The Jesuit New World Order

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

vatican temple mount third jewish temple Israelis have probably never thought very much about what the Roman Catholic Church/The Vatican thinks about "end of days" theology. Jews themselves don't give much thought to what will happen when "Gog and Magog" takes place. Jews don't go in for anything the least bit "next world" but instead are firmly planted in the here and know. That's good.

However it doesn't matter what Jews think, what matters is what The Vatican believes, and why it believes this. Judaism, and modern Jewish thought pretty much just dismisses the basic tenets of Catholicism outright and doesn't even bother addressing the core questions of what is behind "Catholic theological claims."

Instead of taking what they believe seriously, we tend to snicker amongst ourselves when we see those pictures of obscure rituals and ceremonies, and think the whole religion is near pagan-like with the "eating of Holy Wafers" and "sprinkling of Baptism water" on people's heads. That may be true, but that doesn't matter. What matters is what they believe and what they plan to do about making their beliefs become a reality.

The institution of "The Vatican" is not understood by Israelis and Jews. The conventional wisdom you get from the spokespersons in Israeli government ministries and the conventional Israeli media is "both sides have great intentions to do good" and that's about it. When it comes to Israel's bi-lateral affairs, nothing much gets investigated by the Israeli media. Thus a secret deal could be done between the Vatican and the State of Israel and nobody in Israel would ever find out about it.

In fact, that is exactly what happened.

This essay will provide the background to that deal, as well as what the Vatican's intentions are regarding Israel and The Old City Of Jerusalem. It will reveal which Israeli politicians made certain commitments to The Vatican regarding the issue of sovereignty in the Old City of Jerusalem. These negotiations and meetings were all carried out in secret. During this time period, 1992-l995, the Oslo Accords was what got all the public's attention. Oslo was like "throwing sand in the eyes" of the public. The Vatican is where the real action was happening. Oslo seemed to be just the cover story. A "red herring", if you will.

What Does The Vatican Want?

It can't be that the Vatican is only interested in "access to their Holy Sites" in Jerusalem. They already have that as well as legal jurisdiction under Israeli law for their institutions and assets in Jerusalem. Also, when these "Holy Sites" were under the jurisdiction of the Jordanians from l948-l967, no Pope demanded the "internationalization of Jerusalem".

It is something else, which the Vatican wants. The Roman Catholic Church, need to have certain versions of events be played out for them to stand in front of mankind and proclaim: our Messiah has returned." Of course, to the Jews, this Messiah will be as false as the first one was supposed to be. Don't matter. This is the goal of the Vatican and this is what all Israelis need to worry about.

The Vatican/Roman Catholic's version of events is this:
They know this isn't the end of the story that the Jewish G-d had in mind, but that doesn't mean they won't try and engineer their own ending to the story. So what if it is fraudulent. Doesn't matter, that is their game plan and that is what matters and that is what Israeli Jews need to be better informed about. It is important for everyone to know what The Vatican have up its sleeve because it directly relates to our existence and our future destiny as an independent nation. This a very powerful force this is scheming to get control of the Old City of Jerusalem so you better know why and how the Vatican intends to do this. Once you have all the facts and the chronological record you will be better informed deal with this issue and of foreign control over Israel's political existence and destiny.

First, you have to realize that for centuries The Vatican has attempted to obtain control of Jerusalem, which started with the Crusades. For them to convince the world that the Messiah they put on the world's stage is going to be accepted as genuine, they need to perform this play in the Old City. The story of this production is that this "Messiah" will merge the three monotheistic religions, usher in peace and harmony in the world, and solve the Middle East conflict. The location for this "production" will be in none other than the Old City of Jerusalem.

This so-called "Messiah" that will be proclaimed, will be a false one and it will insist that by having a "world government" (i.e., the United Nations) the world peace and harmony will be ushered in. This will be a lie, and a fraud, but never mind. In our world, reality isn't important. Public perceptions are. The end result is the stripping of Israel's sovereignty as an independent nation giving way to a "regional bloc of nations" in the Middle East. Israel will be pressured to accede to these demands by all world bodies and the superpowers on the claim that "this is the only way to solve the Middle East conflict). In order to the Jews to go along they will convince them that with the "Messiah" having appeared for the Jews, it is time to start rebuilding the Third Temple- what they call "Solomon's Temple". This version of events is widely available through a simple search on the Internet as there are many Christian groups and organizations (the majority of which who are very pro-Israel) who don't buy into these beliefs and thus are against them. I didn't come up with the theory- I am just bringing it to the attention of the Israeli public.

