The Jesuit New World Order

Thursday, 5 April 2012

 The Jesuit Threat to Humanity

When Martin Luther sparked the spiritual and social revolution in Europe we now know as the Reformation, he sent an arrow deep into the heart of the Vatican power base. As the Reformation spread and enlightenment became commonplace, the Dark Ages ended, didn't they? Apparently they did not. The Vatican, in its lust for power over all human life, soon spawned an advocate who was worthy of the devil himself. He went by the name of Ignatius Loyola. Loyola was a self-made man. He suffered many trials and defeats in his life, but persevered to become the head of what he named the "Society of Jesus" whose members later became better known under their assigned nickname: the Jesuits.

Ignatius Loyola formed the Jesuits as a military order with the stated purpose of overthrowing the reformation started by Martin Luther and restoring the temporal (political) and religious domination of the Vatican in all walks of life. In other words, he wanted to bring back the Dark Ages. The domination of the Vatican and the Pope as Monarch over all Kings, Queens, secular leaders and the rest of humanity was (and still is) the avowed mission of the Society of Jesus.

Loyola's mandate was that the end justified the means, and any means of restoring Vatican domination was acceptable. The mission of the Jesuits was the extermination of all heresy and all heretics. Protestants and all other non-Catholics must be converted or eliminated - either sooner or later. The saying among the Jesuits was that "It is no sin to kill a heretic". This murderous justification apparently became their creed.

They demanded absolute, unquestioning obedience from their members. To achieve the fourth and highest vow of initiation, and thereby be initiated into the actively evil pyramidal top level, a Jesuit must be a loyal member for 35 years. This requirement ensured the smallest possibility of dissent or original thinking ever surviving in anyone reaching leadership role, or from ever altering their stated purpose or mission as set out by founder Ignatius Loyola.

As a military order, they fought many open political wars with European Kings, Queens and statesmen. Their favored tool against such power was assassination. Because of their small numbers, they became experts on poisoning and all known methods of assassination. They were even connected to the Borgias, as in Lucretia Borgia.

In those days most everyone had a confessor. The Jesuits deliberately sought these roles and came to dominate the confessor positions in European society. In that role they were able to use the intelligence they gathered from their political, social and business victims to gain advantage in politics, business and education. The confessor spies then used that information and position coupled with blackmail, bribery and intimidation to seek advantage for the Vatican in every endeavor. The Jesuit intelligence apparatus is unequaled on this planet. They were in place before we ever even dreamed of such an enterprise. Their missionaries carried this intelligence gathering on throughout the world when Columbus opened up the frontier, and no one has ever outdone them. This is one of the secrets of the Jesuit-Vatican control of much of the world.

The other very successful and crucial tactic they employed was to infiltrate all of their enemies. Opposing religions, enemy political structures, business, media and education, both domestic and foreign, were infiltrated by Jesuit missionaries and the many unidentifiable junior Jesuits: those secular followers who were all too willing to accept Jesuit favors and position in exchange for selling their countries and their souls to the Vatican.

What happened in Europe was that after 250 hundred years of bloody Jesuit-instigated massacres of Protestants, the bloody Jesuit Inquisitions (some estimates put the total Vatican and Jesuit death toll at 60 million human beings, making Hitler seem like an amateur) and resulting wars with European monarchs and statesmen, the Jesuits had been taking quite a beating themselves. Many had been executed outright, and as a group they were thrown out of almost every country in Europe at one time or another. Even several popes turned against them due to public outcries from some still loyal Catholic countries. But they always somehow managed to regroup and return. When they did, they always extracted bloody revenge on whatever country or ruler had expelled them. They killed the popes who banished them and took over the Vatican completely in the 1700's. This would prevent any further rear-guard actions against them in the future as they had suffered previously. This consolidation of Jesuit control over the Vatican itself marked a new phase in the ongoing battle against Protestantism and all the other non-Catholic "heretics" of the world at large.

