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Monday, 27 February 2012

 The Jesuit Connection

The CIA is the world's biggest public 'black-ops' agency, with links to just about every major conflict around the world and cover-up in the US. Just about every truther agrees that the CIA played a key role in 9/11, or at least had a hand in it. Who founded the CIA? The man widely credited as the 'father' of the CIA, according to Wikipedia, was William "Wild Bill" Donovan, the head of the OSS during WWII. He was Roman Catholic, and a Knight of Malta. The Knights of Malta are a Catholic secret society. Some refer to it as the Pope's militia.

Who was in control of the CIA on 9/11? The CIA was monitoring the alleged hijackers and two of them lived near CIA headquarters. It was George Tenet, who exhibited extremely suspicious behavior when he apparently knew after the first attack that it was an attack, that Bin Laden was involved, and that Moussaoui was involved. Tenet was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University and a Knight of Malta.

The other 'spook' agency is the NSA. Five of the alleged hijackers lived near NSA headquarters and the NSA monitored some of them. They received intercepts the night before the attacks that they claim they weren't able to translate until Sept.12. The director of the NSA on 9/11 was Michael Hayden (Now director of the CIA). He is Roman Catholic and was trained at a Roman Catholic school and University.

The Pentagon was run by Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11, who was then the Secretary of Defense. He is a dropout of the Jesuit Georgetown University.

The President of the United States during 9/11, George W. Bush, 'saw God in the Pope's eyes'. The fact that he considers the Pope to be a higher entity shows what a Vatican stooge he is.

Vice President on 9/11 and up until now, Dick Cheney, who took over NORAD six months prior and was running the distraction drills, is in close contact with the Vatican.

Jeb Bush, the President's brother, the governor of the state that controversially won him the 2000 election, was where he was on 9/11, where the alleged hijackers left most of their trail, and who put the national guard on alert 7 days before 9/11 and declared a state of emergency as soon as the North Tower collapse was a Knight of Columbus.

George H.W Bush, certainly a mover and shaker in world events, is alleged by numerous sources to be a Knight of Malta. There are photos of him side by side with the Pope. He was the man behind Iraq War I. He was also a big name in the Carlyle Group and was in a meeting with Carlyle on 9/11. He met with Bin Laden's brother, Shafig, on the morning of 9/11.

Viacom has countless connections to the 9/11 crimes and is a key media perp group. They run CBS, which aired fake plane videos on 9/11. Also, 9/11 filmmaker Devin Clark worked for Comedy Central and MTV, which are both owned by Viacom. Fake witness Stewart Nurick works for Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom. Viacom is run by Summer Redstone, who attended the Jesuit Georgetown University.

ABC aired the fake International Shot. The Executive Vice President of ABC Inc. on 9/11, Alan N. Braverman, was trained at a Roman Catholic university.

The BBC has disseminated much propaganda videos such as "9/11 Conspiracy Files". The Director-General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, was Jesuit-trained at Stonyhurst College.

News Corporation owns FOX News, as well as many, many other publications that support the official propaganda. It is the biggest media conglomerate in the world. News Corporation is owned by media mogul Rupert K. Murdoch, a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great.

Hearst Corporation controlled the Popular Mechanics/History Channel 9/11 propaganda pieces. The founder of Hearst was a Knight of Malta. Raymond Peterson, who is on the board of Hearst, is also a Knight of Malta. Joseph F. D'Angelo is Chairman of King Features Syndicate Unit of the Hearst Corporation. He is also a Knight of Malta. Bob Danzig, Vice President of Hearst and head of it's newspaper group is a Knight of Malta. Hearst has ties to Viacom.

Who was running NBC on 9/11? Bob Wright, who was Jesuit-trained at the College of the Holy Cross.

Bill Clinton was in power when the 'precursor op' to 9/11 happened (The WTC93 bombing) and other pre-9/11 black ops (The OKC Bombing and Columbine). He severely lowered the amount of fighters on alert in the US. Some researchers feel that this was a planned action to hinder military response to 9/11. He was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.,%20Bill

The OKC bombing was a covert op that appeared to be the same type of thing as 9/11. The 'truck story' was created, with no crater or visible identifiable wreckage to support it. Again, unconventional weaponry appeared to have been involved. Again, security camera footage was taken and never released. Again, people were warned out of the building before it happened. Again, the company Controlled Demolition Inc. was involved. Again, there appeared to be some sort of drill going on (All of the ATF members already had their gear on when it happened). Again, it involved the destruction of a building. The FBI director at the time, Louis Freeh, was a devout Roman Catholic, an altar boy. He was linked to Opus Dei. The governor of Oklahoma at the time of the bombing, Frank Keating, was a devout Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University and a Knight of Malta.

Pfizer has a connection to one of the passengers on Flight 93. It's also a CFR corporate member that has been in some trouble with the punkzian government for the children that died because of their experimental drugs. The Vice President for Corporate Governance of Pfizer, Gene F. Jankowski, was a Knight of Malta.

Raytheon is a defense contractor that many suspect was deeply involved in 9/11. This is because it had close ties to five of the passengers and helped create small, remote-controlled drones such as the Global Hawk, which some researchers believe were used in the attacks. The Chairman and CEO of Raytheon on 9/11 was David Burnham. Burnham was Jesuit-trained at Xavier University.

