The Jesuit New World Order

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

as revealed by their own sources

The Jesuits are urged to increase their effort and zeal in carrying out the original purposes and goals of the order
The Jesuits are playing a central role in the evangelizing efforts of the Catholic Church, by working to bring the Christian world back to the Mother Church. In this connection it is very interesting to notice all the information that has been made available on the Internet in regard to the General Conference of the Jesuits (No 34). Never before have we recognized that they have so openly revealed the reports from such gatherings.
It is formulated, of course, in eloquent terms, but, having some knowledge and insight into the background of their work, their methods and goals, the revelation by their own sources, becomes very informative, interesting and unveiling. It cannot be said that this is outdated information that has no relevance in our day, neither can it be said that the Jesuits have changed their intentions and agenda.
In the Pope's comments and acceptance of the report from the Jesuits (GC 34), he strongly appeals to them to follow the same pattern laid out by St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit order. As they recruit new members to the order, it is important that they do not make the standard too low, so that the very nature of the Jesuit Order becomes too mild.
The Pope exhorts, "Your founder explicitly insisted that no one should be admitted to the profession without thorough formation... You must not `succumb to the temptation it is so easy to fall into, namely, to make the initial forming too mild, as it is of great importance in all its aspects; both the human, the spiritual, the doctrinal, the disciplinary, and the pastoral.'"
At the General Conference the Pope reminded the participants of the following: "You have clearly a strong, marked spirituality, an unequivocal identity, and a century-long confirmation which was based on the validity of methods, in spite of going through history's "meltdown," continue to carry the inscription of St.Ignatius' strong spirit. Therefore there is absolutely no need to doubt the fact that the renewed source to spiritual and apostolic fruitfulness must be a still deeper submission to the way you have followed until now — to the special charisma."
The Jesuits "new evangelization" in the second millennium.
An even greater involvement and surrender is emphasized as being essential in the new millennium. Time and again the "new evangelization" (A1, 4, 7, 9) is mentioned, where the Jesuits are going to play a special role in "the third millennium." The Pope says that this historical event "is for the most part dedicated to discover the specific contribution their institution is called to give the new evangelization on the threshold of the third millennium, as well as to update the Jesuit orders internal organization and law-giving, so it can contribute an even greater faithfulness and effective service to the church." (A1, 2)
Then the Pope is suggesting some points they ought to follow, so they can even better "define their contribution to the church's evangelizing mission in our present world, especially having in mind the "Big Jubilee" in the year 2000, where a new spring in the Christian life will be revealed..." (A1, 2)

Meditation and mysticism are some
of the positive factors mentioned
that contribute to fruitful dialog
between Jesuits and the Hindus,
and the Buddhists. In addition,
the "rich symbolism"
of the Hindus is also something the
Jesuits can identify with.
This is a well-known fact for those
that have studied how the different
organizations give signals through symbols.

To the left we see the characteristic
Pope sign given by:
Number 1, the Buddhists;
Number 2, the Hindus;
Number 3, the Catholic Church.

There are also many other symbols
that are similar in these religions.

Unification of all Christian
One of the points especially emphasized by the Pope is the "unification of all Christians." (A1, 5) The Pope is drawing attention to the fact that this point he has already emphasized in a previous letter by the name Tertio Millennio Adveniente.There he writes the following: "As we are nearing the new millennium, the church asks the Lord — as one of the most eager petitions in connection with this event — that the unification of all Christians from all church denominations must increase, so it can lead to the goal of total unification (communion)." The Jesuits shall lead out in tearing down independent tendencies and creating universal unity.
After quoting from the apostolic letter, the Pope concludes, "In this great battle the whole church must find the Jesuit Order in the front lines, as they resist every temptation in the direction of individualism, independence, or parallelism, the order is called upon to give a stirring testimony of brotherly loyalty (unity) and ecclesiastical harmony. The efforts the Order has placed upon cooperation in every branch of the church's activities is well known. In this connection, I encourage you to keep alive this fundamental display of your charisma as you serve the universal church, and overcome every temptation of provincialism, regionalism, or isolationism that could endanger the very existence of certain international and interprovincial works of great importance for the universal church..." (Ibid.) Independence will be taken away, and everything will be subjected to an international blueprint.
How then are they to reach their desired goal?
Ecumenical efforts, with the main emphasis of entering into dialogue with other religions and church denominations is the answer. "The second Vatican Council has encouraged all Catholics to enter into dialogue... so we can promote unification... The Holy Father has time and again asked the Jesuits to bring about an inter-religious dialogue, an apostolic prioritizing in the third seems like a dialogue is developing the gathering and liberating potential for all religions..." (Dekre 5, pkt. 130 (D5, 130)) "...Inter-religious dialogues is an integrating element of the Jesuits mission..." (D5, 137) They say, "We have a special responsibility to promote inter-religious dialogues." (D5, 154) Yes, "this culture of dialoguing should become the special hallmark of our Jesuit Order."
So highly do they prioritize this work, that they will "set up a secretariat for inter-religious dialogues to promote and coordinate the Jesuit initiative in this field. The secretariat is supposed to be helpful in making sure that training programs for Jesuits are organized, having in view broader involvement in dialogues." (D5, 155)
Dialogue with Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.
It is not only the other "Christian" church denominations the Jesuits are working to dialogue with. "The dialogue with the Jewish people has a unique place," they say, and continue, "To enter into an honest and respectful unity with the Jewish people is one aspect of our efforts to `think with and in the Church.' (D5, 149) They also desire to enter into dialogue with the Muslims. "Both the Church and the Jesuit Order have struggled to build bridges of mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims." (D5, 150)
The Hindus is another group the Jesuits wish to enter into dialogue with. They believe this can be an easier group to work with. Some of the areas they believe will open up for a "fruitful dialogue" is the Hindus' "deep meditation," "mystical comprehension," and "rich symbolism." (D5, 151) (See pictures this page.)
Also in regard to the Buddhists they have discovered areas that can be used as grounds to unite with them. Some of the things they especially emphasize as positive is, again, "meditation, that leads to a level of inner liberalism and spiritual enlightening." (D5, 152)

One of the approaches the Jesuits mention as useful to get closer to the religious fundamentalists, is to try to ask forgiveness for past mistakes, and
intolerance. "This can open the way
for dialog and unification,"
they say. Can we see this today?
Above: an article from the Norwegian
newspaper DAGEN, with the heading:
The Pope asks for forgiveness.

Religious Fundamentalists — a Problem
The last group they mention that they desire to enter into dialogue with, is what they call the "phenomena of religious fundamentalism." To bring about unity with them, they confess, "poses serious difficulties." Nevertheless, they will make their attempts to accomplish this. Their approach, as we can see it being implemented today, can appear noble.
They will seek to ask forgiveness for past mistakes and intolerance towards others. "This can open the way for dialogt should be done in these situations. (D5, 153)
We will add a warning here to keep anyone from being deceived by their subtle methods of advancement. It has been said about the Catholic Church that when it is in minority, it is as meek as a lamb. When it is an equal, it is as shrewd as a fox. When it is in majority, it is as ferocious as a tiger. Methods that appear noble and beautiful can be used, but they do not hide the fact that the Catholic Church, in the end, must be the winning party. Therefore they must, as they express it, carefully evaluate which methods of advancement they ought to use to reach this goal.
Different Types of Dialogues
There is different aspects to be emphasized in the dialogues with the various church denominations. Two of the most prominent points are the following:
"The Religious Experience Dialogue, where persons, rooted in their own religious tradition, share their spiritual treasures. For instance, with regard to prayer and meditation, faith and ways where one searches for God or the Absolute."
"The Theological Exchange Dialogue, where specialists seek to deepen the understanding of the respective religious heritages, and to appreciate each other's spiritual values." (D5,131)
The Veiled Purpose: To lead all church denominations back to the "Mother Church."
Can you see how the Protestant denominations are imitating the Catholic Church's plan to bring about a unity among Christians? In the beginning it may appear very harmless. Christians are bound together by exchanging spiritual experiences, and unite in a ministry of prayer. "After all, we do have a common goal," they insist, "to uplift Christ in a world on the brink of a crisis."
But in spite of all eloquent words and seemingly good intentions (and some of them that enter into these joint spiritual activities can also in reality have honest and good intentions), there is behind it all a subtle, slithery, deceptive strategy: to lead all religions back to the Mother Church. Therefore we must be on guard, so we too will not be deceived.
The Basis for True Christian Unity.
We are not against unity. In His last admonition to His disciples, Jesus actually prayed that His followers may be one. But please notice carefully on what foundation it should be accomplished:
"Sanctify them through Thy Truth: Thy Word is Truth... That they all may be one; as Thou, Father, art in me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in Us." (John 17:17-20)
This is a complete different unity than the unity the Catholic Church is leading up to. And, sad to say, the Protestant denominations also are leading up to the same, with their new models of dialoguing, pastoral circles, and joint ecumenical gatherings.
The trend of fellowshipping is to have a good time together, and experience the warmth of fellowship, coupled with an exchange of personal, spiritual views, that concludes with the fact that we only need to have major spiritual points in common. The tolerance level today is broad, and no one protests if you have another view of the issues, as long as you promote the outlook, "This is just one of many ways, my way, the one I am comfortable with, or prefer — but maybe another way can suit you better — as long as we have Jesus in common, we are working toward the same goal."
But is this the way it really is? Can we profess Jesus Christ, and then select our own personal spiritual guidelines, and create our own personal spiritual "comfort zone," and serve God in this way? God forbid!
If we do, we will be led astray by our own love for comfort and ease, our own selfish heart. Listen, dear reader, to what the Bible says: "All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way." Isaiah 53:6.
Is Jesus just a Name we can hide "our own ways" behind? No, not at all! The name of Jesus is very precious, because Jesus stood for something precious. He stood for precious spiritual truths found in God's Word, truths we also must stand for. We must have faith in the precious truths Jesus stood for, and had faith in. We must have the faith of Jesus. Our own will, wishes and opinions must harmonize with His, the Truth, or they are without spiritual value, and will lead us astray and do us no good, for we will only be having our own way. "Our own way" must become "HIS WAY." Jesus had implicit faith in what God said, for God's Word is Truth, and He lived so closely by this Word of Truth, that, "I am... the Truth..." John 14:6. In other words, the Truth "became flesh" in Him.
This Truth, as we read in John 17:17-20, and as we have already mentioned, expresses itself in God's Word, the Bible. In it we find a line of beautiful TRUE DOCTRINES — teachings and principles — that when followed, will ennoble and refine us into the likeness of His character. We must understand that by following this Truth, we will be sanctified by it, and it will make us in character like Him. As each one of us seek to follow the truths in God's Word (the true doctrines and teachings and beautiful principles found there), we will become ONE IN HIM. This is the basis, the foundation, of true Christian unity.
Infiltration and Global Networking
There is in particular two aspects that we notice the Jesuits will emphasize to achieve "greater cooperation and effectiveness."
1) Infiltration [Twining] (D21, 448)
2) Global Networking (D21, 446)
The Jesuits emphasize that they need close cooperation among themselves to reach their goals. By creating networks between individuals and institutions, they can gather information which they can then forward to other levels of society. They also emphasize this point in regard to their work to promote inter-religious dialogues. In this area they will divide the work into two groups of responsibility: the ones who participate in the dialogues, and those who forward the outcome of the dialogues to those in the Jesuit Order that are involved in other parts of the work. (D5, 148)
But the networking is also taking place on other levels. Especially mentioned is "Networkings in university departments, research centers, school papers, and in regional defense groups. The potential is also present to achieve cooperation by and through international troops, organizations that are not under government rule, and other newer organizations of men and women that are favorably inclined. The initiative and support for these different forms of networkings should come from all parts of society..." (D5, 446)
Total Obedience to the Church
In addition to the close ties, the coordination and strong cooperation between the brothers of the Order, they have great affection, total obedience, and submission to "their superiors." The Jesuits are asked to fulfill their apostolic mission. They are called "to carry out whatever assignment the Church should assign to them." (D6, 165) This the Pope also strongly emphasizes in his appeal: "As you follow in the footprints of your Founder and his initial coworkers, with the same gesture of loyalty to the activities of the Pontiff of Rome, you are declaring that society is totally and without reservation of the Church, in the Church, and for the Church." (A1, 1)
The Oath of the Jesuits - still one of the main elements in the Jesuit Order
In his comments to the Jesuits (GC 34), it is the Pope's desire to emphasize the two main elements that St. Ignatius emphasized in the forming of the Jesuit Order: "The priesthood, and the Oath of obedience the initiated has given to the Supreme Pontiff ." (A5, the Pope's second letter)
It is very interesting to notice that the Jesuit Oath continues to be strongly emphasized. In no way can we draw the conclusion that the Jesuit Oath is not currently important. No, in the documents that now are being made public, the original intentions, methods and laws are even more strongly being emphasized to be put into practice. "The need is therefore not a new set of laws, but that the existing laws can be more effectively implemented." (D12, 329)
In this connection we will include a portion of the Jesuit Oath — an extract of the Jesuit "Extreme Oath of Induction" as recorded in the Congressional Record of the United States of America, February 15, 1913, pages 3215-6. Also in "The Engineer Corps of Hell" by Edwin A. Sherman, pg. 118, 1883, Library of Congress Catalogue Card #66-43354. It should cause everyone to "wake up" and recognize the goals and mission of the Jesuits. It reads as follows:
'My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among the Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among the Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our holy religion and the Pope; even to descend so low as to become a Jew among the Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in communities, provinces and countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the science and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants secretly in concert with your brother Jesuit ... who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected; only that the church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.
"You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and in the judiciaries and the councils of state, and to `be all things to all men,' for the Pope's sake, whose servants we are unto death.
"You have received all your instructions heretofore as a novice, a neophyte, and have served as a coadjutor, confessor and priest, but you have not yet been invested with all that is necessary to command the army of Loyola in the service of the Pope. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your superiors; for none can command here who has not yet consecrated his labours with the blood of the heretic; for `without the shedding of blood no man can be saved.' Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me.
"I . . . , now in the presence of the Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Blessed Michael the Archangel, the Blessed St. John the Baptist, the Holy Father, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, in the Pontification of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear that his holiness, the Pope, is Christ's Vice-regent, and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by the virtue of the keys of binding and loosing, given to his Holiness by my Savior, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical kings, princes, states, commonwealths and governments, all being illegal without his sacred confirmation, and that they may be safely destroyed.
"I do further declare, that I will help and assist and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, and do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Protestant or Liberal doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise.
"I do further promise and declare, that notwithstanding I am dispensed with to assume any religion heretical, for the propagating of the Mother Church's interest, to keep secret and private all her agents' counsels, from time to time as they may instruct me, and not to divulge directly or indirectly, by word, writing, or circumstances whatever; but to execute all that shall be proposed given in charge or discovered unto me, by you, my ghostly father ...
"I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver) but unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and Jesus Christ.
"That I will go to any port of the world, whatsoever, without murmuring and will be submissive in all things whatsoever communicated to me ... I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth, and that I will spare neither sex, age nor condition, and that I will hang, waste, boil flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the wall, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race.
"That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poison cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the lead bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity or authority of the person or persons whatsoever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith of the Society of Jesus."
Concealed Strategy
The goals of the Jesuits are clear, but as mentioned before, it is often concealed under a cover of apparently good intentions. The Jesuits appear with a front of good works. They aid the poor, promote education to children and youth, and are involved in environmental issues and peace corps activities, etc. But it is made clear that their humanitarian work "never must be separated from the global evangelizing mission the church has. (A1, 7)
Jesuits promote integration of Aliens
The Jesuits have established a department that especially deals with aliens called Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS). This organization is dealing with refugees in various countries. They are working to integrate refugees into countries with different cultures and religions.
"...From the Churches' long experience in welcoming refugees and immigrants, we understand immigration as an opportunity for the cultural, social and economic enrichment of our society. We call upon the European Union to adopt a positive approach to immigration... individuals in need of protection are entitled to the territory of the EU... As members of a civil society, and as Europeans and Christians, we call upon the European Parliament to safeguard those who are most threatened by persecution, violence, poverty and lack of freedom. We commit ourselves to collaborate with this process." (Http:// - click on current)
It looks like the issue of aliens also is favored by the leaders of the Catholic Church. At this point we have to stress the fact that we are not in any way against providing help to those in need. However, we must refrain from cooperating with the Catholic Church in the strategy of blending the different peoples of the earth, so the Protestant nations no longer are able to preserve their unique Protestant position, but the whole world become one gigantic international unit with common economy, politic, — and then unified in the most important area, religion — under the Catholic Church's principles.
The fact is that the Protestant and independent nations are entitled to have their Protestant freedom, but it looks like the Jesuits now are in the process of getting their own men and women into governing positions worldwide, and that their goals little by little are being fulfilled; actually to destroy the Protestant and independent nations. Catholic favored international laws will be enforced.
We must not forget the slogan expression, "ORDO AB CHAO," Order out of Chaos. It is the very ones holding the power (the Power Elite) that are creating the chaos, for later to bring about order in their own way. There are multiple indications that the promoted removal of people from one country to integrate them in another, is a link in the universal internationalization process.
But look at God's beautiful plan in Acts 17:26-27: "And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitations: that they should seek the Lord, if happily they might feel after Him, and find Him, though He be not far from every one of us."
Political, economic, social, cultural, and religious globalization
The Jesuits are expressing how pleased they are that presently stronger and stronger ties are being formed in the political, economic, social and cultural realm. They are noticing nations that in the past were divided, but are now forming new international economic and political structures; and they say it would be a shame if this verification did not also take place in the religious realm. (D12, 326)
November 11, 1999 was a busy day for the Jesuits. In Brussels, on this particular day, they received young professionals of the French Movement of Christian Executives (MCC). They were gathered for three days, and during this time had debates and conferences in regard to the European situation. After prayer and dialogues, it was concluded that: "They understood that the upbuilding of the European Union is not only an economic construction, but a new way to think on our continent, including all the countries that are candidates. They discovered a new dimension to their nation — a European dimension."
"For us it was valuable," say the Jesuits. "We understood once more how completely different it is to come and see for ourselves, if we desire to understand the methods and reasons for building a new Europe." (Http:// click on aktuelt)

