOne.
  • Dimon was a board member of the National Securities Dealers.
  • Dimon was elected Chairman of the Board of the former Chicago Clearing House, for a 2-year term, in December 2007.  The Chicago clearing House has since changed it’s name to The Clearing House.  The Clearing House is owned by the world’s largest commercial banks, including J.P. Morgan.  The Clearing House payments company provides payment, clearing, and settlement services to its member banks and other financial institutions, clearing almost $2 trillion, daily, and representing nearly half of the automated clearing house funds transfer, and check image payments made in the United States.
(Dear Reader, This is far from a coincidence.  JP Morgan and it’s CEO, Dimon, controlled much of the financial sector through their influence of the CFR, The Chicago Clearing House, The National Association of Securities Dealers, and the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis that peaked in late 2008.)
(Please read Vatican Assassins, in which Brother Eric proves J.P. Morgan himself was intricately involved with the papacy in the early part of the 20th century.)

Richard Carrion—(Class A Director)
  • Carrion is the CEO-Chairman of the board of Popular Inc., its parent company, Banco Popular North America, and E-Loan.
  • Carrion’s Popular Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned bank in North America and is Puerto Rico’s leading depository institution.
  • Carrion is a board member at Verizon Communications, a CFR corporate sponsor.
  • Carrion is a board member at Wyeth Pharmaceutical, a maker of deadly vaccines.
  • Carrion is a board member at NYNEX.
  • Carrion’s Chief Legal Officer at Popular is Ignacio Alvarez.
*Alvarez was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.  Alvarez is also a member of the board of regents at Georgetown University.

Paul Mello—(Class A Director)
(Mello was just appointed to the NY Federal Reserve board in March 2012)
  • Mello is President and CEO of Solvay Bank (2002-present).
  • Mello was Jesuit-trained at LeMoyne College, Pennsylvania.
  • Mello sits on the board of directors of Jesuit LeMoyne College.
  • Mello is a board member of St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center.
  • Mello worked for Coopers-Lybrand accounting firm from 1989-1993.  Coopers-Lybrand merged with Pricewater house in 1998, forming Price Waterhouse Coopers.  In 2011 it was revealed that PWC was the largest, out of the “big four” accounting firms in terms of revenue.  The CEO of PWC is Roman Catholic Dennis Nally.
* Nally is on the Board of Directors of The Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.
*The Diocese of Bridgeport is run by Bishop William Lori.
*Lori was just appointed to become the Archbishop of Baltimore by Pope Benedict XVI, in March of 2012
*Nally is a member of the Diocesan Financial Council.

 (This concludes Part 1 of the our 2-part series.  Part 2 will focus on the relationships between the Vatican-influenced American government and the Jesuit-influenced defense contracting business.  We will profile the FOUR  largest defense contractors in the United States, as well as, the largest independent contractor,  formerly Blackwater, Inc.  Finally, we will illustrate how the Black Pope’s government in Washington ruling the de facto American Empire, along with its banking sector and its defense industry, all work together to serve the pope to further his Temporal Power in his evil quest to rule the world from the third Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem as well as from the rebuilt City of Babylon presently under guard by US troops in Iraq.)

Jesuit-Ruled Anglo-American White Power Structure Behind Bolshevik Revolution

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True Flag of Communist USSR/Russian Federation
The following are a few emails from Brother Dennis, an Australian missionary in the Philippines.  He has awakened to the fact that Washington (“District of Catholics”) and London were the real culprits behind the Black Pope’s Bolshevik Revolution.  In speaking with an older Russian man just this last weekend, Gregori told me he had known for the last forty years that America and Great Britain aided the Bolsheviks in overthrowing both the Russian Czar and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch.  He also said that thousands of Russian Imperial soldiers aided the Bolsheviks while many of the officers of the Czar’s secret police, the Okhrana, became members of the Bolshevik Cheka led by a Jesuit-trained Polish nobleman, Grand Inquisitor Felix Dzerzhinsky.
Yes, the pope’s De Facto “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment, Socialist-Communist, Cartel-Capitalist, pro-Socialist-Fascist, pro-Labor Zionist, pro-Wahabbi/Sunni Islam, American Empire has been the hammer of the Jesuit papacy for the last one hundred years.  All nations must be submitted to the pope’s Temporal Power or perish.  All nationalists must convert to Jesuitical internationalism/cosmopolitanism or die at the hands of either the Order’s communists or the Order’s fascists.  And most assuredly, all Bible-believing “heretics” and “liberals” must be given “the poison cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet ” pursuant to the Jesuit oath of the Fourth Vow.
From 1917 to the present, Russia has been under the oppression of the Jesuit papacy.  As your Editor proved this in VAIII, even so Brother Dennis further substantiates this horrible truth in his emails below.

April 24, 2012
EJP,  I finally got a handle on Russo/Japan War 1904/5.  Seems like the Russians were betrayed eg., when a Port was surrendered Japs found tons of hidden ammo & food.  All the battles were even until Tsushima; Russian fleet (no intention of fighting) was ambushed by Japs.  Just wondering how Jesuits pulled this off even w/ Rasputin’s help – any relation to Putin?  Russia was full of patriots & revolutionaries at once.  Blamed Nicolas II for defeat.  Got any links on expose of this?   DY

April 24, 2012
EJP,   While researching Russia, I ran into WWII betrayal as well.  Utterly disgusting how the Allies betrayed Russian, Czech, Polish etc POWs  into the hands of mass murderer Stalin & Tito.  The Allies pretense of being against Communists fooled a lot of people.  I can see how the Jesuits have some nasty things in store for us in WWIII.  Do you have any links on this?  Nicolas II before 1918 got blamed for everything set up by Jesuits.  How did they orchestrate overthrow of world power Russia 1918 – a monumental task?   DY