The lessons learned from open conflicts with the European powers led to the next and most sinister phase of the Jesuit takeover of world society. They realized that the most effective and efficient method of seizing control of a society was by their already useful tactic of infiltration, but this time in secret. The instruments of that infiltration would be the many secret societies which they targeted and assumed control of. The international nature of the Masonic brotherhood made them an ideal tool for using its membership to advance Jesuit goals. Publicly, the Vatican and the Masons were enemies; but F. Tupper Saussy found evidence linking them, and  Eric jon Phelps notes that Adam Wieshaupt, the founder of modern Bavarian Freemasonry was a Jesuit agent.

The Knights of Malta (formerly Knights Templar) are the premiere secret society of the Vatican these days, but they are subservient to the Jesuit General. Many of America and the Western World's power elite are Knights of Malta.

Once they spread their influence through the secret societies worldwide and coordinated with the English Roundtables to impose a worldwide network of control, the whole phenomena evolved into what we know of today as the New World Order (or what the elite-controlled press so disingenuously refers to as Globalism, as if that is something to be desired). The Globalists have many nicknames, but their agenda is one and the same. It is total control of this planet. They have many factions who compete with one another for position and advantage like a group of churlish relatives, but the ultimate goal is always unchanged. And the Jesuit overlords lurk in the background, pulling all the important strings.

If you know anything about the history of the elite Brotherhood, then you will know that the Rothschild’s banking faction developed the art of financing wars from both sides of a conflict by utilizing the secrets of Central Banking with their ability to create enormous debt loads in the resident populations resulting from the issuance of government authorized fiat money. The incredible profits generated by war, reaped from both the winners and losers, led to a syndrome where induced wars became a way of life for the overlords because of the vast financial profits and additional benefits derived from it.

In addition to massive financial profits, war results in many other '"benefits" for the overlords. Some of the most important to them are increased centralized control of the population by government, increased militarization, and the public fear of conflicts to come, leading them to let their "peace-loving" statesmen do all their thinking for them.

But the Jesuits have a much darker rationale behind all the world conflicts they have overseen in the last 600 years. They have used all of these various wars as cover-ups for their mass exterminations of Protestants and all other non-Catholic peoples worldwide. This is the real horror of the Jesuits and the Vatican. They are the most prolific mass murders in all of human history. No one and nothing else in known human history compares to their record of calculated genocide. Now you know why we must stop this evil. The Vatican, as it is now, is the incarnation of hell itself. There can be no doubt of that.

Here are some Jesuit/Vatican atrocities to mull over.

The Crusades: Who knows how many died? And then the children’s crusades ... Good God.

The Inquisitions: In “Vatican Assassins,” Eric Jon Phelps cites a source that estimates roughly 60 million people were murdered in the various stages of the Inquisitions. Think about that number for a minute. Most of these people were tortured to death.

Catherine De Medici instigated the butchering of 75,000 French Protestant Huguenots on August 24, 1572. In 1598 Henry IV issued the Edict of Nates to protect them. By manipulating the rescinding of the protective Edict of Nantes in 1685 by the Jesuit confessor to King Louis XIV (using religious blackmail), another HALF MILLION FRENCH HUGUENOTS were butchered by the vile French Catholic Dragonades. In 1655 again, British Protestant hero Oliver Cromwell threatened to invade France and crush the French Crown for a new massacre being waged upon the French Vadois Protestants of valley of Piedmont by six Catholic Regiments by the Duke of Savoy.

The massacre of the poor Irish protestants on October 23rd 1641 - the "Feast" of Ignatius Loyola. How fitting a day for a massacre by these bloodthirsty swine. It is estimated that 150,000 Irish Protestants were butchered in the streets and in their homes. This slaughter took place over an eight-year period. Finally, once again it was Oliver Cromwell who finally invaded Ireland and attacked the Jesuit base at Drogheda and in a rage exterminated the entire Catholic village of 2000. Only this invasion finally ended the massacre of the Protestants. The present day Irish Protestants are still at war with the fanatical Irish Catholic Jesuits, and this is why they need the continued protection of the British Army.