Make no mistake about it. The Old City of Jerusalem, as well as most of the eastern half of the city, is what The Vatican is after.


Because controlling the entire Old City of Jerusalem (and not just Church properties) and being able to build whatever they want on Mount Zion is critical for the program they have planned to put into play in our capital city. The deal that it has signed with Israel via Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres (in secret and without the approval of the Knesset) gives The Church not only extraterritorial status to their properties (which is what the bi-lateral agreement the Israeli government signed with the Vatican on December 30th, 1993, put in law) but of control over the entire city as "custodians" under UN presence. In this way the Jews will give up control over the Old City. To the Vatican the Israeli people would have a problem with. To the UN, they would say, "we had no choice".

A Chronology Of The Attempt By The Vatican To Displace Israel From The Old City Of Jerusalem

The "Chronology of Events" for the Vatican's conquest of the Old City of Jerusalem is as follows- all of which can be verified via the sources of the information:

October 1991
On October 12th, the head of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman, is appointed head of the International Jewish Committee of Inter-religious Consultation to conduct officials contacts with The Vatican and the State of Israel.

March 1992
On March 17th, Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek says: "The Israeli government should meet the Vatican's demand to apply special status for Jerusalem."

April 1992
On April 1st, The Vatican announced that it "favors a Labor victory" in the June 1992 general elections in Israel.

On April 15th, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, one of the highest ranking diplomats at The Vatican, visits Israel for the first time but only meets with Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek.

June 1992
The story of The Catholic Church's attempt to abscond with the Old City of Jerusalem from the Jews begins in July 1992. According to the information on the Foreign Ministry website, literally from the moment the new Rabin-led Labor government took over from Yitzhak Shamir's defeated Likud party, secret talks with the Vatican and the State of Israel began. What precipitated these secret talks? Who arranged these talks, and why? Why were they kept secret from the Israeli public? What was the end result of these agreements? Where do they stand today? The entire subject of Israel's bi-lateral relations with the Vatican is intentionally kept locked away in secrecy. It is no wonder that nobody in Israel knows much about "Israel-Vatican relations" as it is never, ever reported on in the Israeli press.

The official story of the origins of Israel's "secret channel contacts" between Beilin's negotiating team and the Vatican comes about as a result of Shlomo Gur, a personal aide to Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, who knew someone who put him in touch with Father David Jaeger. Father David Jaeger was president of the Catholic Court in Austin, Texas, and was brought up as an Israeli orthodox Jew who then converted to Catholicism and became a Father (not something that has happened to many Israelis who grew up Orthodox). From there, which according to the information on the Israel Foreign Ministry website was in July 1992 right after the new Rabin government took over power, nothing is known about the discussions until the agreement is signed on Dec. 30th, 1993. Nothing in the Israeli press. The info given on the actual agreement signed was very minimal and general in tone. This is probably one of the most important political contacts Israel has in the world's "power structure" yet it isn't reported on in the press. Thus no Israelis know about it. That is how it remains hidden.

November, l992
The document which was used as the underlying ideological basis for the Vatican's secret deal with Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres was personally authored by Beilin. "The Illegitimacy of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem" outlines the Israeli government's program for the future of Jerusalem and calls for the division of the Old City into cantons whose border posts will be under UN control.

The plan which led to the December, 1993 agreement between The Vatican and the State of Israel was originally discussed in November 1992 at the exact same time the first meetings in London took place to discuss an agreement between Israel and the PLO which led to the Oslo Agreements. The real goal was the Vatican attempt to take over the Old City of Jerusalem. Oslo, or, "peace between Israel and the Palestinians" was just a good cover story to hide what was really going on in another sphere of Israel's foreign affairs.