The Jesuits understand that the
Catholic Church's teachings would
not be spread as effectively if
they did not get acceptance in
the schools and universities.
Ignatious de Loyola therefore strongly
emphasized the establishment of
universities where the young
people could be trained.
Today they have approximately 200
universities where around 3,000
Jesuits are working, and where more
than half a million receive
their training. They also work
to carry on their mission in other

On this picture we see the Pontifical
University in Rome, which is one of
the most prestigious universities
in the world.

The Jesuits are emphasizing education.
At last we want to consider a branch of the work of the Jesuits that they strongly emphasize: EDUCATION. They have been involved in this area ever since the Order's very beginning. "St. Ignatius was aware of the great cultural influence of the universities, and chose to send the Jesuits there, as a place where they in general would do the most good." (D17, 404)
The Jesuits emphasis on education is considered as "very important," since it can provide a solid academic and religious foundation during the formative years." (D18, 418) Their influence in this area can provide great advait. (D18, 417)
"In and through the universities, important debates take place concerning ethics and the future direction of economy and politics..." (D17, 405) Their desire is to get their men and women into decision-making positions in society, and thus form its future: "They educate their students as "men and women for others" who can usurp leadership roles in their own communities and organizations. (D18, 419)
We have learned that "within the last thirty years, the Jesuits higher levels of education has been going through a very rapid development; both in size, inclusiveness, and with more participative structures in the government."
Perhaps, especially in the USA, the Jesuit universities have received great influence, for many of the important and influential individuals in society are getting their education at these universities. The Jesuit university, Georgetown University, educated none other than Bill Clinton himself, and as a child he was trained by nuns.
In spite of this fact, the Jesuits are afraid they will not be able to maintain the control they desire over their universities — a control to the extent where these universities are their "own" in the fullest sense of the word. (D17, 407) To meet this challenge, the Jesuits are encouraged to work hard "to keep, and even to strengthen the identity of each one of our institutions..." (D17, 408) They emphasize to maintain and strengthen their "original Jesuit identity and mission in all the universities that are named Jesuit, or any university that originally operate under our responsibility." (D17, 410)
To be able to maintain the uniqueness of the educational institutions, it is emphasized that the ones in leading positions, must have received adequate forming in "Ignatius' charisma and teachings. (D18, 417)
The following information from the Catholic's own sources, in paragraph 405, Decree 17, reveals a little of the extent of the Jesuit's educational work. "Today there is about 3,000 Jesuits working in about 200 of our own institutions, in the realm of higher education. They are influencing more than a half million students." But it is not only in their own universities the Jesuits are wo. This apostolic activity not only influences the individual students, it effectively is penetrating the entire university." (D17,405) "The Jesuit order's educational department should encourage similar programs in other places, as they can provide advantages towards our desired goal." (D18, 417) We must provide information and warn!
As we observe how this system is steadily progressing, it is important that we do not just stand by idle, doing nothing, and let it take its course. We know we are unable to stop it, but as we see the great dangers connected with this system, and the subtle plans being used, it is important that information exposing what is happening is brought forth. It can help us and others to view these matters in the right light. There certainly must be many honest and sincere people that have entered into this, and similar systems, with the noblest of intentions. We must help them to understand the dangers.
Obviously, this is something the "initiated ones" and their leaders do not appreciate. This fact they openly admit: "We must be on guard constantly, so the faithful will not be confused by questionable teachings, by publications or speeches, that clearly differ from the teachings and morals of the Church, or by any attitudes that hurt the togetherness in the Spirit." (A1, 6)
Therefore it is very clear that they strongly dislike anything that exposes their tactics. However, should we for that reason not speak out? No, for only a lack of Christian love for them will do that. The Bible says: "Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev. 18:4) The Bible tells us clearly that the ones supporting the Harlot and her falsehoods, will be receiving the judgments of God.
Instead of adopting the Jesuit's plan for unity, by entering into dialogue with them, let us in love seek to call them out from the false system they are a part of. Clear and unmistakable information must be brouven an opportunity to make the right decision. "Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel... therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me." (Ezek. 13:17)
Let us stand together and give this message of warning, combined with God's merciful message of salvation. Then we will have a part in showing the world what they must turn away from, and what they should turn to!


Many Protestants have for some time reported on the Catholic involvement in the ecumenical movement. Presently the Catholic Church has obtained such a firm grip on this movement that they now are openly revealing their plans.Ever since the Vatican II Council, they have consistently presented a change in the attitude towards the Protestant camp. From that time onward, the heretics have been called "separated brethren," and it is these "brethren" that have been separated from the Catholic Church, that they now want to bring back to the "mother church."
They now also admit that the Jesuits have a special work to do in creating dialogues between the various church denominations, and gradually lead them back to Rome.
Ecumenical Connections in Recent Years
The strategy is beginning to work. Yes, it is developing so rapidly it is almost breathtaking. Agreement has been reached on church fellowship, between Lutherans and Anglicans (1996), between Lutherans and Methodists (1997), between Lutherans and the Reformed churches (1999), and Anglicans have moved closer to the Catholic view in reference to the doctrine of the authority of the Pope (1999), and joint Communion between Lutherans and Anglicans, etc.
This is only a few of the milestones reached in the ecumenical picture. And in this ecumenical year of Jubilee, we will witness the literal "meltdown" of the various church denominations in the presence of the Catholic ecumenical efforts.
The Trump Cards: Sunday Sacredness and the Catholic Communion
Knut Andersen, the parishioner of Nidaros parish, Norway, writes in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisa, February 21, 2000: The goal of the ecumenical movement must be to promote joint Communion for all. In other words, that everyone can participate in everyone's Communion service. Then we will actually have many church denominations, but we will only be one church."
Milan Opocebsky, the Gen proposal from General Secretary Konrad Raiser, of the World Council of Churches, to establish a universal Church Council in the year 2000. The purpose is to provide a forum where the main stream Christian Churches can come to an agreement in regard to questions that separate them. In these efforts toward ecumenical unity, it is quite clear that the issue of the Communion service will be one of the most unifying factors in establishing ecumenical unity between the various church denominations.
From the Internet pages of the Catholic Church, this statement is found: "The year 2000 will be an Eucharistic year of great intensity." As most of you probably know, the Catholic Church teaches that when the priest is blessing the Eucharist (the bread in the Communion service), it literally becomes the body of Christ. They are therefore sacrificing or killing Jesus anew, each time they eat the Communion bread (The Eucharist). This is blasphemy, a great evil, for the Bible tells us that Jesus was offered only once for us all, and that the Communion Service was instituted to be a memorial of Jesus giving His life once and for all, in order to save us (I Cor. 11:23-26).
In the Pope's Apostolic letter, "Dies Domini," May 31, 1998, an appeal is made by the Pope for everyone to receive the Catholic Communion every Sunday. Furthermore, the Pope also emphasizes the following two factors as especially important to the Papal power in order to bring about ecumenical unity:
1. Sunday, as a day of rest
2. The Catholic Communion
Both of these institutions are unbiblical. The Catholic Communion has already been described and identified as unbiblical, and in regard to the day of rest, each of us can read our own Bibles and discover that the Biblical seventh day, the Sabbath, is from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, and is not the first day of the week, Sunday. (Genesis 2:1-3, Luke 23:50-56, Matthew 5:17-18, 1 John 5:2-3.)
A study of this subject has been made in the pamphlet "Liberty in Danger," or as it was originally called, "Watch out for the Sunday Laws and the Mark of the Beast!" Anyone bold enough, or desiring to bring up this subject for discussion, may write and request this information. Additional information is also available upon request.
Unity on all levels
We can see that the Papacy is about to lead astray the whole world through her global strategy. We can also see the same trend present in the Catholic European Union. They have first tied the nations together on the economic level, then on a political level, and presently also on the military level, and at last, what they are now working towards is tying the various church denominations together in the religious realm.
It is the last point that most likely is the most important to the Catholic Church, but it is emerging as the final trump-card. The other issues have helped to cover up the Papacy's original purpose. The result is, as the Bible says, that the whole world marveled, and followed after the beast (the Papacy), and continues: "by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."
The Bible reveals that only a remnant of God's people will be left. They will have the patience of the saints, keeping the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus (Rev. 14:12).

It was frightening, but at the same
time very revealing, to notice the
fact that Borre Knudsen had some of the
same symbols on his priestly robe/rod,
as found in catholic symbolism.

Picture 1 (from top): The all-seeing eye,
from catholic symbolism. Borre Knudson
had this symbol on his rod.
Picture 2: The all-seeing eye,
from occult symbolism.
Picture 3: The seal of the Jesuits.
Picture 4: The symbol on Borre Knudsens rod -
much alike the symbol of the Jesuits.

Is this a part of a seacret approach to
introduce Catholisism?