Knights of Malta

Knights of Malta
Acronym/Code: SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta)
Record date: 11/91
J. Peter Grace (chair, U. S. chapter; W. R. Grace), Martin F. Shea (sec, U. S. chapter; Morgan Bank), John D. J. Moore (chancellor; U. S. Ambassador to Ireland under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford). Members include: William Simon (Citicorp; former Treasury Secretary under Richard Nixon), Prescott Bush Jr. (brother of Vice Pres George Bush), Alexander Haig (former Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan), Jeremiah Denton (former Republican senator from Alabama; author of the Denton Amendment), Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), Lee Iacocca (Chrysler), Barron Hilton (Hilton Hotels), William F. Buckley, William P. Clark (former Natl Security Adviser under President Reagan), Frank Shakespeare (former director of the U. S. Information Agency and a director of the Heritage Foundation), Robert Abplanalp, Spyros Skouras (Prudential Lines; Grace Lines), Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan), Felix Larkin (W. R. Grace; former Dept of Defense general counsel), C. W. Owens (W. R. Grace), Harold A. Stevens (W. R. Grace), Charles W. Miller (W. R. Grace), Paul F. Hellmuth (W. R. Grace), Harold A. Eckmann (W. R. Grace). (10,14) Clare Booth Luce (a Dame of SMOM), Francis V. Ortiz Jr. (former Ambassador, country director, or U. S. chief of mission to Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Barbados, Grenada, and others), Patrick J. Frawley Jr. , William A. Schreyer (Merrill Lynch), Walter J. Hickel (former governor of Alaska; former Secretary of the Interior under Richard Nixon), John McCone (former director of the CIA under President Kennedy). (6) Edward Bennett Williams (exec representative), Thomas M. Walsh (financial representative), Paul Dietrich (program director). (15) Father Bruce Ritter (founder and former director of Covenant House. (18) Past members include: The late William Casey (CIA director under President Ronald Reagan). (14)

Religious, Service

The formal name of this elite Catholic lay organization is the "Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John, of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta" (SMOM). It was founded in l061 as a military order to protect "the poor of Christ" and pilgrims to the Holy Land. An international order of laymen with charitable objectives, SMOM now claims 10,000 members in 42 countries. The group is organized as a sovereign,
though landless, diplomatic state whose only territory consists of a headquarters in Rome. This unusual diplomatic status allows SMOM to send items across borders without review by local customs authorities. (5,10,13) Social historian Stephen Birmingham has said that the Knights of Malta "comprise what is perhaps the most exclusive club on earth. They are more than just Catholic aristocracy. They can pick up a telephone and chat with the Pope. "(14) SMOM has been called "the cutting edge of right-wing Catholicism, a hidden mating ground where the Catholic church and the U. S. ruling elite intersect. " As of l983, the U. S. chapter had l,750 members. (10,14)


The Knights of Malta receive many contributions from large corporations. (5) SMOM's Federal Association in l985 listed revenues and support of $205,463 of which $l90,302 came from private contributions and $15,161 from private revenue, e. g. investments. (9) SMOM has received funds from the U. S. Agency for Intl Development for projects in El Salvador. (13) It has also received funding from the Christian Broadcasting Network. (2,3)