September, 1993
On the 10th of September, just three days before the signing of the Oslo Accords Washington, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that then Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concluded a secret deal with the Vatican to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem's Old City to the Vatican. the agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration Of Principles signed on September 13th, 1993 in Washington, DC.

In the same week that Israeli Foreign Minister and chief Oslo architect Shimon Peres signed the Declaration of Principles with Yasser Arafat in Washington, the Israel-Vatican commission held a special meeting in Israel. Under the Vatican agreement the Israelis would give over control the Old City to the Vatican before the year 2000. The plan also calls for Jerusalem to become the second Vatican of the world with all three major religions represented but under the authority of the Vatican. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel but the Old City will be administered by the Vatican.

Arafat agreed to the plan just before the famous "handshake" in 1993, but when he realized that the Vatican was also going to let Israel share in the temple mount, he rejected it. (To get Arafat and the Palestinians "on board", on February 14th, 2000, the PA did sign an agreement with the Vatican which recognized the Palestinians' claims to East Jerusalem. The outbreak of the "Al Asqa Intifada" seven months after this agreement was signed may have been part of the commitment Arafat gave the Vatican as to what he would do for him in return for the Vatican acknowledging Palestinians claims to East Jerusalem and the right to statehood. The violence in the Middle East serves the Catholic Church's interest especially if Jerusalem is the subject to discuss. By Arafat getting guarantees from the Vatican that no matter what he does the Europeans will not abandon him, then it makes sense for him to declare war on Israel in Sept 2000. The "Barak gave him everything at Camp David" is propaganda. Nothing was offered that the Knesset would have approved. The intifada could only have happened if Arafat had gotten assurances from major European powers that he would survive. The agreement on Feb 2000 would have made more sense if it had occurred three or four years previous. However its timing when it was makes the Sept 2000 intifada seem logical from Arafat's perspective.

November 1993
In a report in the Jerusalem weekly newspaper Kol Ha'ir, it was revealed that: "for the past six months, The Israeli government has been taking advice on the future of Jerusalem from a planning commission headed by a close aide of Teddy Kollek, Raanan Weitz, formerly the settlement director of the Jewish Agency. At a secret meeting on September 9, 1993, one day before Prime Minister Rabin signed the recognition agreement with the PLO in Israel, the forum met secretly and approved in principle a plan for Jerusalem concocted by Weitz, which he calls, "Metropolitan Jerusalem."

December, 1993
With absolutely no media coverage in Israel, on December 30th an "historic agreement with the Vatican" is publicly acknowledged. Called: "The Fundamental Agreement Between The Holy See and The State of Israel", it declares:
"Mindful of the singular character and universal significance of the Holy Land. Aware of the unique nature of the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people, and of the historic process of reconciliation and growth in mutual understanding and friendship between Catholics and Jews;
"Having decided on 29 July 1992 to establish a 'Bilateral Permanent Working Commission', in order to study and define together issues of common interest, and in view of normalizing their relations."

Already within one month of taking power there was a special committee to further "Israeli-Vatican Relations". From where did this initiative come so soon as the new government took office?

April 1994
Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Shmuel Meir announces at a Jerusalem press conference that he had received information that properties promised to the Vatican in Jerusalem would be granted extraterritorial status. (In early 1996 Meir was killed in a very suspicious car crash whereby the driver who drove a UN truck into Meir's car was not even charged.)

May 1994
Marek Halter, a French intellectual/philosopher and a close friend of Peres, tells the Israeli weekly magazine HaShishi that he personally delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope in Sept, 1993 in which Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Vatican hegemony of the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy.

June 1994
On June 15th, the Israeli government signs an agreement with The Vatican allowing the Catholic Church to participate in negotiations to determine the future of Jerusalem.

July, 1994
On July 9th, 1994, the Vatican's Foreign Minister, Jean-Louis Tauran, announces in Amman, Jordan: "Before territorial problems are resolved, we have to find international guarantees to safeguard the uniqueness of the city and assurances that never again one party should claim Jerusalem as its possession."

November l994
Israel signs a peace treaty with Jordan which, according to reports in Haaretz, Maariv, and Yediot Achronot, included secret clauses concerning water and Jerusalem. The agreement had been negotiated in London eight months before between Rabin, King Hussein, and Lord Victor Mishcon. As part of the agreement, Jordan would receive control over the Islamic Holy sites within a Vatican-controlled Old City of Jerusalem.