Divide and Conquer
In this newsletter we have seen a glimpse of the strategy of the Jesuits. The motto of this organization has been: "The end justifies the means," and in addition to this, we can see the "divide and conquer" method. Consequently, the best and most effective method to destroy a church denomination is to destroy it from within, and this is what is happening in the Protestant camp today.
As Protestantism is in the process of being destroyed, it is gradually replaced with Catholic features. Can we see this development today? Let us take an example:
1. Borre Knutsen (a former priest in the Lutheran Church) is strongly promoting what is called "the key factor," where the priest can forgive sin. This is a Catholic feature, and has no root in the teachings of Christ. If, for example, I stole an antenna (?) from a person, I am not to go to the priest and confess my sin and receive forgiveness from him.
No, the Bible says I must go to the person I have stolen the antenna (?) from, restore what was taken, confess my sin, and receive forgiveness from him. I must also present the case before God in prayer, and receive the final forgiveness from Him, through Jesus Christ. When I turn to the Lord in humility and acknowledge my wrong doing, and with a contrite heart ask forgiveness for my sin, (Luke 17:3-4) and forsake my wicked way, He will forgive me. It is the Word of God we must follow as authority to guide us in spiritual matters and moral conduct.
The Free Masons, Borre Knutsen, and the Catholic Church are promoting the view to go to the priest to confess and ask forgiveness. This is Catholicism, and is clearly unbiblical.
2. Borre Knutsen strongly opposes free abortion. We also oppose free abortion, but do not favor Borre Knutsen's inconsistency. In the Ten Commandments it is written that we must not kill, but why is Borre Knutsen not willing to follow all the other nine commandments, as they are written in Exodus 20:3-17?
The Bible says that if you break one commandment, it is as though you have broken them all. In the fourth commandment it is written that we must keep the Sabbath, the seventh day, holy (from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, as do the Jews, and also a few other denominations). But Borre Knutsen keeps the first day of the week, Sunday.
It is the Roman Catholic Church that has changed the commandments to the way they are written in the catechism. Unfortunately, the Lutheran church has accepted the Catholic falsification of the commandments, and printed this version in their catechism. There they have removed the text which says that it is God who is the lawgiver. Furthermore, they have usurped the position of lawgiver, by exalting themselves as the lawgiving authority, and changed God's Ten Commandments in several places, one being the commandment regarding the day of rest. They have produced a falsification of the law of God.
When Borre Knutsen presents himself as a representative of God, why does he draw attention to the falsified commandments, and not to God's Ten Commandments? And why does he exalt one commandment and break another?
The Catholic Church is also on paper an enemy of free abortion, and Pater Pollestad, from the Catholic Church, and Borre Knutsen meet on common ground here. Even though it is Biblically correct to be against free abortion, it appears as though Borre Knutsen, through his opposition to free abortion, is drawing many conservative Christians into a new Catholicization process in Norway.
3. Borre Knutsen uses Catholic symbols. One can make use of certain symbols, and communicate or signal certain affiliations. On his new Bishop garb is found the symbol of Mary and Jesus, which is a typical Catholic symbol. At the apex of his "pastoral staff" we notice the sun symbol, with the inscription, IHS on one side.
The same symbol is also found on what is called the Eucharist, or the communion bread, a round wafer which the Catholics use in their communion serviat the letters represent "Jesus Hominum Salvador (Jesus, the Savior of mankind). But what we know is that these abbreviations were used in connection with the Egyptian sun gods, Isis, Horus, and Seb.
The round wafer is a symbol of Baal worship and the sun. It is a copy of the round shaped sun cake, believed to be transformed into the literal flesh of the Baal god in the Babylonian religion. The sun gods demanded a circular sun symbol (See the book The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislopp, page 164.) It is also interesting to note that this IHS symbol is resembling so very much the Jesuit symbol!
On the other side of Borre Knutsen's Pastoral Staff we notice the all-seeing eye. This symbol is perhaps the most discussed one. Borre Knutsen feels the eye at the top "reminds one of the overseeing authority, that we should be a kind of eye for God." (From the newspaper Dagen, April 9, 1997)
What is known is that this symbol is often used together with occult symbols: for example, in a pyramid, when the all-seeing eye is placed in the top of the pyramid. It is unwise to use a symbol in this setting that also is used in occult and Catholic connections.
A symbol is not created accidently, but designed with care. It means something special. All the symbols that Borre Knutsen has on his new Bishop garb, and on the Pastoral Staff, are pagan and Catholic symbols.
4. During the ordination ceremony in the city of Kautokeino, Norway, April 6, 1997, we noticed also that Peter Bayerhause placed the Apostolic Succession on the head of Borre Knutsen. The Apostolic Succession is one of the main pillars in the Catholic Church system. They believe Peter was the first Pope, and therefore his successors should receive this acknowledgment when they are instituted in their position.
There is apostasy and liberalization taking place in the Norwegian Lutheran church. Borre Knutsen and his team seem to desire to take the Norwegian church in a new direction. If Borre Knutsen desires to bring the state church of Norway back to the Mother church by design, time will show, but it looks like it is moving in the wrong direction — a Catholic direction.
We need to be aware of these features and similar developments, because today there is a subtle Catholicization on multiple levels here in Norway.
The Mother Church
All the identifying marks which describe the "harlot" in the Bible clearly fit the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church calls herself "the Mother Church," and the Bible calls her "the mother of harlots" (Revelation 17:5). The harlot daughters are the church denominations that enter into alliances with the harlot, and promote her unbiblical teachings and traditions. The harlot daughters can also commit spiritual adultery with each other through unbiblical interdenominational alliances.
In the previous chapter (Revelation 16:13,14) the apostle John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, writes that the "dragon" (a symbol of Satan), the "beast" (the Papacy) and "the false prophet"(fallen Protestantism) will unite in the end of time. The Bible says it is the spirits of devils that are behind this alliance.
Today we see the practical outworking of this union, especially through the joint declaration between the Lutheran churches and the Roman Catholic Church. The Lutheran churches have in fact become "harlot daughters." It is a sad fact, but nevertheless true. We will in this connection once more give the clear, biblical warning from Revelation 18:4:
"...come out of her (the harlot) my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."
We do not always know the motives.
We want to make it very clear that the purpose of sharing this information is not to malign or judge the individuals involved in the ecumenical movement. Each person must make their own personal decision in regard to this issue. From a Biblical point of view, we have just sought to clarify which forces are behind the ecumenical dialogues, and what this work among the different church denominations can lead to, as the serious consequences of partaking of this effort is brought to view.
We are all in danger of being deceived, but as we prayerfully look at the issues from a Biblical perspective, we will be able to know what decision to make. May each one of us be sensitive to the careful directions given us in God's Word. Then we will be guided into the path that leads to life eternal, and not be deceived and lost.
There are without a doubt individuals that are involved in this ecumenical work that have certain Catholic purposes in mind, but we do believe there are also honest and sincere people involved from both camps, that have noble motives for participating in this effort. It is not always easy to see the hidden forces at work behind the scenes. Therefore it is our hope that the reader of this newsletter can see the connection in a Biblical light, and break loose from the ecumenical cords, and with all their heart share with others these clear Biblical truths.
Since the Bible gives us clear instruction to go out from Babylon (the Papacy and fallen Protestantism), it is confusing when the spiritual leaders go against this warning and enter Babylon, through the ecumenical effort. In this way they are a poor example to their flock, and expose themselves to the consequences of this deception.
Open Conversations on a Personal Level.
We are not against open, personal conversations with people of other faiths. On the contrary, we are encouraged to be open towards all, and take the opportunities given to us to lead people to Christ through open conversations with individuals, giving them the true message concerning the salvation in Jesus Christ. However, we are not told to mingle with the various organized church denominations that have embraced the apostasy.
A number of the Protestant clergy might entertain the thought that they can "win" the Catholics and the liberal Protestants back to their gospel, but historoy confirms the sad consequences of such a course:
1. Little by little we can let go of the clear Biblical message — in particular the message to leave Babylon.
2. Little by little we can become like the ones we associate with.
May each of us that have surrendered our lives to God pray for eye salve, and help to see the subtleness and deception in the ecumenical movement, and distance ourselves from this movement. May each of us, with God's help, tear loose from the ecumenical tree, and be healthy, strong branches on Christ's tree (John 15:3,4).
The children of God are called to be something widely different from Catholicism and fallen Protestantism. They are called to preach a saving message and a warning message as it is presented in the book of Revelation, chapter 14, verses 6-12. Our next newsletter will discuss this message.
Unity in Christ
Let us choose Jesus Christ as our authority, and not the church councils. They labor for ecumenical unity, which is far from unity in Christ. Ecumenism is cooperation and unity, in spite of diverse Biblical teachings that lead in the wrong direction, while unity in Christ gives freedom and eternal life (II Cor. 3:17 and John 17:3).
We can clearly see the endtime prophecies written in the Bible, being fulfilled in front of our eyes. Into our present spiritual experience, the appeal comes to prepare ourselves for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. We must now learn to know Jesus, and with God's help come into harmony with His will (Acts 5:32 and Heb. 5:9).
Sincerely, Bente & Abel Struksnæs click on the links below for articles

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    Mark of the Beast and Paganism

    Roman PantheonThe Pantheon is an ancient temple in Rome that was later converted into the Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres. Dating from 125 AD, this is the most complete ancient building in Rome. The Pantheon was dedicated to pan theos, meaning “all the gods.” When it became a Church, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and all the martyrs. The Pantheon is the burial place of several important Italians and it remains an active Church.
    The statues of the “gods” from the Pantheon are now found in the Vatican Museum with the exception of the great statue of Jupiter, which has been modified, re-titled, and seated on a throne in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as St. Peter. Thousands of pilgrims kiss the foot of Jupiter while thinking it is the statue of Peter and have nearly worn it away. Notice the sun wheel above his head? Note also that the pattern on the wall behind the statue utilizes the symbol of Baal.St Peter - Jupiter
    Acropolis temples of PergamumFollowing the conquest of Mesopotamia by the Persians, the Babylonian priesthood fled to Pergamum in Asia Minor. Here they erected the Acropolis temples of Pergamum in honour of the Greek Pantheon, but continued to worship the Babylonian mystery god under the name of Saturnus.
    Many of the Babylonian mysteries were preserved in the temple of Zeus at Pergamum and transferred to Rome in 133 B.C. when Attalus III died without an heir and bequeathed his kingdom to Rome.

    The penetration of the religion of Babylon became so general that Rome was called the “New Babylon.”
    Temple of Zeus at Pergamum
    666 Solar SealsThe origin of the number 666. In 133 B.C. the Babylonian solar cult was bequeathed to Rome by Attalus III. There its symbols and forms were incorporated into the cult of Caesar and later into Roman Catholicism. Note that the numbers add up to 111 for each row, column and even the diagonals, with the grand total of 6 x 111 equalling 666 for each table.
    Winged serpent spirit, signifying the soul of the departed (Egypt). It is very interesting that in ancient mythology, the serpent was universally the symbol of the sun. Sun worship and serpent worship began side by side. The sun was proclaimed to be the source of all fleshly life and the serpent the origin of all spiritual life.Winged serpent
    Winged serpent guardiansWinged serpent guardians, King Tut’s throne, Cairo, Egypt. The religion of the serpent has passed down from one occult priesthood to another all the way down through the years as man was scattered throughout the earth from the time of the Tower of Babel. Remember that sun and serpent worship began together.
    Mayan serpent sun god coming out of the mouth of a dragon was used in connection with the Mayan sun god ‘Quetzalcoatl’ on the Island of Cozumel, 1000 A.D. What do they represent? Revelation 12:9 “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth…Mayan serpent sun god
    Winged serpent on chariotRomans adopted the worship of the serpent as a symbol of power that carries the soul to heaven. In the Archaeological Museum in Rome, a sarcophagus of the dead has two serpents pulling a chariot taking these people to heaven. Rome also adopted this symbol of the serpent as the healer as have many countries.
    Roman bath, in Bath, England. Notice the serpent as a symbol of healing.

    Even the United States has adopted the serpent called Aesculapius in the medical field. In Greece, this serpent was the god of drugs and medicines, i.e., a counterfeit healer.
    Serpent as a symbol of healing
    Serpent door handleSerpent door handle on the new St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California. The serpent as we have already seen became the symbol of healing in many countries. It is hard to imagine a symbol that represents Satan on the door of a Cathedral. One would think they would have to know what the Bible says it represents.
    Dragon on a large papal crest in the Vatican museum. Vatis = diviner, can = serpent. Vatican = The Divining Serpent. Knowing the meaning of the word Vatican no one will be surprised that the crest of the Vatican is “a serpent-dragon” The Bible says inRevelation 12:9 “the dragon, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world…Dragon on a large papal crest in the Vatican museum
    Persian sun-god MithraThe Persian sun god Mithra was widely accepted in the Roman world prior to Christianity. Sunday was dedicated to Mithra (lord), receiving the title of the “Lord’s Day” Mithraism had seven sacraments the same as the Catholic Church. The Eucharist hosts were signed with a cross, an ancient phallic symbol which originated in Egypt, and the Egyptian cross (the ankh) still shows the original form which included the female symbol.
    The Pope enthroned under a canopy with astrological figures of the Zodiac in the Vatican Museum. The sign of Leo is directly above the Pope’s head. During the Dark Ages, the greatest astrologer of all times, Nostradamus had to be cautious of the Inquisition which he narrowly escaped several times. Yet that Church had knowledge of the stars and used astrology.The Pope enthroned under a canopy of the Zodiak
    Golden child in the Vatican treasuryGolden child in the Vatican treasury, like so many other images of the child in Catholic Churches, is reminiscent of the ancient worship of Tammuz as a child. Born on Dec. 25, he represented the rebirth of the sun. As a pagan god child, he was called “Baal-berith.” Pagan Anglo Saxons called Dec. 25 “Yule” Day, which is a Babylonian word for infant. Egyptians and Persians celebrated the birthday of their god on Dec. 25th. Other names applied to the sun god as a child are Mithras, Horus, Isvara, Deoius, Jupiter, Plutus, Ninus, Osiris, Dionysus, Bacchus, Iacchus, Adonis, Attis etc. All these myths of child worship originated from ancient Babylon with Semiramis and Nimrod.
    Mother or Mary worship is the most powerful and emotional phenomenon in the Roman Catholic Church today. This mystic cult is given credence by the multitude of accounts about supernatural phenomena involving statues, apparitions and healings.

