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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Seeking to Justify the Current Papal Crusade
in the Middle East

This "The Temple News" article is not current. It's from Dec 2004 but it shows Avery Cardinal Dulles, the Knights of Malta (SMOM)and the Pentagon seeking to justify the current Papal Crusade in the Middle East. Cardinal (Fordham Jesuit Avery Dulles), Colonel seek to justify war
News/Cardinal.Colonel.Seek.To.Justify.War-827696.shtml (see page 8)

This symposium was moderated by two Temple University professors and Knights of Malta Jesuit-trained (Gregorian University) Dr. Craig de Paulo and Patrick Messina. Jesuit Cardinal Dulles said the following and this sounds identical to what Francis Cardinal Spellman said about "preventive war" referring to his crusade in Vietnam against the anti-Jesuit Buddhists. "There can be no abandoning of just-war principles," said Fordham Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles, the ranking member of the Catholic Church in attendance, in his opening address. "The infliction of harm has to be justified." What a callous and cold thing for anyone to say but it is no surprise to hear that kind of hate and fanaticism from a Professed Jesuit of the Fourth Vow who believes he can "find God (his god is Lucifer) in all things" even the bloodshed and genocide of the Muslim peoples. The Jesuits especially of the Professed Fourth Vow sort are sons of perdition.

The Jesuits were expelled from Iraq in 1969 but made their way back (through U.S. Armed forces chaplaincies) in through their Fourteenth Amendment empire and its Vatican war machine. Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and Knight of Malta de Paulo cited the "five plus two" principles for "just war" as established by North African fanatical Roman Catholic papist Augustine (City of God) and Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologica) and de Paulo said "legitimate authority, just cause, right intention, [striking] military targets only, and [war as] a last well as a serious possibility of success" and a measure of "proportionality," which requires that more lives would be spared by taking action than by not. de Paulo tried to debunk the fact the wars in the Middle East are a "holy war or crusade" de Paulo asked if it was. Dr. Joseph Hagan chairman of the Board of Trustees of John Cabot University in ROME replied, "I think that is nonsense." His opinion is biased indeed and he is a Knight of the "Sacred" Constantinian Order of St. George along with Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor de Paulo. On this list you will see Papal Knights Dr. Hagan, Dr. de Paulo, and Fra James V. Stroebel whose solemn vows ceremony is detailed on your website. Stroebel is a professed Knight of Justice (SMOM) See Coadjutor de Paulo's webpage Biography-

Coat of Arms- (note it has the double headed eagle (conventionalized Masonic phoenix) and Jesuit IHS which is also Masonic having been created by the Jesuits who wrote the last few degrees of the Scottish Rite. de Paulo is a Temporal Coadjutor par excellence and one of the most powerful Knights of Malta in the Northeast U.S. This symposium reminds me of the Congressional committees and confirmation hearings in Washington D.C. They are all staged in that the men who asked questions but give no clear answers are CFR members most of the time. Roman Catholic (with Jesuit Georgetown connections) John G. Roberts' hearings are being conducted by Jesuit-trained Temporal Coadjutor Patrick Leahy and Kennedy assassin Papal Court Jew Arlen Specter. Recently, on CNN I believe Mormon Harry Reid said something about the hearings as well. Jesuit-controlled Knight of Columbus Senator Ted Kennedy gave "dissenting" opinions. I believe this is the Order's damage control and just another example of controlled opposition which ensures that the Order is not suspected of fixing the judicial confirmation when in fact they are.

There are reports about the Jesuits' CIA through their Masonic Al Qaeda planned "American Hiroshima" (simultaneous ground [just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked by the Jesuits with ground detonations] nuclear detonations in major U.S. cities to foment chaos and reinstate a military draft) as part of the "Great Ramadan Offensive" scheduled next month. President Bush allowed armed foreign troops to enter the South in the name of "relief".

Bush does not care about border security and his Skull and Bones oath to serve Don Quixote (Black Pope) and the White Pope supercedes all else. His oath of office was a lie and everything he does is influenced by his oath to the Jesuit General and his Vatican. Some info on British Knight of Malta Tony Blair and his wife Cherie Booth-a Roman Catholic human rights lawyer. From Georgetown webpage: "His [Druid Rowan Williams] address was part of a series of Georgetown events begun this year that commemorate the 40th anniversary of Pacem in Terris, an encyclical written by Pope John XXIII in some of the darkest moments of the Cold War. Other speakers have included Cherie Booth, a noted Roman Catholic human rights lawyer and wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. On this very stage, she debated [Opus Dei] Michael Novak and [Opus Dei CFR, and Dame of Malta] Jeane Kirkpatrick. Among our Pacem in Terris speakers next semester will be Prince El-Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, who heads the World Conference on Religion and Peace; Jonathon Kozol, Paul Farmer, Miroslav Volf, and Jonathan Fanton."

Info on Jeane Kirkpatrick and Knight of Malta CFR "Deep Throat" Alexander Haig Jr. (according to Canadian Alan Watt Haig sits on the board of Jesuit Communist COSCO (no surprise there but shows the collaboration between the SMOM and Communist-run COSCO Haig masquerades as strongly anti-Communist but it is just an act.) According to Wikipedia about Tony Blair, "Blair married Cherie Booth, a devout Roman Catholic (and future QC), on March 29, 1980. They have three sons (Euan, Nicky, and Leo) and one daughter (Kathryn). Leo holds the distinction of being the first child officially born to a sitting Prime Minister in 150 years, since Francis Russell was born to Lord John Russell on July 11, 1849. Blair attends Mass with his family every Sunday, and has been seen attending Mass at Westminster Cathedral by himself. The late Basil Cardinal Hume was forced to let him know that as an Anglican, Blair should not take communion. Blair is considered one of the most religious Prime Ministers in contemporary history and with the closest ties to the Roman Catholic Church since the Reformation [this is very important-this shows Blair is Counter-Reformation and thus pro-Jesuit]. It is widely believed on all sides that he will be received into the Roman Catholic Church once he leaves office." The same could be said for Luciferian President Bush as well. Bush is a crypto-Roman Catholic. Cherie Booth and Tony Blair have been involved in New Age practices. Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO)
L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology cult is based on applied scholastics which were and are employed by the Jesuit Order. "Why is education so important? The Jesuits (an order within the Roman Catholic Church well known for their activism) exported the policy of starting Church schools in areas where they wished to introduce their religion. The reasons are obvious. By educating a child into one's own beliefs, one gradually takes over a whole new generation of a country and can thus influence, in the long term, the development and growth of that country. The Jesuits were very successful at this strategy."

From "In Search of Truth," IMPACT (an International Association of Scientologists publication), 1986; Issue 7, p. 49

The Order supports the sin of sodomy. Case in point Jesuit Santa Clara University (the article is from 1989) the Jesuits are perverted trendsetters, they are responsible for propagating this cancer wherever they go and their military fortresses throughout this nation support this abominable sin that destroys youth and families which hastens the destruction of this nation to the delight of the Black Pope.

Earnestly contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Jude 3

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