March 1995
A cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to The Foreign Ministry was in Jerusalem is leaked to radio station Arutz Sheva, confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican. Two days later the cable made front page of Haaretz. In the widely distributed minutes of a meeting with President Clinton in 1997, Peres ended the cable with the words, "as I had previously promised the Holy See."

April 1995
Member of Knesset Avraham Shapira announced in the Knesset that he had information that all Vatican property in Jerusalem was to become tax exempt and that large tracts of real estate on Mount Zion were given to the Pope in perpetuity.

February l996
A delegation from the Vatican met in Jerusalem with Palestinian Authority Religious Affairs Minister, Hassan Tahbob. Father Serge Sebastian, Secretary General of the Vatican, announced that the Holy See recognizes Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem. After Shimon Peres had replaced Yitzhak Rabin as Israel's prime minister, Internal Security Minister Moshe Shachal refused to allow a Palestinian Authority meeting at the Vatican's Notre Dame Hospice in Jerusalem. According to Shachal, the Palestinians were planning to "use the Vatican to circumvent the Oslo Accords."

November, 1997
On November 10th, the State of Israel and the Vatican sign the "Legal Personality Agreement" whereby the State of Israel agrees to "assure full effect law to the legal personality of the Catholic Church itself." (What that means in plain english is anyone's guess.)

February 2000
Hedging its bets by having bi-lateral agreements with both sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict, on February 14th, Pope John Paul 11 meets Arafat in Rome to sign an accord to normalize relations between Roman Catholic churches in Jerusalem and PA. Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Ahmed Qurei told The Jerusalem Post that the agreement is "recognition by the Catholic Church of the Palestinian claims to the eastern half of Jerusalem." According to Arafat's spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rudaineh, "Arafat had been lobbying for the idea of sharing undivided Jerusalem, and for creating a Vatican-style sovereignty in the Old City." (Somehow we are supposed to believe that Arafat initiated this, and not the Vatican). The agreement calls for Jerusalem to be "an international city based on international resolutions and an international guarantee." The pack was signed despite the Vatican having signed an agreement with Israel six years earlier on December 30th, 1993 which gave legal jurisdiction under Israeli law over the Church's own institutions and assets in the Holy Land.

March 2000
The Pope visits the Holy Land and repeats the Holy See's insistence that" international oversight- 'a special statute, internationally guaranteed'- would best safeguard the city's holy sites and all its religions. The city of Jerusalem is the main obstacle to peace in the region."

On March 27th, the Palestinian Authority says that The Vatican no longer insists on international status for the Old City of Jerusalem, and that The Vatican accepts the political division of the Old City between Israel and the Palestinians. (One has to wonder if this agreement had anything to do with Arafat's decision to wage war on Israel six months later?)

October 2000
In a speech to the United Nations on October 30th, Archbishop Renato Martino declared: "The "unique character" of Jerusalem as a city sacred to three great religions makes it essential that religious leaders, not politicians, control the holy sites." In his meeting on October 26th with Lebanese Ambassador to the Vatican, Fouad Aoun, Pope John Paul 11 said that the city of Jerusalem should be given "specially guaranteed international status."

January 2001
Israel TV journalists secretly film under the Shrine Of Omar, the 7th century Islamic building which may have been deliberately constructed over the Holy of Holies, them most sacred prayer room of the ancient Jewish Temple. The video revealed a new and massive tunnel aimed directly at the most sacred core of Solomon's and later, Herod's Temples. During the Crusades the early 12th century chivalric order, The Knights Templer, dug under the ruins for nine years and found a network of tunnels where the Jewish priests hid their treasures form the marauding Romans in 70 CE. It was also assumed that the original records of the Jerusalem Church which prove that the Vatican was not practicing Christianity as its founders had intended, was buried in this spot. A pope with exclusive rights of divine interpretation was not part of G-d's plan. If these scrolls were made public they would jeopardize Rome's legitimacy. Thus it is imperative to The Vatican that the Jews be removed from the Temple Mount so that they don't find these important scrolls. The PA is serving as the Vatican's "building contractors" in this arrangement in the hope that the Vatican will side with the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel.