    Since Mary worship is found nowhere in the writings of the first Christians, it is evident that its origin is found in the universal adoration of the mother goddess all throughout paganism before the time of Christ. It was adopted into the rising Roman Church early in its history - some suggest after the 4th century A.D.
    Mother or Mary-worship
    Serpent crosiersSerpent crosiers were commonly carried by bishops and high Catholic Church officials in the Middle Ages. They claim that the crosier represents the shepherd’s crook, but it can be traced to the divining staff or augur of Pontifex Maximus of ancient Rome who inherited it from the priests of Babylon. It is unrealistic to assume that shepherds of nomadic existence would use wooden rods with handles like the one shown or anything like it. Common sense would have them use something straight and not entangle themselves with when having to fight off wild animals. Thinking about plays representing the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, it is absolutely disgusting to see shepherds hold staffs other than straight wooden rods.
    The pagan symbol representing male and female union. The wavy lines portray the female and were associated with the serpent, while the straight line is male and is representing the phallus. We find the same principles of male-female in the paganism of astrology, which is very much a religion of nature worship of which the sun and the moon are the predominant deities. The sun is usually the male and the moon the female (as Horus and Isis of Egypt, which originated from Semiramis and Nimrod her husband/son. See theorigin of sun worship and Babylon.)Symbol representing male and female union
    Poseidon or NeptuneAdad, Enlil, Baal, Neptune, Poseidon and other “gods” of storm and sea were depicted as carrying tridents. It was symbolic of lightning.

    Here Poseidon or Neptune, said to be ruler of the sea or underworld, holds the trident, which is traceable to the horned, hoofed sun god of Babylon who carried the trident or pitchfork. The trident is also a representation of the male-female symbol.
    A cross on the altar of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London with four tridents in the Hindu fertility style.

    Some dispute that Roman Catholic Church leaders incorporated pagan Babylonian religious practices into the Catholic Church but even Catholic historians admit it. Cardinal Newman in his Development of Christian Doctrine, pages 372373 says that the Church incorporated many pagan religious practices into the Church. He claims that the Church sanctified them and that made it safe to bring these practices into the Church.
    Cross on the altar of St. Paul’s Cathedral
    Roman Catholic Madonna and childA trident projecting from the head of baby Jesus on a Roman Catholic Madonna and child image. This in fact originally represented Semiramis and Nimrod her husband/son. See theorigin of sun worship and Babylon. Also notice the hand how it is displayed with two fingers and thumb prominent, another way of symbolizing the trident, a Satanic hand sign, symbolic of occult powers, also used by high Church officials and priests in various blessings invoking the sign of the cross by motioning their right hand with two fingers and thumb casually extended. It is also found infreemasonry of which origins can be found in the Catholic Church.
    The old statue of Jupiter with its occult blessing hand is now St. Peter in the Vatican. As stated earlier, the statues of the gods from the Roman Pantheon can now be found in the Vatican Museum with the exception of the great statue of Jupiter, which has been modified, re-titled, and seated on a throne in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as St. Peter. Thousands of pilgrims kiss the foot of Jupiter while thinking it is the statue of Peter and it has been nearly worn away from the many pilgrims who kiss paying homage. Notice the sun wheel above his head? You can also note also that the pattern on the wall behind the statue utilizes the symbol of Baal.The old statue of Jupiter
    Pagan priests as half-fish sprinkling holy waterPagan priests as half fish sprinkling holy water on Assyrian temple laver in the Pergamum Museum of Berlin. One of the names of this god in Babylon and Phylistia was Dagon (dag=fish, on=sun). The most common ways of depicting Dagon are described by the archaeologist Layard, “The Head of the fish formed the mitre above that of a man, while its scaly, fish-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed.” Layard’s Babylon & Nineveh, p.343
    Dagon the sun-fish god, again clearly displayed with fish attire and mitre. Note also the carvings and diagrams of Dagon priests and their fish head hats alongside the Pope with his similar fish head hat holding the crooked cross of Mithra. The carving on the left shows the Dagon priests sprinkling holy water and is taken from the above image.Dagon fish god symbolism
    Pine cone staffThis pine cone staff in the Egyptian Museum Turino, Italy is a symbol of the solar god Osiris and originated in Egypt where he was their messiah who died for his people and whose Mother, Isis, was worshipped as the Virgin Mother. Osiris was the Egyptian counterfeit of Jesus Christ. The pine cone on the tree of life, slowly ripens the conifer’s female seeds, and in the later stages the cone opens up to release its mature seeds. This process symbolizes the seeding effect on other people and culture together with the expansion of consciousness.
    Assyrian winged god with pine cone, representing power of regeneration, traceable to Tammuz of Babylon. Most paganism in history is traceable back to Tammuz of Babylon. His mother Semiramis, was the first Virgin Mother predating the birth of Jesus Christ by over a 1000 years. The Catholic practice of making the Sign of the Cross originated in Babylon as people paid homage to their messiah, Tammuz, who “died for the good of his people.” There love was demonstrated for Tammuz by making the sign of the “T.” Satan has transferred this sign for Tammuz into the Catholic Church, as they think they are making the sign of the Christian cross. Tammuz was the Babylonian counterfeit of Jesus Christ.Assyrian winged god with pine cone
    Dionysus, the Greek god with pine cone staffHere the Greek god Dionysus carries the pine cone staff as a fertility symbol. Pine cones and pine cone staffs are very common on pagan statues and art symbols of fertility and regeneration. Children are always looked upon as extending the life of the human species. Therefore, it is predictable that the Pine Cone should be linked to the new life of the conception of children.
    The largest pine cone in the world in the Court of the Pine Cone at the Vatican, Rome. Pagans have always coveted eternal life and have sought it by worshipping and revering many objects they find in Nature.

    The Roman Catholic Church utilizes the pine cone just as any good Pagan religion would do. This is further evidence that Roman Catholicism is more Pagan than Christian. In fact we could say that Roman Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity with Paganism as its beating heart. Pine cones are common in Roman Catholic architecture and sacred decorations. Note how the cone at the Vatican is immature and therefore unopened, just the way they want it!
    The largest pine cone in the world
    Pope carries a pine cone in his staffThe Pope carries a pine cone mounted on his staff, the ultimate pagan symbol.

    Since the ultimate goal of religion is the securing of eternal life, one should not be surprised that the Pope should be carrying the ultimate Pagan symbol of eternal life.
    One of the most visible evidences that sun worship has continued under the name of Christianity. Look at the Pope with the symbol of “Baal” (sun worship) at the forefront of his mitre, which symbolizes the Dagon god. The symbol of the Dagon is in the form of a hat or mitre. Notice the open mouth of the fish at the top of the Pope’s mitre. The most famous temples of Dagon were at Gaza (Judges 16:21-30) and Ashdod (1 Samuel 5:3-7; 1Chronicles 10:10). Dagon was represented with the face and hands of a man and the lower half the body as the tail of a fish (1 Samuel 5:3-4).Pope and Dagon Mitre and pine cone
    Waldensian Christians worshiping in a caveWaldensian Christians worshiping in a cave while being attacked by Catholic soldiers. “The Papists took care after every mission of persecution to destroy as much of the Waldensian literature as possible.” Bompian, A Short History of the Italian Waldenses, p.56 “The inquisitors declare that the sign of a Vaudois (Waldenser) deemed worthy of death was that he followed Christ and sought to obey the Commandments of God.” H.C. Lea, History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, Vol.1
    Statue in the sanctuary of the Jesuit Church of Rome depicting the Church’s authority over kings and her destruction of what she considered Protestant heresy. On August 15, 1534, Ignatius Loyola established a new order of priests and brothers The Society of Jesus, better known today as the Jesuits. They were so evil they were banned in many countries.Statue in the sanctuary of the Jesuit Church of Rome
    Vatican Sun dialView of the plaza at the Vatican, also known as St. Peter’s square. The Papal palace is on the right edge. The large eight rayed sun wheel design symbolic of Ishtar is immediately noticeable. Look closely in the center of the wheel. What you see there is an obelisk, a genuine Egyptian obelisk shipped from Heliopolis to Rome by the Roman emperor Caligula. The obelisk is of course a phallic symbol but it also was used in sun worship. It is claimed that the word obeliskliterally means Baal’s shaft or Baal’s organ of reproduction. Source: Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, by Dr. Cathy Burns, pg. 341.
    Note around the obelisk at the center of the huge eight point sun wheel is a smaller four pointed sun wheel, the same symbol found on the altar stone in the temple of Baal in Hatzor.Leviticus 26:30 CJB “I will destroy your high places, cut down your pillars for sun-worship, and throw your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols; and I will detest you.” Ezekiel 6:4 AMP “Your altars shall be made desolate and your sun-pillars shall be broken in pieces, and I will cast down your slain before your idols.Obelisk in St. Peter's square
    Latern ObeliskThe Egyptian obelisk that stands in the square of St. John Lateran (shown at left) is the largest in existence. Originally carved during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmoses III, it stood in the Temple of Amon in Thebes (Karnak), but was removed to Rome by emperor Constantius (A.D. 317-361) and placed in the Circus Maximus. In 1587 Pope Sixtus V unearthed the fallen, broken and long forgotten obelisk and had it repaired and placed in the Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano. It is possible that Moses saw this very obelisk when he was in Egypt. Now this obelisk meant to honour the sun god stands beside what Catholics call the supreme “Mother of all Churches”, the official cathedra of the bishop of Rome, the Pope, which brings to mind the apostate Mother Church, Mystery Babylon the mother of harlots.
    A tablet from the early 9th century B.C. which depicts the Babylonian sun god Shamash seated on the right, holding emblems of his authority, a staff and ring, and the king with two attendants on the left. In the centre on an altar is a large four point sun image with additional small wavy rays between the points.Shamash tablet
    John Paul IINow look closely at the tapestry below John Paul II who is making his first public appearance as Pope in 1978.

    On the tapestry hung from the balcony, there is the symbol of Baal / Shamash very evident. Compare with the above image. In Hebrew, the word for sun is: 8121. shemesh, sheh’-mesh; from an unused root mean. to be brilliant; the sun; by impl. the east; fig. a ray, i.e. (arch.) a notched battlement:-- + east side (-ward), sun ([rising]), + west (-ward), window.
    Look closely at the chest and around the neck of this Neo-Assyrian standing stone (stele/stela) dating from about 824-811 B.C., which depicts King Shamshi-Adad V.

    Note in particular the necklace the King is wearing. On it is what is called a Cross Pattée or Cross Formée. It was about twenty eight hundred years ago that this shape was symbolic of pagan sun worship.
    Neo-Assyrian standing stone
    Pope and Stele symbolNow look closely at the Pope who wears a similar symbol around his neck on the Pallium, which the Pope also confers on selected bishops as an ornamental token of his favour, and it is also worn by archbishops and patriarchs as a symbol of their authority as a metropolitan, derived from unity with the Pope.

    Note also, that beneath John Paul’s Pallium there is a partially obscured diagonal cross, which mimics the diagonal bands below the Cross Pattée worn by the pagan king. The Pope also has a ring and staff of authority, remarkably similar to the depiction of the sun god Shamash.
    Looking up into the dome of St. Peter’s you will notice the very obvious 16 ray sun wheel. Indeed the light from the sun streams into the centre hub of the dome making a genuine sun-lit sunburst image at the centre of the wheel. The Bible says these symbols were associated with sun worship, which is strongly condemned in scripture. So why are they so prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church if they are associated with paganism and apostasy and what became of sun worship?
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    "I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits", said Hitler... "Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party... I am going to let you in on a secret... I am founding an Order... In my "Burgs" of the Order, we will raise up a youth which will make the world tremble... Hitler then stopped, saying that he couldn't say any more.."Hermann Rauschning, former national-socialist chief of the government of Dantzig: "Hitler m'a dit", (Ed. Co-operation, Paris 1939, pp.266, 267, 273 ss).

    Adolf HitlerFranz von PapanHeinrich HimmlerTotenkopf - Death Head
    Joseph GoebbelsPrelate Ludwig KaasBoeselager FamilyCardinal Bertram
    Nuncio (Papal)Axis PowersBlack PopeJoseph Tiso
    Ratzinger FamilyKlaus BarbieHolocaust VideoInquisition info

    There was religious freedom for Catholics during Nazi Germany per the terms of the Concordat Between the Holy See and the German Reich.

    Article 1: The German Reich guarantees freedom of profession and public practice of the Catholic religion. ...."  ~(Read More)

    Reichskonkordat 20 July 1933
    Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, representing Germany, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann.

    Who was the Black Pope at this time?
    (Superior general of the Jesuits)

    Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski

    LedochowskiPius XI in the late 30s made a monumental move: the first writing of an Encyclical which at least in part denounced racial anti-Semitism. It is referred to as "the hidden Encyclical". Pius XI requested American Jesuit Msgr LaFarge to draft the statement which upheld traditional Catholic doctrine against Jewish doctrine but decried racism against the Jews, and countered at least part of the intent of the 1933 Vatican Concordat with Nazi Germany. Ledochowski was the austere politician and Jesuit General at the time, and he was not in favor of the new document. It mysteriously disappeared and Pius died before the signing, although it was one of the last documents on his desk. The document: Humani Generis Unitas, or "The Unity of the Human Race" might have made a difference in the Vatican's allowance of the Third Reich's policies. Pius died, Pius XII, more a politician and diplomat than theologian and with ties to Germany and von Papen took office rapidly. Ledochowski is credited with being instrumental in the suppression of the document.

    Holocaust Video (Graphic Footage)

    Adolf Hitler's Catholic Roots 

    Adolf Hitler's Parents:

    Alois Hitler

    Alois Hitler (born Aloys Schicklgruber June 7, 1837 – January 3, 1903) was the father of Adolf Hitler.

    Baptized Roman Catholic at infancy. Remained Roman Catholic his whole life.

    (Guess what? That story you heard about Hitler's father being the son of a Rothschild isDISINFORMATION)

    Klara Hitler

    Klara Hitler, born Klara Pölzl (August 12, 1860 - December 21, 1907), was the mother of Adolf Hitler by her husband Alois.
    She was a devout Roman Catholic and went to church regularly.

    To the right you can see both parents were buried in a Roman Catholic cemetery.

