The Jesuit New World Order

Monday, 6 February 2012

 i highly recommend this youtube channel 
Islandretreat's Channelwich has excellent website links and reveals the history of the  jesuit vatican domination of the planet like no other on youtube also you will find the debates very interesting ..

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Recommended books:
History of the Scottish Nation by James Aitken Wylie (Banned by Rome):

The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects by J.A. Wylie:

"When the German translation appeared (Elberfeld, 1853), the Romanists of the Continent welcomed it with a chorus of anathemas. L'Univers of Paris cursed it energetically. The journalists of the Rhine were equally wroth. Without naming either the book or its author, they made their readers aware that a crime of fearful atrocity had been committed, which called loudly for punishment by the sword. . .The Papists are up on all sides, not to reply but to denounce, not to reason and answer, but to invoke the civil power. They never name the book lest an inquiring Papist should be inclined to purchase it. In Cologne no bookseller would take charge of it. . .the argument is very sharp and severe, but the reason is led captive, and the infinite superstition dissected with a master's hand."

Recommended websites:http://www.vaticanassassins...

About Me:
In night and darkness dwells the other and mightier Pontiff, the General of the Jesuits - the Apollyon of the Papal pandemonium. Popery is the last development of idolatry; and Jesuitism is the last development of Popery. It is not only the most wicked society that ever existed upon the earth: it is the most wicked society that ever can exist upon it. . .It is pure abstract vice embodied in a concrete organization. It is the incarnation of the "Wicked One."; It is the veritable establishment of hell itself upon our earth. Jesuitism has an ubiquitous body and an omniscient head. To that head there is nothing thought and nothing done under the sun that is not known. He hears the words which the monarch speaks in his bed-chamber, and the whisperings which the conspirator breathes in his den.

There is not a shape the Jesuits can
not put on; and consequently there is not a place into which they cannot penetrate. They can sit unseen in Synod and General Assembly; they can enter unheard the monarch's closet and statesman's cabinet; they can assemble unsuspected around the Council Board. They ply every trade, and speak every tongue. In the pedlar, in the artizan, in the litterateur, in the tutor, in my lady's lady, in my lord's valet, we find an affiliated member of the society. They dwell in all the lands of earth, and they profess all the creeds of earth. They are found sitting beneath the palm-trees of the tropics, and wandering amid the snows of the pole. They pray to Confucius in China; they venerate the cow in India; they wash in the Ganges with the Brahman; they adore the lire with the Parsee they swear by the Prophet with the Mussulman, whirl in the dance with the Dervish, and abominate swine's flesh with the Jew.

We meet her priests in the cities of China and Japan, where French policy protects their operations and cherishes their intrigues. They cross the missionary's path, and not unfrequently undo his work, in the islands of the South Pacific.

In short, that Church is alike busy amid the blaze of British civilization and
the darkness of old Fetishism.


United Kingdom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Holy Bible KJV. Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps. History of Protestantism by J.A. Wylie. The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife by Alexander Hislop. The Revolutionary Movement A Diagnosis of World Disorders by J. Findlater. The Jesuits Their Moral Maxims And Plots Against Kings, Nations, And Churches by JA Wylie. The Papal Hierarchy An Exposure Of The Tactics Of Rome For The Overthrow Of The Liberty And Christianity Of Great Britain by JA Wylie. The Book of Genesis expounded in a series of discourses by R.S.Candlish. Rome and Civil Liberty Or The Papal Aggression In Its Relation To The Sovereignty of The Queen And The Independence Of The Nation by JA Wylie. Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Letters to the Protestants of Scotland by George Sinclair. Life in a risen Saviour, discourses on the argument of the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians by R.S. Candlish. Scotland's debt to Protestantism by Hector MacPherson.The Jesuits in History by Hector MacPherson. The papacy and the civil power by R W Thompson. An historical account of the ancient Culdees of Iona by J. Jamieson. Lex Rex by Samuel Rutherford. Jack Chick Tracts. Alberto Rivera Parts 1-6. Many more (All suppressed by Roman Canon Law).

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