The Jesuit New World Order

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Global Financial Crisis - the whirlwind of astounding real estate foreclosures, stock market crashes, business bankruptcies and disappearing credit has now hit every single country around the planet
"Ground Zero"-"The Sub Prime Crisis"
Whatever any commentator might say about the dramatic and threatening events we now face, it is universally agreed that the point of origin appears to be the "Sub Prime Mortgage loan crisis" and simply the "Sub Prime Crisis".
The words "sub prime" refer to what business and economic commentators in the United States (and later the rest of world) coined to describe those home loans given to American consumers never likely to maintain sustainable debt repayments.
This does not mean that these millions of individuals and families were incapable of repaying loans--just that these people were largely seduced into over-borrowing --taking on more debt than they could possibly manage.
At a time when interest rates in the United States were reaching record lows from 2001/2002, the United States Federal Reserve and the United States Government under George W. Bush permitted a complete winding down of prudent financial and accounting practices so that by 2003, the United States and much of the industrialized world was awash with "easy credit".
Individuals in places as diverse as the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States who previously only had one credit card, suddenly had two or three. Lending companies promoted "no-deposit, low interest" loans, pushing up rapidly the value of homes and ballooning the size of mortgages ordinary people were prepared to take.
By 2007, hundreds of millions of people in the wealthiest countries on Earth were suddenly swimming in a sea of debt -- just as Interest rates started to rise --fueled by a rapid increase in the cost of food and energy. The twin pressures of rising living costs and the cost of repaying debt simply became too much for millions of struggling families --loans were defaulted and homes started to be repossessed in record numbers.
This started to cause yet another problem -- the rapid deflation of home value prices in major markets such as the United States, the UK and Europe. Suddenly, those that could still afford to hang on and struggle with debt were seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars being wiped off the value of their homes within months.
At this stage, this crisis was still called the "Sub prime Crisis" and all eyes were on George W. Bush and the privately owned Federal Reserve to see what they would do. Incredibly, not only did they do nothing, but they actually, almost seemingly deliberately made things much worse.
What then does either the Catholic Church and/or the Jesuits have to do with any of this? At this stage, the events discussed so far all point to the hallmarks of good old "greed" and "incompetence" on behalf of people like President Bush and his financial cronies. So how is the Catholic Church and the Jesuits involved with this? and what proof is there? To answer, we need to ask as simple question - how wealthy is the Roman Catholic Church?
How wealthy is the Roman Catholic Church?
Just how wealthy is the Roman Catholic Church and its various orders and subsidiaries? It may not immediate appear directly relevant to the discussions to date, but in fact the real answer goes to the heart of what has happened, is happening and will happen in the near future.
For instance, we know roughly the wealth of the top 1000+ companies around the world, we also know the wealth of most of the 191 nation state members of the United Nations--so what about the Catholic Church?
If you were to look at any of the lists published in the past 50 years of the top 100 to 500 largest economic entities in the world (entities being any type of body corporate ie company, religion, state etc) then you would not find the Catholic Church listed even once.
To be fair, in recent years the Vatican has published a set of accounts of sorts. These infrequent financial statements have revealed some asset values attached to the specific real estate in Rome as well as direct public cash income and expenses. However these financial statements do not include any of its subsidiary organs and subsidiaries.
For example, the Catholic ArchDiocese of Boston as well as New York both publish annual financial statements. On even a quick look at their figures, just these two divisions of the Catholic Church hold assets and income worth several billion dollars.
In response, the Vatican and Catholic Officials quote two important arguments: the first being that the Catholic Church considers its subsidiaries as "independent" entities when it comes to financial disclosure --a contradiction against both Church law and practice which states all organs and subsidiaries are sworn to obedience to the central power of the Holy See in Rome.
The second argument when all else fails is to state that the Vatican is politically an independent sovereign state and so may choose to accept or reject calls for open global transparency of its financial accounts. To date, this claimed "true Church" has steadfastly refused to cooperate with any kind of global accounting of its wealth.
Regardless of continuing refusal by the Catholic Church to declare its global wealth for its Catholic faithful and all the world to see, the stark anomaly of how a multi-billion dollar entity can manage to stay off every published list of wealthy entities remains a mystery.
The indisputable historic evidence
Prior to the appearance of mainstream "entertainment" based news and media, if you were to ask an educated person 100 years ago what single entity was the largest and wealthiest in the world, they would have told you without question the Roman Catholic Church.
The clear, unmistakable and uncontestable truth concerning the Roman Catholic Church is that for 1,000 years it has been the most dominant organization on the planet, during which time it virtually owned directly or indirectly the whole or the majority of wealth of Europe.
For the four hundred years up until the last century, it was well recognized that the Roman Catholic Church also owned and controlled vast wealth and people of the Americas including large parts of South-East Asia and Africa.
Again, let us be absolutely clear on this. The Catholic Church for the past 1,000 years was the indisputable largest economic entity of humanity history. No other nation, corporation or group of families came anywhere close. For centuries, the Church and the Popes had unfettered access to the plunder of Islamic countries, of the ancient Celts and Saxons, of ancient Greek, of ancient Egypt, of the entire fortunes of gold of the Americas, of the mines and civilizations of Africa.
As the largest economic entity of history for over 1,000 years, the Roman Catholic Church dominated ever single class of assets, not just gold and minerals. Its property holdings were by fare the largest of any economic entity in Europe, let alone conquered lands. Its holdings of art and precious artifacts was and is unheralded.
The Roman Catholic Church was a founder in virtually every historic major enterprise created out of states under its influence. It had holdings in new corporations from trading companies to banks and then major industries were unmatched.
So wealthy was the Roman Catholic Church for over 1,000 years that even if it hired every single person on the planet in 1800 as an employee and paid them in gold coins, it had enough gold reserves to keep everyone gainfully employed for centuries.
This total domination of the Roman Catholic Church as the single largest economic entity on planet Earth for over 1,000 years can’t simply be dismissed. Prior to modern revisions of history, it was acknowledged as absolute fact- the Catholic Church was the biggest economic entity on the planet, no question.
How then did something so dominant suddenly appear to drop in asset value to a corporation of only a few billion dollars, that it would not even rate in the top 1,000 economic entities of the world today? Simply through creative history and creative accounting.
Creative history
Firstly in regards to creative history, from the early 20th Century, the influence of the Catholic Church began to be downplayed.
The reasons given for the" magical disappearance" of the wealth of the Roman Catholic are numerous, but all concerning the common theme-- economic and political incompetence with bad fortune. The loss of England was blown up to represent a major disaster to the finances of the Catholic Church from which it never recovered.
The wars of the 16th to 18th Century were also blamed for depleting the assets of the Catholic Church until finally the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte at the beginning of the 19th Century was used as a final blow to indicate the once great and financially powerful Catholic Church was officially broke.
This of course is technically true. By the time Napoleon entered Rome, the Jesuits had captured most of the gold of the Pope.
Of course, in this revised history the holdings of South and North America, let alone Africa are largely left out, let alone the influence of the Jesuits and Napoleon including the treaty at the early part of the 19th Century after Napoleon was defeated.