The Knight's Federal Association describes its general purpose as one of promoting the spiritual and physical welfare of the sick, disabled, and poor through charitable giving. It says that fundraising and allocation of funds is its primary response to requests for assistance. In l985, the Association had plans to set up a hospice program and to participate in disaster relief projects in El Salvador, Chile, Costa Rica, Mozambique, Guinea, and other areas in Africa. (9) SMOM's work in Central America was pushed forward in l983 when J. Peter Grace contacted Robert Macauley, director of AmeriCares, to suggest joint involvement in the shipment and distribution of medical supplies in the region. (16)
El Salvador: El Salvador is one of the countries with which the Knights of Malta enjoys diplomatic privileges, and the organization has had a presence there among the Catholic elite since l942. It was not until l974, however, that SMOM obtained its legal status as a charitable organization in El Salvador. As of l988, there were ten Knights in El Salvador, and the group said it employed 30 people in the country. The local organization maintains particularly close ties with SMOM branches in the United States from which it obtains the bulk of its funds and supplies.
Gerald Coughlin, a U. S. citizen who married into the wealthy Quinones family, is the Knights' Salvadoran director. Coughlin administers SMOM from the International Harvester building in San Salvador, which doubles as the main SMOM warehouse in the country. The NGO distributes humanitarian aid-primarily medicines--to more than 120 churches and institutions, including hospitals, clinics, childcare centers, orphanages, and homes for the elderly. In addition, it operates ten clinics, sponsors a repopulation project in Aguacayo, Suchitoto, and is starting a prosthesis program in the San Miguel area. The organization reports that it distributes $12 million in supplies annually and that it brought in approximately $8 million in earthquake relief. About 90 percent of this assistance is medicine; the rest is distributed among food, educational material, furniture, and medical equipment. Associated SMOM branches in France, Rome, Venezuela, and the United States contribute funds and supplies to the Salvadoran effort. The Washington D. C. and New York chapters of the Knights have provided constant aid, most of which comes from a Catholicoriented foundation called AmeriCares (see Private Connections).
SMOM says it gives people a psychological lift by funding
projects such as the Boy Scouts and soccer teams. It is also
sponsoring productive activities, such as teaching people how to sew so they can eventually work in textile assembly industries known as maquiladoras. The Agency for Intl Development has given the Knights of Malta $500,000 for a prosthesis program involving two clinics which provide provisional prostheses to victims of guerrilla land mines. The organization funds the government's human rights organization to monitor human rights violations and to keep a census of the victims of mine explosions. SMOM explains its program in counterinsurgency terms: "If you're not eating and a private organization brings you food, then you're less likely to be recruited by the guerrillas. "(13) SMOM took funds from AmeriCares to El Salvador. (1) They helped Christian Broadcasting Network distribute supplies and received funds from them. (2,3) They assisted Air Commando Association in El Salvador. (2) They are also helping with AID's resettlement program in El Salvador. (7)
Guatemala: AmeriCares donates goods and SMOM distributes them. SMOM is doing minimal development work there but is distributing goods to priests in conflict zones. (5) An AmeriCares/SMOM joint venture in Guatemala has distributed $6 million to $7 million in medicines in 1985-86. Overhead costs are minimal because local Knights provide office space, transportation, and storage facilities. One of the top Knight's in Guatemala, Roberto Alejos, allowed the CIA to use his sugar plantations in San Sebastian, Retalhuleu to train anti-Castro counterrevolutionaries for the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961. Knights' donations have reached most areas of the country, including hospitals and health campaigns in the government's "model villages. " These villages, similar to the strategic hamlets in Vietnam during the conflict in Indochina, are designed to control and pacify local populations. SMOM has donated to hundreds of other NGOs, including Living Water Teaching, PAVA, and the 700 Club. (5,16)
In 1981 Covenant House, the New York-based home for street teens founded by Father Bruce Ritter, expanded its operations to Guatemala through the foundation of Casa Alianza. AmeriCares and the Knights of Malta provided major support to the new enterprise. Roberto Alejos served as the conduit for hundreds of pounds of food and medicine from AmeriCares and helped to obtain donations for Casa Alianza from private sources. (18)
Nicaragua: Since the election of the UNO government in 1990, the Knights of Malta, particularly the chapter in Los Angeles, have made major donations to Nicaragua. SMOM members assisted in the delivery of three plane-loads of medical supplies from AmeriCares that arrived in Managua three days after the election. It is estimated that the Nicaraguan chapter of SMOM has 25 members, about half of whom live out of the country. (19,20) Members of the German SMOM served as part of the ONUCA (Organizaciones Unidas de Centro America) peacekeeping force that watched the Nicaraguan borders to prevent contra movements across the border with Honduras. (20)