    Catholic Church where Adolf Hitler's Parents were buried

    July 1897: [Hitler] Enrolled in the monastery’s choir and school, Adolf continues to do well, achieving the Austrian equivalent of ‘Straight A’s." He will later recall: "Since in my free time I received singing lessons in the cloister at Lambach, I had excellent opportunity to intoxicate myself with the solemn splendor of the brilliant church festivals. It seemed to me perfectly natural to regard the abbot as the highest and most desirable ideal, just as my father regarded the village priest as his ideal."
    May 22, 1904: Fifteen year old Adolf Hitler isconfirmed (Roman Catholic) at Linz Cathedral. Sponsored by one of Alois’s pallbearers and former customs house colleague,

    "Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory". -Spanish dictator (Francisco Franco, Knight of the Order of Christ) published on the 3rd of May 1945, the day of Hitler's death. ("Reforme", 21st of July 1945.)

    Hitler shaking hands with Catholic Cardinal

    Hitler at Nazi party rally Note the Church of our Lady
    Hitler at Nazi party rally Note the Church of our Lady in the background. Photo taken in Nuremberg, Germany (circa 1928). [Posted at 20th Century History, from US Holocaust Museum]

    'Mein Kampf written by Jesuit Father Staempfle

    The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic Zentrum, only five years before, but most of the objectives cynically revealed in 'Mein Kampf were already realized; this book, an insolent challenge to the western democracies, was written by the Jesuit Father Staempfle and signed by Hitler. For—as so many ignore the fact—it was the Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it. The Secret History of the Jesuits Page 138


    (Click Book to Read Online)
    "The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic Zentrum [Center Party overseen by Jesuit Ludwig Kaas], only five years before [1933], but most of the objectives cynically revealed in Mein Kampf were already realized; this book . . . was written by the Jesuit [controlled] Father [Bernhardt] Stempfle and signed by Hitler. For . . . it was the Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it." {10} [Emphasis added] Edmond Paris, 1965 French Historian The Secret History of the Jesuits

    On 30 January 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor. On 23 March 1933 his government was given legislative powers through the Enabling Act and was passed by all Reichstag except the Social Democrats and Communists (whose deputies had already been arrested). Hitler had obtained the votes of the Centre Party, led by Prelate Ludwig Kaas, by issuing oral guarantees of the party's continued existence and the autonomy of the Church and her educational institutions. He also promised good relations with the Holy See, which some interpret as a hint on a future concordat.(In other Words, a Catholic Priest was largely responsible for putting Hitler in power) 

    Prelate Ludwig Kaas (23 May 1881 – 15 April 1952) was a Roman Catholic priest, and a prominent German politician during the Weimar Republic.
    Born in Trier, Kaas was ordained a priest in 1906 and studied history and Canon law in Trier and Rome. 1906 he completed a doctorate in theology and in 1909 he obtained a second doctorate in philosophy. In 1910 he was appointed rector of an orphanage and boarding school near Koblenz. Until 1933, he devoted his spare time to scholarly pursuits.

    Later, Kaas would frequently travel to Rome, where he would stay with Pacelli, and and experience first hand the new Lateran Treaty, which he published on. In 1931 and 1932 continued as an advisor in negotiations for a Reichskonkordat), that however came to nothing (Until 1933).

    1933 15 March, Kaas was the main advocate supporting the Hitler administration's Enabling Act in return for certain constitutional and, allegedly ecclesiastic guarantees. Hitler responded positively via Papen.

    23 March, Kaas gave a speech outside Reichstag, voicing the Centre's support for the bill amid "concerns put aside",

    This vote (for the enabling act) was a major step in the institution of the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and is remembered as the prime example of a democracy voting for its own demise (just like the Patriot Act).

    Because of Kaas' request for guarantees and because of his later involvement in the Reichskonkordat negotiations.

    Kaas and Papen traveled together to Rome and had discussions on the train. Von Papen had assured Kaas, that a concordat with the new government was a sure thing. Kaas has worked on a Reichkoncordat for over ten years. Now Hitler offered it.
    "The (liberal) Social Democrats fiercely opposed the Enabling act. Hitler needed a 2/3 majority, so the balance lay with Zentrum, the Catholic Center Party. Zentrum leader Monsignor Ludwig Kaas, a close friend and advisor to Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, addressed the Reichstag. Far from attacking the Enabling act, or disputing Hitler's claim that Nazism was based on Christianity, Kaas called for a 'yes' vote. The Zentrum faction did vote 'yes,' and the act became law. According to National Catholic Reporter correspondent John Allen, a liberal Catholic and student of Vatican history (he has written a biography of Joseph Ratzinger):" [Excerpt from John Allen's Telegraph article starts here]
            "Kaas acted in co-ordination with the German bishops. Four days later, on March 28, the German bishops rescinded their ban on Nazi party membership. On April 1, Cardinal Adolf Bertram of Breslau addressed German Catholics in a letter, warning them "to reject as a matter of principle all illegal or subversive activities". To most Catholics, it looked as if the church wanted a modus vivendi with Hitler."
            "The same impression was created a few weeks later when Hitler held a plebiscite to endorse his decision to pull Germany out of the League of Nations, which received the endorsement of the Catholic press and of several Catholic bishops. When Hitler and the Church came to terms for a concordat, it cemented the impression that Hitler was a man the Church "could do business with".
     ~Read More

    "At a time when the heads of the major nations in the world faced the new Germany with cool reserve and considerable suspicion, the Catholic Church, the greatest moral power on earth, through the Concordat expressed its confidence in the new German government."
    Guenter Lewy, The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany

    Signing of the Concordat 1933

    Signing the Concordat is Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII). By 1933, he was the Vatican Secretary of State. Far Left is Prelate Ludwig Kaas, leader of the Centre (Zentrum) Party). Seated second from his left is Franz von Papen who was a German nobleman, Catholic politician, General Staff officer, and diplomat, who served as Chancellor of Germany (Reichskanzler) in 1932.. Standing at the far right can be seen the little known Vatican prelate, Montini, later to become Pope Paul VI.

    On 30 January 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor. On 23 March 1933 his government was given legislative powers through the Enabling Act and was passed by all Reichstag except the Social Democrats and Communists (whose deputies had already been arrested). Hitler had obtained the votes of the Centre Party, led by Prelate Ludwig Kaas, by issuing oral guarantees of the party's continued existence and the autonomy of the Church and her educational institutions. He also promised good relations with the Holy See, which some interpret as a hint on a future concordat.

    In April, he sent his vice chancellor Franz von Papen, a Catholic nobleman and former member of the Centre Party, to Rome to offer negotiations about a Reichskonkordat. On behalf of Cardinal Pacelli, Ludwig Kaas, the out-going chairman of the Centre Party, negotiated the draft of the terms with Papen. The concordat was finally signed, by Pacelli for the Vatican and von Papen for Germany, on 20th July. One of Hitler's key conditions for agreeing to the concordat, in violation to earlier promises, had been the dissolution of the Centre Party, which occurred on July 6.

    The Reichskonkordat was ratified on September 10, 1933. In the Concordat, the German government achieved a complete proscription of all clerical interference in the political field (articles 16 and 32). It also ensured the bishops' loyalty to the state by an oath and required all priests to be Germans and subject to German superiors. Restrictions were also placed on the Catholic organisations.

    Shortly before signing the Reichskonkordat, Germany signed similar agreements with the major Protestant churches in Germany.

    Franz von Papen (Front Left) heads Catholic Mass Procession.

    Another well informed person, the mainspring of the pact between the Holy See and Berlin and the pope's secret chamberlain, Franz von Papen, was even more explicit: "The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy". (Robert d'Harcourt of the French Academy: "Franz von Papen, l'homme a tout faire" L'Aube, 3rd of October 1946).

    To this, we will add the result of this "putting into practice": 25 million victims of the concentration camps—the official figure issued by the United Nations Organisation. Secret history of the jesuits Page 164

    Front, from left to right, Franz von Papen, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels

    "Axis Powers"

    The Jesuits, orchestrated both the Major Axis powers and Minor Axis powers. Germany, Italy and Japan were the Major, the rest were Minor.

    * Bavarian Germany and the Third Reich – [Adolph] Hitler [born-died: 1889-1945]
    Italy – [Benito] Mussolini [born-died: 1883-1945]
    * Japan Emperor Hirohito--the image of Japanese Fascism.~Second Link
    'Vichy' France – [Henri Philippe] Petain [born-died: 1856-1951]
    Spain – [Francisco] Franco
    * Austria – Seyss-Inquart and Cardinal Initzer
    Poland – Frank
    * Slovakia – [Jesuit] Priest Tiso
    Croatia – [Ante] Pavelic
    * Belgium – Degrelle.
    Grand Mufti Husseini Palestine

    Here is an excellent web page for further study on this matter.
    And HERE is yet another one

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Current Pope when he was in Hitler Youth

    His father, Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., was an Ordnungspolizei. The Ordnungspolizei (OrPo) was the name for the uniformed regular German police force that existed in Nazi Germany between the years of 1936 and 1945. After their green uniforms, they were also referred to as Grüne Polizei (green police). 

    Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., served in the Bavarian Landespolizei for several years as a rural policeman.

    Various sources state that the Ratzingers' views towards the National Socialist German Workers Party caused the family some hardship, including the family having to move several times in the 1930s. There is no evidence, however, that Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., was ever arrested for anti-Nazi tendencies. He continued to serve in the police even after such events as the Night of the Long Knives and the passing of the Nuremberg Laws.

    These are the items the Ordnungspolizei police force wore

    In 1936, Joseph Ratzinger, Sr., became a member of the Ordnungspolizei after all the police forces of Nazi Germany were incorporated into a national police force.

    Georg Ratzinger (the Pope's brother)

    In summer 1942 Georg Ratzinger was drafted to the Reichsarbeitsdienst, and the same autumn to the German Wehrmacht. In 1944 he was wounded in battle in Italy. At the end of World War II, he was a POW of the U.S. Army in the vicinity of Naples, but was released, and arrived at home in July of 1945.

    Here are some pictures of Dominican monks serving meals to Nazis. you can see how this could play a role in the conscience of the Nazi. The religion he grew up in was supporting their fascism. Who is more evil? The Roman catholic church of course! Although the nazis are not by ANY means innocent.

    "The inquisition was suggested by Dominic de Guzman and was begun in 1204." ... "It was hell's masterpiece of cunning, perfidy, cruelty and all around wickedness. It was conducted with the rankest injustice. The victim was dragged into court without witnesses and without any information as to what was the charge against him. He was not allowed an attorney or the presence of friends, but under the cruelest torture it was demanded that he recant his heresies, oftentimes not knowing what the item in the charge of which he was to recant." -Page 137 of Uncle Sam or the Pope - Which by Rev L. L. Pickett.
       (click pics to enlarge)

    Here are recent pictures
    of Dominican Monks:
    Nazi Funeral with Catholic Alter BoysHitler Signing Autograph for Nun"Heil Rome!"

    "Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and most members of the party's "old guard" were Catholics", wrote M. Frederic Hoffet. "It was not by accident that, because of its chiefs' religion, the National-socialist government was the most Catholic Germany ever had... This kinship between National-socialism and Catholicism is most striking if we study closely the propaganda methods and the interior organisation of the party. On that subject, nothing is more instructive than Joseph Goebbel's works. He had been brought up in a Jesuit college and was a seminarist before devoting himself to literature and politics... Every page, every line of his writings recall the teaching of his masters; so he stresses obedience... the contempt for truth... "Some lies are as useful as bread!" he proclaimed by virtue of a moral relativism extracted from Ignatius of Loyola's writings..." Frederic Hoffet: "L'lmperialisme protestant" (Flammarion, Paris 1948, pp.172 ss).

    Joseph Goebbels

    (1897-1945). Nazi Member of the Reichstag, 1928-1933. Reich Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda, 1933-1945. Reich Commissioner for Total Mobilization, 1944-1945. On May 1, 1945, he poisoned his six children, then shot his wife and killed himself to escape the advancing Allied armies.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Joseph Goebbels was born into a strict Catholic, working-class family from Rheydt, in the Rhineland, on 29 October 1897. He was educated at a Roman Catholic school and went on to study history and literature at the University of Heidelberg. Goebbels was exempted from military service during World War I because of a crippled foot - the result of contracting polio as a child.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Joseph Goebbels (seated) with his wife Magda, whose Jewish father died at the Buchenwald slave labor camp, and the six children whom they killed before killing themselves. The eldest son in uniform, by Magda's previous marriage, was in the Luftwaffe and survived the war. Goebbels was so close to fellow Catholic Hitler that he had him serve as first witness at his Catholic marriage.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, papal nuncio to Germany, with Goebbels

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Goebbels to the right 

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    The German elite in the Vatican, including Goebbels and General Steinmann.

    Another highly placed hitlerian, Walter Schellenberg, former chief of the German counter-espionage, completed this confidence from the Fuhrer, after the war:

    "The S.S. organisation had been constituted, by Himmler, according to the principles of the Jesuits' Order. Their regulations and the Spiritual Exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly... The "Reichsfuhrer SS"—Himmler's title as supreme chief of the SS—was to be the equivalent of the Jesuits' "General" and the whole structure of the direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church's hierarchical order. A mediaeval castle, near Paderborn in Westphalia, and called "Webelsbourg", was restored; it became what could be called a SS monastery".

    "I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola"~Adolf Hitler: "Libres propos" (Flammarion, Paris 1952, p.164).
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Heinrich Himmler (Center with glasses). The son of a pious, authoritarian Roman Catholic schoolmaster who had once been tutor to the Bavarian Crown Prince. His mother, Anna Maria Himmler (maiden name Heyder), was also a devout Catholic.

    Kurt Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS, Gestapo and German police forces, seemed to be the one most impregnated by clericalism amongst the Catholic members of Hitler's entourage. His father had been director of a Catholic school in Munich, then tutor of Prince Ruprecht of Bavaria. His brother, a Benedictine monk, lived at the monastery of Maria Laach, one of the Pan-German high places. He also had an uncle, Jesuit Himmler, who had held the important position of Canon at the Court of Bavaria.