Just to make sure, the loss of the Papal States at the end of the 19th Century is also used as the basis of revisionist history to claim the Vatican was broke.
So in the space of 80 years and successive revisionist accepted histories, the world’s largest and dominant entity has been successfully transformed into a dwindling fortune that was lost, stolen and mismanaged over centuries of incompetence to the small remainder we have today.
Remember, this slant on history is relatively recent. To say to an educated person in 1900 that the Catholic Church is not the dominant and largest economic entity in the world at the time, they’d have simply laughed in your face and told you were deluded.
Everyone knew they were the most powerful and wealthiest organization, bar none one hundred years ago. Now, most people accept they are not even in the top 1,000 economic entities of the world.
Of course, such creative and fraudulent history only works and has credibility if you can successfully hide the once dominant assets of the Catholic Church.
Creative accounting
To hide the massive assets of the Catholic Church, a decentralized system with safeguards and controls were invented. Whereas it would have been unthinkable even 200 years ago to place such wealth in the hands of bishops. However thanks to modern communication, modern finance and accounting, the task was much easier.
The major investments of property, fixed assets were transferred under the control of the dioceses around the world. In turn, all non-visible church property was hidden via complex shelf companies and trusts.
Major classes of assets such as shares, gold bullion, diamonds and other precious resources were transferred for direct control under the banks owned and controlled by the Vatican.
Using the cloaks of secrecy in such states as Switzerland and even the Vatican itself, the true ownership and identity of these massive treasures could be hidden.
The Vatican depends upon these laws of secrecy to maintain the lie of its true wealth. Without the secret banking laws and lack of uniform, proper and transparent disclosure laws around the world, the great fraud that the Catholic Church is no longer No 1. could not be maintained.
Thus in the end, the single largest economic entity the world has ever seen disappeared from the radar of people’s minds and returned as a poor and impoverished church in desperate need of funds.
What is the true picture of wealth of the church?
The single largest asset class owned by the Vatican is also the easiest to see, as it cannot be hidden.
The Vatican is the largest holder of land titles for any organization or government in the world with visible title to around US $316 Billion of property (churches, schools, hospitals etc) and around US $2,623 Billion of investment property hidden in extremely complex networks of hundreds of thousands of trusts and front companies.
The current market property value of Vatican City, in the heart of Rome alone is worth between US $1 Billion and $3 Billion. This excludes the value of the priceless artworks and valuables stored within its walls.
The most valuable property holdings of the Catholic Church by nation is the United States with around $50 Billion in visible property holdings and around $507 Billion in hidden property holdings through a massively complex network of front companies and trusts.
The next most valuable property holdings are Germany (US $297 Billion of which only $29 Billion is visible property), France (US $282 Billion of which only $28 Billion is visible), Italy (US $230 Billion of which around $23 Billion is visible), Brazil (US $194 Billion of which around $26 Billion is visible) and Spain (US $158 Billion of which around $15 Billion is visible).
What are the major property portfolio holdings by key nations? How then did the Catholic Church accumulate such a historic and massive property portfolio? How is the Catholic Church still able to hide such massive property investments while still successfully claiming to be “poor”? How reliable are these numbers to the truth?
The Major property holdings estimated to be owned by the Catholic Church are listed in the following table. They are researched from years of private research. If you are unsure, you can test the validity of these numbers yourself by researching published reports by various Catholic subsidiaries and do a property valuation on stated land holdings then extend this globally. The property investments are divided into visible property holdings and hidden property holdings.
Nation Catholics Visible Hidden
(m) (US millions) (US millions)
United States 83.2 $ 50,179 $ 507,363
Germany 27.9 $ 29,783 $ 268,046
France 54.7 $ 28,245 $ 254,209
Italy 49.2 $ 23,096 $ 207,866
Brazil 150.3 $ 26,260 $ 168,260
Spain 37.1 $ 15,827 $ 142,440
Mexico 93.7 $ 21,147 $ 135,499
Belgium 7.8 $ 9,558 $ 96,643
Canada 12.8 $ 8,393 $ 84,864
Austria 6.0 $ 7,514 $ 75,979
Argentina 35.9 $ 9,550 $ 70,031
Poland 34.5 $ 8,906 $ 65,308
Colombia 38.9 $ 9,319 $ 59,710
Philippines 73.3 $ 8,999 $ 50,993
Ireland 3.5 $ 4,241 $ 42,879
Chile 14.8 $ 5,203 $ 38,153
Peru 25.4 $ 5,800 $ 32,866
Hungary 6.7 $ 4,033 $ 29,577
Netherlands 5.6 $ 3,343 $ 30,091
Portugal 9.9 $ 3,984 $ 29,220
Venezuela 24.6 $ 4,105 $ 23,263
Switzerland 3.4 $ 2,355 $ 23,808
United Kingdom 9.0 $ 2,395 $ 21,556
Australia 5.2 $ 1,871 $ 18,923
Visible property holdings are those property holdings clearly visible as being owned by the Catholic Church, while hidden property holdings represents between 85% and 90% of the total property holdings of the church.
As outlined, there are principally two types of property holdings of the Catholic Church determined largely by the degree to which their ownership and value can be hidden.
Visible property holdings- schools, churches, hospitals etc Hidden property holdings- golf courses, office high rise, industrial parks, residential apartments etc.
While the total global value of visible property holdings of the Catholic Church are around US $316 Billion, the Vatican has developed an ingenious strategy over the past forty years to change the public mind set on the extent of its wealth.
History of property ownership of the Catholic Church
The Catholic Church has deliberately degraded its most emotional and valuable front lines assets for the most disadvantaged to support its false claim of having no money. In fact, the Catholic Church has gone to the outrageous step of actually closing front line services for homeless and disadvantaged people often in response to attacks and claims of being a wealthy organization.
This innovative and unique behaviour of sacrificing assets to protect the impression of being poor is best described as the “service hostage method”.
The service hostage method invented by the Vatican is a brilliant and very successful strategy of deliberately sacrificing key services for the most disadvantaged and poor of western communities in order to emphasize the false claim of having no money.
In effect, the church uses the asset as a “hostage” against politicians and social leaders calling upon greater accountability or response to the behaviour of the church.
Rather than the church being on the defensive, the wealthiest nation of the Catholic Church, with total property interests of over $557 Billion simply has deliberately run many of its front line services into the ground, causing great pain anguish and in some cases deaths of individuals.
Any claim then that the church has hidden “millions” is simply responded with the line “so you really think a church dedicated to Christian charity would be so heartless or evil to deliberate close important services if it had the money?”
The gold ownership of the Catholic Church
The second largest asset class owned by the Vatican is precious metals, or more specifically Gold.
Apart from property, no other type of Asset has so obsessed the Catholic Church, nor been religiously accumulated by the Vatican than Gold. It is the currency of the Church and has been for over 1,000 years.
So how much Gold does the Catholic Church actually control? Some say very little, citing previous wars and mismanagement. Others claim that the Vatican controls a few “Billion” dollars in gold, with much of it stolen by Catholic Fascist regimes during World War II.