J. Peter Grace has a long history of involvement in CIA-linked projects, such as the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD). In addition, he was involved with the CIA-backed Radio Free Liberty and Radio Free Europe projects in Europe, and Grace representative Francis D. Flanagan belonged to International Telephone and Telegraph's (IT&T) "Ad Hoc Committee on Chile" during the l973 overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile. IT&T had CIA backing for its efforts against the Allende government. (14)
El Salvador: For its work in El Salvador, the Knights of Malta benefits from free transport of its humanitarian supplies by the United States military due to the space-available provisions of the Denton Amendment. SMOM and the U. S. -based Family Foundation of America received an AID grant to
carry out rehabilitation programs in an area of Suchitoto selected by the military for pilot repopulation efforts. AID has also given SMOM $500,000 for the prosthesis program described in Activities. (13)
Guatemala: In Guatemala, the Knights of Malta have worked with the Guatemalan Natl Reconstruction Committee (CRN) and the Ministry of Health. (5)

SMOM has worked with or supported the activities of a variety of NGOs, including AmeriCares, Christian Broadcasting Network, and Air Commando Association. (1,2,3) It was loosely linked to the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (a pro-contra fundraising effort) and CAUSA (the political arm of the Unification Church) through William Simon. (4) It supports the work of Friends of the Americas and acts as the distribution network for AmeriCares in Central America. (6) J. Peter Grace is a board member of AmeriCares and served on the board of the nowdefunct Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA). He also served on the board of trustees of the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), the Latin American arm of the AFL-CIO. AIFLD has been linked to the CIA and is funded primarily by the Agency for Intl Development. AIFLD promotes pro-U. S. labor unions in Latin America. Including Grace himself, at least eight Knights are directors of the W. R. Grace Company. William Simon and Prescott Bush Jr. are members of AmeriCares, and Simon was on PRODEMCA's natl council. Simon, who was Treasury Secretary under Richard Nixon, was also the chairman of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF), a fundraising organization set up in l985 by the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. The NFF was established to raise funds for the Nicaraguan rebels popularly known as the contras. (l0,11,14) Clare Booth Luce was also a director of the NFF and was on the Board of the Washington Times. (6) Like the Knights of Malta and the NFF, PRODEMCA and AmeriCares were involved in efforts to support the contras and/or private sector opposition groups in Nicaragua. (10,12) In many ways, SMOM and the Connecticut-based AmeriCares foundation are interlocking organizations. Grace, in addition to his work as an AmeriCares director, was instrumental in its founding, and the president of the New York City SMOM chapter is the vice-president of AmeriCares. (13)
El Salvador: SMOM, as noted, works closely with AmeriCares in El Salvador. The latter organization says it sent about $13 million in aid to El Salvador between l983 and l986. AmeriCares receives support from AID for the cost of shipment from the U. S. to El Salvador. Other supplies comefrom the Tom Dooley/InterMed Foundation and from Direct Relief Intl. Gerald Coughlin, described above in Activities, serves as the Salvadoran country representative for both of these organizations. In addition to AmeriCares, SMOM in El Salvador works closely with the Salvadoran American Foundation and the Family Foundation of America. Local Rotary and Lions clubs use SMOM's duty-free privileges to import supplies into the country. Project Hope in Washington helps SMOM in El Salvador with transportation and storage. (13) The Dooley Foundation gives supplies to SMOM for its work in El Salvador. (7)
Guatemala: In this country, SMOM has worked with or supported the Rotary Club, AmeriCares, Lions Club, Living Water Teaching, PAVA, the CBN's 700 Club, Catholic Service Organizations for the Interior, and a number of hospitals and orphanages. (5,16)
Honduras: The Knights of Malta works closely with AmeriCares in Honduras. In addition, donations for SMOM have arrived in Honduras via United Brands and Standard Fruit boats. (17)

According to a source named Jimmy-the-Weasel, Mafia members apparently created memberships in SMOM for a fee, using their connections in SMOM. (8) During the Vietnam war, the Knights of Malta supported U. S. military intervention in Southeast Asia and contributed to Washington's pacification campaign in South Vietnam. (10) SMOM gave its highest award of honor, the Gran Croci Al Merito Conplacca, to Gen. Reinhard Gehlen in l948. Gehlen, who was not a Catholic, was awarded the honor because of his efforts in the "crusade against godless Communism. " Gehlen headed Adolf Hitler's spy operations against the Soviet Union during World War II. After the war, he and his spy apparatus--staffed mostly by former Nazis--were recruited by the CIA. He became the first director of the BND, West Germany's intelligence agency, which contributed large percentages of NATO's raw intelligence during the Cold War. (14) In l963, as Director of the CIA, John McCone oversaw the assassination of South Vietnam's Prime Minister, Ngo Dinh Diem. In l973, from a senior post in IT&T, he played a role in the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile.