Some say that the Bilderberg Group was behind 9/11. The key members in the Bilderberg Group. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, and Joseph Retinger. All three are Knights of Malta.

The Motives


The Extreme Oath Of The Jesuits urges people to kill heretics and destroy heretic governments. Is the Iraq war a war on terror or a war on heresy? Look at who is controlling this 9/11 war..

Less than a month after 9/11, a new Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was selected. It was Peter Pace, who was Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained, and a recipent of the John Carroll Award

David Petraeus, commander of all the multinational military forces in Iraq, was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.

Robert Gates, the current secretary of defense, was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.

Donald Rumsfeld, former secretary of defense, attended the Jesuit Georgetown University.

Current chief of staff for the US army and former commander of all the multinational military forces in Iraq, George Casey, was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University

Blackwater, a private mercenary contractor that was hired to be in Iraq, is a Jesuit-controlled organization.


In this audio, Vatican/Jesuit researcher Daryl Eberhardt reads quotes from high-ranking Jesuit leaders. They express their hatred for freedom:

The most notorious post-9/11 legislation is the PATRIOT act. Some researchers suspect that at least some of this massive document was written prior to 9/11, seeing as it was amazingly presented by Bush only 11 days after 9/11. Guess who the chief architect of the PATRIOT act was? Viet Dinh, a law professor at the Jesuit Georgetown University.

Another big post-9/11 strike against freedom was the formation of the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security. The real position of power in the DHS is the Head of Intelligence. John C. Gannon is the DHS Head of Intelligence. Amazingly, there is no Wikipedia page on him. Homeland Security's bio on him admits that he was trained at a Roman Cathollic university.

Under Secretary of Homeland Security, Emilio T. Gonzalez, is a Knight of Malta.


The Vatican/Jesuit Octopus has many fronts in the Patriot movement and in other resistance-type causes/movements. An example is the John Birch Society. The JBS appears at first to be a normal patriot organization, but it has ties to the intelligence agencies, Alex Jones' father was a member, and the head is John McManus. John McManus was Jesuit-trained at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Many Jesuit operatives have infiltrated the 9/11 movement as well:

Benjamin Fulford has been covering 9/11, as well as the Rockefeller influence in Japan, the alleged conflict between the NWO and a Chinese secret society, etc.

I bought his stories for awhile, but I was disturbed by photos of him smiling happily with David Rockefeller, especially after the things he says about Rockefeller when he's in front of a truther audience. It seemed like he was Rockefeller's buddy without the truther audience, but his mortal enemy when he had the truther audience. It turns out that Benjamin Fulford was Jesuit-trained at Sophia University.

Alex Jones says 'the Catholics-run-it-all folks are the worst' and says that information on the Jesuits is disinfo. Perhaps this is because he is Roman Catholic. Perhaps it is also because the radio network that his show is on uses ABC satellites, and ABC is owned by Walt Disney, which has a Catholic-trained man as it's Senior Executive Vice President, and used to have a Jesuit priest on it's board. When he adventured into Bohemian Grove, he didn't mention the deep Vatican links to Bohemian Grove. AJ once did a speech at St. Edwards University, a Roman Catholic University in Austin. He has had Pat Buchanan (Jesuit-trained, Knight of Malta), Ray McGovern (Jesuit-trained), and John McManus (Jesuit-trained) on his show.

Ray McGovern's main subject seems to be Norman Mineta. The movement sucks up what he says, because he is Ex-CIA and that means he has inside knowledge. However, he is only willing to go as far as LIHOP on the 9/11 issue and, of course, supports 'planes', 'stand down', 'warnings', 'criminal negligence'. The 'not-even-scratching-the-surface' stuff. Turns out Ray McGovern is Roman Catholic and was Jesuit-trained at both Fordham University and Georgetown University.

Robert Baer is, like Ray McGovern, a 'former CIA' Jesuit agent. He gets points with the mainstream 911 movement by saying, when he was asked if he thought 9/11 was an inside job, he said "There is that possibility, the evidence points at it.". He then uses his CIA experience to reassure us all that no, it wasn't a government operation. "For the record, I don't believe that the World Trade Center was brought down by our own explosives, or that a rocket, rather than an airliner, hit the Pentagon. I spent a career in the CIA trying to orchestrate plots, wasn't all that good at it, and certainly couldn't carry off 9/11. Nor could the real pros I had the pleasure to work with.". Robert Baer was also present at Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 hearings, which mainly focused around LIHOP/Partial MIHOP propaganda, along with two other 'former' agents of the Jesuit-controlled CIA. Robert Baer was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University.

George Noory's Coast To Coast AM has had numerous 9/11-related shows, including one which interviewed the editors of Popular Mechanics after they published their 'Debunking 9/11 Myths' propaganda. Coast To Coast is owned by a division of Clear Channel, and George Noory is Roman Catholic and was Jesuit-trained at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Ron Paul uses the 9/11 truth movement as one of his biggest advertisers, yet when he is asked by media shills such as Glenn Beck about 9/11 being an inside job, he says things like 'preposterous', 'absolutely not', and 'bizarre'. In 1993, he co-wrote "The Case For Gold" with Lewis E. Lehrman. Turns out Lehrman is a Knight of Malta.

Eric Hufschmid is the nephew of Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation and a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory The Great!

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