Before this fact is answered, it is important to clearly establish just how much gold has been mined since the beginning of time, for without a very brief but clear history of gold production, it is difficult to understand the true wealth of the Vatican.
General demand and use of Gold
Average total global gold production over the last ten years currently stands around 2,300 to 2,500 metric tonnes per annum. Currently, the three largest gold producers in the world are South Africa (24%), Australia (16%) and Canada (8%).
In terms of average total global demand, global demand had been running around 3,800 to 4,000 metric tonnes per annum of which 81% is used for jewelry, 10% for industrial and 9% as bullion (retail investment).
This higher consumption of gold compared to production has led some analysts to believe that the price of gold is set to continue to rise even further in coming years.
How much Gold has ever been produced (mined)?
It may or may not surprise you to know that there is no unanimous agreement as to exactly how much gold has been produced, nor is still in existence and “owned” across planet Earth.
We know that official (public) gold reserves account for some 30,000 metric tonnes of Gold, the single largest gold deposit facility being the Federal Reserve of New York with around 5,000 in official (public) gold reserves.
Then there are private gold reserves, not declared and included in total estimates. The internationally recognized Barclays Bank estimate around 24,000 to 26,000 metric tonnes are stored in secure private facilities and that around 80% of all the gold ever mined is in bullion (ingot) form. They therefore estimate the total Gold mined to be only 70,000 tonnes.
However the internationally recognized US Geological Survey Department as well as historical mining publications put total global gold production from 1900 to 2006 at 128,075 metric tonnes which is over 58,000 higher from the last century alone than the total claimed by Barclays as being all the gold ever mined!
Contrary to the banking sector which seems to substantially low ball estimates, the mining industry claims the total gold produced is closer to around 140,000 to 150,000 metric tonnes.
However, if we take into account both accurate production measures and historical data, then from 1600 to the present day, over 150,000 tonnes of gold have been produced, which means even the seemingly “high” figure of 150,000 tonnes is still too conservative.
For example, over 3,000 tonnes of Gold was stripped from the American civilizations by the Spanish between 1492 and 1600, estimated to be around 40% of total global production during the period. Between 1600 and 1800, the Jesuit controlled massive slave mines of Colombia and Brazil is estimated to have produced three times the Gold stolen during the American civilization genocides.
The most accurate estimate, taking into account all records, all historical references and the history of mining techniques and mining areas is that around 200,143 metric tonnes is closer to the figure of all gold every mined/produced.
Years Production Total
pre 0 25,000 12.50%
0-400 8,597 33,597 4.30%
401-1490 8,129 41,726 4.10%
1491-1600 6,513 48,239 3.30%
1600-1800 12,312 60,551 6.20%
1800-1900 11,517 72,068 5.80%
1900-2006 128,075 200,143 64.00%
Why the discrepancy?
It is hard to reconcile why such massive and obvious discrepancies exist to deliberately down play the total size of the total amount of gold from 200,000+ tonnes to less than 70,000 tonnes.
One obvious reason is the maintenance of high gold prices. So long as production is less than demand and so long as the markets maintain a perception of limited reserves, traders and owners of gold can demand phenomenal prices.
A second and more difficult reason to prove is that there exists very large owners of gold, who are in such a strong financial position that they are willing to hold onto massive private gold reserves away from any accounting for strategic, political and financial advantage.
The Russians, for example are believe to hold many tonnes of gold in private reserves that are impossible to verify. However, when we look at official estimates, we are talking about a potential discrepancy in gold estimates of over 50,000 metric tonnes (almost $1,000 Billion) simply missing and unaccounted.
¼ of the world’s total gold doesn't just simply disappear. Private collectors may hide a portion out of circulation, but eventually it returns in some way and can be tracked. Nor do individual dictators have the power or apparatus to perform such feats.
The gold reserves held by the Vatican
The largest single holder of ingot/bullion gold of any organization for the past 1,000 years is and has always been the Roman Cult controlling the Catholic Church.
The Roman Catholic Church controls approximately 60,350 metric tonnes of gold, twice the size of the total official gold reserves around the world or approximately 30.2% of all the gold every mined/produced. At current prices, it puts the asset value of the greatest treasure in human history at over US $1,245 Billion.
Years Key Reason Acquisition Total % world
1100-1200 Eastern Crusades 9200 9300 27.7%
1200-1350 Western Civilization 12500 21800 57.0%
1351-1490 Templer Treasures 4200 26000 62.3%
1491-1600 New World 3100 29100 60.3%
1600-1800 Slave Mines 4050 33150 54.7%
1800-1900 End of Empires 6500 39650 55.0%
1900-1945 World Wars 16200 55850 53.4%
1946-2006 Organized crime 4500 60350 30.2%
At present, the Roman Catholic Church is back down to total gold domination numbers not seen since the fall of the Holy Roman Empire (around 1100) when it controlled less than 30% of total world gold.
For most of the past 1,000 years, the Catholic Church has been in a dominant position to control the world market of gold with over 50% of all gold and a high point from around the 14th Century to around 17th Century of controlling over 60% of the total gold ever mined.
The treasure has been split between various declared reserves as well as undisclosed reserves. Only 20% of total gold reserves are stored through third parties in official reserves, the largest declared reserve being the Federal Reserve Bank, followed by the reserves in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France.
The largest private (non disclosed) reserves are unknown, but likely to also be in Western countries and corresponding to the major private reserves of the oldest private banks and financial firms of Europe. They may also be reserves that are directly managed by the Vatican, however this is highly unlikely.
The Vatican and Jesuits- The Global Financial System
The third largest asset class owned by the Vatican is founding and key controlling stock in banks, more specifically the global financial system.
As the largest and dominant holder of capital assets (precious metals, land through Papal Bulls and slaves/serfs) for over 1,600 years the history of the Roman Catholic Church in allowing its capital reserves to be utilized in financing economic growth is in itself the history of banking and global finance.
The reason this obvious relationship is not well understood, nor commonly discussed is twofold: the traditional “love-hate” relationship of the Vatican towards banks and money lenders and secondly the deliberate hiding of the enormous capital wealth of the Catholic Church via the banking system itself over the past two hundred years.
The understanding of this relationship has both historic financial and political ramifications as it explains to a significant extent, the complicity of banks in periods of great political instability and their active work against laws of transparency and equity.
The historic love-hate relationship between the Vatican and banks
The Roman Catholic Church has always been in a position to dominate global trade and finance.
However, the relationship between the Vatican and banking was never historically the same as other asset classes until the age of Jesuit financial control since the 1790’s. In many respects, the policy of the Catholic Church was to deliberately curb the growth of banking.
One historical and erroneous explanation has always been the claim that the Catholic Church considered the charging of interest and usury as a terrible sin. Given the consistent unbroken line of high immorality and downright evil of the Popes and church officials, such this false explanation is unsubstantiated.
When Popes did allow limited banking, the result was almost instant phenomenal economic growth across Europe and the world such as the 13th and 14th Centuries. Indication of the churches loathing of banking is indicated by its systematic dismantling of the Templar system 1100-1300 of exchanging local currency for a demand note which could be “cashed” at any of their castles. It was not until the Jesuit and English slave and drugs traders of the 17th Century that this system returned.