Angels and Demons: Jesuit Illuminati Destroying the Papacy

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Movie Angels and DemonsThe movie Angels and Demons suggests the future destruction of the Pope’s Sovereign State of Vatican City which has become synonymous with its host, the ancient city of Rome.  Whenever anyone thinks of Rome, he immediately thinks of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square.  That we may be clear as to the future of Vatican City, according to a literal reading of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” (the final book of the New Testament), only the European “Ten Kings,” yet to arise in world history (Rev. 17:12-17), will destroy Rome with its Vatican City.  These “Ten Kings” will destroy Rome with “fire” (17:16), fire generated by the weapons of the “Ten Kings.”  Thus, Rome will be destroyed by man-made fire after the final Roman Papal Caesar/”Seventh King” of the Revived Roman Empire (European Union) is murdered, then restored to life to be the “Eighth King,”—the Man-Beast/the Antichrist (Rev. 13:3-10).  Until that time, Rome and thus Vatican City are indestructible.  The destruction and incineration of “the Eternal City” by man-made fire will take place immediately after the murdered Pope—given the wound of death by a sword (Rev 13:3, 12, 14)—rises from the dead, then possessed by Satan, to be the Antichrist.  Rest assured, the Luciferian/Illuminatus/Freemasonic Black Pope and his Ten Assistants professed of the Fourth Vow have the plan in blueprint, but surely know it cannot be implemented until the beginning of the 42-month reign of the prophesied “risen Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus,”—the risen Pope, the risen “Seventh King” turned “Eighth King”—The Man-Beast/Antichrist.