July 2002
Israeli, US and German delegations at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Berlin have to fight a surprise proposal to internationalize Jerusalem's Old City by the Italian delegation to the meeting. The head of the Italian delegation told Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the US-based Simon Weisenthal Center, that the main concern of the Italian government was that "in the future when there are peace discussions, the Palestinian entity will be given control of the Christian Holy sites."

Why the secular government of Italy should be worried about this was not explained in the new item. (The Jerusalem Post, July 8th, 2002)

So What Is The Vatican Planning And What Can Israeli Jews Do About It?

For centuries the Vatican has been pushing its "replacement" doctrine which states that the Catholic has replaced Israel as "the New Israel".

The Roman Catholic Church wants Israel to lose sovereign control over the Old City of Jerusalem so that "the promises to the literal descendents of Abraham will be applied to the 'New Jerusalem.'" If Israel controls Jerusalem it is evidence that Rome's claims are not legitimate and that the literal interpretation of Scriptures is correct. There is no place for the restoration of the nation of Israel in its theology. How can the Vatican claim to be "the New Jerusalem" and "rightful heir to the Kingdom of God" if the Jews control Jerusalem? How is the Catholic Church going to convince the world that their version of theology is correct?

The Vatican is going to have everyone believe this "mysterious individual who will "unite the faiths" and appear in Jerusalem which will be under the control of an authority headed by The Vatican. " That deal to have the Vatican come into Israel and take over these properties and to "control and dominate the Old City of Jerusalem" already exists and has been fully documented and reported in the world's media.

The end goal of The Vatican is to seize control of the Old City of Jerusalem out of the clutches of the state of Israel. To that end they have a secret agreement with Israel which obliges Israel to respect the "extraterritorial" claim to their physical presence in the city. In short, "we have accepted the Vatican's rights to have little Vatican sovereign embassies throughout our eternal capital of Jerusalem. That same Vatican has committed itself, in public and in a written agreement, to ensure that the Palestinians have sovereignty in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The public record shows a secret deal has already been conducted behind the backs of the Israeli public whereby the Vatican was promised to take over the Old City. There is ample proof in the public record to prove that a secret deal was done with the Vatican by two Israeli government representatives, Yossi Beilin and Shimon Peres. As it was concocted covertly it can't serve the Israeli public- but someone else. Thus these agreements need to be made void and nullified.

It doesn't matter if religious Jews or Israelis think that "Catholic theology" is "strange looking" or extremely "ritualistic." What matters is that all Israelis understand that The Vatican has a secret agenda and it includes stealing the Old City of Jerusalem away from the Jews. That is what you need to know and understand. Unfortunately, this agenda is being carried out in secret and behind your back and that is why you are ignorant of its true aims. The purpose of this essay is to warn you of these exact intentions of The Vatican so that you will be an "informed consumer" when it comes to Israel's relations with the Roman Catholic Church. Even the overt clauses of the Vatican agreement, the exchange of ambassadors and the opening of the Vatican archives to Israeli researchers, have not been fulfilled by The Vatican. From an Israeli perspective, the "Fundamental Agreement Between The Holy See and The State of Israel" has been a complete failure and should be immediately rescinded. The Jesuit Papacy is now in control of Jerusalem and owns the Temple Mount. Since September, 1993, Rome has been in a position to build the Third Hebrew Temple—the Papacy’s ancient dream since the Pope was given universal Spiritual Power by the wicked Byzantine Emperor Phocas in 606 AD. The Pope’s original attempt to take Jerusalem from the Emperor of Constantinople was his creation of Islam in 610 AD. Yes, the Koran was written in Rome and Muhammad was trained by Augustinian priests in North Africa. The religion of Islam is nothing more than Romanism for Arabs.