Given the guaranteed potential for the Vatican to substantially increase its overall wealth by allowing its vast capital resources to be utilized in economic growth, it is clear that unlike gold and money, the church did not see economic growth per se a positive political objective.
Secondly, the Jewish connection often blamed for the fictitious concern of usury is more likely to relate to the ancient Sadducee families that helped form Christianity in the first place being ancient bankers as referenced obliquely in the episode of Jesus in the Temple and the money lenders.
It is no surprise then that the families that helped establish the global banking network from the 17th century that eventually took control of the UK banks and world finance were Jewish. In many respects the “usury” lie was just a cover to protect a rather difficult relationship to otherwise explain.
The Jesuits and the global finance system
Because today, the true dominant global wealth of the Roman Catholic Church is so well hidden behind hundreds of thousands of trusts, companies, cross ownerships and secretive laws, any discussion regarding the complete control of the Catholic Church and the global financial system is difficult to fathom with any credibility.
Automatically, the natural reaction is to classify such discussions as conspiracy. In truth, the global financial system that we know today and the world economy would not have occurred, if not for the events that saw firstly the Jesuits disbanded, a war resulting in the assassination of two Popes before finally the Jesuits achieving a lasting treaty from 1814 onwards and the restatement of the most powerful order in church history.
Unlike the greedy Popes, the Jesuits saw the vast wealth of the church as a strategic asset that could be used more precisely to ferment revolution, finance war, change governments and defeat their long time non-Catholic enemies.
Again, unlike the insular Popes, the Jesuits had seen the power and success of using business and finance to build influence through its phenomenally successful relationships in Japan, other parts of Asia, Russia and the Americas.
The Jesuits had the first hand experience of the pioneers of the modern finance system, the English Protestants in the 17th Century as a case history in the power of finance to power the rapid expansion of an Empire.
Banks and in particular Private Banks were also a powerful tool for achieving strategic objectives and also provided an effective means of hiding the wealth of the Vatican, both from the Pope (from whom it was initially stolen) and from other forces.
In banks and the establishment of the global finance network, the Jesuits discovered for the first time a means by which they could literally play two or more sides against one another, without anyone being the wiser, excluding the bankers of course, and at the same time make money from funding the conflict.
In the past, Jesuits had focused primarily on assassination and court influence, both fraught with great personal peril. But in building the global financial network, allied with loyal families, themselves aligned to the ancient Jewish noble families that help found Christianity, the Jesuits could effectively start huge wars and never risk direct implication.
Founded Name Nation Status
1602 Dutch East India Company Netherlands Private
1672 Hoares UK Bank
1690 Barclays UK Private
1692 Coutts UK Bank
1694 Bank of England UK Central
1695 Bank of Scotland UK Bank
1727 Royal Bank of Scotland UK Bank
1741 Wegelin Switzerland Bank
1755 Bank Leu Switzerland Bank
1762 Hope & Co Netherlands Private
1784 Bank of New York USA Bank
1787 La Roche Switzerland Bank
1796 Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Switzerland Bank
1796 Darier Hentsch & Cie Switzerland Private
1799 Bank of the Manhattan Company (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Private
1800 Rothschild Germany Private
1805 Pictet Switzerland Bank
1762/1806 Barings Brothers & Co Bank UK Private
1812 City Bank of New York (now CitiBank) USA Private
1816 Mirabaud Switzerland Bank
1817 Bank of Montreal Canada Bank
1818 J. Henry Shroeder Bank Germany Private
1820 Nordea Sweden Bank
1822 DnB NOR Norway Bank
1824 Algemene Bank Nederland (now ABN AMRO) Netherlands Private
1828 Centreville Bank USA Bank
1832 Scotiabank Canada Bank
1839 Hambros France Bank
1848 Lazard USA Bank
1850 HSBC Hong Kong Bank
1854 Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS AG) Switzerland Private
1856 Credit Suisse Switzerland Private
1860 J. P. Morgan (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Private
1863 Crédit Lyonnais (now Credit Agricole) France Private
1863/71 Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank (now ABN AMRO) Netherlands Private
1864 Société Générale France Private
1870 Handlowy w Warszawie SA Poland Bank
1870 Deutsche Bank Germany Private
1870 Chase National Bank (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Bank
1904 American Bank of Italy (Now Bank of America) USA Bank
1912 Union Bank of Switzerland (now UBS AG) Switzerland Private
1913 Federal Reserve Bank USA Private
1930 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Switzerland Private
The important pattern to note is the general groupings of dates of bank formation and their significance. The first is the formation of banks by English Protestants during the end of the 17th Century. This marks a watershed moment in the economic architecture of the first phase of the British Empire.
The second pattern is the grouping of banks formed in the Netherlands and Switzerland just prior to the suppression of the Jesuits around 1767 by Portugal, Italy, France and Spain.
The third pattern is the grouping of banks formed during the active suppression of the Jesuits and their war with the Vatican and Popes from 1773 to 1818 in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.
This group of banks created during the Vatican-Jesuit War is probably the most historically influential, secretive, political of any group of banks in human history. Almost all of them have been implicated in an assortment of allegations from funding of wars, crimes against humanity, treason and money laundering.
The Darier Hentsch & Cie Bank (1796, Switzerland) was the bank that happened to fund Napoleon his European Wars that saw the Papal States and influence of the Vatican crippled.
The Rothschilds (1800, Germany) are famous for suddenly acquiring massive wealth almost overnight and then proceeding to fund numerous European Wars, Asian Wars including World War I.
Barings Bank (1802, UK) is famous for organizing the purchase of Lousiana by the United States from Napoleon during his war with Britain.
City Bank of New York (now CitiBank) (1812) is famous for helping finance the North side of the Civil War, US involvement in World War II, US business in Nazi Germany and US involvement in World War II.
J. Henry Shroeder Bank (1818, Germany) is famous for being the almost exclusive bank for the Nazis.
Of the top 20 banks of the world today, over half originate from the period 1760 to 1860 which saw the Jesuits disperse the massive wealth of the Catholic Church to all parts of the globe, especially great influxes into the United States.
In terms of Private Banks, in 1986, the total asset value held was said to be US$4,300 Billion. In 1997, the figure has more than doubled to $10,000 Billion. In year 2000 alone, the figure hit $13,600 Billion trillion, and is currently still growing at a rate of 30 percent per year. The current estimate of total asset value of deposits held by private banks is around $17,000 Billion.
The Federal Reserve Bank and the Catholic Church
Indirectly, the most valuable banking investment of the Roman Catholic Church is its investment control of the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States.
Through a highly complex arrangement of small holdings across sometimes thousands of banks and cross-ownership holdings hiding foreign ownership, the Catholic Church has effectively controlled the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore the destiny of the United States economy since the turn of the 20th Century.
The Catholic Church has only ordered the complete pulling of the plug of the United States economy once in 1929 to the early 1930's effectively grinding the economy to a halt during the Great Depression along with Europe.