April 24, 2012
EJP,   Did some research on WWI Russia & Jesuit betrayal ie., Lenin, Trotsky takeover.  Vladivostok & Siberia 1918-1919 had Allied forces (US, France, UK, Jap, Czech)  official line fighting against Bolsheviks, but they kept Trans-Siberian Railroad in good shape & turned it over to Bolsheviks.  Admiral Kolchak (patriot) fought Red Army; at first he won, but then lost; surrendered to Czechs under UK command, who turned him over to REVKOM to be shot – betrayal.  Same deal in east; great White Russian forces were betrayed.  Gen Wrangel fought then got out w/ his forces rather than be slaughtered by Reds.  US/Allied  official line fighting against Bolsheviks, helping patriotic White Russians got to be a lie, coz White Russians were not resupplied & supplies came from US.  Got any links on this?   I have to read between the lines, coz the official line is a total lie.  Antony Sutton vid on “Wall Street helped Bolsheviks” & his statement “there were US forces in Siberia 1918* Bolsheviks.”    DY

April 25, 2012
EJP,  I’m shocked to find out Allied forces (including American) betrayed Russians etc, in wwi & ii.  And supposedly we were fighting for freedom against Communism in Korea & Vietnam.  America did the same thing to China; resupplied the Com’s & cut off the nationalists.  Got any links on this.   DY

April 25, 2012
EJP,   White (as in monachists) Russian armies had to have professional military officers including Cossacks – Russia’s best.  Bolsheviks must have had garbage, slime-bucket leaders & fighters plus no time to train & no battle experience. What were the Allies doing in Eastern (Archangel & Murmansk – Allied supply ports) &Siberian (Vladivostok Allied supply port) Russia?   Since Bolshevik butchers cant beat professional loyal military armies the Allies were there to betray White Russian armies; deny them resupply & guarantee defeat (enslavement of Russia) by the slime bucket Bolsheviks.   The Allies had the MAJOR hand in betraying Russian forces.  The history books on web are disgusting liars about this.  Every American ought to be outraged about FDR, Churchill, French, etc., yoking up w/ mass murderer Stalin to betray Russians, Slavs, Poles, Czech, etc., 2nd go round WWII.  The Jesuits have a BIG betrayal planned for us in wwiii & most Americans ain’t going to bother to find out the truth.  HELP!! any links on this?    DY

April 30, 2012
EJP,   Hard to imagine Nicholas II betraying own nation & his grandfather Alexander II desired to do some great reforms.  What exactly is Jesuit’s appeal to these world leaders? Rev 17.2 “and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”   “Her” being the Great Whore.  Just wondering what is the wording of their appeal?   To think they are total slime balls having deceived the entire world.    DY

In conclusion, an American Jesuit of Georgetown University stated it plainly.  Knight of Malta and Jesuit priest Edmund A. Walsh wrote in his Total Empire: The Roots and Progress of World Communism (Milwaukee: The Bruce Publishing Co, 1951) page 28:
“In a previous volume, The Fall of the Russian Empire (1927) [on page 20], I expressed the conviction that the Russian Revolution of 1917 was the most significant single political event in the history of Western civilization since the decline and disappearance of the Roman Empire.”
Walsh then gave his analysis as to how that revolution was easily precipitated, secretly by his ubiquitous Company of Jesus.  In his The Fall of the Russian Empire, page 18 he revealed:
“And you cannot help but agree that this heterogeneous admixture of races, religions, and antagonistic interests contained within itself the fatal germs of domestic discord, the seeds of fratricidal strife and bloody revolution, to end eventually in complete economic and social disintegration.”
Add to this the high treason of the Russian Czar loyal to Rome; add to this the occult Jesuit presence led by Bishop Ropp; add to this Allied military aid to the Jesuit Bolsheviks; add to this the pope’s deceptive international press and we can why there was a successful overthrow of the Russian Orthodox people at variance with the Jesuit Papacy.
The coup d’ grace occurred in 1922 when Stalin was directed by Jesuit Walsh to readmit the Society of Jesus back into Russia.  For the Order had been expelled by Alexander I—Russia’s greatest Czar—since 1820.  Now the devil’s Jesuit henchmen were back with a vengeance.  While Jesuit Walsh sat next to his minion in the White House in 1933, 33rd Degree Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt formally recognized the government of Jesuit Joseph Stalin in Moscow.  Then 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Ford sent workers and machinery to build the first cars and tanks at Gorky truck plant in the USSR.  Later,  Skull and Bonesman Averell Harriman signed the iniquitous Lend-Lease Act in 1941 giving Stalin’s government 11.3 Billion US Dollars (Federal Reserve Notes from Rome’s Fed Bank) to “fight the Nazis”—the creation of another brother Bonesman, Prescott Bush, Sr.
This Soviet Frankenstein monster (created by its American mad scientist)—presently under the guise of “the Russian Federation”—was created and fully intended to be used against the apostate White Protestant and Baptist American peoples.  Once these accursed “heretics”  are out of the way, then the Order will engage in their sanguine, orgasmic delight in mass-murdering Americans responsible for their fascist military dictator killing over six million North American Jews while the American Empire was under martial law.  Your Editor has called this national judgment of the Risen Son of God “the Sino-Soviet-Muslim Invasion.”
The only hope is a national repentance of God’s Reformation Bible-believing people composing the true Church of Christ in North America.  For without our repentance and turning to the Lord from our great political sins, we, as well as our nation, are finished—to the utter delight of the Jesuit Superior General headquartered in his war room, Borgo Santo Spirito, Vatican City.


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