Angels and Demons was written by Dan Brown, an obvious Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor with powerful connections in Hollywood, its most influential organizer in the 1930s having been Knight of Malta Joseph P. Kennedy—the father of the Kennedy Klan.  Brown has an inside knowledge of the workings of the papacy and Opus Dei (evidenced by his The Da Vinci Code, another movie featuring actor Tom Hanks—raised a Roman Catholic for the first ten years of his life by his Roman Catholic, Portuguese-American mother), as well as Illuminized Freemasonry.  Brown’s theme story for The Da Vinci Code was taken from Holy Blood, Holy Grail authored by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.  As an aside, Baigent is a Roman Catholic Freemason and Grand Officer of the United Grand Lodge of England—thus a subject of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, first cousin of Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth II, “princess consort” of Pope Benedict XVI.
Movie Angels and Demons pic 4Angels and Demons was directed by Ron Howard, another high-level, American Freemason with ties to Hollywood since the days he played the part of little boy “Opie Taylor” in “The Andy Griffith Show.”  Having also directed the blasphemous The Da Vinci Code (i.e., that the Lord Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, that he never died and rose again—openly Islamic-Koranic/Judaistic-Talmudic Antichrist doctrines (I John 4:1-3), Howard and Hanks may well produce more prophetic movies for their masters, the Jesuits ruling the Vatican serving the false, pagan, White Gentile “Jesus Christ” created by Constantine in 325 AD depicted on the devilish “crucifix.”
Movie Angels and Demons pic 2The plot of the movie Angels and Demons centers around a young Irish priest dressed in a black cassack—giving the appearance that he is a Jesuit, the “Demon” of the movie.  Priest Patrick McKenna the Illuminatus, holding the office of “Camerlengo, ” officiates on behalf of murdered Pope Pius XVI, secretly the biological father of McKenna who in fact poisoned his father, the pope.  Escaping to reality, the Camerlengo must always be a Cardinal: he oversees the administration of the properties and revenues of the pope’s International Vatican Empire—in other words, the Camerlengo is an agent of the Jesuit Superior General because these properties and revenues belong to the Society of Jesus alone!  So the young, Jesuit Camerlengo dressed in black (the Demon), while instructing the red-dressed Cardinals in Conclave deliberating over the election of a new pope (the Angels), must be very entertaining to the top Illuminati Jesuits overseeing the Vatican from Borgo Santo Spirito, their military headquarters in Rome.  (Yes, the Jesuit Order is “the Borg” of Star Trek!)
According to the book (not the movie), the Camerlengo, using the name “Janus,” hires “Hassassin” to carry out the murders of four Cardinals preferred for the office of the Pope.  “Hassassin” is an Arab Muslim of Middle Eastern descent and openly complains of the murders of his ancestors by the “Crusaders.”  The Jesuits have always sported two faces depicted by the two-faced Janus.  The Order, given any topic, always has an outward but false policy, while vigorously pursuing a secret but true policy.  Thus, the open but false policy of the Illuminati-Jesuit Camerlengo is to save the papacy, while his secret but true policy is to destroy it—identical to the policies of the Illuminati- Society of Jesus!
Hasan Nidal Malik US MajorBut “Janus” and “Hassassin” may have reference to a future plot of infamy!  Could the “Hassassin” of the book (not the movie) Angels and Demons (released in 2000) refer to the future Nidal Hasan who would assassinate 14 people (including the baby in the womb of one of the victims) at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas on Jesuit Assassin Guy Fawkes DayNovember 5, 2009?  Biden at Georgetown UniversityCould the two-faced “Janus” who hired “Hassassin” be none other than Vice President Joseph Biden, the “Irish Camerlengo” and successor to the abominable Dick Cheney here in the U.S., Biden holding honorary degrees from two Jesuit Universities in Pennsylvania?  Since Hasan was on President Obama’s transition team within the Department of Homeland (“Romeland”) Security, could it be that the White Irish-American Roman Catholic Joseph Biden—serving as the “two-faced Camerlengo” for Pope Benedict XVI in the U.S. (as well as the “alter ego” of Freemasonic-Muslim U.S. President, Mulatto Barry Davis Obama)—was the mastermind behind Hasan’s mass-murder of U.S. troops at Fort Hood?  Was not Hasan, like “Hassassin,” of Arab Middle Eastern descent who complained of the killing of Arab Iraqi people by the American “Crusaders?”  The parallels are striking and worth investigating by the Department of Justice—a DOJ unbridled by the Jesuits of Georgetown University!
Geneva Coat of ArmsThe movie Angels and Demons begins with the theft of “anti-matter” produced by a laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland.  Geneva, has been under Jesuit rule since no later than 1850.  Expelled from Switzerland in 1847 for fomenting a Civil War against the Protestants, the Order regained its supremacy shortly thereafter.  As of 1878, the Coat of Arms of Geneva has included part of the seal of the Jesuit General—”IHS.”  Thus, we understand why Geneva is one of Europe’s foremost banking cities, and why Switzerland is virtually immune to any continental war.  The pope’s bodyguard protecting the Sovereign State of Vatican City is recruited from Switzerland and titled “the Swiss Guard,” also prominent in the movie.