While an extremely high risk strategy that could have caused another Civil War in the United States, the action was necessary to generate suitable conditions of poverty in Europe for the rise of Catholic appointed dictators in Germany, Spain, Italy as well as South America. Without the deliberate action of the Catholic controlled banks, the Great Depression would not had happened and by default World War II would not have taken place.
Since its formation, only one President of the United States --a Catholic himself --has attempted to override the power of the Federal Reserve and the Roman Catholic Church by ordering the US Treasury to print its own money. The money was destroyed the day after he ceased to be President. His name was John F. Kennedy.
Putting it all together
Putting all this together, you can see that there is a lot more to who actually controls the wealth of the world and the actions they dictate from time to time that affect whether we will have a job, a home and food to eat.
At the very least we can blame the US Federal Reserve in part --also realizing that this organization remains essentially a set of private trusts holding the US public and the world to ransom with its decisions. Indeed, it is an institution heavily influenced by its Catholic masters.
Yes, collectively we all borrowed too much money. But in reality all we did was ask for a little of the massive wealth stolen and held by others such as the Vatican and the Jesuits to flow through their banks and into our pockets. We weren't really borrowing, just finding a way to get back some of what is rightfully ours in the first place.
The sub prime crisis should never have happened. The Federal reserve could of easily contained the problem and stopped it in 2008. Instead, against all logic they let it get substantially worse.
The answer to the fundamental question of why? why throw the world back into a depression again after 70 years requires a fresh article--an article that explains the structure of the global banking system controlled by the Vatican and Jesuits and how they started to "turn off the credit taps" by Christmas time 2008.

The world is facing its deepest crisis of credit since the Great Depression of the 1930's - Just like 1933 (4 years after the Wall St Crash), the banks have suddenly and universally started to run out of credit. Business are sacking workers and closing down faster than we can record the events. Global credit has collapsed and it is certain we are facing a severe global recession- the 1st "Global" Depression. This is the grim reality the world faces today in 2009. Yet, even if you have read the 1st article concerning the Great Vatican-Jesuit Global Depression of 2009 to 2012, the details concerning the control of the global financial system by the Roman Cult of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits and them deliberately making this crisis worse may seem ridiculous.
Talk to any banker, any "Master of the Universe" and they say the same thing --it is just we took our eye off the ball -- there is no global conspiracy, no hand deliberately manipulating this event to make it manifestly worse.
But is this accurate? Suddenly, a localized case of bad lending has suddenly exploded into a global recession and now likely global depression. How has this happened?
In a way, the attitude of the "Masters of the Universe" that have run Wall St for decades is a major part of the problem. Their arrogant dismissal and over confidence that the Roman Catholic Church has no relevance in today's modern world of sophisticated international electronic finance and banking is at the heart of this story.
For these people gradually lost all memory of exactly who set up the global financial system in the first place and how ultimately, they control our collective destiny. To explain, let us look at the foundation of the modern global financial system.
Foundation day for the modern global financial system
In July 1944, one month after the Normandy Invasion during World War II, over 700 delegates from 44 Allied nations met at the Mount Washington Resort Hotel at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to discuss and agree on the "New World Order" financial system.
At the top of the agenda was the proposed formation of new "international banks" and international monetary system that would assist the allies in rebuilding. In 1944, the United States, the United Kingdom and most of the allied powers were flat broke. In 1944 the only thing keeping the military factories open and the guns, planes and tanks being manufactured were War Bonds.
A key mechanism of this New World Order of global finance would be the concept of monetary exchange rates -- a system of universally recognized method of valuing a currency against other currencies (plus or minus once percent) plus its ultimate conversion value into gold. By 1971, this model collapsed and thanks to the Roman Catholic Controlled US Federal Reserve System, their monetary system -- the currency owned by a set of private trusts (but commonly believed to be owned by US citizens) became the "reserve currency" for the world.
In terms of credit, the new global financial system was straightforward. As gold was the final benchmark of credit value, the Jesuits in controlling the largest stores of world gold effectively were the primary bankers of the world, through their private and public bank holdings.
This private and ultra secret network of loyal banks remained (until recently in 2009), the most trusted primary level of credit in the world- the ultimate provider of credit against the vast wealth of the Catholic Church.
These private and key public banks would in turn lend money to national reserves, or underwrite currency production (in the case of the US Federal Reserves) and permit credit to be extended to the remaining network of banks.
Under this system, the underlying value of a nations currency no longer was its stores of precious metals but its wealth generating capacity measured by how much tax it could extract from its citizens, now classed (for economic purposes) as being serfs -- wage slaves that would continue to produce taxes which in turn could fund any loans against currencies which in turn would be guaranteed by the select banks of the Jesuits and Vatican.
This system became the second level of credit production in the world economy. Given nations no longer followed the gold standard (thanks to the Jesuits and President Roosevelt in 1933), for a nation to create more credit, they would have to either borrow money from the primary lenders of credit (key Catholic bankers), or tax their citizens more.
Given this system no longer was directed towards balance, but the loss of sovereign control of a national currency and the acquisition of debt, the Jesuit designed global financial system soon found itself promoting ridiculous national debt growth which in turn contributed to the global financial meltdown in 1971 which led to the Jesuit monetary system of the US Federal Reserve becoming the new international unit of credit.
However, by the 1980's, computers had advanced to such a point that electronic money was now a reality. The world now had a third level of credit in which "fictional" credits could be instantly created on a computer terminal and then guaranteed through cross loans with other banks and institutions.
It is electronic money (credits) that has seen the biggest explosion of wealth across the Western world since the 1980's. By the 1990's the secretive and ancient European and Americans banks providing primary levels of credit were largely sidelined as the third level of credits (electronic credit) and national credits (taxes and loans) self funded each other. The Catholic Church and the Jesuits were no longer in control.
The electronic credit system even proved resilient through several regional and a global downturns by 2001, given the global financial services sector managing to find new ways to create electronic credits and trade through debt.
But by 2002 and 2003, a new phenomena emerged through the promotion of unregulated, complex structured, uncapped financial products promising huge rewards in goods times, but toxic debt in bad- the birth of derivatives and other gambling type "financial products". At the same time, consumer debt was being pushed to record new levels, seemingly without regard for the consequences.
So when the sub-prime market collapsed in 2008, it didn't just expose reckless lending practices for home loans, but a financial service industry that had arrogantly spiraled out of control and into larger and larger levels of debt (negative credits).
By the end of 2008 a domino effect started. Banks could no longer guarantee other banks "electronic credits" --fictional money loans. Not only did consumers and businesses start to default on mass, but banks started to default on one another. This left just two choices- either nations bailed out the banks to support their "fictional" third level credits with second level-fief based credits, or the ultimate credit providers the Catholic Church step back into the market and help stabilize markets.
As you might have guessed by the carnage, the Jesuits and Roman Catholic Church did nothing of the sort. Instead, they literally "turned off the taps" of gold backed credit even to some of its oldest and most loyal banking providers such as the CitiGroup -- a group of banks that over fifteen years had completely turned its back on its ancient oaths to the Jesuits and ballooned in size thanks to electronic "fictional" credits.