Following the death of Muhammad, Omar became Caliph and took Jerusalem in 637 AD. Omar then began the building of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. By the end of the 8th century, Mecca refused to give Jerusalem to the Vatican calling the Pope an “infidel.” As a result, Rome launched her bloody Nine Crusades beginning in 1095 AD, attempting to finalize the taking of Jerusalem for the Pope. By 1291 AD, the Mamlukes drove the Pope’s Roman Catholic Knights Templars from Acre ending the “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem” having existed for nearly 200 years. But Rome swore to re-establish the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem through which she would then gain control of “the holy city.” Once in control of Jerusalem populated by resident Jews, the Vatican power could then build the Third Hebrew Temple—for the final Pope, to be murdered and risen from the dead to be the Antichrist/Man-Beast (Revelation 13:3-10; 17:10; Daniel 7:8, 11)—fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the Babylonian Messiah symbolized by the risen Phoenix.

To build the Third Hebrew Temple—Rome’s ancient dream—there must be a reborn “Kingdom of Jerusalem” (Israel) in which must reside millions of Jews to serve as a buffer against the “wild-men” Arab Muslims for the building of the Temple. If there is no Kingdom of Jerusalem populated with racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites, there can be no building of the Third Temple, as Muslim domination of Jerusalem as well as the land of Canaan would prevent said building. To cleverly decrease the resident Muslim population in the present Kingdom of Jerusalem, tens of thousands of “Palestinians” are being brought into the US, they to be used as “terrorists” and eventually rounded up by the forces of an American White fascist dictator then to be sent to the Empire’s concentration camps along with the tens of millions of alien Roman Catholic Mexican/Latino Invaders.

2. By 1540 Satan’s Jesuit Order was wedded into the tottering Papacy. Its foremost purpose was to take Jerusalem from the Muslim Saracens; its second purpose was to destroy the Protestant Reformation and all governments born out of that wonderful dawning of Biblical truth regularly read in the language of the common man thereby ending the Pope’s Dark Ages (606-1648) and birthing “the Modern Era” (1648). This is why Ignatius Loyola made a voyage to Jerusalem before he created the military Jesuit Order—the New Knights Templars. He sought to set up his headquarters in “the holy city” but was thwarted in his plan. This is one of the reasons why the prominent Dominican priest Melchoir Cano called the Jesuits the “forerunners of the Antichrist.”

3. By 1800 the Napoleonic Wars were in full swing. Napoleon was advised by Jesuit Abbey Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes, the second Consul of the three-man Consulate. The Order used its Masonic Napoleon Bonaparte I to invade Egypt and kill the Mamluke bodyguard of the Sultan of Cairo during the Battle of the Pyramids. This was pure Jesuit vengeance against the Mamlukes for driving the Templars out of Acre in 1291. Napoleon then invaded Palestine in 1799, as he sought to make it a homeland for the Jews. (Yes, Napoleon was the Order’s first Masonic Labor Zionist!) But the Order failed in its quest; the taking of Jerusalem from the Islamic Ottoman Empire would have to wait another 120 years.

4. By 1922 the Order’s World War I (the opening act of the Black Pope’s Second Thirty Years’ War, 1914-1945) had ended the Sunni/Islamic Ottoman Empire and created a “Homeland” for the world’s Jews—via the Masonic Balfour Declaration. The English Rothschilds—“the keepers of the Vatican Treasury”—would begin to finance the repopulating of the land of Israel with Jews, but not enough to create a revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Therefore, Rome launched “Act Two” of her Second Thirty Years’ War with Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Jesuit Coadjutors Hitler and Stalin would work together, financed by the Knights of Malta in London and New York City, to murder all the Jews of the historic “Pale of Settlement” first established by Russia’s Jesuit protectoress, Catherine II “the Great.” When Hitler and Stalin were finished purging “the Settlement,” over three million Jews had gone to their graves. This collusion between Jesuit-trained Hitler and Jesuit-trained Stalin explains why the Nazi Gestapo/SD and the Bolshevik NKVD worked together in purging Roman Catholic Poland of all her true nationalists and military leaders from 1939 to 1941 via the Katyn Massacre. This is why Stalin refused to listen to his spies reporting on the massive German buildup on Russia’s western border in preparation for “Operation Barbarossa”—the Order’s crusade against the “perfidious” Jews and “heretic” Orthodox peoples of Russia/USSR. Stalin had already starved to death over seven million “heretic” Christian Orthodox Ukrainians during “the Great Terror” of the 1930s directed by his Jesuit adviser, Alexander Poskrebyshev: his collaboration with Hitler would finish off millions more of Russian Orthodox nationalists, including Russia’s greatest general, Orthodox Christian Andre Vlasov—betrayed by Hitler and murdered by Stalin in General Poskrebyshev’s Lubyanka.