The plot unfolds with Langdon on the “Path of Illumination” which involve four religious sites where the four kidnapped Cardinals—one of the four men preferred to replace the late pope—are to be murdered.  Each Cardinal is branded with the name of one of the four elements of Greek mythology in this order: “earth,” “wind,” “fire” and “water.”  At the first location, the first Cardinal is murdered with dirt forced into his mouth symbolizing “earth”—while having been branded on the chest with the word “earth” in gothic lettering.  The second Cardinal at the second location will be stabbed in the lungs symbolizing “wind”—branded with the word “wind” on his chest.  The third Cardinal at the third location is suspended over a fire, eventually falling into the flame—with the word “fire” branded on his chest.  And the fourth Cardinal, bound and gagged, is pushed into a fountain at the fourth location symbolizing “water”—with “water” branded on his chest, but he (according to the movie and not the book) is saved from death in a moment of time by Professor Robert Langdon!
Bernini 1665 painted by Baciccio
Bernini Chigi Chapel Habakkuk and the AngelThe four Illuminati sites are most important as they relate to the history of the Jesuit Order—and its master artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini!  On excellent terms with Jesuit Superior General John Paul Oliva and having crafted the bust of  King Louis XIV of France—the Order’s “Sun King” and mass-murderer of the Protestant Calvinist Huguenots, Bernini’s works are to be found at all four locations!  The first location is Chigi Chapel in which the movie portrays a winged statue, half man/half beast.  That statue foretells the coming of the “Man-Beast” of Revelation 13:3-10, “The Antichrist” of I John 2:18.  In the chapel are two of Bernini’s works: the sculpture “Habakkuk and the Angel,” and the facial medallion added to the Egyptian pyramid on the tomb of Vatican banker Agustino Chigi.  Thus, this first location for murder is couched in Illuminati-Jesuit artistry.
Bernini's St_Peter's_Square,_Vatican_City_-_April_2007St Peter'sSquare-Wind Rose MarkersSt Peter's Square West_ponente Angels and DemonsThe second location for Illuminati-Jesuit ritual murder on the “Path of Illumination” is St. Peter’s Square—that occult design laid out by Jesuit Bernini.  But the murder takes place at the “West Ponente”West Point—in the Square and the Cardinal who is murdered is a Black man.  Could it be that the Jesuits directing the plot of the movie injected this detail to indicate the fall of the West—the U.S.—and the extermination all 60,000,000 Blacks therein?  Again, the murder of this Black Cardinal transpires in Jesuit Bernini’s St. Peter’s Square.
Bernini-Estasi_di_Santa_TeresaThe third location on “The Path of Jesuit Illumination” is the Cornaro Chapel within the small basilica church in Rome, Santa Maria della Vittoria.  Therein is Jesuit Bernini’s sculpture titled “Ecstasy of St. Theresa,” she, according to some recent critics, experiencing “a toe-curling orgasm.”  It is the fire of sexual passion in which the third Cardinal is burned alive by real “fire.”
Bernini Fountain of Four Rivers_Piazza Navona_RomeThe fourth location discovered by Professor Langdon is the Piazza Novona.  In its midst is the “Fountain of the Four Rivers” also designed by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Bernini!  The monument speaks to the world united under the rule of the Pope—the final Pope, murdered and risen from the dead to be the risen “Horus,” the promised Babylonian Messiah.  The rivers are the Nile (South), the Danube (North), the Ganges (East) and the Rio del Plata (West).
Obviously, all four locations of Langdon’s “Path of Illumination” is dominated by the art of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Gian Bernini.  The foremost Baroque artifacts in Rome are all made by the hand of the demon-possessed Bernini at the direction of the Jesuits ruling the papacy in the 1650s.
Castle of St. Angelo RomeBut there is one more giveaway proving the Society of Jesus is the “Illuminati” of Angels and Demons.  The “Path of Illumination” ends where? at none other than the Castle of St. Angelo—the monument to the incarceration of Jesuit Superior General Lorenzo Ricci.  For it was here the “Father General” was imprisoned after the Company was suppressed and extinguished with a papal Bull in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV.  It was here General Ricci, after decreeing the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt, gave his final orders before he perished in 1775—the very year our Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist, Bible-based American Revolution commenced!  It is here, the Castle of St. Angelo, that was the end of the road for the master of the Jesuit-Illuminati in 1775.
Loyola and Jesuit TheologiansIn summary, Angels and Demons foretells the future destruction of Vatican City by the Luciferian-Illuminati Society of Jesus.  When recalling the several Popes who were murdered at the command of the Superior General over the last 450 years; the Order’s War on the Papacy beginning with the French Revolution and ending with the Company’s formal restoration (1789-1814)—the warring response to Pope Clement XIV’s Bull of Suppression and Extinction that was to be “forever” (1773); the Order’s poisoning of Pope John Paul I via high-level Freemasons within the Vatican proven by David Yallop’s In God’s Name (1984), and Jesuit Malachi Martin’s exposure of the Order’s intrigue against the Roman Hierarchy while in plenary control of the “Holy See” as set forth in Martin’s The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, (1987), it is no surprise the elite Illuminati Jesuits ruling the Order at its pyramid apex eagerly anticipate the destruction of Rome.

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