The refusal of the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church to permit its massive reserves of stolen gold- at least 40% of the worlds total Gold -- to be used to stabilize the global credit markets has seen absolute carnage wrought in the first few months of 2009. This is likely to be only the start of bad news, as all that is required is one big jolt as was done (similarly) by the Jesuits in 1933 and the world is heading towards a great depression.
The myths of precious metal credit standards
One of the most perverse and enduring myths promoted by agents for the Roman Catholic Church even today is that precious metal currencies prior to 1933 were inherently unstable and bad for the global economy.
Prior to Woodrow Wilson being tricked into handing over the United States currency to the private banking cartel controlled by the Jesuits known as the US Federal Reserve(s), the United States was without question one of the wealthiest nations on Earth -- more than capable of withstanding ongoing financial attacks from the Catholic Church.
In fact the Jesuits attempted no less than four massive currency attacks on the United States to try and push it into recession and force policy changes until a treaty (of sorts) was struck with the formation of the US Federal Reserve.
In 1933, the Vatican and the Jesuits initiated the second part of their plan through Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. and his commanding influence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1933, in the midst of the worsening economic crisis, principally caused by the Catholic banks withdrawing credit to smaller banks (as they have repeated this very year), the world looked to the United States as the only nation having stockpiles big enough to compete with the Vatican and fill the void.
But at the London Economic Conference, Roosevelt did an astounding thing. Not only did he decline to permit the US precious metal reserves become the de facto global currency, he declared the gold standard dead and promptly withdrew the United States from existing gold -currency value arrangements. Within two weeks, thousands of banks shut down, hundreds of thousands of companies went to the wall, hundreds of millions were thrown out of work and millions eventually died in agony from starvation.
In one act of supreme treachery against his own country, his own people and the whole world, Franklin D. Roosevelt handed complete control of the gold standard to the Jesuits and the Vatican-- while preparing the ground for World War II thanks to hundreds of millions of angry unemployed people.
The great fraud of this criminal act was fully exposed at Bretton Woods where the Allies fully admitted the "gold standard" had never disappeared. All that had changed was that the Vatican now had no competition.
The great sadness of this awful economic and political decision more than 70 years ago is that if at any time the 20 largest economies (G20) decided to reject the Vatican and build their own value standard, then the world could quickly be through this credit crisis and on the road to recovery.
There is nothing stopping the G7 or G20 taking back control and producing primary credits, backed by precious metal -- bypassing the evil banks controlled by the Jesuits and saving the world. Sadly this is not what they are doing, or plan to do.
What is going to happen next
There is one thing during this present global credit crisis that is certain. The path the world is treading is both well worn and predictable. The plans of the Vatican and the Jesuits can be entirely plotted and understood. There is no mystery what the next steps will be. 2009 is in many ways a repeat of 1933. It is just the timeframes are shorter.
2010 will be like 1934-35 pushed into one year with 2011 like 1936-38 into one year culminating in 2012 = 1939 again --only this time with different allies and enemies and the spectre of nuclear weapons.
As for now, the next step of their plans is the great leap to Socialism-- the state assuming more control in our lives in the promise that it will shield us (as much as possible) from the global economic plague.
But in this move rests the seeds of much more concerning social upheaval in the form of overt paramilitary controls, riots and unrest as nations once famed for their secular culture and standard of living strip their citizens of many of their rights.

Governments around the world have invested unprecedented billions of tax payer funded credits to stop banks, financial institutions and major corporations from collapsing. For the first time in over sixty years, we are witnessing the largest “socialization” of major industry –The Great Leap to Socialism. Why is this happening? Will it work to save us and what role does the Jesuits and the Vatican continue to play in this course of action? No one wants to see people who have lost everything during this financial crisis from losing their jobs, much less go hungry.  At the year of launch of the last Great Global Depression (1933), when Roosevelt and the Vatican machine of Zürich destroyed the worlds credit markets by disbanding the gold standard,  no major countries had anything like unemployment benefits or tax credits to help people.
People in places like the United States literally went from moderately well off, to homeless and starving in a matter of months. In a large part it is because of our understanding of the horror of this period of history and the apparent failure of government policy that democratic governments are doing all they can today.
Yet for all that we have seemingly learnt from the "Great Depression" of FDR, the Federal Reserve and the Vatican, there is sadly little commentary on those who are really responsible -- not the greedy bankers, nor hedge funds, but the ancient banking families who have lived in the wealthiest city in the world for 700 years -- Zürich.
Ground Zero for the Global Recession of 2009
If you think New York or London is the home of international finance and wealth, then you would be horribly wrong. Zürich has been the centre of wealth and international finance for over 700 years unchallenged! Understanding why is to understand a little bit about who is behind this recent global recession and their motives.
Zürich is located on the delta of the river Limmat as it connects to Zürich, approximately 30 km north of the Alps.Similar to Munich, Zürich is said to have begun as Salt store and taxing station. A thousand years ago Salt was considered as valuable as gold and for many cultures represented a defacto currency.
It is claimed in some historical accounts that Louis the German granted the lands to the Benedictines as early as 835. However this is impossible as the real benedictines-- the Cistercian monks did not come into being until the early 12th century under Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153).
From the early 12th Century, under the reforms of Bernard of Clairvaux, the Cistercian monks were given the authority as tax collectors and administrators for the legitimate Catholic Church. Monastaries were deliberately built around ancient Roman salt and tax stations to protect the valuable salt and the monks. This is the most likely date for the establishment of a Cistercian monastery and fortifications.
It is important to note, that there is no credible evidence to suggest the name of the trade settlement was called Ziu-richi prior to the 13th Century. The name is from Old High German -- a language that did not exist prior to the 11th and 12th centuries. So any claimed evidence to the contrary must be considered fraudulent.
Indeed the name Zürich which comes directly from the combination of the two Old High German words Ziu-richi is especially significant. The name literally means "A place where the Ziu rule over the land"--or more simply "the city of the gods".
The name is no coincidence. It is a deliberate named created by none other than Rudolph Habsburg when he succeeded in seizing control of this valuable tax and trade settlement .
Until the beginning of the 13th Century, the lands upon which Zürich is placed had been under the control of the House of Zähringen for a little over 100 years. When Duke Berchtold V of Zähringen (1186-1218) --the founder of the city of Bern--died, his lands we split between a number of competing groups of nobles.
The Counts of Kyburg were eventually successful in defending their claim to the most valuable lands of Zürich (and the tax/trade post). However, the House of Kyberg were all eventually killed off and at the death of Count Hartmann VI of Kyberg and his family in 1264, Rudolph of Habsburg claimed Zürich and the adjacent lands for himself.
In a striking similarity to the lords of rival city Munich --the Wittelsbachs -- Rudolph showed no qualms in using the war between the legitimate Catholic Popes and the AntiPopes of the Roman Cult as well as the feud between the Hohenstaufen and the Welfs for his own personal and family gain.
In 1268, Conrad (falsely split into two characters to make historical analysis difficult) was captured and executed in Naples. With only a two year old son as heir, the Hohenstaufen were finished. In a bold move, Rudolph petitioned AntiPope Gregory X (1271-1276) to be officially recognized as King of Germany --a heretical and wholly unfounded act. However, thanks to the alliance with the Lombardy Princes, Rudolph prevailed with his false claim and focused on making Zürich a great city.