5. By 1945 over 6 million Jews had been “extirpated” from Eurasia pursuant to the Jesuit Oath of the Fourth Vow, a “burnt offering” deemed necessary by the Jesuit Papacy for two reasons:

A. To purge Europe of its “perfidious” Jews, its “heretic” Protestants and its “liberal”/nationalistic Roman Catholics so as to enable the Jesuit Papacy to re-unite Europe under the Temporal Power of the Pope thus restoring the “Holy Roman Empire” centered in a Jew-free/Protestant-free, Roman Catholic Germany. (Yes, the creation of “East Germany” after the war was to enable Jesuit Stalin to totally destroy every vestige of the Protestant Reformation in Germany via massive deportations of Lutherans to Siberia!) For whoever controls Germany controls Europe; and whoever controls Europe controls the world!

B. To create the desire of surviving European Jews to return to their ancient homeland of Israel, many of those Jews being non-religious, atheistic, socialist-communist Labor Zionists. There would be no room for the Orthodox Jews or Jabotinsky’s truly nationalistic, anti-papal, Irgun-backed, Revisionist Zionists—only Labor Zionists loyal to the Pope of Rome, i.e., Ben-Gurion, Weizmann, Kastner, Meir, etc.

6. By 1948 Israel would be created by Rome’s Labor Zionists, backed by Rome’s United Nations and recognized by the Black Pope’s two most powerful political Freemasons, “Dirty” Harry Truman and “Uncle Joe” Stalin, on the same day—May 14, 1948. The Jesuit Papacy’s dream was coming true: a revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem was now a reality. To prevent its destruction, Rome would use her “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire to guarantee the security of Pius XII’s Kingdom of Jerusalem. To unite the Jews of every country now returning to Israel, they would need a common enemy: thus, Rome would openly back the Muslim Arabs (“Palestinians”) yet secretly back her Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists. This is yet another example of Rome pursuing two policies: the first, open but false; the second, secret but true. Meanwhile, Jerusalem would be retained in Muslim hands via Rome’s Masonic Abdullah I, King of Jordan—assassinated in 1951 for planning to enter into a peace treaty with Israel.

7. By 1967 the Six-Day War would put Jerusalem into the hands of the Pope’s Labor Zionists ruling the Kingdom of Jerusalem for the Jesuit Papacy. Ten days later, Rome’s Moshe Dayan of Israel gave back the Temple Mount to the Arab Muslims to the utter chagrin of the Jews; none of the common, patriotic Jews could understand the treason without the above understanding. The Temple Mount would be kept by the Muslims, but would legally be in the hands of the Israeli Labor Zionist government—secretly subject to the Pope of Rome.

8. By 1977 the Pope’s Labor Government would pass the anti-missionizing law, forbidding the preaching of the gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ of the Reformation Bible within the borders of Israel. This is tantamount to imposing the Papal decrees of the Dark Ages when the preaching of the true gospel was forbidden by Rome subjecting all transgressors to the penalties of being buried alive or being burned alive in an auto de fe. Further, historic White Protestant nations were insulted as it has been only these nations that have provided the financial support for the re-establishment of the nation of Israel in the first place. No Protestant Reformation, no wealth with which to finance the establishment and maintaining of Rome’s Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Indeed, in furthering the Order’s Counter Reformation, historically middle class, White Protestant peoples were and are being income/excise/privilege taxed to create and support Rome’s Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem—Israel! Because of this law, Israel will never win another war against its Muslim neighbors without help from the Jesuit Papacy ruling the “superpowers.” This law further empowers the well-nigh irresistible rule of Satan’s Jesuit Papacy over the hamstrung Israeli people.