    Joseph Gebhard Himmler
    The German author Walter Hagen gives also this discreet information: "The Jesuits' general, Count Halke von Ledochowski, was ready to organise, on the common basis of anti-communism, some collaboration between the German Secret Service and the Jesuit Order".(121) As a result, within the SS Central Security Service, an organisation was created, and most of its main posts were held by Catholic priests wearing the black uniform of the SS. The Jesuit Father Himmler was one of its superior officers.

    After the Third Reich's capitulation, the Jesuit Father Himmler was arrested and imprisoned at Nuremberg. His hearing by the international tribunal would have apparently been most interesting, but Providence was keeping a watchful eye: Heinrich Himmler's uncle never appeared before that court. One morning, he WAS FOUND DEAD IN HIS CELL, and the public never learned the cause of his death.
    (121) Walter Hagen, op.cit., p.358.)

    Totenkopf (Death's Head)

    Use of the symbol as a military insignia began with the cavalry of the Prussian army under Frederick the Great. Frederick formed Husaren-Regiment Nr.5 (von Ruesch), a Hussar regiment commanded by Colonel von Ruesch. These Hussars adopted a black uniform with aTotenkopf emblazoned on the front of their Mirletonsand wore it on the field in the War of Austrian Succession and in the Seven Years' War.

    Frederick II January 24, 1712 – August 17, 1786) was a King of Prussia (1740–1786) from theHohenzollern dynasty.[1] In his role as a prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire, he wasFrederick IV (Friedrich IV) of Brandenburg. He became known as Frederick the Great (Friedrich der Große) and was nicknamed der alte Fritz ("Old Fritz").

    What is the "Prince-Elector"? Princeps Elector (Latin) - were the members of the electoral college of the Holy Roman Empire, having the function of electing the Holy Roman Emperors.

    Boeselager Family
    Philipp von Boeselager dies at 90~Story 

    Philip with painting of brother

    Philipp von Boeselager with painting of his brother, Georg Freiherr von Boeselager, in background. 

    They were from an old military family, but also a devoutly Catholic one, and young Georg wavered before finally settling on the military over the priesthood Before this decision was final, young Boeselager attended secondary school at Aloysius College (Aloisiuskolleg) in Bad Godesberg. Beginning on April 1, 1934, he trained with the 15th Cavalry Regiment inPaderborn. When he completed his basic training in 1936, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant; then in March, 1939, he was promoted to First Lieutenant.
    Georg Freiherr von Boeselager

    Georg Freiherr von Boeselager (August 25, 1915 – August 27, 1944) was a German nobleman and officer of the Wehrmacht, who ultimately served as Colonel (Oberst) of Cavalry.

    Born near Kassel to the Roman Catholic Boeselager family, Georg von Boeselager chose military service over the priesthood and enlisted with the German armed forces in 1934. In World War II, he served in the Heer with distinction in several notable offensives, including the 1939 Invasion of Poland, the 1940 Battle of France, and 1941's Operation Barbarossa, and was awarded the Iron Cross multiple times. He ultimately achieved the rank of Oberst and was made Instructor of Tactics at the "School for Shocktroops" in Krampintz.

    Along with his brother Philipp von Boeselager, he participated in the 1944 July 20 Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Returning to the front after the failed plot, Boeselager was killed in action against a heavily fortified Russian position in 1944. On August 29, he was posthumously promoted to full colonel and awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.
    Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager

    Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager (born 6 September 1917) is the last surviving member of the July 20 Plot, a conspiracy among high-ranking Wehrmacht officers to assassinate German dictator Adolf Hitler in 1944.

    Boeselager is a member of K.D.St.V. Ripuaria Bonn, a Catholic student fraternity that belong to the Cartellverband der katholischen deutschen Studentenverbindungen. He still has the Walther PP pistol he was supposed to shoot Hitler with.

    Phillip's son is a powerful Knight of Malta:

    The Grand Hospitaller


    The Grand Hospitaller's office includes the offices of Minister of Health and of Social Affairs, Minister for Humanitarian Action and Minister for International Co-operation. He co-ordinates and supervises the initiatives of Grand Priories and National Associations and other Order institutions world-wide involved in charitable and humanitarian actions, and ensures that Christian principles are respected.
    The Grand Hospitaller is assisted by a Council composed of representatives of the various territorial regions where the Order operates.

    Profile of the Grand Hospitaller
    H. E. Albrecht Freiherr von BOESELAGER,
    Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion in Obedience

    He was born on October 4, 1949 in Kreuzberg/Ahr near Bonn; he is married, and has 5 children. He was educated in Bonn at the Jesuit college Aloisiuskolleg and graduated in Law in 1974 after studies in Bonn, Geneva and Freiburg. From 1968 to 1970 he served in the military force as reserve lieutenant. From 1976 to 1990 he worked as a professional lawyer. He was admitted to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in 1976, and in 1985 became a Knight in Obedience.
    Since 1982 he has been the Chancellor of the German Association of the Order. Since the same year he has also been a member of the Executive Committee of the German Association's Ambulance Corps (Malteser Hilfsdienst). He was elected member of the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta as Grand Hospitaller in 1989, and was re-elected in 1994, in 1999 and 2004. He has been a member of the Papal Council of the Pastoral for Health-Care Operators since 1990 and in the Pontificium Consilium Cor Unum since 1994.

    Von Boeselager is the son of Philipp von Boeselager and Rosa Maria, born Countess von Westphalen to Fürstenberg. Er ist verheiratet mit Praxedis, geb. Freifrau von und zu Guttenberg und Vater von fünf Kindern. He is married with Praxedis, born free and wife of Guttenberg and the father of five children.

    After graduating from the Aloisiuskolleg the Jesuits in Bonn, Germany, he studied law in Bonn, Geneva and Fribourg.

    From 1968 to 1970 he performed his military service and retired as a lieutenant from the reserve.

    From 1976 to 1990, Boeselager was as a lawyer and worked over by his father's 1987 agricultural and forestry operations.

    Von Boeselager was in 1976 in the Maltese Order, and 1985 Obödienzritter. Since 1982, he has been chancellor of the German Association of the Order.

    In March 1985, he was managing director and 14 Januar 1985 bis 30. January 1985 to 30th April 1990. April 1990 honorary head of the Malteser Hilfsdienst service in the archdiocese of Cologne.

    In addition to his work in the Bureau of the Malteser Hilfsdienst Service and the Board of the Maltese eV he heard since 1989, the Order government in Rome as Grand. After his 1989 election, he was 1994, reelected in 1999 and 2004.

    In addition, von Boeselager since 1990 member of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Health Services, and since 1994 a member of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

    Nuncio (Papal)
    A Papal Nuncio (officially known as an Apostolic Nuncio) is a permanent diplomatic representative (head of diplomatic mission) of the Holy See to a state or international organization (e.g., the Arab League), having the rank of an ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, usually with the ecclesiastical rank of titular archbishop.

    Under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a papal nuncio is an ambassador like those from any other country. However, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations allows the receiving state to grant seniority of precedence to the papal nuncio over others of ambassadorial rank accredited to the same country, and may grant the deanship of that country's diplomatic corps to the nuncio regardless of seniority.

    Papal Nuncios to Germany

    As nuncio during the 1920s, he had made unsuccessful attempts to obtain German agreement for such a treaty, and between 1930 and 1933 he attempted to initiate negotiations with representatives of successive German governments, but the opposition of Protestant and Socialist parties, the instability of national governments and the care of the individual states to guard their autonomy thwarted this aim. In particular, the questions of denominational schools and pastoral work in the armed forces prevented any agreement on the national level, despite talks in the winter of 1932.

    Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor on 30 January 1933 and sought to gain international respectability and to remove internal opposition by representatives of the Church and the Catholic Centre Party. He sent his vice chancellor Franz von Papen, a Catholic nobleman and former member of the Centre Party, to Rome to offer negotiations about a Reichskonkordat. On behalf of Cardinal Pacelli, Prelate Ludwig Kaas, the outgoing chairman of the Centre Party, negotiated first drafts of the terms with Papen. The concordat was finally signed, by Pacelli for the Vatican and von Papen for Germany, on 20 July and ratified on September 10, 1933.

    Pacelli with Pope Pius XI (Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti)

    Cesare Orsenigo

    Apostolic Nuncio in Berlin 1935. Arranged the 4-20-1939 birthday celebration for Hitler with Vatican's 'warmest regards'. Died 4-1-1946

    Most agree that Orsenigo favored fascism, particularly Nazism and that he collaborated and supported the German war effort. Seen as weak by Innitzer, and as a Pius XI loyalist by Pacelli, he failed to obtain a cardinalate in February 1946 and died in April during a return to Germany.

    Very interesting short documentary about Cardinal Pacelli

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Two more pictures of Cesare Orsenigo (Above and below)
    Papal Nuncio to German Reich

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The Catholic Church hierarchy - especially Eugenio Pacelli, before and after he became Pope Pius XII - aided the Nazis. Indeed, Pacelli and the Church played a central role in making Hitler the dictator of Germany. Important Link
    Hitler was a Catholic and put into power by the Vatican so that he would sign a concordat with them. Prior, the German government refused the Concordat more than twice and look what the vatican did to them for that. Look at how they were punished. They were manipulated and brought so much pain upon.

    Everything regarding Nazism came from Rome initially. Like the 'Nazi Salute' is really the 'Roman Salute'(More Pictures of 'Roman Salute') Hitler said his Nazi order was Fashioned after the Jesuit order and had transferred much of the Jesuit order into his own party. This is important. Please readabout the concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican.

    Fascist Franco of Spain Generals coming up to kiss the Pope's ring finger expressing 100% submission in the Vatican in 1939. Pope Pius XII - Born Ugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli AKA "Hitler's Pope"

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 
    Mussolini giving the Roman salute.

    More Catholic Symbolism mixed in with Nazism
    (The Sun coming up behind is very popular pagan symbolism)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Nazi Coin with Catholic church on it

    Jesuit Schooled Cardinal Bertram (In White)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Cardinal Bertram
    Archbishop of Wroclaw from 1914 to his death, in 1916 appointed Cardinal, in 1945 at 86. He was President of the German Episcopal Conference; and spokesperson for the Bishops of Germany, holding ties with Hitler. He said, "warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the bishops and the dioceses in Germany," "fervent prayers which the Catholics in Germany are sending to heaven on their altars".[Hitler's Pope: The Secret Life of Pius XII] He added concern to the pact with the Reich over their mistreatment of "non-Aryan Catholics" authoring the distinction between the Church and Nazism in which the Church maintained Judaism as religion, theNazis as race.

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Hitler Sitting with Jozef Tiso
    Joseph (Jozef) Tiso was a Roman Catholic priest who became a deputy of the Czechoslovak parliament, a member of the Czechoslovak government, and finally the leader of the "Independent Slovak Republic" from 1939-1945, which was a puppet state of Nazi Germany. After the end of World War II, Tiso was hanged by Czechoslovak authorities.

    Klaus Barbie (October 25, 1913 – September 25, 1991) was an SS-Hauptsturmführer, soldier and Gestapo member. He was known as the Butcher of Lyon.

    Klaus Barbie was born in Bad Godesberg, near Bonn, Germany. Barbie was born to a Roman Catholic family.

    He is best known primarily for one of his "cases", the arrest and torture of Jean Moulin, one of the highest-ranking members of the French Resistance. In April 1944, Barbie ordered the deportation to Auschwitz of a group of 44 Jewish children from an orphanage at Izieu.

    In 1947, Barbie became an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). In 1951, he fled to Juan Peron's Argentina with the help of a ratline organized by the Ustashi Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganović. Asked by Barbie why he was going out of his way to help him escape, Draganovic responded, "We have to maintain a sort of moral reserve on which we can draw in the future." He then emigrated to Bolivia, where he lived under the alias Klaus Altmann. Testimony of Italian insurgent Stefano Delle Chiaie before the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Terrorism suggests that Barbie took part in the "Cocaine Coup" of Luis García Meza Tejada, when the regime forced its way to power in Bolivia in 1980.

    While in Bolivia, Barbie managed a company that diverted Belgian and Swiss arms to Israel while Israel was still under a post-1967 war international arms embargo. "A report in the Israeli press alleges that Barbie also had frequent dealings with Israel concerning supplies of Israeli arms to Latin American countries and 'various underground organizations'"

    Short Documentary of Claus Barbie

    Catholic Priests and other dignitaries Saluting ROME

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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    Some other Pages of Mine covering Nazi-Vatican alliances
    Rome's persecution of the Jews (Under Construction):

    Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the Holocaust (Graphic Cont)

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Relief from the Arch of Titus in Rome, showing the looting
    of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D. 

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The Arch of Titus is located on the highest point of the Via Sacra, a road leading to the Roman Forum. This arch commemorates Titus' victorious conquest of Judea, ending the Jewish wars and leading the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of the second Temple of Solomon. The arch was constructed after Titus's death in 81 CE and, hence, after his becoming a god. It was probably built by this brother and successor, emperor Domitian but some believe that it was actually built by emperor Trajan because of similarities to the Arch of Trajan located at Benevento. This is a single arch, 15.4m high, 13.5m wide, and 4.75m deep. The marble reliefs stand nearly 2.5m in height.

    More history of Jewish persecution and mass murder by the Vatican during
    the Spanish inquisition and other times.

    Excerpt of: "Germany and the Holy Roman Empire" by Gerald Flurry

    "The Vatican was so appreciative of being recognized as a full partner (with Hitler and the Reich) that it asked God to bless the Reich. On a more practical level, it ordered German bishops to swear allegiance to the National Socialist regime. The new oath concluded with these significant words: ‘In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interest of the German Reich, I will endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it’” (op. cit., pp. 430-432. Book listed below).

    In 1926 Hitler said, “Christ was the greatest early fighter in the battle against the world enemy, the Jews…. The work that Christ started but could not finish, I—Adolf Hitler—will conclude” (John Toland, Adolf Hitler, p. 302). He did not consider Jesus a Jew, but only a half-Jew, because He was begotten by God.

    Hitler received revelation from his god about leading the Third Reich in
    World War II.