The creation of the great "lie" of usury and Zürich
While Zürich and the Habsburgs profited in their unholy alliance with the AntiPopes of the Roman Cult, it was the creation of one of the greatest lies and confidence tricks in human history in 1286 the guaranteed Zürich would remain the wealthiest city in the world and the future of the Roman Cult -- the lie of "usury".
In 1286 Rudolph I with the assistance of AntiPope Honorius IV simultaneously declared "usury" or the charging of interest and financial transactions -- vital for trade and business -- a mortal sin for any Christian publishable by death. Meanwhile Rudolf declared the infamous servi camerae ("serfs of the treasury"), in which the wealthiest Jewish merchants were press-ganged into the service of the Roman Cult and the Habsburgs.
Rudolph then moved many of these wealthy Jewish trading families to his home base of Zürich to now manage the greatest financial monopoly ever created in history. Incredibly, it is falsely believed by most people to this day that original Christian teaching as formed by Emperor Constantine in 326 forbid usury as a crime -- a horrendous and ridiculous lie. Similarly, many scholars believe that only Jewish Sephardic families had control over finance during the middle ages -- again a complete lie until 1286.
The size of this Great Lie defies belief. Within ten years of this supreme heresy by the AntiPopes and their vassals, Zürich was the wealthiest city in the world -- a position it has held and protected for 700 years.
The great confidence game of voluntarily giving up your rights
Just as the Roman Cult and its bankers in Zürich continue to hold 50,000 metric tonnes of your gold and trillions of dollars in real capital value of your wealth--stolen by the confidence trick of "usury" and countless wars, so too the leap towards socialism is a great confidence lie.
You cannot sell your soul--you soul is your mind, your values, your memories as immortal awareness. Nor can you stop being a member of the species of Homo Sapien Sapiens -- yet what the Vatican and the bankers in Zürich who caused this recession want you to believe is that you are nothing more than property without rights.
Think about it--one brigade of US Marines or British infantry landed on Zürich liberating the greatest treasure of gold and precious jewels/art in history and the world would be saved in one day. Yet we fear the Vatican, we fear what the bankers in Zürich will do to us.
We let these people who live in the wealthiest city in the world for hundreds of years to convince us we are powerless. Whole Empires such as the Soviet Union have fallen with less people than it would take to save the world and capture the treasures of Zürich. Yet we do nothing--as our fathers did nothing, as our ancestors did nothing--frightened that "they" could take away our living, could fund our enemies, could pay for our demise.
So now we willingly will give up our rights to these bankers in the form of greater debt, not just for this generation but for generations to come. An absurd confidence trick from people who hold our wealth- the wealth of the world stolen.
Maybe it will be our children who will show the courage and the good sense to rally in a few thousand and march on Zürich to end this madness--millions dying in Africa and Asia through lack of food and sanitation--millions unemployed and hungry.
Maybe one generation--after 700 years will wake up to the fact we have been tricked and actually do something about to the people who are really responsible for taking your job, for stealing your house from you, from depriving your children of a future--not the bankers or businessmen in New York or London --but the fat, smug and wholly evil families that considered your parents as mere cattle before you were ever born.
Are you cattle?

When faced with hunger, riots and anger vs. the promise of government support (but with less rights), what do you think most people will do in the middle of a Great Depression? It is not like we haven’t seen this kind of economic fear and uncertainty before. You only have to open any history book of the 20th century to read about the Great Depression and the subsequent shift to fascism and Police States. Like night follows day –a great recession, “economic downturn” or whatever label you like to call it, puts enormous pressure on many countries to adopt far more extreme measures of control and censorship.
Fledgling democracies crumble, replaced by military dictators. This will almost certainly be the case for many emerging democracies in Africa, many in Asia and South America. Just as devout Jesuit trained Robert Mugabe has proven that even the worst of tyrants can cling to power, expect an explosion in Catholic sponsored dictators in Latin America and Catholic controlled African states.
Similarly, the forces for the creation of police states in developed countries such as France, Italy and even Germany are likely to increase as the recession continues to bite and more and more people lose their jobs, their homes and their hope.
So it was over seventy years ago in nations such as Germany where intelligent, peaceful people—the same as today –overwhelmingly celebrated the arrival of devout Catholic Adolf Hitler as their economic savior.
You cook a frog, by turning up the heat slowly.
Slowly, slowly towards world war
There exists at present an incredible mix of intellectual self-arrogance and plain cowardice amongst media commentators and journalists concerning the unfolding events of the global recession (depression). In spite of the overwhelming evidence that there has been deliberate manipulation and sabotage to the global economy to make things worse, almost nothing is printed of the events coming out of Zürich.
Even when the Vatican issues public statements applauding the recession as “necessary evil”, the story is quickly buried and little follow-on analysis as to what this means exactly.
While millions who have lost their jobs, their home and their confidence cry out for answers, the media is mute. Even as some of the largest newspapers in the world are close to bankruptcy, editors and journalists steadfastly refuse to tell people the truth.
Even as people switch off the evening news and cable news channels in record numbers to use the internet to find answers, television reporters stubbornly refuse to speak about the “V” word –as if the Vatican and its deliberate manipulation of currencies and credit have a “God given right” to destroy our lives.
While a member of the Curia, or some loyal soldier to the Roman Cult may sacrifice an innocent to their demonic gods, while a Pope dressed in white may preach peace but plan for the next "Holocaust", this is not the height of true evil.
True evil is represented by the owners and directors of major media companies that censor and purge all negative media concerning the Vatican's direct involvement in this global depression.
Real evil is represented by the cowardly news editors and journalists who refuse to discuss the truth concerning the Jesuits and the Vatican's legacy of misery to the world--who deliberately hide the truth such the words from no less than President Abraham Lincoln himself against the dangers of the Vatican and the Jesuits and their key role in starting the American Civil War.
While a priest may claim some perverted adherence to a satanic cult, all that journalists and media owners may claim as "justification" is a desire for fame, wealth and personal pleasure--which makes their continued actions in the face of global dangers even more damning.
Greatest Lie#10--Justice and Legal System
Anyone who has had the misfortune to become a case number within the “Justice System” or to have a battle with the IRS –“Tax collectors” know that there is something terribly wrong about the system wrongly called the “Justice System”. In fact the final Great Lie of the 10 greatest lies of all time is that the Justice System standards for Justice for ordinary citizens—it doesn’t. The Justice System is for the benefit of favourable judgments to those who remain in power and “legally” above the law.
Consider this simple fact—the Vatican in only a handful of places such as Zürich has in its possession enough gold to hire everyone on the planet and pay them in gold coins for centuries—trillions of dollars in wealth. Yet since the invention of the global legal system in the 13th Century—the Roman Cult (Vatican) has been accepted as “above the law”.