9. By September, 1993, the famous deeding of the Temple Mount to the Jesuit Papacy is finalized by Jesuit/CFR lackey, Freemason Shimon Peres. By December, the Vatican “recognizes” the nation of Israel for the first time since its inception in 1948. The secret but true policy now is revealed: Rome has her revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem; she has her millions of resettled, resident Jews and a large military establishment to serve as a buffer between the Temple Mount and the Islamic world; and she has her Temple Mount upon which to build Solomon’s Hebrew Temple—for the final Pope of Rome!

10. Presently, a war is being fomented against Israel by the Jesuit Papacy, but it is not intended to destroy the nation or kill all of the Kingdom’s Jews. Never!!! This war has several other purposes, a few of them being:

A. To destroy the Temple Mount mosques enabling the Black Pope’s Masonic Knights Templars to rebuild the Temple—for the Vatican;

B. To unite the Muslim World against the apostate Protestant American Empire, as America will be cleverly blamed for the destruction of the Temple Mount Mosques as well as Mecca and Medina during the presently unfolding 12th Crusade (the first nine crusades are openly led by the Vatican’s Papal Knighthoods; the tenth crusade is led by Jesuit-led French Napoleon I, the eleventh crusade is led by Great Britain’s Knight of Malta King George V in command of Masonic General Allenby who takes Jerusalem from the Turks in 1917, and the twelfth crusade was ignited by America’s Skull and Bonesman President George W. Bush overseeing CIA Director Knight of Malta George J. Tenet who in turn managed the entire 911 terrorist event;

C. To provide a new protector for the Pope’s Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem—the European Union! This protection will bring God’s blessing of Genesis 12:1-3 upon the Pope’s European Union, while America, in abandoning the Jews of Israel and sending over six million North American Jews to concentration camps, will bring upon herself God’s curse of that same passage.

D. To align the Muslim world with the Order’s USSR in preparation for the future Gog of Magag invasion of Israel near the end of the first half of the 70th week of years of the prophet Daniel (Daniel 9:27; Ezekiel 38:8).

In light of the above, Israel will not be destroyed by any war in the present of in the future. Israel will remain a nation long after the US is invaded and partitioned by our coming Sino-Soviet-Muslim coalition armies. Thus Barry Chamish is dead wrong in teaching that Israel is going to be destroyed. That, dear Daisy, is quite out of the question of possibility. Satan must needs to have the presence of a nation of Israel to fulfill his destiny via the Antichrist (II Thessalonians 2:4); and the Messiah of Israel must have a nation of Israel in order to fulfill the prophecies of Zechariah 12-14, etc. Again, if the Bible is true, Israel cannot and will not be destroyed during this present 12th Crusade, this present Third Thirty Years’ War—ignited by the Jesuit Papacy for the ultimate benefit of the Pope of Rome and his revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Indeed, Barak and Peres are agents for Rome. They take their orders from the Archbishop of New York City as he controls the CFR and as he is directed by the Jesuits of Fordham University. (Remember that Jesuit Joseph A. O’Hare, the former president of Jesuit Fordham University, is also a “Presider” of the CFR as is papal knight David Rockefeller presently living in Italy!) To disobey the Order’s plans for Israel is to face the same fate of Freemason Yitzhak Rabin. Jerusalem must be an international city, never to be the exclusive property of Israel—that is if the Jesuit Papacy has its way. But Jerusalem must be inhabited by Jews, Israel must exist with resident Jews and a Third Temple must be built if the Messianic prophecies are to be literally fulfilled.

It is because of this foremost reason that Israel will never be overwhelmed and destroyed by her enemies. The Count from Venice has stated on my broadcast that the Knights of Malta have a hospital in southern Lebanon that backs Hezbollah. Without the Jesuit Papacy there is no Hamas or Hezbollah.

Obama is indeed Pope Benedict XVI’s poodle. Just see my website article titled “Obama’s White Papal Masters.” Mulatto Islamic Freemason Barry Davis Obama is the poodle of White Roman Catholic Joe Biden, Biden being a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor with two honorary degrees from two Jesuit universities in Pennsylvania. At this time, events are being shaped so as to incite Islamic fury against Israel leading to an attack. This is precisely what Rome wants. When that attack commences, the US will intervene militarily. The resultant scenario has been explained.

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