    He was obviously being used by the god of this world—Satan—and his demons (2 Corinthians 4:4). Most are ignorant of the spirit world because people refuse to know God and the devil!

    Hitler said, “We are not a movement, rather we are a religion …. I’m going to become a religious figure” (Waite, op. cit.). Even Hitler’s “thousand year Reich” was a religious belief based on the 1000-year biblical Millennium.

    It is truly amazing that the world knows so little about the satanic power which was behind Hitler. So much has been written, but not understood. “The colossal Assembly Hall planned for his new capital of Germania should be seen as a secular cathedral rather than a civic building. The dome was to be large enough to encompass the dome of St. Peter’s seven times—a favorite number. As Albert Speer has noted, ‘It was basically a hall of worship…. Without such cult significance the motivation for Hitler’s main structure would have been senseless and unintelligible …’” (ibid., p. 32).

    What is he saying? Albert Speer, a very intelligent and close associate to Hitler, clearly stated that Hitler was motivated by an extreme cult worship. That means we cannot understand what motivated Hitler unless we comprehend his radical religion! We must perceive why he planned to build a great “hall of worship” with such bizarre “cult significance.”

    Those people close to Hitler have told the world about his satanic religion. Still, the world usually refuses to believe them!

    The murderous fruits of Hitler’s regime should make us see a sickness beyond the human realm!

    Humanity must learn the reality of Satan—either by word or by experience through suffering!

    Hitler was prepared for his job. Satan is the great counterfeiter. As God uses one man to lead His Church, so does Satan. The devil has a “very elect” also. Mr. Waite comments on a telling statement of Hitler’s: “‘Above all, I have learned from the Jesuit order.’ Certainly the oath of direct obedience to the führer was strikingly reminiscent of the special oath that Jesuits swear to the pope. Moreover, Hitler spoke of his elite ss, who wore the sacred symbol and dressed in black, as his Society of Jesus. He also ordered ss officers to study the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola for training in the rigid discipline of the faith” (ibid., p. 32).

    There is a combined church and state in the Holy Roman Empire. Notice what John Toland wrote about the close tie between Hitler and leaders in the Catholic Church: “By mid-1933 the majority of Germans supported Hitler …. ‘Hitler knows how to guide the ship,’ announced Monsignor Ludwig Kass, leader of the recently outlawed Catholic Party after an audience with the pope. ‘Even before he became chancellor I met him frequently and was greatly impressed by his clear thinking, by his way of facing realities while upholding his ideals, which are noble …. It matters little who rules so long as order is maintained.’ Pius XI subscribed to the same principles, as was proved on July 20 when a concordat between the Vatican and Hitler was signed. The church agreed to keep priests and religion out of politics while Hitler, among other things, granted complete freedom to confessional schools throughout the country, a notable victory for German Catholics. His Holiness welcomed Hitler’s representative, Franz von Papen, most graciously and remarked how pleased he was that the German government now had at its head a man uncompromisingly opposed to Communism and Russian nihilism in all its forms.’

    “The Vatican was so appreciative of being recognized as a full partner that it asked God to bless the Reich. On a more practical level, it ordered German bishops to swear allegiance to the National Socialist regime. The new oath concluded with these significant words: ‘In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interest of the German Reich, I will endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it’” (op. cit., pp. 430-432).

    This illustrates how the church and state have cooperated during the six
    resurrections of the Roman Empire. Now it is happening once again in Europe.

    Many Catholics today don’t like to admit Hitler’s connection with Catholicism. We have written often about how most of the Nazi leaders escaped after World War ii through the Vatican “ratlines.” That is a well-documented truth. The highest leaders in the Catholic Church helped the worst criminals of the 20th century escape! That is not a holy relationship. That truth alone ought to electrify people into an intense concern about what is happening in Europe today!

    It’s more than a deep sleep that people are in—it is a coma! But not for
    long. The time of blindness is about over.

    What Happened in Vienna?

    Adolf Hitler said the foundation of his philosophy was laid in Vienna. Why Vienna? What happened there?

    “He insisted … that his early years in Vienna were absolutely crucial to his career because ‘at that time I formed an image of the world and a view of life which became the foundation for my actions …. I have had to change nothing.’ …

    “Albert Speer, who knew Hitler best during World War ii, was convinced that the führer’s intellectual development stopped with the world as he had known it in Vienna in 1910” (Waite, op. cit., p. 14).

    Hitler later wrote about this critical period in Vienna in his book, Mein Kampf: “This was the time in which the greatest change I was ever to experience took place in me. From a feeble cosmopolite I had turned into a fanatical anti-Semite.”

    Waite then continues in his book: “It is difficult to overstate the importance to Hitler of his commitment to anti-Semitism. It meant almost everything to him” (pp. 216-217).

    However, the biggest change in Hitler was not becoming a fanatical anti-Semite. That is only part of the story. This is where many people are deceived.

    Much of the world looks upon the Jews as God’s chosen people. In Vienna, Hitler came to believe that God had replaced the Jews with the Germans and the Holy Roman Empire. He believed the Germans were God’s chosen people. This is why the crown jewels of that empire meant so much to him.

    In 1938, at a rally in Nuremberg, “Hitler had brought from Vienna, after a hundred and forty years, the insignia of the First Reich—the Imperial Crown, the Orb of Empire, the Scepter and the Imperial Sword. At the presentation of these symbols of imperialism he solemnly vowed that they would remain in Nuremberg forever” (Toland, op. cit., p. 644).

    That was a strong statement. He “solemnly vowed” that the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire were to “remain in Nuremberg forever.” This is like a death-defying commitment to the Holy Roman Empire and his god! He made a vow for ever!

    The crown jewels were to be a key part of the Third Reich, as they were
    of the First Reich!

    When and where did Hitler become so fiercely loyal to the crown jewels? Logic tells us it had to happen while he was growing up in Vienna. Much of that information has remained underground. The god of this world wants that truth to remain hidden until he is once again ruling this great beast power (Revelation 13, 17).

    Hitler gave his most “inspired” speeches at the frenzied, torch-lit meetings in Nuremberg. That is where the crown jewels were. And where you find the crown jewels, Satan—the king—is near.

    Again, who is the real king of the Holy Roman Empire? “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

    And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born” (Revelation 12:3-4). Satan is the ruler of those seven heads! He wore the six crowns of the Holy Roman Empire, and he is about to wear the seventh. He is the real king of the beast (see Revelation 13:4).

    He has the kind of power that led one third of the angels to rebel (Revelation 12:4). How much more he can do to puny men!

    When are we going to wake up?

    Understand this significant truth! Hitler’s foundational lesson in Vienna was about the Holy Roman Empire! If we can’t learn that lesson by hearing God’s message, then we must learn it by becoming a victim.

    In his book The Young Hitler I Knew, August Kubizek reveals a teenage Hitler talking about personally solving homosexuality and other “social problems” when he established his Reich. According to Kubizek, the young Hitler was “absolutely convinced that one day he, personally, would give commands whereby hundreds and thousands of plans and projects he had at his fingertips would be carried out” (pp. 207, 212-213).

    Hitler was discussing rule over the world, even giving specifics of how he would do it! How could such a young man, a teenager, think such thoughts? Because he knew it had been done many times before by the Holy Roman Empire.

    Hitler was convinced that he alone understood the true meaning of world history. Waite quotes two of Hitler’s own speeches where he stressed his own importance. The first speech was given to the commanding generals of the Wehrmacht on November 23, 1939. Hitler said, “I must in all modesty say that my own person is indispensable. Neither a military nor a civilian personality could replace me…. I am convinced of the strength of my brain and my resolution…. The fate of the Reich is dependent entirely upon me.”

    In another speech given on February 15, 1942, Hitler said, “I have created a world power out of the German Reich. I am boundlessly proud that I was blessed by Providence with the permission to lead this battle.”

    Hitler Heard Voices

    Hitler considered the Jew to be the devil personified. In truth, the Jews have been specially commissioned to preserve the oracles of God (Romans 3:1-3). The oracles include the sacred calendar, knowledge of the biblical week, including the seventh-day Sabbath, and the Old Testament Scriptures.

    Jews suffered at Hitler’s hand more than any other race. Historically, the main victim of the Holy Roman Empire has been the spiritual Jews—or God’s Church (Revelation 6:9-11; 17:5-6).

    So Hitler’s hatred of Jews goes much deeper than the world has ever even imagined. The main force of this emotion is Satan’s hatred for God!

    “Something clicked in the Pasewalk Hospital. It was there at the turn of
    the year 1918-1919 that Hitler resolved his identity problem and reached what he called ‘the most decisive decision of my life.’ For now, finally, he knew who he was and what he must do. He was the leader sent by destiny. He must answer the ‘voices’ that he said he heard—like Joan of Arc—distinctly calling him as he lay in his hospital bed. The voices told him to rescue his Motherland from the Jews who had violated her” (Waite, op. cit., p. 236).

    On page 29 of his book, Waite wrote, “He told an aide that during the preceding autumn, as he lay wounded in a military hospital, he had received a supernatural vision which commanded him to save Germany.”

    Hitler heard voices. He had a “supernatural vision which commanded him to save Germany.” Commanded? Of course he actually caused Germany’s destruction, but only because God intervened.

    He obeyed the command of his false god! He listened to and heeded the supernatural voice of Satan! Hitler knew this voice was not from men. But most people don’t know it! Most still refuse to understand. When are we going to wake up and understand the god of this world? How much suffering will it take?

    Hitler’s Eyes

    Why did Hitler have such shining eyes with a “curiously hypnotic effect”? “The most impressive feature of his otherwise coarse and rather
    undistinguished face was his eyes. They were extraordinarily light blue in color, with a faint touch of greenish-gray. Almost everyone who met him mentioned his strangely compelling eyes. This includes Robert Coulondre, the French ambassador, and the German dramatist Gerhart Hauptmann who, when first introduced to Hitler, stared into his famous eyes and later told friends, ‘It was the greatest moment of my life!’ Martha Dodd, daughter of the American ambassador, was not disappointed in the famous eyes, finding them ‘startling and unforgettable….’

    “He knew the power of his own slightly protruding, shining eyes, whose lashless eyelids added to their curiously hypnotic effect” (ibid., p. 5).

    A boyhood friend of Hitler’s said his “eyes were so outstanding that one
    didn’t notice anything else. Never in my life have I seen any other person whose appearance—how shall I put it—was so completely dominated by the eyes …. It was uncanny how those eyes could change their expression, especially when Adolf was speaking …. In fact, Adolf spoke with his eyes, and even when his lips were silent one knew what he wanted to say.

    When he first came to our house and I introduced him to my mother she said to me in the evening, ‘What eyes your friend has!’ And I remember quite distinctly that there was more fear than admiration in her words. If I am asked where one could perceive, in his youth, this man’s exceptional qualities, I can only answer, ‘In the eyes’” (Kubizek, op. cit., pp. 17-18).

    Waite continues in his book: “Women in particular continued to be impressed and frightened by his eyes. Nietzsche’s sister, typically, was fascinated and disturbed by them: ‘They … searched me through and through.’ The penetrating quality remained to the end. A young military adjutant who saw his führer just before Hitler killed himself in 1945 was
    deeply shocked by the appearance of ‘a sick, almost senile old man.’ But the eyes were still effective: ‘Only in his eyes was there an indescribable flickering brightness … and the glance he gave me was strangely penetrating’” (ibid., p. 6).

    H.S. Chamberlain, after meeting Hitler, later told him, “It is as if your eyes were equipped with hands, for they grip a man and hold him fast” (ibid., p. 131).

    Waite wrote on page 182, “Hitler’s eyes were particularly important to him, and others began to notice them in early adolescence. His secondary school teacher, Dr. Gissinger, described Adolf’s eyes as ‘shining.’”

    It is not natural to have shining eyes that can cast such a spell. Anybody who knows the Bible knows he was Satan or demon-possessed.

    In Ezekiel 28:11-14, God refers to an evil king and Satan interchangeably. That is because the king was either possessed or totally controlled by Satan—the god of this world. Satan has deceived the whole world about his power (Revelation 12:9).

    From the above quotes, we find that Hitler’s eyes were “strangely compelling,” “shining,” “startling and unforgettable,” they caused fear, and “frightened” and disturbed people. His eyes would “grip a man and hold him fast.” They had a “curiously hypnotic effect.”

    His eyes were not normal. Why? The first physical sign to indicate demon possession is through the eyes. How could such a ghastly experience not affect the eyes intensely?

    Love can be shown through the eyes. So can hate. The Bible describes the evil women of Israel as having “wanton eyes” (Isaiah 3:16). The Hebrew means they are “deceiving with their eyes.” Also their “countenance doeth witness against them” (verse 9). Nothing about the human body is more revealing than the eyes.

    People in this world see so much of Satan and know so little about him. He can be staring right at them and they don’t have a clue he is there.

    A Willing Subject

    “Hitler did not like to be told that the ways of God were not always revealed to him. On one occasion an aide noted that ‘God does not let people look at the cards He holds.’ Hitler immediately broke forth into such a paroxysm of fury that he himself feared a heart attack. He gave orders that the aide never repeat the offensive phrase.

    “The feeling that he was being specially guided from on high grew more intense through the years. On September 16, 1935, he said, ‘What was denied to millions of men was given to us by Providence, and our work will be still remembered by the last members of posterity.’ In a speech in his hometown of Linz, March 12, 1938: ‘When once departed from this
    city, I carried with me the very same confession of faith that fills me today …. If Providence once then called me from out of this city … then Providence must thereby have given me a mission.’…

    “His convictions were reinforced by miraculous escapes from assassination. After the failure of the bomb plot of July 20, 1944, he told a naval aide, ‘Now the Almighty has stayed their [assassins’] hands once more’” (Waite, op. cit., p. 30).

    In early October of 1923, “While motoring in his new car through the Bavarian hills with Rosenberg and the Hanfstaengls, fog unexpectedly enshrouded the highway and the open red Mercedes lurched into a ditch. No one spoke on the way back to Munich, then he turned to Helene. ‘I noticed you were not at all frightened by our mishap. I knew we would not be injured. This will not be the only accident which will leave me unharmed. I shall pass through them all and succeed in my plans’” (Toland, op. cit., p. 200).