In reward for countries continuing to honoring treaties and agreements not to punish the Vatican, or seize any of the gold and assets its has stolen over the centuries, the Vatican and its agents (the Jesuits) help maintain a global legal system that treats every nation as a CORPORATION and every living man and woman as property through the legal fiction of being PERSON belonging to the legal fiction of a SOCIETY ruled by a bankruptcy notice called a CONSTITUTION of the nation CORPORATION. What is even worse is that you do not own yourself. You are a legal slave and a VESSEL of the CORPORATION who purchased you by tricking your mother into issuing BIRTH CERTIFICATE for your PERSON. When the CORPORATION wants to sell you or your effort, or if you wish to conduct business, all must conform to international common law which is MARITIME LAW ruled by the HOLY SEA (SEE). The Holy See “owns” everything legally to the registered watermark of each CORPORATION. In the United States, the legal watermark under MARITIME/ADMIRALTY LAW is some thousands of feet—that legally 99% of the United States is considered underwater and therefore the PROPERTY of the HOLY SEE.
Now if this all sounds strange don’t worry it is. It is a giant con-game that is at the heart of this Great Lie. The only problem is that if you ever have the misfortune to have to deal with a government, or one of its subsidiaries such as the Tax Office in Court, you will encounter this labyrinth of legal mirrors all too clearly.
The key to this lie is to protect the Vatican from being shut down, from a handful of people saving the world and emancipating the largest treasure in history hidden in vaults in cities like Zürich. That is their greatest fear and the primary reason for existence of the complex “InJustice System” so that they can legally continue to grant you minimum rights, the illusion of freedom while you willingly and compliantly accept losing your job, your home, your family’s future and not rise up and shut them down.
The apparatus for control is already in place
One of the many great misunderstandings--even by some of the most well read of individuals-- is that the Police State is being implemented before our eyes. In fact, the apparatus for absolute control has been in place for hundreds of years-- the visible presence of police in black uniforms resembling the Nazi SS is only a quickening.
The mechanisms for control of you, your PERSON is in the perverted and corrupted legal definitions upon which our "Injustice" system is based. The Police are able to do what they do, because centuries of Vatican and Jesuit lawyers have created such an evil system that treats you as PROPERTY, not a living independent being.
Similarly, all the "right" you mistakenly think you have do not exist at all when faced with legal persecution by the Tax Office or some other government agency-- all because of the legal definitions and corrupted words we are forced to use.
The new great Holocaust
In the not too distant future, para military police dressed in black and resembling the Nazi SS (Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum or Knights of the Holy See) will become more frequent. As street crime and terrorism increases, the majority will accept there is a price for having the "streets safe" in removing unwanted people.
The over crowding of jails will "force" the governments to develop new facilities-- camps much like the camps we saw seventy years ago in Poland and Russia and people will start to disappear.
Of course, for the majority of good citizens, the concept that fanatical sections of the US Government who swear false allegiance to a foreign power in the form of the Vatican seems absurd and the height of conspiracy theories.
In spite of the obvious evidence that certain US Government agencies have demonstrated habitual treachery to the US People and its constitution, many refuse to believe. So it is not hard to imagine most people will simply refuse to believe that the Vatican has returned to its Holy Inquisition and burning people alive again.
This is why it almost certain to happen, if not starting to happen right now-- people being murdered as heretics in government facilities loyal to the Vatican satanic cause. And the only reason it will happen, get worse and no one senior will ever be arrests (like those who murdered 18 million in World War II and walked away free) is because good people bury their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge what is in front of their faces.
The great irony about those who plea to the crocodiles to "eat them last" is that they just get eaten more slowly.
It is one of the great ironies of history that people forget that the very worst dictators in history arrived on the scene not as elected officials, but as heads of romantic sounding political movements promising “freedom and liberty from tyranny”.
Fr Stalin S.J. Fr (Fuhrer) Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini to name just a few are examples of charismatic leaders who finally achieved ultimate power not by the popular vote but by harnessing the disaffected, the intelligentsia and those convinced in the evils of their own “democratically elected governments” to call for their ousting.
Without such protests, the existence of conspiracy theorists and their writings in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the orchestrated removal of democratic governments around the world to be replaced by Catholic Dictators could not have happened. Perversely, the truth movement became a critical “final tool” in the Vatican plan for the last great Holy Inquisition and Vatican Holocaust of 1939-1945.
Rather than learning from history, it appears we are doomed yet again to repeat it as the truth movement is once again torn between different ideologies and charismatic Jesuit financed disinformation merchants such as Alex Jones- who speaks constantly of the New World Order but refuses to every acknowledge the patently obvious connections to the Vatican and Jesuits.
While it is still early days, the fact that the truth movement is permitted at all speaks to it playing an important future part. The greatest concern is that this role may well be the heralding of the next batch of Catholic controlled dictators as part of World War III.
The truth movement divided
The explanation of the New World Order by Alex Jones is like someone calling an 80 minute game of two teams in helmets and pads, trying to get a ball into the opposing team’s zone without ever mentioning the one thing they all have in common!
It is clear that Jones is aware of the Sovereign Knights of Malta and Jesuit connections because he demands his guests never speak about it and has cuts off interviews because it was mentioned. In an extraordinarily brazen and arrogant approach for a paid propaganda agent such as Jones, he happily speaks about almost every single major member of the Sovereign Order of Knights Malta without ever mentioned the organization.
Similarly, Jones continues to push abuse towards the “global Jewish Banking conspiracy” without ever mentioning how they supposedly got into power in the first place and whose money (i.e. the Vatican) were they managing?
Then there is the infamous “Bohemian grove” tape revealing satanic practices of the “elite” which is supposed to have confirmed the credentials of Jones as a genuine spokesperson for truth, when he expressly refuses to speak about the single largest human sacrifice in human history with the Vatican orchestrating the burning alive of over 18 million people in Poland and Russia—with the main sacrifice camps shaped into a perfect 300 mile wide satanic Pentagram!
Just one good rock
The problem about searching for the truth is that after a while, the “finding” can sometimes take over from the “viewing”.
In the previous articles on this web site concerning the Great Vatican Jesuit Global Depression, we have spoken about a great many facts—the obscene wealth of the Vatican, how the Vatican and Jesuits have deliberately manufactured this crisis, how all this points to a possible future war, which is still possible to avoid (although getting harder).
At the same time, it is often difficult to reconcile such information. On the one hand you have apologists for the Vatican who deliberately lump one billion good Catholics together with any truth concerning the Vatican so it can be falsely branded anti-Catholic.
99.9% of good Catholic and Christians have absolutely nothing to do with the evils perpetrated by a few thousand thoroughly corrupted individuals. Sadly they are the ones who are held hostage and deceived the most.
Similarly, it is difficult to reconcile how such a vast and wealthy organization could ever be brought to account given whole Empires have failed in past centuries to accomplish the same task and end the reign of the satanic and unholy Roman Cult of the Vatican.
Yet of all the stories in the Bible, there is one that speaks to the nature of power versus truth—all it takes is one good rock. Just ask young King David as he faced certain death against the invincible Goliath.
No one can blame you if you choose to run away and do nothing with the information you have read on this site. Who can blame you thinking about your job, your friends and your home? In the end, the choice is yours.

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