    In a speech in Munich on March 14, 1936, Hitler said, “I go the way that
    Providence dictates for me with all the assurance of a sleepwalker” (Waite, op. cit.).

    This is a very disturbing statement—if you understand Satan and his powers. Hitler had no real control of his own mind! He totally depended on his god for guidance!

    This is very common in history. Satan rules this world through people. As Hitler totally yielded to Satan, he was given great power.

    “His effectiveness as a demagogue is attested by nearly everyone who heard him. The Munich police reports for November 1919 describe his performances as Party orator as ‘masterful’ and note time and again that he was received with ‘tumultuous applause.’ Ernst Hanfstaengl, a sophisticated Harvard graduate, found Hitler ‘absolutely irresistible … a master of the spoken word.’ Konrad Heiden, then a university student and political opponent of Hitler who had heard him dozens of times, [said]: ‘Suddenly this man, who has been awkwardly standing around… begins to speak, filling the room with his voice, suppressing interruptions or contradictions by his domineering manner, spreading cold shivers among those present by the savagery of his declaration, lifting every subject of conversation into the light of history … the listener is filled with awe and feels that a new phenomenon has entered the room. This thundering demon was not there before; this is not the same timid man with the contracted shoulders. He is capable of this transformation in a personal interview and facing an audience of half a million.’

    “Other opponents observed the same phenomenon: a limp, little man changed into a force of overwhelming power, the stream of speech stiffening him ‘like a stream of water stiffens a hose’” (ibid., pp. 240-241).

    Mr. Waite says that as a youth, Hitler ate two pounds of chocolates a day. He also generally followed a vegetarian diet. Hitler was physically weak throughout his life. But during his speeches, he spoke with awesome power.

    After a speech at the Reichstag, an English observer, Major Francis Yeats-Brown, said this about Hitler: “During the rhetorical passages his voice mounted to the pitch of delirium: he was a man transformed and possessed. We were in the presence of a miracle” (Toland, op. cit., p. 598). It was a supernatural miracle!

    Hitler was a “possessed” man. These events can only be interpreted by God. Writers usually attribute this power to Hitler the man. But they are
    dead wrong. That was power beyond the human realm.

    Observers saw his “domineering manner” and noticed a “new phenomenon has entered the room.” “This thundering demon was not there before”! He was “possessed,” and it was a “miracle.” A “limp, little man changed into a force of overwhelming power”!

    Men saw the effect but didn’t understand the cause. They should have. All they had to do was believe God and His Word.

    Soon another man is going to appear on the scene with power even greater than Hitler’s. He will be possessed by a Satan full of wrath, a devil who knows he has but a short time before Christ returns (Revelation 12:12). What Hitler did was mild compared to what this man will do.

    “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up” (Daniel 8:23). He will have a “fierce countenance” and compelling, gripping, frightening, hypnotic eyes!

    “And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people” (verse 24). He has a fearful power, but it is “not by his own power.” It is Satan’s power! And Satan is filled with his worst wrath ever!

    He is going to “destroy wonderfully,” or mightily. God’s holy people—spiritual Jews—are his main target.

    But what a glorious ending this black night has. “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand” (verse 25). He appears to want peace. But it is only a deceit to suddenly destroy his lovers. Jesus Christ is going to destroy this evil empire forever.

    It’s time for men to awaken out of sleep and know for certain what is coming! That time is almost here.

    Supernatural Power

    Clearly, Hitler’s power was beyond the human realm. But was his message from the Creator God? No, it was a religious message from another god—the god of this world. Herbert W. Armstrong said Satan is a thousand times more powerful than we are. But men refuse to even grasp Satan’s frightening power.

    If they can’t learn by words, they are about to learn by becoming victims—like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!

    Christ only prophesied of two great churches in the book of Revelation—His Church and Satan’s church, which rides the seven beasts of the Holy Roman Empire. Everything revolves around these two churches (see Revelation 12 in particular). God makes it very simple, while Satan complicates it and confuses deceived men. And yet the world is almost totally ignorant of both churches, to their own shame and terrible suffering!

    Here is what Hitler said on March 4, 1938, after he had forcefully annexed Austria to the German Reich: “Providence has charged me with a mission to reunite the German peoples … with a mission to restore my
    homeland to the German Reich. I have believed in this mission. I have lived for it, and I believe I have now fulfilled it.”

    Hitler believed that God led him to force Austria into the Third Reich. The world watched and did nothing. Many Jews were so fearful that they committed suicide before the German army even arrived in Austria. And of course, hundreds more were slaughtered after the army entered.

    Hitler was led to commit this bloody sacrifice not by the Creator God, but by the evil god of this world. All of this was done in the name of religion. This is where the great deceit lies!

    When will we come to know the god of this world? Must we all become victims before we heed the warning?

    Stirring the Whole Nation

    Through deceit, the world is kept in ignorance. This makes Satan’s job very easy to accomplish. Still, only God can save us, as he saved the u.s. and Britain in World War ii. But there is no Winston Churchill being
    prepared to warn us this time.

    Today the Germans and the European Union are once again focusing the people’s minds on the Holy Roman Empire. European Parliamentarian Otto von Hapsburg said, “The [European] Community is living largely by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire, though the great majority of the people who live by it don’t know by what heritage they live.”

    Notice, “the great majority” don’t know they are even now living by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire! That is because it has been “underground”—just as God prophesied. But that is changing fast as the
    empire grows in power.

    The people need a more specific focus to stir their imaginations. And they are getting just that. Mr. Habsburg, a descendant of the Habsburg Dynasty which ruled the Holy Roman Empire for 400 years, talked about a crown in a museum in Vienna, Austria, which symbolizes a great deal to the Germans. He said, “We possess a European symbol which belongs to all nations of Europe equally; this is the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, which embodies the tradition of Charlemagne.” Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 a.d.—the First Reich. Can we see where Satan is taking them? It’s not necessarily a matter of where they want to go, it’s where Satan is leading them!

    Mr. Habsburg failed to mention that the Holy Roman Empire also embodied the tradition of Mussolini and Adolf Hitler—leader of the Third Reich.

    Europe is once again becoming mesmerized by the crown of Charlemagne—just as Hitler was.

    Pope John Paul ii said he wanted “to save Europe and the world from the final catastrophe”—the nuclear annihilation of every human being. But Satan is actually going to use the Roman Empire to plunge the world into a nuclear holocaust!

    That empire has always been used as a tool of great destruction. The end-time resurrection will be the most destructive ever—by far!

    Only biblical Israel has a history with God. We are without excuse! We are about to be punished for our rebellious attitude—by our “lovers.”

    Hitler provided only a small preview of the coming political beast that will initiate a nuclear holocaust.

    That power will cause the u.s. and Britain to suffer more than any people ever have on this Earth! What an incredible price we must pay for our ignorance and rebellion!

    Konrad Heiden wrote an introduction for an English translation of Mein Kampf. In it he made these statements: “Mein Kampf made Hitler rich. It became a best-seller second only to the Bible. The book may well be called a kind of satanic Bible …. The principle that men are not equal is the theoretical purpose of Mein Kampf ….

    “That such a man could go so far toward realizing his ambitions, and—above all—could find millions of willing tools and helpers; that is a
    phenomenon the world will ponder for centuries to come.”

    Actually, people will not ponder this for centuries. Soon they are going to be taught the truth and understand the Holy Roman Empire. The satanic bibles and diabolical empires are about to be destroyed forever. Unfortunately, that will happen after many millions of people are killed by the seventh head.

    The Spirit of Charlemagne

    What is happening in the European superstate is a mystery to most of the world. But that mystery is beginning to be removed. Bernard Connolly wrote a bombshell book in 1995 entitled The Rotten Heart of Europe. For years he served at the heart of the Exchange Rate Mechanism for the European Union (EU). He headed the commission unit responsible for monitoring and servicing the system. He labels the European superstate as rotten. Why so?

    “It is the battle for control of the European superstate,” Mr. Connolly wrote, “in which French technocrats confront German federalists, both sides claiming to fight under the banner of Charlemagne. The ‘collateral damage’ from this battle lies mainly in the future, but it could be ghastly” (p. xvi).

    Who is going to get control of this great superstate? The battle can be narrowed down to two nations—France and Germany. Do knowledgeable people really doubt who will win this battle? The nation that controls the money will reign supreme.

    “Across the Rhine, successive German governments have, in their pursuit of a ‘European’ cloak for German ambitions, been prepared to accept an apparent cession of national monetary authority—as long as the new European monetary authority looks, sounds, smells and acts exactly as the German monetary authority now does” (ibid., p. 4).

    The eu system has already been called a Trojan horse. Mr. Connolly says it is a “cloak for German ambitions.”

    Just what are those ambitions?

    “The Bundesbank began to use this opportunity to the full, overturning its obligation to ‘support the general economic policy of the government.’ In 1966, it deliberately engineered a recession that dethroned the chancellor, Ludwig Erhard, who, as finance minister, had overridden Bundesbank objections to [Deutschmark] revaluation in 1961.
    The Bundesbank president of the time, Karl Blessing, commented with evident satisfaction that ‘we had to use brute force to put things in order‘—a formula not very different from those used by leaders of the military in Third World countries who summarily depose an uppity civilian leader before returning to barracks. It did not go unnoticed that the man who replaced Erhard, Georg Kiesinger, was, like many prominent figures in the Bundesbank at that time, a former Nazi Party member, however much or little significance that fact may have” (ibid., p. 9).

    Here he discusses just one German institution. In 1966 the Bundesbank had “many prominent figures” who were Nazis! Does this give us some idea of where the European superstate is headed? Are we afraid to face this book’s truth of what is happening in Germany and Europe? Do we fear to face Bible prophecy?

    The Nazis know how “to use brute force to put things in order”! And not
    just in the finance system.

    We are all aware of Hitler’s Third Reich. Mr. Connolly labels the empire of Charlemagne as the First Reich.

    Most of the eu leaders are working to “recreate the empire of Charlemagne. It was no coincidence that the Belgian government housed the offices and meeting rooms of the eu Council of Ministers in the Charlemagne building in Brussels.

    “It was no coincidence, either, that Giscard and Schmidt agreed to accept the Belgian compromise proposal at a bilateral summit in September 1978 at Aachen, principal seat and burial place of Charlemagne. The symbolism was heavily underlined in both France and Germany; the two leaders paid a special visit to the throne of Charlemagne and a special service was held in the cathedral; at the end of the summit, Giscard remarked that: ‘Perhaps when we discussed monetary problems, the spirit of Charlemagne brooded over us’” (ibid., p. 17).

    The spirit of Charlemagne has returned. This past king who ruled the First Reich had to wade through a “sea of blood” to achieve his goal of ruling Europe.

    The big question remains unanswered. “In the new empire of Charlemagne, who would play Charlemagne? Exactly the same question was implicit, and left unanswered, at Maastricht” (ibid.).

    Soon the world will know who the modern Charlemagne is to be. You can be sure he will have Germany’s stamp of approval. His actions will shock the world far more than the original Charlemagne. He will lead the world into the greatest “sea of blood” that humanity has ever seen or even dreamed about! Whether we realize it or not, the Fourth Reich has arrived.

    The Extermination Camps

    At first, to accomplish the mass murder of Jews, Nazis used mobile killing squads called Einsatzgruppen, consisting of four units of between
    500 and 900 men each. By fall of 1942, they had murdered approximately 1,500,000 Jews. But the death camps proved to be a better, faster, less personal method for killing Jews, one that spared the shooters, not the victims, emotional anguish.

    The total figure for Jewish genocide, including shootings and the camps,
    was between 5.2 and 5.8 million, roughly half of Europe’s Jewish population. About five million other victims perished at the hands of Nazi Germany. The estimated death tolls for the camps are as follows:

    Auschwitz 1,000,000 Jews;

    1,000,000 others

    Treblinka 750,000 Jews

    Belzec 550,000 Jews

    Sobibór 200,000 Jews

    Chelmno 150,000 Jews

    Lublin 50,000 Jews •

    A Call to Remembrance

    On May 8, 1997, former German President Roman Herzog was presented with the International Charlemagne Prize for his efforts to unite Europe. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Herzog said, “For 1000 years the destiny of our continent has revolved round the choice between a cohesive or a fragmented Europe. Charlemagne, after whom our prize is named, made his own particular choice: the first unification of Europe. At such an hour
    the truth must be told: only by wading through a sea of blood, sweat and tears did he reach his goal.”

    Indeed, the history of European unification has been one of much blood.
    And Germany has been Europe’s greatest perpetrator in instigating that

    Roman Herzog has long been one of Germany’s biggest promoters for European unification. He and many other European leaders frequently hearken back to Charlemagne as the inspiration behind modern-day unification.

    Very soon now, ten nations, or groups of nations, in Europe will band together in a union influenced by a great church. Everything about the union will seem right. The religion, the prosperity, the military might. But the final fruits of this union will be horrifying. History bears this out. Conspiracy, betrayal, bloodshed, intolerance, execution. These words best describe the “Holy” Roman Empire of the Middle Ages.

    Approximately 40 million people were butchered during the so-called Holy Inquisition—the papacy’s nightmarish vaccine for the “heresy” virus! The Roman and Spanish inquisitions virtually eliminated Protestantism in Italy and Spain! The world has probably never seen a more vile period than those dark and miserable years of the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

    The historical fruits of this union between a powerful political beast and a great false church have not been holy—rather unholy. And when those rotten fruits are revealed one last time, the world will be shocked. How could something which seems so right—so religious—be so evil? That answer is found written upon thousands of pages of history. More importantly,

    God prophesied it long ago in the pages of the book almost no one reads and studies—the Holy Bible. Perhaps it is time we grab that book from the shelf, blow off the dust and crack it open. You’ll be shocked at how accurately God predicts the future.

    Read the entire book


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